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  1. Blade appears on the Carnage Titantron in a room with a poker table. Blade, "Do you all know who I am? Lets have a short version of this, I am one half of BPZ Tag Team champions and a member of the syndicate. I am Blade now lets get down to business. You should have all learned by now what it is that I have done for my team to get these tag titles. I broke down and reeducated all of you of those teams that you believe you know. Revealing to all of you who and what they truly are. So lets get to it." Blade lights a cider and puts it in an ash tray to rest as he grabs a list of names. Blade, "The team we face first was originally the First Class express. Now they are Bulletproof. Seems they learned something from the Deadman's hand during our rise to the top. We advanced and adapted for each challenge that was ahead of us. We saw what the nobodies of the SSW Club were. The retiree's of the United Nations, and the mistakes that was the Big Ballers. Now we get to Bulletproof and this will be like the big ballers. We first will break down the team members in which we will face. First up lets look at some class I guess. The Best in Class in BIC or at least that's what he believes he is." Blade pulls out a poker card with BIC's name on it and places it on the table. Blade. "BIC what a guy am I right? This guy is a real trust worthy guy am I right? It isn't like he stabs partners in the back right? Oh right he has, and his partner calls me a snake? Please, this is a guy that goes by either Xavier King or BIC which literally means 'Best In Class". He believes he is the best and better then everyone else. It would be amusing if the Syndicate didn't exist. Not just one person who is better then him but four, and he is going to face just two at Summerslam. So when he gets to Summerslam there will be four people there better then him. His two opponents, his partner and the referee. Who is BIC thought? A former world champion right? A shocking term of events that he beat our leader in a fluke victory. Then a month later who beat him. Who could have defeated the 'Best in Class'? Oh right the leader of the Syndicate beat BIC and took his title back from BIC. You defeated me at the Power Trip cup this year. This is true I wont hide from that face. BIC you must have had a good time winning that Power Trip cup right? Oh wait that's right you lost! Meanwhile, at that Power Trip, I reinvented myself by getting a much deserved win and setting up what caused the current change that led me straight to a championship reign to bring the tag division to where it belongs to the top of any card! He thinks people are praying for him to fall. Trying to scheme and make him lose, that isn't true. The one that is going to make him fail is himself. His success is always followed by a quick downfall and he is at fault every time! He had a good showing at the Power Trip Cup and what happened he failed himself at the end and lost. He was world champion for a short period time and what happen on right he failed himself yet again. Now if this is any indication of things to come, he has gotten himself into a championship match up, and just like all other times he is going to fail again. Your team might as well be in a handicap match when you are involved, they face the superior team and the man who will be the downfall of his own team. At Summerslam here is a little spoiler, no matter who we see from Bulletproof BIC will be the cause that leads his team into losing the match. Because that is just who he is!" Blade puts the card with BIC's name on in into the ash tray then begins to burn it with the cigar. Blade, "If you don't get it yet. We hold all the cards as we had since the beginning. When I was the founder of the Deadman's hand and now as a member of the Syndicate. You might look like you have a powerful hand but in reality you only have a face cards. While we hold the winning hand. But for now, keep thinking you are winning. Keep on bluffing, and lying to yourselves but when you are broken down like this, it is revealed who you truly are. You are the one who fails himself praying for your own downfall!" Blade stops and turns towards the camera as the card with the name of BIC just burns up completely Blade, "The first one is down and it just like that. This is what I do. We breakdown the Best in Class, and we will be back for the next of one will be Hans Clayton. As simple as it was to breakdown BIC and see who he was. His partner the United states champion. I faced a champion before and did a breakdown on one as well. Hans Clayton will soon be humbled. As soon everyone will know who and what he is. See you all soon!" The screen goes black as Blade finishes the latest of the Breakdown Series.
  2. You know this announcement is nice and all but the moment you see baron corbin in the tournament and knowing wwe's past of booking him. Just fear they are just going to give this king of the ring victory to Barron Corbin and this will be like the last few king of the rings and be point less. I hope I am wrong about this and this actually goes somewhere but I have my serious doubts right now about KOTR right now.
