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  1. Hollow

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing a mixture of games lately, this past weekend played the Black Desert Beta, and been playing a little bit of Apex Legends. Black Desert is going to be fun game on consoles when it fully comes out if you like Big RPGs. It has so much to do, its better playing along with someone it was fun. Also played a bit of the old star wars jedi academy. Not much to say about that other then it is an old star wars game.
  2. Hollow

    Unsanctioned Preparation 2: Pt 3

    One Year Ago April 1st 2018 the ultimate arena was created and an opponent was chosen The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... Hollow appears on the screen in a darkened arena. "We're baaaaccccck!" The lights come on revealing the ring and rest of a fully set up warehouse turned arena and Hollow yells, "WE ARE BACK LIVE FROM THE UNSANCTIONED ZONE Hollow jumps out of the ring when his butler Senior Alfredo approaches the ring. Hollow, "Alfred! My friend it is WONDERFUL to seeee youuuu," Senior Alfredo is a bit shocked Hollow called him by his actual name Senior Alfredo, "It is well to see you too sir. I am very pleased to tell you the workers have finished with all the repairs. On the ring in the duck pond....." Hollow, "AH! Senior Alfredo that is wonderful news! The last voyage of relevancy has been recovered within the lake of irrelevancy. Then with that everything is ready to begin again!" Senior Alfredo shakes his head as his name is called to what Hollow normally calls him Senior Alfredo, "Sure you don't mean you are going to try and have another match here again sir? I must protest, last time you got beaten to all hell. There was extreme damages to all over the area. It took nearly year to set a ring up in the pond again. Rebuilding the shack in the small patch of trees you burned down took almost as long. Maybe you can do another Asylum Cage match or take part in another Elimination Chamber...." Hollow, "WE were not beaten Senior Alfredo! We were reborn in that spectacle in the greatest match that last year has seen. Slammies be damned what they say was the best of last year. This is the house Hollow built, the doors are nearly ready to be opened again. Senior Alfredo is a bit confused Senior Alfredo, "Sir you mean we aren't ready now? Everything as it was, I wont argue if you want to wait..." Senior Alfredo was silenced by the sound of a truck horn followed by more horns, and Senior Alfredo and Hollow go outside to see Semi trucks parking in the parking lot of the Unsanctioned Zone. Senior Alfredo, "Master Hollow....what did you do?..." Hollow laughs Hollow, "Oh they are arriving. Good, and no we are not ready Senior Alfredo. The match inside the unsanctioned zone cannot be replicated doing the same match in the same arena and hoping for the same magic. We must rebuild, so we can burn it down once again Yes...yes...yes we must rebuild and create the Unsanctioned Zone 2.0" Senior Alfredo, "Alright, but where is stuff coming from....wait is that truck say evolve...? Hollow..." Hollow, "Senior Alfredo that is just BPZ surplus stuff. A bunch of stuff left over. You see last year Mister Fourteen caused a great fall that ended up with us getting this stuff. We must make the way of the Unsanctioned Zone's evolution now and what a way to evolve but with this BPZ surplus stuff that nobody is using or will miss anymore. We got sound stuff, fireworks, lights, maybe another ring or two, we have stuff and now we must start the preparations to rebuild because it is starting again. Now lets get to work!" Hollow laughs as the screen goes to black as the Unsanctioned Preparation has begun again.
  3. Hollow

    Unsanctioned Preparation 2: Pt 3

    The following BPZ Network Program has been interrupted to bring you the following service announcement The camera cuts to a ring in the middle of the woods lit up by torch light Hollow sitting in the middle of the ring his butler arrives. Senior Alfredo, "Sir, I been looking all over for you. It seems you have forgotten about BPZMania sir it is next month. Maybe you should put the preparations for rebuilding this warehouse another time. Hollow doesn't answer he appears to be asleep in the middle of the ring and Senior Alfredo gets in the ring he goes to shake Hollow awake and Hollow wakes up grabbing Senior Alfredo by the tie. Hollow, "Julius Cesar we knew you would come! Now prepare yourself for the battle with in the Unsanctioned Zone! Senior Alfredo, "Hollow its me Alfred your butler!!!!" Hollow is confused then lets go of the tie Hollow, "Senior Alfredo you know better then getting into the ring with Hollow when he is meditating!" Senior Alfredo, "You were meditating sure you were either sleeping or napping..." Hollow, "What did you want..." Senior Alfredo, "BPZMania sir, its next month...you forgot..." Hollow, "We didn't forget we are preparing for the future here. You think Hollow has over looked what the BPZ Universe calls the showcase of the Immortals? We have thought this through to the letter, we have been planning everything since we started this path of Unsanctioned last year. Have you been paying any attention to what we say or do? At BPZ Mania 4 we are going to give the word a sneak peak of what is to come within the Unsanctioned Zone 2.0. When we bring a slice of the zone to BPZ mania" Senior Alfredo, "Please tell me you are going to cut off a piece of the walls and bring that to BPZ mania 4?" Hollow, "No the building is just a building Senior Alfredo, we are bringing the idea to the grand showcase. When we go after our most sought after prize of all time. The title we fought for last year and finally claimed. It is time we reclaim what is ours!" Senior Alfredo, "The BPZ Premium Championship..." Hollow, "That is it! The Premium Championship, we are going to win it at BPZ mania 4 and become a two time premium champion. To our reign of madness into immortality! It is time! We rose up high at BPZ mania and we aren't going to wait for number 5 we will do this at BPZ mania 4. We know who is our way this time the Emperor and Marker..." Senior Alfredo, "Alright by how are you going to being the idea of the Unsanctioned Zone to a Premium title match up?" Hollow, "That is simple, can you see who is involved in this match. Emperor Nate the one who has inspired many and the perfect reason for what we must do. He is a sad sad soul that is running on borrowed time now. Hollow sees this, the other challenger Marker sees this. Marker is a shark and can see the blood in the water. He is about to frenzy looking to snatch the title from the sad one. But he too is going to be added to the Ultimate match up. Nate consider yourself being honored as this will be your end. This will be the Unsanctioned Deletion!" Senior Alfredo, "I see because Nate was Brother or Broken Nato and you want to use his match against him..." Hollow, "You know nothing! He created the Final Deletion within the BPZ Universe this is the Unsanctioned Deletion! We are going to take over this match and bring forth the Deletion of everyone else involved in this match. Right now we are going to delete Nate and Marker, but as we know the world of BPZ others will want to get involved in this match and Hollow will bring each of them into the Unsanctioned Deletion and delete them as well." Senior Alfredo, "Alright Sir. So what are you going to do now? Hollow, "Isn't that obvious, we have preparations to do. Rings to see, we still need to bring in professor pain and Hobo Bob. Bob needs a new referee shirt if we are going to bring him to BPZ mania..." Senior Alfredo, "You can't bring him to BPZ mania, he isn't an actual referee...." Hollow, 'Are you telling Hollow what he can and cannot do? We do what we want, if we wanted to bring the legion of Hollow to BPZ mania we will. If we want to win the Premium Championship we will. Don't tell Hollow what he can't do, or he will prove everyone that what he can do is to prove what everyone says he can't do!" Hollow gets up and out of the ring and goes walking off into the woods Senior Alfredo, "Sir where are you going now?!? The warehouse or compound is the other way?!? Hollow, "We are going to fields of unsanctioned ends!" The camera goes dark as Hollow walks into the darkness of the woods of insanity.
  4. The title is just what this topic is about. Who do you think will end up being in the next WWE Hall of Fame. Who is going to get inducted in the class of 2018?
  5. Hollow

