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  1. Cant really complain about the result of this match after Joe started bleeding. If someone gets hurt then yes the match should get ended as quickly as possible. Joe might have lost quickly but I feel it is the right result considering the situation. Joe did get his revenge for losing so all is good with this one.
  2. I actually enjoyed this. It wasn't really a match but more of an angle so I cannot complain about the results of this. Elias did his job with his stuff in the ring after attacking Reigns. But this was alright with Reigns coming back and winning in seconds.
  3. To be honest I am alright with the results to the mitb match. I feared Baron corbin would win this so Brock Lesnar winning is a good surprise. Also for once the briefcase winner is a legit threat for any champion. He might not show up a lot but he does bring a bit of shock value. I was shocked when I heard his music when he came out. Didn't see that coming and that is what WWE has been lacking the last few years the general shock and surprise of a an outcome like this. As for who will he cash in on or what will he do. I have no clue. Personally I'd have him beat Kofi, since we have seen Lesnar with the Uni title enough, and Brock is a big enough heel to handle the heat of ripping the title from Kofi's hands. This match over all was amazing and I enjoyed the end of it.
  4. Been playing some diablo 3. A neat game this one. Also been playing GTA 5 more delving into more arena wars stuff. Two good games and complete opposites with each other. One being a fantasy game the other being well GTA. Arena Wars might be one of my favorite updates just simple game modes that are fair to everyone in them. While the arena vehicles are a bit expensive, isn't hard to get after a bit of a grind to enjoying both games a lot.
  5. Got dragged back into GTA 5 again. Been playing some of the arena wars stuff and that stuff is really fun to play. Just a bunch of demolition derby games and it is pretty fun. Just keep playing it trying to earn more Arena points and trying to get an arena vehicle so I can play it more.
  6. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Preshow Fight Night 2! This is a special show of BFW once before every major event there will be a little event pairing people up out of random in four matches for the show. All matches are singles matches and completely random of who faces who. Allies may be forced to do battle or bitter rivals might get an early chance to take on Match #1 Singles Match Drew Irvin vs Maasa Match #2 Singles Match Daniel Vice vs Bubba Match #3 Co Main Event Singles match Juan Nagata vs Angelo Caito Match #4 Main Event Singles Match Arius vs Kozuchi Onikama
  7. Blade forum wrestling Presents Vengeance Match card Match #1 Extreme Three Stages of Hell Match #1 First Blood Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Match #2 Cruiserweight Championship Match up Bubba vs Eli Smith - Match #3 Extreme Rules Three Stages of Hell Match #2 Barbed Wire Table Match Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Match #3 BFW Internet Championship Match Singles Match- Rematch Clause Drew Irvin(c) vs Angelo Caito - Match #4 -This match will only happen if the first two of the Extreme Rules three Stages of Hell end with both men becoming the winner- I quit Match Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder Match #5 Co Main Event Singles Match Epic vs Masked Man Main Event BFW World Championship Sealed Steel Cage Match Arius(c) vs Drew Irvin - Interview Back at the interview tables we have Drew Irvin the BFW Internet Champion the man who will be taking on Arius for the BFW World Title and going to be pulling double duty as he s set to defend his championship at Vengeance. Interviewing Drew Irvin this week is none other then the promotion's owner Blade Blade, "Welcome back to the interview tables again. This time I will do the interview myself as you attacked the last person who interviewed you. If you attack me, not only will I put you down, but I will remove you from your World championship match. Am I understood?" Drew Irvin, "Yeah whatever." Blade, "Alright, we are about to head into the next PPV. You are about to get a world title match but you lost again to the world champion technically. Is that going to effect your momentum going into the PPV?" Drew Irvin, "Do you hear yourself when you asked the question? You sat at commentary for the match, Arius is playing right into my hands. He didn't beat me, he beat my tag partner you forced me to have. But everything is alright, Arius wants revenge and he decided to put his title on the line. Not only that he decided to challenge me to a steel cage match that has a roof. I am an MMA fighter, I am use to fighting in cages. The artist who gets in everyone's heads, but now he is so worked up, he is not thinking straight. I will soon right the wrong that is his undefeated streak and take his title." Blade, "Why did you attack the tag team champion Kozuchi Onikama. In the last episode of Rebirth?" Drew Irvin, "Are you seriously asking why? Other then you put on a crap match before mine. It was yet another undeserving champion of a useless division. I wasn't going to sit there and wait for my match up. I made things