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  1. To be honest I am not against 1 more match with these two. Yeah Super Showdown was bad, but that was mostly due to Goldberg getting hurt in the middle of the match. I don't want to see 2 more matchs though just one more to make up for this one. Easy enough keep it simple and short. Keep Goldberg from doing the turnbuckle spot, and just hit the normal moves nothing super big just enough to get like a 4 to 5 minute match. One match to make up for the disaster the super showdown match was.
  2. I hate this match, and hate the build to this match. There is no reason a raw superstar should be fighting a SD champion for the title. The build also has been terrible, the stuff with Nikki cross has just been bad. Like Nikki Cross has been good but I just hate the whole Bliss using someone storyline it just has been overused. Just hope Bayley wins and Bliss stays on raw
  3. To be honest I see this match ending with Kofi winning but I think we might see the cash in at this point of the night. Brock to show up and rip the door or wall off and cash in the mitb on the world title and take it. This should be a good match, maybe I like cage matches too much but I am kind of looking forward to this match It should be a good match again between kofi and ziggler.
  4. What has changed since Money in the Bank for these two? Yeah Becky isn't SD women's champion anymore but she beat Lacey first at MITB so idk why we are seeing this again other then wwe couldn't find anyone else for her to face on Raw. Could have faced Bliss if she wasn't busy dealing with the SD woman's championship. Hopefully Becky wins here and this is done.
  5. Not really looking forward to this match, not sure why we are having this match other then filling up spots on the card. It should be a good tag match but yeah this is a bit meh, expecting the new day to win here and that will bit it and they will keep fighting KO and Zayn on raw the next night as wildcards
  6. So many bad possibilities in this match, either Corbin can get the win here and become the champion and be forced in the main event scene even more now. OR Brock lesnar could cash in at the end of the match and we are stuck with lesnar as Uni champion again. So I hope Rollins defends the championship and finally moves on from Corbin.
  7. To be honest, with the state of the main roster women's divsions, it is best that Baszler stays in nxt as champion. I mean look at the main roster with the wildcard rule it is a big mess. At least the nxt women's division has a dominant champion and the roster is being using correctly. I actually been enjoying Baszler as champion while I am looking forward to seeing who might defeat her but Baszler as champ has been good.
  8. Not in any order this list Yelich Kieron Black Ropati Brad Odd
  9. To be honest I like Balor as IC champion. I don't get how his title reign is underwhelming, his match at super showdown was good. But I can see he might need to move up soon. Give him another feud and actually use him, maybe against Black someone we haven't seen Balor face on the main roster yet and it will be a good end to the title reign.
  10. Time for Raw recap night? At least they aren't putting corbin on both shows yet. But as I say this maybe he might be a wildcard in the future. What they have for SD looks good but wish it was just stuff that is just sd storylines exclusively but yeh, the matchs look like they could be good just wish we didn't see a lot of them on raw yesterday
  11. New Tag Team Blade and @Kieron Black Deadman's Hand
  12. Hollow

    A List

    Blade walks to the ring with a microphone and chair in hand. He gets into the ring and sets the chair up in the middle of the ring then sits in the middle of the ring. Blade, "Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner and the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event. I am Blade. So the Power Trip Cup event happened, opening up the show with a brutal beatdown and destruction of my opponent. He thinks I went to far in that match, but I told him and all of you multiple times what I was going to do and I did just that. I asked Buddy Ace to look at himself and see what he was bringing to that match. He clearly wasn't a highly valued fighter and ran into anger fighter who had all the cards that smashed him in the face. But that was the Power Trip cup event, now it is time to move forward. Buddy Ace was right about one thing during the road to that match with me hitting the wall over and over again that refused to break. I have been trying to smash my way into collecting the world championship but failing every time I tried. See I was wrong, soak it up BPZ fans I said I was wrong with how I attempted to get that prize. Instead up just trying to punch through a wall with my fist I needed to take a step back to see that no matter how much I punch that wall wont break. I need to find a new way to get through that wall, a new path to punch through that wall. And I found a new path that will lead me to where I must go The path to the Undisputed Championship!" Blade sits there as the crowd boo him and waits for them to stop Blade, "The Undisputed championship, the former Universal and