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  1. BPZ Press's conference live from Wembley Stadium, London, England. The stadium where BPZ King of the ring 2019 will be held. Now is time for the first ever BPZ Tag team Summit. Chairs around a long table are set up. The Deadman's hand theme plays first and Blade is the first out onto the stage. He is greeted by a chorus of boos as he walks to the stage taking the first podium. Blade, "I won't start off by asking you all do you know who I am, but I will ask do you know why I am here? I said this before, I am having this BPZ Tag Team summit. All the tag teams that are competing at the King of the ring, I call you all here to day to get a look at the competition. The Deadman's hand making a change to the Press Conference order and giving the tag team's their own panel. You should thank the Deadman's hand because you get a spotlight for once, also you should thank the Deadman's hand since you only make a fool of yourselves once on your trek to face the BPZ Tag team champions. I mean look at the state of yourselves and I mean get a really good look do any of you think you stand a snow ball chance in even giving the champions a threat towards their title reign? I mean do any of you actually think you are even on the same level as Brenden and Sameer? I broke down each team, and look at yourselves. If you think you do then you are even bigger fools then I said you all were this last few weeks. The team of nobodies, the team of rookies, and the team of retirees, even combined into one team you three teams wouldn't stand a chance. None of you have that drive that will bring you to their level, none of your have the determination and the will to get that job done and dethrone the champions But the Deadman's hand can, and we know what we must do to get the job done." Blade stops for a second then taps the podium that he stands at once Blade, "Who actually is going to show up I wonder as the Deadman's hand is here in full, my partner will be showing up a bit later but I am here to look my opponents in the eye and show them what a real team looks like. So who will be here, will the SSW club actually show up? They might, they don't know when they are already beat. That's their biggest problem they think they are big fish when they are the smallest ones in the pond. Maybe the rookie duo has showed up and finally see what real competition looks like. Or maybe it will be the United Nations, All those retiree's are going to show up and see a team that will be better then any one of them could have been during their prime. So let's see who thinks their ready to be face to face with the Deadman's hand. Who is going to see the team that is going to beat them this weekend at BPZ King of the Ring? That's not a prediction, that's a spoiler. The Deadman's hand is going to use the fatal four way as a message to be send to the tag team champions. That message is simple, and will become very clear this weekend when we finish up with these teams." Blade finishes up and takes a seat at the table waiting for the first team to show up for the BPZ Tag Team Summit at the Press Conference for King of the Ring.
  2. The spot light hits the entrance way in Manchester as the theme of the Deadman's hand plays, but nobody comes out onto stage instead on the titantron Blade appears sitting in a room with a poker table live via satellite Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Now lets get down to business, look who all showed up. Well not me because I couldn't be asked to show up here in Manchester since that isn't the location of where it matters and that will be at London for BPZ King of the ring. Now I was sitting at home scrolling through things to watch and saw on BPZ TV that you all were running your mouths. For that second I saw that I nearly feel to sleep just watching you guys go at it. I mean we have the failed group of the SSW club and the group of retirees who are past their prime exchanging words with the former group. Like who even is giving you all the TV time to come out here? Nobody wants to see the SSW club, and nobody asked for them to come out, so you can sure bet nobody cares what you guys have to say. So you guys claim Alex Costa attack Bulldozer? And? Who cares? Nobody in the SSW club if they were attacked anyone would care. You guys are nobodies. If the SSW Club disbanded right now the amount of people depressed by that are just those members of the SSW club who haven't left it yet. And there is the United Nations a group of legends that are nearly just like the SSW club." Blade pauses and sits forward towards the camera Blade, "I did the breakdown for the United Nations, the retirees and looking at this group of legends and I just have to shake my head in disappointment. I mean there are so many legends in BPZ and you three are at the bottom of the pool of legends that are in BPZ. If you were a team of Bashka, Neb, and Bailey, then yeah you guys could be a formidable team but the thing is, you guys are the legends that is just like the SSW Club and that means nobody cares about any of you. You are the lowest legends there are, the only reason two of you are legends because you guys have been here longer then others and the other is Brad." Blade points at the camera to point at the ring Blade "None of you have what it takes to be a winning tag team. You guys have numbers but with your bigger teams you lack in what actually matters and that is a drive and the will to get the job done. That's what Kieron and I will do at King of the Ring, get the job done and become the number one contenders to the BPZ Tag Team Championship! The Deadman's hand is going to win. The SSW Club is going to go back to being the nobodies they are, Alex and Raven are going to finally see what real BPZ competition is like. Then the United Nations can go back into retirement. We hold the cards, and well you guys are all..." Blade then lightly kicks a trash bin to get his message across Blade, "Is that message clear? While you are all that you will soon all know who are the Deadman's hand." Blade stops and the theme plays again.