    Unsanctioned Preparation 2: Pt 3

    The following BPZ Network Program has been interrupted to bring you the following service announcement Last time during the first time Unsanctioned Preparation PT 4, The screen cuts to Hollow sitting within the Unsanctioned Show set setting up his next broadcast Senior Alfredo with a delivery man shows up with a huge crate. Senior Alfredo, "Hollow Sir, a package has arrived, I assume it is more of that evolve or bpz surplus stuff you have been receiving as of late." Hollow, "Oh boy, I wonder what it is. More objects of insanity to bring this place to the level it need to reach. Oh we don't know lets open and see what it is. It could be anything, a new ring bell, microphones, maybe some failed championships or maybe another logo we can throw into the lake of irrelevancy..." Senior Alfredo, "Sir that isn't nice, also we haven't been doing that sir you just been replacing all the logos and writing Unsanctioned Zone on them sir." Hollow, "We did no such thing! But anyway get a crowbar lets open this box up!" Hollow gets a crowbar and opens the box inside are three people rather dirty and with long beards in the a bag of empty dog food. Hollow, "People? We have a surplus of extra people now? Oh well, Hobo Bob will find jobs for you three greetings." Old Time Keeper, "We're free,...wait it is the crazy guy that locked us in here...keep him away from me... Old Referee, "What year is it? What happened, where are we..." Old Bell Ringer, "..." Hollow, "Welcome to the Unsanctioned Zone, you will be working for Hobo Bob now, we are sort of under renovations at the moment and could use all the help we can. You were old BPZ stuff that wasn't being used and now you have a purpose. Help created the Unsanctioned Zone 2.0! Everything will be bigger everything will be crazier, madder, this will be so great that at World at War two we will Burn it down! Steal the show, but first we must get there first" Old Time Keeper, "We don't work for you we work for Carnage..." Old Referee, "I'll help just don't put us back in that box." Old Bell Ringer, "..." Hollow, "Well...if you don't want to work for me then I guess there is only once choice..." Hollow hits the three men with the crowbar knocking them out then closes up the crate then relabels it. 'Special Delivery for Mister Fourteen ' Hollow, "Senior Alfredo send that out, Mister Fourteen will be glad to finally have his men back, also how is the new Height of Escalation coming along?" Senior Alfredo, "You mean the ring you put on the roof of this place? We just got started on it yesterday sir. It should be done in a few days, I don't know why you insisted on that. Last time you fought on the roof, Julius threw you off it, this just seems like a terrible idea sir if you don't mind my opinion on it sir..." Hollow, "We need this new Height to bring things to a whole new level. You don't understand, we did everything there was, and that was one of the biggest high lights of the last time we did battle here. It must be brought to the new level, new heights everything needs to be bigger, it needs to be new, it must be insanity incarnate. Now send that crate off, we must begin to prepare for the Vestige of sanity within the woods of insanity." Senior Alfredo, "A ring in the middle of the small patch of trees in the back yard? Very well sure whatever you think is best, we will send this package out quickly." Hollow leaves the Unsanctioned Zone to go get ready to create more stuff within the Unsanctioned Zone to prepare for creation of second version of the match he is building towards.
  6. BPZ Saint Valentines Day Massacre 2019: Universal Championship match: 'The Villain' Bart(c) Vs 'The Madman' Hollow The fourth match of the night is getting ready to start. First to the ring is the challenger. The madman Hollow, making his way to the ring with his umbrella in hand. Looking to finally capture the Universal championship and make he scramble of fate he has been talking about come to pass. He gets in the ring and removes his coat and prepares for the champion to make his arrival. Next to the ring is the villain the champion Bart. He goes to the ring showing off his title he gets in the ring and turns to hand the title to the referee and Hollow attacks! A forearm to the back of the head Hollow taking the quick and early assault. The bell rings and Hollow just keeps battering Bart with forearms to the back of the head. Very unlike what he normally does as he is going for just solid strikes rather then his unorthodox style of fighting. Hollow forcing Bart to the ground with constant strikes to the back of the head slowly switching from forearms to driving his elbow into the back of the head of Bart. Hollow just mugging Bart at the start of the match. Hollow gets up and walks to the corner of the ring he points at Bart who is trying to crawl back up to his feet. Once Bart is is position Hollow runs up and Punt kicks him right in the head! That was a classic Blade finishing move from Hollow. He rolls Bart over and looking for a pin fall to try and end this with a wild upset. One...two... Bart kicks out and counters transitioning quickly behind Hollow and locking in his finishing submission maneuver Cardiac Arrest his version of the Crossface Chickenwing. Hollow is scrambling stuck in the middle of the ring but he is refusing to submit. Hollow tries to fight but Bart has it locked in the referee asking Hollow if he gives up and Hollow yells no every time. Hollow using some strength trying to stand up with Bart. Hollow gets to his feet but Bart has the submission hold. Bart is yelling for Hollow to give up. Hollow in pain from the submission move but refusing to give up. He slowly starts walking towards the rope. Bart starts thrashing around trying to wrench on the arm and head of Hollow trying to make it harder for him to get to the ropes. Hollow walks forward he is an arms length away from the ropes when he collapses forward. Either passing out from the pain or from lack of air. It is unclear but he falls forward his arm lands on the rope though. He is out cold but Bart has to break the hold. Bart lets go but cant believe it either, Hollow isn't moving he is out. Bart is beside himself he wanted Hollow to submit he wanted to humiliate Hollow by making him tap out. Bart pulls Hollow from the rope and rolls him over and starts slapping the unconscious Hollow over and over again. Trying to wake him up and just trying to belittle him yet he doesn't move. Bart then grabs Hollow and locks in Hollow's Rings of Insanity(Rings of Saturn) on Hollow. Bart demanding the referee to check Hollow to rule that he wins the match. A the referee lifts Hollow's arm he lets go but the arm does go down it just stays up where it was. Hollow still appearing to be out go but his arm didn't fall. Bart thrashing around trying to make the arm fall but it doesn't he breaks the hold and the arm falls but too late now he isn't in the submission hold. Bart tells the referee to start counting wanting to just get this over with, going to win this by not having his opponent stand by the ten count. One...two...three...four...five...six...seven....eight...and Hollow jumps back up to his feet. His eyes closed but standing. How is he up but unconscious? Bart walks up to him and pokes him to see if that would make him fall again. Hollow then turns quickly hitting Bart with the madman cutter! Hollow sits up get up quickly he is awake he goes for a pin attempt...one...two...kick out again by Bart and he tries to lock his crossfire chicken wing again right how this all began to turn in his favor. Hollow fights out and looks to get back up to his feet but Bart quickly transitions from switching from his submission maneuver to his big finisher setting up for Last Breath his hammer lock DDT. Bart pulls Hollow to the center of the ring and hits the Last breath. Bart rolls hollow over and covers him, one...two...three. It is over Bart gets out of the ring to celebrate but in the ring Hollow lays there. As Bart begins to leave people on the stage in front of him appear people dressed up just like Hollow. Bart thinking they were going to attack gets ready to defend himself they walk right past him and get into the ring. They grab Hollow then carry him away. Bart continues celebrating while everyone else is confused of what just happened with Hollow. The Universal Championship match is done and Bart has successfully defended his title.
  7. Hollow

