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  1. Blade Forum Wrestling is back! Sign ups are open go and check it out!



  2. Your BPZ predictions for 2018!

    My predictions The winner of MITB At Mania will be succesful in cashing in, but the Bad Blood winner this year will fail. King of the Ring winner will not win their cash in. Blade Forum Wrestling Forum Diary will return and win the Diary Slammie I will win the IC title two times this year Slim will win the Premium title The Tag titles will be retired A new singles title will be created or the European title will be reinstated The Global Title and Universal Titles will switch brands Carnage and Evolve will have 2 new GMs
  3. What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing a few games recently, Madden 17, WWE 2k18, GTA 5, Ark Survival Evolved, Mass Effect Andromeda, and a bit of Fallout 4. With Madden just been playing Franshise mode, playing the Defensive Tackle role having a bit of fun with that. WWE 2k18, first 2k game I have played and owned since 2k14. Been playing a lot of my career, and road to glory. Enjoying it a lot, although my career was fun could use more varity with the actual main storyline that the character can go on rather then just the company man or fan favorite. Ignoring a few weird things it has been fun. Road to Glory also has been great, a bit of a learning curve to go from fighting computer AI's to actual players. Fighting lagging conditions and what not I found it enjoyable as well. GTA 5, every week there is new content, whether it be a new car, new game mode, or whatever. After the doomsday heist, the best missions in my opinion, there has been a lot to do. Not to mention they just did their Christmas stuff for GTA. Playing with Snow doing the new heist, playing with the new stuff has been really fun. GTA 5 Online keeps getting better and better, and if Rockstar keeps dishing out the constant new content it will keep being a good game that is almost always seeming fresh with something always new to do. Ark Survival Evolved, Very fun and addicting. With the recently droped Aberation DLC it has been really great. A bit unstable getting lagged out of servers, constant bugs and glitches, it is still very much enjoyable. Taming dinos, and just generally surviving is just fun and a bit challenging. Mass Effect Andromeda, this when I got it, I wanted to see if all the complaints i have heard about this were true. Some people are labeling this one of the worst games last year. So I tried it and I don't see the problems that everyone else sees with it. It is a very nice game, very fun, and addicting. Being a huge fan of the mass effect series as a whole this game was just really great. People say the graphics arent that good, well in my opinion they are not that bad. Play the first mass effect game, it was a good game but this one is better then that in all aspects. This is one of those games that the critics and overall perseption is just wrong. Fallout 4, playing it for the first time, with everyone of its DLC, enough said, It is Fallout a great game series and fun to play. Fallout 4 is my favorite in the series and I cant get enough of it. So fun.
  4. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    Time for the playoffs, I wont make predictions, as I cant do the predictions correctly cause I am biased towards one of the teams. I will say I'm looking forward to the Steeler's/Jaguars game. Pittsburg will be playing hard for Ryan Shazier who got hurt durning the Regular season. Antonio Brown will be in action for the game, along wth Bell, The killer B's Brown, Ben, Bell, Boswell, and sometimes Bryant. And recently Juju who I am really looking forward to see how when he does. Cant wait for this game
  5. The Next Chapter

