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  1. We are live at Valor and the first rounds of the KOTR tournaments is beginning. Backstage an interviewer as caught up with Bizzy. Bizzy has on his relaxing attire and his hair is nice and slicked back. The interviewer approaches Bizzy as he welcomes her over. Jessica: “First off, Bizzy what a surprise with your return, how did that moment feel?” The moment was second to none, as I mentioned the other night you can’t get that type of energy from a crowd anywhere. The moment my music hit I was like yes! I’m back baby! Jessica: “Although you are not participating in KOTR what’s your take on the matches?” Well Jessica (Bizzy reaches behind Jessica and grabs a bag of popcorn) I must admit these matches have been quite the viewing. Valor has some talented individuals on the roster and one can say I’m scouting, but tonight I’m a fan. I want to be entertained like any one else tuning into the event. You got Sheridan, Mikey, Bob, Bart, Austin, Gunner, Hans, and Addy I mean come on. I know I’m newly added to the team but let me say this I will represent team Valor all the way to the end. On the flip side it also gets my hyped that my path can cross with any of the talent here on the show. Jessica: “The event has kicked off fantastically and it’s good to see how positive your input is. I’ve got to mention you and Jim Lopes? We seen last week you almost had him in a arm bar?” Eventually I figured this would be addressed, you have to ask yourself Jessica if your a superstar and your drafted to a brand whether Valor or Carnage what is your purpose? Do you sit around waiting for opportunities to present itself? No I’m not that type of man, I’ve said that I’m on a path to submit my legacy, to be the guy in the company that people go dam he’s legendary. If your not in this business to be one of the greats I have nothing to tell you. As far Jim Lopes, I just decided to give him a glimpse of what’s to come. When Instep into the ring it’s purely business nothing personal. The language he presented in his tone seemed threatening so what other way to threaten someone back then to almost break their arm? Jessica: “I can only imagine how that would feel. Is there anything else you would like to say?” Bizzy tilts the popcorn up and continues to munch on the delicious Valor made buttery popcorn Yes, oh my, if you are here at the arena go get some of this popcorn it’s freakin delicious. Jim if your watching this last week was just a warning. Bizzy pleased with the popcorn walks off to continue viewing the show. This ends the interview as Valor cuts to commercials.
  2. Chapter 1 The top society is a world filled with privilege entitled people who build their Empire on the backs of the poor. They are clueless to the struggles of the poor and continues to pump their drugs through the poor. They’ve recently released “Black Lace” a drug advertised to keep you composed under stress and make you invulnerable to pain. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor we belong to Night City a population of 1.5 billion people and a city where anything is possible. The world as progressed in technology by light years compared to someone who was living in the year 2020. Most people rely on cyber technology just to function but others to a life of crime just to make it through the night. There’s a twist to this city we live in and that’s a good chunk of individuals have developed a unique sense of power, some with good intentions while others look to cause havoc on a daily basis. With this knowledge the top society has implemented their own security to keep people in check. Zoe fields has been brought into the Top Society except she doesn’t love like the reach she’s towards the bottom of the Top class. I know right what the fuck even the rich treat the rich like shit. What so I’m portent about Zoe is her power to project fire and the fact that’s she’s smart in computer technology. Keeping a close tab in her brings the advantage to the Top. Meanwhile on the bottom we have hustlers, pimps, mafias, prostitutes, gang members, weak, old, young, strong just a mixed bag of fuckery. We are constantly watched by the “The Order” and monitored to ensure we don’t try to rebel against the Empire. This is only just a small taste of what the Night City can truly be. Chapter 2: We dive into the poor society and introduce more characters...
