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  1. Hollow

    Into the Fire

    The Carnage Parking lot appears on the screen with Hollow standing next to a fiery barrel. Throwing into the fire Kingdom merchandise. Hollow, "It burns very good. Into the fire it will all go. One, by one, by one it will go into the fire. Burn it all up be consumed by the flames. Until nothing is left but ashes and nothingness." Hollow sitting next to a truck filled with merchandise burning everything that was sent to Carnage that has anything to do with the Kingdom. Hollow, "Hollow declared war on the Kingdom, and war is on. This isn't the war Hollow fought against Kieron Black this is a war that will be long and brutal. There are many battle ahead of us. But Hollow will endure and Hollow will outlast them and will tear it all dow and burn every last brick will go into the fire. You made this happen, instead of falling before Hollow and letting his reign wash over Carnage. Echo stopped that from happening and now your fates are sealed. The way of ash is the path for you when you all go to the flame. Each holding their own championships holding their own pride. But to Hollow it gives us something to seek out something to break!" Hollow pours kerosene into the fire and spurs up the fire. Hollow, "They may be strong but to break them down all that is needed is to find what holds them together. Its simple you take what they cherish most and you destroy it. . And how do you destroy a group like the Kingdom? You take each member one by one and eliminate them. At Survivor Series Hollow will do just that. As the kingdom prepares or battle with Evolution, Hollow will prepare to dismantle the reign of the intercontinental champion. Each member of the Kingdom month after month over look their competition and look what happened at the havoc of Halloween. Echo lost half of his pride ,and showed to Hollow the weakness that should be exploited by all who battle them here on out!. So unlike Evolution who wants to take the Kingdom on as a whole Hollow will just take their pride. Hollow pulls out an Intercontinental championship with Bart's name on the name plate Hollow, "Bart this is your pride, your prize possession. The thing that makes you strong and what will be your own undoing. You and your brothers in the Kingdom cherish their titles so much and when you lose it to Hollow it will crush you and end you. Your reign will go and... Hollow throws the title into the fire watching the white title go ablaze. Hollow, "And it just burns away but what will replace it, will be the foundation that will bring the true reign that will bring the end of this faction. The reign of the new and future champion." Hollow goes into the truck and comes out with a new title Hollow, "Get a good look at it Bart, when you lose at Survivor Series your championship will go into the fire and will be destroyed. This will replace your most prize possession. When Hollow takes you place as intercontinental champion this will be the title that will represent the accomplishment you hold all so dear to yourself. After Survivor Series Hollow will be the intercontinental champion and will hold his prize up high. Now look upon the image you will see once you here that three count when you lose." Hollow drops the microphone then holds what Hollow claims will be the Intercontinental championship should he win at Survivor Series. Hollow stands there in front the burning title as he stands over it as the one who sent it to the fire.
  2. Hollow

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing Fallout 76 almost nonstopped since it was released. What can I say, its fallout that you can play with your friends. Everything that was good in fallout 4 is basicly in this game. Adding in survival game features making you eat, and drink. Also getting diseases from either eating uncooked food, drinking dirty water, getting hit by a diseased enemy, swimming in rad water, and just sleeping in a bed on the ground. Getting stuff that can give you some bad side effects. You also don't have to play with friends either it is fully possible to play on your own. Just playing with friends and other just makes it a bit more fun imo. Great game so far for the first day it has been out. Looking forward to doing more in this game the more i play it.
  3. Hollow

