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  1. Vince needs to grow a spine, talk to NBC and Fox, and get more taped shows for their contract, because he’s putting his entire roster at risk.

    1. Epic1237_


      Cough Cough they are only still open because they paid the Florida Governor Cough Cough

  2. Important PSA. Plz Read.

  3. “The Hive”


    Hello everyone. My name is Poiunight. I go by a lot of other names, and sometimes I even go by the name Poi. But I figure maybe we can be on a first name basis. My real name is Diego Rodriguez. I spent my entire life living in Tracy, California, before I moved to Stockton to attend San Joaquin Delta College, where I ended up working for a degree in Radiologic Technician. Basically a guy that takes X-Rays. I am a bisexual man who had a kid at the age of 19, while in my first year of college. I ended up graduating early and finishing my program by the age of 23. Roughly, I joined the forums in 2014, so I would’ve been in my last year of college and right before I started my program. During my program, I took time away from the forums in order to pay more attention in classes, which is why since 2015 I wanna say I’ve been on again and off again when it comes to the forums. Once I had finished my program and became an official Radiologic Technician, I immediately was hired and started working (for my privacy, I won’t be revealing where I was/currently am working) About mid 2019, I received an offer to teach at a program based in Melbourne, Australia. So, I taught for the better part of the year, after receiving the proper credentials, and I decided, following just some logistical and safety concerns, I moved back to the US earlier this year. So roughly in February of 2020, I returned to the States, and I was enjoying my work. And I had actually was planning my big comeback to the forums Kayfabe. However, as luck would have it, the world received its biggest problem within the century. So I obviously had to take a break from this. (Shout Out to Arius and BlackHeart for being really understanding about everything). Me being a RT, it doesn’t mean I’m in as much danger to be affected by COVID-19, due to my non existent interactions with patients, but I am, however, in danger from catching it from one of my colleagues. And that is what happened at around 2:37 PM, roughly six days ago. One of my good friends, a pediatrician, was tested positive for the virus, and while my interactions with this doctor were limited at best within the past two weeks, knowing that I had a child at home, I could not take the risk of Potentially endangering my son, so I elected for the past six days to go into self isolation, under the recommendation of my fellow peers. You would think six days would go by quickly, and id have so much time to do whatever. But somehow, it was the longest six days of my life, and i felt like I couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t read, couldn’t play games, couldn’t do paperwork I was behind on (that was probably laziness). I couldn’t think of anything except what if it came back positive. Now I’m 25 and relatively healthy, so for the most part, the chances of COVID-19 being fatal for me was a low chance, but my son, who has asthma, and is barely 4, I thought to myself I couldn’t risk it. I can’t make that risk, which means, if I did test positive, I wouldn’t be able to see him, unless it’s behind a screen. That right there, was the biggest fear for me. So April 1st, I got my results back. And they were negative. And I can’t even describe the happiness I felt. So now I’m at home, and my son and I just finished my watching Iron Man 2. I have to go back to work next week, because, and this is the bad news, out of the 13 people who were tested, only three people tested negative, and I’m the only RT, which means, I have to work for three people now in order to make sure everything can still function. That my hospital can continue to run. So that way we can get as many people out as possible. So, now begs the question, what was all this for? Guys, this situation the world is in right now, it’s serious. Please don’t be those idiots who think they’re immune and go to the beach. Even if you don’t think you’ll die if you get infected (and I’m being clear, you could be in peak health condition, and still get infected and it can still be fatal), you might have a child, or an elderly person, or a person with a priory health problems, and they will be more likely to get sick and for it to be more fatal. We have to trust the system that is in place, because that’s the system that was made by people a lot smarter then us. We have to trust that “Social distancing” will do the job. And I get it, I come from a family that owns a small business, and can’t work from behind a screen, and we have to drive out and make sure that our stores are open, and if that’s the case, take even more care. But if you can Afford to not go out, then don’t go out. If you know you will last financially if you don’t go out for a week, then don’t. And if you can’t last a week, then protect yourself, and whoever will be around you. Cover your mouth when you cough wash your hands with soap and water for at least 1.5 minutes, or if not available, sanitize your hands If you feel sick, don’t go out. And just as a favor to me, don’t buy medical gloves or masks. Shortages are happening all over the country and because of these shortages, the doctors and nurses working with patients are more exposed to the virus and more likely to get infected. I don’t when I can be back. As stated before, I got a lot of work ahead of me. But I just felt the need to inform people. And I now it seems maybe a bit weird, but I don’t really have a lot of friends irl, and I’ve known some you people since 2014, so nearly 6 years now, so yeah, maybe you guys are my friends. Good luck everyone. Stay safe. And as Poiunight Damn would say. . .. ... Damn!
  4. Hey guys, seeing as how I’m in the medical field, I feel as though I should really make sure everyone here is taking care of themselves. Sanitize you’re hands, keep away from your face, and if you do feel sick, please do not attend work/school, as while you may not have the virus, you are more likely to get a fatal diagnosis if you don’t allow your immune system to heal up, or worse, you could pass what you have into someone else, making them more susceptible to the virus.

    Lastly, I urge you all to remain calm. Make sure you don’t listen solely to the media and go out and do research of your own. Be educated.

