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    Winter has come..

    As the camera fades away from seeing Bailey walk off the screen goes black, the lights in the arena are off and the screen then begins to play. The scene is a view of an open door with a shadowed man standing in the entrance. The affect of cold air is viewed as the man is breathing in the entrance. As the crowd watches they see two blue eyes appear on the shadow figure. The spotlight flashes to the arena stage on Carnage and the music hits. Bizzy also known as the night king is here tonight on Carnage and is making his way down to the ring with blue eyes (color contacts). He enters the ring and has a microphone tossed to him. Happy Halloween, ohhh what a beautiful night it is. It may be chilly where you at and guys that’s ok. I love the snow it’s pure but can pack a mean punch along with it. I know things have been getting hot around here at Carnage and we need to cool down just for a second. Halloween is a night of mischief, a night of sins, a night where you can be anything your heart desires and be accepted for it. Tonight is no time for me to pretend or dress up, instead I’m feeling a bit sinful, and tonight is all business going forward. Bizzy pauses and turns towards the entrance of the arena. I think it’s time me and Mikey got to talk face to face? I can sit out here Champ and talk down on you, I can sit here and let my testosterone do the talking but that’s flat out boring. Na I want to talk face to face so you know just how real this is going to be. However I want you to picture something for me first. Think about that sensation you get when you win a match. How the goosebumps appear when your anticipating that finishing move. That feeling you get when your comfortable and everything is going so well. It’s like you’re unstoppable. Now I want you to picture someone taking your prized possession away from you. That’s a tough scene right? Picture a storm brewing and the weather man tells you to get your supplies early because it’s going to be a rough one. The scramble of the mind one goes through in such a scenario. That’s who I am champ. I’m that blizzard headed in your direction. except..... you won’t be able to prepare for this one. So how about it champ? Bizzy leans back on the ropes and waits..
  2. If I can get a lot of people interested to sign up, then I’ll purchase wwe 2k20 to run this universe mode. the idea is to have as much people involved and really make this interesting. I want to build intense storylines and have you guys participate. If we can get a lot of sign ups I can run maybe two shows the main show and then a low tier show where people will have to work their way back up to the main show. I want to add a weekly rating scheme to it as well. The idea is everyone will pick a wrestler and that’s who they will be in Universe Mode. I haven’t decided what to do with the unpicked characters, involve them or not? Also maybe your character has a girlfriend so we can keep the women characters involved 🤔 feedback from you guys will also be taken into heavy consideration as this progresses. I’d like to add power rankings as well as maybe some talk show skits. this is mainly the idea hub / sign up roster so I can build this and make it happen. Otherwise, this was worth a shot 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ll pick my character first 👀 Seth Rollins
  3. Opening Scene: year 2069 Age: 25 Location: Gotham There’s a man bloodied on the ground. He’s attempting to crawl away but he’s suffered to much damage to move any further. He turns over and attempts to light a cigarette. “Here Let me light that for you I say. Matter of fact give me that cigarette. You probably wonder why I’m here to kill you. You roll with a crew and I want the leader. I know your going to say you can’t stop him, he’s crazy, he’s a maniac. Look I don’t care what he is the clown needs to pay. Your useless to me this is just how it needs to be. Shadow Man draws out his Samurai Sword and slices at the neck. The mans head rolls around as blood sprays from the body. Shadow man leaves the scene as a message is left in the blood. The police arrive and the message reads “JOKER MUST PAY” Origin Story: year 2019 Age 23 Location: Gotham Bruce darling we are going to be late for the show. I know hun I’m almost ready. I walk down the stairs and I see my beautiful wife with red hair just full of life. She knows my secret, I don’t hide anything from her. She wants me to quit but Gotham needs me. I have a beautiful son who has so much to look forward to I can’t quit yet. I’ll get the car ready my love. I step outside and without a thought I’m on the ground spitting out blood. Am I being mugged? I look around and I hear a laugh... Joker! I try to stand but I can’t what was I attacked with. I look at my legs it’s sliced and I can barely stand. How did he know who I was? I hear his words “Bruce this is the end old friend. With you gone I can finally rule in peace” I look up he’s holding a rocket launcher. I look back there’s my wife last words I hear is “Bruce!” He fires the rocket and my home explodes. I’m unconscious. I know this is fucked. If it makes it any better Mar. Freeze finally decided to attack with a very destructive missle. It exploded and most of us were killed from the ice, except a few of us. Some of us were just frozen. Some one found me frozen in time and hid me from the world. When I unfroze it was 2067. It took me two years to regain strength. I isolated myself and swore to get my revenge. Not as Batman no he’s dead. I needed to break the rules and do things I thought I would never do. So I use the shadows and I hunt. I’ll hunt everyone down until I slice this sword through both eyes of Joker. I’m standing on top of a building looking down on the futuristic view of Gotham. Everything is so bright but the criminals seem to be controlling Gotham. I wipe the blood off the sharp blade of my sword. I’m coming for you Joker you will pay for what you’ve done to my family. You will fucking pay.