    The Unsanctioned Show

    Dishonorable 5 Episode 1 5 from BPZ Power Trip Redemption Host Professor Pain Professor Pain, "Alright Listen here maggots. Carnage just had its show Redemption and we have a bunch of piss ants that is the reason this show is created! So right now I will go through the trash that were the most disgraceful at the show that let everyone down. So let's get this started!" Dishonorable Number 5! Lunatic Ginge Professor Pain, "Alright this one is a painful one to pick. It's not easy to look at legends and think less of the but man Ginge did you make this one easy. You had the second most profile match at Redemption. You tried so that's why you are at number 5 but. You got your ass beat by Bart didn't you legend! Smacked around left, right and center. Boy you really got beat. Can't help but wonder what happens when you are part of one of the main center points at Survivor Series. Hopefully you wont be dragging your buddies here onto this list. Because we really don't need anymore premadonnas added to this list." Dishonorable Number 4 Ropati Professor Pain,"Number four is a person with a lot of potential but man did you everyone down. You got crushed by Yelich Ropati. Did you even try? Yelicht tried for this match and where were you? People last month were saying why you deserved to win the number one contenders spot. Now look at you, deserving only more Ls when it is all done. You make me sick, with all your potential you should be nowhere near this list but here we are. You are a worthless maggot taking up the number four spot that others should be taking on this list." Dishonorable Number 3! Suby Professor Pain,"Number 3 is suby! No way isnt someone going to say about this one. Suby where are you going man? You lost to Diego Garcia. Who is that? You lost and you should feel bad. At least Diego could carry you throughout your match. But Man was it good watching you get beat. Maybe if you tried but then again Don't try you might just keep this number four spot on this list. Maybe I will call number three the suby number" Dishonorable Number 2! Laoch Professor Pain,"Now this wasnt painful this was just sad. A former number one contender to the Universal title and now look at you Laoch. Out of all of the worthless maggots on the show look at what you did. Angelo made short work of you buddy. You got destroyed by Angelo. When was the last time he won before that? Because I cannot remember because the punch line is that he hasn't and you were turned into his his bitch. That's why you are number two, on this list. I would have put you lower but suprising enough there are people who were worse than you!" Dishonorable Number 1 Prince and Sameer! Professor Pain "Suprise Prince is on the list at number one. Was was anyone really surprised with him being the first person one the first dishonorable list at number one for being the worst? This guy was Bailey's first pick and is the butt to everyone's jokes when we look back at that draft. But who is sharing this number one spot with Prince. Is the man who beat Prince Sameer! Surprised? You shouldnt be, this was the worst match of the night and the worst idea to have these two in matches with each other. While we know Prince is bad but Sameer is a joke as well. Bailey puts Sameer on a high pedestal but he is no better then Prince. Are we sure they arent the same person? Both don't give anything back but I guess we have Sameer always claiming he is a beast. Dude you arent a beast, hell I'd call you a maggot but that insults maggots. You both were worthless, Sameer you are the only one on this list that won but you still are at the number one worst from Redemption. How about next time instead of booking these two in singles matches put them in a handicap match against a broom. At least then they can lose by a true clean sweep."
  4. Hollow

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    I rather liked Ambrose as a face before his heel turn. Joe not beating styles was the right call. To be honest I did not want Joe to beat AJ Styles. So it was the right call of wwe not letting Joe win. The Bar shouldn't be anywhere near a title let alone hold the tag titles ever since losing to a ten year old
  5. This should be really good. Two people with arm submissions. Who do I think should win? Ronda no way would I have her lose at Survivor Seires or this soon. Unfornately she is facing Becky Lynch who is looking awesome at the moment. It should be a good match. Ronda gets to show what she can do aainst someone who is actually really good in the ring for once. As others said make Lynch look strong but to be honest I want to see Ronda just go all out. Keep lynch dominating over social media and booking her strong then throw her at an angry full fighting Ronda Rousey. Whatever happens though I am looking forward to this.
  6. I am actually looking forward to this match to be honest. I'd have AOP dominate and win this match. Keep the AOP looking strong and dominate like they should be. In no way should the Bar win this match. Even with the Big show The bar shouldnt beat AOP. Tbh after losing to strowman and a ten year old I dot think the bar shoul be beating team but they do have good matches. This is a good way to make AOP look strong. AOP for the win.
  7. Well I would say this would be the only good thing from crown jewel is to get this rematch. It was the best match of brock lesnar's title reign last year. But with that said I am going to look at this with a bit sceptical that it will be a good match. People thought Brawn vs Brock would be good then boom crown jewel happened. The same thing can be said about a lot of Style's feuds when this year. Yes they were good matches but the expectations on the matches were high and the matches were a bit lower then expected. So if we are expecting the same from last year, I might not be that good. To be honest it wont surprise me if we get a complete squash match with brock winning with one F5 right out the gate and styles gets no offense in. I hope this will be a good match though but after seeing crown jewel I have fears for this match.
  8. Hollow