  5. As the crowd erupts, Poiunight exits from the back, wearing a sleeveless jacket, and a bandana and hoodie covering his face, holding a bucket in their hand. As they makes there way down to the ring, the crowd has erupted in cheers. Poiunight arrives in front of the ring and stares down CJ. The music stops as Poiunight walks to the steel steps. First Poiunight puts down the bucket, which has a rag covering the contents of the bucket.. They are about to go up the steel steps, but they jerk there head. Poiunight then wipes their boots, before going up the steps and entering the ring. Poiunight walks to all four corners of the ring before they stare at CJ. CJ crosses his arms and stares right back at Poiunight, not giving an inch. Poiunight reaches for a microphone, and as they are about to speak, they jerk their head again, and all of a sudden, Poiunight fixes they’re posture to a more feminine stature. As CJ is about to speak, Poiunight puts their finger on the mouth of CJ. They then slide they’re finger down to his chin as Poiunight puts they’re other hand on CJ’s cheek, and seemingly looking into his eyes. CJ pushes the arms of Poiunight away from him and punches them straight in the face, and Poiunight is down on one knee, leaning against the rope. The crowd begins to boo CJ. As Poiunights look back at CJ, they takes off their bandana and smile, as they jerk their head. They get back up immediately and have their shoulders seemingly broadened. While clearly still Poiunight, his posture is almost monster like. Poiunight then begins to punch and knee CJ as they force him into the corner, and begins to kick CJ down to the floor. They walk away from the corner in order to take in the crowd, getting them hyped. As they stand in the center of the ring, their head jerks again, and they begin to bend their knees. They slowly motion to taking off their hood, before they notice CJ in the corner, running towards them. Poiunight jerks their head, and bends backwards to avoid the clothesline. As CJ looks back, he immediately takes a superkick and is down again. Poiunight immediately takes off their hood, revealing their face, with mirror-like eyes. The crowd burst into cheers, as Poiunight makes their way towards CJ and throws him outside the ring. As they exit the ring themselves, CJ begins to attack Poiunight and succeeds in getting them to lean against the announce table. As CJ reaches for Poiunight, they jerk their head again, and immediately hits a spine buster, sending CJ crashing through the table. Poiunight begins to breathe heavily as they look around. They grab CJ by the neck and drag them over to the ring barricade. They begin to walk away from CJ, and then they jerk their head, and run towards CJ, kneeing his head into the barricade, breaking the barricade behind them. Poiunight gets back up, and fires up the crowd. They grab CJ by the hand and drag him to the ring. They pick him up and push him into the ring. Poiunight jerks his head and then with a dastardly smile, rolls into the ring. Taking off their jacket, they begin to roll their shoulders, and with a smile, they locks in the armbreaker, now dubbed the Shards of Pain, Poiunight begins to play with the crowd, as they chant “Snap His Arm!” With one motion, Poiunight snaps CJ’s arm. As they look on at CJ, and as the officials rush to the ring to tend to him, Poiunight’s head jerks again, and with almost no hesitation, Poiunight begins to attack the officials tending to CJ. One last official remains in the ring and Poiunight points to the bucket. The official, understanding what Poiunight meant, leaves the ring to grab the bucket. While the official is out of the ring, Poiunight’s head jerks again and walks over to CJ, and flips him over, and locks in Shards of Pain on his other arm, this time, being slow and calculated with their motion, making it all the more painful. At this point, the fans have gone to near silence. Poiunight then sits next to CJ and jerks their head again, and begins to hold him, almost as if they are soothing CJ. The official brings the bucket to Poiunight, who then motions for him to sit. Removing the rag, it is revealed the contents of the bucket is dust, with a mirror like shimmer. Poiunight proceeds to grab a handful of Mirror Dust and firmly grasp it in the palm, seemingly enjoying the pain. Opening their palm, now red with blood, Poiunight slowly wipes his face with the blood one time, and once finished, proceeds to do the same to CJ, leaving a stain of blood on his face. Following this, CJ seemingly passes out. Poiunight looks on and begins to chuckle. Setting CJ down gently, he gets up Poiunight reaches for the microphone left on the floor, they jerk their and speaks in one regular voice Long Live The Hive. They flip the microphone, grab their bucket of Mirror Dust, and walk away, as referees, officials, and even police run out to check on CJ and the officials in the ring but more so, to keep Poiunight away from anyoneThe crowd begins to chant “Long Live The Hive” as Poiunight looks on at the titantron, smirking at his handiwork.