  3. Blade walks down to the ring no theme song just going to the ring with his half of the tag titles over his shoulder with a smug look on his face. He gets in the ring after throwing a chair into the ring and getting a microphone. Quickly setting up the chair and taking a seat. Blade,"Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships at King of the ring, one of the men who put an end to the Big Ballers, and one half of the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions. I am Blade now lets get down for business. Look here, what was it I wanted to say, I said something before Emergence what was it, oh right I said I was going to tell you all so after I did something but what was it." Blade turns and looks at his championship on his shoulder. Blade, "Oh that's right won this didn't I? So I guess.... I TOLD YOU ALL SO! I said the Deadman's hand was going to win the number one contenders match and crush the weaker tag teams and we did that!. I said we would beat and end the big ballers and we did that and took their tag titles from them. The light at the end of the tunnel the tag division was going down under that stagnant title reign is now over. Now the tag division can now grow once again. The Deadman's hand stepped up from the days when it was just Kieron and I to George and I now evolving once again to what we are now. Brenden should have see this coming being part of the old evolution group. You either adapt or you perish. We found ourselves invited into a more illustrious group and we adapted and caused the former tag team champions title reign to perish. Now what is this group? Well if the names of who is involve doesn't give you any indication of what this group can do without a name alone. We have our selves of the Deadman's Hand the new tag champions. We have Ropati fresh back and ready to give you all a reminder of who he is. And the head honcho of the group, a mastermind who is smarter then all of you. That is Slim. But if you need a name for a group like this to give you any more indication of who we are well this is who we are." Blade points at the titan tron and the name appears Blade, "A picture is better then a thousand words. We are, no are is the wrong word, it is we have taken over. We are bringing a balance to BPZ like nobody has seen before. Capturing the Tag titles was the first step. The next step will be summerslam. What will the tag team be doing? Facing the first challenge who has decided to step up against the syndicate. The First Class Express. Hans and BIC. the first team to step up to us and now here is what will happen to them. They step up and now will they are going to get stepped on. You see I see this team coming and I am going to shut them down. You think teaming with Bashka will help you? Look at Bashka and look at who him and ask him to thank Slim for his intercontinental title reign, and then tell him to say goodbye to his reign. I might have history with BIC but listen to me carefully, I am not praying for your down fall. I want you to step up, bring what you did during the Power Trip Cup. Hans better bring his best as well. I want to face you both at your primes. Because when we smack you back down to where you belong then you can go tell, the Brenden and Sameer a real team just beat you." Blade flips the microphone into the air and drops it
  4. Predictions in Bold Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak (c) vs. Oney Lorcan Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Ricochet Finn Balor vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon (If Owens loses, he will quit WWE) SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya (Submission Match) WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins Bonus Questions: First Match (Non Pre-Show)?:Kevin Owns vs Shane Mchahon Second To Last Match? Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya (Submission Match) Will Roman Reigns have a match on the show and if so, against who? No Who will be 24/7 Champion by the end of the show? R-Truth Will Randy Orton use the Punt to finish the match? No
  5. BPZ Power Trip Emergence: BPZ Tag Team Title Match The Big Ballers(c) vs The Deadman's Hand The time has arrived for the tag team title match to get ready to get started. First the Deadman Hand's theme plays. Coming out of the crowd both George and Blade emerge, wearing skull masks at two different entrances within the crowd. The jump the barricades and get into the ring. The first title opportunity for the Deadman's hand looking to capture the gold tonight. Both men removing the masks once in the ring George handing his Premium title to the ring side trainers. They seem to be ready for the title math tonight. Next out are the BPZ Tag team champions of the world. Brendenplayz and Sameer the Big Ballers. They are coming to the ring looking to defend their titles. Both men have been distracted as of late with others things on their plates at the moment. Sameer a big match at Summerslam against the 2019 King of the ring winner and Brenden with his plans on stepping away from the ring and his big match against Bashka. Whether or not these distractions are effecting them though, that isnt seen. They both looked focus right now to defend their titles. Getting to the ring neither man looked like they wanted to hand their titles to the referee but ultimately they handed them off to the referee who raised them high into the air to show that they are on the line. The prizes that both teams want to walk out of Emergence here tonight with. Brenden telling Sameer he gots this and he wants to start things out. Sameer tries to argue that he should begin and both men get nailed by a dropkick by Blade! Sameer is dropped kicked out of the ring and Brenden is in meaning he is starting the match. Getting up before Brenden Blade nails him with a stiff forearm to the back of the head then proceeds to drag him away from his corner. Then nails Brenden with three elbow strikes, one to the back, then to the neck ,last one right to the back of the