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  1. My Not Fully Evolved Water Team Lombre Palpitoad Marill Chinchou Carvanha Mareanie Frillish Seadra
  2. My team of dragons Dracozolt Flygon Turtonator Duraludon Kommo-o Haxorus Kyurem Appletun
  3. Lets post this again Galer Stunfisk Duraludon Aegislash This got banned Ferrothorn Seismitoad Rhyperior Steelix Sandaconda Hippowdon
  4. Sableye-Mega Marowak-Alola Golurk Froslass Shedinja Mimikyu Gengar Silvally-Ghost
  5. "Where do we go from here? When you hit that cross road of should you continue forward or should you stop which choice is the right to make. But that question is harder to answer. Things you must see is what has driven you to where you are now? And does that drive still drive you forward to keep continuing on?" Blade appears on the titantron of the latest addition of Carnage TV Blade, "Well normally after being gone for a long time I would come back and say 'I am back!' but am I though? Mulling it over for a while now, I have been here for four years almost five in a few months. I have accomplished nearly everything I have wanted to do. I wanted championships, and I have won almost every single one I have gone after. I might not have captured the gold right when I started lots of those journeys but I still got there in the end. Now I have been on a bit of hiatus away after my recent run came to an end. Last year I went at everything head on full of drive and determination to do what I wanted. Last year I finally captured the tag titles, a pair of titles that I chased since they were reinstated back in the first few months when I was still a rookie four years ago. Then a few face changes, and a throwing out more goals. The year ended at the start of this recent Hiatus away from BPZ TV. I come back now asking myself what is next for me? What is next for Blade? I have been trying to come up with that answer when I started my time away from here, came up with a few answers. One thing is to continue as I always have done. Come out here under the drive to do what I want and try to capture some more gold. But I don't have the same thing driving me forward as I did last year. The second thing I thought of was retiring from all this. Now I am not going to mince words here, I have actually considered that a lot. Just call it quits and come out here and say my final goodbyes to the BPZ Universe and that would be that. But I didn't want to do that because that wouldn't be me. So here is what is next for Blade. We are going to come out here again and continue on as if each next day could be our last day here. Should we be done in the next Carnage event or finish things up at BPZmania 5 or go beyond that. Treating each next fight if it could be the one the very last one. Maybe there will be one last title run, or maybe there wont be, but if this will be my last run through BPZ then I am going to go out my way giving all I have" Blade shifts forward with his painted face looking right at the screen. Blade, "I came here to BPZ as the man who walked out here and just pointed at the NXT champion and declared what I wanted. Now returning to the same face seems only fitting now. So lets go! Where we are fighting champions or fighting rookies. Fighting old rivals or fighting new ones. We are going to give each battle everything we got. So BPZ universe throw at me whatever you got. We are going to give you a final showing with this run that nobody will forget!" The screen fades to black as Blade finishes his message he is sending to the BPZ Universe.
  6. Normal Team Munchlax Igglybuff Rattata-Alola Stufful Rufflet Litleo Lickitung Teddiursa
  7. In no real order Bailey Neb Flynn Bashka Smith
  8. The Elite Championship The TNT TV Championship That's two there but not really sure what for AEW would or could be their midcard belt.
