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  1. Rockin Rasslin EP: 7 Location: Arkansas We start the episode off with Adam Cole in the ring “I attacked your new APW Champion and what has he done about it since? Absolutely nothing when we get to PPV Vengeance there will be no redemption for him except the fact that I will be the new APW Champion. I’ve been placed on this roster to prove I am the real talent not Ricochet. So here I am Champ come handle your business. Theres a pause in the arena and the champs music does not hit, wait! Whose that sliding in the ring behind Adam Cole. OMG! It’s the Viper Randy Orton. Randy Orton turns Adam around RKO! “You were getting annoying Cole, I had a nice talk with our GM in the back turns out at PPV Vengeance this match just turned into a Triple Threat. The Viper is here!” Shelton Benjamin vs. The Miz Shelton Benjamin went straight at The Miz showing of his wrestling skills and was taking control of the match. Shelton Benjamin was looking to put away The Miz early when The Miz pushes Shelton into the ref. At this moment The Miz pokes Shelton in the eye and then hits him with a DDT he quickly picks Shelton up and hits Skull Crushing Finale and wakes the refreee up. 1,2,3 The Miz picks up the victory a cheap one but a victory nonetheless. Shelton stays in the middle of the ring on his knees shaking his head as The Miz is smirking on the ramp. Rey Mysterious vs Hideo Itami Some interesting events been happening between these two, for some reason Rey Mysterious has been popping up to observe Itami. The two tangle up and go back and forth. Hideo has Rey Mysterious in position for a finisher but Rey counters and sets Hideo up for a 619 but he rolls out the ring and walks away from the match. Hideo Itami seems to be very upset has Rey is standing in the middle of the ring disappointed. Super 69 delivered a message The APW Tag Champions are in the ring excited about winning the Tag titles after being robbed at the last PPV. Their Celebration was interrupted when The Bullet club makes their way to the ring. “We are the only true real Tag Team in this Roster and we are here to prove that. At PPV Vengeance we will get rid of a weak tag as yourselves and bring this roster what it really needs, real champions. Next week we invite you to see us perform live, make sure you show up and take notes” Bullet club turns to leave but then assaults the Tag champs and begins laughing.
  2. Been super busy as of lately will be getting back on here as soon as I can! 

  3. Low blow coming AJ going to take a nasty loss here otherwise was pointless for Daniel to win the title. It’s a shame cuz these two could of stole the night but wwe loves cheap tactics for a finish 🙄
  4. I for one see these two putting on s great match however I do agree with a cheap roll up. I think Dean should take it here Seth chase but I think Rollins will be in the shoot for the Universal Title not entirely sure yet.
  5. Baron Corbin is done, you hear me done! Braun about to wreck shop and call this one a day 💯 Bye Bye Baron it was not nice having you as a GM
  6. Bizzy

