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  1. My stance on the free agent is, it wasn't like that last time. During the last brand split, you had to wait for whoever is in charge of Evolve or Carnage to get put on a brand. This version I suggested would be instead of waiting each new free agent would just put on the show that gets the next free agent. Also I know there are other things that need done, the suggestion isn't perfect by any means. Ik in chat we has discussed lots of stuff, but seeing how the activity from the last time we spoke about this has remained, this should be considered more now then it did a few months ago. What's the worse that happens? It goes the way of it did last time? Considering the activity we have right now, I think it will be successful this time around, but that is just my opinion based off the members who are active right now.
  2. I just completed and beat the main story of Borderlands 3. What a roller coaster of a game this was. As a fan of the borderlands series this was a very fun game. It lived up to the series and made a great story to tell after the events of Borderlands 2 and Tales of the Borderlands. I honestly hope they add DLC that adds on to it because it was so fun playing the through the story of this game
  3. Suggestion, Bring back the Brand Split Now in the discord we talk about this from time to time ever since last year the Brand Split ended in the forums. We talked about this back at BPZmania 4, if we keep up the active members we had then this would be reconsidered again. Months later and we have the same big group we had at BPZmania 4. Right now seems like a good time to redo the brand split in kayfabe. How to do a Brand split this time to make it better then last time? First make the people in charge people who can do the jobs of the role given to them. As talked in discord the idea for the next brand split is to have three people in charge. One CEO in charge of both brands to make sure the GMs get things booked and moving smoothly, and the 2 gms in charge of their respective brands. This was sort of needed for the last brand split. While one GM always seemed to be doing really well, the other was either inactive or struggling to get their brand moving with active kayfabe matches. For who should be in charge, generally it should be 3 people who will step away from title pursuits, or just 3 people who are active enough to get the jobs done. Like example: Flynn and Slim as GMs with Bart or Bailey as CEO. Both Flynn and Slim might not be mods, but our first brand split didn't have 2 mods. It was Bashka and Ryan as GMs of the original Carnage and Evolve How to do the Drafts and Free Agents(new forum members)? The drafts should be something that happens once a year around the same time each year. The problem after the first draft was the 'saves' Everyone would just save their 'best' members and leaving not much change to each roster. In this return we should not have any saves during the draft time. Keeps the rosters fresh and a bit unpredictable. Also gives the GM's chance to completely reset their rosters if needed to try and fix any problems they had the last year with their roster. As for Free Agents and people who are new or don't get picked the during the drafts for some reason. This part was weirdly complicated last time during the brand split, which this should be simplified down to. We could keep this simple, every other free agent goes to a show automatically. Each show will trade off in which show gets the next free agent. Anything else? Kayfabe events shouldn't have members of the other brand appearing on it. The tag titles should have contenders matches and have matches at the monthly contribution events. This would be to limit the usage of other brands roster members on the rival brands big shows. - Any how this is my suggestion to bring back the brand split with some details on how to make it better then the last time..
  4. Blade

    The Madman's Party

    The titantron comes on and the Party Bus but coming into the view standing on top of the bus is the madman Hollow. Hollow, "Its party time! But Hans he is getting serious now. The ones who love a good party, don't have time anymore for parties. Now they are so serious... Very Serious so so Serious. Hans think Hollow wants revenge for what they did to Blade and took his title from him. He thinks that is motive for what Hollow does. What drives Hollow to going to the fourth week of the survival games tournament. Think about everything you said Hans, there is a lot easier things Hollow could do then just wait for a simple meaningless match to get his revenge against you. Well Hollow could also destroy something you cared about to get our revenge. Our Revenge...Destroying what you care about... But we don't care about any of that. Just like you don't care about the party anymore. So he wouldn't care about anything Hollow would do to something say the Party Bus right now would you care about. Hollow could destroy this bus and you wouldn't care would you. It wouldn't make the battle personal between us would it. It didn't bring you to take Blade's title from him, it means nothing right? Yeah it is nothing..." Hollow climbs down from the top of the party bus and walks towards the camera. Suddenly it becomes night time as Hollow gets closer to the camera. Hollow, "Means nothing to you, so it is time for Hollow do something for you, to help you remember where you came from. We said we would set you free from the prison that your mind holds you in. So now we will start the Madman's Party" Hollow gives a thumbs up Hollow, "A madman party doesn't ever stop, because a madman party doesn't start until there is..." Hollow gives a thumbs down then a crane drops its claw onto the party bus Hollow, "Wow! Look at that! That was big! The fireworks are amazing! The Madman's Party has started! Hans you are welcome to join the party this weekend. We can then see if you want revenge now for something you didn't care about anymore. Bye Now!" Hollow waves goodbye and the camera goes out leaving the destruction of the party bus being the last thing everyone sees. Showing the start of the Madman's party.