  9. "The King of Trash Style, What a title, for someone to be called this. Everything they speak, and do is perfect to describe someone. Who's art at talking trash and skills in the ring are just that. So gritty that one can only call it Trash Style! Lets look at the professionals today to look at ones who are at the top of the game of Trash Style" The titantron comes on and Hollow is seen walking around backstage near a trash truck with Trashmen taking out the trash Hollow stops them. Hollow, "Good Evening Gentlemen, we wish to talk to you today before the big Survival Games begin. We wish to ask you both about your King." The men look confused about why Hollow is talking to them. Or what Hollow even is. Hollow, "We want to know about your business in trash detail. You all must know what I mean, you deal with it all the time. You must talk about trash and talk trash all the time. Just like the King of Trash Style, you all deal with a lot of Trash talk. But Hollow wants to understand more about your guys art form. How do you guys do this? How do you guys deal with this garbage on a daily bases. We imagine you don't have a lot going for yourselves. Ordinarily nobody wants to do your job, but yet you guys have to do the job because someone has to do the job. Why not a Trash man aren't we right?" The trashmen look at each other and then back as Hollow who walks about to the trash truck going to the back and opening it up. Trashman 1, "Hey you shouldn't do that." Hollow, "Don't tell Hollow what to do, your King has made that mistake, first he didn't want anyone in the tournament to talk about him. Then he tells Hollow not to poke Bulletproof. Now the underlings are trying to tell Hollow what to do. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk What kind of world is this, underlings trying to tell Hollow what to do. Hollow is here looking at where trash goes, what the people of Trash style use. What a horrible job this is. People thing what is left from matches of hardcore is bad but this Trash style is just terrible. It all seems pointless and so much work, just to talk trash about someone but you people are good about that aren't you. Bashka the king of Trash Style has done well to surround himself in trashmen but you two seem to be the very best..." Trashman 2, "Who is Bashka?" Trashman 1, "Why are we talking to this freak? He seems a bit off..." Hollow, "Freak? You think Hollow is crazy? So you guys are smarter then your King. You make it seem like you don't know what goes on in the Carnage arena. You should know Bashka. The Leader of Bulletproof? Is he the leader still? Don't they have Flynn? Or maybe Hollow is mistaken, that kind of hurts Bashka's relevance in that team doesn't it. The man just lost the Intercontinental Title, now what does he have but his little group, but now has this title now that Hollow bestowed upon him. Something that he is good at. He has rightfully earned the title King of Trash Style. The man that wrestles with a style that could be described as such and talks so much trash that just makes him your king! The thing is he just a king of trash style he isn't the mad king, His skills with trash wont save him in the survival games. He will not survive the fight with Hollow, and neither will either of you right now..." Trashman 2, "What do you mean..." Hollow then attacks the two mean throwing them into the side of the trash truck, then tosses them both into the back. Then goes back to the camera Hollow, "Bashka King of Trash Style, keep talking your trash, and bring your trash game to the survival games. You won't fare any better then these underlings. You are going to fall. Your bad day is coming and all it takes is just one bad day and the madness comes for you. Insanity awaits, and Hollow will be the one to set you free from that prison you are trapped in. You will be free of sanity, but first you must fall." Hollow throws the camera into the back of the trash truck and it fades too black as the truck closes up on the camera. "Down the with the King of Trash style. and none of the kings horse or the kings men Will be able to put Bashka back together again..."
  10. Unpopular, I liked the ending of the Hell in a cell match and the match itself of the Fiend vs Rollins
  11. Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bray Wyatt Bonus Questions: First Match? (Non-Pre Show) - Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks Second to Last Match? Bayley vs Charlotte How many 24/7 Championship changes will take place? None Will another championship be defended and if so which one and who will be the opponent? (1 point for each correct answer) Intercontinental Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Mustafa Al Raw Tag Title match- Bobby Roode and Ziggler vs Heavy Machinery
  12. I have one Alyxander Cuddlesworth vs Jervis Cottonbelly Topped it just like that
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2 online. Yeah have been going back to this one recently. Doing the new Frontier Pursuits they added. Mostly bounty hunter stuff though, and I got to say its a lot of fun. Going around in the old west being a bounty hunter is a lot of fun.
  14. Guess I might be the different one here, but I do get on twitch quite a bit, while I do watch Brenden's streams from time to time. I mostly watch other people. Most recently been watching Alfredoplayz, or just Alfredo, a member of Achievement Hunter who streams he isn't the only one of the group who streams from AH. But I have been watching Alfredo more recently to see if Rainbow Six Siege streams.