  3. Announcement: UFC 251 has just been announced with the main event being Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier, Co-Main Event will be Justin Gaethje vs Conor McGregor, Rose Namajunes vs Jessica Andrade, Sean O’Malley vs TJ Dillshaw, & Angela Hill vs Paige Vanzant Prelims: Main Fight: Romeo King vs Issac Frost Romeo is ready to enter the UFC as the youngest (18) fighter on the roster and his first test is the powerful former boxer Isaac Frost! Conor McGregor is Focused: McGregor says the Justin Gaethje will be light work as he doesn’t even deserve to be on the same match card as him. This fight looks to be a banger who comes out on top? Rose wants her title back! Rose said her lost to Andrade was a fluke and looks to redeem herself on this next PPV. Rose has been training non stop and looks to show off her striking in the rematch. DC is more then Ready DC has been trying to get a hold of Stipe for a long tine now and finally it’s going to happen. DC issued a statement saying that “regardless win or lose but most likely win I will not retire”
  4. WE ARE LIVE! Welcome ladies and gentleman as we are kicking off a new season of the UFC. All I can say is it will be action packed and we will admission as much fights as you can handle. Our roster is fully stacked and ready to provide the ultimate entertainment. We have returning vets, rookies, and of course popular fighter you know and love! Let’s take a look at the roster breakdown of each division. Women Straw Weight Division Champion: Weili Zheng 1. Jessica Andrade 2. Rose Namajunes 3. Tatian Suarez 4. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 5. Nina Annaroff Women Bantamweight Division Champion: Amanda Nunes 1. Valentina Shevchenko 2. Germain De Randamie 3. Holly Holm 4. Julianna Pena 5. Ronda Rousey (returns) Flyweight Division Champion: Henry Cejudo 1. Demetrious Johnson (returns) 2. Joseph Benavidez 3. Brandon Moreno 4. Louis Smolka 5. Justin Scoggins Bantamweight Division Champion: Henry Cejudo 1. Marlon Moraes 2. Aljamain Sterling 3. Tim Elliot 4. Cody Garbrandt 5. Jimmie Rivera Featherweight Division Champion: Alexander Volkanovski 1. Max Holloway 2. Zabit Magomedsharipov 3. Brian Ortega 4. Chan Sung Jung 5. Yair Rodriguez Lightweight Division Champion: Khabib Nuragomedov 1. Justin Gaethje 2. Dustin Poirier 3. Tony Ferguson 4. Conor McGregor 5. Dan Hooker Welterweight Division Champion: Kamaur Usman 1. Gilbert Burns 2. Colby Covington 3. Jorge Masvidal 4. Leon Edwards 5. Tyron Woodley Middleweight Division Champion: Israel Adesanya 1. Robert Whittaker 2. Paulo Costa 3. Yoel Romero 4. Luke Rockhold 5. kelvin Gastelum LightHeavyweight Division Champion: Jon Jones 1. Dominick Reyes 2. Thiago Santos 3. Jan Blachowicz 4. Corey Anderson 5. Glover Teixera Heavyweight Division Champion: Stipe Miocic 1. Daniel Cormier 2. Francis Ngannou 3. Curtis Blaydes 4. Derrick Lewis 5. Junior Dos Santos
  5. We are live on Valor following a commercial break, The Rising plays and surprise surprise its Bizzy the newly signed free agent to Valor. Without any hesitation, he walks into the ring and gets on the microphone. It has honestly been far too long since I’ve stepped foot in an arena filled with so many people. This moment right here is truly remarkable. I want to take a moment of your time to first, thank Bart for signing me and giving me this opportunity. Who am I? My name is Bizzy and I’m a veteran to the sport. You see, I had to walk away and it sucked. It truly broke my heart because I lost the initial passion that some one first has when they enter this sport. You always here how people love the sport and will never quit and to me that was the hardest impact in my life. For a moment things were getting dull. I wasn’t connecting with the fans or the other wrestlers. I was not performing at my best and that was unfair to the you the fans. I needed a break to reconnect with myself and my family. Guys there’s no shame in admitting defeat and knowing when you need to walk away for a bit. However, the comeback, now that’s something worth fighting for. During my time away I traveled the world and regained that passion. That fire that was turned into smoke that vanished mid air was reignited and now burning hotter, stronger then ever before. I wrestled with the best of the best globally and now I have arrived here on Valor. Truly I’m humbled because internationally the feeling is one of a kind but to hear the fans here it’s electrifying. I’m told this is the A show, the place to be, so here I am and all I ask in return is to give me the best there is to offer. Bizzy pauses and looks around the arena feeling the energy from the fans of Valor. I’m sticking around because this is where the journey begins. I won’t be like every body and say I’m instantly going to be a Champ. I know I’ve got to prove my worth to everyone including myself but trust me I plan on climbing the ranks like no other. I took the time to Redesign myself, now it’s time to Rebuild. I’ve been in talks with the manager and it seems like I’m lined up to fight a kid named Jim Lopes. Honestly I know nothing about the guy, only been told that’s he’s new and for me that’s fine. I will get in this ring with anyone there is no fear in my heart. Jim a quick message I am glad to have an opponent but understand something I’m no push over and I refuse to let any one stand in my way to stop me from completing my Legacy. I will be on top of this organization! So...I hope you are ready to put on a show for these fans. With a humble look on his face Bizzy exits the ring and heads backstage.