  6. We Are The Hive


  7. “The Hive”


    Poiunight is still sitting in the center off the mirror shards. As he plays with the shards, he begins to speak, with one voice. For those of you unaware, my name is Poiunight. Ive fought many battles. He chuckles Probably lost more than I won, but I know why. He looks at one shard that is cracked, as he continues to speak. I am a man of faith. I believe in beings higher than mortals. And that’s how I met them. These personas. Gods of another realm of existence. So much power. He looks at the camera. I couldn’t refuse. I let the lunatic known as Poidust in. Then the wise master Kazma, the dog Fear, the demon Hell Spawn, the intellect Epsilon, and that bitch Enlightenment. I let them all in. And their power made me stronger. He looks back down. But not strong enough. Never strong enough. I had decided to leave this battlefield. I left these symbols behind in order to move on. And I did. I lived a normal life. He Hesitates I wanted to put a bullet in my head. He chuckles And then the dog found me. He told me of a enchantment, a spell that would allow us to not only take over a host, but to merge into one. We convinced the warrior, the demon, and the intellect, but we needed six. We had to trick the lunatic to join us, but the bitch shocked me by willingly joining us. Poiunight rises. He drops the shard into a bucket and shatters into dust. Poiunight continues to grab shards, letting them cut his palms as he drops them into the bucket. And now, the power I hold is unrivaled. The six beings in my head became one. And soon enough, I learned I am no longer Poiunight. I am no longer one. Once the bucket is full, Poiunight picks it up and begins to walk away. I… We became many. We became one. Poiunight pulls back his jacket sleeves to show the tattoos, and he breathes in, and many voices begin to speak. And now, it’s time to begin our mission. Poiunight grabs a handful of Mirror Dust, and with no hesitation, rubs it into his eyes. His face begins to scratch and bleed as blood goes down his face. Poiunight however, makes no sounds, and all that can be heard is the scratching of skin on his face. As Poiunight puts his hand down, and stares at the floor, blood dripping down his face and onto the floor. His head goes up and eyes are silver, much like a mirror. The many speak. We Are The Hive As Poiunight begins to walk away, they unknowingly leave one shard left on the floor. The camera pans to the shard, only to see Fear, somehow still in the shard. With a smirk, he headbutts the shard, cracking it on the other side.
  8. The screen opens up with a cube, so beautiful with a blue glow, a mesmerizing glow. A high pitched voice, with a bit of a kick, begins to speak. Must we continue with what the others have stated? Poiunight, with the face paint of Poidust on his face, but his eyes are not the gold Poidust is known for, but brown. We saw what we were all becoming. We saw the anger and frustration building within us. We needed to win. Poiunight’s voice was no longer one, but many. As he continued to speak, he holds the cube, with the sound of flesh searing when he is holding it. We made our choice to no longer be one, but many. And now we have a power unheard of. Poiunight’s head begins to jerk, and then a hiss comes out from him, as his eyes turn gold. He breathes heavily as he speaks in a groan. Help… me…. His head jerks again, and this time, Poiunight’s eyes are brown again. He breaths heavily and looks at the cube. The voices speak again in unison. No one can leave the Many, and if this cosmic device is causing such trouble, well… Poiunight picks up the cube, and his shoulders go down, his breathing slow, and nearly monstrous. Poiunight jerks his head while one arm holds onto the other. Poiunight speaks again in Poidust’s voice. Fear… don’t. its our only way to live. The Cosmic Cube is our only chance. Poiunight’s head jerks, and the arm is put to the side. Poiunight speaks in a deep, almost monstrous voice. Fear is not one. Fear is with the many. And now… Poiunight crushes the Cube in his hand. Poidust belongs to us Poiunight tilts his head, as it is revealed the candle, the skull, the mask, the gem, and the cube are all in a circle. Poiunight now walks to the last area of the circle. Poiunight is now in front of a mirror, and he looks in the mirror, only to see Fear. The Camera pans to show Hell Spawn, Epsilon, Kazma Sakamoto, Enlightenment, and Poidust all in mirriors staring at their respective objects. Poiunight looks at the Fear mirror, as Fear nods. Fear, inside the mirror, crosses his arms and all the mirrors shatter, with Hell Spawn looks down in shame, Epsilon in annoyance, Kazma standing proud, Enlightenment with a smirk, and Poidust screaming. As Poiunight walks to the center, he sits, looking at all the objects, and looking as the shattered mirror shards, he breathes in, grabs a rag, and wipes his face of the face paint. And once he has finished, he speaks with one normal voice. Its time we told you our story.
