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  1. Week 2: New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins Coach Pat Shurmur and The Giants feel like they have a lot to prove in this home game here today. They feel like they owe the fans for a short coming I. Week one against the Packers. Giants came out swinging out the fence as they looked to score but we had a tough defense from both Giants and Miami throughout the first quarter. Mid Way through the 2nd Quarter Rookie Nate Watson gets the ball moving utilizing both TE Evan Engram and HB Saqoun Barkley setting up an easy 10 yard pass to the end zone for Odell Beckham Giants score first. Miami Dolphins would look to come back out get pushed out of field goal range causing a punt and the Giants move the ball down field yet again. New Gork Giants get a second trip into the end zone but end up kicking a field goal making it 10-O. There’s not much time left in the Game and Dolphins tries to go for it on fourth down and come up short. Miami plays lockdown defense setting the giants up for a 54 yard FG attempt. Aldrick Rosas lines up the kick and banks it’s right before the half is up giving momentum to the Giants making it 13-0. Second half is more of a defensive game if anything not causing any more action until the fourth quarter where S. Barkley would punch it into the end zone making the score 21-0. Miami playing for pride tries an attempt deep into the end zone where it gets snagged by Janoris Jenkins causing the Giants to smartly run the clock out. QB Nate Watson ends with 252 yds 1 TD and 1 INT HB S. Barkley 88 yds with 1 TD - we was able to grab a quick interview with him and asked him how is he feeling so far this season? “I’m feeling good I want more rushing yards but I need to work harder. I fully understand we are in rebuild mode so I’m going to do everything I can to help, not to mention I already have 3 touchdowns on the season I’d say I’m starting off good” After the game we spoke with DT Dalvin Tomlinson who is cleared from his shoulder injury in week 1
  2. Its no secret that AJ Styles is probably one of the greatest currently on the roster. I can’t picture him just calling it quits, he has so much passion for the sport and is extremely entertaining but in reality what else does he really have to proof? Either way it goes I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done throughout his journey so far. Do you guys think there’s more he could do or what would you like to see from AJ Styles? Source: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2018/11/aj-styles-talks-about-his-future-in-wrestling-648191/
  3. The show felt like a normal show I didn’t see much of a rally from being swept at Survivor Series. I got to admit whatever Charlotte Flair is going through I’m enjoying it. New Day crushing the tag team champs isn’t surprising to me and Daniel Brian promo was decent. Excited to see what AJ will do when he returns, overall I’m just going to see how things develop on Smackdown I need more out of the brand.
  4. Welcome everybody it’s now time to talk NFL! What a week for Football fans as we had some spectacular games. Let’s first talk about the New York Giants even though they lost, they looked really good I think we are going to see one hell of a season out of them let’s just look at some stats real quick. Rookie QB Nate Watson 86.6 QB rating 333 passing yards with 3 touchdowns. He has some things to work on but this being his first game I’m impressed. HB Saquon Barkley has only 56 rushing yards its kind of low but had a receiving touchdown. TE Evan Engram 8 receptions 108 yards with 2 touchdowns Odell Beckham has 84 yards receiving before the injury, which we are thankful turned out to be bruised ribs. Overall I think we are in for a good season could be wrong let’s take a look at some results during week 1
  5. What a game to start off the season so much action happened here that we really can’t be too disappointed in any of these teams. 1st Half: We got the rookie QB Nate Watson taking the field and moving the ball nicely down the field. He started off with making a great connection with Evan Engram as the TE scores the first points of the game and his first touchdown of the season. The Giants are looking good in defense as they stop the Packers from making any points on the board. Nate Watson throws a pass to Odell Beckham and then Beckham gets popped hard. Odell getsbsent to the locker rooms and checked on. Not a good look for The Giants if they lose there top Wide Reciever in the first Game. Nate Watson continues to push on as he throws another touchdown to Evan Engram as the score is now 14-0. We have two minutes left in the second quarter and Nate Watson is in possession yet again looks to throw to Shepard and the timing is off as he throws his first interception of the game. Aaron Rodgers is looking to make something happen with the Packers but he throws an interception as Jeffrey Clemmings picks him off for 15 yards! Rookie QB Nate watson looks to shake off the interception as he moves the ball down the field makes a big construction throwing to HB Saquaon Barkley for a 30 yd touchdown. Giants go up 21-0. There is 49 seconds remaining in the first half and Aaron Eodgers takes full advantage as he scores with 10 seconds remaining, this puts a boost to his team morale as they finally get on board. 2nd Half: Green Bay comes out guns blazing as they score in the third Qaurter and then it goes back and forth until the 4th Quarter that Packers score yet again making it now 25-21 with Green Bay taking the lead! This is the first time the Giants is not in the lead of the game and there is only 2 minutes remaining. RB Saquan Barkley took things into his own hands as he used his power and agility to makes his way into the end zone making the score 28-25. The New York against are focused as they are playing lockdown defense and Aaron Rodgers is looking to throw deep. Rodgers launches the ball high and FS D. Randall snags an inrerception. Green Bay has two timeouts remaining and there’s under a minute remaining. The Giants are looking to run the clock out when something unexpected happens Sawuan Barkley fumbles and the Packers not only recover the ball but run it back for a touchdown bringing the score now 32-28! Unbelievable rookie quarter Back does everything he cans to bring the giants back into the lead but the clock just runs out Packers win.