  6. Why does this look so realistic like I can really see something like this happening. At this point honestly let Khabib wait because I think this fight needs to happen. Hopefully the injury is minor and Justin can get back on track! Regardless of who the winner is they better be hungry for Khabib and I want Khabib to be a loser lol I’m not a fan of his at all! waiting for Conor McGregor to make fun of Justin and say he got injured on purpose!
  7. I believe in Aspen Ladd and that battle with her and Amanda Nunes is going to be a banger! the journey for Dos Santos is going to be interesting as I’m not sure how he will hold up against the top heavyweights. Max Halloway producing average results is a shocker for me I was content with whoever the winner would be but as you say a more decisive victor needs to be presented otherwise I see these two constantly going at it? Daniel Cormier with the Knockout is Golden however to me he should not retire unless at least fighting Francis. I refuse to have a champ just retire without at least defending it once before walking away. DC is up there with age but I think with his great wrestling he might give Francis a run for his money if he can dodge the bombs. overall man these are good presentations maybe a little long but with this sport you got to be detailed and I like it. Lots of opportunities out there I’ll be keeping my eye on this one!
  8. (First I want to say I’ll be using the game for content and it will be ai vs ai) If you want to be apart of this then give me a rough idea on what you want your character to look like and what division you will want to be apart of. I will also be keeping current fighter in as well. You can have multiple characters like a male and female if you’d like to make it more interesting. Welcome to the UFC the worlds greatest fighting organization out there. We want the drama, we want the hype, we want the glory, and we want you! As the owner of the UFC I’m looking for new fresh fighters who want to make an impact in the sport. This is not a place for chumps so leave that weak shit at the door. We will discuss contracts and bonus opportunities. I set the fights you put on a show for the millions watching around the world. If your man or woman enough sign up below. I’ll keep the sign up open and once I have a good piece of it created I’ll n a new thread starting the diary! Thank you for participating and enjoy 😉
  9. Prologue: Welcome to the Future where people worship the gods and by gods it’s typically whosever has the most power. Now it’s unknown to what happens in upper society because the poor is forgotten and stuck to struggle just to survive. The rich thrive off the hard work of the poor but it is rumored that their is literally men with god like powers. There is a young man who lives in the poor society by the name of Bizzy. He must dabble in the dangers of drug, lust, money, and of course fights to move up through this world. (Bizzy is a bastard child who was thrown into the poor society, a secret he does not yet know. Bizzy however is aware of a gift he possess but must learn how to harness its power) His goal is to unite the society and help the poor thrive. His path to the top will be glorious, painful, and exciting. However in the poor society there is ranked mafia members who bully the normal. Their equivalent to knights to the power of the top society. Welcome to the paradise of Night City where any dream can come true. The year is 2069. I will present this in chapter formats but guess what the forum in invited to be apart of this developing story. Drop your information down below if you want to be apart of this. Name: Bio: Power: You can have whatever fantasy power you desire 🗣🗣🔥 Society: Top or Poor ? if this becomes successful I’ll make it into Seasons ✊🏽 So I would like as much participation as possible if not I can make this happen ✊🏽
  10. keanu reeves Is my favorite Actor. Every role he plays is genius and amazing it’s hard not to even feel for the characters he plays. I think hands down he has to be the best Actor in the game. Not only is his acting superior his personality and perspective on role life situations is truly remarkable. I can watch any movie he’s in and not have no complaints!
  11. I’m glad Cam Newton went to the Patriots it’s good to see him be able to try and reestablish his name. I do believe there is a ton of pressure on him and hopefully he can play like his glory season! Overall I think if the NFL does return then tilt should be fun to watch. I’m praying this returns lol I honestly feel like football should have more games throughout the year. FYI Giants makes the playoffs this year I got the ultimate feeling 🗣
  12. As much as I want the NBA to return it feels more and more likely that it will not resume again. Until they truly get a grasp on Covid I’m not sure how they will return. Also with recent reports of players continuously catching the virus it to me doesn’t make sense to force a restart or return. If they develop a legit plan that’s safe then cool but this is tricky for this sport.