    BPZ Predictions League

    Elimination chamber Predictions 6 Man Elimination Chamber Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston No Disqualification Match Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin WWE Raw Women's Championship Match Ronda Rousey (c) vs Ruby Riott WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match The Miz and Shane McMahon (c) vs The Usos Two on one Handicap Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Nia Jax and Tamina vs The Riott Squad vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs The IIconics vs Boss n Hug Connection vs Carmella and Naomi WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Buddy Murphy (c) vs Akira Tozawa Bonus: Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? AJ Styles Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Sasha banks and Bayley Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? Randy Orton Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Bayley and Sasha Banks
  8. Hollow

    Scramble of Fate: Pt 4

    "Doubt us once and we proved them wrong. Say that we are a sad loser and we proved them wrong as well. Looky here another person not believing Hollow can beat them, aren't they in for a surprise..." The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The camera cuts to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where Saint Valentines day Massacre will take in three days. The ring is set up, people are putting up lights fixing chairs, in the middle of the ring as it is being set up is Hollow with a microphone in his hand Hollow, "Dreams of a dreamer aren't they a wonderful thing, For many in our profession dream of that win that will bring them so much glory. We all want it, we all need these dreams. Hollow isn't any different but his dream is a nightmare for so many others. A nightmare for those who don't believe in Hollow, a nightmare for those who have an order of doing things. A nightmare for a champion who has proved that even though he holds the big prize means nothing as he is just like everyone else that has come up against Hollow in the past. But what is this dream? what is this nightmare? Oh if you all don't know already, as the scramble of fate has made clear that nightmare is Hollow winning the BPZ Universal Championship." Hollow taps the microphone twice. Then resumed speaking Hollow, "That is how this whole thing started Hollow going out onto a Carnage ring and tapped the microphone then demanded his shot. All those months ago all the work leading to this moment, and one thing remains the same there is someone taking about Hollow like they think they figured him out. Calling him ignorant, calling him a sad mess, and thinking that he can just easily over come Hollow because for some reason he doesn't consider Hollow a threat. These things the Universal Champion Bartholomew you have said is very funny to Hollow. You say Hollow is ignorant of the past but you have made a grievous mistake of who is looking at the past wrong. Look at the list of victims, look at the path that has brought Hollow here. Everyone of the past has said nearly the same words as you have and look how they fell. You better be careful champ or someone might mistake you for being Angelo with those words you spat out against Hollow. You will see Hollow in this ring very soon Bartholomew, then you will learn even though you held onto and won one of the most prestigious titles in BPZ, you are still just like everyone else that has came before Hollow on his path to the title. You will be nothing more then a victim." Hollow gets up then rolls out of the ring and goes to the ring bell. Hollow, "Bartholomew, this next part listen to it carefully because you will hear it very soon." Hollow then raises the microphone up. Then goes to tap the microphone TAP! "One" TAP!! "TWO!!" TAP!!! "THREE!!!" Hollow picks up the ring bell hammer then hits the bell DING DING DING "Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!" Hollow drops the microphone then proceeds to go back into the ring then sits in the middle of the ring where he started the camera fades to black with Hollow sitting there and waiting for the champion to arrive when Saint Valentines Day Massacre begins.
  9. Hollow

    Scramble of Fate: Pt 4

    "Is today the day? Or will it happen tomorrow or the day after that, or the day after that' The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... Hollow appears on the screen looking at a calendar. Hollow, "Do, we do it today. Do we make use our opportunity and cash it in today? Or do we wait until our original date, or do we wait for the date that the higher powers want and follow through with the challenge at Saint Valentines day Massacre? Oh when, oh when. Hollow gets to choose he gets to choose. When he does it doesn't matter the end result will be the same. Hollow will be the champion soon enough. See Hollow has nothing to worry about because he has the control of fate." Hollow pulls out a single coin and looks at it. Hollow, "So champ! Are you feeling lucky? Your fate is in control by the madman. Is today the day you give Hollow his championship? Let's find out! Heads and Hollow will do the challenge right here and right now. Tail and you and your title reign gets saved for another day. You should like your chances champ! You have a fifty, fifty shot of whether or not your title reign ends today or does it get to go on longer. You might believe maybe you have a chance in defeating Hollow and somehow surviving with the your championship reign in tack. But look at the scramble, those men thought they had a chance in stopping Hollow and they failed. Many are changing their faces now just after that lost. So Champ! You think you are any different. You can lie to yourself, you can lie to the fans, you can lie to everyone else in the world and universe combined! But Hollow knows the truth and that is you aren't different from them. The only thing you have is that you got ahead of them and took a prize that should be Hollow's. Anyhow....So champ! Are you feeling lucky? Time for chance to decide" Hollow flips the coin in the air then catches it and puts it covered up on his wrist. Hollow, "Oh now everyone is wondering. Is it heads or is it tails. Will the challenge be today or will it not. The tension is real isn't it. This could be the day. The day of Fate. Oh this could be it, this could be the moment that changes Carnage, that changes the landscape of BPZ forever. Oh this is it! And..." Hollow moves his hand and it is Tails Hollow, "Well champ it is your lucky day. Today isn't the day. But that day that challenge is coming. So thank Hollow and chance today, because your title reign just went one day further because Hollow allowed it to. We'll see you all soon enough when the day comes whether it be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or at Saint Valentines day Massacre. The reign of the champ will come to an end. Stay tuned for the next message Bart. Or is this for Necce? Keep watching because it could all end in and instant." Then the screen goes dark ending Hollow's first message.
  10. Hollow