  6. The Giants did not have a good season they ended up finishing the season 6-10. The Los Angeles Rams would face off against The New England Patriots at Super Bowl LIII with the Rams overcoming the Patriots 13-10. With another year of the Giants not making the playoffs there is some serious work that needs to be done. OFFSEASON / PRE-SEASON: The New York Giants elect to resign Landon collins for 4 years $27.4M We expect nothing from the best out of Landon Collins as well as inspiring other members on the defensive Roster. The New York Giants docnot have much faith in Quarter Back Eli Manning he has not been released, however he is added onto the Trade Block for the Season. The Giants drafted Nate Watson out of LSU who has now been declared as starting QB for now. New York Giants acquires CB Morris Claiborne from Free Agency and then trades him to the Browns for FS Damarion’s Randall. Looks like the main focus for now is to rebuild the defense of the Giants. Coach Pat Shurmur has a lot on his plate this season. He stated that it’s going to be a challenging road as he looks to rebuild the Giants but he’s promised a goal of at least 7 season wins with a minimum of making the Playoffs. He announced that he’s not going to shoot big and gaurantee a super bowl right now the main focus is rebuilding our team as a whole. We are in a very difficult situation but we have to look at the future of the Giants and put all personal feelings aside. The New York Giants are about to have their hands full because there first game is against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. With Eli being second string is the rookie college stud ready to carry the Giants to a win? With some changes on the defensive side will it help? Does Aaron Rodgers shred through the Giants Defense?
  7. I honestly wouldn’t mind Seth winning because that’s just a cash in. Who I think can easily win it has to be Braun. I got to admit it’s time for Braun to be a main eventer. He held the IC title for over a year I mean literally from 2K18 to 2K19 if that doesn’t scream main eventer, then I’m not sure what does.
  8. I’m bringing this back as I had fun writing it and it also allows you guys to help make some tough decisions. This is literally the last stand of mankind. You’ll make friends, you’ll make enemies. Some may live some may die we just don’t know. Everything that happens it’s based off of your personality and who you want to be in life. So tell us about yourself your name, personality type, anything you think we should know about you will help. Once I feel like enough people has signed up then I’ll start the prologue and introduction. If not many people sign up then I’ll just create some characters, either way we are going to have one hell of a story! Let’s have fun with this!
  9. Chapter 2: Damien is disgusted at what he see, he shouts “I’m a monster, what have they done to me!” Damien can feel anger boiling through his veins, as he gets angrier his body begins to change some more and suddenly he calms himself. Damien still has one peaceful thought and that is his wife and child. Damien knows deep down he’ll never be able to go back to his family looking like this. He paces the room and takes a seat and begins to think. He thinks about what that voice in his head was telling him. Damien stands once more and walks to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. Shocked he sees his normal image except with a scar across his left eye. Damien exits the building and walks the town and arrives at a train station. “I’m buying a one way ticket back to America, I have some unfinished business to attend to. However there’s a scent I can’t stop smelling, seems I’ll be needing to go to New York.” Damien sits himself in the back of the train where no one can see him and begins to rest. The journey was very long but at last the train arrives into the great city of New York. Damien follows the scent and it takes him to a back Alley in Times Square. He walks down the alley but then he hears a noise, he can sense he’s not alone. Who are you? And what are you doing back here? Damien pauses for a minute and then speaks “I know you do not know of me, but if you don’t remove yourself from here I promise you will. I come here to find the one named Blade.” The female hisses at the name and then a swarm of her followers come out from the shadows and surround Damien. She says you are surrounded and just looking at you I can see this is your fate human. Damien begins laughing “Human? That is where you misjudged me!” Damien now transforms and lunges at the vampires. Some of them took a good shot at him but he shrugged them off instead he got more angry and grew bigger. He began feasting on the vampires scaring the female Vampire away before Damien could get a hand on her. Damien now snugging the air breaks down the door and makes his way to the basement. There he sees a man chained up and famished. Damien now grabs a hold of Blade and carries him out, when he arrives upstairs he sees more vampires awaiting him. Damien knows he can take them on but sees Blade is in no shape so without even realizing it wings grows out of his back and they fly off. Blade told the man of a hideout and they arrive at the spot. Blade Asian Damien what is your name. Damien turns and says you can call me Blood.