  5. This is a bit of a complicated question to answer simply. First off it depends on the shows. The cinematic universe, Marvel is superior, but TV wise DC is far better imo. For internet original series though Marvel imo is better. Overall though, I watch marvel more so I guess I like Marvel more?
  6. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" A cackling laughter echoes around the arena then the lights go dark then a black and white image appears on the screen. Hollow is seen sitting in a boiler room just laughing to himself. Hollow, "Hans Clayton Where are you!? We don't know where you are. But guess it doesn't really matter does it since we know where you are going. Week of Fourth we know where you will be heading Hans Clayton. You will be delving into a place only a few have been to. But none have understood. You maybe bulletproof but our weapon isn't as simple as a bullet you need to watch out for. It is something far more destructive, the plain world of madness you will delve into which will try and finally set you free for you Hans are nothing more then a prisoner trapped by your own mind. See Hollow is free, he isn't bound by the mind of the simple concepts that you are bound to. Sanity is your prison, if you ever let yourself truly go you would find a whole new world is open to you to do whatever you want without being bound by anything or anyone! If you want a title shot, then you go and get that title shot. You want to fight someone then you do that. If you want to hurt someone, and let go of the pathetic ideals of wins and loses that plague BPZ, then you will be go so much farther. But first you must be freed Hans. You must see what it is like first hand to step into a world created by Hollow. Stepping into a match where only thoughts of Anarchy and chaos will lead you to true survival. Hollow will set you free and do something more for you then Bulletproof could ever do for you and free you!" Hollow starts tapping the microphone on the pipes in the boiler room until he start speaking again. Hollow, "Don't get the wrong idea, you might believe you faced us before when you won those shiny tag titles from Blade and Slim but you didn't face Hollow. You faced to ego driven personalities that drove themselves to their own defeat that day. When you face Hollow you will be starting to learn what we are. You will learn your own limitations in your own prison you set for yourself. All of this will be in thanks for the part we will play in opening your eyes to only truth in BPZ. Good and Evil, it doesn't matter, the only true path anyone can walk with full freedom is that paved by chaos. The road to madness. Now we aren't going to expect a thank you from you after we open your eyes. We never have expected it from anyone so why start now? But we will do this service because it is just want Hollow can do. But we will say one thing, now for when we free you." Hollow laughs a bit then yells, Hollow, "YOU'RE WELCOME!" Ending the statement in cackling laughter Hollow goes back to sitting in the dark portions of the boiler room as the screen fades to black ending this segment.
  7. Simple a repeat of a previous BPZmania main event. Slim(c) vs Flynn
  8. WWE really backed themselves into a corner here, as many people have said, Bray Wyatt as the Fiend must win. But will he though? As it has already been said we have seen this before when Wyatt was close like this but wwe didn't pull the trigger and all the steam is let out. Now there is no way Wyatt should lose, and he really shouldn't lose cleanly either. A screwy finish might deflate the fiends momentum, but I can see wwe doing something like this, if they feel like it is too soon for a Fiend title reign. But that is the problem of this will make the Fiend the same as Bray Wyatt in the past and just cant win when it actually matters. Perfect match, this goes with The Fiend, just destroying Rollins in the cell. Making the match feel like a cell match of old when you had someone like taker in it, that the Hell seemed more impactful being trapped in it with a monster. Then the fiend wins after a nice showing of what he can do in a cell. What I can see really happening, Fiend gets close to winning after destroying Rollins, something screwy happens and costs the Fiend the match. To set up for some feud with the fiend for costing him the match. Hopefully this goes well, but knowing how wwe is with wyatt, there is a lot of doubt they will make the like decision.