  15. Match #1 Smashing Pumpkins Match Rules- The only way to win the match is to smash and break a pumpkin over the others head. Other then that there are no other rules. Brad vs Mirage The announcer starts up the first match up of the Unapproved BPZ Event. In the ring is the two looking to start off this show Ring Announcer, "In the left corner, a man a few words could describe him. He is a BPZ Hall of Famer, we give you Brad!" The crowd would go nuts if there was one. This unapproved event didn't get approved to sell tickets so it is just in an empty arena. The announcer points to the other corner, "And in the other corner, he is a mystery, some people don't believe what they see. It is Mirage!" The bell rings. The ring is surrounded with tons of pumpkins, and tables with pumpkins on them. Right out the gate Mirage with a flurry of punches. Lefts rights. more lefts...and Brad just stands there, Mirage's punches aren't doing much, but Mirage is putting a lot of effort into hitting Brad with tons of punches. Brad looks at the referee almost to ask without asking if this was serious then back at Mirage who keeps trying to go for body shots but they are just a bunch of weak punches Brad shrugs then hauls off and just nails Mirage with a heavy right hook, and it just floors Mirage. Some people remember when he was Bulldozer and could survive getting hit by a car but that punch looked more deadly as Mirage flops around like a fish after getting hit by the punch Mirage yelling that he wasn't ready while gripping his face. Brad looks around the empty arena not believing this match up or understanding why he is in this match up. After a bit of over flopping around Mirage gets up and says he is ready now. Brad rushes Mirage this time looking for another heavy right hook. Mirage just kicks Brad right in the groin as hard as he can. That did something and hit hard! Brad nearly doubles over from the kick. His eyes look like they will pop out of his head from the pain. Lucky for Mirage the only way a decision is made in this match is by Smashing a pumpkin over another head and breaking the pumpkin. Mirage looks around for the biggest pumpkin he can find. Brad still doubled over in pain from the low blow. Mirage is having trouble carrying the pumpkin! It is a really big one he gets in the ring and struggles to lift it above his head.. Brad then kicks Mirage in the groin while Mirage was struggling lifting the pumpkin above his own head. Mirage drops the pumpkin on his own head! But it didn't break! Brad just loses it now, he just tackles Mirage and starts nailing him with repeated stiff forearm shots. He had enough of this match and just wants to hurt Mirage now. Just punishing him with stiff forearms. He picks Mirage up and knees him in the gut a few times then pushes him in the corner and keeps up on the assault of elbow strikes and forearms. Surprisingly there isn't any blood yet from these strikes they are so brutal. Backing up a bit Brad gets a pumpkin and sets it up on the ground and few more. What is he planning he goes to Mirage looking to do something evil then Mirage hits Brad with a headbutt! It knocks Brad with for a loop. Mirage climbs up to the middle rope and Brad nails Mirage with a superkick! While loopy from the kick Mirage climbs to the top turnbuckle. Brad climbs up looking to superplex Mirage towards the pumpkins. Brad wants to smash Mirage through the pumpkins That's not going to be smashing it over Mirages head. Mirage fights Brad and pulls him to the top turnbuckle with him. If there was a crowd they would be chanting 'please dont' die' As both men fight at the top turnbuckle seeming to fumble back and forth looking like they will go either way. Mirage slips and looks to fall into the ring, but grabs on to Brad and bring him with him. Both men smash onto the pumpkins Both men move around in pain from it and are covered in pumpkin guts. Brad is the first one to