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  1. Nicole M., Silvie, Willams And Power Bonus: Portia Perez
  2. Poiudust

    War of Worlds

    A small little cackle comes from an unknown destination. As Hollow looks around a bit, the voice speaks. “Ohh Hollow, you truly are a creation in this realm.” Hollow sees Poidust walking down the steps of the arena crowd. “But you see, there is one problem.” His smile turns into a straight face. “You are an evil, that no one in this plane of existence can defeat. Because you see, you aren’t if this world. You are something, sick, twisted, demented. A few years ago, a man Poiunight walked into this building to make a name for himself. Fast forward a few years, he ended up being the final piece I needed.” He hops over the barricade, and then jumps back on it, playfully sitting. “Why do you think I allowed Kazma to be your partner in Tournament Of Tag Teams when I’ve made it very clear, these titles mean nothing to us? Has the thought occurred to you in, I would like to assume, the three cells of your brain? I wanted him to scout out something for me, someone specifically.” He hops of the barricade and walks right over to the steps, stomping his way very dramatically. He does a little pose as he climbs the steps and enters the ring. “You are the one that started this all. You are the one that has been foretold to be the enemy of the Cosmic Council.” He gladly walks over to him, putting his arm on his shoulder. As he leans in Hollow to whisper to him, Poidust screams in his ear and says “You are the Vessel of Evil!” The crowd begin to chant “What The Fuck” Poidust then backs away from Hollow, Bowing before him, and saying. “And if you want a match at the event where the worlds will engage in war with eachother. You will have it. And if you would like it against Kazma, you are more than welcome to. But here’s a little thing you should know. Why go for the pawn, when you can go for the master?” He then pats Hollow in the face as he walks away, but while they are both staring away from each other, Poidust speaks one last time. “And if you chose me, let’s make it, a Cosmic Castle Match!” The crowd cheers as Hollow turns around and is greeted by the cat like hiss of Poidust, followed by his pose and then he walks away, staring at Poidust. As Poidust looks on at the Hollow, Kazma shows up from behind, attacking Hollow. He hits Hollow with the GTS with ease. As he is about to walk away and join Poidust, he stops and looks at Hollow, then pulls his thumb across his throat and then yelling out, along with the crowd, “Full Of Fear” And then locks in the Fear Lock, and as the crowd signals for it, Kazma snaps Hollows arm, an homage to his friend. As Kazma gets up and the refs come in to help and he grabs Hollows mic and says, in his Japanese accent, “We will want you decision by next week.” Kazma sits in the corner, as he begins to meditate as the refs check on Hollow.
  3. February Week Two WWE Fastlane Pre Show Segment 1-2: The New Day come out and greet the crowd, hyping up the PPV, but are then interrupted by the Revival, who want retribution for the New Day’s attack on them, but they are then interrupted again but the Usos, who are ready to lock down. Bryan comes out and decides since the SmackDown Tag Team Division is so stacked, the three of these teams will take on each other on right now, with the winner getting a Tag Title opportunity. While the New Day And Usos try their best, but the Revival pick up the win in good match. Segment 1: The Show opens with the Woken Hardy’s against Kami Zowens, and while the match itself is good, both teams were disqualified when Matt Hardy hit Sami Zayn with a chair at the same time Kevin Owens hit Jeff Hardy with a Chair. The two teams ended up brawling around the arena, leading to a Hardy win after Jeff jumps off the Stage on Sami and Kevin. Segment 2: Cody Rhodes makes his debut in a match against Samoa Joe. The match itself was a good one, although far less better than what you could expect from these two. It ended with Cody hitting the Cross Rhodes on his opponent for the win. Throughout the match, Cody made references to his old Stardust gimmick, while also paying tribute to his father in his Polka Dot attire. Segment 3: Enzo comes out and reminds everyone of NXT, where the Realest Group had dominated. But then they all got separated, but now, it’s the time to get the band back together. Cass and Carmella, with her MITB briefcase, come out and remind Enzo that the group split up because of brands and Enzo’s mouth. Enzo says the three of them have no success apart, but together, they can. Carmella then looks at Cass and the two shake their heads. They accept Enzo’s offer as they call the whole arena SAWFT. Segment 4-5: With the Wrestlemania opportunity