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  1. Hollow

    Music Discussion

    Since it's been a while since anyone post a thing in this discussion maybe I cant spark a better discussion lets gets some Bon Jovi in here This is a great song Wanted Dead or Alive
  2. Took a break from the streak mode and played, Sid Meyer's Civilization Revolution. or whatever it is called on the xbox 360
  3. Lol yesterday I said I watched Part 1, today I watched Harry potter deathly hallows part 2
  4. What's on my mind? Been here for little more then a week almost 2, this place is amazing I am really glad I joined here.
  5. Been watching some stargate sg1 although I don't expect many people to know what that show was or is.
  6. I watched Harry potter, deathly hollows part 1 today
  7. Have some more Melina sorry for the poor quality
  8. Have diva getting into the ring lets see who can remember who this was
  9. Kane's double should come back is another unpopular thing...
  10. Bailey Tamer Ryan Flynn Cosmo/Joh
  11. Does me tying with the nxt champion count, when I had so little amount of posts, and his rep is practically more then double mine. I think that was a bit of an upset
  12. Today I have been playing wwe 2k14 streak mode, trying to beat it with every character. Today I did Big show, that's one down many more to go
  13. Two themes This one the nwo wolfpack Then this one Goldberg's theme
  14. Hollow

    Music Discussion

    Need some Metallica in these discussion
  15. Oh these are some interesting lists, idk how I would rate everyone in a top 5, since I am still kind of new here. Give me another two to three weeks then I can make a top 5 list
  16. I wish I would be playing final fantasy 13...still need to beat it
  17. Unpopular opinion anything to do with Cena winning. I think cena should win the belt again, he might be forced down our throats but he isn't all that bad. People us to cheer for him a lot, I'm not going to say he is my favorite wrestler but I still like to see him with the belt he makes for a good champion.
  18. Movies, I have watched the orginal die hard recently again.
  19. 100 posts! Although this will be posted as 101 post though
  20. Other shows I watch, there is psych, monk, smallville and a lot of shows that are done but I keep watching them anyway

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