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  1. Power Trip Cup Prep Saga Pt. 1

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement.. The Entrance to the Unsanctioned Zone appears on screen with Blade standing at the entrance and he walks inside with the Premium Championship and the camera follows. Senior Alfredo, "Master Blade, you have returned. Congratulations on your success at Backlash. You and Master Hollow completed your goals. Is Master Hollow gone sir?" Blade, "Senior Alfred! Thank you, and to answer your question. Is Hollow gone? He isnt obsolete, he still still part of me...For we are one, and it was he who got us the grail. Our reign as champion has one has only just begun. The madness will never cease it only grows in strength, now we are different, we are new..." Senior Alfredo, "If you say so sir. While you were returning, we have had a message from a one Yelich for you sir...." Blade, "We heard Alfred, and to that we must get ready for the Power Trip Cup as we are going to be facing, a lot of old faces and new faces we have to battle to get to where we need to go from here..." Senior Alfredo, "I thought winning the Premium Championship was your goal, you did it Sir there is no where to go from there..." Blade, "Wrong! We cannot stop now, we hold the title but we must continue or we will fall and be rendered obsolete! So we have to have a new destination, a new goal to strive for. And those in charge o Carnage gave us our new path. A direct route to the Universal Championship, a direct route to our ultimate destined fight. Our foe of and undying rivalry that has stretched across the Universes across multiple dimensions. We will face him once again to reach the universal goal, to become the Universal Premium Champion!" Blade moves over to the Display case that Hollow built and puts the Premium Championship inside. Senior Alfredo, "What are you going to do about this Yelich character?" Blade, "Yelich is my problem, had had a meeting of the minds. The three Yeliches and the Crazy one emerges. The one Hollow and I created, he is a creation of madness. The Mad King knows this and we know what we must do. He will be deleted from the world of madness and we will do this as one. Hollow has foreseen this and with the grail in our grasp. On the 27th we will see something this universe hasnt seen. Hollow and Blade are one in the same and soon the world will understand that without the mask of Hollow when the mad king rises again. He will see Crazy Yelich's insanity and he will laugh at the man thinking he can stand before him." Senior Alfredo nods and walks away and the screen cuts away as Blade begins to laugh like Hollow would. The preparations are to begin for the Power Trip Cup has just begun.
  2. New Premium Champion!


    Thank you everyone once again. Here is my write up of the match And Promo to follow it up.