on the line, Cesaro takes on Finn Balor. Despite Finn’s fast offense, he is overpowered by Cesaro. As the match nears its end, Finn is about to hit the Coup de Grace, but as he jumps, Cesaro gets up and hits an uppercut on Finn, knocking him out. Cesaro then hits the neutralizer on Finn, picking up the win. As Cesaro celebrates, Finn Balor looks angry on the outside and attacks Cesaro. His attack on Cesaro mostly shows Finn attacking the arm of Cesaro, and as the referees come to break up the attack, Finn walks away, hits his pose and says loudly “My Name is Finn Balor!” Segment 6-7 Roman Reigns takes on Champion Bobby Roode. The match starts of very slow, and with two faces,Reigns played the heel in the match, dominating the match. As the match neared it’s end, Roode began building up steam, but was no match for Reigns, who hit a Superman Punch out of nowhere. And as Roode gets back up, he is immediately hit with the Spear, and pinned, ending his reign. As the match ends, Reigns goes to shake hands with Roode, but is cheapshotted instead. Roode then grabs the title, does a glorious taunt and walks away with the title. Segment 8-9: Seth Rollins match with Jinder Mahal was not what people expected out of Seth. The match itself was clunky as Jinder made a few botches. The finish of the match happened as Seth was about to hit Blackout on Jinder, when Jinder rolled out of the ring and took a count out loss. As Seth tried to get Jinder out of the ring, Jinder nods and point to the ramp, and Joe, still angry from his last match, comes out with Jinder and the two attack Seth. As Seth is getting beaten down, Shane McMahon, who fired Jinder and begrudgingly rehired him, runs out to help Seth along with Referees. As they attempt to bring back order, Mahal comes up from behind McMahon and hits him with the Khallas and he and Joe are escorted out by Daniel Bryan and security. Segment 10: Neville and Tye Dillinger’s Match is seen as kinda a let down after some many other angles had happened. As the to attempt to win the crowd back near the end of the match. Neville locks in the Rings of Saturn on Tye Dillinger, And Dillinger Taps, ending he feud and leaving Neville as a victor heading into Mania. Segment 11-12: Nia Jax and Sasha Banks also have the same difficulty that Neville and Tye had, as the crowd had begun to get drained out. Despite Sasha’s best efforts, Alexa Bliss’s interferences were enough for Nia to pick up the win. As the two best friends begin to attack Sasha, Paige comes out with a chairing, hitting Nia multiple times and making Alexa run away with Nia’s Women’s Title. As Sasha gets up, she sees Paige and the two stare down. Segment 13: Deputy Breezy and Deputy Dango are in there office when they get a call from the Commissioner, he says in a voice modifier, that there have been many attacks on SmackDown lately, and he believes that there is a greater force. He tells Breezy and Dango that they are in charge of the investigation to find out who is coordinating these attacks. Breezy and Dango sigh and say it’s back to the old grind Segment 14-15: Shinsuke and Braun are given the main event. The two have a bit of trouble coordinating and the match suffers because of it, but they are then able to get things back in motion. As the match nears its close, Shinsuke is able to get a flurry of offense in. He hits the Kinshasa three times in a row, not stopping to pin. Because of this offense, he picks up the win over Braun. As Shinsuke celebrates, he notices Finn Balor coming down the ramp. Finn Balor And Shinsuke Nakamura stare down as Finn Says “My Name is Finn Balor!” And Nakamura responds with “Cooooome oooooon!” as the show ends with the two of them staring down. Ranking the Matches: 1. Finn Balor v Cesaro - 79 2. The Usos v The New Day v The Revival - 73 3. The Hardy’s v Kami Zowens - 73 4. Roman Reigns v Bobby Roode - 71 5. Cody Rhodes v Samoa Joe - 68 6. Braun Strowman v Seth Rollins - 64 7. Seth Rollins v Jinder Mahal - 62 8. Nia Jax v Sasha Banks - 60 9. Tye Dillinger v Neville - 52 Ranking the Segments: 1. Japan’s Staredown - 79 2. Jinder and Joe attack Seth and McMahon - 79 3. Daniel Bryan making a number one Contenders match - 78 4. Enzo, Cass, and Carmella reunite - 68 5. Roode Cheapshots Reigns - 66 6. Deputy Breezy and Deputy Dango on the Case - 62 7. Paige turns face and helps Sasha - 55 Overall thoughts: I thought the show, given that I only had about two weeks to book, went relatively well. Most of the feuds I had to build up to before Rumble. It’s definitely shown me that a lot of my roster are capable. We didn’t have all good matches but we also didn’t have any too bad matches. I think SmackDown has definitely been the underdog in the battle between the two brands, but I think tonight showed SmackDown Live can handle it.