    Scramble of Fate: Pt 4

    "Who is the BPZ Universal Champion and who is the challenger for the title?" he following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The camera cuts to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania the venue for BPZ's ST. Valentines Day Massacre. In side the arena empty arena is Hollow before it is even set up for the event. Hollow, "Here is where the challenge will take place on February 17th, 2019. The battle for the Universal Championship. But who are the two involved in this match? Everyone knows their names. Bart and Hollow, but who are they. Everyone knows what they are called, The villain and the madman. But who are they still? Who is the villain? Who is the madman in the whole grand scheme of things here in BPZ heading into this bout." Hollow gets a chair and sits down in the chair Hollow, "Lets start with the Universal Champion Bart the villain. 2018 he road the coat tails of his partners within the Kingdom and rose up at the start of 2019 and took the title when he rose above the Kingdom. The Intercontinental champion wins the Universal title at Night of Legends. And became the company's golden calf. Everyone looks at him with awe and praises because the company sees him as their champion. He is popular, he is strong a good face to put up at the top of Carnage, at the top of BPZ's ladder. To say hay look that is our Universal Champion and they are proud to say it because that is the champion the company wants. The man that road his way to the top of the mountain on the back of his friends and took that brass ring when he was brought to the top with them. Then we have the challenger Hollow a completely different person. He didn't jump onto any stable to bring him to the top, no he has been on his own. Rising up on his own merits. Day in and Day out Hollow working towards building himself up to get to where he is. Biting, clawing and scratching to get to where he has gotten to. Hollow isn't the golden boy, by far from it. Hollow knows what the company thinks about him, that he is a joke an easy stepping stone for their champion to get their champ his win. Hollow isn't the poster boy that anyone wants leading the top of their most prized title. For Hollow to win the title would mean he would be the face of Carnage and people think Hollow is a joke. So people don't want their face of their company being a joke. But what Hollow is quite the contrary, Hollow isn't a joke he isn't a stepping stone for some new golden boy. Hollow is the first one who shows up and is the last one to leave. Day in and Day out. Hollow is the challenger that keeps winning each contender match he is given and now has earned the best opportunity in finally winning the championship for himself. Hollow isn't using a fallen Kingdom to bring him to this fight. He got here by fighting and clawing his where to this challenge his way on his own merits. So there we have it, The champion the perfect company man Bart the big dangerous bad man being challenged by Hollow the madman that is the man that nobody thinks can become the champion. Both are going into this match with very different paths of getting there but at ST Valentines day Massacre those paths or roads all converge into one spot as the company man takes on the anti-company madman. This should be a great show that nobody will want to miss." Hollow stands up and gets ready to leave but turns and then leaves turns to the camera one more time Hollow "Now we must get ready for when these two paths collide. The preparations that need to be done, just like this place, we need to set it all up for the grand moment. We need the ring, the lights, the crowds, and camera to record this grand match up. Because this will be the moment that Hollow has been telling everyone for a long time come true. and that is...." Hollow then yells loudly "Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!" Hollow then walks away leaving those last words in the empty arena. Maybe a prelude to what is to come should Hollow have his way at BPZ's ST. Valentines Day Massacre
  11. Hollow

    Scramble of Fate: Pt 4

    "Scramble of Fate, a chance to change everything. To take that brass ring and change its future for good" The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... A camp fire appears on the screen in a middle of a dark nightly scene. Hollow walks in view of the light then sits down in front of the camera. Hollow, "Did you all have a nice royal rumble? Did you all enjoy the action there? Some captivating stuff the first stop one the road to BPZ mania four has came. People won and people lost. The rumble is gone now and its time to prepare for a massacre." Hollow throws the rumble poster into the fire and begins to burn it. Hollow, "So this is what is going to happen. Hollow will be using his scramble winnings to face Bart at Saint Valentines day Massacre. No riddles, no webs being spun here. For once Hollow saying as it is. The battle for the universal championship begins now! Picking our fate taking control over our own path. This is something Hollow controlled. Picking when this time Hollow deciding what he will do and he will do it. He will beat the universal champion and finally hold the title as he goes to BPZ mania four as the champion that the scramble will make!" Hollow looks at the fire and puts more stuff into the fire. Hollow, "The scramble will make this happen oh yes it will. People are making plans and plotting for the perfect and preferred path to BPZ mania. Hollow sees these plots, sees these predictions and not one do they believe that Hollow will even stand a chance against either Champions. Even the one Hollow has picked that holds the prize he seeks. People believe Hollow has no chance to defeat Bart. They don't take Hollow seriously when we won the scramble Hollow played around with the fates of both champions and neither one cared. Nobody cared they don't see Hollow as a threat. That arrogance! So nobody believes that Hollow will defeat Bart, but guess what we don't care what anyone believes. You can believe what you want but when the Massacre comes you can believe that Hollow will face but what you will end up seeing the thing the disbelief of the great champion himself as he remains there after he hears the words that will shatter the glass ceiling that everyone creates with this so called belief of the certainty they thought would come. First the count. One Two Three Those three numbers then the sound of the bell ringing the end then the silence will fall upon the destined arena then everyone will hear Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow! Those words will shatter everything as Carnage the last true brand get the champion it has been waiting for. Someone who can live up to brands name. A champion that can deliver carnage to Carnage. The massacre that comes at Saint Valentines day Massacre isn't a man being destroyed, it is something more. What will be part of the massacre that Hollow will end of Mad King Hollow himself." Hollow laughs hand looks at the camera Hollow, "Yep no more normal Hollow. But what will be left? Oh that answer is obviously simple. When normal Hollow is gone what returns is Universal Champion Hollow!" Hollow picks up pictures of past people he faced and defeated and throws them into the fire and watching them burn away. Hollow, "Kieron Black, Angelo Caito, Roptai, BIC, Yelich, Prince, and Ark Universe. Those from the past the stepped in Hollow's way. Stepped in his way of his chance to finally grab that brass ring to obtain the grail one the top of the mountain and they were all pushed aside and defeated. Now Bart you are in our way. The last person in our way from winning the championship. And that's what you will be, the very last person in our way because after the Saint's Valentines Day Massacre there wont be anyone in the way because we will have beaten you Bart and finally take the Universal championship and our spot on the top of the mountain where Hollow belongs. This will end and your reign as champion will turn to ash. And as we said with the universe will hear at the end. Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!" Hollow throws a picture of Bart into the fire and watches it burn turning to ash as Hollow plans to do to Bart's Universal Championship reign.
  12. Hollow