  3. The titantron comes up instead of Blade coming out to the Switzerland crowd, the titantron comes up with the sign, live via satellite as Blade appears sitting back in a chair on the titantron Blade, "Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Yes I am not there live tonight, we know why, so lets get to the final breakdown before King of the ring. One team left and that is my team the Deadman's hand. Now I have broke down every team and I will do the same to my own. Let's get to it" Blade pulls out a list of name and they are different they are playing cards he places the first name Kieron Black Blade, "Let's start with my tag team partner Kieron Black. Now yes he has certainly has had his ups and downs in BPZ, having more loses then wins but look at the work he has put in BPZ. Kieron Black is a former BPZ Premium Champion just like I am he captured the Premium championship. One of the on again and off again titles that has seen some of the most changing divisions in BPZ. Beasts, and Kings alike have been in this division looking to put their name into the list of champions. Kieron got himself into that division and took that title. Kieron Black is also a former United States champion. Now here is the thing, that is the only title that I failed to get and can never go after again. Yet Kieron Black my tag team partner capture that red white and blue championship and made it his. Getting the job done and taking the title that I failed to get during my time in that division. He did that. He has been in multiple high profile matches, he was a former degenerate, a former member of Decay. Teams that people consider unsuccessful but look at what he ended up doing in the long runs. We made our impact our own way. Kieron made and marked his way into every division he could. Now going into King of the ring he will do the same. Even if he doesn't even try, he is still better then everyone else of the other teams. He isn't a member of the failing SSW club, isn't a rookie of the duo who are way over their heads, and aren't teamed up with a bunch of retirees. I mean who can't be Brad? Kieron can get that job done and he will at King of the Ring. But he wont be alone in this match up. as it is a tag team match up and it takes two to make a team so that leads to the next person of the Deadman's hand." Blade then puts down the next card with his name on it. Blade, "And now myself, now I can list off my accomplishment's like I did when I started each breakdown. But lets look at those moment. Im a Former NXT champion, back when NXT champion came and went there was the greatest NXT division class all of its own. July 2015 started the NXT division and made the bar of standards the division setting higher then any other champions and people trying challenge for that championship. We brought it to a whole different level. Before myself we have had Flynn, then myself, then Slim. We all raised that championship to a level that the other championship could never have done it. The first champion Brad, was just only the first person but the title has turned into something far better after he lost it. Next was my BPZ European Championship Reign as Hollow. A title mind you that nobody can ever win again. Either you were or you will never be that champion. It had some of the greatest names as champion. Flynn, Slim, Razor, Necce and myself. The first champion is another retiree in Monda, but look who held the title after him. Those names and look what they accomplished since then Flynn, Slim and Necce they rose about everyone else. I went ahead and went on to create the reign of madness to create what Hollow was as I took the championship from one of its toughest champions from Slim Now we have my Intercontinental title reign, do I even need to go through the linage of that championship of all who have held that? Ranging from Bailey, to Flynn, Slim, Bashka, and many others of the top guys in BPZ have held this championship that I myself held Taking the title once again after Slim, I won it and put my name in the history as Hollow when I took the championship. My final championship so far before we get to Emergence 2019 is my BPZ Premium championship Reign. The prize that I fought for almost as long as I have for the tag championships. The Premium championship. I talked about this when I said Kieron' title reign, but the man I took the title from turned into the member of the Kingdom that held the universal title. Echo Wilson. I beat and crushed him after as Hollow I competed against Julius in the first opening of the Unsanctioned Zone. Beaten and battered I beat Echo Wilson and took the Premium Championship home. My latest accomplishment isn't really one but I will say it was fun to do. Remember the Power Trip Cup. A certain Buddy Ace was destroyed after a month of warnings of what I would do to him and he was exterminated. Now I say I am going to destroy these lesser tag team jokes and go on to face the champions at Emergence." Blade moves the cards to the center of the table then kicks the trashcan over the names of the past spill Breakdown episodes spill out Blade, "It will be that easy at King of the ring to take out the other three teams. The SSW club, Alex and Raven, The United Nations, there names were placed where they belong, and I knocked over the bin just like I will do when I knock over each team in this fatal four way match. It is easy because I know what I might do, and what needs to be done. Im not a rookie who is over my head and I am not past my prime as a retiree. I know what I need to do to win and I am more then able to do it. Kieron and I are going to wipe the floor with the tag teams and get our shot at the champions." Blade's camera doesn't go dark instead he get up and moves towards the camera Blade, "Now this is the last breakdown before King of the ring but not my last message. You see, I will be at the next shows next week but I am going to call for a BPZ Tag Team Summit. Before someone thinks too much of it not it isn't an open challenge. I am going to be there in person much like a Press Conference but I will show BPZ what the really number one contenders of this tag division truly look like. See you next week." Blade pushes the camera and it goes dark as Blade's message ends the Breakdown series as Blade gets ready to appear next week on BPZ TV.
