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  1. Coming down the ramp is Gill, who hasn't been seen since before the brand split came to a close. He stops at the end of the ramp. "You know, Alex? You and I, we got a lot in common. We both like to wrestle. We're both pretty damn good at it. We both have been overlooked and underrated since we got here. We both know just how useless this crowd is. But all of those things, there's someone better at than you. And he understands business, too." The lights go out, and come back up to Alex in the ring, but sitting in the middle is Maasa, sporting a new look. Gill is standing behind Alex with a chair, and swings it over his head. Maasa then stands up and joins him, both standing over Alex's body. Gill grabs a new mic from the timekeeper. "Welcome to the New Era! THIS!" Gill points to Maasa. "This is the future!" Gill and Maasa both leave to Black Hole Sun playing in the background, as Costa lays lifeless in the ring.
  2. Name: Mickie Gillicutter Height: 5'9" Weight: 250 University: University of South Carolina Number: 29 Skills: Smart, Fast, Jumping, Hardhitter Running Back
  3. Michaels vs Hogan, Summerslam '05. Was enjoyable to watch obviously, butfor all the wrong reasons. Still a good match to watch if you need a good laugh.
  4. Gill

    Total Drama: BPZ

    Name: Gully Bully Gender: Male Age: 23 Bodybuild: FOCKIN RIPPED Personality: JUICE MAKE SUGAR Skills: PURPLE NURPLE POWERHOUSE Weaknesses: NUFFIN CAN SAVE YOU FROM DIS ASSWOOPIN Reason for signing up: To pay tribute to Ahmed "Mushmouth" Johnson
  5. I know this was kinda abandoned, but the cars ARE painted. First race will be sometime between now and Wednesday.
  6. Well, my answer probably isnt that common, but its a solid answer in my book: Busick's a whopper of a singles guy, and I think he'd make a fantastic contender for any title on any brand. Definitely deserves more in the singles compartment. Biff Rules.
  7. Haven't watched NXT in a while, so imma go out on a limb. Aleister Ciampa Undisputed Era Baszler
  8. As an interviewer goes to ask Gill a question, he takes the mic and cuts her off. "No, let me get something off my chest." Gill turns to Jason. "'Whoever the Serious Santa Claus fuck that is.'" Gill smiles for a minute, before speaking. "Was that meant to charm me, or was that your attempt to show me you have a set a balls? Because if it was the latter, you could've fooled me otherwise. 'Serious Santa Claus,' tell you what, yeah, I am a serious Santa Claus, because I have a gift for wrestling, and carry more weight on my back than you could ever handle, Jason. While you sit there, proud and beaming that you won the Premium Championship. Congratulations. You know what it takes to be eligible for that title? Money. All that title says is that you're willing to pay your way to the top, but me? I won the Carnage Championship. I won on pure talent, while you had to pat your wallet on the back to get your belt. So why don't you take off the hat, 'cowboy,' you aren't an outlaw. You're just a sellout." Gill scoffs, and turns his attention to Ark. "And you, Ark. 'I thought we were closer than that.' We are close, very close. I keep my enemies closer than my friends, don't be fooled. What I'm going to do at Global Series is nothing personal, really. This is me re-establishing myself on top. I'm just keeping anyone else from climbing up the mountain with me." Gill turns back to the interviewer. "Any questions?" The interviewer shakes her head, "no." "Good." Gill throws the mic on the table, and crosses his arms, propping his feet on the table in the process.
  9. Coming out first is Gill. He comes out to a chorus of a boos, but peacefully sits at his seat waiting patiently for the next member to join the table. The crowd seems confused, so Gill picks up the microphone. "What, were you expecting some flashy gimmick or some hokey catchphrase? You can watch the Evolve re-runs if you want to watch the clowns dance." The crowd boos him again, and even Ross seems a little confused, as Gill smiles to himself and waits for the next member to join him on the panel.
  10. Gill

    Welcome Back.