  13. UFC 251: Bizzy’s Predictions UFC Welterweight Championship Kamaru Usman (c) vs. Gilbert Burns Im going with Usman either knockout or decision in 5 rounds. Kamaru striking is superior. I am intrigued with Gilbert Burns but Tyron Woodley hasn’t looked good since he lost to Kamaru. UFC Featherweight Championship Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski (c) Alexander to pick up the win in another interesting banger. I’m predicting this fight to potentially be a fight if the year candidate. Alexander will proof that his win wasn’t a fluke over Max. I love Max though! Bantamweight Championship Bout Petr Yan vs. Jose Aldo Easy win for Yan here I’m not even sure why Jose is getting a title fight opportunity. Women’s Strawweights Bout Jessica Andrade vs. Rose Namajunas Jessica is not beating my baby Rose here. That last fight was a fluke incident and Rose going to be way more active and alert this go around. Rose for the win then challenge for her belt back! Women’s Flyweight Paige Vanzant vs. Amanda Ribas looking forward to seeing this match and hopefully this division gets cooking up. I honestly would not be upset with either individual to win I’m just drawn to Paige winning here this has a under dog feel to it and I like that.
  14. Not going to lie, I gave this show a watch and now I need season 3 to be released 🗣🗣 I can say I’m typically not a fan of the genre like this but this show is Binge Worthy!
  15. S.Barkley Runs Through The Steelers!! S.Barkley was determined to kick off the season right and that’s what he did with 157 yards rushing and 2 critical touchdowns. Offensively The Giants looked unstoppable! With a performance like that it is safe to say that many teams will have to prepare for S.Barkley! Daniel Jones was able to also incorporate TE E.Engrams! He set the tone in a early 4th Down conversion into a TouchDown! Defense also had a hand in the night victory as they were all in sync with one another. J. Peppers stepped up as the Defensive Team Captain and made a crucial interception to prevent Pittsburgh from scoring! It’s only week one but Coach Brown feels amazing by the performance done by his team. Below you will see the end stats! Next week The Giants take on The LA Rams and this will put the Giants through the Ultimate test! Will Aaron Donald destroy Daniel Jones? Does Todd Gurley shred the Giants D? Or does Daniel Jones Proves he belongs in the NFL & rises up for the challenge? All we know is football week 2 will be exciting, what’s your predictions down below? ** side not I play the games on All Madden so regardless of win loss it will be posted. Also let me know if you want to know about other teams as well? I’ll take all feedback, thank you **
  16. I thoroughly am enjoying this content, as seeing the league mixed up this way can lead to so many different outcomes. I’m curious to seeing who will come out MVP ✊🏽
  17. Scott: We are live with the New York Giants New Coach and this is has been quite the change for the NYG in the past few years. I wonder what is you plan with the team and how do you plan on renewing the faith in the fans of New York? I don't mean to be blunt but recently the Giants have been some what of a laughing stock when it comes to football. Ladies and Gentleman here is the new coach Ramel Brown. Bio: Born out of Brooklyn New York and moved into Miami Florida. Head Coach out of FSU for 8 years and now Head coach of the New York Giants. He's dedicated to football where he played college football with FSU and he is a loving family man. Ramel is 35 years of age and is optimistic for bringing glory within this organization. Ramel: Scott first, thank you for having me on its a pleasure and yes I appreciate your honesty. My Legacy so that say is to restore honor into this organization. I've spoken with the staff and my players and they understand what is needed to be done. We are working harder then ever and I've put a lot of faith in this young organization. I have motivated, dedicated, and hungry players. As the world knows Eli Manning is gone and now I put my trust in Daniel Jones. A lot of skeptics might insist I;m crazy for taken on this challenge but mark my words this year we are going to hit the league hard. The objective is to at least at a minimum make the playoffs! Scott: That is one hell of a goal and if you do make the playoffs I'll be ultimately impressed. Can you tell us what you have planned with the team? Maybe some breakdowns? Ramel: Scott if you look on the screen here is what we got lined up for the Future of The New York Giants. OFFENSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPenay3BBPY We believe in Daniel Jones and he is coming this year more aggressive, and bringing on the heat. This kid has an enormous amount of pressure on his head but I know he can push through it and make a name for himself. Note it today Daniel Jones storming the League! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpo0MUypwjY Saquon Barkley will be a Hall of Famer there is no dispute necessary and it's time we make it known within this organization. As Team Captain he plans to put his life on the line every game to ensure a victory. The passion in his eyes will tell you how determined he really is. Make no mistake our run game will be the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSCiGTgNfDY Golden Tate is hungry and ready to be known as one of the greats in the wide receiver core. EVeryone knows the top names but it's time for Golden Tate to break that threshold. He is part of our star focus within the team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAxmjeyzEwQ The Giants recently picked up Josh Gordon and with his addition we believe we armed Daniel Jones with multiple options to shred the field with, Josh Gordon is excited to start the season with the New York Giants and we look forward to developing and growing with him. DEFENSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viTanXPY1lk Jabrill Peppers is motivated and excited to start the season he will lead the charge with the Defense and helps us maintain vision on the field. He is a key player within our defensive core. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlMOI6veysQ We are excited to announce the return of Eli Apple. He is an amazing corner and I've spoken with him one on one. I told him the development program that we are bringing will ensure you are noticed around the league. With his return I believe we have strengthened our Corner's and we plan on focusing heavy on defense. Now this is only the start of what we have coming to the organization and I can not wait to start the Season off Strong. Scott our first team we play is Steelers and I promise we will show what we can bring to the table Win or Lose you will see all of our weapons. We will not be a team known as an easy victory! We plan on bringing the heat this year. Scott: Ladies and Gentleman you heard it first hear tonight New York Giants looking good but this is all om paper. Ramel I look forward to your success and I hope your season goes to plan. We will be keeping a close eye on this team and we look forward to the New York Giants going head to head with the Pittsburgh Steelers. THE FUTURE BEGINS NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Kvk0q2lnpc
  18. I’m ready to return and I would like to return to my original brand of Carnage 🗣👀
  19. Bizzy’s Kayfabe Character Information: Entrance: Name: Bizzy Figurehead: Seth Rollins Nickname: Height: 6’4 Weight: 225 (muscular) Alignment: Tweener Gimmick: Considered to being hostile, ruthless, and passionate to the fans. Veteran to the game and not afraid to step to anyone. Backstory: Born out of Miami Florida the 26 year old always felt destined to make his way up the ladder to be considered one of the greats. Only parent was a mother with his dad walking out on him at the age of 3. Bizzy knows only how to handle things on his own and is not trusting of others easily. He walked away from the company some time ago because he lost passion with the sport and the fire was essentially blown out. Through out his time off he rekindled that flame and has traveled the world wrestling in many countries. Now he has returned to climb the ranks once again and submit his legacy. Signature: Curb Stomp & Super Kick Finisher: & Kings Landing
  20. Bizzy

    Winter has come..

    As the camera fades away from seeing Bailey walk off the screen goes black, the lights in the arena are off and the screen then begins to play. The scene is a view of an open door with a shadowed man standing in the entrance. The affect of cold air is viewed as the man is breathing in the entrance. As the crowd watches they see two blue eyes appear on the shadow figure. The spotlight flashes to the arena stage on Carnage and the music hits. Bizzy also known as the night king is here tonight on Carnage and is making his way down to the ring with blue eyes (color contacts). He enters the ring and has a microphone tossed to him. Happy Halloween, ohhh what a beautiful night it is. It may be chilly where you at and guys that’s ok. I love the snow it’s pure but can pack a mean punch along with it. I know things have been getting hot around here at Carnage and we need to cool down just for a second. Halloween is a night of mischief, a night of sins, a night where you can be anything your heart desires and be accepted for it. Tonight is no time for me to pretend or dress up, instead I’m feeling a bit sinful, and tonight is all business going forward. Bizzy pauses and turns towards the entrance of the arena. I think it’s time me and Mikey got to talk face to face? I can sit out here Champ and talk down on you, I can sit here and let my testosterone do the talking but that’s flat out boring. Na I want to talk face to face so you know just how real this is going to be. However I want you to picture something for me first. Think about that sensation you get when you win a match. How the goosebumps appear when your anticipating that finishing move. That feeling you get when your comfortable and everything is going so well. It’s like you’re unstoppable. Now I want you to picture someone taking your prized possession away from you. That’s a tough scene right? Picture a storm brewing and the weather man tells you to get your supplies early because it’s going to be a rough one. The scramble of the mind one goes through in such a scenario. That’s who I am champ. I’m that blizzard headed in your direction. except..... you won’t be able to prepare for this one. So how about it champ? Bizzy leans back on the ropes and waits..