  4. George, you were one of the first people I met when I came back about the same time you did. You helped me so much man, I’ll never tell you how grateful for you to listen to me in the time we’ve known eachother. The only thing I regret is that I wasn’t able to ever have a match with you. But anyway, your a great dude and even off I’m not your best friend, you’ll always be mine. I’ll miss you so much man.
  5. Poiudust


    The Cosmic Castle remains in tatters as we enter. Inside the living room, we see that Kazma is watching a laptop, and on it are the videos of both FDS and Necce during the first two rounds of the tournament. He smiles and nods as he puts down the laptop, and begins to speak in his Japanese accented voice. “Ohh, Ohh, FDS and Necce. Your recent words against me were what I assumed to be showing everyone that I’m just a man.” He laughs “I’m no man. And I’m especially not that halfwit that Poidust was able to convince he was important. I’m not Poiunight, and your belief that I am even just showing your ignorance and arrogance. Which is all fine and good, but you have to prove your arrogance. Why do you think I call myself the God King? Because I am good, not because I’m arrogant.” He gets up and sees that outside, Hell Spawn is setting up what looks to be a ring right next to the graveyard. He then goes to the kitchen and notices Epsilon staring at the wall with the equation on it. Kazma shakes his head. “You claim that I am a crazy man. That I will not be able to defeat you. And you are wrong about both those statements.” The lights in the room begin to flicker as bells go off. Kazma sighs and walks away, as a mad giggle begins. Poidust stops Kazma, puts his arm around him and the two walk back. Poidust then speaks in his unique voice. “The humans are known as FDS and Necce. You say we are all the Same man, but we are all just as crazy. However, there is something I’m here to prove to you.” Poidust rips off Kazma’s mask, revealing a man of Asian heritage, with a burn mark across his face. The man begins to freak out, but not before Enlightenment touches the mans burned face, to which he calms down too. Poidust nods as Enlightenment’s annoyance is visible. Poidust then takes his mask off, revealing a tired Poiunight. As he breathes for a minute, he then speaks, “Necce, FDS, I wanna make this clear. As much I would love to hurt you two, I’m not the one you are facing. And hell, that coward right there isn’t the one your facing either.” He lifts up Kazma’s mask to the camera. “This is the man you are facing.” Poiunight then puts the mask back on Kazma’s Vessel, who at first struggles but then succumbs to the mask. Kazma, returned, cracks his knuckles as Poiunight And Enlightenment walk away. “You are humans attempting to prove you are more. You said you don’t want to be God’s, but deep down, everyone wants nothing more than to stand above others. At least I am true enough to know I want to stand above all, and that is why I am the God King, and come to the Day of Satur, you will know why specifically. And I don’t care what happens to Hollow, but you two...” A katana then materializes in Kazma’s Hand as he swings it diligently. And then, slashed the floor, almost as though he was beheading someone. “Will know I am the God King. And he is about to deliver the God Kings justice.” He then kneels, plunging the sword into the ground, making the sword disintegrate. As the camera pans away to him, we return to Epsilon, who continues to study the equation. Walking away, we see that, among all the equations, there are many letters. When the screen goes black, many of the letters stay on screen but are rearranged, with the words saying, “Iactandae iura”
  6. Bit late on the news, but Congrats to Bart for (finally) becoming a mod. You’ve always been a good user, and I’m glad to see other people notice it.

