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  1. I have been watching some 1998 wcw Monday nitros. Reliving some of my very early childhood memories of WCW. Already up to august when the warrior showed up in WCW. Goldberg is dominating. This is just some good ol wrestling to rewatch.
  2. Been playing more Black Desert. Now getting into it there is still lots to do in this massive game. You can either play missions, fight random creatures, or just try using the skills to create things. You can build, boats, wagons, and so much stuff, but it takes so many steps to make things. Like for a wagon, you need to go and get a wagon workshop. then use the job system to get workers for the job to put the wagons together. Then you have to get all the resources. By gathering the stuff that you need but then some of the resources require you to process it into the next level of items or sometimes the third level. Like example you have to get ash logs. To make ash planks. Then you need ash planks to make ash plywood. Then once you get everything you need you put it into the workshop for the workers you got to make it. Black Desert is very fun but once you are in it you find a lot to do just to do things. Really enjoying it the more I start knowing what I am suppose to do in it now.
  3. Storyline wise this match makes sense, but for a match that is the end for Kurt Angle's long wrestling career I just don't want to see it. Baron Boring Corbin doesn't need to be anywhere near Angle's last match. I honestly hope this is a swerve but right now, have to take it at face value and just this is a bit depressing. Mania is for big level matches not a random match on raw that we have seen quite a few times.
  4. The following BPZ Network Program has been interrupted to bring you the following service announcement  The screen cuts to a darkened asylum and Hollow sitting in a dark room inside the asylum where Hollow went in the past to prepare mentally for his challenge. Hollow, "The preparations for the future goes on ward and we are ever closer to BPZ mania four. We see management also preparing for mania adding more competitors to the matches that Hollow declared for himself. Is management worried of Hollow's rise to power? He declares that he will delete the Premium champion and the other competitor and management doesn't believe in Hollow to control the match so they add another. Sameer. But it means nothing as he too will find his unsanctioned deletion going to follow the others all to quickly. Marker believes he will end Emperor Nate, but he is WRONG! He will not, as he is going to find his end along with witnessing the end of Nate's Premium title reign. He will fall before our hands. Hollow will defeat Marker, Nate, Sameer, and anyone else who dares to cross Hollow on his path to BPZ Mania four. You will all see the constant truth that we have been saying. The truth that the mad one has claimed for years and that is if you get in Hollow's way the only path for you is the path of becoming the next person on the list of victims that Hollow has defeated. Those in the premium championship match get the honor to see what is the Unsanctioned Zone themselves as we will bring to BPZ mania four a piece of things to come. While each person is unworthy to go into the Unsanctioned Halls they will get the show they wont forget on the showcase of the immortals. We have a champion who has disgraced the championship long enough and it needs to go home to where it truly belongs. Then we have the delusional Marker who believes he is the one to take our Precious away from the champion. People say Hollow is the delusional one but this time, Hollow will prove that Marker is a fool. He will be the jester of the match at mania and his act will end when Hollow decides it is done. Now we have Sameer, we say the champion is unworthy to hold the precious, but what would be more disgraceful for the championship. Would be to fall back to its dark past and into the hands who only deserves defeat. Hollow will not allow anyone take his precious from him again. The Premium championship is the precious it will come back to Hollow where it truly belongs! It is precious... It is our....precious..." Hollow sits in the corner of the room barely visible in the darkness he looks up at the camera Hollow, "We have a second prize we chase and that is the briefcase of money in the bank. The brass ring one must grab to break through the ceiling of BPZ to rise to the biggest immortality that one can go to in BPZ. But first Hollow must go through Slim, FDS, Bashka Loach, Josh and...Sameer again. Hollo must face his biggest rival in Slim. One who Hollow will defeat again. That story has planned almost as old as time. But Slim will not find victory from Hollow. He will only find defeat and loss when he goes to BPZ mania four. Then we have FDS. He wants people to remember he is still in this match, and Hollow didn't forget. That will be the thing that does him in. Hollow isn't going to forget as he defeated FDS before and he will do it again at BPZmania four. His loss will be Hollow's gain once again. Next we have Bashka, we beat him as well once. Last year the year that started this long road to where we are now. The tag tournament where Hollow started this ascent through the BPZ Universe well and true. Bashka was part of one of two teams Hollow defeat during that rise. Now at Mania, there will be nobody Bashka can blame for his loss. No partners it will just be himself. As Hollow will beat Bashka all on his own. Then Loach, do we need to say anything about someone who has been absent. If he believes he can leave then show up at BPZmania and win. He is mistaken. The only that can happen for him is that he is going to lose. Then we have Josh. You Josh have watched Hollow this last year. Now you get to take part personally in a beating you got to see the others have had. When you loss you can count your stars when the match is done. Last but not least we have Sameer again! Not once but we get to face him twice in one night. If he can make it after his defeat in the first match. He will find the true meaning of insanity. Trying the same thing twice and expecting a different result. You will face Hollow twice, and the result will only end one way. You losing and Hollow winning. Money in the Bank will belong to Hollow when the match is done. The six others involved in this match want to see their opportunities come to life but this BPZ mania there time will not come. For Hollow's time is nearly hear. When it is BPZmania four Hollow will be able to say his time is now! Wait and see at BPZ mania four our championship and the briefcase is going to go home with the one and only Hollow!" Hollow closes the door and the room completely goes dark and the screen fades to black. His latest message to the preparations is done. He stays in the asylum as he await to go to BPZ mania 4 where he declares he will win.