    This message is deliever to Carnage and Evolve via Satlite from an unknown location "GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Come one and come all and witness the specital to come unfold the birth, the next chapter of destiny is coming to fruition. Written, composed, and created into a new topic by the Author of Madness, now silence your phones and listen little sheep as he delievers this message for all to hear. To all the masses here is Hollow!" Hollow appears on the titan trons of Carnage and Evolve interupting the current broadcasts Hollow sits on a stool with a book in his hands he opens the book then begins to read aloud "The madman's tale written by the Author of Madness himself Hollow, Chapter One, The Birth Of The Madman. Rising from the remains of a broken man who lost at his ultimate goal. He put everything on the line in the time of twenty, fifteen but was shattered and robbed of the goal he had sought out for so long. He was a broken soul a shadow of his former self and in his wake. In his place came forth a the entity that rose through universe in a storm of madness. Bewildering all those who saw and ran across such a being. Appearing everywhere and anywhere, people believe this to be a fool,a joke, a jester for the Kings that rose. With to little success he came and like a candle flickered out before he was able to shine. Chapter Two, The Rise and Reign of Madness The madman had left for a few months as the man he was found himself but soon found himself wondering why did he return to who he was. Many said that the madman should have stayed, once gone gained a sort of popularity that could only be nearly suggested as a form of fame. The man decided he would take and do anything to capture what he wanted. The Holy prize the European Championship. Held by a rival that he faced before, the hero needed to go to the well of insanity to bring the mad one out. Then it happened Mayhem, was the day the Madman began to rise and his Reign of Madness had begun. The madness was strong in this one as he was a good guy, he wasnt a bad guy, he was just the madman! While the reign was short it was the beginning of something new and like bolt of lightning it struck twice, months down the line the madman claimed a new prize his biggest and greatest accomplishment of all time, becoming the intercontinental Champion. Chapter Three The Fall and Failed Redemption After claiming his biggest prize Hollow had risen to the top of the mountain. Then he battled for his right to be where he wanted. So it was determined he would fight a beast. Rage in the Cage, he felt strong going into it at the top of the world. Then it happened, he fought the beast and was outright destroyed. Which would set across events that would last for a long, long, long time. The unstable one fell farther than anyone person could fall. He tried to grab on to anything and everything but to no avail. He lost again, and again and again. For a whole year making returns every so often looking to bring back glory and give himself Redemption in an form, but he failed again and again and again. To the point he just gave up, he stopped caring what happened. And that was the end. This was the last chapter like a brightly burning candle first burned so brightly but quickly was burned out. Then came a new year, when it all seemed like the insanity and madness would be gone for good. While order had prevailed it happened, the Author of Madness decided it would not end that way. Then he found it the Next chapter The Chapter of Chaos and Anarchy, for the first time in so long he could do whatever he wanted wherever he wanted not bound by contract. His chains were broken and he was unleashed. His goals are simple...." Hollow closes the book and lifts his hands "He wants the whole Global Universe in his hands He will have the whole Global Universe in his hands He will have the whole Global Universe in his hands For the chapter has begun...."
  6. The Author of Madness

    "We're here...." A voice echos through multiple arenas over multiple channels A message for Carnage and Evolve. A dark figure appears on a titantron and the arenas get dark expect for the little bit of light just illuminating the dark figure "What do we have here, a bunch of sheep. Look at them gawking at the screen looking upon their true master waiting to be led. waiting for their shepherd to lead them through this darkness to tell them it will be alright. Telling them hush and it will be alright when the darkness looms over them all. And as sheep they do as they are told and off they go back to their ignorant lives. Ignorant to the truth ignorant to the beasts that hunt them. Ignorant to the beasts that hide in the sheep's clothing. The shepherd is not around for we are not their shepherd we are the harbinger for things to come. It is simple we are the chaos of things to come. Unbound free to choose where we go, unbound to choose who we face, and it is time to unleash what has been bottled up for so long. Letting out the chaos, living in the madness, bringing anarchy to Evolve and Carnage. Nobody is safe, winners, losers, champions not even the general managers themselves. Let it be said, the rise, the reign and the fall the chapters of madness that have been written are the past, but a new chapter is on the horizon, written by the Author of Madness himself and the executor of those who follow the path of order. He goes by only one name he is Hollow!" The appearance on the screen gets clear the Dark figure is Hollow! "Ladies and Gentlemen! Good Evening, bear witness to a moment that you all will never forget. A new year, a new start, fresh slate, the madness that failed last year has gone and went making its tragic story come to and end. BUT! Hold onto your hats because you have seen nothing yet! For Hollow marks for a new Chapter to come to fruition. Evolve and Carnage starts and management alike are warned, the madness and Chaos is coming and nobody is safe." The camera fades to black with just Hollow's laughter cackling throughout the arena's where the message was played out.
  7. Carnage or Evolve

