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  1. Many projects in wrestling begin and end the same way: a footnote in wrestling history. "E-C-DUB" But one project, located within Philadelphia, left more than a footnote. "E-C-DUB" It left an impact; not only on its fans, but its workers. "E-C-DUB" This? This is Extreme Championship Wrestling. Where barbed wires and light tubes aren't a hazard. They're just a part of the job description. (Rosters to be posted soon)
  2. Name: Gill Trainer Class: Veteran Trainer 1st Evo: Wynaut, Pichu 2nd Evo: Swellow, Lucario 3rd Evo: Blaziken, Staraptor
  3. 1. Pibb Xtra 2. Sprite Tropical Mix (its like pineapple, its really good) 3. Mtn Dew Pitch Black
  4. Gill turns to Angelo. "I didn't abandon Maasa, he abandoned me, like you abandoned Bullet-X! Incase you've forgotten, despite the fact that I've never made it past US, I still was a threat to the World Champion at the time, Slim. I can't seem to remember one time you were ever a threat for the WHC." He turns his attention back to Aaron. "Angelo doesn't care for you, Aaron. He wants to use you to be successful again. I know I'm not the most gold-littered wrestler of all time, but you don't need gold to prove you're talented in this business. I know my worth, and I know yours, and if you know yours, too, you'll make the right choice here. Join me, Aaron, and light this place on fire from the skies." Gill once again sticks his hand out to Aaron.
  5. Accompanied by no music, Gill strolls down to the ring, with Maasa no where to be seen. He makes his way into the ring. "Aaron, you and I... we haven't met before, but I only need to look at you. And I can see the raw talent radiating off of you. You have the talent of a star, Aaron. There's no denying that once you're beyond NXT, you will find similar success in the United States, Intercontinental, and eventually, World Heavyweight divisions. But for right now, you need help getting your foot in the door." "And frankly, there's no one better than me. If you think Angelo Caito is your future, then you don't have one. But with me? You'll go places. Trust me." Gill holds his hand out to Aaron, motioning for a hand shake.
  6. Gill

    The Better BFW

    Name: Michael McGillicutter Height: 5'10" Weight: 217 lbs Figurehead(representing superstar): Brian Pillman circa 1996 Signature Taunts: Arn Anderson-style throat slice, Hunter Hearst Helmsley style bow. Promo Style: Loose Cannon, unpredictable, goes off script often. Wrestling Style: Mix of Strong Style and High Flyer. Favorite Weapon: Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Hometown: West Columbia, SC Previous Wrestling Company: Palmetto Championship Wrestling, AJPW Signatures 1: Cannonball (Running Senton) Signature 2: Sunset Overdrive (Canadian Destroyer) Finisher 1: Switchblade (Rainmaker transition into Slingblade) Finisher 2: Satsujin-sha (V Trigger)
  7. Everyone hears the theme, and knows who to expect, but no one comes out. Then, the lights go down. They come back up, and Maasa and Gill stand infront of Costa, Gill holding the same chair he whacked Costa over the back with a week ago. Maasa is holding the NXT Championship, it now being absent from the commentators desk. All of a sudden, Gill swings the chair and cracks it over Costas head. Maasa then picks up Costa, and backs up, then running and smashing the title into Costas face. They both look at Mikey and Cody, who look at each other, and then back at Maasa and Gill, before putting their hands up, and leaving the ring. Gill and Maasa then continue their assault. Maasa picks up Costa -- and he hits him with the Future Shock! Gill and Maasa then raise their fists in the air, as Black Hole Sun begins to play again, and they both leave together, ending the segment.
  8. Gill appears outside the arena of Carnage tonight, speaking directly to the camera. "Alex Costa, a man without a meaning. Spent 7 years in Japan, crafting his talent for you, the fans." "Give me a break." The crowd gives a mixed reaction. "Costa, you did go to Japan for 7 years, sure. But you left your family. You gave up on your family for 7 years, just so you could do a backflip in a wrestling ring. You're a sad specimen, Costa. A man so selfish shouldn't even be able to call himself a wrestler, let alone be one. And you're not. You're not a wrestler, Alex. You're not a man, you're not a wrestler, you're not special." "You're sick. You're the reason Maasa makes 5 star classics. To prove that people like you, people who give up on their families, and take away from wrestling, do not belong in the squared circle. Before you go 'kicking humility' down peoples throats, maybe you should let Maasa kick some humanity down yours, so your next son doesn't grow up knowing his father would rather spend time bumping on a mat than raising him for the first seven years of his life." "You don't belong in the ring with Maasa. But, since you won't take my word for it, let Maasa show you at St. Valentines." "You may get your ass handed to you, but hey, atleast you'll have a 5-star match award on your record." Gill then walks off camera, which then zooms into the arena, before fading out to commercial break.
  9. Gill