  4. Universe mode needs a big change. It needs to be like a GM Mode. There needs to be ratings and goals to reach to have a successful brand. Maybe even add an aspect in there where hostile takeovers can occur. universe mode is a big mode and should have a lot of energy focused into it. I say get rid of showcase and elaborate on a more better career mode. Where characters have a voice and lips actually move it’s 2019 and I know they can create that. Also add a scan your face feature. It’s my career so I want my face in the game. ive seen to many videos on 2k20 and it’s a huge disappointment. There has to be a fun factor I. The game and it just looks boring. No more laziness these creators need to get started on it now.
  5. Get me in here 👀 good start to season 2 there’s some dark people out there but things are starting to heat up🔥
  6. Name: The One Nickname: Joker Height: 6’4 Weight: 225 soaking wet Build: Muscular , defined Appearance: Joker Power: Master at causing Chaos and the Master of all Martial Arts. Deadly Weapon of Choice is A Samurai Sword 🗡 General Backstory: Long Ago when times were dark one man lived where people feared. The One chose to embrace his dark ways and improve in all areas of martial arts. What do people fear most in the world? The answer was simple Chaos. All while simply laugher The One aka Joker can cause a scene to be exploded. Not only can he cause chaos but when someone approaches close enough his hand skills are superior to k own. If things really get in a jam it will be all over when he pulls out his beloved Samurai Sword. The soul snatcher is a blade you don’t want to come in contact. Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : My allegiances is Mafia, Vigilante, and Criminal Preferred Last Words: Smoke some dick 😂
  7. Horrible decision to make for this booking. It was a horrible match in HIAC. Regardless, even if it was suppose to send Seth in a dark place the match was boring and stupid. Oh imma hit 15 finishers in a row that don’t finish and then my opponent is going to need medical attention, no wait he’s alive and almost murders me. It was a clown event. Same goes for this match it’s clear Rollins will win because if he loses A, I will laugh my ass off and B that would be dumb for the purpose of Wyatt going to smack down. I want to see The Fiend as Champion it just shouldn’t happen here. This imma make Seth Rollins dark is just not fitting him. Since anything goes it will be I guess in the hands of Rollins.
  8. Kevin Owens for the win it’s what makes sense and what needs to happen. I like this version of Kevin Owens and would like to see this match up. I don’t want to see a repeat of Styles and Richochet. I liked there matches it was great but I want to see Owens 😎
  9. If Braun Strowman loses this match WWE officially does not care for this guy. I mean I refuse to watch some nonsense like Floyd beating the Big Show. This man can not wrestle and this should be quick. There is no hype behind this and is another uselsss match to throw on a card. Braun needs to be in better matches and should be getting a real push for the universal title. It gets old seeing Braun wreck everyone and when it matters all of a sudden he’s weak lol. This should be a super quick match.
  10. I think this is a pointless match it just stretches the reign of Brock Lesnar. I see this nonsense going down where Cain gets a surprise win like a roll up pin and then they set a second match for the title where Brock just wrecks him. I rather see some legit wrestling idk some one of worth I don’t see Cain lasting long in the business. I like Cain in UFC I just don’t get excited with him in the WWE. Also with the whole I beat Lesnar in UFC let’s not forget Brock had some health issues he was battling. Not taking anything away from Cain but in WWE I see Brock being more of the dominant in the match up.