  3. The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to the Unsanctioned Zone, where Senior Alfredo stands in the middle of the ring in a suit. Senior Alfredo, "Ladies and Gentlemen! It has finally happened! Allow me to announce the Carnage Debut of the New BPZ Premium Champion. Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together for Hollow!" The screen cuts back to Carnage the lights are dark then Hollows theme music starts The stage way lights up and Hollow appears and around his waist is the Premium Championship. He slowly walks to the ring and gets inside the ring. He gets a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring. Hollow, "Three years, nearly three years we have been on this chase. Oh how long has it been, the days in and days out, we worked hard, we got better, we worked harder. Each day more than the last and we kept try and trying to get to where we are. We chased it for years, ever since we first came to BPZ and saw it we wanted it. It became an obsession, a man tried hard and to win it in the wake of 2015 of Survivor Series and December to Dismember. Putting everything he had in line and ended up coming up short. It broke him, left him a shell a hollow of his former self. Creating the madman the Mad King Hollow. Insanity took hold and from there the tale has always been the same. Stuck in the same tracks, like a record going round and round again. Doing the same things over and over again. Maybe win a prize here or there, but none that he wanted. Only one prize he sought after, only one prize was his ultimate goal. About three years later, after BPZ Mania 3 and after the Biggest Carnage Power Trip, World at War. The unthinkable happened. The story went off the track, went off that normal script and forged what we said was destiny." Hollow takes his coat off, still covered in bandages from Carnage's PPV World at War, and from BPZ Backlash Hollow takes the Premium title off and holds it into the air. Hollow, "It has finally happened! We scaled up the ladder of success and grabbed that brass ring and finally pulled it down. The holy grail finally belongs to us. Which strikes a new dawn into the horizon. A new reign has begun. There were many doubters, everyone doubted this would ever happened. we even doubted that this day would even come. Just a week away from the war in the Unsanctioned Zone, it was insanity to think one could walk out there compete let alone win. We even doubted it.....I doubted this day would ever come but it has happened and I am your Premium Champion." Hollow lays the title on the ground. Hollow, "The moment the bell run and the dust was cleared and it was announced, I could hardly believe it. A shroud of doubt within the cloud of insanity has been lifted and I now can see clearly now. A door must close before another one opens...." Hollow takes his mask off and pulls out a towel and wipes the paint from his face Hollow, "It has happened and the title is in my hands so therefore the madman is gone but the Premium Champion is still here!" He looks up towards the crowd and lifts the Premium Championship up and the crowd start chanting 'Blade' over and over again Blade, "Damn straight! I am back! The insanity isnt gone but the gold has shined its way through and pulled out the man who was broken. I am Blade and I am your Premium Champion!" Blade grabs the title and lifts it into the air and holsters it over his shoulder Blade, "So, this is how it is going to be now. If you are in the Premium division and you want this championship you all better listen closely. At BPZ Mayhem there is only one road for each of you. It leads straight to a deadend because if any of you want to take this Premium championship, you are going to have to run through me! I will not go down without a fight! And you will have to pry this my grasp if you even hope to take it from me. But that is then this is now. Where do we go from here?" Blade points at the screen and a graphic for Carnage's Power Trip Cup appears on the screen. Blade, "That is our next destination, so everyone better buckle up because it is going to be one hell of a ride. I am going to be in this tournament, and I am in it to win it and I dont give a damn who thinks otherwise! I will beat everyone in my way in this tournament. I am going to be Yelich or Yeldick in the first round. and I will beat everyone else on the way to the finals. I dont care if it is Flynn, I will be there and I will win. Then I will go on to fight Necce, oh do I hope you keep the title until i get the shot for your title Necce. If you managed to survive Ropati, then I will be coming for you! And when I am done with you the only thing about Ruin you will think about is how I ruined your title reign when I beat you and become the Universal Premium Champion!" Blade throws the microphone down to the canvas to end his statement and holds his championship in the air still celebrating his title win at Backlash.
  4. BPZ Backlash 2018 Premium Championship match Echo Wilson(c) vs Hollow Echo Wilson is in the ring with the Premium Championship looking to defend his Premium Title against his opponent that he is waiting for to show up. The lights go dark and a spot light appears on the ramp and Hollow's theme song begins. Instead of a grand entrance, Hollow emerges on the entrance way limping his way out there. Still injured from his own match from World at War. He gets to the ring and takes off his coat and he is covered and wrapped in bandages. His back is tapped up, bandages are wrapped around his midsection His right arm is in brace along with his right leg. Even his hand has extra tap wrapped around it. He slowly gets in the ring, seemingly having trouble with his injuries to get in the ring. The referee checks to see if Hollow still wants to compete. Echo smugly laughs at Hollow who says he wants to compete The bell ring and Echo cocky walks over and Hollow only lifts one arm up to defend himself his left arm and only good arm in this match. Echo just disrespectfully slaps Hollow. That just makes Hollow snap. He strikes Echo with a stiff elbow shot and proceeds to hit Echo with a sideways hammer fists. Hollow backs Echo into a corner and starts hammering away with hammerfist shots. Up to a four count then stops he walks and limps back and turns back and hits Echo with a stiff forearm. Hollow is fired up right out of the gate, he pulls Echo away from the corner and looking to go for the Madness Clash. But he is trying to lift Echo with only one arm. He cant and Echo blocks it and counters but hitting Hollow in the bad leg. The follows up with a combination of punches to the bandaged ribs, and ends with a spinning backfist that knocks Hollow down. Hollow crawling trying to get back up, Echo winds up and kicks Hollow hard into the ribs and Hollow yells in pain. Three more kicks to the ribs and Echo picks Hollow up just to drop him backwards with a side russian leg sweep. Echo goes for a cover and Hollow kicks out before even a one count. Echo then moves and starts punching Hollow in the skull over and over again. Hollow manages to crawl to the ropes and the referee has to get Echo off of Hollow. When he does, Hollow is revealed to have been busted open. One of the cuts from World at war has been reopened and bleeding badly. Echo goes for a clothesline and Hollow ducks it and hits Echo with a very hard over hand hook of a right punch. Echo is rocked but Hollow just hit Echo with his bad arm and he is hurt just as much. Echo hits Hollow with a big clothesline knocking him down. Echo rolls Hollow over and jumps up and drops his knee right across Hollow's skull. Echo gets up and does this again and again. Each shot hits very stiffly and hard across Hollow's skull. If he wasnt bleeding before he is now. His mask and face painted face is covered in his own blood. Echo picks Hollow up and grabs him by the head and drops him with a running bulldog sending his face right to the canvas. He rolls him over for a pin attempt. One...Two....No Hollow kicks out. Echo frustrated that this simple opponent isnt done He kicks Hollow in the gut again. Looking to kick his frustrations out of Hollow's ribs. Echo drags Hollow to his feet and hits him with a snap suplex. Hollow hits near the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Echo isnt wanting a count out victory goes out of the ring to follow him. Echo goes and rips the ring apron off and exposes the steel of the edge of the ring. Echo looks to go for another snap suplex looking to suplex Hollow into the exposed steal. Hollow slips free and shoves Echo, back first into the exposed steel. The follows up with a one legged drop kick. Hollow hobbles back to his feet and gets Echo back into the ring near the corner of the ring. Hollow climbs up onto the turnbuckle slowly. He stands at the top rope and stands straight up and points down at Echo he jumps and hits a big elbow drop from the top rope. Macho man would be proud! But Hollow hits with his bad arm and rolls around in pain instead of going for the pinfall and stands up holding his arm in pain still. Echo gets up and superkicks Hollow right in the mouth with a quick super kick then kicks him in the bad leg to get Hollow onto his knees. Following up with another superkick right to the skull. Beautiful Disaster. Echo goes for a pin attempt, 1...2...Hollow kicksout! Echo doesnt waste time this time He picks Hollow up and prepares for Bloody Sunday (cross rhodes) He hits it. But picks Hollow up again and does it again, and goes for a third attempt this time Hollow hits hard but rolls into the ropes and corner of the ring. Echo tries to pull Hollow away from the ropes so he can get the pinfall but Hollow holds onto to the ropes somehow to keep Echo from pulling him away and getting the pinfall. He pushes Echo away and uses the corner to stand up. Echo angerly runs up and punches Hollow in the mouth. He then proceeds to rips Hollow's mask off then slaps him disrespectfully. Hollow's face masked now only in blood. Echo runs to the other corner and starts running at Hollow who comes running out of the corner towards him Hollow jumps at Echo and hits him with a stiff running headbutt! The shot hit hard and both Echo and Hollow are rocked from it. Hollow stumbles over into the corner. Echo falls to his knees as he is dazed, he wasnt expecting the headbutt out of nowhere like that. Hollow climbs up and sits on the top turnbuckle trying to climb up, but stops and sits on the top turnbuckle to catch his breath. Echo runs over and hits Hollow with a knee lift in the corner. Echo looking to go for Dark matter or perfectplex off the top rope. Trying to lift Hollow up higher. Hollow starts fighting back hitting Echo with everything he has left trying to fight off this move. Hollow pushes Echos head down and is trying to lift him up again while on the middle rope for a Madness Clash?!? Using the ropes for leverage to lift Echo up. He moves his legs and has Echo in the perfect position for the Madness Clash(Styles Clash). He jumps from the middle rope squashing Echo down onto the ground! That elevated Madness Clash! Hollow rolls Echo over into the pin attempt slowly. One...two...three!!!!! What? Echo didnt kickout and the bell starts to ring and the match is over. The crowd cheer and the ring announce yells out, "The winner and New BPZ Premium Champion Hollow!" Hollow wobbly stands to his feet covered in blood, he cannot believe it. He won, the referee hands Hollow the championship and a towel. Hollow wipes the blood from his face then holds the title up high above himself. He won he is celebrating winning the title many thought he would never win. Hollow moves to the middle of the ring and collapses in the middle of the ring. Grasping at the title and holding it still proudly. He might be unable to stand now but he still won, he is the Premium Champion at last!
  5. Rate The User Above.