    Gill walks down to the ring with Maasa in tow, holding a microphone. Maasa refuses to touch any of the fans' hands as they hold them out. "I've received many messages over the past few weeks of shows, as to why I haven't responded to Alex Costa -- or rather, why Maasa hasn't." Gill looks at Maasa while the crowd calls them cowards. "We're not afraid. We're not cowards, and we're not scared. We're busy. Busy, looking for how to move Maasa forward in his career, which, to be quite honest, Mr. Costa?" "It isn't you." The crowd boos Gill loudly. "But enough about Maasa. Let's talk about Alex. Alex Costa... a relative nobody, to be completely honest. I don't know him. You know why that is? Because of people just like him. People like him are the reason our viewership ratings tank 100k every week. People like him who think they're future Hall of Famers, but in reality, are just curtain jerkers." "Infact, I used to think Maasa was a curtain jerker. Until I watched. I watched, and I learned. And I soon realized, that guys like Maasa are the future of this business." "You, Costa, aren't like Maasa. You're selfish. You're all about you. You take, and you take, and you take, and give nothing back to these fans. Even when you've admitted you're not the best man in the match, you still make it about how you were never pinned. Maasa, here, creates 5 star classics, night in and night out, for these fans to enjoy. You? 2.5, tops." The crowd begins to react more mixed. "St. Valentine's Day Massacre is going to be a massacre of your career, when the BrendenPlayz fanbase, what little you haven't ran off stinking up the joint, watches Maasa carry you to a 5 star match, kid." "Keep pumping iron, while Maasa pumps out main event after main event. In 3 years time, you'll be back in the barns with a 2-people audience, and Maasa will be your reigning BPZ World Champion. Just watch him." Black Hole Sun plays again as Gill and Maasa walk up the ramp together.
  10. Coming down the ramp is Gill, who hasn't been seen since before the brand split came to a close. He stops at the end of the ramp. "You know, Alex? You and I, we got a lot in common. We both like to wrestle. We're both pretty damn good at it. We both have been overlooked and underrated since we got here. We both know just how useless this crowd is. But all of those things, there's someone better at than you. And he understands business, too." The lights go out, and come back up to Alex in the ring, but sitting in the middle is Maasa, sporting a new look. Gill is standing behind Alex with a chair, and swings it over his head. Maasa then stands up and joins him, both standing over Alex's body. Gill grabs a new mic from the timekeeper. "Welcome to the New Era! THIS!" Gill points to Maasa. "This is the future!" Gill and Maasa both leave to Black Hole Sun playing in the background, as Costa lays lifeless in the ring.
  11. Name: Mickie Gillicutter Height: 5'9" Weight: 250 University: University of South Carolina Number: 29 Skills: Smart, Fast, Jumping, Hardhitter Running Back
  12. Michaels vs Hogan, Summerslam '05. Was enjoyable to watch obviously, butfor all the wrong reasons. Still a good match to watch if you need a good laugh.
  13. Gill

    Total Drama: BPZ

    Name: Gully Bully Gender: Male Age: 23 Bodybuild: FOCKIN RIPPED Personality: JUICE MAKE SUGAR Skills: PURPLE NURPLE POWERHOUSE Weaknesses: NUFFIN CAN SAVE YOU FROM DIS ASSWOOPIN Reason for signing up: To pay tribute to Ahmed "Mushmouth" Johnson
  14. I know this was kinda abandoned, but the cars ARE painted. First race will be sometime between now and Wednesday.
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