  4. Arrow Shiba Julius First Class Express Icon The United States Championship Nobody wins the battle royal Bailey v ???- ??? will be a clone of Bailey and Bailey will win. Nate
  5. Extreme Rules Predictions My predictions in Bold Seth Rollins (c) and Becky Lynch (c) vs. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans Last Chance Winners Take All mixed tag team Extreme Rules match for both the WWE Universal Championship and WWE Raw Women's Championship The Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre No Holds Barred tag team match Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Samoa Joe Singles match for the WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross Handicap match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs. Tony Nese Singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) vs. The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) Triple threat tag team match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Aleister Black vs. Cesaro Singles match Ricochet (c) vs. AJ Styles Singles match for the WWE United States Championship Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley Last Man Standing match The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) Tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship --- Bonus Questions: First Match (Non Preshow)?:Ricochet (c) vs. AJ Styles Singles match for the WWE United States Championship Second To Last Match?: Seth Rollins (c) and Becky Lynch (c) vs. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans Last Chance Winners Take All mixed tag team Extreme Rules match for both the WWE Universal Championship and WWE Raw Women's Championship Will The Undertaker Turn On Roman Reigns?: No Will Brock Lesnar Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract?: Yes Will Alexa Bliss Attack Nikki Cross After Their Match?: No
  6. In, I'll fill out a team in a bit. Edit Team Absol- Mega Spiritomb Zoroark Tyranitar Umberon Krookodile Weavile Crawdaunt
  7. The titantron comes on for the BPZ crowd during the tour with the Live via satellite logo. Blade appears on the screen in the same room he started the Breakdown series. Blade, "Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. So we are back again, I am not going to explain why I am not out there live I said that multiple times in the previous breakdowns. Now we are here for something else, because there is another team that I am going to breakdown for you all and reeducate everyone about. You see this third team is the third team we of the Deadman's hand will be facing. I didn't save them as the last team because they are the best. I'd say they are the worst but I started with the very worst with the club. This is a group of three men, so we are back to another large team to face. Unlike the other two teams these guys aren't rookies. These guys are legends, BPZ Hall of Famers! We have Joh, Monda, and Angelo Nano Brad! We go from rookies to retirees. From people who don't know how to get the job done to the people who cant get the job done anymore. Monda, Joh and whatever your name is at the moment Brad you guys can't get the job done. While the rookies don't know how to beat the champs you guys just plan cant do it. But it wouldn't be proper to breakdown the team if I just summed it all up that you guys cant beat the champs while the Deadman's hand can. So lets get down to it." Blade pulls out a list of names three names and puts the first name on the table first up is Joh Blade, "Lets start up with a former Tag team champion in Joh. You were part of the original very first tag teams in BPZ. But you failed the tag team division then though didn't you? The division died and took a while to get revived again with many of the BPZ working to revive the tag team division after your failure. They call you a legend and hall of famer but have you done recently in the last year? Or the last two years? Is that nothing? So we have a guy here who failed the tag team division in the first run of the division who hasn't done anything for years wanting to come back and do it all over again! You who were the death of the tag division will be the death of it again if you get anywhere near those tag titles again. The thing is I'd be worried if I haven't seen what you have done in the last few years. Like I'd call you the weakest link of your tag team but, I haven't got to that member of your team yet. How are you even a legend? Just because you have been around longer then most others? Yet all I see from you is the original failure of the tag division. We need to move forward in the tag