  10. Bizzy

    January 11th

    Carnage Host: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another episode of Carnage. Last episode when we were here we witnessed the return of Bizzy and it took us all by surprise. Since he has been back we have been able to get an interview with him, let’s take a look on how that went. Carnage Reporter: “Bizzy you have made your return tell us how does it feel?” Bizzy: I got to be honest with you it was overwhelming. I wasn’t quite sure how the fans would reacts, let alone the superstars backstage. The moment I hit that stage I felt like I was home. Carnage Reporter: “Bizzy what’s next for you?” Bizzy: As I mentioned I plan on rising to the top there’s a lot going on the scene so I got to see where I best fit. However, tune in to see what’s really next for me. Carnage Reporter: “Bizzy what’s your current mind state?” Bizzy: Look I’m mentally prepared to go to war with any one. Ultimately the GM makes all decisions but it doesn’t matter because nothing is stopping me from being a world champ. I’m hungry, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m back baby! So here we are tonight to find out what is the next move for Bizzy. Bizzy hits the stage and he looks more hyped then ever. He walks down the stage giving some fans a hand shake and walks around the ring embracing the fans of Carnage. Bizzy rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles beckoning someone to toss him a microphone. Bizzy hops down from the turnbuckle and stands in the middle of the ring. Wow! Man oh Man does it feel good to be here tonight in front of you all. There’s been something heavy on my mind and I’m sure some people have been wondering what’s your next move Bizzy? You been gone so long why now? Where have you been? Are you the same? I got it there’s a lot to make up for but people, trust me I’m going to do it big. I’m going to do it so dam big your going to be like my goodness what did I just witness. Your going to feel like Carnage just won the dam Super Bowl! Yes!! So I been gone for a long time, too long if I say so myself but in that time of absence I’ve recovered nicely from prior injuries, I’ve mentally rehabilitated myself so I can come back stronger then ever. I’ve been paying attention since I been back I can see what’s going on. Every one is talking about a new Era. There’s apparant a Kingdom looking to take out Evolution. Let’s get a round of applause for that big match to come. (Crowd begins to clap) Me personally I’m neutral I got a different agenda for me so whether your old, new, different, same, it doesn’t matter because I know I’m a Carnage Original. Just look back on my career prior to my departure. I’ve had some tough battles, I’ve earned my titles, and I’ve fought hard to get to where I’m at. I’m not the same Bizzy as before I’m elevated, some people will come out here and tell you a story that can take months to figure out, me I’m to the point. I prefer the action and let you fans tell the story. Bizzy pauses and turns to the stage January 11th I plan on being apart of Carnage Scramble and I will win. You see there’s only one thing I didn’t do before I left and that was win a world title. So I’m back and I’m picking up right where I left off and that’s being at the top of the food chain. Do I expect a challenge? You dam right! I know some of you are back there like who does Bizzy think he is to just come down here and think he’s going to take everything away? I’m here to prove I belong and to that I simply say prove me wrong, put me to test, but just know once you step up you better put up. The fact remains January 11th will be the biggest show for Carnage by far and when, not if, but when I win the Scramble I plan on shooting straight for the top guy whoever it may be at the time. As of right now this very moment there’s honestly nothing but a date and time that separates me from climbing to the top, but until then anybody is welcome to go a round with me.
  11. Coming off of Survivor Series it wasn’t a bad show. I’m more excited for Braun to become a loose cannon now considering what he went through. Ronda gave a motivational promo but wasn’t thrilled from a easy win. Raw for me is exciting just to see Rollins and Dean go at it, it’s really the only angle that’s carrying the show at the moment.
