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  1. Cant really complain about the result of this match after Joe started bleeding. If someone gets hurt then yes the match should get ended as quickly as possible. Joe might have lost quickly but I feel it is the right result considering the situation. Joe did get his revenge for losing so all is good with this one.
  2. I actually enjoyed this. It wasn't really a match but more of an angle so I cannot complain about the results of this. Elias did his job with his stuff in the ring after attacking Reigns. But this was alright with Reigns coming back and winning in seconds.
  3. To be honest I am alright with the results to the mitb match. I feared Baron corbin would win this so Brock Lesnar winning is a good surprise. Also for once the briefcase winner is a legit threat for any champion. He might not show up a lot but he does bring a bit of shock value. I was shocked when I heard his music when he came out. Didn't see that coming and that is what WWE has been lacking the last few years the general shock and surprise of a an outcome like this. As for who will he cash in on or what will he do. I have no clue. Personally I'd have him beat Kofi, since we have seen Lesnar with the Uni title enough, and Brock is a big enough heel to handle the heat of ripping the title from Kofi's hands. This match over all was amazing and I enjoyed the end of it.
  4. Been playing some diablo 3. A neat game this one. Also been playing GTA 5 more delving into more arena wars stuff. Two good games and complete opposites with each other. One being a fantasy game the other being well GTA. Arena Wars might be one of my favorite updates just simple game modes that are fair to everyone in them. While the arena vehicles are a bit expensive, isn't hard to get after a bit of a grind to enjoying both games a lot.
  5. Got dragged back into GTA 5 again. Been playing some of the arena wars stuff and that stuff is really fun to play. Just a bunch of demolition derby games and it is pretty fun. Just keep playing it trying to earn more Arena points and trying to get an arena vehicle so I can play it more.
  6. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Preshow Fight Night 2! This is a special show of BFW once before every major event there will be a little event pairing people up out of random in four matches for the show. All matches are singles matches and completely random of who faces who. Allies may be forced to do battle or bitter rivals might get an early chance to take on Match #1 Singles Match Drew Irvin vs Maasa Match #2 Singles Match Daniel Vice vs Bubba Match #3 Co Main Event Singles match Juan Nagata vs Angelo Caito Match #4 Main Event Singles Match Arius vs Kozuchi Onikama
  7. Blade forum wrestling Presents Vengeance Match card Match #1 Extreme Three Stages of Hell Match #1 First Blood Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Match #2 Cruiserweight Championship Match up Bubba vs Eli Smith - Match #3 Extreme Rules Three Stages of Hell Match #2 Barbed Wire Table Match Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Match #3 BFW Internet Championship Match Singles Match- Rematch Clause Drew Irvin(c) vs Angelo Caito - Match #4 -This match will only happen if the first two of the Extreme Rules three Stages of Hell end with both men becoming the winner- I quit Match Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder Match #5 Co Main Event Singles Match Epic vs Masked Man Main Event BFW World Championship Sealed Steel Cage Match Arius(c) vs Drew Irvin - Interview Back at the interview tables we have Drew Irvin the BFW Internet Champion the man who will be taking on Arius for the BFW World Title and going to be pulling double duty as he s set to defend his championship at Vengeance. Interviewing Drew Irvin this week is none other then the promotion's owner Blade Blade, "Welcome back to the interview tables again. This time I will do the interview myself as you attacked the last person who interviewed you. If you attack me, not only will I put you down, but I will remove you from your World championship match. Am I understood?" Drew Irvin, "Yeah whatever." Blade, "Alright, we are about to head into the next PPV. You are about to get a world title match but you lost again to the world champion technically. Is that going to effect your momentum going into the PPV?" Drew Irvin, "Do you hear yourself when you asked the question? You sat at commentary for the match, Arius is playing right into my hands. He didn't beat me, he beat my tag partner you forced me to have. But everything is alright, Arius wants revenge and he decided to put his title on the line. Not only that he decided to challenge me to a steel cage match that has a roof. I am an MMA fighter, I am use to fighting in cages. The artist who gets in everyone's heads, but now he is so worked up, he is not thinking straight. I will soon right the wrong that is his undefeated streak and take his title." Blade, "Why did you attack the tag team champion Kozuchi Onikama. In the last episode of Rebirth?" Drew Irvin, "Are you seriously asking why? Other then you put on a crap match before mine. It was yet another undeserving champion of a useless division. I wasn't going to sit there and wait for my match up. I made things happen you should thank me!" Blade, "Well...." Suddenly a TV in the