his feet and Mirage is unsurprisingly extremely flopping around in pain. Considering how he took a punch this isnt that surprising. Brad gets up and waits for Mirage to get up and finally stop complaining on how much it hurt to go through those pumpkins. Mirage also complaining that he is covered in pumpkin guts he turns and eats another superkick. Brad picks up a pumpkin looking to finally end this fight. He goes after Mirage who falls down finally from the superkick. Not expecting this he over shoots Mirage and runs past where he was. Mirage gets up very loopy grabbing onto Brad forcing him to fall backwards. Mirage for some reason grabs the pumpkin with one hand, but since he was unable to fully carrying a pumpkin before with two hands he accidentally drops it onto Brad's face. The pumpkin breaks on Brad's head and the referee calls for the bell. Mirage is surprised he just won. Looking around he freezes when he sees the titantron and himself. Seeing what kind of mess he looks like he falls down fainting from just the sight of the state he is in. Both men are now out cold. Even though Mirage won, can anyone really call him the winner? Or could they just say Brad didn't win? Who knows that is the first match of the Unapproved Halloween Party Event
  16. NEW Match (Based off of @Smith suggestion slightly) The Nightmare House of Horrors Match up Smith vs The House of Horrors- Horrors Rules- The way to win, is to escape the house and the horrors and get back to the ring within the loted time limit. If Smith fails to do so, the Horrors and the House win the match. The match up starts with Smith entering the house from the basement entrance, that door will be locked and Smith must fight his way out of the house to win(survive) the match up. - Another New Match up (Based off of @Slim Suggestion) Normal House of Horrors Match Rules- The same as wwe's for the match up. Necce vs Slim
  17. Welcome to this new diary. This is a one off diary that will have an end once all the episodes/matches have been written up and posted for all to ready. This was originally an idea I tossed around in discord, trying to get a nothing fun kayfabe event for Halloween this year, but it got rejected so here we are. In the diary section in the Unapproved BPZ Halloween Party Bash! Enjoy. If you have match suggestions leave comments of match type and who is in the match as comments in this topic. Current Match Card (The match card is subject to change matches suggestions may be added later if the main event hasn't been written and posted yet) Match #1 Smashing Pumpkins Match Rules- The only way to win the match is to smash and break a pumpkin over the others head. Other then that there are no other rules. Brad vs Mirage Match #2 Casket Match Raven(Meko) vs Alex Costa Match #4 Graveyard Buried Alive Battle Royal- Yelich Battle Royal Rules- The only way to win is be the last one standing in the graveyard not buried Alive Yelich gimmicks vs Yelich gimmicks Match 5 Trick or Treat Street Fight Josh vs mystery opponent Match #6 A Scarecrow match Rules- The only way to win the match is to drag your opponent onto the stage from the ring and beat them down then string them up on the stage and holster them up like a scarecrow to win. Other then that Anything goes. Hollow vs TBD Main Event 6 man Tag Team Caged Match Rules- Two teams will be in a cage holstered up above the ring in side a ring sized cage. The two teams of 3 will do battle in the cage You win once all the other team members have been eliminated. You are eliminated if you are pinned, submitted or somehow thrown out of the cage. Bulletproof vs Currently Unknown
  18. Winning the Premium title last year I'd have to say was and is the biggest win to me. Considering how long prior I chased after it then winning it even if it was for a month, was a nice accomplishment after months of hard work to get something I had worked for a few years before hand.