    Also wanna congratulate Ross for becoming Senior Mod. Ross, you’ve been doing a lot for these forums, and maybe even more than you need to. I’m glad to see your finally getting recognition. 


    Be seeing you both around.

  7. February Week Two WWE Main Event Segment 1: The Club come out and talk about since being here, they've not experienced the success that they are known for. The Colons come out and tell The CLub that if anyones been served injustice, its them. Now the Ascension come out and again make the same claim, setting up a match between Ascension. Segment 2: Brain Kendrick, continuing his streak, picks up a win over Curt Hawkins Segment 3-4: Naomi comes out and talks about how she wants more opportunities, and Riott comes out to remind Naomi that she's not the only one. This leads to a match with Naomi winning. Segment 5: Curt Hawkins is backstage, when Ryder comes to him. Ryder admits they've had faults, but they were always a good tag team, and he hopes to that things work out for himself and Hawkins, knowing that neither of them have had too much success. Segment 6-7: The Ascension take on the Club in a hard hitting match, with the Club picking up the win, which is short lived as the both team are attacked by the Colons, leaving them standing tall at the end of the show Elimination Chamber Card: WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) v Triple H v John Cena WWE Universal Championship Number #1 Contender Elimination Chamber: Shawn Michaels v Rusev v Randy Orton v ??? v ??? v ??? WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber: The Miz (c) v Dean Ambrose v Sheamus v Curtis Perfect v Kane v Bray Wyatt WWE Raw Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair v Bayley February Week Two WWE Superstars Segment 1: The Usos come out remind everyone that they are gonna have the whole tag division on lockdown, signalling themselves as next Number one Contenders for the tag titles. The Revival come out and remind the Usos that they are undefeated since the new management took over. The New day then come out and remind them all they are still the longest reigning tag team champions. The New Day then are able to manipulate The Usos and Revival into a match later in the night. Segment 2-3: Neville takes on Kalisto in a high flying bout, which Nev wins with the Rings of Saturn. Tie then comes out and tells Neville he talked to Bryan and he wants one more match with Neville. Neville says no, until Tye calls him out for being a afraid, to which Neville denies and agrees to the match. Segment 4-5: Fox and Morgan match sees Morgan dominate, but play too much to the crowd, letting Fox pick up the win. Later, NAttie comes by LIv and sees that she has potential, offering her the opportunity to be her protege. Segment 6-7: The Revival keep their dominance alive when they take on and beat the Usos, but matters would get worse for both teams as the New Day would run out and attack the two teams. This however, backfired on the New Day as all three teams would wind up taking eachother out. Fastlane Card: WWE Championship: Braun Strowman (c) v Shinsuke Nakamura WWE United States Championship: Bobby Roode (c) v Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (c) v The “Woken” Hardy’s (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Nia Jax (c) v Sasha Banks Wrestlemania Main Event Opportunity: Finn Balor v Cesaro Falls Count Anywhere Match: Neville v Tye Dillinger Samoa Joe v Cody Rhodes Jinder Mahal v Seth Rollins Cass and Carmella Reveal their decision to get the Gang back together with Enzo ——————————————————————————— The Whole Fastlane Card is now finished, now, as we are almost to Wrestlemania, you should all remember that I already signed a new Group of NXT Stars, and after Mania, I plan to call up 4-5 people for each brand, so I’m wondering, who would you guys like to see come up?