Global championships made whole. One of the biggest prizes out there. Do to my past failures I am not on the Power rankings for that championship anymore. The June Power Rankings, ten was Nanovirus or Brad or whatever his weird break down was, nine is The royal flush Jonathan and Sheridan, eight is Bob, then FDS, then Hans, fifth was Julius, the fourth is the north American champion Arius, third the big ballers Big BPZ himself and his partner the money in the bank holder Sameer, second is the world champion and the man who tries to control everything Bailey, and on the top of the list is Flynn, as of the Power Trip cup event the new Undisputed champion. Flynn is the champion, Julius the Power Trip Cup winner, Sheridan the person who answered Flynn's open challenge so many people are in a line for a title show against Flynn. Ten rankings and fourteen people are in my way. But I have a simple goal now take down everyone on the list who are head of me and take that championship. So who will I fight first. Since Flynn is the champion it wont be him, got to work my way to the champion. And since half of the royal flush is 'taking a break' and the other half accepted Flynn's open challenge, means Sheridan is off that list so eleven people on that list who are in my way and I will take out of my way." Blade stands up and walks right towards the camera Blade, "So who will be first that I go after on this list. Will it be whoever Brad is now? Maybe I go after a rookie like Bob, take on a veteran and champion as FDS. Or do I go after the Power Trip cup winner Julius? Or do I make a statement and destroy the north American champion. So I will leave off with this, I'll go through everyone on this list. If anyone wants to step up first and save me the trouble of going after them, please step up but be warned your fate will be the same a Buddy Ace, as the last thing you will hear is saying bye bye to your spot on that power rankings." Blade sits down in the chair again then waves towards the camera, "Say Bye, bye!"
  13. BPZ Hunger Games 2 Season 3 Episode 12 The Sixth Day 3! - The next episode of the BPZ hunger games starts with the sixth day. The first thing we see is Brenden finding a cave within the hunger games arena. Another cave, a good play for hiding or keeping out of the elements of weather to keep from getting sick. We see Maasa go out to go hunting for food, just as he leaves Echo, Keeley, Hans, and Smith enter Maasa' camp and begin to raid his camp. Keeley steals Maasa's extra weapons, Echo steals his food, Hans gets some bottles of water and medicine, and Smith he gets a rock. Poor Massa hopefully he can bounce back from this at least he gets to live and isn't getting killed this episode. George is trying to kill Odd! Odd running away from him he pulls out a shiny coin and throws it and it distracts and diverts his attention from Odd so Odd can get away. Where did Odd get a shiny coin at on the sixth day of this season of the hunger games? Who knows but back to the games. Apex is seen walking around the arena looking for tributes suddenly out of the bushes is Suby! He stabs Apex in the back with a spear but hitting him low Apex gets stabbed and falls to the ground holding his wound. Suby severely injured Apex then decides to finish him off by repeatedly keeps stabbing him with the spear to end it. Gill is going after Yelich another fight and potentially. Gill has a club and is trying to bash in Yelich's head. Yelich does the first thing he throws a rope at Gill that looks like a snake, Gill freaks out and Yelich gets away with Gill's attention isnt on him Gwyn a former winner of a previous hunger games season is seen exploring the arena. Learning his surroundings looking for places to sleep when night comes and maybe places to get out of the way of the carnage that this game is bringing in this late season. Being a veteran trying to keep this arena from getting the better of him. Alyx is seen fishing off in the distance and Kansheek isn't that far away practicing his archery. Alyx better be careful or Kansheek will practice his archery skills on him. A fight has broken out near sun set. Slim and Mave are in a fight to the death with BIC and Zack. BIC is trying to stab Mave with a shiv. What? BIC made a shiv and is trying to stab Mave in the hunger games. Zack on the other hand is getting his ass kicked by Slim who is just trying to punch the lights out of him. Slim eventually pushes Zack into BIC to knock him off Mave and does so. Mave gets the shiv and when Zack gets back up he gets stabbed repeatedly by Mave. BIC tackles Slim and they fall down a hill and nearly fall off a cliff. The place that killed Slim in the first season when he jumped. Slim kicks forward and flips BIC off the cliff who just falls to his death to the rocks down below. Mave helps Slim up and they both look down at where BIC landed, they run off quickly and get ready to go into hiding for the sixth night. As the sun sets it brings an end to this episode of BPZ Hunger games. A group of people have left this episode and a quite a few are still alive. Who will be next to be forcefully eliminated from the hunger games in the sixth night? Who all will live. Find out in the next episode! Stay Tuned.