division not back." Blade pushes the name aside then puts the next onto the with Monda's name Blade, "Monda, this part was a bit more difficult as you were my tag partner when the tag division was revived for the first time. But the more I think of it makes this easier to breakdown. Optimus was our tag team at the time but yet we went no where. Now why was that? Because left the team and left me to carry the team on my own! People go on and on and on about Old man Monda and people like you who just show up for a few weeks and treat you like a legend. Why? Because you were one of first people in BPZ? I got to know what you can do when I teamed up with you. And that was you are nothing! A former champion like yourself and you are nothing. Out of all the Hall of famers you get picked just because how long you have been a round. Saying you can't get the job done, is an understatement. You have never been able to get the job done in the tag division. You failed teaming up with myself and you will do it again. You teaming up with Joh is perfect because in a month or two you both will end up disappearing and we won't have to have this conversation again for another year. But right now we have a team who is thinking they can use this as your last chance at success. But it wont happen because you guys just can't do it anymore. Now that leaves us to the last person." Blade pushes Monda's name aside then puts down Brad's name Blade, "Saved you for last Brad out of the three you have the most I can breakdown. I have beaten you before, not once but twice. But I am not the only one who has beaten you. It has become a joke as of late of who can't beat Brad. Your first match back from the latest retirement and I will get to that in a minute was against Bashka, and what happen. Oh yeah you lost! Now lets get to that retirement or at least your latest one because you retire more times then anyone else in BPZ. You lost to Julius then, that was right after I beat you in the Carnage Scramble 2019. Did Julius even really need to try? I mean before then you were just being beaten by everybody. If you faced everyone in this tag match in one on one matches, you would end up with a lose almost every time. Josh versas Brad, you would lose. Meko vs Brad, Meko will win. Brad takes on Bulldozer, it might be stretch and I cannot believe I will say there but Bulldozer would win. Who cannot beat Brad? Seriously. Going from Angelo to Nanovirus to Brad like I am not any different but at least I don't go and put my career on the line at least once maybe twice a year when things don't go my way. You call my team losers, you lose more then any team with combined loses. When is the last time you actually won when it mattered? Saying you should have stayed retired is an understatement. You give the younger talent advice but who wants to take advice from you though? I guess they can do whatever you didn't do. Now saying you can't get job done, you can never get the job done. Now you might say you were the first NXT champion or list off whatever accomplishment you have. But those aren't accomplishments, those are just the failures of whoever you have been against. As Hollow I said you were Flynn's punching bag, but you just are that for everyone now. When I said Joh wasn't the weakest link, that would be you Brad. There cannot be anyone else that would be the weakest link when you are a part of a team. So at this point, going into King of the ring and saying you aren't going to win isn't really a spoiler anymore it just is a given. Your job to win for your team will turn into you losing again." Blade grabs the names and puts them in the bin with the rest of the names where he put in the past Breakdown episodes. Blade, "Another team where it belongs the team of Retirees who just cant get the job done anymore. There is one more team to breakdown, and this will be the best team going to King of the ring. The Breakdown of the Deadman's hand. Stay tuned for the next breakdown." The screen cuts to black after Blade's breakdown of the United Nations. Leaving for the next message when Blade breaks down the Deadman's hand
  8. Out of the predicted people who this might be, got to say Bray Wyatt might be the worst choice for Aleister to face first. Mostly because whoever wins out of those two the other will be worst off. The best idea would be Orton imo. A main event guy like orton could be a big boost for Alester and Orton wont be effected much if he loses and Alester will have a big win over a main eventer. I am looking forward to this however cant wait to see who the revealed door knocker is.