    BPZMania IV Match Card Predictions

    World- Bailey vs Julius(c) IC: BIC vs Bart(c) US: Yelich vs Julius(c) vs Storm Global- Necce(c) vs Flynn Uni- Hollow(c) vs Echo vs Bart Tag: BPZ and Sameer vs Slim and someone slim picks MITB- Hollow vs Jon, vs Angelo vs FD vs Josh NXT- no clue too many people to really predict
  13. Hollow

    What game are you currently playing?

    I have been playing Red dead redemption 2. Not really a surprise at this point of how that game is. It is amazingly fun so much to do. Spending literal hours playing this game and I always find more to do. Whether it be hunting, fishing, doing some random side mission. A story mission here or there. I am on my second play through and it is chalk full of stuff to keep one playing for a very long while. RDR 2 online is alright as well. A bit more fun if you are playing with friends then by yourself. By Rockstar are constantly working making it even better as well. Just releasing its battle royal mode Gold rush that I have yet to play myself. Just a lot to do online as well. Very fun game all around but as I said. So much to do.
  14. Hollow

    Scramble to Glory

    Hours after the Night of legends pay per view is done Hollow's music hit and he appears walking out into the arena of Carnage. He comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone then gets into the ring and stands in the middle of the ring where he was sitting at Night of Legends before it started. Hollow reaches up to the microphone and whacks it once making it pop then begins to talk into it. Hollow, "Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Can everyone hear Hollow? Can everyone see Hollow? It is important that everyone can finally hear and see Hollow because we have a very important thing to tell everyone! We said we would before Night of legends and now here it is. Hollow won the scramble. Hollow won the scramble!! Hollow won the scramble!!!" Hollow starts laughing when he stops he resumes speaking Hollow, "Oh Hollow know you all can hear and see him now. Because if certain two men don't see Hollow now it will be the biggest mistake of their careers. The two champions. The new global champion Necce and the New Universal Champion Bart. Look who has the scramble chance now, the bringer of chaos the reason of insanity the madman of Carnage. Hollow has control over his destiny now. As well as he has control over the destiny of the champion of his choosing to ruin. But who will Hollow pick. Will it be the Universal champion the prize he said he would go after if he would win then ascend the prize to even higher lengths to surpass the world. Or does Hollow go down a different path and turn his back on the Universal champion. Turn his back on what was Carnage's best prize and go after the last pride of evolve. To take the Global championship and rule as the tyrant mad king. Either path is true. Look at what Hollow did in the scramble look at what he was willing to do to get this shot. There were no lengths Hollow wouldn't have gone to win the scramble. The same will be said with the prize Hollow decides to go after. We will do anything it takes to capture that grail we seek. Then Hollow will be the champion and rule over all. But who will it be. Who! Who! Who!!! Do you want to know? But only Hollow knows and it will stay that way. But it isn't the only question you all should ask. The other question is when. Oh that is a great question. When does Hollow want his title. Does he want it now? Or will he wait like he said and wait for the biggest date wait until BPZMania IV and take it at biggest moment that he can. As Hollow said before, he is going to win the grail he will be the champion over Carnage. It all depends on if Hollow actions during the scramble are any clear for this answer if he is willing to go to great lengths to get this shot what is going to do to win the prize he seeks. But to have a small answer. No Hollow isn't doing it right now. Leave them guessing of when, keep them sharp, keep them waiting for when Hollow decides to cash in his opportunity. When he strikes they will know that it is their time as champion is over. And Hollow's reign as the champion will begin." So Hollow now has both champions in the palm of his hands and now the world will wait. Keep your eyes on Hollow, because the moment you look away his reign will begin." Hollow sits down in the ring and begins singing He's got the whole world in his hands He's got the whole World in his hands Hollow has the whole wide world in his hands.
  15. BPZ Carnage Power Trip: Night of Legends 2019- Carnage Scramble Match Hollow vs Angelo Caito vs Yelich vs Ark Universe vs BIC Rules of the match - 30 Minute Time Limit On Match - 2 Superstars Start In The Ring And Every 5 Minutes A New Superstar Enters - If A Superstar Scores A Pinfall Or Submission Over Another Superstar, He Becomes The Current Champion - There Are No Disqualifications or Count outs - Whoever Is The Champion At The End Of The 30 Minutes Becomes The Number One Contender For The Universal Championship, They Will receive A Briefcase Which They Can Cash In At Any Time - The second Carnage Scramble gets ready to start, and is ready to start Night of Legends off with a big start. Hollow is already in the ring. Hollow has been in the ring even before Night of Legends has started. Hollow will be one of two stars to start the match off. He waits for the the other to kick off this match. BIC is the first to come out.. He gets to the ring and the bell rings. Hollow keeps sitting in the middle of the ring. He appears to be asleep! BIC the Dream seems to be in shock that Hollow is asleep and not paying attention to him. BIC runs up and tries to pin Hollow. With a cover attempt. One...two...Hollow kicks out and sits back up and appears to be asleep still. BIC goes for another pin attempt and Hollow kicks out before one and sits back up still looking like he is asleep. BIC is angry and punches the ground out of frustration he looks at Hollow sitting there and tries to throw a punch at Hollow. At that moment Hollow finally moves and counters the punch and attempts to lock in Rings of Insanity!(Rings of saturn) BIC starts fighting it trying to prevent getting locked into the submission move. The clock starts to count Ten....nine....Hollow keeps trying to lock in his submission move. Eight...Seven...Six...Five... Hollow starts driving his elbow into the collar-bone of BIC...Four...Three...Two...Hollow locks in the submission move and BIC is trying to fight off the urge to tap out. One! Angelo runs out to the ring. Right before BIC tries to tap out Angelo hits Hollow with a stiff knee to the back of the head. That forced Hollow to break the submission Hold Angelo then tosses Hollow out of the ring. BIC tries to roll Angelo up but Angelo rolls through completely and stands way before BIC does. BIC stands and just eats a barrage of forearms delivered by Angelo. Stiff shots just battering and abusing BIC with each shot. Angelo backs BIC into the corner. Angelo setting up for Bitter Sweet. He backs away from the corner and runs up and super kicks BIC into the head into the corner. Angelo goes and sets up for a second Bitter Sweet. He runs up and gets a steel chair thrown at him from outside the ring. Hollow threw a chair at Angelo. Hollow outside the ring seems angry that Angelo got in his