    An unfamiliar tune plays through the evolve loudspeakers, as the audience sits in confusion until an all-too-familiar face steps onstage. Gill walks down to the ring, and requests a microphone, before sitting in the ring Indian-style. "Hello, Evolve." A loud pop resonates from the crowd. "Silence. My words are more important than your opinions of me ever will be." The crowd then boos Gill. "As the King's of yesteryear fall to the side of the road, too tired to carry onward, the Prince's of the yesteryear begin to step up to the challenge now that the Kings have slain themselves. Well rest assured, princes, I'm not here to compare myself to you. I cant, because unlike you, I didn't wait for the Kings to fall before trying to claim the crown. I didn't hide, waiting for the right time to stop jerking the curtain. None of you ever put fear in the King's-- no, in Slim's eyes." "But I did." The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Gill's statement. "I put fear in the World Champions eyes without even being on his level. And some of you may think it was because of my clown persona at the time. You some are mistaken. Slim feared me for the same reason anyone back there should. Because I am a threat at any and all times." The crowd once again gives a mixed reaction, although it seems to be leaned more towards the boos this time around. "So let me put myself back in this ring again. Ark, at the Global Series finale, I'm coming for you. And when I'm through, Evolve's going to be putting out advertisements that look..." "...well, that look about like this." Gill holds up a flyer that bares the Evolve logo, with the words "LOOKING FOR NEW TALENT" underneath. "I'm not just going to pin you or submit you, Ark. I'm going to dismantle you and your entire career." "The Re-Evolution of Gill begins now." Black Hole Sun plays again, as Gill returns his microphone and walks back up the ramp to an outpour of boos.
  11. mines quite obvious really, I just took Michael McGillicutty's finisher name of McGillicutter and used it
  12. Figured I need to start posting this in this thread #17 Echo Wilson - Logitech @Echo Wilson #07 - Will Smith, Richemont @Smith #29 - Ross Haslam, EA Sports @Ross
  13. Hey! It's been a while since I've posted anything on the forum, and I've kind of gotten disinterested with kayfabe since my return promo, but I still wanted to get involved with the forums. Thing is, I've kind of fallen out of wrestling (I haven't watched since early August), and I've been teetering more towards motorsports. So I thought, why not combine the 2 things I like the most? So I present to whom it may concern... The BrendenPlayz Racing League! To sign up is simple, I just need a reply in the following format Name: (First & Last Basis) Number: (1 to 2 digits, includes 0-9 and 00-09) Team: (CUSTOM TEAMS! You can drive for the same team as someone else, although I would recommend asking them first.) Sponsor: (Can be any company you wish, aside from porn companies and the like.) Manufacturer: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota are the only options Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider joining the BPZRL!
  14. Gill

    The Awakening

    "So here I stand." "Broken down, worn down, a shell of my former self. A joke. I've promised many times to change this status of mine. But as hard as I may try, I fail, and I fail, and I fail, again, and again, and again." "No more." The man talking removes the hood from his head. It's Gill! He seems to sport a disheveled look, with scraggly hair and bags under his eyes. His eyes are also bloodshot. It doesn't not appear he's slept much since the last time we saw him. "No more torture, and failure, and loss. No more." He sits in an Indian position. The camera pans out, and you can see his many masks-literal and metaphorical- laying on the ground, all broken or torn apart. Zamasu, Gillkind, Rex Mundi, Brian Gillman's shirt, Gillsuke's vest. Even the Gill of old's facepaint is splattered on the ground. "No more hiding behind paint and leather. No more aliases. No more. I am DONE being your plaything. I-" Gill seems to be getting more aggressive, before he suddenly stops himself and takes a deep breath, then whispering to himself: "But I won't let this build up inside of me." "I won't let this build up inside of me." "I won't let this build up inside of me." … Gill suddenly opens his eyes and looks directly into the camera. "I will not let this build up inside of me." Gill stands up calmly and walks out the door of the former Rex Mundi cult, slamming the door behind him. The camera fades to black.
  15. I'm done.

    I'm completely done with this community. Our mods are complete asshats and do nothing to help the community, only make it worse. I've been kicked and banned from the discord chat 5 times this past month for completely bullshit reasons by bullies like Flynn, Ross, and Sameer, and picked on by Slim and Nate. I'm honestly tired of being kicked because of something I do on Playstation, or for talking about a game a mod doesnt care about, or being banned for playing a game a specific way, or being picked on because I don't want to play a game.