  9. The titantron comes up after the theme song with the Live via satalite message as it comes cutting to Blade who is sitting back in a chair instead of coming out to the Portugal crowd. Blade, "Do you all know who I am?I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. If you are all disappointed against, you should have seen the last message. The only place I need to physically turn up to is at the King of the ring event where Kieron and I will be taking part in the tag team fatal four way contenders match Last time I did the breakdown of the club, now we move forward and look at the Rookie Duo of Alex Costa, and mek...oh right his name is Raven that's right he has a problem with people not calling him by his name. So lets breakdown this next tag team." Blade pulls out a list of two names Blade, "Thankfully this is only a two man team, that is the only good quality they share with the Deadman's hand heading into the King of the Ring Pay Per View. We have two men both rookies in the NXT division or were in the NXT division not sure, I know one of them is the current NXT champion and the other is a former NXT champion. Here is the thing I have to say about this. The first thing I say after asking all of you do you all know who I am is that I am a former NXT Champion myself so we have a bit of common ground there right? Wrong because just because the three of us has held that title doesn't mean a darn thing. Look at the men I have had to face when I was still in the NXT division. People like Slim, and Flynn was just leaving. Who do you guys have? Oh right most of the SSW Club so easy competition. But this isn't about breaking down the SSW club this is about the Rookie Duo so we will begin with one first." Blade places Alex Costa's name down onto the table. Blade, "Alex Costa, greetings this will be the first time you or your partner will be facing me in a PPV. Let's look at your career, you had your moment earlier this year at Saints Valentines day Massacre. You had a chance to be a spotlight in a division that really needed that spot light. Instead what did you do? You dropped off the planet and couldn't be asked to give it your all going into BPZmania of all events! Beaten by Hans, then where did you go from there? That's the real question, you have been floundering around in the lowest division of BPZ. Letting guys just past right by you. How is your run in the Power Trip Cup go? You did just a well as I did, at least the person I face was a finalist. How is your spot in the King of the ring going? Oh you lost or losing to a former degenerate teammate of mine in the first round. At least your partner is having success, he beat Kenji for the NXT title. The title you couldn't keep a hold of at the biggest event in BPZ. Now you are going up against real competition at King of the Ring for the first time. So you better take notes kid, because you are going to hit the harsh reality is, the NXT division you have been part of is a distraction from what real competition is. You are going to lose it is just that simple." Blade pushes the first name out of the way and puts Raven's name down and another name with it Meko. Blade, "Next up is Meko, no wait I am sorry, Raven he wants to be called. The current reigning NXT champion of a division of who is left in it? They have that kid Kenji, and Sheridan possibly but you really don't have that many people in your division to be proud about beating do you? At least you seem to have that drive that your partner didn't have when he took that title. But not that you need it am I right? You got nobody to face. That most likely is for the best because you might fumble and end up losing your title to a SSW club member. Your biggest problem you have with people is them not calling you by your name. Everywhere you look someone is calling you Meko here and Meko there, and you wonder when will people start calling you Raven. See here is the thing, nobody cares what you are called because nobody knows who you are. So why would they know what your name is? Well that isn't going to change much after King of the ring because I regret that I have to inform you, that when the people look back to this match, you will just be that guy in the tag contenders match who just happened to be the NXT champion at the time. That is it. A place holder with a shiny title, and that's all you are" Blade puts the two names on the table and throws them in the trash where he put the names from his last Breakdown. Blade, "And they go right where they belong. They weren't the first, had to get the worst out of the way first, but they aren't the last. By no means the last is the best, the Rookie duo are nothing more then if the SSW Club with accomplishments that is just split up between two. One man who just could not care to actually give any effort in during the biggest night of BPZ for the NXT division and the other who nobody knows who he is or can be bothered to remember his name That is all for this Breakdown, now the next team for me to reeducate you all about,, is the breakdown the United Nations. Another larger man group this time unlike the others these are a group of retirees. So that should be great. So see you all next time." The screen cuts to black as the Breakdown: The Rookie Duo is now done.