  9. Mordius death in Mass Effect 3 was pretty Sad. Although it might be tied with the death of your horse near the end of RDR2
  10. I think Lesnar taking Kofi's title is actually the right move, especially with the move to fox. First going a sports heavy channel in Fox giving Brock lesnar the wwe title might bring in the nonwrestling fans who are familiar to Lesnar. Also if you are getting Lesnar to wrestle a SD episode, there is no way he is going to lose. Also Lesnar is the best choice to beat Kofi right now. Who is there left to beat Kofi? Reigns is dealing with Rowan, Bryan is in the roman feud. KO is dealing with shane, Kofi also beat KO so he isn't really a credible to beat Kofi right now. The only person left who has any sort of build to the title is Lesnar, on the simple grounds that he is Brock Lesnar.
  11. Blade

    Insanity Unleashed

    Hollow gets attack, it then starts surprisingly crawling around the ring laughing. Hollow crawls the microphone and starts laughing in the microphone before starting to speak. Hollow, "Finally! Yes, that is what we needed! Do it again. Again! Do it! This won't keep us down, this will only fuel us makes us stronger." Hollow laughs more getting more crazy Hollow, "Sameer! Sameer! Sameer! You running away? Scared of a little pain are you? Then you shouldn't show up to our match up. This is nothing compared of what is in store for you. People can hurt Hollow but it only fuels us to bring more punishment's to our opponents. Cruelty is our weapon and punishment is our way of delivering it , and this Sunday after Bad Blood Sameer you will learn you cant run from the punishment's heading your way. Everything that happens to Hollow will be dealt to you ten fold Sameer," Hollow stands back up to his feet and stares down Bashka then laughs and drops the microphone then yes Hollow, "Do it again! Do it! Come on!" Hollow yelling at the new persona of Bashka to attack him again. The madman going crazy laughing leaving his message and daring Bashka to attack him again. Wanting more 'fuel' to bring during his match with Sameer in the third round of the Survival Games tournament.
  12. Blade

    Insanity Unleashed

    Returning from commercial break Hollow picks up the microphone Sameer drops and dancing around the ring laughing. Seemingly ignoring everything Sameer just said Hollow, "Sameer, Sameer Sameer. Welcome, welcome. Why did you come to the ring to see Hollow?" Hollow stands there in silence for a moment then scratches his head thinking. Hollow, "Why did you come to the ring saying that you were a failure Sameer? You are the BPZ World Heavyweight champion, you shouldn't be so down on yourself. Being a thief that you are you should know what getting that title doesn't make you a failure. We mean you did end up losing to that joke Blade but that is nothing to be upset about. Because you are Sameer. And what is that you always say? Right you're a beast! Always screaming at the top of the mountain those words at nauseum. 'Im a beast' 'Im a beast' "I'm a beast' But now look at you Sameer, you are in the ring right now with that title and facing the new fear of BPZ." Hollow tosses the microphone in the air then catches it upside down then resumes speaking in the upside down microphone. Then going from laughing to a more serious tone. Hollow, "You seemed to fail to put together what Hollow said the first time. See what Hollow just did was interrupt what you said before, the same way you seemed to heard what Hollow said. Hearing what you want. but Sameer here is the thing Hollow made things very simple early. Said it really loud so everyone can understand. Winning or losing this next match doesn't matter to Hollow you might win the way you believe but the thing is. HOLLOW DOESNT CARE! Look at the match with Slim, when we were still Blade. Look at the carnage that match became. Something new has awakened in this carnation of Hollow. This resurrection of the madman is just here to hurt everyone who gets in the ring with him. You are unlucky Sameer, because Hollow isn't doesn't care about the result of tournament any longer. It is just a