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  1. I'm done.

    I'm completely done with this community. Our mods are complete asshats and do nothing to help the community, only make it worse. I've been kicked and banned from the discord chat 5 times this past month for completely bullshit reasons by bullies like Flynn, Ross, and Sameer, and picked on by Slim and Nate. I'm honestly tired of being kicked because of something I do on Playstation, or for talking about a game a mod doesnt care about, or being banned for playing a game a specific way, or being picked on because I don't want to play a game.

    And Brenden does nothing about it. He just sits there making his UM videos and LTTs, and completely ignoresย the chat half the time. I'm sure this is going to be deleted and never acknowledged by anyone with actual power over the forums, but I just wanted to vent and finally be able to leave this cancerous community that has shown me nothing but hatred and despisement since I got here.

    Three years and all I've gotten is kicked from the chat.

    Thanks guys. I'm done here.

    1. Ross


      Just because you got teamed up on WWE 2K18 don't take it out on us.

    2. Slim


      LMFAO ROSS ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜ญ

    3. Sameer



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