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing Ark Survival Evolved. An intense survival game that can be diffcult if you don't know what you are doing. Having to eat, drink and try not to get eaten by the wild life. Loads of dinosaurs, and lots of prehistoric creatures and fantasy animals. Some are docile while others aare agressive and wont hestate to turn you into a snack. Not to mention soe maps have you battling the weather. Heat, and Cold temptures, not tomention things like heat storms that got to extremely hot temptures in one map, along with sandstorms and electrical storms on that same map. So got to survive even that. Can tame dinos an other creatures to help you. Its a great game. A rough online community but still a good game.
  9. Hollow

    The Unsanctioned Show

    The Unsanctioned Show Episode 1 Building a the Show A truck shows up outside the abandoned warehouse that was turned into the Unsanctioned Zone. Senior Alfredo sitting out there questioning the driver. Senior Alfredo, "Why are you here sir?" Driver, "Delivery. Got some stuff that was shipped here for someone named Hollow?" Senior Alfredo, "Ugh what did he get now..." Hollow walks out of the doors of the warehouse and looks at the truck and points at it. Hollow, "Wonderful! It is here! The greatness we can do with this. We can bring the stars here to the Unsanctioned Zone. Senior Alfredo and Mister Driver, you both are part of history here. We are creating the greatest thing next to the Zone itself!" The Driver, "What is the Zone?" Hollow glares at the Driver and shakes his head. Hollow "Dont make Hollow stick you in a box and mail you to BPZ Anarchy." Senior Alfredo, " Master Hollow Sir, Anarchy isnt a thing. It hasnt been for years." Hollow, "Enough! Unpack the stuff and bring them to the set!" Senior Alfredo, "What set!?!" Hollow walks inside and Senior Alfredo walks inside the building. After a bit of time. Walks to an new area in the Unsanctioned Zone. With freshly knocked down walls and a sledgehammer laying there. Hollow dragging a couch into the newly made room. Senior Alfredo with Bob the referee carring in lights an boxes labeled 'Blurred Lines' Senior Alfredo, "Sir, why do we have Ryan's old blurred lines stuff? Oh no tell me we arent..." Hollow "That isnt from Blurred Lines. We acquired that state of the art equipment from a very good source. Also Senior Alfredo we are going to start our new and first show! The Unsanctioned Show!" Senior Alfredo sighs and Bob the referee collapses on the couch that Hollow carried in. Hollow, "What are you doing?!? No! Get up we got work to do. We need the lights set up. Microphones to be hooked up, we need this place to be ready for the show that will top all other shows. Now get to work Bob, also get your friends to help we need to make this perfect!" Senior Alfredo, "Perfect? Inside a trashed warehouse that you broke into turned into a wrestling arena and now just smashed down a wall to create a room for a show. That is perfect?!?" Hollow, "Senior Alfredo, you tell the tale of Hollow's magic in this zone so well. But you don't see the treasure we have here. We are going to make history! Senior Alfredo, "Like BPZ hasnt seen other shows before so what are we going to do?" Hollow, "Oh the stuff we are going to do. Professor Pain is excited for his segments. The Dishonorable Members of the week. Going to run down the worst people of the week in BPZ. From five being the best to one being the worst of the week. Hopefully it isnt constantly the same person who hasnt showed up on Carnage since he was the first pick. But we never know how brutally honest he will be until it happens. We will have our prediction shows for when the events of BPZ happen. Like Survivor Series. You, Bob, Pain, and maybe whoever Hollow can find for the time to predict what will happen. Alas the ultimate Show we will be doing from time to time. The hollowed interview where we will bring in two or more people and have a good ol time talking about their upcoming match with each other. Stir up the pot and bring the see what Hollow can bring out of them to and see what can they take in an intense interviews. Maybe there will be fights maybe there wont. Maybe Hollow will hand them a chair and leave them to discuss their problems.. So any thoughts Senior Alfredo?" Senior Alfredo, "Sir it sounds like you are going to greater lengths to destroy this place but if this is what you want to do then very well sir." Hollow, "Good now I must go and find who will I interview first. Professor Pain's Dishonorable five will be first I'd think. Unless I can find an our first two subjects to experience the first interview with the Unsanctioned Show!" Hollow leaves, while Bob was tangled in wires while trying to hook up lights Senior Alfredo just shaking his head as the now the Unsanctioned Show becomes a thing.
  10. Hollow