  14. BPZ Powertrip Cup 2019 Singles Match Buddy Ace vs Blade - The first match of the Power Trip cup event awaits the entrances of the two who will open the event. A match put together by BPZ management, both men looking to pick up a much needed win. Blade over the weeks saying he is going to destroy and exterminate Buddy Ace and use this match to get over his anger for his failures in the past events. Buddy Ace looking to get a win and spoil Blade's plans that he has for this match up Buddy Ace theme starts and he is the first to go to the ring. The crowd cheer for this man as he gets to the ring. He is fired up and looking to get this match going once his opponent gets to the ring. Buddy paces around the ring for a while. Seems nothing is happening. No theme song no appearance. Buddy Ace goes to ask the referee the referee goes talks to the ring announcer. Before the announcer could say anything Blade's music hits 'The Beaten Path' Blade walks out onto the stage slowly seemingly not in a hurry to get to the ring. He is going to make Buddy Ace who was fired up coming to the ring to wait as he walks to the ring. Getting to the ring just as he goes to slide in the ring Blade stops then starts to walk around the ring. Making Buddy Ace wait for Blade to get in the ring. Blade walks around the ring gets a fresh bottle of water then proceeds to drink it slowly making Buddy Ace wait until he finishes while Blade's theme plays drowning out the boos for him. Once the theme song stops Blade gets in the ring after telling the referee to back Buddy Ace to his corner. In the ring the bell rings. Blade walks to the center of the ring and does something surprising he offers to shake Buddy Ace's hand out of respect to start the match. Buddy Ace grabs Blade's hand to shake. Blade hits Buddy Ace's with a cheap shot while shaking hands. He nails Buddy Ace with a stiff headbutt. Buddy Ace is rocked, the only thing keeping him standing is Blade keeping a hold of his arm from when they shook hands. Buddy Ace is bleeding from the stiff headbutt. Blade then starts nailing Buddy Ace with stiff left hooks and jabs. Teeing off on Buddy Ace's head. Then eventually dropping him with a clothesline. Blade then starts push kicking Buddy Ace in the head. Pushing him out of the head and a bit disrespectfully. Blade gets out of the ring Buddy Ace is stumbling to his feet really wobbly standing. Blade runs around the ring and hits Buddy Ace with the clothesline from hell. Buddy Ace is forcefully dragged to his feet, then Blade just lifts him up and drops his side onto the announce table. Blade then pulls Ace off the table and just lets him hit the floor hard! Blade then stomps on Buddy Ace a few times then slides in the ring then back out to break the ring count. Blade picks Buddy Ace and forces him back into the ring after lifting him up and dropping him on the edge of the ring. Going to the bell keeper Blade gets the hammer for the ring bell and gets into the ring with it. Threatening to smash Buddy Ace in the head with the hammer, the referee threatening to disqualify Blade. Just laughing it off Blade drops the hammer, but ends up running up and punt kicking Buddy Ace in the head. Blade goes to look to go for the pin fall but then he just sits cross legged next to the unconscious Buddy Ace and just shakes his head. Blade yells, "Come on get up! We aren't finished yet." Blade then slaps Buddy Ace then yells, "I said I'd exterminate you now get up!" Blade keeps slapping Buddy Ace starts moving and starting to get up. Blade drags Ace to the edge of the ring apron. Blade lifts Buddy Ace up for a piledriver. Then viciously piledrivers Buddy Ace onto the ring apron. Blade pushes Buddy Ace back into the ring after that and just sits there on the edge of the ring soaking in the crowds boos and hatred they have for what Blade just did to Buddy Ace. The referee trying to see if Buddy Ace can continue the match. Buddy Ace doesn't even acknowledge the referee. Blade gets the in the ring and goes to pick up Buddy Ace but he isn't even responding to the referee. Blade begins setting up a full nelson bomb the referee is trying to stop Blade. Taking the full nelson as a submission the referee calls for the bell. As the bell rings Blade lifts Buddy Ace up and hits the full nelson bomb in the middle of the ring. The ring announcer, "Buddy Ace isn't able to continue this match up. So the winner is Blade!" The match is over and Blade sits there after the full nelson bomb just soaking up the result and the boos. Ring side trainers are taking care of Buddy Ace. Blade looks around he isn't finished. Get gets up and gets a microphone and chases off the ring side trainers. Blade, "You all like the match?!? Now say bye bye to Buddy Ace." Blade picks up Buddy Ace then drops the microphone and yells, "Bye bye Buddy Ace" Blade lifts Buddy Ace up into a military press. Blade runs up and throws Buddy Ace towards the crowd. Buddy Ace lands behind the barricade as the crowd moves out of the way. Chairs collapse and pushed out of the way from Buddy Ace's impact Buddy Ace lays there in a broken mess as Blade stands there in the middle of the ring standing tall from the match up. Blade promised to exterminate Buddy Ace and he might have just did that. He showed no mercy in this match up. Where does either go next? Only time will tell