  9. Night 1 of WWE Draft Various WWE Superstars are sitting in the crowd front rows of the audience. The WWE Universe are in attendance as well, as two podiums are in the ring. Sam walks down the entrance, and tries to hype up the live audience. As he enters the ring, many of the NXT Alumni stand up and clap. He begins to speak Thank You, Thank You everyone. Let just get on with the results of our live vote where you the WWE universe gets to choose who gets the first overall draft pick. The Logos for Raw and SmackDown appear as the Poll results show that… SmackDown has won the first Draft Pick. Sam continues to speak That’s that. Now before we start the draft, I feel its necessary to announce both our Raw and SmackDown General Managers. And Seeing as how SmackDown won the Vote, I say we let the SmackDown GM come on out. Sam then begins to wait patiently, looking at the entrance. Titus O’Neil walks his way down to the ring, as he enters the ring. He shakes Sam by the hand and is handed a microphone. O’Neil begins to speak. Hello everyone. I am the big deal, Titus O’Neil, and I am your general manager for SmackDown. I hope to bring the best in ring action day in and day out. Sam applauds Titus and then begins to speak again. And with that out of the way, lets get our Raw GM out here. Paige makes her way down to the ring, to a loud pop from the audience. As she enters the ring, she shakes Sam’s hand. She then is about to shake Titus’ hand, but backs away in a toying fashion. She heads to her podium and begins to speak. Unlike Titus over here, I have experience leading a successful brand, and with that experience, I plan to make Raw the place in the WWE to make an impact. Paige and Titus then begin to look at each-other, with Sam looking on in the corner. Sam cuts the tension and says. So, we have our GM’s, we have our rules, we have our rosters, and we have you the WWE Universe. Without further-ado, let the WWE 2020 Draft begin. Titus you have the first pick. Titus O’Neil opens up a list and puts on glasses. (Note; the remainder of the draft will reveal the Draft Picks in quick succession) 1. SmackDown Drafts… Daniel Bryan 2. Raw Drafts… Roman Reigns 3. SmackDown Drafts… Kevin Owens 4. Raw Drafts… Charlotte Flair 5. SmackDown Drafts… Sasha Banks 6. Raw Drafts… AJ Styles 7. SmackDown Drafts… Drew McIntyre 8. Raw Drafts… Samoa Joe 9. SmackDown Drafts… Ricochet 10. Raw Drafts… The New Day 11. SmackDown Drafts… Aleister Black 12. Raw Drafts… Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross 13. SmackDown Drafts… The Viking Raiders 14. Raw Drafts… Ember Moon 15. SmackDown Drafts… Fire and Desire 16. Raw Drafts… Cesaro 17. SmackDown Drafts… Buddy Murphy 18. Raw Drafts… Rusev w/ Lana 19. SmackDown Drafts… The Good Brothers 20. Raw Drafts… The Street Profits 21. SmackDown Drafts… Natalya 22. Raw Drafts… Nia Jax 23. SmackDown Drafts… Humberto Carillo 24. Raw Drafts… Lars Sullivan 25. SmackDown Drafts… The Miz 26. Raw Drafts… Bobby Lashley 27. SmackDown Drafts… Apollo Crews 28. Raw Drafts… Lucha House Party 29. SmackDown Drafts… Zack Ryder 30. Raw Drafts… The Riott Squad 31. SmackDown Drafts… Dana Brooke 32. Raw Drafts… Luke Harper 33. SmackDown Drafts… Sin Cara 34. Raw Drafts… Shelton Benjamin 35. SmackDown Drafts… Drake Maverick 36. Raw Drafts… No Way Jose Undrafted: Curt Hawkins Heath Slater
  10. How WWE was right now heading into Wrestlemania? Cena, Rock, and Miz (but mostly Cena and Rock) were engaged in a bitter feud, with a collision course at Mania where Cena would attempt to beat the Miz, only for the Rock to come out, restart the match after double count out, attack Cena, and let Miz end the night as WWE Champion. The Undertaker has just returned, and Tirple H returns as well, signaling a match at Mania. The match at Mania. Narrowly defeating Triple H, Undertaker had to be helped out of the arena as he couldn’t walk under his own power. World Heavyweight Champion Edge would compete in what would be his final match against Alberto Del Rio, winning the match and ending his night on a high that would be ruined the next night Randy Orton began to viciously attack and punt the heads of the members of the New Nexus following their interference in his match for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble. This would lead to a match between the leader of the New Nexus CM Punk and Randy Orton, where Orton would be victorious. Micheal Cole began training for his first match at Wrestlemania with Jack Swaggers help, whereas Jerry the King Lawler, who had experienced an in ring return and many matches against the Miz (whom Cole was a fan of), would be assisted by Stone Cold Steve Austin after he became the special guest referee. Lawler would win the match, but the decision would be overturned by the Anonymous Raw General Manager. After being disfigured by Rey Mysterio and having to wear a face mask, Cody Rhodes looked for vengeance against the luchador, picking up a win against him at Mania, follwing the use of a knee brace. Snooki from Jersey Shore arrived on Raw and was confronted by Vickie Guerrero, and following Vickies win over Trish Stratus and the beating Stratus took from LayCool, Snooki arrived to help Trish, setting up a match between Stratus, Snooki, and Morrison against LayCool and Vickie Guerrero’s then boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, which Snooki’s team won. The Corre, a group consisting of Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, and WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel, began to assault various members of SmackDown, leading to Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella, and Vladimir Kozlov to fight the group at Mania, with Kozlov being replaced by Kofi Kingston, whom Barrett won the title from. The Corre was defeated in quick order. Week 1: March 8, 2011 Matt Striker would open the show, announcing that this season of NXT would be about Redemption for 6 NXT Rookies that didn’t win their