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Everything posted by arenafootball

  1. true but if he is getting hype he probably can
  2. the moment your tired but dont wanna go to sleep

    1. Bashka


      Me every night.

  3. But i dont think they will get to the finals for the next few year though
  4. Yea if he keeps it up he even chould be drafted decently high
  5. Yea hopefully he will be a pretty good kicker some day
  6. And i dont even know if bulls still have a very good shot or not now
  7. Hopefully he will be it would be cool to see him in action
  8. Yea must of eminems songs are good vanilla ice only had 1 hit song ice ice bady lol
  9. Yea to some degree every team in the west chould win in the east maybe two or three lol
  10. He has some pretty good songs
  11. Yea western conference is way better than eastern lol
  12. Yea i just saw that the nfl tweeted a video of a Baylor kicker kicking a 70 yard field goal
  13. Yes they really should be aleast an average team
  14. Yea the basicly have only had 3 or 4 actally good playes ever lol
  15. Yea there the first team in history to get the last 3 conservative first picks lol

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