head. Then locking in a head lock. Blade isnt a technical wrestling in the ring but showing a bit of mat wrestling skills. Using power Brenden forces himself to his feet. Blade then uses his power and leverge to throw Brenden into his corner. Then starts throwing punches in bunches. Tagging out at the count of four to break the count. He drags Brenden out of the corner then lifts him up for a spinebuster and turns his back to the ropes and George hits Brenden with a high roundhouse kick then Blade drops him with a spine shattering spinebuster. Blade rolls out of the ring as George gets in runs into the ropes and hits Brenden with a low basemen dropkick just as he is getting up and hits him right in the side of the head. George grabs Brenden with a front head lock and gator rolls him to the ropes near Blade. George gets up tags Blade then jumps up then drives his knee right to the back of the neck of Brenden. Both members just focusing Brenden keeping Sameer out. Who now just got onto his corner. He stomps on the ring steps to try and help rally Brenden. Blade gets in and he starts punching away at Brenden. Letting him stand up then just nails him with right and left jabs to the head. Getting Brenden into a corner of the ring that doesnt belong to either team. Blade hits Brenden with a forearm then starts to grind his forearm across his face. Brenden pushes Blade away breaking the crossface move. And the count of the referee. Brenden gets to his corner quickly and tags Sameer in. Sameer gets in the ring right when Blade tags out and George gets back into the ring. Both men have a staredown. George fresh from beating Sameer at King of the Ring for the Premium Championship. They lock up in a coller and elbow tie up. George tries to push Sameer into the ropes but Sameer instead up pushing decides to pull George and uses his opponets effort against him. Turning and pulling George back into the corner where Brenden is. Sameer hits George with a few over hand forearms to the upper back and back of the neck. Brenden tags back in gets in the ring walking towards Blade then turns and runs towards George and Sameer pushes George away and right into Brenden who clotheslines him to the back of the head. They are now focusing on George. Brenden lifts and drops George with a sidewalk slam, goes for a pin attempt doesnt get a one count. Brenden grabs George by the head pulls him to his feet and drags him to Sameer and tags out. Sameer gets in he takes George down with a snapnare out of the corner, and then gets up and dropkicks him in the back. Sameer walks to Blade's corner and yells at him, "I will always match sure you lose!" Blade tries to get in the ring to get at Sameer but the referee stops him. Sameer grabs George and Irish whips him into the ropes and Brenden knee's George into the back. Sameer grabs George and lifts him up for a powerbomb. This is one of Sameer's signature moves. Sameer runs into his teams corner and nails the Blockbuster Bomb (Buckle Bomb). Sameer grabs George keeping him near their corner but goes for a pin attempt. One...two...no! George kicks out! He is refusing to lose here. Sameer then tags Brenden after starting to slap George around before getting out of the ring. Brenden picks George up with ease lifting him up then rams him into an empty corner. Brenden starts to hit George with shoulder thrusts to the gut just working George's ribs. Brenden is more stronger then George, but he gets countered by the much faster George. During a shoulder thrust George grabs Brenden 's head then climbs up onto the middle rope then uses his technique skills to drop Brenden with a tornado DDT! Both men start crawling to their corners but George was faster and tags out first. Blade runs across the ring and stomps on the back of Brenden then steps up on Brenden using him for leverage to jump up and nail Sameer with a forearm. Preventing them from tagging out. Blade turns then stomps hard onto Brenden's shoulder. Stomps four more times. It is obvious Blade is weakening Brenden up for the rings of saturn submission hold. Blade kicks Brenden to the middle of the ring. Stomping away at the shoulder, switching it up and stomping the other. Brenden tries once to spring up and grab Blade by the lege during a shoulder stomp attempt, but ends up collapsing under Blade's weight from the work done to his shoulder. As he falls down all of Blade's weight lands on his shoulder. Quickly standing Blade grabs Brenden and drops him with a DDT. Blade goes for a cover. One...two...It is broken up by Sameer, he has had enough of Blade and George singling out Brenden. He is going nuts with punches and elbow to Blade. Referee counting to get Sameer out of the ring. George gets in the ring and hits Sameer with a kick to the side of the head Sameer stumbles upwards towards the ropes and gets clotheslined by George and both men get out of the ring ending the count that George reset. Both men fighting outside the ring George throws Sameer into the barricade. Sameer fires back by throwing George into the side of the ring. In the ring wait Blade is lifting Brenden up with a military press. He did this to Bulldozer and Buddy Ace but they were smaller then Brenden. Blade lifts him up struggling to get him up. George holds Sameer still as Blade runs towards the side of the ring and throws Brenden at Sameer with a military press to the outside of the ring George gets out of the way and Brenden only hits Sameer. Rolling out of the ring Blade meets up with George then motions him to run around the ring. Both men runs around the ring Blade runs around and hits Brenden with a clothesline from hell. At the same time George runs around the ring and nails Sameer with his signature running knee strike. Blade gets up and motions for them to run around the ring again. Both men turn and run the other away around the ring how they did before. George runs around and hits Brenden with a running knee strike, Blade runs around the ring and drops Sameer with a clothesline from hell. Rolling in and out of the ring