    Holiday Gifts

    We are live at Carnage and we just heard Hollow make a statement on the Tag Team tournament and Bizzy makes his way down to the stage. He can hear the fans cheering and his wearing a Santa Claus hat on his head. Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Carnage the best show on TV (Bizzy winks) As you all are aware I’ll be in the Carnage Scramble where I’ll win and move on up the charts here on the Roster. However, there has been a unforeseen circumstance where I’m partners with a lunatic. Hollow I know your listening so I spoke with your doctors and I highly advise you take your meds before we face Joshtourage I would hate to have lost because you made a mistake that costs us the match. We are almost headed into December and I’m all about giving gifts. You guys want to know what I’m giving? The crowd plays along and asks what are you giving?! December 7th I’m giving Hollownthe first gift he gets to witness greatness before his eyes when I single handily take out JoshTourage. I know this a Tag event so I just need him to stand there on the corner and take notes. The crowd begins to laugh and say what else?! Im glad you asked because when it’s time for me to walk out and participate in the Scramble I’m going to give Hollow another gift. I’m going to personally put him out of his misery and win the Scramble since he really wants it the most. Hollow is not the only one you see the rest of the participants will get to see the return of Bizzy and witness first hand how I really get down. I’ve neever been more excited for a match. You the fans deserve a wonderful Holiday but before we get there at December to Dismember I’ll receive a gift. The Tag titles Will be awarded to me and I’ll wear those proudly. The Holidays is just a season that just keeps giving and who am I to reject such precious gifts. When I re-signed a contract to Carnage I told our GM that I’ll be that top guy that’s needed here. Hollow we are stuck together temporarily but just know in January your in my way and the only thing your getting is defeat which you can add to your accolades. It’s nothing personal, it’s only business remember that! Bizzy climbs the turnbuckles and raises his arms high as the music hits and then leaves the ring.
  7. I honestly thought this was a one time event but I see WWE really carrying this mix tag tournament thing out. I got one do not watch this also I think that this challenge shouldn’t interfere with how they perform on the brand. Like if Styles lost ima mixed Tag what’s that have to do with anything 🤔
  8. @Hollow Sit back and watch how I work 👌🏽
  9. Born - 23 June 1991 Set To Debut - 21 APRIL 2016 Gender - Male Race - Hispanic Nationality - Hispanic Puerto Rican Active Wrestler Style - Technical Body Type - Athletic shredded Size - Heavyweight Minimum Size - Heavyweight Maximum Size - Heavyweight Moves - Wake up call (curbstomp) Revolutionary Glory (Revolution Knee) Face gimmick - comedian fan fav - Seth Heel Gimmick - Heel Seth Rollins Mask - No Hair - Yes Favoured Role - Wrestler Pictures - Seth Rollins Bio - Knows what it’s like to struggle always been grinding for success. Straight out of Brooklyn New York will stop at nothing to be a top guy in the industry. In stressful situations he turns to jokes to keep his mind calm.
  10. GIANTS HAVE A STRONG OFFSEASON: The goal was simple how do you take an average team and continue what they just started by coming off a Super Bowl win. I’ll tell you they increased their offense and defense! Giants sign Free Agent CB Marcus Peters Giants sign RG Brandon Scheriff Giants sign MLB Nick Kwiatkoski Giants sign LE Dean lowry Giants sign WR Cameron Meredith COACH Pat Shurmur put out early this morning “I don’t want to get ahaead if myself and say back to back Super Bowl but this team that we are building is definitely in contention for a repeat. My Goal this year is to have a better record then last year and make a gaurantee spot in the Playoffs. I am confident with the new suoerstars we just signed plus our Veterans on the team that we have what it takes. We have studs on this team just getting better. We have a QB who did extremely well his rookie year, how many rookie QB can say they won a super bowl year one starting? On the Flip side I want to formally announce that it was nothing personal with Eli Manning he’s an outstanding player and will forever be remembered on The Giants. He did an excellent job mentoring this rookie and he was able to witness us as a family win the super bowl. Not to forget Eli did throw a touchdown to Odell Beckham JR in the game. It was memorable. It brings shame to me that they didn’t vote him into the Hall Of Fame I truly feel like they messed up big time with that. Hopefully some one stands up and fixes that error it’s completely distasteful and disrespectful to all players and fans.
  11. What a game both of these teams wanted the victory so bad. Every player on the field have it all that they had no question about it. From the first Quarter Big Ben was slinging the rock and got into the red zone easily but the Giants Defense woke up and took a stand forcing a field goal 3-0 Steelers. We move into the 2nd very tough defense on both sides with multiple punts The Giants would have possession and Eli Manning would connect with Odell Beckham for a touchdown! Nate Watson got injured earlier but is set to return in the second half. Third quarter goes silent as both teams are fighting in offense and defense we move into the fourth quarter Big Ben feeds Marshawn Lynch the ball and Steelers take the lead making it 10-7. Giants push the ball in the red zone but the Steelers are relentless and refuse to give up a score, Giants settle for a field goal making it 10-10. We go to the kickoff and The against force a Fumble and gain the recovery!!! Giants now looking to take the clock down we are under a minute they feed it to BARKLEY where he gets stuffed twice Steelers use two time outs. Nate Watson decides to throw on third down and find Evan Engram wide open and connect he’s running down to the 1 gets tackled the ref calls Touchdown! GIANTS begin to celebrate but they review the play and say no he was down before breaking the plane. The clock is running Steelers burn their last timeout. 30 seconds on the clock Barkley tries to rush it in Denied! He tries again Denied! Giants have a time-out but don’t want to use it 15 seconds in the clock Barkley one more time bull doses his way through Touchdown!!! 17-10 Ben has a final attempt for a Hail Mary looking for Antonio Brown but it’s picked off by the middle line backer that’s going to seal the game! The Giants with the unbelievable Season and upset! Wow! We’ll see you all in the off season! Still got plenty of work to do but with dedication and determination anything is achievable in the NFL!
  12. Bizzy