seasons, with the winner being offered a spot on Raw or SmackDown and a title match of their choosing. He would then bring out Season 1 Rookie Darren Young, Season 2 Rookies Titus O’Neil and Lucky Canon, and Season 4 Rookies Conor O’Brian, Byron Saxton, and Jacob Novak. He would then bring out the Pros for this season, Chavo Guerrero, Vladimir Kozlov, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, and Hornswoggle. Striker would also announce that the Pro of the winning Rookie would get a title shot as well. The Pros are then Assigned Rookies, Young to Guerrero O’Neil to Hornswoggle Canon to Kidd O’Brian to Kozlov Saxton to Tatsu Novak to JTG The show begins with Match 1 of the night, between the two Season 2 veterans, Lucky Canon, with Tyson Kidd and Titus O’Neil with Hornswoggle. While Canon proved to be a worthy adversary, O’Neil would pick up the win. Darren Young comes out after a break and talks about his regrets of last year, and how he went about his time with the Nexus. Chavo Guerrero would come out and berate his Rookie for apologizing to the fans. As Young looks to get angry at Guerrero, Yoshi Tatsu and Byron Saxton come out, with Tatsu and Byron admiring Young’s admittance of guilt. Guerrero would then ask Tatsu to stay out of it, slapping Tatsu. Tatsu would then attack Guerrero as well. After a break, we are in the midst of Match 2 of the night, with Guerrero and Tatsu in a match. Though Tatsu is dominate throughout the match, a low blow is given to him by Guerrero, who then hits a frog splash and then a pin. As Saxton, as well as Young, check on his Pro, Guerrero motions to Young they go, and Young begrudgingly does. In the back, the serious Conor O’Brian enters the locker room, only for Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov eating a pie. As the two argue while O’Brian stares blankly, they accidentally pie him. As he walks out, he bumps into Hornswoggle, who laughs at him. As O’Brian picks him up, O’Neil taps on his Shoulder. After a brief stare down, O’Brian puts Hornswoggle down, and walks away. Out in the Ring, JTG demands that his Rookie Jacob Novak gets a match tonight. Striker comes out and announces that a new rule this season is that in order for the Rookies to prove they deserve Redemption, they have to see success. He announces that through the the season, former NXT Rookies who are now on Raw or SmackDown will come and challenge the Rookies of NXT. He then announces their first alumni of the season, United States Champion Daniel Bryan. Match 3 and the main event is between Jacob Novak and Daniel Bryan. While Novak could hold his own at times, it was obvious throughout the match he was no match for Daniel Bryan, losing to him. As JTG enters the ring in protest, Bryan locks in the Label Lock on JTG, making him tap as well. Bryan stands tall over Pro and Rookie as NXT Signs off. Week 2: March 15 2011 NXT Opens up with JTG and Jacob Novak once again in the ring. JTG complains how Novak had no chance beating an established star like Daniel Bryan. He demanded his rookie get a fairer matchup. Conor O’Brian appears without his Pro Kozlov and walks into the ring, and looks towards the timekeeper, who rings the bell. Conor O’Brian and Jacob Novak (0-1) start with Match 1 of the night. While Novak is able to get O’Brian onto one knee, the strength of O’Brian is too much for Novak, and he is victorious. Following the match, he takes the steel steps and slams JTG and then Novak onto the steel steps. On a TV in the back, Kozlov, Santino Marella, Titus O’Neil, and Hornswoggle watch O’Brian stand tall. Matt Striker comes up to O Neil and announces that O’Neil will face Darren Young. When Hornswoggle whispers something into Striker’s ear, Striker says that Chavo Guerrero will be in his corner. Byron Saxton and Yoshi Tatsu are in the ring after the break, and talk about Chavo Guerrero’s actions towards Tatsu last week. Saxton then begins to plead with Darren Young to stand up against the bullying tactics of Guerrero. Saxton and Tatsu are cut off when Lucky Canon and Tyson Kidd appear. Canon then goes on to state Saxton shouldn’t be making demands. As Canon is in face of Saxton, Kidd begins to attack Tatsu as Canon begins to attack Saxton. The baby faces are able to overpower the heels as we go to break. Match 2 is the team of Byron Saxton and Yoshi Tatsu against Lucky Canon (0-1) and Tyson Kidd. As the teams battle, Saxton takes the brunt of the damage for his team. Despite a comeback, Saxton is pinned by Lucky Canon. Kidd and Canon celebrate as Tatsu checks on Saxton. Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella are Backstage when Conor O’Brian shows up, and Santino flees. O’Brian then speak to Kozlov and tells him he wants a match against an Alumni next week, and for him to make it happen. As Kozlov nods, he looks on in fear of O’Brian. Match 3 is between Darren Young (w/ Chavo Guerrero) and Titus O’Neil (1-0) (w/ Hornswoggle). While Young is actually able to keep the fight even with O’Neil, Guerrero distracts Young when he attacks old rival Hornswoggle in order to distract O’Neil, but only distracting Young. O’Neil picks up the win. Following the match, Guerrero enters the ring and begins to hammer away at Young, only for Hornswoggle and O’Neil to get involved. Conor O’Brian comes out and begins to attack O’Neil as Hornswoggle watches. JTG and Jacob Novak, with the help from Guerrero and a steel Chair, bring O’Brian down to one knee. As Guerrero beats down Young again, with the help of JTG and Novak, Saxton and Tatsu run out to assist, fighting off Novak and JTG, as Hornswoggle attacks Guerrero. Tyson Kidd and Lucky Canon run out and attack Saxton and Tatsu. As Kidd, Canon, JTG, Novak, Young, Saxton, and Tatsu brawl inside the ring, O’Brian picks up Titus O’Neil and smashes him down into the announce table. The stop fighting and look on as O’Brian stands over O’Neil, and Kozlov watches from the stage. Week 3: March 22 2011 The show opens up with