Blade stops the count. Then grabs Brenden and drags him to the top of the edge of the ring. Blade preparing to set up for a piledriver on the edge of the ring. Brenden fights out of it hitting Blade with chops to the back of his legs and pushes Blade away. Keeping Blade from piledrivering him onto the edge of the ring. Brenden shoves Blade onto the ring post Blade walks off the post. Brenden runs on the edge of the ring going for a clothesline. Blade ducks it wait he locks Brenden into a full Nelson on the edge of the ring. Wait this is Blade's set up to his finisher. He lifts Brenden up and hits the full nelson bomb onto the edge of the ring! The hardest part of the ring! Blade rolls Brenden into the ring then gets in. He goes grabs Brenden he isn't going to a pin attempt. Blade grabs Brenden's arm and then moves and locks in the rings of Saturn! Blade wants to make Brenden give up for his team and give up his tag titles! Brenden refusing to tap but this is like deja vu. Much like what Blade did to Brad of the United Nations Blade has Brenden stuck in the middle of the ring with Brenden stuck in Blade's submission hold. Sameer gets up to his corner of the ring but he sees Brenden in the submission hold. He reaches his arm out but Brenden doesn't seem to be able to crawl. Wait George gets up on Sameer's corner and hands Sameer a towel. Sameer looks at it and knows what George wants him to do. George telling Sameer to end it and throw in the towel for Brenden. Sameer looks like he is fighting this decision. Suddenly he throws the towel down onto the ground outside the ring then yells that they wont give up! George then nails Sameer with a running knee strike both men fall off the ring apron. Sameer narrowly misses the ring steps but George lands bad on his shoulder on his way down. Brenden got to see Sameer's will and resolve. He fights he lifts Blade up while still in the Rings of Saturn. Shocking not only Blade but everyone else. Brenden lifting Blade up onto his shoulders Blade keeping the hold locked it. Brenden spins Blade around using all his strength and hits a modified gut wrench powerbomb out of the rings of Saturn. But he takes out the referee by accident by throwing Blade into the referee. The referee is out anything can happen now!
  6. After listening to George and the surprise entrance of Sameer and his words Blade picks up the microphone. Blade, "Glad to see you Sameer, you say I will never be the face of BPZ? Good, I wont be the face, because I don't want to be the face of BPZ. I want to break the face of BPZ into pieces. You talk down how I list off my accomplishments, and you think it is embarrassing? Wow it is really going to be embarrassing after emergence when I ask everyone who I am, and list off that I am one half of the NEW BPZ tag team champions. Or at least for you it would. You make the point that you will still be champion if you lose, but you will still have in record that you were defeated by a man you think is embarrassing, and the man who took your first title away from you already. You see, you want to try and keep me down, but the thing is it is different. This isn't 2015, this isn't even BPZmania 4 when you stole the money in the bank from me this will be Emergence when you will be beat at. See I am not alone this time when I take you on I have my partner here and he has beaten you. That was at King of the Ring. Now you are going to be facing him again at Emergence and you will lose to him again. And he will be holding that other title you hold that you have very little respect for." Blade stands up and kicks his chair over and then turns back to face towards Sameer Blade, "You have such little regard for the tag titles don't you. Calling them the titles that nobody cares about? The title at the bottom of the card? Now, how am I not surprised, oh right it is what I have been saying since we started you and Brenden are the biggest mistakes of the tag division to have ever happened. You both don't give a damn about this division, you both have been trying to kill the division ever since holding the titles. You have defended those titles against jokes almost every time now. The Saviors tried to save the titles, but you two couldn't just stay away when you were beat. You had to come back and try and kill the tag division yet again. The Royal Flush came close to doing what the Saviors did, but we of the Deadman's hand will finish what both teams started and finally put a stop to the Big ballers title reign. It is a real shame to see the person at the top of BPZ giving no regard for the one thing that is and was the biggest thing going on at King of the ring. Your title match with Bailey wasn't the talked about match was it. And you hate that don't you? You finally won the big title and yet nobody is talking about the world title are they? It was your big moment and yet the match for a contenders match for the title was one of the biggest talked matches there was from King of the ring. People talk about more then the your big match. The undisputed championship, the Intercontinental championship, even the NXT title was more talked about then your big title defense. You were talked about though, but only for losing your Premium Championship. Yet the bottom of the card as you call it match up was bigger then your first title defense. After Emergence the tag titles will once again be talked about as finally they are free and in the hands of a team that is bringing the titles back to where they should be. At the top of BPZ, and in the hands of the Deadman's Hand." Blade then was about to hand George the microphone back but talks it back Blade, "Glad you came out here, as much like the first ever BPZ Tag team Summit, we get to see our competition going into the big event. Might want to take notes from that, as the last teams we got a look at who stepped up as competition. End of the day, your fate is the same as the SSW Club and the United Nations. Back to you George." Blade tosses the microphone back to George now done with the microphone.