place where Hollow can now showcase the brutality which he can inflict on one in a match he is set up to face. So you keep being the face of BPZ, because Hollow doesn't care to be the face of BPZ. He just wants to put a scar on the face of the BPZ Universe that nobody will forget. You say nobody is afraid of Hollow? We'll soon see about that when you are scrapped out of the ring when we face off in the third round of the Survival Games tournament. And what a fitting name that is because this next round you will need to whatever it takes to just to survive. See you there soon then. Champ." Hollow stands in the ring finishing his latest statement after the commercial break
  13. Blade

    Insanity Unleashed

    "What does a madman believe in? What insanity would be his creed? That would be obvious to everyone. Believing in pure anarchy, and raise as much carnage as one can. This is Hollow" Hollow's music starts but nobody comes out instead Hollow crawls out from under the ring and gets in the ring. The lights go black and white as Hollow gets in the ring with his umbrella. He opens his umbrella and stands under it in the ring holding the microphone in his other hand. Hollow, "The reign of madness has returned to the carnage arena. Not too long ago we stated our ambitions. Now we must prove what our insanity can do yet again. BPZ management the so called 'Bookers' seem to be oblivious to the past. Hollow made demands before and then Hollow was thrown into a contest to prove he deserved what he wanted. Now then it was only Mister Fourteen, now these so called "Bookers' wants Hollow to prove what he can do again. Failure to remember history make you all doomed to see it repeat. Hollow must now compete in the tournament Blade began, pick up the mess he left. Zero and two in the tournament. With no chance to get anywhere yet The 'Bookers' on high want Hollow to compete in this tournament to prove something. Very well, we will prove something oh we will, we will..." Hollow twirls the umbrella a few times in silence and goes back to speaking Hollow, "Week three, Hollow with no chance must face a man who once said 'Hollow has no star power'. We don't care about the power of a star, but what we do want is to create the grand showcase of chaos and anarchy we are always meant to show. The Champion of the World, the Thief of Money in the Bank faces Hollow once again. What makes this different? What makes this match up of Hollow versus Sameer different then any other time these two have faced off. That is simple Very Simple WE DON"T CARE! That should frighten everyone who decided that week three should be Hollow and Sameer's time to face off. Hollow doesn't care if he wins or loses. All Hollow wants is to tear his opponent apart. Hurt them. From Bell to bell one the third week that is what Hollow will do. The world champion isn't facing a man who wants his title, or someone who is looking to get a win over him to help ones career. We just want to put on the show nobody will forget. Smith asked to face the psychotic madman, Slim brought back the return of the mindset of do whatever in the No disqualification match. Now Sameer gets to face culmination of each week building up to this moment. Rules or No rules Hollow has been unleashed to the fullest extent. Nobody is safe. See you this Friday Sameer. Leave your title at home. Would hate to make another crimson title when this is all said and done." Hollow just starts laughing again in the ring ending his message to his tournament opponent for week three.
  14. Been playing a few games as of late. Most recently was Borderlands 3 that just got released. So fun playing a brand new borderlands that I haven't played before. Really nice to get back into that series. Also been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 online again. Getting into the new Frontier Roles they released. Been doing a lot of bounty hunter stuff as of late. And been also been playing some Rainbow Six Siege. That just dropped its next season update, and that has been a lot of fun and challenging trying to adjust to all the new changes with the new season.