a video package from last weeks brawl. In the ring is Vladimir Kozlov. He starts by saying that he thinks Conor O’Brian maybe they most destructive man he’s ever met, and that Santino has officially ended their partnership due to Kozlov’s commitment to being O’Brians Pro. O’Brian walks out and tells Kozlov he doesn’t care about what Kozlov thinks. He then asks if Kozlov got him a match with an Alumni. Kozlov shakes his head yes, and WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel come out, with Gabriel telling O’Brian that in their season, they had a big guy to, and he didn’t last long, in NXT or in the Nexus. Justin Gabriel enters the ring. Match 1 is between Justin Gabriel and Conor O’Brian (1-0). While Gabriel is able to get some momentum going, he is immediately stopped by O’Brian, and O’Brian picks up the win. After the match, as Slater attends to his partner, O’Brian attacks Slater, much in the same way he attacked Novak and JTG, with the steels steps. Matt Striker in the back makes sure to ask O’Neil, who is still bandaged up, if he can compete tonight, and O’Neil says yes. For safety, Yoshi Tatsu offers to team with him and make his match against Lucky Canon a tag team match, which Matt Striker agrees to. In the locker room, Young is getting warmed up as Guerrero looks on in dissatisfaction. As Byron Saxton comes in to check on Young, Guerrero bring up how he failed as a commentator and now he’s failing as a wrestler. The two then brawl and Young tries to break up it, but it only leads to Saxton getting hit with a superkick and then being shoved into a door. Guerrero tells Young to follow and despite being angry, he does. Match 2 is between Lucky Canon (1-1) and Tyson Kidd vs Yoshi Tatsu and Titus O’Neil (2-0). During the match, Tatsu was worked over, and with O’Neil being able to deal damage near the end. As O’Neil, is outside, having thrown Kidd over the announce table, O’Brian appears and spears O’Neil into the barricade, resulting in a disqualification win for O’Neil and Tatsu. As O’Brian attempts to repeat last weeks attack with the announce table, Tatsu is able to fight off O’Brian, only for O’Brian to slam Tatsu into the announce table. Kidd, in the corner, gets up and stares down O’Brian. Matt Striker finds Vladimir Kozlov in disguise, demanding to know why he can’t deal with Conor O’Brian. Kozlov admits he’s doesn’t know how to deal with someone who used to be like himself. Tyson Kidd walks in with Lucky Canon and Kidd says he’ll deal with O’Brian next week. The Main Event of the night is between Jacob Novak (0-2) and Darren Young (0-1), with their respective Pro in their corners. As the match goes on, Guerrero attempts to cheat by putting a chair in the ring while JTG has the Ref distracted. Novak however grabs the chair and throws it at Guerrero. Novak and JTG trap Guerrero as Saxton comes from the crowd and attacks Guerrero. As Novak enters the ring, Young finishes him off and pins him. Saxton raises his friends arm high as the two look on at Guerrero Week 4: March 29 2011 Backstage, Matt Striker reveals that Next week, the First Elimination of the season will begin. JTG confronts Matt Striker about how both O’Brian and Saxton have matches with Pros tonight and Novak doesn’t. Striker relents and says Novak can have a match tonight against anyone he wants. JTG says thanks as he walks away, and Striker has a smile. Match one of the night is Byron Saxton (0-1) versus Chavo Guerrero (w/ Darren Young). Guerrero dominates the match, nearly picking up the win until he uses the rope to get a pin, but Young points it out to the ref. As Guerrero yells at Young, Saxton hits him with his finisher and gets a win. Young claps for Saxton’s win. In the back, Titus O’Neil, accompanied by Hornswoggle, who was ordered to stay on medical rest, asks Matt Striker why he hasn’t been given a match against O’Brian yet. Striker admits that while a match with O’Brian would be interesting, it would only be so until O’Neil is fully healthy. O’Neil then begins to talk about how someone needs to stop O’Brian put as he continues, O’Brian runs in and tackles him into a wall. He then continually bashes O’Neil into the wall. O’Brian looks at Striker and tells him to book the match for next week. Jacob Novak and JTG are in the ring, going over their options for Novak’s opponent. JTG announces for Titus O’Neil to come out. O’Neil comes out, clearly still hurt. Match 2 is Titus O’Neil (w/ Hornswoggle) (3-0) and Jacob Novak (w/ JTG) (0-3). The match wholly dominated by Novak, who keeps attacking the ribs of O’Neil. O’Neil is only able to pick up the win by hitting his finisher in Novak and barely covering him. Officials come down to check on O’Neil, who still cant get up. O’Brian makes his way down, only to be stopped midway through by Kozlov. O’Brian knocks down Kozlov and enters the ring, lifting O’Neil up and propping him in the corner. O’Brian looks on at the barely conscious O’Neil as he tells him next week, they’ll find out who the better man is. O’Brian then lifts O’Neil our to the floor. He then waits in the ring, as Tyson Kidd comes out. The Main Event, Tyson Kidd (w/ Lucky Canon) and Conor O’Brian (2-0), with Kidd getting more offense in than anyone has before, nearly being an even match. Unfortunately, Kidd is taken out midair by O’Brian. After the match, O’Brian is attacked by Yoshi Tatsu, Chavo Guerrero, and JTG. All three Pros are able to defeat him and send him out of the ring. As they all raise their hands in triumph, with Guerrero and Tatsu staring down. Changes to the timeline: I can’t really see any changes truly so early in the timeline. There is really only one change that would happen. Following Santino’s walkout on Koslov, that would pretty much be the end of their tag team. And Koslov was only “injured” because he was associated with Santino. In this timeline, with Koslov and Santino broken up, Kingston would’ve been brought into the team earlier then he actually was.