    The Insanity War

    The titan tron of carnage cuts back to the arena where Redemption took place. The darkened arena and sitting in the corner of the ring beaten, and battered still in his in ring gear. After his loss to Echo Wilson Hollow has not left the ring just sitting in the corner of the ring. With a microphone slumped i the corner Hollow talks in a quite tone. Hollow, "November ninth twenty eight-teen, the fool survived Hollow....the title doesnt go to the Unsanctioned zone and live on its pedestal it stays on the hands of the unworthy.. Hollow has failed..." Hollow almost drops the microphone but gets a handle over it and holds it backup to his mouth to speak, Hollow, "Echo Wilson did not beat Hollow, he only managed to survive the encounter. Let Hollow make this clear, we are not done with you Mister Wilson. You know very well Hollow has your number. Hollow was inches from snapping both you and your reign in half after this encounter. But we arent done with you Mister Wilson. You made one mistake you left Hollow breathing in this ring. As long as Hollow is on Carnage and is breathing he will be constantly hunting you Mister Wilson as long as you have Hollow's championship! This defeat means nothing to Hollow, we put you to your limits we seen your absolute best and now we know what it will take to destroy you! To exterminate you. To Delete you! If fourteen says it so, then we will take you on as soon as Hollow can and we will end your title reign!" Hollow goes to stand up but falls back down, unable to stand still hurt from his match with Echo but yet still talking confidently. Hollow, "But now Hollow has to crush not only you Mister Wilson but we also have to crush everything that means something to you. Your title reign will not be enough, Echo Wilson your friends will have to thank you because now Hollow has his sights on them. The Kingdom is now about to face pure insanity as Hollow will go through and destroy your friends and take everything he can from them. The World Heavyweight champion Julius. Find yourself lucky that Hollow cannot reach for your championship but eventually Hollow will be there when he is he will take you back to the Unsanctioned Zone where you should have perished but you were too stubborn. That leads Hollow to the other friend of Echo and to be the first one for Hollow to hit with his wrath for what Echo has done." Hollow stands and this time a bit wobbly but remains standing. Hollow, "The intercontinental Champion Bart! The last king, and one that can be the easiest one to forget. King of Carnage, you think you are the king then let your part of the Kingdom fall. Your reign your intercontinental championship will end at Survivor Series. Hollow will be there at Survivor Series to put that to an end to become a two time intercontinental champion. Echo Wilson is a fool but you Bart arent event that. When we are done with you, when someone even mentions Bart, the only thing that will follow is. Who is that? But now let this new war begin. The Insanity war has begun!" Hollow drops the microphone and falls backwards in the ring and starts laughing. Still battered but laughing into his signature cackling laughter.
  11. Hollow