  7. Blade walks down to the BPZ ring he walks around grabs two chairs and tosses them into the ring then grabs a microphone before getting in the ring and setting up the chairs Blade, "I am not going to ask you all who I am right now, you all know that I am Blade and I am part of the Deadman's hand, but I am going to ask do you remember what happened before the King of the ring event? The first ever BPZ Tag team summit we of the Deadman's hand set it up and we started something that hasn't happened almost all year since Backlash 2019. We made the tag team division relevant. Not only that helped put the tag contenders match at one of the highest points from King of the ring. Raising and elevating the tag division to where it hasn't been in a while, now that we started something at King of the ring we are going to follow through with that going to Emergence and finally elevate the tag division fully when we take on the tag champions and we will rescue those tag titles from the Big Ballers." Blade stops for a second and sits forward in the chair Blade, "When the Deadman's hand was first starting out we had three teams that thought they could stop us. SSW Club, Alex and Raven, and the United Nations. We told them and the world what was going to happen. They ran into a beating then the next night after the King of the ring I told everyone I told you all so then. Now after Emergence I will be telling you all the exact same thing, but I will also be saying, the Deadman's hand is your new tag team champions. That isn't a prediction that isn't even a spoiler at this point that is just what is going to happen. It also is something that must happen. The Big Ballers caused this division to go stagnant. So they must be stopped and put down. They have fought nothing but rookie tag teams and teams that couldn't be that much of a threat to them. Twice now this year we seen them at their weakest. Once at BPZ mania 4, then when they took on the Royal Flush the first time. When they face real competitors they buckle, this weekend they aren't going just buckle from the threat of a real tag team but they are going to completely snap into pieces as they are finally beaten once and for all." Blade stops and point up the ramp way, Blade, "You see this weekend it isn't just myself against the Big Ballers. It is myself and my tag team partner. You see, my tag partner has beaten half of the Big Ballers already, and I have a win over the other half. So now when we go into the ring as a team to face the Big ballers both my partner and I will have a win over the Big Ballers as a whole. Now who is this tag team partner? He is a former NXT champion, a two time slammie award winner, a 2019 king of the ring semi finalist, and is your current BPZ Premium Champion the other half of the Deadman's hand Ladies and Gentlemen it is George AK!" Blade introduces George out and now awaits his entrance.