  15. "Ambition what is it? The definition defines it as a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. But what is Ambition to a madman? What does the madness want? What kind of things are delving through chaos, coming to the surface for one to reach out for. Well that is simple we know what we want. A new prize is in the horizon, we ask for the opportunity and we have been given our chance." Hollow's voice is heard in the BPZ Carnage arena. But he is nowhere to be seen, until the camera pans up to the top of the titantron. Hollow is sitting on the top of the stage set up and titantron. Hollow, "My, my, my ambitions of a madman what could they be? Do any of you know? Do you all want to know? Hollow will tell you. Oh we will tell you all what these ambitions are. Going to a place where we have never ventured before. To a place we thought our reach was too far from. We were wrong, we looked at the highest mountain tops and saw one but there was another. A place where Hollow truly belongs! Undisputed must wait! The North American Championship now awaits Hollow." Hollow stands up and holds onto a cable that holds the set up and leans out over the crowd Hollow, "Isn't it grand? A new place for our madness to consume. New faces, new rivals, new people to torment, with our brand of chaos. Our legion of followers who is bound to see true carnage, now gets to see it move to a new light. Facing the likes of Josh, Mikey, the number one contender Yelich, and the champion himself Arius. This is grand. The loser Blade faced the former leader of the SSW club Josh, now we will show him the true meaning of despair. We get to introduce Mikey to our form of Madness once and for all. We also get to do battle with an old friend of Yelich. Far from his days where he called himself crazy, still the challenge to bring him back to chaos is a challenge we will bring to him. Finally there is the champion, the leader of the ghouls. Oh we really want to challenge this one. Arius the king of the Ghouls, the thought. The army of Ghouls against the Legion of Hollow, the battle the should scare every last one of you is in the horizon. All of this, just for the red title, crimson red. A perfect title, for what blood must be spilled for it. As we tear through each person through our rise in this new division. We will get our hands on that crimson title. Now that ambition is one worthy of a madman to chase." Hollow grabs his umbrella and opens it and jumps off the stage. The crowd gasps but Hollow slowly floats from a cable to the ring Hollow, "We see contenders being formed, now we want our shot. Because the Ambitions of Madman, will not be stopped." Hollow drops the microphone and starts cackling in laughter, being much louder then when he was on the microphone. Standing in the middle of the ring after stating his new ambitions as he enters the North American division in his own fashion.
  16. My early predictions Jonathan vs. Bart: Bart FDS vs. Kenji: Kenji Julius vs. Prince: Julius B Block: Sameer vs. Hollow: Sameer, this one isn't really a prediction. Sameer has the win on this one. I am moving out of the tournament and Undisputed Division, not really going to be promoing for the tournament. So I can't see myself actually winning at all so Sameer gets the win here. Early prediction or not. Slim vs. Hans: Slim Smith vs. Bashka: Smith
  17. Blade


    Hours after the Second Round Match ups for the BPZ Survival Games Tournament. Blade is found to be thrown down a staircase. Broken through multiple tables. Blade has been attacked A voice is heard. ???, "You demanded for the spotlight, you stepped out into the light. Pretending to be a hero that the people didn't want. In BPZ you should know better then everyone. Heroes there are not. A land where villains always thrive. You weren't the hero to the story and know that. You held the tag titles, we let you thrive on your own but now you are just sad now. You blame people for your failures when you Blade are nothing more then the failure. Your build to face the First Class Express, you accused BIC of being the man that let's his team down, but you know that was you who you were really talking about. You let your team down. You failed them on your own. Nobody believes in you because there is nothing to believe in. You are nothing, no correction you are less then nothing. You have been like this for a while consumed by the spotlight, consumed by false success you lost what made you what you were. You trusted Slim to be a leader of your group originally. Look at that! You have fallen so far so quickly and you were blind of the path you took. Taking the pieces of silver to throw out your pride to align with someone like him. Slim calls him the inevitable, so that result you were blind to see, what always going to happen. You were going to lose because you are a joke. But don't worry about your latest loss, you don't have to worry about the next round or anything else after this. We will save you of your shame as we always do. You aren't going to make our success into a joke any longer. Because you are done!" The voice trails off suddenly the lights in the stairway turn black and white and starts flashing ??? "Your failure leads to our resurrection. Bringing forth our brand of chaos. Bringing back what all fear. Bringing back from the wasted space of defeat. The animal the sheep is now gone. It is going to reign again. the reign is returning. The purity of the purest reign is returning. The only truth that makes sense, through insanity and chaos there is one truth. Ruling through anarchy. A creator of the greatest spectacle in BPZ. The Madness has returned..." A cackling laughter is heard suddenly Blade begins to move as the lights flash on and off in black and white. Suddenly it all goes black and the laughter gets louder. Suddenly the light comes back, Blade has been replaced by Hollow! Hollow, "The Madness has returned...nobody is safe!" The lights go out and Hollow's laughter returns and now echoes around the arena leaving the last sound heard being the madman's laugh in his return.
