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  1. @Natedog @Chris White @Slim @Necce @BiC @Flynn @Alyx Wilde @Nebakos7 @SummerGamz @D.Marsden @Cpe18 @Jack Bashka @Sameer
  2. Gill

    Games You Recommend

    EA UFC 2 Rocket League Mortal Kombat X Injustice Batman Arkham Knight Surgeon Simulator GTA V If you're a PC gamer... idk, maybe TF2 and GMod. Dead By Daylight definitely.
  3. undeservingly my ass, atleast i put effort into my characters, and i'm the reason you're not replacing summer in the match in 2 days
  4. "You Do Not Have Permission To Join Chat" nice

  5. So glad I stayed on EVOLVE.

  6. hey look, it's chris justice! he has accepted his german routes :cena2

  7. i think BiC has more status updates than I do notable posts

  8. it is infact the 7th day of this week

    you are very aware of what this information implies

  9. I am now apart of the F/A list.
  10. Name: Reynardo DePatrine (day pah treen) Nationality: Canadian Nickname: Deathstroke Traits (Blinds eye, fast reloader, etc): Fast reloader Personality: Very serious, but is a great jokester, however, he can get ahead of himself and not know when the joke is over. When he is shooting, he doesn't like to be talked to unless it is absolutely required Strengths: Good aim, knows his guns and which ones are more accurate than others. Weakness: Isn't the best with a melee weapon. Role (Sniper, medic, gun man): Commanding Officer And look: Tad bit out of shape, about 6'2", black hair, dark blue eyes.
  11. Concidering a Crunchyroll subscription just for Tiger Mask W.

    1. Alyx Wilde

      Alyx Wilde

      Same. If I get one you can use it.

  12. So basically you watched Cujo? Oh, and the last movie I watched was Batman: The Killing Joke. It is seriously underrated. Catch it if you get a chance to do so. It's really dark, aswell.
  13. Tommy End and Big Damo debut in NXT, Biff Busick debuts on the main roster, and AJ Styles, Kevin Steen, and Shinsuke Nakamura are all world champs in WWE in some form. Who booked this EWR?

    1. Slim


      that fuckin mark tamer

    2. Gill


      probably tamer

  14. error joining chatroom haha

  15. who the fuck did aidanator pay to shit in a bag lmao

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