  15. Blade appears on the titantron no music but he is in a dark room with a poker table. Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner. Now lets get down to business. My last message I enlightened the masses of the value of an Ace. I even asked Buddy Ace what does he consider himself and he had an answer and you disappoint me but you are right with what you said. You are right beating you wont be an achievement. As you are the one of the lowest on the totem poll of success here in BPZ. So you are a lowest valued of an ace. But an ace is still and ace. So a win even if it is so insignificant that it seems meaningless. You see beating you Buddy Ace, it isn't an achievement I chase I am only after the only thing that truly matters in BPZ and that is a win." Blade grabs a deck of playing cards and flips the first card over and it is an Ace Blade then resumes talking after moving the card to the center of the table for all watching the screen to see Blade, "One ace a start of a decent hand let's check the next card" Blade flips the next one and another ace. Blade, " What a lucky hand this is looking like. Two aces now this is meaningful. This is now harder to beat. A pair of aces not even a pair of Kings can beat it. But it isn't the greatest possibility. It isn't best as many other possiblites can beat it. The thing is you need to see the other person watch them like a hawk. So you know when you need to stay and hold our ground and know you can beat them. Or figure they have a bigger hand then you and fold up your game and get out of there. Now going into the event of the Power Trip Cup, Buddy Ace don't let the fans hype you up or make you see what isn't there. You have too see the match for what it is for most this would just be a normal extermination squash like match. But you have some valid points you as well are starving for that next win but what are you bringing to this fight. What cards are you holding going into this fight? Do you have what it takes to bring the fight or do you have nothing? Because I know what I am bringing and you don't seem to be at my level yet. You don't have the intensity , you don't have the anger that drives you. Your goal is to win something that you are looking, you have the unknown as well, as this will be the first time you will go one against someone you haven't faced. But that is all you have. But what I have my anger, the anger that will drive me to do whatever it takes. I have the ring championship experience and so much more. Looking at what you have it isn't time to hold your ground it's folding time, Which means you should be turning around and running away. June 14th 2019, is the last day you have to make your choice and figure out what you bring to this match up. Because if you make the wrong choice then you are going to pay big time for that mistake. See you at the Power Trip Cup event." The screen goes dark and Blade's theme song plays as the latest message is done
  16. Hollow

    Value of an Ace

    Blade's music hits and he walks out onto the stage from the entrance way. With a chair and microphone in hand. He stops on the stage doesn't even go to the ring sets up the chair on the center of the stage then sits there once the music stops he brings the microphone up to speak. Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner. I am Blade, and you all better get to learning who I am. Were you all expecting me to go to the ring? Well too bad, I am going to sit here center stage and tell you all the message I have for you all." Blade gets booed and he sits there and waits for the boos to stop before speaking again Blade, "So, lets get straight to the point, my match at BPZ Power Trip Cup that I am in against Buddy Ace. Some could see this as the start of the road of redemption. To get back on track from a road of failures and loses. But lets look at this truthfully this isn't something like a road of Redemption this is a path of extermination and the first bug to get exterminated will be Buddy Ace! You see I will walk into the Power Trip Cup with a normal match but to someone who has lost repeatedly this is an opportunity to let out his anger on whatever poor individual that gets tossed in their way. Its like giving a starving dog a piece of meat, it will rip it apart. In this case it is I am starving for a win, and Buddy Ace my opponent is going to get picked apart and destroyed on the 14th of June." Blade reaches into a pocket and pulls out a playing card an Ace Blade places it on the ground Blade, "Buddy Ace. An Ace is one of the highest valued or lowest valued card in a deck of playing cards. Where are you in this I wonder, are a highly valued member of BPZ roster or are you the lowest valued member. Are you a main event player or are you worthless. Ask yourself these questions before you arrive at the arena for our match. If you are the first then you might survive this match. But if you are the latter though, I would start trying to think how you can become the first before coming to that ring. Because if you are the latter you are going to have to watch the third replay of the match to even remember what kind of beating you ran into. See you at the Power Trip Cup." Blade gets up and lays the microphone down on the Ace and gets up leaves
  17. Hollow