  18. My predictions in Bold Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships New Day (Big E and Xaiver Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns vs Eric Rowan: No Disqualifications Match Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiserweight Championship Match Which match starts the show: RAW Women's championship match which match ends the show: WWE Championship will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match: No Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: No
  19. Team Water Wailord Slowking Kingdra Walrein Gyarados Blastoise-Mega Milotic Poliwrath
  20. Not sure who I want to win or entirely sure who is actually going to win this one. Winner goes on to face Bray Wyatt/the Fiend at Hell in a cell. Both men facing the fiend would be good. Even though Rollins could sell bray's moves better then Strowman. Rollins could retain since he just won the title back from Lesnar, but he could also lose and finally give Braun the title. But I think the better choice would to have Rollins retain, so it isn't the Fiend taking on Braun for his first ever Uni title defense. But still I am not sure who I truly want to win this as I would be happy with either. Looking forward to this match big time
  21. Backyard Blade Forum Wrestling Introducing The Backyard BFW News Stars For Episode 2 1. The Mysterious Masked Luchador Aka El Toro First of the New stars of BFW is a man who actually debuted by surprise on the very first episode of BFW. The mysterious Masked luchador. Not much is known about this masked wrestler but the fine people of BFW have got together a few things before his first match here in BFW. His name is El Toro, he stands at six eight almost six nine and weighing three hundred and eighty five pounds. This is a very big and imposing guy. One move his shoulder is a powerful one handed Spinebuster. This isn't even signature move of his. He is a powerhouse and striker, but the biggest surprise is this big guy can jump around and high fly around the ring like a cruiserweight. His actual signature moves is a trio gut wrench suplex combed into a powerslam. The other a vicious spear that often can end a match just from a signature move. His known finishers one is a gutwrench jackknife powerbomb and either a top rope moonsault or shooting star press. He does have other finishers but they aren't see often and the people of BFW don't know what he uses complete his opponent must be on the top of his game if they want to just surive the match up against El Toro. 2. Mikey This guy may seem to have an impossible task but number two and the man to face the mysterious one is Mikey. He is a six foot tall two hundred and three pounds cruiserweight. Having speed on his side in most of his matches. He flys around the ring with great speed and looks to hit his opponents from all angles. He may have a poor attitude towards the crowd but he has some finishers with some big names. He looks to hit Fallen Star, a Burning gammer that he either puts it into a piledriver or a codebreaker or looking to use his himpress cross Rhodes finisher he calls the Cosmic Ascension. With spectacular names it is safe to say Mikey wants to end the match in spectacular fashion. 3. Arius Number three is the mysterious showman known as Arius. Often accompanied to the ring by Rin Akane, his motives are often a mystery but he always throws himself into his matchs trying to make each one a work of art. With heavy theatrics and mind games he is nearly impossible to predict by any opponent that wants to have him head to head. A leader of a ghoul army banishing away those he deems to be abusing their talents. His Kick and Sweep combination move, a kick to the head and sweeping of the legs one of his biggest signatures along with his Lifted Osaka Street Cutter. His finishers are the The Sentence which is an Omega Driver and his finisher which seems to have no escape from the dragon sleeper he simply calls Final Testimony, often enough it is the final move his opponents get locked in before the match is over. 4. Arrow Thunderman Number four is a man with a lot of energy one Arrow Thunderman. This is a fast highflyer, He is five seven and weights two hundred and five pounds even though for some reason thinks he weights two thousand and five pounds. He has a lot of energy. His signatures and finishers thunder kick, thunder splash and thunder thump. No much more can be said about this guy other then he is starting up in the second episode and second match of BFW looking to make someone understand why he puts Thunder in everything., Jack Bashka Number five and the first of two men to be in the co main event of. He is a BPZ legend turned Hollywood star for some reason. He just started wrestling again looking to become a top star again. To much of everyone surprise he