  8. Blade's theme hits and the ring is set up with a poker table in the middle of the ring and Blade makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and sits in a chair next to the poker table he sits down and picks up a microphone. Blade, "Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. I am Blade now lets get down for business." Blade pulls out two cards one with Sameer's name another with Brenden's he gets a third card with their team name the Big Ballers Blade, "Not going to explain why I am out here in a set up like this. You all know why, I am today breaking down the full team of Brenden and Sameer the Big Ballers. I already broken them both down, the golden one who's title reigns have can be explained in one way, and that he is the company's chump. And Brenden, the big boss man who thinks he is the best in the world and that he is unbeatable, in reality he is not. But now we are here to breakdown the full team of Brenden and Sameer the Big Ballers so lets look at them. They formed up last year at the second clapspiracy classic tag tournament , and they should have never gotten past the tournament. They faced Ropati and Julius the first time before they became the saviors when the latter called themselves Kangaroo and Kiwi, then they went on to face AK-17 Brad and Echo Wilson. First wasn't ready at the time and the ladder well, I said everything I need to when I said who was in the team. The other half of the brackets, Revolution Of Attitude won their first match, Flynn and Ross. While the other team with no name was Bizzy and myself when I was still Hollow. You see the tag tournament ended weirdly because, Flynn and I both had partners who just seemly just vanished, so we had a match against each other instead of going after the tag team titles. That was one of the biggest mistakes either of us could have made. Looking back, if either team with just one member could have gone to the finals, then we wouldn't be seeing the tag champions as the Big Ballers. And that is a Fact. Sameer was busy losing to Ropati months prior in Carnage Pay per views, and Brenden well he didn't do an appearances that often so it should have been simple for any team with credibility to put a stop to them right there but you know the constant changes of tag teams always seemed to be in the tag champs favor. So they went on crushing the Flock at the end of that team. Then you fought what? The New Bloods? Are you serious here? A team of rookies who don't know anything about this place? Then you fought the Hell's Alliance. Really? Seriously? Some tough great challenge that was. Great match at ST Valentines day Massacre it really prepared you for BPZmania 4 didn't it? Oh wait you faced the Saviors your first real competition and you lost! Julius and Ropati finally got together and knew what to do and they beat the both of you. Yes they turned around and dropped the titles to you both a month later but they still beat you both. Then came the battles with the Royal Flush. Dark days start there for you didn't it? You guys nearly lost the titles you guys just won back! Then came the rematch, then you guys were back on top. Then you both stopped defending them, it took the tag contenders match to bring relevancy back to the tag division. It wasn't the champions who made the division look good it was their challengers to be. Now here we are your facing real competition again. You haven't faced a team like this since BPZ mania 4. This time the Deadman's hand will finish what the Saviors started, and take those titles to save this division you both have tried to kill." Blade grabs the names then kicks the bin over. Blade,"I don't need to put you guys in the bin because you are already there. The Big Ballers have been for a while now. Everyone just has been waiting for that tag team to step up to knock them down once and for all. Waiting for someone to throw out the bin and just finally be done with them." Blade then proceeds to throw the cards out of the ring and out into the crowd. Blade, "See in poker you throw out the bad hands and you keep the good. You see George and I hold all the cards, and at Emergence we will be throwing the Big Ballers out. Only one team will remain and be the tag champion. That will be the Deadman's Hand. See you at Emergence." Blade then drops the microphone on table and his theme plays once again Finishing up his breakdown series of his opponents at Emergence.
  9. Blade

    Breakdown: Big Red

    The theme plays but unlike all the other times Blade walks out onto the stage to surprise the crowd. The ring is set up with a poker table and chairs. Blade comes down to the ring gets in a ring at takes a seat at the poker table. Blade, "Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. I am Blade now lets get down for business So this is the next part of the breakdown series that I work on and we are right here in the middle of a bpz ring in front of the BPZ crowd. Normally I'd be in the back or somewhere better to deliver this breakdown but this next person I thought it would be proper to do this in the middle of the ring and in front of everyone. First I did the breakdown of the golden one. He had some interesting words for about me calling me an emo brute? Really? I'm the emo one? I'm not the one who through a temper tantrum after losing the Premium championship to FD or to Smith, or to most recently George. My words in these Breakdowns have been nothing but truths. I said the SSW club were nobodies and they were, now when I call you a chump, well I'll let you figured the answer that one. Anyway this isn't about Sameer this breakdown is for someone who is more important and that is his tag team partner. Big Red, Brendenplay's himself! You see this part is a tough one because, if there was no Brendenplays then there would be well nothing. Now I don't have a problem with Brenden wanting to get into the ring and competing against his workers. I get everyone even the big boss wants to be part of the show. That's all fine but what he has been doing since BPZ mania and before that taking up a title and taking the championships from the workers. And that is what makes what the Deadman's Hand must do so much easier. But we are here to breakdown who Brenden really is. So lets get to it. Blade pulls out from the poker table a red playing card with Brenden's name on it Blade, "Brenden the name behind everything! Likes to get into the ring from time to time and kick someone's down the ladder. Feel what it is like to be everyone else competing to get a spot at the top. But he doesn't really climb up the ladder like everyone else does he? He finds a tag partner and boom he is at the top ready to challenge the or compete for the tag titles. Sameer isn't the first partner he had. Yet he can only hold those tag titles for so long before it is revealed what he is to the division and what he is in the grand scheme of his own place. He isn't a competitor he is the boss. Let me say that a way the you all can understand. Brenden is nothing more the authority figure, a man in a suit and tie, putting himself in