    Carnage PowerTrip: Redemption Press Conference

    A loud laughter blasts loudly throughout the arena as Willow's way plays and Hollow walks out to the table. With an Umbrella in hand and Hollow is wearing a suit! Still in his mask and face paint but Hollow is in a suit. In his other hand is another mask just like his. Hollow takes his seat and lays the mask right out in front of him. Hollow, "Echo, Echo, Echo, how easily have you forgotten what happened at Backlash. There was no tricks, Hollow fought you without any tricks, while still broken and battered from the the biggest match that started the year inside the Unsanctioned Zone with your pal Julius. The next week we faced you and there were no tricks only Hollow. How is Julius by the way? Have you asked him about what truth Hollow said. Hollow told you the truth you needed to hear. Your so called friend doesnt want you to win. He wants you to fail and Hollow will make it so. But anyway you arent here to answer Hollow's questions. Hollow is hear to answer these Patrons of questions. Now ask away but be warn, you anger Hollow he will put you in a box and send you to who knows where!" First to Question Hollow s the representative from the commentaries. Daniel Daniels, "So at redemption this is your first match for the Universal Championship. You have faced the champion Echo Wilson before you had both won and lost to him earlier this year. Is this title match any different then your battles with Echo in the past?" Hollow, "Hollow has beaten Echo earlier that is true but he never was beaten by Echo. Hollow beat Echo for the Premium Champion back at Backlash. Then Blade lost it back to Echo. As for your true question let Hollow answer you with his truth. This match will be on a whole different level then what happened in the other matches this year. The prize is different and what is in store is so much greater than what we can put together with words. You will have to see at Redemption to watch the spectacle of this main event that Fourteen finally allowed to come to the light. Next question," Next question comes from Smark Daily's Deco Wilson. As Deco spoke Hollow stares right at him almost staring a hole right through him. Deco Wilson, "Mister Hollow, a question from Smark's daily. Do you believe is there any chance that Echo Wilson is right and you will lose at Redemption?"" Hollow, "Interesting question Mister Wilson. We hate your last name by the way. Makes you sound like Echo. As for your question, does Hollow believe there is a chance? The truth to that question is the same thing Hollow has been saying. Hollow will be the Universal champion after Redemption. So those chances of Echo winning are none. Brave question Mister Wilson. Especially after what happened to commentaries' very own Mike Hunt but Hollow isnt Necce so you are safe for now. Anyhow next question!" The Third question now from the ESPN representative Dave Johnson Dave Johnson, "We have a question from ESPN...." Hollow, "No," Dave Johnson, "Um.." Hollow, "No to ESPN next. Maybe Free agents corner" Hollow shuts down any questions from Dave Johnson and points at Gary Green with the umbrella Gary Green, "Um Hollow, I had a question in store for you but I have to ask what's with that mask you have with you that you brought to the table?" Hollow smiles before answering then picks up the mask. Hollow, "Ah this, a mark to bestow upon the victims that lose and get beaten. This one is for Mister Wilson. Not Deco, don't worry Hollow will not turn you into his next victim. This is for Echo Wilson. Hand picked for when we decimate him and leave him broken in the ring. In the front row guests of his fellow Kingdom members hopefully in the seats Hollow provided for them. Hollow will do what he did to the last two victims. Echo will be left laying in the ring with the mark left on him as reign is burned down by Hollow." Hollow sits back in his chair and laughs to himself letting out his signature cackle as the Press conference goes on.
  12. The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to the image of the Elimination Chamber at Halloween Havoc Hollow, "Wasnt long ago was it when we were just a number within this chamber. Six men were to compete in the chamber with the sole prize was to have a chance to compete or the biggest prize in Carnage. A prize to fight someone for a bigger prize and a chance to get their names engraved into history. To get a chance at that brass ring and walk into immortality. While six did battle only Hollow remained the victor." The camera goes around the inside of the chamber. With broken chamber pods the results from the battle that took place in the chamber Hollow, "Six men and what a battle it was. The people hand picked by Fourteen were all unique. One the biggest disgrace and waste of a first round pick. Prince was one of the first eliminated and rightfully so. Along with him we eliminated our opponent from Emergence. Kieron Black, he lost at Emergence and was granted an opportunity to lose again to Hollow and he did just that. As along with Prince he was eliminated by Hollow in an instance. Next was Yelich and Ropati turns to face Hollow's might. Yelich and Ropati float under the radars in Carnage but are both dangerous when underestimated. Yelich a former ally of decay. Unlike Kieron he wasnt going to go without a whimper. The other was Ropati who could have been the most dangerous people in the match if he applied himself and if Hollow wasnt there. Hollow eliminated Yelich from the match but was robbed of the chance to eliminate Ropati by the last person to enter the match Angelo. A man who alll the way up to this match acted exactly like our opponent that will be at Redemption. Believing in his own superiority and own words of strength. He disrespected Hollow and he paid for it by being defeated by the madman himself. And turned into another victim left in the ring after a devastating loss to Hollow. Echo is just like Angelo, he speaks and believes his own words and just like Angelo he will have the same fate. He will go to Redemption and be defeated by Hollow and the self-proclaimed new king will be turned into a lowly peasant in front of Hollow's insanity. The Unsanctioned King!" The screen fads to black then on the screen cuts to the Scottrade Center, the location of Redemption. Fully set up for the event. Hollow stands outside the ring setting up two chairs on the outside. Hollow, "We are here finally aren't we. This is the stage where Echo the champion will face Hollow. Echo's most prized possession will be on the line and he is going to lose his championship that he covets so much. With this journey to Redemption we have heard you finally came out of the roc you hide under and gave your latest speech. You talk about Hollow's biggest flaw being is Pride. Once again just like everyone else you don't understand what Hollow is. Hollow's pride is what led him here. Greed and Envy is what seeks for that championship and once the match begins you will face Hollow's wrath. And the words 'Echo Wilson is a Fool' will ring out louder than ever before. Julius may lie to you and say he believes you will win and will you retain your prize but everyone with eyes can see that isn't the truth. The fact stands he wants you to fail as much as he knows you will. Once you lose don't be surprised when they abandon you for this failure to defeat the madman." Hollow walks over to the chairs he set up and points at them Hollow, "Just to prove this point.Hollow invites all of Kingdom to come ringside to watch with these front row seats to the demise of Echo Wilson. Hollow wants everyone to see this, from your supposed allys and your future opponets to watch with glee as Hollow disposes of you Mr Wilson. They will hear your final eulogy as the words will be said 'And your New Universal Champion Hollow!' Julius spoke of spoilers to you but Hollow will tell you the greatest undisputed truth. You are going to lose! The End!" Hollow drops the microphone and proceeds to leave as the camera fades to black. The Carnage program will now begin as it was before it was interrupted. The fourth an final part of Path paved to Redemption's next part The Asylum's Path is done. As Redemption quickly approaches. The final part of the Path paved to Redemption is done. Redemption now awaits.
  13. Hollow

