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  1. Blade appears on the screen of the Valor Programing walking into an interview room and he takes a seat "This is a bit strange isnt it? I am not a face one often has seen in Valor since it has been created. Blade is on Valor now, it seems like a big deal but is it? One of Carnage's original loyalists finally making his way out onto a different platform that isnt. Back then when Carnage first start Blade was the original stand out, he was loyal. Anytime I was be traded away to Evolve back when that was a thing, I did everything I could not to go over to that show. Even created other
  2. "People always say , "So and so has come back and looking to take home the gold'. You go away and come back and those are the words most first think of. Most think that is what you must do. Everyone gets that itch of wanting to come back to take back their spot they left. Come back here, looking at everything, nothing is the same. Some faces are the people we once new are similar but they aren't the same people anymore. Because we aren't the same person anymore. Before Carnage was my home, and look how much that has changed. BPZ The universe has changed so much, to say I can co
  3. Blade's Bugged Out Team! Scolipede Centiskorch Golisopod Araquanid Vikavolt Frosmoth Volcarona Scizor
  4. My Not Fully Evolved Water Team Lombre Palpitoad Marill Chinchou Carvanha Mareanie Frillish Seadra
  5. My team of dragons Dracozolt Flygon Turtonator Duraludon Kommo-o Haxorus Kyurem Appletun
  6. Lets post this again Galer Stunfisk Duraludon Aegislash This got banned Ferrothorn Seismitoad Rhyperior Steelix Sandaconda Hippowdon
  7. Sableye-Mega Marowak-Alola Golurk Froslass Shedinja Mimikyu Gengar Silvally-Ghost
  8. "Where do we go from here? When you hit that cross road of should you continue forward or should you stop which choice is the right to make. But that question is harder to answer. Things you must see is what has driven you to where you are now? And does that drive still drive you forward to keep continuing on?" Blade appears on the titantron of the latest addition of Carnage TV Blade, "Well normally after being gone for a long time I would come back and say 'I am back!' but am I though? Mulling it over for a while now, I have been here for four years almost five in a few months. I
  9. Normal Team Munchlax Igglybuff Rattata-Alola Stufful Rufflet Litleo Lickitung Teddiursa
  10. In no real order Bailey Neb Flynn Bashka Smith
  11. The Elite Championship The TNT TV Championship That's two there but not really sure what for AEW would or could be their midcard belt.
  12. "The King of Trash Style, What a title, for someone to be called this. Everything they speak, and do is perfect to describe someone. Who's art at talking trash and skills in the ring are just that. So gritty that one can only call it Trash Style! Lets look at the professionals today to look at ones who are at the top of the game of Trash Style" The titantron comes on and Hollow is seen walking around backstage near a trash truck with Trashmen taking out the trash Hollow stops them. Hollow, "Good Evening Gentlemen, we wish to talk to you today before the big Survival Games begin.
  13. Unpopular, I liked the ending of the Hell in a cell match and the match itself of the Fiend vs Rollins
  14. Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bray Wyatt Bonus Questions: First Match? (Non-Pre Show) - Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks Second to Last Match? Bayley vs Charlotte How many 24/7 Championship changes will take place? None Will another championship be defended and if so which one and who will be the opponent? (1 point for each correct answer) Intercontinental Championship - Shi
  15. I have one Alyxander Cuddlesworth vs Jervis Cottonbelly Topped it just like that
  16. Red Dead Redemption 2 online. Yeah have been going back to this one recently. Doing the new Frontier Pursuits they added. Mostly bounty hunter stuff though, and I got to say its a lot of fun. Going around in the old west being a bounty hunter is a lot of fun.
  17. Guess I might be the different one here, but I do get on twitch quite a bit, while I do watch Brenden's streams from time to time. I mostly watch other people. Most recently been watching Alfredoplayz, or just Alfredo, a member of Achievement Hunter who streams he isn't the only one of the group who streams from AH. But I have been watching Alfredo more recently to see if Rainbow Six Siege streams.
  18. Match #1 Smashing Pumpkins Match Rules- The only way to win the match is to smash and break a pumpkin over the others head. Other then that there are no other rules. Brad vs Mirage The announcer starts up the first match up of the Unapproved BPZ Event. In the ring is the two looking to start off this show Ring Announcer, "In the left corner, a man a few words could describe him. He is a BPZ Hall of Famer, we give you Brad!" The crowd would go nuts if there was one. This unapproved event didn't get approved to sell tickets so it is just in an empty arena. The a
  19. NEW Match (Based off of @Smith suggestion slightly) The Nightmare House of Horrors Match up Smith vs The House of Horrors- Horrors Rules- The way to win, is to escape the house and the horrors and get back to the ring within the loted time limit. If Smith fails to do so, the Horrors and the House win the match. The match up starts with Smith entering the house from the basement entrance, that door will be locked and Smith must fight his way out of the house to win(survive) the match up. - Another New Match up (Based off of @Slim Suggestion) Normal House of Horro
  20. Welcome to this new diary. This is a one off diary that will have an end once all the episodes/matches have been written up and posted for all to ready. This was originally an idea I tossed around in discord, trying to get a nothing fun kayfabe event for Halloween this year, but it got rejected so here we are. In the diary section in the Unapproved BPZ Halloween Party Bash! Enjoy. If you have match suggestions leave comments of match type and who is in the match as comments in this topic. Current Match Card (The match card is subject to change matches suggestions may b

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