  11. The screen opens up with a necklace, with one sapphire gem. A feminine voice begins to speak, and 6 other voices are heard in the background. Faith. Every man and woman crave it. A hand runs through the necklace, rubbing the gem. Man’s world is run by fear. The only way to be able to save it is to unite men under one banner, because the men of this world are weak, and undeserving off the power they have been given. The figure then puts the necklace around their own neck. We sought to bring man’s world down, but the only way to bring it down was to do something we didn’t want. We performed a ritual that would allow me to take over the man body, but leave the mind for me.. The camera pans from the necklace and Poiunight’s face is shown. Soon enough, we fed off our host enough to be able to separate our thoughts into a mind. The beauty and grace of my mind was left inside the man’s body. No man or woman was able to stop me. We were indestructible. Much like this gem. Poiunight rips the gem off the chain, and puts it on the table. But unfortunately, being in a man’s body, and having to subjugate myself to our host, we became too corrupted. Our host had corrupted us to act in a way that was unlike what I was taught. We had become the one thing we hoped to stop. Man’s aggression. As Poiunight continues to speak, the voices all merge, and only POiungihts voice is specifically heard. Poiunight holds the gem in both his palms, and begins to apply pressure. Man’s aggression cannot be tempered, only quelled. So, if we need to work with men, if we need to fight like men to destroy humanity, we will do it. So, when our host offered a chance for us to return, we accepted. Poiunight’s eyes turn white. But know this, when the time comes, the one known as Enlightenment will destroy all of us. And with the power of faith, and the resolve of a warrior, Enlightenment belongs to us. Gem powder begins to fall from Poiunight’s hands as the screen goes dark. Enlightenment’s voice then speaks. And I belong to no one. The white eyes of Enlightenment open.
  12. In 2010, WWE launched NXT as a hybrids between wrestling and reality TV. For 4 seasons, NXT was the birthplace of 30 young men and women. However, it’s fifth season, dubbed a “Redemption” season, became more then that, and may have been the influence for what NXT would become to this very day. Now what would happen if the Fifth season were to have been finished, and this format of NXT continued well into 2019 and the future. In this diary, I don’t plan on writing matchups. This is me just going into full hypotheses mode on a week to week basis and seeing how WWE would’ve approached NXT if they had continued this format (3 Men, 1 Women, and a Redemption season). Not only will I follow on a week to week basis what is happening with the NXT show, I also plan to follow what would happen on the WWE as a whole. As of now, I will work on the 5th Redemption season, comprised of Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Conor O’Brien, Lucky Canon, Byron Saxton, and Jacob Novak.
  13. RULES OF THE 2020 WWE DRAFT. The General Managers of both Raw and SmackDown will reveal themselves on Night 1 of the WWE Draft on Saturday, and YOU the WWE Universe will decide which Brand will get the first pick. Following that, the draft will continue until 5 picks have been made for both rosters, ending the round. This will continue until either A) all 40 overall draft picks (20 per night) have been chosen, or both brands are satisfied with their choices. Tag Teams, both women and male, cam be drafted as either singles or a group. Additionally, superstars can form a group and asked to be drafted together. Managers can be drafted with their clients or as singular picks. The Raw and Smackdown Women’s and Tag Titles will remain on their distinct brand. The Intercontinental and WWE title will go to one brand, and the United States and Universal title will go to the other. The 24/7 and Women’s Tag Title will remain a dual brand title. The Draft will be separated into 2 Pools of available Superstars:   Night 1: Aleister Black Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross Apollo Crews Bobby Lashley The B-Team Buddy Murphy Cesaro Charlotte Flair Dana Brooke Daniel Bryan Drake Maverick Drew McIntyre Ember Moon Fire and Desire Heath Slater Humberto Carillo Kevin Owens Lars Sullivan Lucha House Party Luke Harper The Miz Natalya The New Day Nia Jax No Way Jose The O.C. Ricochet The Riott Squad Roman Reigns R-Truth Rusev w/ Lana Samoa Joe Sasha Banks Shelton Benjamin Sin Cara The Street Profits The Viking Raiders Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins Night 2: The Ascension Akira Tozawa Andrade w/ Zelina AOP The Colons Bayley Becky Lynch Braun Strowman Brock Lesnar Carmella Cedric Alexander Chad Gable Drew Gulak EC3 Elias Eric Young Erick Rowan The Fiend The Hardy Boyz Heavy Machinery The IIconics Jinder Mahal The Kabuki Warriors King Corbin Lacey Evans Mickie James Mojo Rawley Mustafa Ali Naomi Randy Orton The Revival Rey Mysterio Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins Sheamus Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn Tamina The Usos
  14. The screen opens up, with a mask, an all too familiar one, on a table. A courageous voice in a Japanese accent begins to speak, and 6 other voices are heard in the background. Honor. Many people die for it. A hand runs through the seaming of the mask. In the old days, we fought and died just to feel a tiny bit. We hit as hard as we could, and we got up if we got hit. It was all worth it. The hands then take the mask and puts it on the figures head, as he turns around. But honor is also a weakness, a lability. In Was, if you show mercy, you will die, and if you beg for it, you might as well die. A weak and meaningless concept. The figure turns around and sets the mask on a mannequin, and Poiunight’s face is shown. Our host went out of their way to become honorable, to spare life, to help. So, the parts of him that did not feel the same, Kazma Sakamoto, spirited himself from our host. He would hit as hard as he could, and his opponents would wish for a defeat in order to avoid more of his strikes. Poiunight turns the mask towards his face, and rips its eye hole open, he turns the mask back to the camera. But Kazma’s arrogance got the better of him. He would pick fights he had no business picking, and put limits on himself for no reason. When he returned, his strikes would hurt himself more than his opponents. So, he came to us, to return him to his former power. As Poiunight continues to speak, the voices all merge, and only POiungihts voice is specifically heard. Poiunight grabs a knife, holding it towards the bottom of the mask. And now, the strongest striker in the world and the most devious mind in the world, Kazma Sakamoto, belongs to Poiunight. The knife slashes across the mask, ripping it apart as the screen turns to black. Kazma’s voice then speaks And now Kazma belongs to us.