  12. I give it a solid 4 I did not enjoy the sweep that RAW did. They have all this talent in both shows and made SD look horrible. I will say the match between Seth and Nakamura was amazing. Daniel brian new persona with the low blow was humorous but he still got a beating. They could of done something different besides rely on a sweep to keep baron Corbin as acting gm 😂
  13. CHAPTER 1: The night is very cold, a thick heavy set of fog fills the graveyard, the rain is coming down heavy making the dirt moist and muddy. The moon is out and its very full tonight. Deep in the middle of the graveyard a hand has reached out and a man is pulling himself out of the ground. The man is breathing very heavy, he rolls over on his back and let’s the rain hit his face. His eyes are closed and he lets his thoughts recollect: “What happened to me, something does not feel right. I remember coming to meet a top client and then blackness. All I see in my head is darkness, pain, suffering, and wait whats going on? I can see a light, who are you?” An angel is tapping into Damien Blood’s mind to deliver a message: “Damien Blood you are the chosen one! You will be the savior of mankind and the protector of Earth. This may all be confusing to you but you’ve been killed and betrayed, however you’ve been sort of blessed with a gift. You are the first of your kind, a rare breed, we never seen anything like you to be honest. In your soul you still have your Humane thoughts, yet you have the blood mix of Vampires and Werewolves. We have never really seen quite a mix like this but that’s not all. You see the gods from above observed what happened to you and they believe you are the one they’ve been waiting for. The reason why you’ve been awoken now was the gods have blessed you with a gift. I shall not go into specific details, but just know you have some godly powers. Your soul mission is to find those who have been emprisoned and set them free. Find Blade, Constantine, and Van Helsing. Fight the Evil and protect the human race!” The light vanishes and Damien blood sits up, and looks down at his hands. He opens his eyes and can feel life being restored back to him. Mr. Blood rises on his feet and begins to move in the darkness, he’s fast and very shifty. No set destination in mind he’s just traveling around. Mr. Blood is London and he’s standing on top of a building looking down. I’m the middle of all this rain he can see a guy chasing a female in the alley. She’s screaming for help, he observes deeply, turning his head he can see the blood pumping through their bodies, he can hear her heart beating rapidly, he can feel the mans excitmennr from stalking her down. Mr. Blood suddenly appears behind the man and grips the back of his neck. He lifts the man and screams at the woman to leave, as the woman runs away confused he begins to talk to the man. This will be a one way conversation as you see this is the last day you will walk this Earth. You had an opportunity to live free, yet you choose to bring harm to those weaker then you, at this point your guilty and I’m your judgment call. Damien stomach begins rumbling and an excitement rushes his body, without any hesitation or control Damien rips the flesh from the mans neck and begins feasting. He refuses to stop drains the man of all his blood. Damien drops what’s left of the man to the ground and leaps in the air. Damien goes through the town and finds an abandoned building. He makes his way through the rooms and finds a bathroom, in that bathroom he sees a mirror. Damien has his head down in the sink and slowly rises his head up. He looks in the mirror and then...
  14. Bizzy

    WWE: 2018

    Name: Bizzy Age: 27 Nationality: Puerto Rican Gimmick: Mix between Seth and Roman Past Experience (Past Promotions and Titles): ROH Finisher(s): Spear, Curb Stomp Signature Move(s): Turnbuckle Power Bomb, Super Kick Preferred Theme Song: Seth’s Theme build: 6’4 225 solid soaking wet FACE
  15. INTRODUCTION: The world you know is no longer, in this world only the strong survives and they feast on the weak. I know what your think the weak is the poor, the unhealthy, or the old. What if I told you there is more then just humans that roam the Earth. For centuries there have been myths about creatures roaming the night. Rumors been told about how gods use to walk the Earth to protect the human race. I’m talking about your biggest fears being true to mankind zombies, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, if you can think it they are in existence. The year now is 2018 and there is a strong alliance that was formed between all powers among the world. The vampires, and werewolves managed to control zombies and demons and cast away angels like Constantine, hunters like Van Helsing, and slayers like Blade. With the human race with no one to turn too where does that leave them? The answer is hidden away through a tragic event that happened 4 years ago. There was a man named Damien Blood who loved his family very much. He was a very successful business man. He created an industry of distributing blood to the vampire race. He had a partner whose name shall not be mentioned at this time who grew to become very jealous. Damien never knew his partner was a werewolf and banked off making the vampire race a successful culture. Damien’s business partner scheduled a secret meeting with Dracula himself to talk ways of expanding his company to new level. Friday the 13th 2014 Damien would kiss his family goodbye for the last time he just didn’t know it. Damien would set out to his trip out in London and told his family he’ll be back in a week. When Damien arrived to the location where he would meet Dracula things seemed very odd. He was confronted by a man who said “Dracula has changed the location you are to ride with me.” It was a full moon and the air was very cold hesitant Damien got inside the vehicle and they rode out for hours and the car stops in front of a cementary. Damien was spooked and was ready to leave until he heard a familiar voice call out his name, it was his business partner. Damien followed his partner further into the graveyard where he would see Dracula waiting. Before Damien could reach out his hand his business partner lunged at him and scratched him across his chest and sliced a mark across his eye. Damien falls to the ground losing blood and the last thing Damien sees is Dracula taking a bit into his neck leaving him there lifeless. Damien died that night, his family never saw him again and a partnership grew strong that night between Vampires and Werewolves. Everything was going to plan perfectly until Friday the 13th 2018 is where things will change. That graveyard that Damien was buried in suddenly has a hand pop out of the grave itself. The human race does not know this yet but a Legend has just been born and Vengeance is going to be a long journey for Mr. Blood.