  19. "You don't get it do you Bashka? You don't get it at all, you make your points, in long winded and very detailed ways but yet you are blind." Hollow appears sitting ontop of the titantron looking out towards the ring. Hollow, "You sure talk a lot of trash, Is that what you are now Bashka? Are you the trashman now? Guess being in BPZ couldn't cut it anymore, this is your calling! Bashka the trashman! The King of Trash Style! Such a frightening style, look at him go people. He has a very threatening power point. Careful everyone he might put you all to sleep with that. It was so boring Hollow could barely keep awake from most of it. You seem angry Bashka, did you fall asleep too from your own boring power point and wake up in a bad mood? You need to relax my good man. Being all so serious isn't good for someone who now has limited time left. Because in...wait a minute..." Hollow pulls out a watch looks at it taps on it then goes back to talking Hollow, "Right you have eleven days until you are completely destroyed by someone who you made a long four point power point about. Then you will finally see what you are blind to. You will see what your prison of sanity prevents you from seeing. You just wasted your time that you have left, being the king of trash style, when you should have started saying your goodbyes to your Bulletproof stablemates. If you understood anything you would have begged the 'bookers' to remove you from the match up. You are entering a world of madness, which you will never escape from. It will only take one match to make you see. Ending a war with just one bad day. That is all it takes to put an end to the Bashka everyone knows. Just one bad day, and Bashka you will be trapped in a forever pit of Madness and despair you will never escape from" Hollow keeps sitting on top of the titantron and looking down on the ring and Bashka then shrugs Hollow, "But don't take Hollow's word on it. Keep up with your power point stuff. Keep up with being the king of trash style, it will be better when it surprises you what is to come. But on the Eleventh of October Madness Awaits..." Hollow brakes off into cackling laughter on top of the titantron set
  20. Survival Games 2019 Predictions: Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich(c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs. Blade Hollow Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  21. Blade


    Hollow's theme plays then out in the crowd Hollow emerges walking his way down to the barricade to the ring quickly hopping the barricade then gets in the ring Hollow, "Four rounds have come and four individuals have survived the evolution of madness. First was Smith, asking Blade to bring his hardcore side to the fight. Then was Slim who brought Blade to that dark place again in a no disqualification match, that led to Hollow's most resent reemergence. Then we battled drove it into the ground with out battle with Sameer. What emerge was a madman who no longer cares for the basic normal worries here in BPZ. No longer caring about wins or loses, just wanting to hurt his opponents. Then the latest opponent, showing the truth, everyone is trapped in their own prisons. Hollow said he would free Han's of the prison that his sanity holds him.. Now we head into the final week to the Survival Games Event itself! What will the next metamorphosis of madness be? We will all find out when we take on Named Redacted..." Hollow stops for a second a bit confused then looks around a bit confused Hollow, "Why did we say Name Redacted? We very well know who our opponent for the Survival Games Power Trip Event is very well. He has made it known he wants noting more to do ith this tournament. He asked that nobody in this tournament target him any more. Here is the thing about that... NEVER TELL HOLLOW WHAT TO DO! Hear that and make it very clear. Hollow does whatever Hollow wants and targets whoever he wants to fight. So who is next for the metamorphosis of madness? BASHKA YOU ARE NEXT!"" Hollow doesn't laugh he puts his umbrella down and seemly gets serious Hollow, "You want out of the tournament. Why? Because it didn't go your way? Because you lost a little match, and lost all of your will to continue in this tournament of Survival? You done playing the little games the so called 'bookers' put you in? Well... TO BAD! You made this personal weeks ago when Hollow was dealing with Sameer. When Hollow was setting out to bring out his own brand of chaos and anarchy. You attacked Hollow, and marked yourself an enemy of madness. Our match in this tournament doesn't matter on the scale of wins or losses, what does matter is Hollow has found his first victim for the first Power Trip since returning to the realms of madness and Hollow will end you." Hollow walks up and grabs the closest cameraman by the throat and throws him into the ring then takes the camera and holds it up towards himself Hollow, "Bashka, you had matches with Brenden, Slim, Blade , Smith so many of the big names but now you face someone different. If you see Hollow the same as Blade you are going to clearly be outmatched. You aren't facing someone who cares about winning a simple match. Someone who is free from the prison that sanity brings. Nobody will stop the judgement that Hollow's anarchy will bring forth in our match. Bashka you will be free from your own prison, but in the end, you will be nothing more then a broken mess. Because only Hollow can survive his own brand of madness, how own chaos, and you Bashka you are just A victim..." Hollow drops the camera and from that slanted camera angle Hollow grabs the camera man then nails his Death Drop Finisher putting an exclamation point on his message to his next and final opponent in the Survival Games Tournament at the Power Trip Event.

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