  15. WrestleMania Day The crowd begins to cheer after an opening package. Triple H makes his way down to the arena to a torrent of cheers and boos. As he enters the ring, he takes a second to bask in the Audience. He begins to speak. I’m going to go out on a limb and say a lot of you heard the news of what happened this past week. I guess its time to explain myself. Triple H looks on at the crowd as they continue to cheer and boo for him. Vincent Kennedy McMahon will always be a pioneer in this industry. And his role in turning the WWE into the global empire it is can never be understated. Vince McMahon is the WWE, and Vince McMahon is this industry. The crowd begins to cheer loudly, as Triple H takes in the cheers A “Thank You Vince” chant erupts from the crowd. Yeah, Vince made this industry, but he is also the one that killed this industry slowly. The crowd then gets louder, with some cheer but a majority of Boos. Yeah, I’ll say it. Vince McMahon was out of touch, and didn’t know what you, the fans, wanted. Had he listened to you, the WWE Universe, maybe we wouldn’t have lost so many of you these past few years. Maybe we wouldn’t have lost talent like Hideo Itami, Neville, or Dean Ambrose. The crowd cheers and begins to chant “A-E-Dub” Yeah, maybe our guys wouldn’t have gone to that company if they had been given the opportunities that you wanted them to have. I can’t change the past, but I can ensure the future will be better. Which is why I’m out here tonight. Triple H looks on at the stage, as he continues to speak. For the WWE to survive the next decade, we need someone like me. Someone who’s not willing to admit they’re wrong, and who’s willing to give oportunites as long as you, the WWE Universe want them to. That’s why, as much as I love her, I coouldntt ask my wife Stephanie to do this, because there’s too much of her dad in her. That is why I went to someone who I’ve been training to be my successor for when I take over the main roster, but unfortunately, they’re going to have to take over the main roster before I do. Ladies and Gentleman, my protégé and friend, Sam Canales. Sam Canales begins to walk down the long ramp to various cheers. He looks over the entirety of the sold-out WrestleMania arena. Before he enters the ring, he takes a quick second to wipe his shoes before entering the ring. As he finally enters, he is greeted with a handshake by Triple H, as well as a hug. As the crowd dies down and the music stops, Sam speaks. This is a dream come true for me. When Triple H first came to me, and started showing me this industry that I grew up with from the inside, it was surreal. But going from a successor to NXT to Creative Consultant of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, it’s a pretty big jump. He then looks at HHH and pats him on the back, as Hunter puts his arm over Sam’s shoulder. Sam continues to speak. But if this icon thinks that I can handle it, then I think I can handle it. Triple H then begins to speak. Not only do I think you can handle it, but I know you will excel at it. Starting tomorrow, you might be a consultant, by you will always be just as much NXT as anyone that has left NXT. Triple H then raises the hand of Sam as the crowd begins to chant “N-X-T” Triple H and Sam pose for all for sides of the ring. As he lowers Sam’s hand, Hunter ends his speech with one last note. Now enough talking, lets start the damn show. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Raw After Mania Following an explosive WrestleMania, the crowd for the Raw after Mania are raucous. Sam Canales walks out to a torrent of boos, but Sam still walks with pride. As he approaches the ring, he wipes his feet, and enters. As he waits for the booing to die down, he stands patiently in the center of the ring. After a few moments, he speaks. So, I’m guessing not too many people here tonight like me? The crowd begin to break into a “Yes!” chant That’s fair you guys. I understand where you’re coming from. And if it’s any consolation, I don’t plan to be on TV too much. Its not really something I’m personally interested in. But I do need someone to be that figure of authority. Which is why my first act as Creative Consultant, I’m reinstituting the General Manager position on both Raw and SmackDown. The crowd has a mixed reaction to this information. So, with that in mind, I also realize its not really fair for either of the General Managers to run a roster that they are given, so that is why this Saturday and Sunday, live on the WWE Network, we will be having a live draft ceremony. The crowd has another mixed reaction. Ill be revealing my general managers for both shows on the Live Draft. And before I leave you tonight, I would like to make one last announcement. I want to start over, as best as possible. So, Champions, hope you enjoy this week. Because its your last week before you must relinquish the title. The crowd is taken aback, beginning to chant “What the F***?” as Sam’s music begins to play. The commentators are livid at the thought of how Sam has changed the show.

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