    8/10 I would say a bit underated when it comes to his work around the forums. Kayfabe work might be one of the best. All around a a bit underrated around the forums as i said before.
  6. This match has a lot depending on it. Who wins the ic title match might very well help determine who wins here. If SD is taking home the IC title then Hardy is losing the title. If not then hardy is winning. I am hoping for the latter for this one. Hoping Jeff retains, dont want to see another jinder title run. I get it he is a heel we arent suppose to like but I rather hardy retain the title in this match. I won't be suprised if they pull the trigger again and give jinder the title again though. WWE like giving the shocking results even if they have done it multiple times now...
  7. This match has the interesting element to it of where will the IC title end up at at the end of th night. Quite a few matchs have this but this might be one of the fews that wwe might pull the trigger and switch what brand the title is on. Then again, I am alright with Rollns retaining. I am just interested to see how this all plays out.
  8. What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing Assassin Creed Black Flag and syndicate while playing bits of Fortnite this month. Black flag might their best game in the series it is super fun. Syndicate is just weird, the systems in this game are just weird but a good weird i guess. Fortnite I have been playing 50 v 50 Version 2. I missed the first one but this is fun. Chaotic, fast pace and fun. Two teams of 50 a lot can happen within the a loted time before the storm shrinks. Fun, and maybe one of my favorite game modes so far in fornite.
  9. John Cena vs Triple H