    On the titantron's of Evolve and Carnage Blade appears "BPZ Universe its been a while hasn't it? I havent been seen since before Halloween Havoc. Recently I have been approached by Evolve's GM Slim, to be honest I havent cared what has happened since I left, and I wasnt going to do a big return. Apparently there was another draft or something of sorts and turns out I am a free agent. As i said Slim made some contact with me his offer, 5 months 80k, and a spot within his little tournament at Pride. Someone seems a bit desperate in trying to fill up his match card before it is too late. So I am going to make my answer public for all to see so there isn't any questions or doubts about my answer. Slim pay attention because I don't want questions from you either my answer is No That is right, Slim you can take your offer and shove it! I am not going to sign up for the same things I went through all this year. You see I finally have what I want I am no longer locked into a set path I am finally free, I can do where I want and do what I want. So no I will not sign a contract back to Evolve because I am a free agent now and I am going to stay that way. Now Bailey don't you start crawling on over and offering me an offer now because I will give you the same answer that I have to Slim. I will not be signing a contract with Carnage either. BPZ Universe and every other competitor listen to me right now, I am drawing that line in the sand. I don't need Carnage, and I certainly don't need Evolve. It is the opposite because they need people like me looking to grab the next Free Agent but they aren't grabbing up this free agent. I am not going to play by those rules anymore. This day forward I follow a different path, I wont play nice and suck up to the GMs and try be their pet dog just waiting to be thrown a bone and a pat on the head. If I want the Global championship, I will show up and I will take it, if I want the Carnage championship and I will go and take it. The days of Anarchy are upon the brands. I am Blade, and I am a free agent My choice is pure Anarchy so Evolve and Carnage, when I decide it is time beware the walls of your order and complacency will crumbled into dust. Now Bye bye I'll see Carnage or Evolve soon enough as the free agent is here and he does what he wants when he wants." The camera fades to black and that was that.
  8. What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing a bit of Elder Scrolls Online as of late. Big fan of the Elder Scrolls games and this is just very addicting. I have spent hours in it and I will most likely spend so much more time just exploring this game. It is so big and pretty fun. Especially since I can play along with my friends or by myself and still have fun playing it. Lots to do in the game so many missions. If you like Fantasy rpg type of games this one is just amazing.
  9. Planning on getting Ark survival evolved. This gem of a game, I got a chance to play the free 1 hour trial of it on my Xbox one. After months of friends telling me to try it I try it and it was amazing. For Survival games it is pretty great. A bit hard to do with have big learning curve depending on which map you play. The free hour of the game I played I spent one full day in the game struggling not to die in the game from hunger, thirst or freezing to death during the first night and I only barely scratched the surface of what is fully in the game. Getting super luckywith my trial of the game that i didnt get eaten by a dinosaur or one of the random hostile animals in the game. The game just came out of its game preview stage and is still pumping out new content. Really looking forward getting this game and actually delving into the game. One of the next games i am looking forward i am going to be getting.
  10. The Unsanctioned Zone! Welcome to a New Forum Game of sorts. The idea comes from the many Wrestling RPs that have been made in the past and the Unsanctioned Hardcore championship game. This is a BPZ Wrestling RP of sorts that is player driven. Within the guidelines s matches determined by 'turn' based style fighting. Sometimes you fight 'Random' Opponents sometimes you fight other people within the game itself. For now, it will just be random people until a 'system' can be set up for player vs player matches can e set up. Location/Setting: This Wrestling RP takes place with in the Unsanctioned Zone. A rundown walmart turned wrestling arena Instead of working for Evolve or Carnage your character decides to work for the bare minmum in basicly backyard fights. Your Characters strive to be the best there is. The arena is dull but yours and everyone elses who decides to work here. Fight in matches, cut promos, and strive forward and one day win the Unsanctioned Hardcore Championship in the BPZ Universe. Rules 1. Have fun 2. Don't take any of this seriously. Like Kayfabe Take this with a grain of salt. It is suppose to be fun 3. Follow the rules of the forums at all times, so no spamming, dont double post, keep it PG ect. 4. Sign up once for 1 characters only per person. - Sign up Name: Weight Height General Moves Signatures Finisher Stats (30 max points between the points 10 max in anyone 1 stat) Strength (Determines how strong your charcter is. The higher it is the more feats of strength you can do. Pick up stronger guys or out muscle or be out muscled by stronger people Perception (Basiclly sight, how well can you see, can you spot someone's weaknes, or see if someone is faking an injury. The higher it is the more likely you can see things in a fight the lower the more blind you are.) Endurance (simple enough, how much of a beating can your character take. The lower you can get beat almost by a piece of paper the higher you can take a beating for a while) Charisma (How well can your character talk. Are they gifted on the microphone or do they suck at talking just the basic words of english) intelligence (how smart is your character. simple enough) agility (how fast is your character, is your character super fast or is he slower then a turtle) Luck (How lucky is your character. Do weird unexplain things happen that can benfit your character or are they unlucky and often enough find bad things happen to them all the time that just is bad luck)
  11. Hunt for the Grail at Havoc