  16. I like the way this is going and I absolutely cannot wait to see the end result of this match. Two powerful heavyweights looking to take each other out. Daniel cormeir extremely good at wrestling but can Brock KO Daniel is the biggest question 🤔
  17. Wrestler's Name: Bizzy  Age: 27 Country: USA Promotions: ROH Titles: None Face or Heel: Face Character: Seth Rollins Ever since Bizzy was young he was always a fan of wrestling, dedicating his life to one day make an impact for an industry. Bizzy grew up in a rough neighborhood and knows what it means to struggle. His journey is only beginning as he looks to become a rising star.
  18. Currently I’m bouncing between two games. I play a ton of red dead redemption 2 and then revisit Spider-Man both games are just a blast of fun
  19. I don’t like the idea of the multi man wrestlmania Universal Title Match. I feel like if WWE wants to give Braun the title then he should give the hands to someone one on one. He’s the monster among men I don’t see a meaningful win because he pinned someone else (it most likely won’t be Lesnar). on The flip side if they are thinking of something like this for the match then I wouldn’t mind Drew coming out as champ. I love Serh rollins but I currently like him in his feud with Ambrose.
  20. I honestly enjoy the Universal Title on Raw, however I’ve seen lately so many issues in this division. What Raw really needs is some more heavyweights. Roman would of had a nice decent run with the title but now they handed it back to Brock. I know Lesnar brings in money but it’s old to see Brock only appear here and there. You got guys like Braun whose shredding the Raw locker room then gets treated like a little boy when it comes to the title. What I feel like they missed out on was giving a run to Finn Balor. I also don’t mind a guy like Drew to get a shot at the title as well. Brock needs to drop this title after Survivor Series, if all else then dammit let Braun get a run, really not sure why the WWE is prolonging this.
  21. Bizzy

    Homecoming Gift

    The lights go dark in the arena, the Carnage fans sit quietly, and the music plays... Bizzy makes his way through the curtains and pauses on the stage. In his mind his thoughts run wild: “Man what a feeling, it’s been way to long since I felt this” Bizzy makes his way down to the ring and rolls in, there’s a chair already staged in the middle. Bizzy takes a seat once more his thoughts circle his head “Here we go the time is now” Bizzy brings the microphone up to his face: This place, this very moment, being here in front of all of you is what I’ve been preparing for. I’ve been gone a while, things have changed, people of changed, but me no I’m an original. From the very beginning I’ve always been the type of individual to fight and returning here to Carnage makes no difference. Bizzy rises out of his chair and turns towards the stage.. To the Superstars in the back listening, I’m very much back. I’ve returned Home and make no mistake I will make it to the top where I truly belong. Friend or Foe no one will stop me from making a true impact in this business. So be prepared because I’m bringing everything to the table. Bizzy turns to the people at Carnage Tonight I leave you all with a guaranteed gift. I will provide that excitement that you feel when watching your favorites on t.v. I will give you something to go home and talk about among your family. I will never turn my back on any of you. Bizzy is here to stay and trust and believe together we will Burn It Down.
  22. Looking at this I’m feeling a Raw win here. Ronda has been beating down everyone who stepped up to the plate. I know Becky can out wrestle her for sure but I’m picturing a win by Rhonda via viscious arm bar.
  23. I’m not sure I quite understand the reason for the sudden change but none the less I don’t see Brock Lesnar losing. It would make no sense to have Brock slaughter the big bad Braun just to lose to Daniel Bryan. Nothing against Daniel I just don’t see him beating Lesnar. Styles had a good run with the title the change over prolly should of happened after survivor series. This feels like to me they had Daniel win the title to avoid AJ Styles getting slaughtered by Lesnar.
  24. It’s been a while, any body missed me (: 

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