  11. Name: Bizzy Attire: Roman Reigns Since someone stole Seth Rollins ☠️ Alignment: Face or heel maybe a bounce between both.
  12. Episode 1: In The Beginning In the beginning we was all united. We use to stand for something, we wanted peace, we wanted to rebuild, we wanted a world. After the Apocalypse started there were so many of us that survived and built a place where we all could fit in. We had relationships, babies, food, water, shelter. For the longest it was as if the world was going back to normal but then something tragic happened. A missile came down in our area and took out almost everything. I know right a fucking missile only one can assume that a dumb as walker triggered it off but it happened. Now the group is split and things are getting hectic. Slim, Flynn, Bizzy, Brad and Ropatti are all sitting in a warehouse creating a plan for redemption. Flynn: What the fuck are we really doing here? Bizzy (twirling baseball bat with spikes): Relax we will take back he land we once lived in. Slim: yeah and how are we going to do that stuffed up here with little resources Brad: Stop Bitching, we need to be tough Ropatti: I prefer being smart of strength Bizzy: Listen the past is over and now its war. We need resources and the other side has it. What do you think we are going to do? We are going to take it by force. All cheer except Ropatti Ropatti: Does use to be our friends though? Why does it have to come down to violence? Bizzy: Do you have Amnesia? Do I need to remind you on what they did to us? Flynn: Yeah do you not remember what we been through and the shit that happened after that missile went off? Brad: Let me guess Story time Slim: I hope your with us because if not things can get a bit messy for you. Bizzy: I'll save the story for another occasion (bizzy grips baseball bat) but I do hope that we are all on the same sheet of music,. Ropatti: I was just... never mind yes we are. I'm going to go hunt for some items and clear my head I'll be back. (Decision time: Ropatti is going out on his own Brad, Flynn, Slim all have an option to sneak and spy on him or stay at camp) Smith, Bob, Arius, Mikey, Epic, and Echo are all at the original spot holding a meeting. Echo: Smith we have to discuss what you decided and what our next moves are to be Smith: I made an ethical decision and I stand by it. Mikey: Your decision though just started a war Epic: Fuck it, let them come I'm ready for a fight Arius: There has to be a peaceful resolution to this. Bob: Knowing those guys personally, I'm not sure there can be. Smith: Listen my decision I made is final I don't need to go down memory lane. Mikey: Well what's your plan for when they come? Smith: We Kill them if we have to. All pause and think about the words Smith just said. Smith: Listen those days of peace are gone, it's us or them. There is nothing to debate here. We know they have to be somewhere near we just don't know for sure. So go to your places, get your weapons ready, and be prepared for anything. We don't know when and we don't know where but we will battle. Mikey: Well I'm going out the community to look for some more weapons since they took most of our armory. Smith: That's not a bad idea take Bob with you. Mikey: Really? Bob: Hey, what are trying to say! Mikey: Nothing let's go. Mikey and Bob head out to search for more weapons (Decision time: Mikey and Bob are out of the community and they can go towards a local area of stores or head towards local homes.) Night is coming fast for both sides Ropatti is out searching as well as Mikey and Bob are searching for items for their side. What will happen in the night? There is some bad blood between Bizzy's side and Smith's side what really went down after the missile went off? We all will find out soon. What are your thoughts of this episode? what is transpiring? what do you think went down between the group? predictions?