room turns on a TV man voice comes from the TV TV Man, "Live from BFW will be Vengeance. Drew Irvin, made his crimes. He will pay. The artist cares for only one thing and that is making the one who caused the greatest great suffering. Every day until Vengeance will be a nightmare for Irvin as he will be haunted by the mistake he has made. " Blood comes from the TV and it starts to smoke TV man, "Drew Irvin you attacked the innocent. You made this personal, and now you will pay." Suddenly the room turns dark the lights flicker for a second Blade seemed to disappear and Arius replaced him and Drew Irvin nearly fell out of his chair the lights come back on and Blade seems like nothing happened. Blade, "Drew are you alright? You seem like you seen a ghost." Drew gets up and leaves and that is the end of this Interview
  8. Blade

    15 Questions

    1. How old are you? 17 2. Where are you from? USA 3. What is your favourite colour? Yellow 4. What is your natural hair colour? Brown 5. How many pets do you have? 2 6. What is your favourite food? Pizza 7. When is your birthday? October 8. What is your favourite music genre? Rock 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? Gaming 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Basketball 11. What is your dream job? Plumber 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? None 13. Who is your least favouite current superstar? Ruby Riot 14. What animal would best represent you? Dog 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? Buddy Murphy
  9. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Episode 7 Match #1 BFW Cruiserweight Title Match Singles Match Bubba(c) vs Juan Nagata - BFW Rebirth episode seven starts with the two men already in the ring. Bubba the BFW cruiserweight champion and Juan Nagata. The referee lifts the title up in the air showing title is on the line for the first title defense of Bubba's reign. The bell rings and the match begins. Bubba rushes in and goes for a single leg takedown looking to turn this into a technical match from the start. Juan steps back moving the leg out of the way of Bubba then quickly drives it forward after dodging hitting Bubba in the face with his knee. The shot sets Bubba back making fall into a seated position. Juan then runs up and kicks Bubba with a shining wizard kick! A signature move of his, Juan quickly covers Bubba but doesnt get a one count as Bubba kicks out quickly. That might have been mistake to do as Juan follows up with just nailing Bubba in the face with forearm strikes Bubba takes Juan down with a quick leg sweep giving himself some breathing room from Juan's assault. Bubba gets back up to his feet . As Juan gets ready to stand back up. Bubba shoots forward and takes down Juan with a double leg take down, quickly transitioning around keeping a hold of the legs into a boston crab. Bubba nearly bends Juan all the way back almost sitting on Juan's shoulders. Juan refuses to tap. He pushes up on his shoulders and hands until he moves his legs up so he can counter the boston crab! He counters into a Hurricanrana. Showcasing his athletic skills with that reversal. Juan waits for Bubba to stand then hits him with a stiff superkick. Bubba stumbles, Superkick by Bubba to Juan! He fires back while he was staggering. This caught Juan off-guard now both men are staggering but neither man has fallen! Superkick! No wait double superkick! Both men hits the other with a superkick and both men fall down. Both men firing off some signiture moves they are known for using, the referee gets to the count of nine when both men stand up. The crowd going nuts for the action in the ring. Juan gains his balance first and goes for a superkick again. Bubba dodges and takes down the other leg and locks in a quick kneebar! Juan is locked into a knee bar in the middle of the ring but refuses to tap out. Bubba wrenches and wrenches and the referee keeps asking but Juan keeps saying no. Juan using his arms to drag himself across the ring. It takes a few minutes but Juan gets to the ropes and grabs it. Bubba is forced to let go. Juan might be out of the hold but he was in it for a very long time. Bubba goes for a superkick but Juan kicks out Bubba's other leg. He then jumps up and then drops his good leg's knee across his face. Another knee drop, and another. Juan hits Bubba into the head with five straight shots with his knee. He then grabs his opponet then drags him to the corner of the ring slowly. Having trouble thanks to his bad leg but gets him there. Juan climbs the turnbuckle very slowly but seems to be looking for his signature shoot star press. Juan jumps and flips through the air but Bubba rolls out of the way and Juan hits nothing but canvas. Bubba then at the moment after Juan makes impact locks in his finishing submission hold as he grabs the arm pulls it back and locks in the crossface! Juan out of it from missing his dive from the top rope. He has not choice but to tap out. Once the bell rings Bubba lets go and the referee raises his arm. Ring Announcer, "The winner of this match by Submission and still BFW Cruiserweight champion of the world Bubba!" Bubba celebrates as the referee attends to Juan who fought a tough battle proving that he has the skills to challenge the best. Just this time we isnt going to walk out as the winner. - After the match they break to commentary