    And Brenden does nothing about it. He just sits there making his UM videos and LTTs, and completely ignores the chat half the time. I'm sure this is going to be deleted and never acknowledged by anyone with actual power over the forums, but I just wanted to vent and finally be able to leave this cancerous community that has shown me nothing but hatred and despisement since I got here.

    Three years and all I've gotten is kicked from the chat.

    Thanks guys. I'm done here.

    1. Ross


      Just because you got teamed up on WWE 2K18 don't take it out on us.

    2. Slim


      LMFAO ROSS 💀😭

    3. Sameer



  16. Source: https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwe-united-kingdom-championship-tournament/article/wwe-launches-new-uk-series
  17. Gill


    Zamasu lays in the middle of the ring, as Kieron Black walks up the ramp. He sits up slowly, holding the back of his head. He crawls to the turnbuckle of the ring closest to the timekeeper's area. He asks for a mic, and they give one to him. He struggles to stand and uses the ropes for support. When he's stood, he takes off his mask and lays it in the middle of the ring, garnering a mild reaction of surprise from the crowd. "Thank you." He lays the mic in the ring in front of the mask, and rolls out of the ring, slowly making his way up the ramp backstage to the crowd's applause, presumably for the final time.
  18. Zamasu walks down to the ring, as requested by Kieron. He has no music as he does so. "Nuisances, please silence your cellular devices, for your divinely higher being is speaking." The crowd boos in rejection, but soon silences as Zamasu refuses to talk. "I need to get one thing off my chest. After the words spoken by Kieron Black today, I must that you nuisances are really dumber than I thought you were, aren't you? I mean, 'hiding?' Can any of you come up with a reason for a being as divine as me to hide from someone as pathetically desperate as Kieron Black?" Zamasu gives the crowd time to come up with a reason, but none are given. "Because there is none. I do not hide, I do not shade myself from view. I take the high road, not the low. That is what a true role model does." Zamasu glances around at the crowd. "Especially when I'm the role model for such lowly beings." A chorus of boos ripples over the crowd. "My friend, Kieron, I stand in this ring, awaiting you to once again be the court jester of the night. Please, do humor me." Zamasu waits patiently for Kieron meet him in the ring as promised.
  19. Gill

    True Justice

    Zamasu stands up, face-to-face with Kieron with great intensity, before bursting into a chain of laughter. "Do you intend to intimidate me, nuisance? Do you not realize you are staring into the eyes of the one who made you, and the one who will break you? Your single title reign has molded you into this punk who thinks he has earned everything he was given. I used to think the same way. But I changed after realizing there were never any thrones to claim, only room to create new ones after the old thrones decay. I have built myself a pedestal, and plan on having you as the first sacrifice in my divine, and just honor, and you... seem to be left unphased by it all." Zamasu stares at Kieron in confusion before moving into a staredown again. "I am not your maker or creator, Kieron. I am the end. The chapter you've been looking for to end your tale, this is it. This is justice, this is the world!" Zamasu grins in disgust at Kieron. "So let me show you justice." Zamasu spits in Kieron's face, but does not back away. He simply stands and lets it settle in on Kieron's mind. He waits for a reaction.
  20. Gill

    True Justice

    Zamasu walks down to the ring with a mic in hand. The crowd is taken back by his sudden appearance and begins to murmur through his words, as he sits in the middle of the ring Indian-style and begins to speak. "Behold, nuisances, your divine lord has reemerged on your television screens. I know, it is quite overwhelming to suddenly take in such a divine being again. But rest assured, you will have time to take it all in at Takeover Rebellion when I begin my own rebellion against you all with the Zero-Nuisance plan. It all begins with Kieron Black, and ends with 2 specific people." "Natedog..." A hush forms over the crowd. "...and Slim." The crowd cheers at the thought of seeing these two finally face off. "But that is for the future. For now, I must take care of...a specific pest. Kieron Black is the type of pest who does not know when it is time to die. But please, do not worry Kieron. You will not die until I let you die at Takeover Rebellion. Until then, please train so it is even more just when I inevitably erase you from Evolve." "You see, before evolution, there must be creation." "And before creation..." "...there is destruction." "Kieron Black, I welcome you to the ring so I can get a good look at the wrong that will be justified by my divine hands. Please, come forth." Zamasu sits in the ring, staring up the ramp, waiting for Kieron to come down to the ring.
  21. RDR2, Fire Pro World, and THQ Nordic reviving Nick Games? 2018 is a hell of a year lads.