  8. I only really care about the locations for PPV
  9. February Week Two SmackDown Live! Segment 1-2: Shinsuke Nakamura comes out, saying that he is ready to take on Braun Strowman and take the WWE title. Roode comes out and says that Shinsuke won’t be able to defeat Braun because he isn’t “Glorious” like Roode. Shinsuke then challenges Roode to a match and he accepts. The match ends as Roode is getting up, and gears Roman Reigns theme song, but not Reigns, and as Roode turns around, he gets a Kinshasa and pinned. Segment 3: Cass and Carmella are backstage hanging out when Enzo comes to them, acting as though things are normal. Carmella then tells Enzo to take a hike, and Enzo leaves, but says that at Fastlane, he wasn’t an answer if they should get the gang back together. Segment 4-5: Bliss and Banks Contenders match ends with a Banks victory, but Banks is then assaulted by Bliss and her best friend Nia Jax. Segment 6-7: Cesaro comes out and tells everyone what they already know, that Finn Balor cannot get the job done and come Sunday, he will be going to Wrestlemania. Finn comes out and reminds CEsaro that he outlasted 29 other superstars and that he wound up winning the Rumble. Kami comes out and tells the two of them that nobody cares about either of them and that this is the Kami Show, but then glass breaks and the Woken Hardys comes out, beginning to taunt KAmi, and say they will work with the Vessel of the Demon against the Machine from the land of Swiss and the Champions of Tag Teams in the Realm of Smackdown. A 3v3 math begins and Fin and the Hardys are able to pick up the win over Kami and Cesaro Segment 8: Joe walks into Bryans office, where Bryan informs Joe that COdy Rhodes has accepted his offer to a match at Fastlane. Joe smiles and says he is going to Destroy Cody’s comeback before it begbins. Segment 9-10: Paige and Mickie James have a match, which Page comes out on top. Paige then helps James up and offers her a handshake, continuing to signal paige turning over a new leaf. Segment 11-12: Braun and Roman have a great match, which is only won when Braun did his finisher on ROman on the steel steps, causing the referee to stop the match. Before Braun can inflict more damage, Shinsuke comes out and attacks BRaun, hitting him the Kinshasa and standing tall over the Monster among men. Segment 13: Jinder and Seth are having a contract signing, with JInder also adding in the fact that the contract will give him his WWE contract back, thus rehiring him, making Shane angry. As the two sign, Jinder attack Seth, hitting him with a Kinshasa. As Shane goes to check on Rollins, he is pushed by Jinder and Jinder Leaves the ring. Shane looks at Jinder while the Refs check on rollins. Fastlane Card: WWE Championship: Braun Strowman (c) v Shinsuke Nakamura WWE United States Championship: Bobby Roode (c) v Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (c) v The “Woken” Hardy’s (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Nia Jax (c) v Sasha Banks Wrestlemania Main Event Opportunity: Finn Balor v Cesaro Samoa Joe v Cody RhodeS Jinder Mahal v Seth Rollins Cass and Carmella Reveal their decision to get the Gang back together with Enzo ———————————————————————————— This weeks episode of Raw saw John Cena vs Triple H, Asuka challenge the Queen, and showed dissension in Raw Management. This weeks SmackDown saw Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns, a contract signing of Jinder Mahal And Seth Rollins, and a six man tag team match. Which show would you have preferred to watch this week and sound off on the results for the Fastlane Card. The B-Shows should be up tomorrow, and the PPV should be on Wednesday.
  10. Breaking News: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some very big news. WWE has just released their newest class of NXT Recruits, filled with many independent talents: Trevor “Ricochet” Mann Todd Smith and Raymond Rowe aka War Machine EC 3 MYC Stars Candice LeRae, Piper Niven, Toni Storm, Mercedes Martinez, Marti Belle, And Mia Yim Former Tough Enough competitor Chelsea Green Indie Wrestlers Alysin “Sienna” Kay and Courtney “Rosemary” Rush Tag Team Brothers Rey Fenix and Penta el Zero M Sami Callihan Zack Sabre Jr. Will Ospreay Jeff “Mantaza” Cobb “Monster” Tyrone Evans aka former WWE Superstar Micheal Tarver And Various other names. It is believed that after Wrestlemania, the Raw And SmackDown Brands will be calling some NXT stars, and wanting to Keep NXT powered, Triple H did some pushing to get the budget for NXT signings up. It’s expected that most of these stars will be arriving into NXT within its next tapings.