with Blade and two others, Ropati and this week Angelo. Blade, "A championship match is the perfect way to open a show. Bubba proving that he is the best cruiserweight there is in the world. Juan showed some great athletic skills but Bubba's submission prowess proved to be too much for Juan." Angelo, "It was a decent match. Thanks for having me..." Ropati, "How you feeling Angelo you lost some weight last week? Seems you are missing some gold this week." Angelo, "Ropati..." Blade, "We arent doing this right now. James you dont need to antagonize Angelo. Any way we have a big night in store. Lots of solid match ups tonight and a bit main event that will determine the main event at vengeance for the when the world champion takes on the Internet champion. Ropati, "New World champion calling it now!" Angelo, "No wonder Arius defeated you. Seeing how you keep over looking him. This man is looking for revenge for what Drew Irvin did to his manager last week. Drew Irvin has no friends backstage to help him and when Arius kicks him to the curb it will be that." Ropati, "Look, you are just salty that Drew Irvin beat you. But look at Drew Irvin, he is getting inside his head. that is all Arius has is mind games if they don't work then he will lose plain and simple." Blade, "I wouldnt be so sure of that, Arius is undefeated we havent seen everything he can do yet, I would think at vengeance we might see Arius spring out and prove why he is the world champion. Ropati, "you didnt take me for my word last week when I said we would have a new champion. Now this time it wont be any different." Blade, "We shall see, but lets get to our next match up. Maasa the round one winner is going to take on Shirada in the second match of the night. Lets get to the ring and get to the start of this match." - Match #2 Singles Match Maasa vs Shirada Starting things up for the people in the ring is Maasa and Shirada is entering the ring, he looks like he has a black eye and he is coming to the ring without his tag team championship. He gets in the ring and demands the referee to ring the bell this man isnt happy about something. The match gets started. Shirada kicks Maasa right in the balls right at the start of the match right in front of the referee and the bell rings again. Shirada just got himself disqualified He grabs Maasa then hits his finisher Gaudi Bakudan (Gory Bomb) in the center of the ring and he covers him and hits the ring three times to signal a three count then he demands for a microphone. "I just beat the round one winner of the Best in the world tournament! Arent I great!?! You all are wondering where is my title, why do I have a black eye? Well, it seems my partner didnt want to come out here this week and support his partner. Something about I should do this on my own and get ready for the best in the world tournament. You see, this that is a best in the world competitior right there. On the ground beaten by me! My partner couldnt even get that done. So when it is my turn in this tournament I am going to prove to you all that what the best in the world truly looks like!" Shirada grabs Maasa one more time and hits Gaudi Bakudan again in the middle of the ring then spits on him then leaves as the announcer says, "The winner of this match by disqualification Maasa." Maasa might be the winner of the match but Shirada got the last laugh. Match Result: - Match #3 Singles Match Eli Smith vs Aaron North - Without any commentary, Eli Smith's music starts and he makes his way to the ring for the next match. He passes Shirada then runs to the ring and gets a standing ovation for his entrance. The crowd is all about Smith right now looking forward to see him in action in this match. Next to the ring is Aaron North, the crowd just as loud for North as they were with Smith. Two men who were in the world title match last week but didnt get much chance to shine as the other two took control of the match. Right now it is nothing but Smith and North getting a chance to shine. The bell rings and at the start of the match, North shakes Smith's hand they both are showing respect for the other when the match begins. Aaron at the start of the match springs forward and shock Smith as normally Aaron is a high-flyer and fast pace strike offense but instead shoots forward and taking Smith down by the legs and looks to lock in Lucky 13 his submission signature hold. Trying to turn Smith's legs into a pretzel suddenly Smith breaks out and transitions and moves until he is in position then starts delivering knee strikes to Aaron's skull showing off a bit of his strong style as he just lays into North. Smith goes a pin attempt after a dozen knee strikes gets only a one count. Smith gets up and drags North to his feet, then uses a capture suplex on North and he lands hard from the suplex. He then gets up locks in a full nelson then drops Aaron again with a snap dragon suplex. Smith showing off his skills and North is barely keeping up with him. Smith runs up on North looking for a running splash into the corner. Aaron moves out of the way and Smith splashes into the empty corner. Aaron quickly acts getting up onto the middle turnbuckle grabbing Smith and spinning him out of the corner into a tornado DDT. With that move Aaron North is back in this he jumps back up to his feet. Just as Smith stands Aaron nails him with a quick superkick. following up with a superkick to the gut then runs up and steps up and hits a shining wizard kick to Smith. North gets up and climbs the turnbuckles Smith is stirring slowly. North looks like he is preparing for a flying top rope cross body. Once Smith full stands Aaron jumps getting some serious height looking for a crossbody. Sick kick!