  10. World- Arius, Flynn, Bailey Slim IC- BIC, Hans, Bash, Bart US- Buddy Ace, Nate, Kieron, and Sheridan Nxt- No clue Premium- Myself(hopefully again) Marker, BIC and Brad
  11. The titantron comes up instead of Blade coming out to the Finland crowd, the titantron comes up with the sign, live via satellite as Blade appears sitting back in a chair on the titantron Blade, "Do you all know who I am? "Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Were you all expecting me to come out to the ring tonight? Well that isn't going to happen. You see, I am not in the king of the ring tournament so I don't need to be there in person until the BPZ king of the ring event itself. Where I will be joining my tag team partner Kieron Black in beating down the three failure tag teams to become what we should already be the number one contenders to face the tag team champions at Emergence. So while Kieron Black takesover and beats his opponets in the king of the ring tournament, I will be here and reeducating the BPZ fans of the tag team division. So welcome to the breakdown my new series where I breakdown my opponents and reeducate the fans. So who is first, well it is the SSW club so it is now time to breakdown the club." Blade pauses and gets out a list of names Blade, "The pathetic SSW Club the five man team of rookies and one failed veteran. Breaking down this team to educate the fans about them should not be this easy but look at what they give us. All the members of the SSW club can be summed up the same way but to break down this team we need to look at all the members of this team. So lets pick one first lets go with the one who has the big so called mystery, Bulldozer. Blade puts Bulldozers name down on a table Blade, "Bulldozer, what is his accomplishment. Hmm, I don't think he has one, he would say being in the SSW club but I don't think anyone would think that is an accomplishment more or less a punishment to be part or forced to be in that team. Maybe it is to have some mysterious attacker attack him. It surely isn't the accomplishment of who did that, as you didn't need to use a car, you could have just pushed him over and be just as effective. I mean is there anyone in the roster that he can beat? The referees are normally almost made of paper but I am sure they could even beat Bulldozer. To say he is the weakest link of the SSW club might not be as that simple though. I mean have you seen the rest of his team? They are just as bad which now leads to the next." The next name on the table Blade throws down is Epic's Blade, "Next member of this team is Epic, cant say much about this one as we don't see much of anything. Look at Bulldoser anyone who teams up with him is surely not doing the best in BPZ. Epic is another NXT guy that isn't doing anything. Failing to grab the gold or the attention out of anyone. The only reason he is getting the attention from myself right now is because he is in the SSW club. Once this match is done, he will go back to nobody talking about him again. With calling themselves Epic, they sure are not." Next Blade puts two names on the tame Maasa's and Maves Blade, "Next is either Maasa or Mave, now I didn't want to put together in a row and break down each member of the team but they both are equally as bad. Maasa once again another NXT failure but this one runs his mouth recently. If you are in the SSW club, you shouldn't be running you mouth to anyone. And Mave, I don't even know where to start with that one. I can say a lot of the same as the others. But lets just get to I guess their leader Josh. Blade puts the final name on the table of Josh Blade, The biggest surprise member out of all of the SSW club is the fact they have this guy on their team, well not really, he has fallen so low as of late, he is desperate to do anything to stay relevant. But to join a team like this though. You hit some lows before Josh but this is just depressing now. Before you ranked matches of matches you could never put on. You think you are the same level as world champions when clearly you are only at the same level as the rest of your team. You insert yourself into matches you have no business being in. Last year you thought you were a match to face Bailey, and this year you thought that again and how did that end up both times? Now if you think you can lead your team to any sort of success, if you think that look at your past mistakes and think this though. When we face off during this tag match, for you it won't be a five star instant classic match up, it will just be an absolute beating. That the only thing you will need to do is apologize for to your entire team for making them think they are a better then they are not." Blade sits forward towards the camera after putting the names in a trashcan Blade, "See that was easy, and that is the SSW Clubs members each very much the same. Of hopeless losers we all know them to be. This fatal four way at King of the ring might as well be a triple threat match as they are not a threat in the slightest. This was the break down of the SSW club, stay tuned when I go through and breakdown the next team. the rookie duo of Alex Costa and Raven." The camera cuts to black ending Blade's message to the BPZ universe.