  22. Gill

    Divinity Unleashed

    Zamasu is sitting in his domain, meditating after his daily training in preperation for his big debut, which he has just learned the date of. His door opens, disturbing his meditation, as his old mentor Sandman enters the room. "Gill?" "My name is Zamasu, and I shall be refered to as such, old one." "...Right. So, 'Zamasu,' how have you been?" "I have tried to show them my ways of true justice, but they do not listen. It's almost as if they like being such savage beings. Do they not understand what it is like to be a true warrior? Do they not bleed the same blood as me and you?" "Actually, I came to tell you just how ridiculous I think this all is." Zamasu suddenly stands up and glances at Sandman. "Divinity is not "ridiculous," old man. It is pure. It is just. It is the world. All shall kneel before its might, and accept it as the proper way to be." "...You know what? You're right. I apologize Gi-" "Zamasu!" "Yes, Zamasu. You're right. I'm sorry I questioned your...divinity?" Sandman puts his hand out to shake hands with Zamasu, who he has not seen in a year or so. Zamasu turns, and seems at first disgusted by his gesture, but soon accepts and shakes his hand. But as Sandman goes to leave, Zamasu pulls him into a Divinity Cutter! Zamasu stands, glancing down at Sandman, studying his handiwork. He suddenly turns his attention to the camera in the room. "Kieron Black. Your time to be purified of your primal, savage ways has come. Takeover: Retribution. Prepare to be subjected to my pure, true justice." Zamasu exits the room, as the camera turns to Sandman writhing in pain on the floor, before fading to black.
  23. The EVOLVE crowd stands on their feet as The Great Zamasu makes his way to the ring, while debuting his new theme song. He grabs a microphone and begins to serenade his followers with the sound of his voice. "Silence, weaklings. And please sit down, I don't need to smell your odors any more than I already have." The crowd boos, but follow his orders and sit. "Good to know you nuisances know your place in this world. Now then, let me discuss a touchy topic when it comes to me. BPZMania." The crowd begins to cheer, before being silenced. "Hush, puny ones. This is my time to speak, for you paid to witness this. Now then, back to the matter at hand. At this moment in time, I am currently yet again left off the card at BPZMania, despite my godly capabilities. While yes, I am disappointed, I would expect nothing less than disappointment than the embodiment of it who gave us 0 wins at Survivor Series. Yes, I am talking to you, Mr. Long." The fans chant for Nate, but... "I said silence, nuisances. None of you are important enough to take up my time." The crowd boo, causing Zamasu to smile at them and keep talking. "Now then, while I'm out here in this ring, I'd like to issue 2 open challenges of sorts. The 1st is to Nate Long. I would like you to come down to this ring, correct what you have done wrong, and put me on the BPZMania card. Or, if Nate wants to tuck his tail between his legs..." "...again." The crowd responds in a combination of boos (for Zamasu) and cheers (for Nate.) "Then my 2nd is to anyone else who is not booked at BPZMania but deserves to be. Let us overwrite this weak, pathetic pushover that we've allowed to run this brand, and take matters into our own hands. Or maybe I should go give Yelich a call..." The fans once again break out in cheers and boos. "No matter, however my road to BPZMania is forged within the next two weeks, it will be divine. So, please, whoever wishes to confront me, do so now and help me correct this injustice Nate Long has done." Zamasu sits in the ring Indian-style and waits for someone to confront him in the ring.
  24. I might be a bit late to this post, but I strongly disagree with Balor being "the best on RAW." While he is talented beyond belief, he has never had a definitive character, even in New Japan from what I've seen (aside from Real Rock 'N' Rolla). Hell, his gimmick in NXT was "I look cool every 4th weekend," and he seems to have dropped that. Now he's just a guy living off the name of the stable he started in another company. I really have been given no reason by WWE to really care for Balor. For this reason, I really don't think that at this moment he is main event material. Honestly, I think right now the money is with Braun or Roman Reigns, maybe even Rollins if he develops more of a definitive role. Balor just isn't cutting it, though.

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