(Single Leg Dropkick). Smith signature dropkick just caught Aaron right in the jaw on his way down from the cross body. He is knocked out! Smith isnt going to settle with just his signature as he grabs Aarons arms and starts putting him in a straight jacket hold. He drags him to his feet. Deadlifting him up Smith then in the center of the ring he hits 8th Sin!(Straight Jacket German Suplex). Smith covers Aaron and hooks his leg one...two...three the bell rings and the match is over. Smith gets his arm raised and the referee quickly attends to Aaron North who isnt now just starting move. Smith polls North to his feet, and the crowd cheer as they shake hands in the middle of the ring. These two crowd favorites had a match that nobody will forget. - At commentary after that last match Blade, "Now those last two matches, first Shirada getting himself disqualified from his match then Smith and Aaron have an instant classic match up. That was a great match. Smith took control early one. It looks like Aaron might turn it all around but Smith didnt let that happen. Congratz Smith." Angelo, "That was a good match, kind of wish I was out there instead of sitting here watching though. But I got to wait until vengeance to get the match I want as as I am going to use rematch clause to get my rematch for my title!" Ropati, "So if the main event Arius wins and decides he wants the Internet championship then you are going to entering the match with him as well?" Angelo, "Unlike you Ropati I aint afraid to enter the ring with Arius to get my title back." Ropati, "Too bad that wont be happening. Because Arius is getting his first loss tonight and he world title will be on the line." Blade, "Lets get to our co main event and leave this bickering behind." Ropati, "How is there even a match next? Julius was destroyed last week, his leg is in worse shape then mine is now. I am just barely getting cleared for action now. So how is Julius suppose to compete? Yeah he is facing someone who has had a bum arm for a while but that arm injury seems to be healed up since he was using his arm fine during the best in the world tournament. How is he going to compete?" Angelo, "I have to agree with Ropati on this one I don't even know if Julius is here tonight let alone able to compete." Blade, "I guess we will see lets go back to the ring for the co main event." - Match #4 Co Main Event Singles Match Julius vs Kozuchi Onikama In the ring for the Co main event is Kozuchi Onkama, he is holding both tag championships, he did take the title from his partner. Are they having some sort of falling out? But he is in the ring waitting for Julius to come out to the ring if he is even here. Julius's music plays but nobody comes out it keeps playing then suddenly Onikama is nailed in the back of the head by the Internet championship. Drew Irvin grabs Onikama and starts hitting him with hammer fist mma shots to the back of the head as he is on the ground. Drew Irvin just batters him with shots before picking him up and hitting Fataliknee (Benadryller). He then grabs the tag championships and looks at them. He then chucks them out of the ring and at the stage entrance getting them out of the ring. He holds the BFW Internet Title up in the middle of the ring. He then kicks Onikama out of the ring then gets a microphone, "This is match is over by the declaration of the Internet champion. We don't need to see the trash tag team champion and face the trash I threw out last week. Lets get to my match right now. Get my tag partner out here right now and lets it this started." Main Event Tag Team Match The winning team, gets to choose what match type will they take place at the PPV vengeance. Also the winning team of either champion will choose which title will be on the line. Drew Irvin and Charles Lupin vs Arius and Davey 'The Extreme' Wonder Charles Lupin makes his way to the ring for the main event after Drew Irvin makes his declaration to come to the ring. Drew Irvin not letting there be announcements he just wants to get to this match so he can get his match for vengeance. Drew grabs Charles by the throat and says, "Don't mess this up or I will mess you up." He then shoves Charles afterwards showing some intimidation to his tag partner. Next to the ring is Davey Wonder he goes around the ring, and now waits for his tag partner for this match. Drew Irvin gets out of the ring to wait for Arius to make his entrance. Suddenly on the BFW titantron static appears and loud static sound echoes through out the ring, then suddenly the screen turns black then the sound of typing as words appear on the titantron. 