the place of real fighters. A few people seen this the first time you teamed with someone and won the tag titles the first time. Two people who knew how to get the job done stepped up and beat you and your choice partner at the time. This was the King among peasants Slim and Tamer. Now recently was the saviors that beat you and Sameer wasn't it Brenden. How ironic this is that your former opponent's objective to save the tag division is once again coming after you again in a new team that holds the same qualities that those teams had, but yet this time the team is the Deadman's hand will save the tag division from you once an for all, but lets get back to you Brenden. You aren't all unbeatable as many will claim that you are. It is often difficult to defeat you but you have been beaten. Do you remember the first clapspiracy tournament that happened at the start of last year? You teamed up with Bailey, your team should have been unstoppable but yet you ended up losing in the first round, to Poidust who was Kazma at the time and me when I was Hollow. Now you are teamed with golden one who I proved in the last breakdown is a chump, and now I prove that you a beat able. Then on August 9th, 2019 the world will see what the whole tag team division is waiting for and that is the Big Ballers finally lose the tag team titles!" Blade takes the card off the table and rips it in half then throws it into the bin. Blade, "Two down just like that. Breaking down Sameer and Brenden showing the world they aren't the biggest and brightest in this place. There are cracks in that team and we of the Deadman's hand will use that as a targeting point going into our match with the Big Ballers. The next breakdown we reveal the cracks in their seemingly invincible team as a whole. Big Red isn't then best in the world, and the Golden one isn't the great champion that all his title reigns that have been handed to him seem to be. But as a whole as the big ballers arent as they claim either and that needs to be revealed but I'll wait until the next part of this breakdown series to reeducate you all. In the end of the day though, there will be only one team walking out of emergence as Tag team champions. And the tag division can us when we are done because we finally will get that job done and rescue the BPZ Tag Team titles and to bring balance back to the division that so desperately needs it." Blade drops the microphone onto the poker table ending his message he sits there in the ring as his theme plays again.
  10. The Deadman hand's music hits like it did during king of the ring week yet the titantron comes on and Blade is back in the room with a poker table. Blade, ""Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BP Z Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event one half of the Deadman's hand, and one of two men that right now can call themselves the number one contenders for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. I am Blade now lets get down for business No this isnt live via satellite I am here tonight but no I am not coming out to the ring but I am going to bring you guys another part of the Breakdown series. Where I breakdown my opponents and reeducate all of you about them and reveal what they truly are. Before King of the ring I was talking about rookies, nobodies and retirees, this time I am suppose to be talking about the best team there is. This time I will break down both members of the team separately to give you all a good look at my Emergence opponents. So lets get to it! Blade pulls out a name on a playing card it has Sameer's name on it and Blade puts it on the table. Blade, "We start with the golden boy of BPZ the World Heavyweight champion Sameer. Former multi time premium champion, multi intercontinental champion, and tag champion with a few different teams. Wow management really likes putting gold on Sameer don't they. You can see why I call him the golden boy right? But why is he given all these chances though? Because he is a beast like he always claims or is he easy to control by management? Look at each title reign and see who took Sameer's title reigns from him. His original premium title reign was ended by FDS. That was the original biggest upset in all of BPZ they use to say. Why? Because FDS came out of nowhere and ended what was suppose to be a legendary reign? Or was he the first to expose Sameer's weaknesses and true self to all of BPZ. Now lets look at your first intercontinental title reign. You won it from Flynn held the title for three weeks, and who beat you then. Oh right that was Bizzy. Considering Bizzy isnt around anymore, wouldn't that be an upset too? Then we have your first tag title reign. Oh but your partner wasnt Brenden it was Sandman. you were the Sand Beasts. You beat The Alliance of Violence, Flynn and Ginge ,but ended up losing to Cpe and Maestro. Arguably the best tag team in all of BPZ tag title history. Now lets skip ahead to the tail end of last year. Where were you? Oh that's right you were losing badly to who was it? Oh right you got yourself destroyed by Ropati. Make sense at BPZ mania 4 this year it was Ropati and Julius that ended your first tag title reign with Brenden. Do you all see it yet? Do you see the real Sameer? His first title reigns and other titles that was handed to him covered up the truth. When he lost in the beginning people called it an upset. But the last two years says different. It is only an upset if the champion is great, but if it keeps happening you see that the champion is actually a chump pretending to be a champ." Blade stops and puts the card up and throws it into the bin. Blade, "The management's boy, the golden boy. With so many title reigns on his shoulder but yet when you peel back the curtain you see that Sameer is a true chump. Always handed his titles and his reigns sugar coated to look better then they are. But now that is gone and you all see what he is. What needs to be done, is Sameer needs to be taken down and his championships taken from him. George already took one. And if the past has anything to say Sameer can and has lost tag before, and he will do it again. As for his world title, I don't know who will take that but once the other title is gone the other will soon fall to whoever wants it once the Deadman's hand is done with the Big Ballers." Blade pushes the bin aside and turns away from the table. Blade, "See breaking down even the golden one is simple. Now we see what Sameer is, he now can be defeated. That ends this part. Stay tuned when breakdown Big red next. You don't want to miss that one. See you all soon." The screen goes black as the breakdown episode comes to an end
  11. I'll believe this when it actually is over. The wild card rule only serves the 24/7 title well everything else is bad. Yes we are getting some good matches but I don't want to see the same guys on each show. I really want to see the brand split fully repaired and the wild card rule just gone. But as I said I will believe this rumor when it actually happens. Since I have doubts we will be seeing the end of it anytime soon.
