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  1. NXT Tag Team Championship Discussion

    Again, I have to ask, has any team that has won this title, that is still together, ever succeeded on the main roster. tag team wrestling has always been my favorite with NXT. Last year was definitely the year of Tag Wrestling for NXT and this year is doing a pretty good job at keeping that mojo. I just hope tag teams that get this title don’t fail on the main roster
  2. So back in the day, Someone had a WWE Fantasy League, and I want to do it again, now that the roster is significantly bigger. Wanna thank @Monda for giving me permission to use his concept and build on it. RULES: To begin, I will take 14-16 users. I will randomly give everyone 8 Superstars. I will give them points based off wins and losses on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, 205 Live, Main Event, Takeovers, and PPV matches. TRADING: To trade, message your trade partner, on Forums or Discord, and once the trade is agreed upon, one person must post it here and the other must qoute the post and confirm the deal. SCORING: +3 points per single/tag win. -3 points per single/tag loss. +1 point per non clean win. (DQ, CountOut) -1 point per non clean lose. (DQ, Count Out) +5 points per Championship win/defense. -5 points per Championship loss. +10 points per Special Match win (MITB, KOTR, Rumble, etc.) 0 points per Double DQ/Count Out. - PAY PER VIEW Victories will score DOUBLE Points, for example is John Cena wins on PPV he will score +6 points instead of +3 points. Same applies to a loss being -6 points instead of -3 points. -In multi man matches (triple threat, fatal four way, etc.) the one who gets the pin wins +3 points while the one that gets pinned will get -3 point. People not pinned will get -1 point Here is a link to the spreadsheet to our teams: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-odqzsmOd37jSo2SV5kKQ9r5Bxfwlud1bi9RGQa4byQ After the weekend, I will upload the first scores
  3. Official WWE Fantasy League Revival

    Apparently, your BPZ mail is full.
  4. Official WWE Fantasy League Revival

    DM me on Discord. I’ll send you all info.
  5. It’s Draft Day!

    Remeber, ima start at two hours before NXT Takeover, so you have to either a) be there to draft or b ) send me a list of people you wanna Draft.

  6. Thoughts on Lars Sullivan

    Well, Braun only had about 6 months of NXT time and in that time, he had a handful of matches. Looking at Braun now, I’d say he’s improved since his main roster debut. So while I do think Lars should probably stay in NXT for awhile, it’s not like WWE hasn’t rushed the development of a potential monster with a look like Lars has.
  7. Two things. First off, the first season of Fantasy League has officially ended. I wanna thank everyone who joined for their support. If you’d like to see who one, here’s a link:


    Second off, signups have officially opened for the second season. I’ve got a bit more room this time around so if you would like to learn more, just DM me @Fear#3629 . I will give you all the info you will need and then you can decide. This will only be open for the next 36 hours, so please, hurry and sign up.

  8. Official WWE Fantasy League Revival

    All things considered, this is the current order for the draft. 1. @Bart 2. @Slim 3. @Fear 4. @bailey14 5. @Ropati 6. @Bashka 7. @Brad 8. @BiC 9. @Prince 10. @Smith 11. @George AK
  9. Official WWE Fantasy League Revival