  13. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode: Break It Down We are live with the Premiere Episode of Break it Down! Today will be special typically we will break down each show separately but today we will conduct a weekly recap. This show will capture the most dramatic parts of the episodes and open up a discussion to get the forums involved. I noticed that BrendenPlayz's Universe Mode is not really discussed. Now Let's get to it and Break It down! Monday Night Raw Episode 1: Two Championship Match We start with the opening Match with the Legendary team of Undertaker and Kane. They dominated in pure fashion, the match was over in just a few minutes! Talk about making a statement. They came in to show they will be the champions for a long run! However, The Rival former Raw Champions seemed to send a message to The Brothers of Destruction! This rivalry is going to be intense but who do you think will really come out on top? Mr. Roode sent a message tonight by getting a hard earned victory against Nakamura. Honestly, I was thinking man Roode is looking good until he decided to get dirty after the match with some viscous chair shots. The intercontinental Champion is showing just how ruthless eh can be. Now we got to discuss Fin Balor coming out to save the day! We are leading into something good here. We know Mr. Roode is going to want some answers from Finn Balor interfering with his business. The intercontinental Champion looks good but can Fin Balor come in and over throw him? We now go into the Main Event Where Braun Strowman had a match with Randy Orton. Braun showed just why he deserves to be Universal Champion. He's a monster, strong, fast, and agile. The Match was great, the ending just left you wanting more. The double count out was probably not planned but it happened. Braun retains but he did end the show monstrous by putting Randy through a table! Randy was left looking broken. Who can really stand up to Braun Strowman? That's right! The legendary Triple H is who decided to come out and stand face to face with Universal Champion Braun Strowman! Who has ruthless aggression? HHH Who is not afraid to go toe to toe with any one? HHH. This is the perfect person to match up with Braun Strowman and things are going to get real. We know Braun is going to have some words for Triple H especially since he got told to suck it in front of all of the Raw fans! Friday Night Smackdown Episode 2: Respect Earned We started of the show with a fatal 4 way match between Rey Mysterio, Rusev, The Miz, and Jeff Hardy. Winner will be the #1 contender to face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. The match was intense and I was low key rooting for Rusev to take the win but in amazing fashion it was Jeff Hardy who pulled it off. It seems like Jeff Hardy is the only competitor who really wants to face Bobby Lashley because these two superstars have bad blood. Can Jeff Hardy end this rivalry or will it be Bobby Lashley to stay dominate? Daniel Bryan training hard for an epic return to the ring. He's going to have a tough challenge ahead of him as he will be going toe to toe with The Fiend Bray Wyatt. How did Daniel Bryan look? What a main event we had here. WWE champion Seth Rollins looking to earn some respect here facing Kofi Kingston. These two put on a hell of a performance and it looked like Kofi was going to get a win when he went for Trouble in paradise but it was ducked and dodge by Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins would end the match with a ripcord knee and get the victory. Did Seth Rollins did enough to gain some respect? Not in the eyes of Roman Reigns! Roman Reigns attacked Seth Rollins backstage as he is furious that Rollins cashed in his briefcase on him. This rivalry is going to get intense the only question is who is going to come out on top? NXT Episode 3: We Are NXT The Viking Raiders had their titles on the line in the opening match on NXT. The Viking Raiders looked extremely good in the ring and it was a close match. Maybe a little more work to be done to be completely dominate but nonetheless they proved why they are the Tag Champions. Did this match expose The Viking Raiders? The Main event of NXT was just down right Epic! We had a 6-Man Battle Royal here to see who will face EC3 for the NXT Championship. Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, Iars Sullivan, Kieth Lee, Mat Riddle, and Aliestar Black all threw down to get that opportunity. The match was amazing any one of these competitors could of toke the glory. The one who rose to the occasion was Matt Riddle. Matt Riddle got a pin fall over Keith Lee yet again but what was crazy was that Sullivan could of stopped it he was just to slow to break the count. Next Episode we get to see Matt Riddle versus NXT Champion EC3! Who will win the match? Who were you rooting for to win the six man battle royal? This concludes the premiere episode of Break it Down! I left some questions for you the fans to answer feel free to share your opinions down below. Next Episode we get a break down of Monday Night Raw to follow up with everything that transpired. What are your predictions for Monday Night Raw? Thank you all and good day!