way. He starts looking under the ring, he throws a trash can into the ring. He found lid to the trash can and throws that into the ring. Hollow pulls out a table no he pulls out two tables and puts them into the ring. He then reaches under the ring going a bit under the ring looking for another object to get for the match. He came back from out from under the ring when the clock starts counting down and in his hands is a barbed wire baseball bat. The clock hits zero with Hollow moving towards the entrance ramp waiting for whoever going to enter the match next. Hollow waiting with a bat in his hand. Ark's music starts, but the titantron turns on and Yelich is beating up on Ark in the back preventing him from coming out to the ring. Hollow just shrugs and goes to get in the ring. When he turns BIC covers Angelo trying to get the first pin fall and be the champion in the match. One...two...Angelo kicks out! The moment Angelo kicks out BIC gets hit in the back with the barbed wire bat. BIC yells in pain as barbed wire cuts into his skin as the bat is swung into his back. Hollow then grabs BIC by the head then yells, "Dream! Meet your nightmare!" He then grabs the bat then starts to grind the bat into BIC's Face then drops him back with a side Russian leg sweep with the bat assiting the move driving the barbed wire into BIC's face. Hollow tries to swing the bat at Angelo who stands who ducks the barbed wire bat then hits Hollow with a forearm. Hollow is forced to drop the bat. Angelo starts battering Hollow with stiff forearms backing Hollow into the corner like Angelo did to BIC. Trying to set up for Bitter sweet. As Angelo backs up for his finisher. Hollow seems to be dazed as Angelo gets confident he can win this. Angelo runs up and goes for the super kick. As he moves up his leg to kick. Hollow drops kicks Angelo into the leg he is pivoting on. Showing shades of the Elimination Chamber match these two were in. Hollow counters Angelo's finisher in the same way. Hollow gets up and jumps up and double stops onto the back of Angelo's leg that he just dropkick. Driving all his weight onto Angelo's leg and Angelo reacts in compete pain. Yelling in agony. Hollow rolls out of the ring and then looks under the ring again looking for another object. He then pulls out a sledgehammer. A weapon that Hollow normally doesnt use what is he planning... Hollow grabs Angelo by the leg and drags him into the ring post. Hollow slams Angelo's leg into the ring post four times then grabs the hammer then puts the hammer on Angelo's knee and then pushes it into the ring post. Hollow just hold the hammer there just pinning Angelo's knee against the ring post as Hollow begins talking to himself, "We said you would end you! We said you would be deleted This is your end..." the clock starts counting. Just as Hollow pulls back the hammer and prepares to give it a big swing. Wanting to drive the sledgehammer into Angelo's knee. the clock hits zero and Yelich runs out and stops in front of Hollow yelling at him to stop. Hollow does stop. Yelich trying to tell Hollow that is too far. Hollow seems to believe that his old friend Yelich is right. Hollow drops the hammer and Yelich seems relieved. Then Hollow turns and punts Yelich right into the balls. Both shocking Yelich and the fans. Yelich trying to channel his alter ego Yeldick to fight off the pain. He then seems to be recovering really quickly. Then Hollow punts Yelich again in the balls again. He grabs Yelich by the head then throws him and drives him into Angelo's knee. Smashing it between Yelich and the ring post. Hollow then gets in the ring as Angelo just sits there wailing in pain feeling like he just had his leg broken. Hollow then gets a table then goes to set it up but stops. As he sees Angelo finally freeing himself from the ring post. Hollow grabs the table and jabs Angelo with it a few times. then begins to set the table up ontop of Angelo. Pinning his legs under one of the legs of the table. BIC attacks Hollow getting a quite a few shots in BIC tries to lift Hollow up wanting to put Hollow through the table he set up. He sets up for a body slam and Hollow slips free he grabs the trashcan lid and throws it at BIC. Hollow also grabs the trash can then puts it on BIC quickly. Hollow then starts hitting BIC with body knee shots. Denting the trashcan around BIC who is unable to fight back with the trashcan covering his upper body. Hollow puts BIC onto the table with the trashcan on top of him Then beginning to scale the turnbuckles looking to drop onto the table. Yelich springs up looking for revenge against Hollow runs up from the outside of the ring and up the turnbuckle and hits Hollow with a forearm to the face. Hollow nearly falls off the turnbuckle to the outside but steadies himself by grabbing onto the turnbuckle. Yelich climbs up trying to suplex Hollow to the outside of the ring. The clock reading two minutes left and there hasnt been a pin fall or submission there is no winner yet. Holllow headbutts Yelich a few times trying to stay off his suplex attempt to the outside of the ring. Hollow turns around looking to climb back down the turnbuckle but Yelich drags him back up until both are stand. Then Hollow surprises Yelich and climbs up and grabs him then yells, "Do you think you can fly? Let's see!" Hollow leaps backwards holding onto Yelich. Hitting a super dragon spanish fly from the top rope. They land onto BIC and his trashcan covered head. They crash through the table and onto Angelo. The crowd start chanting holy shit and Hollow seemed to rolls out of he carnage he caused laughing but clearly in pain as well. Angelo slyly decides to go for a pin attempt. He just puts his hand on Yelich. The referee counts one...two...Hollow just kicks Angelo's arm off of Yelich. He looks at the clock and sees just one minute left. He drags Angelo up to his feet then yells at his face, "Delete!" Hollow then hits a very stiff Madman Cutter(RKO) onto Angelo who nearly stole the win. Hollow roles Angelo over and covers him looking at the clock which read twenty seconds. The referee counts One...two...three. Then Hollow gets back and moves to the middle of the ring at ten second and sits cross legged in the middle of the ring. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. The bell rings with Hollow as the champion in this match. as he sits there in the ring where he started. Sitting in the middle of the ring waitting for the announcement of the result of the match. The announcer, "Your winner of the second Carnage Scramble match the Madman Hollow!" saying just as Hollow predicted it. Hollow gets up and lets the referee raise his hand in victory and he gets out of the ring and grabs his coat that has been there before the match began. Hollow pulls out a handful of masks that look like his. Hollow gets back in the ring and grabs Yelich and puts the mask on him. Then following suit doing the same to BIC and Angelo. Hollow leaving his mark in the ring after his victory leaving those he defeated with a reminder they were just beaten by Hollow. He then points at a BPZmania IV sign, his message is clear he plans on going through with his original statement before Night of Legends he is going to cash in his title opportunity at BPZmania IV. The screen goes dark as Hollow pointing at the sign putting an end to this match.
  16. Hollow