'For your actions, you will pay. At vengeance you can keep your title. For the world title will be defended. For your crimes you will pay as you will enter the a Sealed Steel Cage.' After the last words are type thunder is heard around the arena, and wait when did Arius get in the ring?!?. When everyone was paying attention to the titantron Arius somehow got in the ring. Charles turns and nearly falls over out of fright as he is right behind him. Arius staring right at Drew Irvin, he points at him and motions his thumb cross his throat. Davey Wonder gets in the ring and the bell rings, Drew is going to let Charles start for his, Davey stands there trying to tell Arius he wants to start against Charles but Arius just keeps staring at Drew. Arius shoves Davey as if telling him to get out of the ring. Davey gets out of the ring quickly not wanting to cross his partner right now. Charles rushes Arius quickly, not even blinking or looking away from Drew Irvin. Arius side steps and counters grabbing Charles head pulling it back and locking in Final Testimony his dragon sleeper. He drags Charles to the ground violently and wrenches on his head. Just staring a hole through Arius. It wasnt long until Charles stops moving and his arm is raised and it falls and the bell rings. Arius unlike he normally does he doesnt let go. He keeps the dragon sleeper locked in. The referee tries to make him let go but he cant. Davey gets back in the ring and tries to tell Arius he needs to stop. When Davey goes to put a hand on Arius to get him to stop. Arius lets go. Wait Final Testimony on Davey Wonder now! Arius looks right at Drew Irvin again as slowly Davey Wonder soon stops moving just like Charles did. He eventually lets go and lets Davey Wonder fall next to Charles Lupin. Drew Irvin recollects his BFW Internet championship and lifts it up. Arius looks unimpressed the ring announcer, "The winner of this match by submission, Arius and Davey Wonder!" Arius didnt just win this match he used it to send a message to Drew Irvin that he wants revenge for what Drew did to his manager. Arius isnt going to let anyone or anything get in his way for his revenge. Davey Wonder his own partner for the night found this out the hard way. Arius made it clear before the match, his choice he will put his own title on the line and he wants to fight Drew inside BFW's Sealed Steel cage at vengeance!. The cameras goes dark as Arius and Drew have a stare down. Both the world champion and Internet champion standing tall.
  10. Necce Brad Flynn Slim BIC Arius Some on these top five are the top from all time. Necce, Brad, Flynn and Slim are some of the best kayfabe storytellers of all time. BIC and Arius are some of the more recent top guys right now in the forums who are using kayfabe to tell some of the best stories.
  11. trainer Name: Blade Starting Pokemon (Please choose a nonevolved Pokemon that can evolve twice): Totodile Game Preference (Please list in order from most preferred to least preferred): B, P, Z, Personality (Kind, compassionate, quiet, loud, ruthless, etc. Feel free to elaborate as much as you want): Kind person but competitive likes to win
  12. BPZ Hunger Games 2 Season 3 Episode 11 The Fifth Night 3! - Now on the eleventh episode we have some sponsors this night. BIC recives a hatchet maybe he has some questions that needs axed. Zack got some fresh food, at least he wont be starving this night. The last sponsor gives Suby some medical supplies, people think Suby has a chance and they are trying to help! A very large group forms this night. Brenden, Keeley, George, Kansheek, Echo, Yelich, Apex, Slim, Mave and Hans this a large group! Brenden and Keeley are first to keep watch for the group while the others enjoy this first night and while others slept. Apex is tending to Slim's wounds while the first group of the night watch keeps watch over the group. It wasnt long until Brenden and Keeley's shift was over and they go and wake up George and Kansheek for the next watch. During the second watch Echo and Yelich are seen talking about the other tributes that are alive. Soon Mave and Hans are woken up for the last shift for this group to watch the group while everyone else sleeps. Odd on his own is suddenly woken up by nightmares, dreaming that he was losing in these hunger games. Well if he was losing really he would be waking up. He turns and looks out of the bushes to see Smith who he trying to start a fire, but is unable to start a fire so he is going to have to sleep without warmth. Alyx is seen talking to himself and thinking about home. He actually thinks he can win and gone home from the games this year. We see now two people in two different locations doing the same thing. Last season winner Gwyn is looking at the night sky and in a completely different location Gill is doing the same thing and is looking at the night sky. Guess with all there is to worry about in these games the night sky can seem a bit calming. Maasa in his own camp manages to make a fire. Unlike Smith he was successful and he gets to have warm from fire this night. The last person we see is Sheridan, she sees the sun starting to rise. She nearly is about to make it to the next day. She walks suddenly hears a loud click under her feet. Then the ground explodes consuming her in the fiery explosion. The last thing we see is the sword she used to kill so many fly out and stab itself into a tree. She made her way to the fifth night but couldnt make it to the sixth day. This is the end of this episode, we only seen one tribute that died this episode. The odds on favorite judging on what she has done until now. Sheirdan was eliminated but who will last to the end? Who will be the next to be eliminated find out in the next episode. Stay tuned.