  21. If I can get a lot of people interested to sign up, then I’ll purchase wwe 2k20 to run this universe mode. the idea is to have as much people involved and really make this interesting. I want to build intense storylines and have you guys participate. If we can get a lot of sign ups I can run maybe two shows the main show and then a low tier show where people will have to work their way back up to the main show. I want to add a weekly rating scheme to it as well. The idea is everyone will pick a wrestler and that’s who they will be in Universe Mode. I haven’t decided what to do with the unpicked characters, involve them or not? Also maybe your character has a girlfriend so we can keep the women characters involved 🤔 feedback from you guys will also be taken into heavy consideration as this progresses. I’d like to add power rankings as well as maybe some talk show skits. this is mainly the idea hub / sign up roster so I can build this and make it happen. Otherwise, this was worth a shot 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ll pick my character first 👀 Seth Rollins
  22. Opening Scene: year 2069 Age: 25 Location: Gotham There’s a man bloodied on the ground. He’s attempting to crawl away but he’s suffered to much damage to move any further. He turns over and attempts to light a cigarette. “Here Let me light that for you I say. Matter of fact give me that cigarette. You probably wonder why I’m here to kill you. You roll with a crew and I want the leader. I know your going to say you can’t stop him, he’s crazy, he’s a maniac. Look I don’t care what he is the clown needs to pay. Your useless to me this is just how it needs to be. Shadow Man draws out his Samurai Sword and slices at the neck. The mans head rolls around as blood sprays from the body. Shadow man leaves the scene as a message is left in the blood. The police arrive and the message reads “JOKER MUST PAY” Origin Story: year 2019 Age 23 Location: Gotham Bruce darling we are going to be late for the show. I know hun I’m almost ready. I walk down the stairs and I see my beautiful wife with red hair just full of life. She knows my secret, I don’t hide anything from her. She wants me to quit but Gotham needs me. I have a beautiful son who has so much to look forward to I can’t quit yet. I’ll get the car ready my love. I step outside and without a thought I’m on the ground spitting out blood. Am I being mugged? I look around and I hear a laugh... Joker! I try to stand but I can’t what was I attacked with. I look at my legs it’s sliced and I can barely stand. How did he know who I was? I hear his words “Bruce this is the end old friend. With you gone I can finally rule in peace” I look up he’s holding a rocket launcher. I look back there’s my wife last words I hear is “Bruce!” He fires the rocket and my home explodes. I’m unconscious. I know this is fucked. If it makes it any better Mar. Freeze finally decided to attack with a very destructive missle. It exploded and most of us were killed from the ice, except a few of us. Some of us were just frozen. Some one found me frozen in time and hid me from the world. When I unfroze it was 2067. It took me two years to regain strength. I isolated myself and swore to get my revenge. Not as Batman no he’s dead. I needed to break the rules and do things I thought I would never do. So I use the shadows and I hunt. I’ll hunt everyone down until I slice this sword through both eyes of Joker. I’m standing on top of a building looking down on the futuristic view of Gotham. Everything is so bright but the criminals seem to be controlling Gotham. I wipe the blood off the sharp blade of my sword. I’m coming for you Joker you will pay for what you’ve done to my family. You will fucking pay.
  23. Universe mode needs a big change. It needs to be like a GM Mode. There needs to be ratings and goals to reach to have a successful brand. Maybe even add an aspect in there where hostile takeovers can occur. universe mode is a big mode and should have a lot of energy focused into it. I say get rid of showcase and elaborate on a more better career mode. Where characters have a voice and lips actually move it’s 2019 and I know they can create that. Also add a scan your face feature. It’s my career so I want my face in the game. ive seen to many videos on 2k20 and it’s a huge disappointment. There has to be a fun factor I. The game and it just looks boring. No more laziness these creators need to get started on it now.
  24. Get me in here 👀 good start to season 2 there’s some dark people out there but things are starting to heat up🔥

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