    Broken Insanity: Pt. 5

    The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... Hours after the two out of three falls Street Fight, Hollow refused medical attention after his loss and just simply went to the unsanctioned zone The arena he built at the start of the year. The front doors of the arena are wide open with blood on the door where it had been opened. The camera goes in and follows a trail of blood to a dark room within the arena Sitting in the corner of a dark room is Hollow. Still in his in ring gear, from the light of the camera, seeing the broken bloodied person sitting in the corner of the room. His face paint faded away and mostly replaced by his own blood. His mask in tatters Hollow sits there talking to himself. Hollow, "No, no ,no no, no, not again, not again. We lost again...we are lost again. Who are we? Are we Hollow? Who is Hollow? Is he the madman that he claims to be? Or is he the clown of BPZ? Just the laugh of the everyone who sees his antics? No, no no no, those questions aren't allowed. Not allowed...those questions arent allowed for us to ask. Doubts lead to inaction. Inaction leads to being forgotten. No, no, no, no. Two out of Three falls was supposed to be ours but what happened? What did we do? What didn't we do? We lost, but why? Why? Why? Why? We prepared for the match, like we did all year We fought all year battled in matches against many. We fought Julius, Kieron, Angelo, Storm, Josh, Ropati, Prince, and many others. We started the year against Julius Cesar no, we started the year in the Tag tournament that started this year. We fought our way to the semi finals there as well. With Kazma we beat, Bashka, Mr Fourteen, and BPZ in a wild tag tournament that went nowhere. It created this place. It created the Unsanctioned Zone.orginally we were going to fight Kazma but we rightfully made an open challenge and Julius accepted. He was a new rookie and we did battle here....and we lost...But this was one of the greatest matches all year. This was an accomplishment even if we ended in defeat. This pushed towards our first and only Premium title reign. We left after winning then returned to fight Kieron, then went on to the Halloween Havoc Elimination chamber. Everything was different we were winning, then we faced Echo Wilson. We brough him to his limits but we lost. Then the tag tournament before December to Dismember. We had a few more wins but when we sought out a prize of revenge we lost again. All month we declared we would go into January into what was a Carnage event to win the scramble event then go to BPZ Mania four to fight the Universal champion and win the title. But now...who are we... No, no, no ,no, no...." Hollow keeps muttering to himself. The caretaker Hollow picked for the Unsanctioned Zone Senior Alfredo walks into the door way. Senior Alfredo, "Master Hollow, sir I saw your match at December to Dismember. You need medical attention sir. You need to leave this room and get help sir..." Hollow, "Go away! We are going. Who are we? Are we Hollow?, OR are we Blade? The original the one who came before. He lost all the time, we lost our big match, are we the same? OR maybe we are Rey Espada. The luchadore we created, he showed up once remember? He showed up flopped lost and lett. Are we him? Who are we? We said we were the madman once , we also said we were a demon, a monster, a hero, a million dollar whatever. We have said so much. We were NXT champion, European Champion, intercontinental Champion, and premium champion all once at least once. Are we a champion? No that isnt right we lost and the champion doesnt lose. But champions do lose. That's how they make their legacies, winning and losing and winning again. Becoming multi time champions is how they make their legacies, but did our loss mean anything like this though? Or was a nothing loss that makes us a loser? No...no..no...no" Senior Alfredo, "Sir, we don't know but you are hurt sir. You need help..." Hollow, "We said go away...or we will make you forget who you are.." Senior Alfredo leaves quickly and shuts the door. The camera only sees the door and hears Hollow speaking a few words before fading to black. Hollow, "Who are we? Are we Hollow? Who is Hollow? Who is Hollow..."
  17. Hollow

    Broken Insanity: Pt. 5

    The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The camera cuts to Hollow in the soon to be Night of Legends Arena watching on the screen BIC attack Jon. Hollow with a bowl of popcorn and laughing at the screen. Hollow, "Ha! That is good television right there. A nice filling work there. Is this a comedy or a drama Hollow cannot really tell. It is funny that this guy thinks he can win just because he attacks and replaces Jon in the big scramble match. This is pure comedy! Tell us another joke please maybe he believes he can actually be the Universal champion. Oh no wait is he going to regale the time he won the World title and squandered the biggest moment of his life? Oh that was great wasn't it? He beat Slim he was on the world championship track and then boom! Slammie level of the chump was created for that year. Oh this comedy is just great tell us more...Oh and the drama don't get Hollow started" Hollow grabs some popcorn and eats some and rewinds then watches what happened again. Hollow, "Oh look at BIC look at him beat down on Johnny boy like that. He really wanted that spot badly. BIC if you wanted his spot so badly but the big drama in this is you only took his spot in where he was going to ultimately end up in. He was going to lose, and now you foolishly took his spot and now you get to lose instead! What drama this is the Dream gets to meet his nightmare at the Night of Legends. Oh boy what kind of show that will be. Not something fit for normal television Hollow will have to tell you now. This will be something out of a horror film with the amount of destruction that will happen and those in the scramble win endure and BIC has took Jon's spot to get his beating he was going to get instead. Congratulation's BIC you truly earned what is going to come to you. A one way trip to becoming yet another victim to Hollow's rise to the Universal Championship!" Hollow turns the screen off then looks at the camera, Hollow, "Look Dream, Hollow will tell you how it is. You see for weeks now Hollow has been waiting for everyone to come out of the woodwork to put themselves into this match. Look at who is involved. Yelich a man with so many identities but none that can help him even if they could all team up together to help. Then there is Angelo, do we need to go any farther about him anymore? Now Ark who is in this as well now to fill the void and that other spot. Each of them have a spot that so many others want, hell we are surprised others haven't did what you did and taken their spots as well. But the thing is, anyone can take their spots the end results will be the same. Hollow is going to win this scramble end of story. Now BIC, Dream, or whatever you want to be called now listen to Hollow's words and remember them because at Night of Legends you should not be surprised when you here this." Hollow coughs to clear his voice up then speaks loudly into the microphone Hollow. "Your winner of the second Carnage Scramble match the Madman Hollow!" Hollow drops the microphone and the screen goes dark as Hollow finishes his latest message of Broken Insanity.
  18. My predictions Carnage Scramble: Hollow vs Angelo Caito vs Ark Universe vs Yelich vs Jonathan Not going to predict my match since my prediction will be a bit biased towards myself. But this has been a great build cant wait to see how this goes. - FDS vs Diego Garcia FDS - BPZ Tag-Team Championship: Big Ballers (Brendenplayz and Sameer) (C) vs The Flock (Buddy Ace and The Marker) Not sure but I think Big Ballers will take it. - Showcase Match: Bubba vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers vs Mave Deltzer vs "1 of the Kind" Brett Storm The Crippler - Global Championship: Jason Ryan (C) vs Necce Necce - Ropati vs Prince Edit- Actually finally seeing the promo battle and reading it, I think Prince might have this. Universal Championship: Julius vs Bart A tough one here but I cant tell you who will win this. This could go anyway. Bailey vs Flynn Normally I would say Flynn but I think Bailey might have a chance to beat Flynn here.
  19. Finally Ronda is getting someone who can put on a pretty good match. Was a bit worried we might get another Nia Jax match but this makes everything better. Should be good to see how Ronda does against someone who has the skills to put on match of the night matches. Ronda has been improving crazy well all last year picking up all this very fast. So this should a be good test to see how well she can do against a really good opponent.
  20. Calling it now, Miz and Shane will win the tag team titles. So that Shane can be the tag team champions and the best in the world at the same time... All jokes aside I fear and think this will be the result. WWE haven't really done much since crown Jewel about the whole 'best in the world' stuff. This could push it forward. It isn't like I cant see this happening I mean at WM last year The Bar lost to a ten year old. So it isn't far to believe they will lose to Shane McMahon. Tbh I wish there was another tag team on SD they would build up and its baffling to see what tag teams they have and see this match made.
  21. Hollow