  14. Bizzy

    Sending a Message

    Bizzy has been spotted backstage and a reporter approaches him. (Bizzy is currently stretching out his arms and legs) Reporter: Bizzy you didn’t really seem yourself during your match for the United States Championship. Are things ok and going to be different for Survivor Series? Ahem that was really embarrassing. Seems I got to stretch the old joints out. I should of applied the Icy Hot before the match silly me! Seriously you wake up, you work out, you get your routine down pact and then your just like dam where’s my icy hot. Look all jokes aside I was not focused out there at all. I let things distract me and get in the way of what I was pursuing. The bounce back has been a bit of a shock for me but that’s okay. The fans deserve better and the current champ deserves better as well. Everyone will get the better version of me. So, listen up carefully Champ, you pulled of a victory yes but grasp that title as tight as you can there buddy. I’m going to show you the real me, the real person who deserves to be a champion. I’m sure your feeling glorious, you got a smile on your face, your filled with joy. I know the feeling but unfortunately your time will be up shortly. I know everyone makes these threats and they say I’m a winner, but I’ll back my words up. You’ll see Mikey I’m coming for you. As a matter of fact this just isn’t a message for you. It’s a message for the whole division. Bizzy is back and the work will be put in. I’ve noticed some people here are just too dam comfortable. You win a match and you think oh yeah I’m going to be in the driver seat for a long time. Nope! Sorry Mikey come Survivor Series there is no Surviving for you. For the other people that want your title I hope they wake up and grind too, because I want a all out war. That goes for everyone out here, if you want something then take it! Mikey Your championship run will meet my fire because I plan to Burn! IT! Down!
  15. Sorry for my absence I’ve been Bizzy with school work 😎

    1. Julius


      I love what you did there 

  16. This is fucking epic, consider me a fan.
  17. Current Figureheads: Seth Rollins Name: Bizzy Nickname: Night King Current Alignment: Face Height: 6’4 Weight: 220 lbs Born: Brooklyn, NY Gimmick/Background: Was a rising star that lost his way and had to travel the world to regain that burning fire. Coming out of NYC Bizzy has no fear to any challengers. He has much to prove to himself and to the fans around the globe. Comes off to please the fans but there may be something sinister inside him at times. Winter is coming. He traveled through Europe, Asia, and The US and now he turned to the grandest platform of them all. When in the ring Bizzy is pure art, calculating every move to structural break down his opponent. It’s pure architectural. Bizzy respects the fans and for the most part his opponents. What he truly desires is overcoming all odds set against him. Regardless you won’t see a backdown from Bizzy at times can be blunt but still respects all opponents. Movesets similar to Seth Rollins with a devastating spear as a finisher. If the spear doesn’t do the trick his opponents will taste the mat with a curb stomp to close the deal. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 1x BPZ Tag Champ 1x IC Champ 1x European Champ Theme/ Music Video:
  18. I think Seth Rollins needs to grab this win to get some momentum going as shit as it sounds but that’s where my mind set is for this. Charlotte Flair to close the loop on Bayley to lead into a match with Becky. Maybe women takes all titles match? I didn’t like Bayley as champ honestly. Great watching Kevin get rid of Shane it was time for that and needed. I really hope they build on him and give him a nice push. As far as a Raw superstar to go to SD it’s a tough call cuz I’m not sure there’s been so much mix up I’m not even sure where a benefit would be exciting.
  19. This Raw was boring. I don’t feel any clarity in the horrible Hell In a Cell match with Seth and Bray. It was horrific at its finest. The attention was all on the women which I don’t have a problem with but to me it’s starting to become overkill. If they want this cuck storyline with rusev which is stupid but don’t have Orrin be a target like really? Got to do better then this. Now this Fury and Braun stuff it was entertaining and then it got dull. Like you both two heavyweights and some tiny guys are holding you back. Monster among men my butt. I’m hoping they spice things up because at the moment I am unimpressed. Overall will the draft even be exciting? I’m not even hyped for it at the time being.