  12. Blade

    Reality Check

    Blade is seen sitting in the a poker table again, no cards just him sitting there talking to Kieron across the table first he turns towards the camera to talk to the BPZ Universe Blade, "Do you all know who I am? "Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand." Blade turns back to Kieron Blade, "The BPZ Tag Team Division is what, A joke? A disappointment? A failure? A bunch of losers who are trying to line up just so they can lose to the tag champions? Look at the state of the Tag division, the biggest team that wasn't the tag champions was the Royal Flush and look at them, they are gone now. They couldn't get the job done. All they had to do was take advantage of anything the big ballers gave them and then they would be champions right now. Instead, they failed to even do that. Now who do we have in the division other then the champions. The SSW Club, whatever Alex and Raven call themselves and the United failures. Sorry United Nations. But seriously is that all? A team that the biggest they have is 'who attacked Bulldozer' One who cares, a team of NXT bright stars that most likely will be gone in a few months as failures and the United Hall of famers that should stay retired, who's one member retires more times then anyone else. So what the tag division needs is the Deadman's hand to give it the reality check that is sorely needs. You see we aren't going to be dishing out things like who done this to whoever, because when we do something everyone will know because we will be getting the job done. We aren't some team of rookies that their biggest highlights were doing well in NXT, and as for the retired hall of famers tag team. We haven't left we stay here in BPZ doing what we do, we all cant be hall of famers. At least you or I Kieron don't have a member of our team who decides to put there career on every year then lose force to retire and then come back a few months later thinking they can turn themselves around and make the world care about them. I mean who does that?" Blade taps the table a few times Blade, "So we have some cleaning up to do. Clean up the mess the other tag teams left for us, those who have failed in the past and those who are in our way now. Then take our place as the only competitors that should face the champions and the only team that knows what they must do to take the champions down. But first we must take on anyone who is suppose to be in the contention first and eliminate them. But it doesn't matter if it is the SSW Club, Alex and Raven or even the United Nations. We will beat every team here is and do whatever it takes to get to the top of the tag team division, we won't stop until we are the champions and we run this division!" Its time to clean up this division and take what we want. The Deadman's hand's time is now."
  13. Blade

    The Deadman's hand

    The BPZ Network Program cuts to a backstage area with a poker table and Blade sits there at the table shuffling some playing cards. Blade, "Remember my words not to long ago when I asked my opponent Buddy Ace what was he. And I said he could have been an ace, but he would have to determine what kind he was. Was he the best there is or was he the lowest valued member. That answer was made clear at The Power Trip Cup event, but now the question returns what card do any of us hold. It isnt always obvious as many are dealt a bad hand. But what do I have. Let's see" Blade draws a card from the top of the deck and it is an Ace - Blade lays the card on the table, Blade, "Like before another ace appears, powerful but alone can be beaten by nearly anything." Blade draws the next card and it is another Ace Blade lays the ace next the first Blade, "A pair of aces now that is a powerful hand but it isn't the best" Blade now draws two more cards back to back a pair of eights Blade places them next to the pair of aces Blade, "Aces and eights, the deadman's hand. Now this is something, you see this isn't the most glorious hand but it can and will get the job done. Not like the what is suppose to be the best hand in a Royal Flush. We saw first hand not once but twice a Royal Flush fail to beat a the pair known as the Big Ballers. Even the kings and former kings of the kingdom could keep that pair down for long. But what they lack is something that will just get that job done. That is something the Deadman's hand will do, and that is get the job done." Blade points to someone off camera then resumes talking Blade, "You see we are the team that can finally get that job done. Who is there in our way, the SSW club? Really? Don't make me laugh about that team. The United Nations? I wont go too far to insult them, as they are legends and some are hall of famers but just because they are in BPZ's hall of fame doesn't mean we won't treat them like everyone else. You three should retire or stayed retired you get in my way or my tag partners way into getting to the tag champs and you are not going to be remembered as hall of famers anymore. You will be just a team we dragged through the mud as we beat you. Raven and Alex Costa, another newbie team, wow there are a lot of people filling the newbies with ideas that they can step up to anyone. The thing is they are going to figure out the truth, if they are successful in the NXT division they think they can make it big everywhere else, but they wont. They will get as far as looking at their goals then to have them taken away from them at the last moment. None of these rookies know what needs to be done not like us. We have been through tag teams before we know what there is and what must be done to get what we want. In the past we have spoke riddles and played mind games but I am going to make this simple and straight to the point, we are going to show everyone what a Deadman's hand is capable of. Right now the tag division is on notice, the Deadman's hand has arrived and we aren't going to stop until our job is done and that is to take those BPZ Tag Team Championships. Isnt that right partner." Blade stops and the camera goes over across the table to Blade's tag partner Kieron Blade.
  14. To be honest I am not against 1 more match with these two. Yeah Super Showdown was bad, but that was mostly due to Goldberg getting hurt in the middle of the match. I don't want to see 2 more matchs though just one more to make up for this one. Easy enough keep it simple and short. Keep Goldberg from doing the turnbuckle spot, and just hit the normal moves nothing super big just enough to get like a 4 to 5 minute match. One match to make up for the disaster the super showdown match was.

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