  12. This isn't the topic for that, also as someone who has been on the other side of someone begged against. I have been against it anyway. I having been against a punishment idea for it back after mania and I do now. If you want my full opinion on this go check out that post on that thread. As people do agree with what I posted there. Thank you and have a good day.
  13. I might not have agreed with the begging stuff but this I can agree with. Like people shouldn't be doing deals for rep. As for how much rep you can give daily. Hasn't there always been a limit to what we could give a day anyway? But yeah, someone caught abusing this system then yeah they should get punished.
  14. Tbh, not sure why this is going as far as it is. Seems I am not the only one who thinks like this either. People have begged for votes since I got to forums. Kayfabe in its nature is basically just begging in a different way if you really get down to it. You are trying to influence others to vote for you in almost the same way as begging. Posting around the forums going through the grind. You are trying to convince others that you are active. As someone who has been on the other side of polls where people have begged to win to and I get left there, I can see how it can be a bit of a put off, but at the same time it is the pure nature of the polls. Everyone is trying to win their own polls in their own ways is what makes the polls and the ppv months so fun. You take that away and you lose just that bit of freedom. I do agree yes sometimes it goes too far but to punish someone for this, there is no need and I don't agree with it. And I'd fight against something like this being implemented, should someone get punished because they 'begged' Im not the only one who feels this purely unneeded. Before a mod says, 'the mod team came to this decision together' there are a quite a few people against punishing people for this and few of them are former mods themselves. There is my opinions on this.
  15. Blade

    Three Down, One to Go

    Blade sits in his chair and listens to George once George is done Blade stands up and picks the chair up and folds it up and lays it on the ground gently. Taking up the microphone again. Blade, "So George let me get this straight, the man you beat at King of the ring doubted you? No way that cannot be! To think he thought he could get into your head to make you doubt yourself. That sounds very familiar doesn't it. Just like how the SSW Club, Alex and Raven along with the United Nations doubted that we would beat them to get our match against the Tag team champions. Now once again I wouldn't be surprise if both the man you took that title from and his partner would be doubting us now thinking we are an easy team to defeat. Because that is laughable." Blade steps forward and looks dead into the camera Blade, "Brenden and Sameer, Big ballers listen closely. I will tell you now, go back and review my past statements I made. I said these teams we faced before couldn't get the job done against you boys and clearly I was right then since they aren't the ones going to face you at emergence. We are the only ones that can do this job and beat you both. You see it is all part of the plan, form a tag team get to the contenders match. Regroup and adapt for when the team falls apart and we did that we adapted and now we are here. Now look at the pair of you. Brenden and Sameer. The best tag team there was has gone stagnant. You boys have reached your peak and still think you can stay at your level and beat any challenge. That's no surprise though I mean it is Brendenplayz and Sameer, one is the name of the place. The other is the golden boy, who holds the BPZ World title. Most would see the two of you as the best that there can be but we don't see you like that. You two set a very high bar but that is a problem. You set it but haven't done anything to go beyond that. You both fought the likes of the Royal Flush, and cracks in your team seemed to have formed and they nearly beat you in your first match up against them. Now here is a new team that is fully capable of adapting and rising above that bar you both set. Brenden you were part of the great group of evolution and should know what is going to happen at Emergence since both you and Sameer have failed to adapt. You both and your title reigns are going to perish thanks to the Deadman's hand." Blade sits back down in his chair and almost drops the microphone but waits a second. Blade, "But hey, keep doubting the Deadman's hand. Underestimate the Deadman's hand. We'll be getting the job done regardless of what you guys think. In the end those titles will be ours." Blade drops the microphone at the end of his statement.

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