    Ladies and Gentlemen, two months ago, I had a dream. A dream where I could revive something from the past that I thought was pretty fun. And with the November 15th edition of NXT, we have finished the first season of Fantasy League. I wanna thank everyone for being apart of this. This season had some problems, but it was more so an experiment season. Our next season will go all the way to Wrestlemania, which will be an endeavoring task, but I look forward to it. And now, let us show you who has been able to win this season. 1st Place: Team @Bart (+55) Adam Cole (+2) Aleister Black (+3) Finn Balor (+18) Jey Uso (+7) Kassius Ohno (+9) Roman Reigns (+13) Rusev (-6) Sasha Banks (+12) 2nd Place: Team @Slim (+52) Asuka (+15) Bobby Fish (+3) Kurt Angle (+6) Luke Harper Nia Jax (+6) Pete Dunne (+3) Seth Rollins (+24) The Miz (0) 3rd Place: Team @Poiunight (+51) Akira Tozawa (+12) Alexander Wolfe Kairi Sane (+6) Killian Dain Mustafa Ali (+27) Otis Dozovic (+6) Sonya Deville (+2) Tucker Knight (+6) 4th Place: Team @Joh (+39) Alexa Bliss (+16) Andrade "Cien" Almas (+9) Bayley (-4) Chris Jericho Ember Moon (+6) Peyton Royce (-3) Randy Orton (+12) Rezar 5th Place: Team @bailey14 (+37) Brock Lesnar (+10) Jason Jordan (+9) John Cena (-2) Kevin Owens (+9) Kofi Kingston (+8) Shelton Benjamin (+16) Tyler Bate (-6) Xavier Woods (-13) 6th Place: Team @Ropati (+30) AJ Styles (+6) Angelo Dawkins (+9) Big Cass Enzo Amore (+18) Eric Young (-3) Jinder Mahal (+5) Naomi (-4) Neville (-4) 7th Place: Team @Ross (+18) Cedric Alexander (+24) Erick Rowan Jimmy Uso (+4) Lars Sullivan (+15) Mojo Rawley (-16) Natalya (+1) R-Truth Tamina (-7) 8th Place: Team @BrendenPlayz (+13) Becky Lynch (+8) Chad Gable (+9) Charlotte Flair (+12) Goldust (-9) Johnny Gargano (0) Montez Ford (+9) The Velveteen Dream (+6) Tony Nese (-31) 9th Place: Team @Bashka (0) Alicia Fox (-9) Baron Corbin (+19) Cesaro (-22) Drew McIntyre (+5) Kalisto (+8) Konnor (-1) Nick Miller Paige 10th Place: Team @Brad (-6) Bobby Roode (+9) Gentleman Jack Gallagher (-12) Jeff Hardy (-3) Matt Hardy (-1) Rhyno (+9) Samoa Joe (+6) TJP (-6) Zack Ryder (-16) 11th Place: Team @George AK (-7) Bo Dallas Curtis Axel Heath Slater (+9) Hideo Itami Noam Dar (-6) Sami Zayn (-3) Tye Dillinger (-7) Wolfgang 12th Place: Team @TastefulChain4 (-12) Aliyah (-4) Danny Burch (-3) Lacey Evans (-1) Nikki Bella Shayna Bazler Tino Sabatelli (0) Trent Seven Vanessa Borne (-1) 13th Place: Team @Monda (-13) Aiden English (-6) Akam Ariya Daivari (-27) Dana Brooke (-4) Dean Ambrose (+27) Elias (+7) No Way Jose (-3) Roderick Strong (-7) 14th Place: Team @Ferb (-15) Buddy Murphy Curt Hawkins (-15) James Ellsworth (-3) Mark Andrews (+3) Sawyer Fulton Tommaso Ciampa Undertaker Wesley Blake 15th Place: Team @BiC (-26) Apollo Crews (-9) Carmella (-9) Dolph Ziggler (-6) Lince Dorado (+12) Luke Gallows (-12) Mickie James (-14) Mike Kanellis (-3) Nikki Cross (+9) 16th Place: Team @Prince (-32) Bray Wyatt (-3) Kane Karl Anderson (-12) Primo Colon Rich Swann (+28) Shinsuke Nakamura (-4) Sin Cara (-5) The Brian Kendrick (-13) Team @Smith (-32) Big Show (-3) Billie Kay (-10) Kyle O'Reilly (+3) Liv Morgan (-1) Oney Lorcan (-6) Ruby Riot (+3) Scott Dawson Shane McMahon (-6) 18th Place: Team @FDS (-42) Bianca Belair (+2) Braun Strowman (+1) Big E (-13) Fandango (-3) Gran Metalik (+8) Shane Thorne Sheamus (-22) Tyler Breeze (-3)
  10. I’d assume it’s some sort of battle royale. There is a lot of talent that don’t even have matches. Wyatt, Zayn, Owens, Kane, Rusev, Jinder. Probably won’t have big names like them in a preshow match and it will probably just be Lower Level Guys, (Hype Bros, Ascension, Elias, Tye, etc.)
  11. Revelations

    The crows go off, and the crowd cheers at this, knowing what this means. When the lights come back on, Fear stands in the ring. He looks at the crowd, who are livid. As he turns to look at the crowd, he nods. The man has failed, and now the monster has failed. He takes off his mask... and Poiunight’s face is revealed to be the man behind the mask. He begins to breath heavily as the crowd chants “What the fuck!” After a few moments, the crowd dies down and Poiunight speaks. The man couldn’t defeat people. The man needed to conform to what they offered me. Four months ago, I came back, and I wasn’t strong enough. I let my son down. I had to become someone else. Something else. He goes to the corner and rests his head on the top turnbuckle. He raises his head and speaks. That’s when I found this again. He lifts up the Fear mask. The mask offered me something. It offered me power, it offered me so much. It let me be more than an OPG. But I had to take that opportunity. Roll the footage. The screen begins to go back on the night of Poi’s attack. He is seen holding the mask. He then places it down and begins to bang his head into the wall. He slams himself onto the floor. He dislocates his shoulder. Poiunight then goes to the window of the hotel room and crashes through it. The footage ends. Poiunight looks to the floor. He nods his head. I thought Fear could make me stronger. And I was ready to face Fear and the others war. But then, Bashka happened. He gets angry. He is clenching his hands and there mic. Bashka burned the House of Fear down. And when it was rebuilt, it was never the same. Fear’s battle with the Maharajah proved it. He then turns to the camera. Bash, you stole something not just from Fear, but from them too. The only people who can protect us. But Fear is too weak. You made him weak. And in order to protect us, they all need to be strong. He puts the Fear mask on the ground and goes to a bag in the corner. He raises it for all to see. Bash, I know your not here tonight. I’m keenly aware you are not present. But I want you to know, your not just facing me by myself. You won’t even be facing Fear by his self. You will be facing all of them. Because... He then twitches his head violently. He then stops and has a smile reminiscent of someone from the past. I didn’t just get Fear’s mask back. He then nods and puts on the Fear mask again. Fear screams in delight, glad to be back. After hearing the crowd, Fear hits his head and then screams. WE! AREN’T! FINISHED! WITH! YOU! He breathes slowly and exhales. He paces around and puts the bag near his head, nodding with it, as if it’s speaking. We will wait for your answer. The crows go off and the arena goes dark. Star shimmers go through the arena as high pitched giggle goes off, followed by a hiss all to familiar.
  12. The Barbwire Brawler

    Name: Francisco Behaviour: Brave Age: 16
  13. I’ve decided that for the Fantasy League Draft, I will be dropping the requirement of 8 Superstars, but instead, have 5.

  14. Akki vs Fear (TakeOver: Paranoia)

    Match of the Year Canidate.

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