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  1. I have an announcement to make my followers. I have been assigned to work the Tag Tournament Of Doom. But unfortunately, this Vessel and I are not interested in these games you humans like to play. However, one of my Cosmic Council has deemed it Appropriate for themselves to take on my role. Who is it you may ask? While I won’t speak the persons name, all you mortals need to know is, he is a very strong person. Some would even call, a God King

    The War is Upon is soon. Be prepared, or die.


  2. BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    Great, I’m going up against the human calculator
  3. BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    How would you cheat?
  4. BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    Why not
  5. TEW 2016: SmackDown Live! vs Raw

    I've decided that since we are starting a new month, and that will be the one booking both shows in the future, ive downloaded a new Database and plan on working from that database till the next in-game year. Becuase I'm switching databases, I also have to re-edit pop and I've also decided to tweak the worker skills as well. Id say this will be done over the week, and ill beginning doing 2-3 weeks of tew on the weekend. A close estimate would be is that the series will return at some point next week.
  6. Face Reveal Thread

    Sucks that most of the pictures on her not viewable anymore. We should try to get some updates pics up yall
  7. Who is the 3rd member of the Cosmic Council?

  8. Rage

    It is dawn as a big man throwing away trash. As he looks at the sun, he wipes his forehead. He smiles and enters the dinner. As he begins to heat up the friers, he notices two people with hoods sitting at the counter. As he comes up to them to see who they are, he realizes that fact when he arrives in front of them. “Gimme one reason to not grab that pot of coffee and throw it at your freak of a face Poiunight.” A small giggle comes out of the figure, as he takes off his hood, revealing Poidust, with his mask glittering in the sun. His long smile shocks the big man, and he steps back, rubbing his eyes, to see if this is all a dream. Unfortunately, it's not. “Hello my old friend.” he sees, coils his head with every word. “And if you think coffee will hurt me, id say your wrong. Unfortunately, our friend Poiunight has grown a bit of a hankering of pain. A side effect of letting our other monster friend inside his head.” The big guy looks at the other hooded figure. Motioning towards the figure, Poidust says following a giggle. “My little dove, won't you care to show your face to our old friend?” The figure takes off her mask, showing Enlightenment, in her original form. The big man steps back and leans on the back counter, shocked even more. “Poidust, you wanna condemn yourself to the madness, fine. You need Poiunight as your vessel, fine. But your gonna let that wench out of her cell? We all decided to keep her locked up because she is a snake!” He gets right in front of Light. Light responds to this in her calm, soothing voice. “If I recall, you were the one that burned me at the stack the minute you got an opportunity to. This vessel is nowhere near as powerful as she once was, Because if she was...” She slams the table and rises to meet the big man's gaze. “I would rip your throat out and eat it. BEcause that is the only satisfaction I can get from men like you.” “Go ahead, try it bitch.” The big guy rolls his neck as he prepares for a fight. Poidust, not wanting to see his allies destroy each other, put his hands on the two, with a smile towards each of them. Light grabs his hand and takes it from her, saying “We may be allies by chance, but put your hand on me, I will show you my true power. Remember Poidust that none of you were able to defeat me on your own.” She walks out of the diner, as he sighs, Poidust sits back down and says. “Clearly, she still doesn't like us. “ “News flash, I don't like you either, and if you think I'm going to let you put that monster back in my head, like the woman and Poiunight, you're out of your damn mind.” Poidust looks down and nods in disapproval. “Oh my tall friend’ He sits on the counter and puts his hand on the big guy. “Poiunight choose this path because he knows what Light’s vessel knows. Your lives do not matter unless you choose to help us. I can feel the rage in you. Face it, being the Red Monster was the only worthwhile thing in your life.” He begins to speak angrily at the big man, after punching him in the face, that made tha=e big man stumble. "Do you want to continue to live this life of mediocrity. or would you rather help me in the coming war, by becoming someone else." He turns away, and then turns back, saying, "Something Else" The big guy grabs Poidust by the throat and slams him on the counter. As Poidust noses and mouths “Finish me and you'll never be special” with a smile so big. The big guy stops and lets Poidust go, who is clearly upset. As the big guy turns away from Poidust, he says in a gruff voice, “Leave n-” But before he could finish, Poidust had grabbed a pan and smashed it across the back off the big man's head. As Poidust kneels to check his heartbeat, he feels nothing. He sighs and shrugs, then goes into his jacket pocket and grabs the Mask that emits heat. He puts the mask on the dead body and heads into the kitchen. Eating a fry, he sees the gas tank and opens it, along with lighting a fire on the stove. As he exits the diner, he meets an annoyed Enlightenment, waiting in the car, reading a book, in the middle of nowhere. As he waits for something, he notices the sun rising over the diner. The diner explodes in a ball of fire. Poidust smiles as Enlightenment shakes her head in annoyance. He exits the car and waits at the entrance of the diner. The man, up on his feet, walks out into the sunlight, burn marks on most of his body, except his mask. Poidust motions for the man to bow and he does. Poidust put his hand on the man's shoulder, saying, in a happy voice. “Hello, old friend. Hello Hell Spawn.” Hells Spawn snaps his neck up to stare at Poidust, with eyes red as fire.
  9. bpzholic.com

    Fake News if i ever heard it. lol
  10. The Greatest Work in BPZ History...