    This is an interesting match, no clue who is going to win. But this match doesnt seem like it has a point to be there other then it might be a good match up. Cena and HHH arent feuding and their is no story there. This will be nice to see the two go at, and I will enjoy it just this match like a lot of matches seem rather weird at this event.
  10. This is going to be a squash again. I dont see the Usos getting much offense in this. Maybe someone will get involved after the match but the Bludgeon Brothers are retaining
  11. Looks like, Matt and Bray could be winning this. I mean the BAR are on SD, and normally I would say Matt Hardy and Bray are a surething and are going to win but after wm, but i am pretty sure Wyatt and Hardy will win the titles at the Greatest Royal rumble.
  12. Alright this has potential to be better then their WM match up. Since there is an actual storyline building up with a heel vs Face like build and isnt a match about two people who are respecting each other. This match, wwe should let AJ Styles and Nakamura just got all out. Each week building this up, Nakamura keeps attacking Styles building up to a match that isnt about respect but into a feud that can be interesting. Hopefully this will do better then their wm match.
  13. Backlash Preparation Pt: 1 & 2

    The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The Unsanctioned Zone appears, the case which Hollow was creating is done and in the workout area is Hollow. Sluggishly still injured from his match from World at War from inside the Unsanctioned Zone Senior Alfredo approaches Hollow. Senior Alfredo. "Master Hollow sir, you need to rest. Your case for your holy grail is ready, you need to rest. We are two days away from Backlash sir, and you havent recovered yet from your battle with Julius. You need to rest and regain your strength..." Hollow, "No rest, must work, the working never stops keeping working and working it must never stop. We are almost here, the day is approaching the day we have waited for is approaching. If we stop we will not reach the grail, we will see failure once again. The same failure we have seen before, the crippling feeling of defeat that all others have known and all fear. Many would have stopped like you want Senior Alfredo. They stop and never reach their goals, they come close to the grail and fail right at the moment they see the finish line.. The work must never stop. The grind must continue it must never stop don't stop the work...dont stop the work." Senior Alfredo, "Sir, you keep working like this what will be left for Backlash? If you put all your effort then what?" Hollow, "You dont under stand Senior Alfredo, all our work and effort is devoted solely on Backlash. If we cannot walk, we will crawl our way to Backlash to fight for our goal. We maybe broken and battered but we will be at Backlash. During World at War we, fell, and we got back up. We fell again, and now we are getting back up. We wont be denied this time. We wont stop until we capture the grail once and for all." Senior Alfredo, "The Premium Champion Echo Wilson will not go easily sir. And there are many who doubt you can even win let alone beat Mister Wlison..." Hollow, "Echo! Echo! Echo!" Hollow yells making his voice boom throughout the empty Unsanctioned Zone then he laughs Hollow, "Oh we know he wont go easily, just like an echo, it is loud at first, but gets quieter and quieter until it is finally gone. He lost everything at World at War, his pride, his partner the only thing left is his championship. He wants to fight his partner at Backlash, very well, but we dont care about that. We will deliver the ultimate destruction for him and take his championship away from him once and for all! The reign is coming and Wilson will fall at Backlash farther than he has ever before..." Hollow starts to move towards the doors the leave the Unsanctioned Zone, Limping his way to the the doors as he moved. Senior Alfredo, "Sir where are you going?" Hollow, "We are going to begin our journey to where we must be. We are going to Backlash, you said, Two days, we have two days to get there Senior Alfredo. We must leave the Unsanctioned Zone now, and trek our way to the place of Backlash. Work our way their, and we must go now!" Senior Alfredo, "Very well Sir, I wish you the best of luck. Hollow laughs Hollow, "We dont need luck. We just need the moment, and it will happen at Backlash. The moment is coming that nobody will soon forget. Hollow opens the door and leaves the Unsanctioned Zone making his way out of the building. The screen goes off as Hollow starts his journey to go to where Backlash will be. He only has two days to make it there, and where the battle for the Premium Title will begin.

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