  13. This years MITB seems interesting. Wouldn't mind nearly anyone in this match from winning. With that being said, I just hope wwe doesn't just have Corbin win it here. Corbin is boring, I get they have to use him now that he was Angle's opponent, but he is just so boring. I fear that he might win this, anyone else in this match could be a better choice. Over all I am looking forward to this match even tho I am worried about the result of this one
  14. Blade makes his way to the ring no music the only sound is boos as he makes his way to the ring and getting a microphone. Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT champion, a former BPZ European Champion, a former BPZ Intercontinental Champion, and a former BPZ Premium Champion. And soon at BPZ Mayhem I will be the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! First things first is the tournament. The Power Trip Cup Tournament. I will put down every opponent in my way. Ruining what every was planned, whatever was thought of, whatever was considered the best for business to win in the end those plans are gone as I am going to take out everyone in this tournament that I come across until I am the last man left! First is BIC. Wasn't he so cheerful at that Post Backlash press conference. Praising the company line so highly making everything look find and dandy. You make me sick. I called you out during the press conference I called you a corporate puppet you made claims you had to go and ask to be put into this match over someone else. Oh boohoo you had to ask to replace someone and rob them of their opportunity. Very good, you must be very proud. Once again you underline the big problem, then you have the nerve to question me. You questioned my battles at BPZmania 4. The two matches I was in you are right I was the odds on favorite, but I didn't lose, I was robbed plain and simple. You want to believe that I am a loser then go on believe that, because when I beat you this Friday in the opening rounds of this tournament you will know how wrong you are when you hear these words, "And your winner Blade!' You will be the first example I make as I make my through all of those Bailey decides to put in my way." Blade stops then walks right in front of the camera, Blade, "Now that leaves me with my second reason I am out here. This next message goes straight to the two I will face at BPZ Mayhem. The Bailey and Slim. I don't have to say anymore things about Bailey. At Backlash was the first battle in this war and Mayhem I look make the result in the end far more different then before. As for Slim you brought yourself into my match and if I didn't see this right now I would assume I would be facing two Bailey's at Mayhem. Slim you made your return and what did you do? You created came back with another group to watch your back. Bringing Legacy back, we seen this already when Bailey brought back evolution back at Survivor Series at the tail end of last year. You are the same corrupted egomaniac as Bailey just you don't have the championship to back up your claims and after Mayhem you still wont have that the championship either. The only good thing with you entering the match at Mayhem means I get to take out two birds with one stone. I don't get to only take out the man who is the sole reason of the corruption in BPZ right now, but I can now get rid of you Slim who can create the same problems that Bailey has. Slim you return and think you are entitled to getting into the world title match. You think you can leave then return and do whatever you want. At Mayhem you are going to learn very quickly that you are entitled for only one thing. And that is you are entitled to get a loss by my hands. After BPZ Mayhem I will ask the BPZ Universe the question once again 'Do You know who I am?' The answer will be that I am the world champion, because I am going to win and be the champion" Blade drops the microphone and leaves his final words to make a mark for a possible future result with him walking out of Mayhem with the gold.
  15. Would have preferred they kept Backlash but oh well. As for the name 'Stomping Grounds' it sounds like a PPV I'd come up with for a forum diary in these forums or something. Wont know how the ppv goes until we actually see this one put together.

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