    Demands Answered

    Bizzy is seen leaving the General Managers Office and is instantly caught by a reporter. Michelle: Bizzy is it true you will be teaming up with Hollow in the 2018 Tag Team Tournament. First off I would like to say who would think with the GM in vacation making decisions over VTC would make such a impact on a persons soul. You should of seen Hollow his face was red, then green, the purple man I thought we were going to need EMT for a second. Michelle: So it’s true then how do you feel about it? Would you look at the mess out here looks like it needs to be cleaned up just like I’ll be cleaning up these teams in the tournament. Am I thrilled to have Hollow as a partner? Absolutely not it’s just delaying the inevitable of me winning the scramble which is January, now I have to switch focus. First thing is First obviously win the tournament by dragging Hollow along. Lord knows he’ll only slow me down but that’s okay. Then I move on to December where I will lead this “team” victorious and walk away with the titles. I only need his music to hit and maybe him just show his clown face for a second but then I’ll defeat the champs and boom claim two belts in one night. (Bizzy laughs) Ahh that’s Carnage for you. Bizzy walks away and turns around at Michelle then winks and makes one more remark! Just wait this is going to be good and if you see Hollow tell him to come pick up this trash!
  13. (Simulated until the Super Bowl) GIANTS SHOCK THE WORLD It has been one hell of a season for The New York Giants there complete record before the season was complete is 9-7 they take on Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5 at Super Bowl LIV let’s take a look at the journey of the Giants. • Giants defeated Falcons 16-14 in the WildCard • Giants defeated Eagles 37-3 in the Divisional • Giants defeated Lions 17-14 Season Conference Through out all the grinding they just have one more task to accomplish and that’s win the SuperBowl. The Giants haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2012 is 2019 the year! People were hesitant when they heard a rookie QB will be starting over Eli Manning well it looked like everything worked out in the end. This is going to be a showdown for sure with a new and improved defense from the Giants looking to take on the deep threat capabilities that the Steelers possesses. Who wins this Game New York Giants or Pittsburgh Steelers make your predictions down below!!
  14. I know it’s early but the Western Conference is looking tough majority of the teams are within two games. Lakers turned it around, still got to wonder if curry wasn’t injured would it look different. If all the teams keep playing like this we could see an exciting home stretch run towards the end of the season.
  15. Bizzy

    Scrambling Demands

    Bizzy rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring and grabs a chair. Bizzy then slides into the ring (the crowd begins to get hyped) and then Bizzy sits the chair right in front of Hollow. Bizzy the mocks Hollow by tapping his microphone making popping sounds Hello can anyone hear me Bizzy pops the microphone again Ahh there we go, Hollow I don’t think you hear good enough I see why you tap the microphone so much. Seems like your wheels are a little loose in that head of yours, there is no again for you hollow. This is it for you once you go down this road there’s no come back. You see when the GM places us in this match your going to fail but not because you didn’t try hard it will be because it just wasn’t enough. Bizzy now scoots closer to hollow We can sit here and talk about your life story, and how your a divine specimen, we can talk in riddles, but I’d rather see you swat me. Hollow I’m looking you up and down but I don’t see anything intimidating about you. The worst thing you can hope for is your name being entered into the Carnage Scramble with me in the match. Bizzy puts on a calm expression on his face and moves his chair to be seated next to Hollow as they both wait for the response to be in the Scramble.

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