    WWE 2019 Men's Royal Rumble

    I think I am looking forward to this rumble this year then more then last year. Having no clue who will win the rumble and so many possibilities this should be a good one. WWE could prove my bold prediction true and have Balor win the rumble then build him up to beat Brock Lesnar. Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre could also win which would be good too. I can even see John Cena winning then leaving everyone guessing who will he fight for the title since he is on both Raw and SD. Really looking forward to this cant wait to see who wins.
  22. Hollow

    WWE 2019 Women's Royal Rumble Match

    Honestly, idk who will win this, but I sort of want to see a no finish or a double finish in the rumble. See both Becky and Charlotte eliminated each other at the same time at the end setting up for a WM triple threat main event match against Ronda.
  23. This should be a great match, and Asuka should win but after last year I wouldn't be surprised if wwe decide to swerve us and throw the title back on Becky Lynch. While we are supposedly 'in charge' now but I don't know if the wwe writers want Becky vs Ronda or do they want the original plan of Charlotte vs Ronda at mania. If it is the latter then I see Becky winning the title and Becky vs Asuka would be the SD feud going into mania. Personally I want Asuka to win here and hopefully she does.
  24. Hollow

    The Royal Rumble Random Draw

    I am in just like I was last year
  25. Hollow

    Broken Insanity: Pt. 5

    The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement... The camera cuts to the Night of Legends Parking lot with Hollow sitting outside the building Hollow, "Ladies and Gentlemen, look at it! Look it is the Night of Legends building! The best creation that was created by Carnage management. My, my how is has things changed since the last time everyone saw this building last year. Look at what has been built up. The universal championship a prize held which was just to hold one mans ego. Then last year the scramble happened and the title changed hands. Then its legacy truly began. Look at where it is now. The grandest prize of Carnage that so many are trying to grasp that chance just to be in the holy grail of Carnage's presence! But if it wasn't for the original Carnage scramble match that built up to where we are today. If it wasn't for the first one then that the title we all want wouldn't be so glorious. Now here we are for the second scramble match, the first pushed the title to its level it is now, but now with the second scramble match a second crop of challengers and what follows the results of this scramble will left up the Universal championship. It will be the most prestigious prize that in BPZ that one can achieve ascending above even the world championship!" Hollow walks up to the doors then stops, Hollow, "The winner of the scramble gets to pick when he cashes in. So let Hollow say this, Bart and Julius you two are the ones to remain to take the universal championship. You both should know and be prepared for what is to come for you should either of you two win the universal championship. Then you have a first class trip to BPZ Mania four, to face the madman Hollow and your fate will be to lose that holy grail to Hollow to make Hollow the Universal Champion and the reign of madness will descend over everyone!" Hollow opens the doors and begins to laugh Hollow, "You see some would think Hollow is cocky or is crazy for thinking that he is already going to win the scramble match. But you know they thought Hollow was delusional when he said he would defeat five other men and win the elimination chamber number one contenders match. Those were five of the best Carnage had to offer then. Now we have three carnage members and a person from the fallen evolve roster in this match. The best that we have here on this show. Now if you think anything else other than Hollow is going to win here. The question you have to ask yourself is are you delusional for thinking that Hollow cannot once again beat the best that there is to get his shot for the universal championship again? If you don't think you are then you are crazier then Hollow. So we have Ark Universe to enter this match now, Hollow wont waste his breath once again talking about the others in this match who he is already going to defeat. Welcome to only true show Ark. Welcome to Carnage, and now goodbye, because when Night of Legends is the end of you as well. We are the most dangerous like you said but what will trip you up on this Power trip is that even though you can see Hollow for who he is, you still won't be able to do anything to stop the destruction that is going to happen to you. Ark you are stepping in front of a force of nature and you cant stop it. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself for your inevitable defeat because that is a spoiler for what is going to happen. Ark Universe when you go into this scramble match your fate will be shared with the others in this match. You are going to lose. But something you tell yourself once this is done. You have lost to the future universal champion the madman Hollow!" Hollow walk inside and the camera follows as Hollow walks out into the empty arena and looks at the ring Hollow, "There is where it will happen. You see in the past Hollow has prepared for all his matches in different ways. He locked himself inside an asylum to prepare for his asylum cage match that he created. Hollow dissected the elimination chamber and his opponents showed the world their flaws and proved he was better than them. This time we don't need all that. This time we are just going to win because that is just what is going to happen. Hollow is going to win." Hollow slides into the ring of the empty ring. Then starts chanting into the microphone like a crowd would. Hollow is going to win! Hollow is going to win!! Hollow is going to win!!! The camera fades to black with Hollow laughing and sitting there in the ring of the empty arena that will soon house Night of Legends in a few days.