  20. Back Story: Bizzy: Vince Baby what it do! Man I’m your biggest fan. My guy what are you a solid 300? (Slaps knee, chuckling) Vince: Why did you set this meeting up? Do you know who I am? I’m in no laughing mood. I had a bunch of lawyers summon me here with no explanation! Bizzy: Vincy did you miss breakfast or something? Have a seat then and let’s get to business then shall we? Vince: Business? There is no... Bizzy: Vince stop talking, need you to hear this clearly. You’ve started a great thing, he’ll you managed to hold on to it for a while. However, the thing is you’re getting full, boring. Your ignoring the fans and it’s just time for a change. Vince: You snub son of a Bizzy: Let me finish that sentence for you. The bitch in this scenario is you. This is a hostile takeover. I’m the richest man on the world and I just had to rip this company from you. It needs a whole make over. You can be on your way, you are no longer needed. Vince: You can’t do this! Bizzy: It’s done. The door Vince (Vince storms out) Bizzy now moves towards the news media outside his building. The times we live in is beautiful ladies and gentleman. As you are aware I now own all of WWE except it’s not called WWE and as much talent as they had. I have a much more vibrant roster to participate in our new show. We are All Out Carnage. Now don’t let my charming smiling, sexy face, amazing body, and money fool you. I’m on this roster as well and I don’t pull punches. This elaborate show is All Out Carnage the name speaks for itself. Your going to see some crazy individuals not afraid to do anything at any given moment. This show is not for the faint of heart, this isn’t pg-13 baby this is Extreme ratings. Money talks baby and now it’s time to walk. I look forward to getting in the ring with the best of the best. Weakness will get your career destroyed in this brand. Its all or nothing. Put up or shut up. We’ll be airing soon got some contracts to present and then the show will kick off. You’ll also get updated news on storylines and rankings as well. Here’s the kicker we love feedback from the fans no more ignoring what the fans demand we want to know all your dreams and suggestions. Now if you can all excuse me I got a dinner date on a private island and a jet to catch it’s going to be a long day if you know what I mean.
  21. Bizzy

    A.O.C {Sign Up}

    Do you love wrestling? Are you tough? Are you willing to put your body, soul, sweat, blood, tears on the line? Are you the best at what you do? Do you love a good twisted storyline? Then you deserve to be on this dam show! Here’s the application fill it out if your bold enough to tangle with the best of the best, this is All Out Carnage! Name: figure head: weight: gimmick Aspirations: finisher: face or heel a realistic contract price:
  22. Name - Bizzy Age - 28 Figurehead - Seth Rollins Finisher - Spear PS4 or Xbox? - Xbox Weight - 225 ripped Enemy in kayfabe - Everyone who looks my way
  23. PRELUDE: There was a time when the world was at peace, yeah we had problems but we also had free will. The skies would be blue, the birds would chirp, and the sun would feel amazing. We had cars, we had life, we had technology. All that went to shit one dark deadly day. I woke up covered in the dust, people are screaming, buildings are falling. Clueless to anything going on, I stand to make sense of what's going on. I turn down an alley and what do I see a human eating another human. I'm in a panic it's time to move. That was a year ago. We approach the month of October and of course Halloween is around the corner, I managed to get a group of people and we built a tight relationship. The biggest thing to have in this world is trust. Let me paint the scenario for you it's dark, gloomy, the skies are never blue, there are no birds, its just human and walkers. Humans can not be trusted and at this state it;s all out war. We need to do runs daily to survive and protect our base at all causes. Even though I said we have a tight relationship at times people can be sneaky and my guard is never down. The only question I ever have is whose next to die, will we make it through the day, or will we ever find a cure? I mentioned earlier that these are walkers right? Don;t think these are your movie type Zombies where they move slow. NOPE! These things are savages, we call them walkers in the day but in the night they become unknown, their smart, they move in packs, their fast, and they aim to kill at all cost. For now these are the creatures we've come across but hey you never really know what can come bumping out the night. Can you?
  24. I want to put the appropriate work into this, when I first spinned this idea we had good collaborations.Please sign up and when the time comes you will need to make some difficult choices. Anything can happen, from anywhere at any time. Can you survive in this disastrous world?
  25. Name: Bizzy weight: 225 soaking wet height: 6’4 Finisher: Wrecking Havoc ( spear) Finisher: Curb Stomp Attire : Seth Rollins figurehead: Seth Rollins Gimmick: Seth / HHH theme Alliance: Face / heel either works tag: no chance 😂

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