    Blade's theme song hits and he makes his way to the ring carrying a chair in hand. Get throws the chair into the ring and goes around and takes the announcers microphone from him then gets in the ring. Setting the chair up in the middle of the ring then sits it in then lifts the microphone up to speak. Blade, "Its been a while hasn't it since I been in a Carnage ring like this. Mayhem has come and gone. Once again I sit here with a all too familiar feeling that have grown to loathe more and more every month. That is Failure." Blade pauses as the crowd boo what he said and him. Then resumes speaking after a moment of silence Blade, "Failures, each and every month since BPZmania and before I have seen failures at every step I try to step out and break out from the glass ceiling that I have been stuck under for all too long now. First as Hollow I tried to break out using insane ideas to rise up and grab the brass ring of success and I failed. Failed to win the Universal Championship. Failed to recapture the Premium Championship. I even failed to capture the Money in the Bank Briefcase on the same night I failed to recapture the Premium Championship. BPZmania 4 wasn't the first but it was the start of the biggest failures I have seen as of late. World at War 2 was moment of glory even though it ended in failure. I achieved what I wanted, a match that I created. I got just that as Hollow, but after World at War 2, it has been all down hill from the loss of that match. I went into Backlash for my first world title match. Facing the corrupt champion that you all worship like the sheep you are. I failed to dethrone him then so I decided I would take out everyone he would put me in the ring with after that. So in comes round one of the Power Trip cup. I faced BIC that I said I'd leave him a heap in the ring after I beat him in the very first round. And guess what to surprise to nobody I failed again. Then Mayhem the last event I made promises to beat Bailey and Slim and save the championship from the egomaniacs that hold and chase that title. Nanovirus was added and everyone but the champion failed. So the title is still in the hands the biggest egomaniac of BPZ and I failed again. Failure after failure, after failure. Its enough to form a hatred for the lack of success. But now with this hatred of failure and anger from losing. Is that great? Blade keeps losing over and over again. I have fallen lower then I have ever have. And you all cheer for it." Blade pauses as the crowd chant 'You deserve it' Blade, "Fallen so low, but I have a chance coming up at the Power Trip Cup event itself to let out my anger on a poor individual to be picked to my opponent in this event. One would assume this is the best chance for someone to make a name for themselves. Get a shot at a multi time champion that has been losing constantly. Who wouldn't jump at a chance at that. It could spark to make someone get a streak of winning. Looking to make a name for themselves out of the expense of one that keeps losing, but there is a problem in that line of thinking at the next power trip cup. As the one who keeps losing has nothing left to lose, and what is more dangerous then a man with nothing to lose? An angry man with nothing to lose and looking for someone to unless his anger on. So lets look at the Power Trip Cup Event. My opponent, Bubby Ace. I am not going to waste my time telling you all the faults of my opponent. I will just say this. Buddy Ace you got dealt the short straw here. Out of anyone you could have faced you are against the one person on the BPZ roster that will do anything it takes to make sure he wins. You will be facing my wrath at this Power Trip Cup Event. My failures are going to be the fuel that drives me forward that instigates the pure destruction that will happen on the fourteenth. All these failures come to an end one way or another." Blade lays the microphone down and sits there just listening to the boos of the crowd as he sends his message to his opponent at the Power Trip Cup Event.
  18. Cant really complain about the result of this match after Joe started bleeding. If someone gets hurt then yes the match should get ended as quickly as possible. Joe might have lost quickly but I feel it is the right result considering the situation. Joe did get his revenge for losing so all is good with this one.
  19. I actually enjoyed this. It wasn't really a match but more of an angle so I cannot complain about the results of this. Elias did his job with his stuff in the ring after attacking Reigns. But this was alright with Reigns coming back and winning in seconds.
  20. To be honest I am alright with the results to the mitb match. I feared Baron corbin would win this so Brock Lesnar winning is a good surprise. Also for once the briefcase winner is a legit threat for any champion. He might not show up a lot but he does bring a bit of shock value. I was shocked when I heard his music when he came out. Didn't see that coming and that is what WWE has been lacking the last few years the general shock and surprise of a an outcome like this. As for who will he cash in on or what will he do. I have no clue. Personally I'd have him beat Kofi, since we have seen Lesnar with the Uni title enough, and Brock is a big enough heel to handle the heat of ripping the title from Kofi's hands. This match over all was amazing and I enjoyed the end of it.