    1. Slim


      Not to burst any bubbles but we were all pretty sure you were coming back.

    2. Ross


      I thought he really left. YOU HAD ME

  11. The War Begins

    This Takes place after Night of Legends. #GotYou #GreatestWorkInBPZHistory A house in the dead of night is lit by a single flame. This was the former House of Fear. The door opens and Poiunight rips off his mask in anger. He speaks. “You bitch!” He throws the mask to the floor as the mask speaks. Listening to it, Poiunight hears the knock at the door. Going to the door, he opens it and sees a woman there. He begins to breathe slowly, remembering her. “How the hell are you still alive?” Poiunight says in shock as the woman goes to the mask, Pulling back her short hair, she puts the mask on. Enlightenment takes control of the body as she rolls her neck. “Finally, it's nice to have my body back.” SHe says in her signature calm voice as she stretches out her body. “So if she was alive, why the hell did you want my body?” “I wanted it because he tested me.” She points to the table and reminds Poiunight that the mask in the bag is still there. Poinight goes over to the bag and listens to it, pulling the mask out. A mask covered in sparkles and looks as though it is part of space. “This was your plan all along wasn't it.” Poiunight listens to the mask and sees a sledgehammer near the fireplace. Grabbing it, he goes to the hallway as Light follows him. Seeing Fears calculations, he smashes the wall with the sledgehammer. Looking through the rubble, he finds three masks. One, which he remembers clearly, is the mask of Kazma. “Taking Kazma’s mask wanst a challenge,” Enlightenment says. He grabs two more masks. One mask is covered with designs of fire and actually felt warm. The other mask was covered in lines, but just holding it, Poiunight felt smarter. “You want me to find them?” Light nods. She brings the mask of Stars to Poiunight and says “We want you to find them as him. The war isn't coming anymore. The war is here. It's time to rally the soldiers.” Poiunight nods and puts the mask on. He begins to twitch very rapidly as the mask goes on him. He breathes loudly as the mask is fully on him. He stops breathing for a minute and gets up. The body goes to Fears cracked mirror and wipes it off. His eyes have turned yellow. As he turns around and sees Enlightenment bowing to him, he only says one thing, in his signature high pitched, rapid voice. “The Cosmic War has begun.” Enlightenment bows and looks at him, only saying one thing. “The only man I will ever bow to is you… Poidust.” Poidust chuckles as he turns to the three masks he's carrying and screeches like a cat to them, as the screen turns black. The screen then lights up with stars as it reads, “The Cosmic Council will arrive soon.”
  12. Hey everyone. I first of all wanna say I’m sorry. I’m sorry to Bailey14, who put faith in me and I let down. I’m sorry to my fellow competitors for betraying your trust, and most of all, I’m sorry to everyone on the forums. While begging has never been an official don’t do rule, it’s frowned upon. I used to think I was a good person. I used to follow the rules. But then along the way, I became so obsessed with winning an online poll, that I resorted to the one thing I thought I would never do. I begged, and not only that, I begged my fellow competitor to not have to not vote for himself. I’m ashamed of myself. That’s why I’m leaving the Forums. And it’s not because I was caught begging, because people have been caught and bounced back. I’m leaving because I don’t deserve to be here. Your all good people, and you deserve to have something better than what I am. I’m sorry to everyone that has been affected by this, and goodbye.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ropati


      bro there's no need to leave we all have a bad times

    3. Kyle Reeves

      Kyle Reeves

      Its fine man. Everyone begs whether they want to admit it or not

    4. The Ryan

      The Ryan

      Lol. That's new. A Mr Goody Two Shoes for a change around here.

      Give this lad a Face Of The Year already.

  13. Carnage Power Trip: Night Of Legends Votings

    Voted Myself, Snadman, Josh, Kyle Reeves, Flynn, and Bailey. I hope I win, but if I lose, I’m glad to have worked hard.
  14. Count to 2019 before 2019

  15. Count to 2019 before 2019

    29 PS, I wanna make it there first. Lol

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