  5. This is building up to be a match I actually want to see. This is the indy star vs the wwe home grown star. It has been interesting since the last week's SD. The thing is who wins here? Normally someone and most everyone would say Styles, but looking at this as a wwe vs indies I see Orton winning this because of vince's ego. Either way I am honestly fine. There is no championship and a loss for both wont hurt either it just is going to be a good match. Looking forward to it.
  6. I personally think Rollins and Lesnar should main event if not the already planned main event of Ronda, Becky and Charlotte. My reason is sort of simple. It isn't for story or if they are the most well built. But I think the Royal Rumble winner should Main Event WM. The winner of the rumble is suppose to main event WM. Now this year that seems like it will happen with the raw womens title match. If not them then Rollins and Lesnar since Rollins won the rumble as well for the men's rumble.
  7. Just a nice feel good match. It was really good for what it was. It is nice to see a crowd cheering for reigns for once. Too bad it took him getting a serious illiness to get him cheered but this was nice. If this was the last time we see the shield then this was a nice way for the end of the shield. One last big victory looking strong like they were. No turns, just a really good match That went from hard hitting to chaos going all around the arena. One of my favorite matches on the night.
  8. Well this wasn't terrible. Wasn't that good, the only good thing was to show off the titles for a simple first defense. They all did the jobs they were suppose to do and I guess there is that. More looking forward to Sasha and Bayley fighting other teams and not Nia and Tamina again. But there was a bit of interesting stuff after the match with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. That could be something finally interesting with Nia and Tamina. Slightly interested to see where that goes as well.
  9. Going from a 1v1 match on the preshow to a fatal four way for the us title. This was just awesome. All four men, Joe, Rey, Andrade , and even truth was great in this match. Considering where the us title was before this ppv, that was great. Very action packed match, very glad this went the way it did. Right result in the end too, maybe this will lead to another multiman match at mania for the us title if not this was still a really go match for all those involved.
  10. Good match, a great way to make the two nxt call ups look good in this match. I also enjoyed the result in the end. Might be a good way to transition into having a better tag division in the future.
  11. I'd say this is an easy one to predict but you have to think about how wwe has booked Banks in the past. She has lost every title defense she has been in on the main roster. So there are doubts that they will walk away with the tag titles. I have to say this match is one of the least interesting matches on the card. Out of all the teams we have face Sasha and Bayley we pick one that is the most boring. Tbh I want Sasha and Bayley to win but I fear that Nia and Tamina might just take the titles here because of the way they like to book Sasha for some reason.
  12. To be honest I want Black and Ricochet to win the tag titles. Like yeah it makes the revival look bad but that cannot be helped now. WWE made the match, Black shouldn't be losing matches so soon after debut and neither should Ricochet, they need to look strong so they look like big stars. Having them win the tag titles now would be the best for them moving forward. Who can face them if they win? No clue, maybe Heavy Machinery? They are the only threats in the tag division left.
  13. I have to say the boiler room brawl from Summerslam 1995 between the Undertaker and Mankind was pretty bad. Where the match ended up in the end was alright but the match itself was just bad. This match was slow and boring and that is surprising because it involved both Taker and Mankind but this was just bad.
  14. Just started playing Black Desert. A mmorpg style game that just came down to consoles. It is a fantastic game so far. So much to do in the game. Story seems interesting, but there is a lot to do. Loads of skills use, fish, chopping down trees, farming, even goes as far as sailing and horse riding. The game is really great if you have more friends to play with. It starts off feeling like an easy game but it gets a bit more challenging as the game goes on. Good game.
  15. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair WWE World Championship match: Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens Smackdown Women's Championship match: Asuka vs. Mandy Rose Women's Tag Team Championship match: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax & Tamina SmackDown Tag Team Championship match: The Usos vs. The Miz & Shane McMahon Raw Tag Team Championship match: The Revival vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable The Shield vs Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin Kickoff show: Andrade vs Rey Mysterio Kickoff show: New Day vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura - (Main Card) First Match on PPV: Raw Tag title Match Second to Last Match on PPV: Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owns Bonus Question 1: Does Dean Ambrose betray his Shield brothers? No Bonus Question 2: Does Ronda Rousey intervene in the Becky vs Charlotte match? No Bonus Question 3: Will Andrade and Mysterio shake hands post-match? No Bonus Question 4: Will Batista appear? No
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