  11. February Week Two Monday Night Raw Segment 1: Kurt Angle comes out and reveals that there will be qualifying matches throughout the week for both the Universal 1# contenders Chamber. Shawn Michaels comes out and wonders if he will need to qualify. Before Kurt can say anything, Triple H and Stephanie come out and say of Course he is already in the match, not needing to qualify. Triple H and Angle then go at each other, wondering which one has more power on Raw, until Stephanie confirms Michaels is in the Chamber. Segment 2-3: Asuka and Bayley have a match, and Asuka wins. After the match, Asuka calls out Charlotte, wanting her next week. Charlotte comes out and accepts Asuka’s challenge. Segment 4-5: Rhyno takes on Rusev for the Universal Chamber Match. Rusev is able to put Rhyno away, but after the match, Rhyno attacks Heath Slater, after Heath cost him the match. Segment 6: Bray Wyatt cuts a cryptic promo on Kane, challenging him to a match the next week. Segment 7: Stephanie and Kurt are in the office arguing about how Triple H is giving unfair advantages to people. As Stephanie brings up the fact that he is being a hypocrite, Jason Jordan walks in, as Stephanie leaves. JJ asks his father for a match against Gable tonight, and Angle says no, and he won’t be doing any more favors for his son. Segment 8-9: Randy Orton takes on Sheamus, and Orton wins, qualifying for the Chamber match. As Orton is about to leave, AJ Styles comes out and tries to shake Orton's hand, but Orton refuses and walks away. Segment 10-11: Sarah Logan is backstage when she recaps her attack on Nikki Bella, saying Nikki Bella is the last stain in the Divas Division, and like her grandpappy taught her, she’s going hunt Bella down. She then is able to have a match with Lana and easily defeat her. Segment 12-13: Miz and Maryse come out to announce there opponents for the Chamber: Ambrose, Perfect, Wyatt, Sheamus, and Kane. Then goes on a rant about how he is angry there are no qualifying matches for his title, making the IC title seem inferior. Ambrose comes out and tells the Miz that he should enjoy his time with the title. Perfect then comes out and tell Ambrose that he wants a match after what he did last week. Ambrose and Perfect have a match, but Perfect loses, despite the Miz’s assistance. Segment 14: Stephanie leaves Triple H’s locker room when Ziggler and Jericho come to her, demanding a spot in the Chamber. Stephanie, not in the mood to deal with them, gives them a tag match next week against Rusev and Orton, and if they win, they get the 4th and 5th spot in the match. She then shoos then away. Segment 15-16: Cena and HHH have there Match, and as it seems HHH will pick up the win, Lesnar comes out and begins suplexing the two around the ring. As he prepares to leave, Angle comes down, stares down with Lesnar, and announces that since Stephanie wants him to be less biased, he will do that, by making Cena v Lesnar v HHH at the Elimination Chamber. Elimination Chamber Card: WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) v Triple H v John Cena WWE Universal Championship Number #1 Contender Elimination Chamber: Shawn Michaels v Rusev v Randy Orton v ??? v ??? v ??? WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber: The Miz (c) v Dean Ambrose v Sheamus v Curtis Perfect v Kane v Bray Wyatt WWE Raw Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair v Bayley
  12. Personally, I’ve been liking that 205 Live has been trying to be more tournament style and less like Raw and SmackDown. It’s alright to have personality’s (everyone in the CWC had a personality) but I think the reason we all watch 205 Live is to be something different than Raw and SD, which I feel like they’ve been doing. I hope they don’t put the Finals on the Pre-Show for Mania, or at least, I hope they are the last match in the Pre-Show so people can see them perform

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