    Universal Championship Discussion

    I don't like that Brock got the title back but I can see why they did. I think wwe is just playing it safe. While Strowman would have been the prefered champion but with Survivor series. Survivor Series is setting champion vs champion, Lesnar vs Styles WWE setting up a match we had last year that was pretty decent just seems lie a safer match to put together then to have Strowman vs Styles. Also with wwe was catering to the casual attendance that were at Crown Jewel . Annoying short-term booking but easy enough to see why wwe did what they did and what they did. Hopefully Lesnar doesnt hold the title long. Maybe dropping it at the rumble but I can see lesnar holding it to mania then dropping it to the rumble winner. I can see only a few people beating Lesnar though Cena is a possibility, maybe Rollins, or wwe could throw it over to Strowman in the end after they build up to it more.
  14. The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The screen cuts to a dark Emergence arena. With a dark cage surrounding the ring. Hollow sitting on top of the cage. It is the Asylum steel cage! Hollow, "Months ago, it was only a few months ago that we were here another catalyst that is leading down a path to Redemption. The stage months ago was a war that we fought and ended in one battle. One fight against a former ally who needed to be put down. A member of decay he was and we put our old friend down. We prepared for the war the only way we could. We embraced what makes Hollow who and what he is. He delved into insanity and let the madness build up as he locked himself in an asylum. For weeks we stayed there and as we prepared for war. While our opponent did nothing to prepare but we were preparing and we crushed him!" Hollow stands up ontop of the Asylum Cage Hollow, "September fourteenth was the day that Mister Fourteen had Emergence and was the day the asylum was lowered down into this arena. Then we battled in and on this cage we fought Kieron Black. The war we prepared for the battle that ended this war we destroyed and annihilated Kieron Black. We beat him until the referee's called off the match and we were the victor. We destroyed our old friend and we proved that our madness is superior. We stole the show, we were the show of the night then. We proved that Hollow is Carnage but there is still doubt if there could be any. Hollow walks to the edge of the cage and sits on the edge Hollow, "The asylum cage match was our design. We reinvented the cage match and turned it into structure that only can personify what Carnage should be. As it was pure carnage. Thick steel bars, weapons inside the cage with the only way to win is by keeping an opponet down for a ten count or making them submit. And Hollow won in this structure. The referees put a stop to save Kieron Black a further beating We won because they gave up for Kieron and we won. Hollow won! Just like what will happen at Redemption as Hollow will win." Hollow climbs off of the Asylum Cage Hollow, "We destroyed a former friend in a war at Emergence. Echo Wilson we meet you at Redemption but if we destroyed a friend what do you think we will do to you Mister Wilson? What will we do to you who is last in our way from claiming a title that is the grandest prize here in Carnage. Mister Fourteen put five other men in our way not to long ago. The chamber at Havoc of Halloween. They were in our way and we crushed them and you are the very last person in our way and you will soon know you should never get in the way of a madman when he is so close to grabbing his prize. What we did in this cage was brutal but what we do to you Echo Wilson will be on a whole different level. But in the end Wilson you will hear the whole world chanting and singing. 'Echo Wilson is a fool, is a fool Echo Wilson is a fool And your new Universal Champion Hollow!" Hollow begins to leave the arena but stops and looks back at the camera Hollow, "We have one more stop before we get to Redemption one more place to go the last path. The Prelude to the Chamber!" The screen fades to black as Hollow leaves the arena. The Carnage program will now begin as it was before it was interrupted. The third part of Path paved to Redemption's next part The Asylum's Path is done. As Redemption comes closer the other parts will come to light as Hollow's path to Redemption will be revealed.

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