  21. Been playing some diablo 3. A neat game this one. Also been playing GTA 5 more delving into more arena wars stuff. Two good games and complete opposites with each other. One being a fantasy game the other being well GTA. Arena Wars might be one of my favorite updates just simple game modes that are fair to everyone in them. While the arena vehicles are a bit expensive, isn't hard to get after a bit of a grind to enjoying both games a lot.
  22. Got dragged back into GTA 5 again. Been playing some of the arena wars stuff and that stuff is really fun to play. Just a bunch of demolition derby games and it is pretty fun. Just keep playing it trying to earn more Arena points and trying to get an arena vehicle so I can play it more.
  23. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Preshow Fight Night 2! This is a special show of BFW once before every major event there will be a little event pairing people up out of random in four matches for the show. All matches are singles matches and completely random of who faces who. Allies may be forced to do battle or bitter rivals might get an early chance to take on Match #1 Singles Match Drew Irvin vs Maasa Match #2 Singles Match Daniel Vice vs Bubba Match #3 Co Main Event Singles match Juan Nagata vs Angelo Caito Match #4 Main Event Singles Match Arius vs Kozuchi Onikama
  24. Blade forum wrestling Presents Vengeance Match card Match #1 Extreme Three Stages of Hell Match #1 First Blood Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Match #2 Cruiserweight Championship Match up Bubba vs Eli Smith - Match #3 Extreme Rules Three Stages of Hell Match #2 Barbed Wire Table Match Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Match #3 BFW Internet Championship Match Singles Match- Rematch Clause Drew Irvin(c) vs Angelo Caito - Match #4 -This match will only happen if the first two of the Extreme Rules three Stages of Hell end with both men becoming the winner- I quit Match Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder Match #5 Co Main Event Singles Match Epic vs Masked Man Main Event BFW World Championship Sealed Steel Cage Match Arius(c) vs Drew Irvin - Interview Back at the interview tables we have Drew Irvin the BFW Internet Champion the man who will be taking on Arius for the BFW World Title and going to be pulling double duty as he s set to defend his championship at Vengeance. Interviewing Drew Irvin this week is none other then the promotion's owner Blade Blade, "Welcome back to the interview tables again. This time I will do the interview myself as you attacked the last person who interviewed you. If you attack me, not only will I put you down, but I will remove you from your World championship match. Am I understood?" Drew Irvin, "Yeah whatever." Blade, "Alright, we are about to head into the next PPV. You are about to get a world title match but you lost again to the world champion technically. Is that going to effect your momentum going into the PPV?" Drew Irvin, "Do you hear yourself when you asked the question? You sat at commentary for the match, Arius is playing right into my hands. He didn't beat me, he beat my tag partner you forced me to have. But everything is alright, Arius wants revenge and he decided to put his title on the line. Not only that he decided to challenge me to a steel cage match that has a roof. I am an MMA fighter, I am use to fighting in cages. The artist who gets in everyone's heads, but now he is so worked up, he is not thinking straight. I will soon right the wrong that is his undefeated streak and take his title." Blade, "Why did you attack the tag team champion Kozuchi Onikama. In the last episode of Rebirth?" Drew Irvin, "Are you seriously asking why? Other then you put on a crap match before mine. It was yet another undeserving champion of a useless division. I wasn't going to sit there and wait for my match up. I made things happen you should thank me!" Blade, "Well...." Suddenly a TV in the room turns on a TV man voice comes from the TV TV Man, "Live from BFW will be Vengeance. Drew Irvin, made his crimes. He will pay. The artist cares for only one thing and that is making the one who caused the greatest great suffering. Every day until Vengeance will be a nightmare for Irvin as he will be haunted by the mistake he has made. " Blood comes from the TV and it starts to smoke TV man, "Drew Irvin you attacked the innocent. You made this personal, and now you will pay." Suddenly the room turns dark the lights flicker for a second Blade seemed to disappear and Arius replaced him and Drew Irvin nearly fell out of his chair the lights come back on and Blade seems like nothing happened. Blade, "Drew are you alright? You seem like you seen a ghost." Drew gets up and leaves and that is the end of this Interview
  25. Hollow

    15 Questions

    1. How old are you? 17 2. Where are you from? USA 3. What is your favourite colour? Yellow 4. What is your natural hair colour? Brown 5. How many pets do you have? 2 6. What is your favourite food? Pizza 7. When is your birthday? October 8. What is your favourite music genre? Rock 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? Gaming 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Basketball 11. What is your dream job? Plumber 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? None 13. Who is your least favouite current superstar? Ruby Riot 14. What animal would best represent you? Dog 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? Buddy Murphy

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