is signed to do matches for this backyard promotion. This brawler and technical wrestler weights two hundred and twenty nine pounds standing at six one. Everything to Bashka seems to be all about himself. his signature moves going from a buckle bomb or a one winged angel. He likes to end a match in style, with either a devastating curb stomp or with a spectacular swinging spike DDT. Jack Bashka just seems to be ready for BFW to get to the top of the wrestling industry again 5. Mirage The final man and the second person in this list is number five the man known as Mirage. Someone who is more concerned about their looks rather then winning matches. He is a five four two hundred pound, high flying technician. He has a lot of moves he calls 'beautiful' his signatures the Beauty choke which is a dragon sleeper, and Beauty's Calling, his shooting star press. His finishers the super modal kick and Beauty's judgement what is an unprettier. Looking to prove his moves are better then everyone elses. Looking to take this co main event and show the world what he is capable of. ~~~~ These are the stars that will be starting the very second show of the new backyard promotion. Looking to bounce off the first show and go even stronger. We have lots of highflyers, a masked fighter. This show seems to have lots of showman looking to put on a hell of a show. The main event with people we have seen before. Looking to keep their momentum forward as they take part in the very first contention match for the BFW title whatever it will be. This show seems to want to out show the first, but only way to tell is to stay tuned for the second episode to see what it has to offer. Stay Tuned!
  22. Blade

    Moment of Silence

    Blade emerges on the entrance way with a microphone in hand in a suit and tie. No smile no spotlight this day Blade comes to the after the fresh loss to Smith in the first round of the Survival Games Tournament. Blade gets to the ring and walks around to the bellkeeper area. He grabs the ring bell and hammer along with a microphone. Blade gets in the ring and first speaks on the microphone. Blade, "Ladies and Gentlemen. I regret to reform all of you we must have a moment of silence. Last week during the first round of the tournament a grave tragedy happened. During my match with Smith, I regrettably lost to Smith. So out of respect for this loss lets have a moment of silence as the bell rings three times to grieve for this loss." The crowd boo Blade but he hits the bell with the hammer any way Ding Ding Ding Blade puts the bell down and takes up the microphone. Blade, "Thank you. Now lets get down the business. I have a few things I must say about that match up, I said the loss was regrettable, but what do I regret? Maybe it is the fact I lost and let all my fans down? Nah that isn't it, I don't care about any of you also a loss to Smith means exactly nothing to me. This was the one match in this little tournament that I didn't care about at all. The only thing I regret is I didn't give Smith a bigger beating for getting in my way. Now lets get to a match I do care about the second round. Looks like I am an underdog now in this tournament and by looking at the 'early' predictions that people are having about this next round match up I am yet again not even considered to even have a remote chance in that one either. Why? Is it because of who my opponent is? Or who he is suppose to be? Lets get to it my opponent in the next round is Slim. Someone who everyone believes I have no chance in beating. You are all thinking maybe I will be bring up when this happened before or what I did to him after the Summerslam match up. But I won't Why would I? I have said this stuff before any none of you have believed me. None of you think have a snowballs chance in hell to make even the smallest of comebacks here in this tournament. Why is that? Is it because I don't go around trying to manipulate everyone to do what I want? Is it because I don't call myself A king? Or a don? Or a big dog? Look at Slim and look at me look how our careers have went. He has been given every opportunity to him, while I have scratched, and claws to barely get what I have. For Four years now I have came here worked every day. Each year I am the damn workhorse of BPZ and no one even dares to acknowledge it. I wins contenders matches I bring up the prestige of challenges and for what? For a someone to normally snatch my opportunity to gain that big victory after all the hard work I put into getting to that spot. Now lets look at things well before the king of the ring. I entered the tag division with a tag partner of one Kieron Black. I worked day in and day out to create a tag team that could dominate the other teams in the division the Deadman's hand. That last week before the tag contention match, my