    A voice starts echoing throughout the evolve arena "Bad blood has come and gone. The world is changing just as the seasons change. As the summer ends we enter fall. Some of the champions have fell and more will fall. The former World champion was first to fall, and rightfully so but soon all order will fall." Blade appears on the evolve titantron standing in a room lit by a candles" I return to the hunt for the title that is eluded me for so very long. A prize that seems impossible for anyone to claim but as the time of change comes opportunities present themselves. The fall of Slim was the first domino that fell, the cracks have appeared. When the prey is weakened the opportunity comes with only an instant. The Premium Championship is my goal and always has been. I have sought it out so many times and only came close to it once. Robbed of the chance to claim the prize for myself time and time again. Once I lost all hope that I would ever claim the holy grail I sought out. It broke me left me a hollowed shell of myself. I was lost drove to insanity and delved into madness. Bringing forth the entity that has shown itself to the universe multiple times,claiming prizes from the European Championship and the intercontinental Championship. They were great but the want and need for the true grail has always been there. The Holy grail being held by the scrapped grail that the mad one once held that is truly mad. Mad I tell you! Mad... Mad! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!!!!!!! The Holy Grail the shiny prize, the Premium title,the precious.....my precious it will be mine! None but I shall have it and I will have it. Returning, he is returning because he must return. Destiny was too earily, he came back too soon but he returns to wreek havoc at the oppourtune time. Smith will know his fate soon enough. His puppet master knows all too well, Slim knows what happens when the man of madness shows his face. The same will happen to Smith at Halloween Havoc. Exit Blade out comes and I bid you all a farewell as he is here.... HERES HOLLOW!!!" Slowly the lights go grey the arena appearing in a grey light makking everything black and while. Slowly out comes a group of men wearing masks coming out carrying Umbrellas. Druids wearing masks they surround the ring. Almost all at once they turn towards the ring and close their umbrellas and kneel. The onlys on the ramp form to parrell rows and they kneel on the ramp. Suddenly a cackling laughter echos throughout the arena. Hollow appears on the entrance way and makes his way down to the ring. Walking between the rows of Druids kneeling before him and he gets in the ring with a microphone in hand. "SMITHY BOY! SMITHY BOY! Come out and plaaaaaay!!! Where out there is the mighty warrior. Warrior!!!!! Come Out and plaaaaaayaaaayaay You have something Hollow wants you have held it long enough. It is time for Hollow to claim his precious holy grail. The Belt made of gold, the big gold the premium championship. The moment Hollow makes the claim your almost infinite regin has become finite. Nobody will stand in his way. Many has bolstered this claim and failed but he isnt one of the many for he is the one. Halloween Havoc 2017 everyone will remember the day Smith's outstanding reign has come to an end and the announcement will ring out. Your winner and NEW Premium Champion The Madman Hollow!!!!" Hollow drops the microphone and drops down to his knees and looks up and starts out into a cackling laughter that echos throughout the arena.
  12. Whatculture Pro Wrestling Discussion

    Well, Whatculture is done. WCPW wasnt a bad thing until they put up that paywall. I watched Whatculture from time to time, mostly just the weekly reviews of wwe when i missed a show and couldnt be bothered to watch the show. I watched the WTF moments and Ups and Downs as they at least said what was mostly on the show. Without the two Adams, Jack or Ross The main voices of Whatculture is just done now. Yeah itwas getting bad but they were the faces of the thing and without them there is no whatculture. Simon isnt bad but without the five who make it what it is, the shows are done imo.
  13. JBL Leaves Commentary Table

    WWE.com - Guess this is really real. JBL is done with commentating. This is offical at this point, JBL is gone and someone is going t be needed to take his place.

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