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  1. so someone found a preorder listing at Play-Asia for the PS5, priced at $700 USD imma be honest, if this is retail price at launch, its gonna be a long time before i get it
  2. I don't know who you are, or why you thought this was a good post to make, but the fact that you had the audacity to not only think this statement into existence, but to type it onto a public forum, and to have the confidence to hit submit on it shows that you have such little knowledge the world of wrestling, the history around it, and the basic functionality of it. If you actually, actually believe that an owner of a publicly traded company would purposefully kill the brother of another worker, simply because he jumped ship to his competitor, who, for contexts sake, he had not lost to in the ratings battle at the time for 7 months, then you need to get yourself a fucking reality check bud. This shit is disrespectful not only to wrestling, but to us wrestling fans for having to be associated with scumbag conspiracy geeks like yourself. Get a fucking life, and get the fuck off this forum.
  3. definite recommendation for anyone into metal like TOOL and Dream Theater, DEP is fantastic
  4. gill


    i know im not the most active on the forums anymore, and prob not the most well respected after the most recent events but, i just wanted to make a post to thank you guys as a whole sincerely. i've grown a lot in the 5(?) years i've been on here, and i've made a lot of good friends on here that i could trust with my life. course, some are outliers, but thats besides the point. i consider myself apart of a family here, and like a family i've had ups and downs here. some of which i caused. regardless, i could always rely on you guys to help piece it back together. this isnt another "im leaving" post, or a "im sorry i left" post. theres no ulterior motive here. this is just an, admittedly out-of-the-blue, post to thank you guys for being probably the best wrestling crowd i've had the pleasure to run with in a while.
  5. first to rep this gets to squash me at the next ppv

    1. Flynn


      Lmao at who repped this.

  6. Current Figureheads: Brian Pillman, Brian Pillman Jr if necessary Name: Brian Gillman Nickname: Loose Cannon Current Alignment: Tweener Height: 5'10" Weight: 197 lbs Born: Seattle, Washington ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 1x Carnage Champion 2x Slammy Award Winner Theme/ Music Video:
  7. gill

    "Dominant Force"

    From the stage, Brian Gillman emerges from the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp, starting down to the ring under his eyebrows, as the crowd cheers in surprise. He slowly makes his way down to the ring, then rolls into the ring and stands up. He meets face to face with Julius, the intensity brewing, before he snags the microphone from Julius' hand. "You're a real piece of work, you know that Jules?" This statement, followed by Gillman's characteristic laugh, garners a pop from the crowd. "I mean, I've been researching you for a while now. 61-45-16 Win-Loss-Draw record, 6 title victories, 14 defenses, 9 main events. But that's all in the past, aren't they Julius? Yeah, you're real impressive collectively, but so far this year? Ooh man, not so much." Gillman laughs again. "Lets see... 13 victories, 10 losses, 4 draws, 2 title victories, defenses, and main events. Doesn't sound quite as impressive, does it, Julie?" Theres an awkward silence in the crowd, as they are just starting to comprehend how in depth Brian has researched into Julius. "Let me tell you what is impressive: the amount of SHIT I've had to go through to get back in this ring." The crowd pops for Gillman here, assuming hes back to compete. "I've spent the past three months trying to get back here, and finally, I've been able to do it. And they stick me with you." He speaks with disdain, almost disgusted by Julius. "Look at yourself. Evidently, by your record, you're a broken man. A man who once was oh so dominant and great, now has rusted, and is a shell of what he used to be. And I get to pick the meat off the bones of the carcass." Gillman laughs again, as the crowd starts to realize what hes implying. "I got a text from Flynn today, informing me that at Halloween Havoc, Julian, you and I are gonna be facin' off for the first time." Big crowd pop, showing just how much hype is already behind this match being announced. "And while I may not have been in the ring as recently as you have, I'll be damned if I'm not still a master of my craft. 10 days time, Jules, and you're getting put in the dirt." Gillman turns and begins to leave. Julius grabs his arm and turns him around, but then- -a Lariat from Gillman! He picks Julius up, and takes him up for what looks to be a suplex, but turns out to be the Curtain Call! Gillman leaves Julius in the middle of the ring, as he makes his way backstage, all the while "A Mass For Metaphysicians" by Junius (the song from the tron) plays Carnage out to ad break.
  8. i wanna be remembered for having the biggest schlong in the locker room unironically tho prob my sense of humor
  9. aidanator is fraud

  10. lets get #AidanatorIsFraud trending on twitter
  11. lmao, wasnt this dude supposed to go to NXT, but he never got the training? what makes him think AEW is gonna pick him up? literally using whats left of his family name to try and get a job in a profession he really has no business in.
  12. All of my creepy, dark gimmicks basically have the same goal in mind. My goal is to provide the reader access to a deep, dark corner of the mind that average people rarely traverse to. A primal, almost savage-like corner, devoid of all civility and morals. I've always been intrigued by that bone-chilling, unnerving, and in some cases, borderline inhumane stuff that you find on the deep web/dark web, you know? The Russian Doll Man, LOCAL58, u/CarlH, WorldCorp, South32, the John Lang incident, so on and so forth. It's interesting because they're humans, just like you, but they do things that you could never see yourself doing. When you read about it, and dig deeper, it's almost like being transported to a new world, full of pessimism, sadness, and loneliness, as opposed to the optimism, happiness, and togetherness regular people are full of. In the wrestling world, and especially here on the forums, a pessimistic gimmick stands out. It's not very often done right, but when it is, it's done great. I'd like to think that I've succeeded in at least one dark-toned gimmick that you all have perceived this way.

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