partner up and disappeared on me. It had looked like I was going to get screwed out of an opportunity because I had no partner. But instead of sitting on my hands doing nothing that last week I picked up a partner that nobody expected. Somebody that I had no experience in the ring with, and I carried the team through and beat the three other teams in that match. Let that sink in with the current situation. The current contenders the United Nations were beat by a guy who hadn't had a partner until that last week. So I carried the team to victory that night almost completely on my own merits alone. Then look at what happens we go on George and I became a truly unstoppable team and we took the tag titles! Finally I showed what I can do and got to rewarded. But really what happened? Instead of getting the appreciation that I deserved everyone started saying I was riding the coattails of the Syndicate and Slim..." Blade cuts off and angrily picks up the ring bell and throws it out of the ring Blade, "Oh look I seem to have lost my temper. But look at things, I was there for my moment of glory. I have scaled the mountain built from my work. Reviving a dead division to give it a spotlight and what could did everyone talk about? Everyone talked about I was on the coattails of the Syndicate. I was instantly in the shadow of Slim right then and there. My accomplishment was deemed irrelevant compared to the arrival of the Syndicate as a team. While the team was together for its short time we all talked in each message about the Don. We played out the story of the leader of the team Slim was better then everyone else. But yet Slim had no success here, all this recent glory he had, was because I brought the titles to him. Yet he in his own words try to play off that I actually meant something in the team when in truth he was just manipulating everyone into doing something he just couldn't do himself. His words saying that I was underrated trying to booster my accomplishment, all that did was mock me. Showing me how much of a fool I was putting my accomplishments any where near him. I should have been given these praises by everyone else instead, it was the guy that was just using everyone who didn't give a damn about anyone else but himself. Then Slim cost me my title, cost me what I earned and now that leads to where we are right now. A simple tournament round between former leader of the Syndicate taking on the man who kicked him out of his own group and the one and only match I cared about in this whole damn tournament." Blade starts pacing in the ring while talking. Blade, "You see, yes I want to win this whole tournament but I couldnt give a damn if I didn't. As long as I got this match still it is the only one I truly care about. Everyone can keep predicting Slim is going to win all they want. You all can sit there undervalue me as you always have. It doesn't bother me, it has been there whether I was trying to please you dumb fans or now that I don't care what any of you want.. The thing is this match is going to happen, and I am finally getting what I want. If BPZ management makes this the desired match type I know Slim wants and this becomes a No disqualification match. Then I can finish what I started at Summerslam once and for all. Winning doesn't even matter at this point Slim. When I am done Slim when it is all said and done. I am going to knock you out of this tournament for good one way or other. This little grudge feud will end Then you can have a moment of silence for yourself. Because I will make sure you regret ever trying to use me to further your own career. See you in the next Round!" Blade forcefully throws the microphone down breaking it on the ground ending his message to Slim his next opponent in the Survival Games Tournament
  23. To be honest I am not against Orton taking the title here at Clash of Champions. To be even more honest I rather we saw this at Summerslam with a clean finish. Kofi has done very well with what he has been given for feuds. But I feel like his title reign has ran its course, Orton isn't the worst person that could beat Kofi for the title. With that being said I can see Kofi retaining for the plan simple fact it could be getting payback storyline wise for Orton beating up on his New Day brothers.
  24. Considering the build up to this match up to find out Rowan was behind the attack. I am actually looking forward to this match. Yeah Rowan vs Roman is a bit weird for a PPV match but it might be good to showcase what Rowan can do in the ring on his own. Do don't think this will be a clean finish though. It will be something to progress the story of 'why Rowan attacked Roman Reigns' should be entertaining to see where they go next with that story if they go anywhere

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