happen you should thank me!" Blade, "Well...." Suddenly a TV in the room turns on a TV man voice comes from the TV TV Man, "Live from BFW will be Vengeance. Drew Irvin, made his crimes. He will pay. The artist cares for only one thing and that is making the one who caused the greatest great suffering. Every day until Vengeance will be a nightmare for Irvin as he will be haunted by the mistake he has made. " Blood comes from the TV and it starts to smoke TV man, "Drew Irvin you attacked the innocent. You made this personal, and now you will pay." Suddenly the room turns dark the lights flicker for a second Blade seemed to disappear and Arius replaced him and Drew Irvin nearly fell out of his chair the lights come back on and Blade seems like nothing happened. Blade, "Drew are you alright? You seem like you seen a ghost." Drew gets up and leaves and that is the end of this Interview
  8. Blade

    15 Questions

    1. How old are you? 17 2. Where are you from? USA 3. What is your favourite colour? Yellow 4. What is your natural hair colour? Brown 5. How many pets do you have? 2 6. What is your favourite food? Pizza 7. When is your birthday? October 8. What is your favourite music genre? Rock 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? Gaming 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Basketball 11. What is your dream job? Plumber 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? None 13. Who is your least favouite current superstar? Ruby Riot 14. What animal would best represent you? Dog 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? Buddy Murphy
  9. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Episode 7 Match #1 BFW Cruiserweight Title Match Singles Match Bubba(c) vs Juan Nagata - BFW Rebirth episode seven starts with the two men already in the ring. Bubba the BFW cruiserweight champion and Juan Nagata. The referee lifts the title up in the air showing title is on the line for the first title defense of Bubba's reign. The bell rings and the match begins. Bubba rushes in and goes for a single leg takedown looking to turn this into a technical match from the start. Juan steps back moving the leg out of the way of Bubba then quickly drives it forward after dodging hitting Bubba in the face with his knee. The shot sets Bubba back making fall into a seated position. Juan then runs up and kicks Bubba with a shining wizard kick! A signature move of his, Juan quickly covers Bubba but doesnt get a one count as Bubba kicks out quickly. That might have been mistake to do as Juan follows up with just nailing Bubba in the face with forearm strikes Bubba takes Juan down with a quick leg sweep giving himself some breathing room from Juan's assault. Bubba gets back up to his feet . As Juan gets ready to stand back up. Bubba shoots forward and takes down Juan with a double leg take down, quickly transitioning around keeping a hold of the legs into a boston crab. Bubba nearly bends Juan all the way back almost sitting on Juan's shoulders. Juan refuses to tap. He pushes up on his shoulders and hands until he moves his legs up so he can counter the boston crab! He counters into a Hurricanrana. Showcasing his athletic skills with that reversal. Juan waits for Bubba to stand then hits him with a stiff superkick. Bubba stumbles, Superkick by Bubba to Juan! He fires back while he was staggering. This caught Juan off-guard now both men are staggering but neither man has fallen! Superkick! No wait double superkick! Both men hits the other with a superkick and both men fall down. Both men firing off some signiture moves they are known for using, the referee gets to the count of nine when both men stand up. The crowd going nuts for the action in the ring. Juan gains his balance first and goes for a superkick again. Bubba dodges and takes down the other leg and locks in a quick kneebar! Juan is locked into a knee bar in the middle of the ring but refuses to tap out. Bubba wrenches and wrenches and the referee keeps asking but Juan keeps saying no. Juan using his arms to drag himself across the ring. It takes a few minutes but Juan gets to the ropes and grabs it. Bubba is forced to let go. Juan might be out of the hold but he was in it for a very long time. Bubba goes for a superkick but Juan kicks out Bubba's other leg. He then jumps up and then drops his good leg's knee across his face. Another knee drop, and another. Juan hits Bubba into the head with five straight shots with his knee. He then grabs his opponet then drags him to the corner of the ring slowly. Having trouble thanks to his bad leg but gets him there. Juan climbs the turnbuckle very slowly but seems to be looking for his signature shoot star press. Juan jumps and flips through the air but Bubba rolls out of the way and Juan hits nothing but canvas. Bubba then at the moment after Juan makes impact locks in his finishing submission hold as he grabs the arm pulls it back and locks in the crossface! Juan out of it from missing his dive from the top rope. He has not choice but to tap out. Once the bell rings Bubba lets go and the referee raises his arm. Ring Announcer, "The winner of this match by Submission and still BFW Cruiserweight champion of the world Bubba!" Bubba celebrates as the referee attends to Juan who fought a tough battle proving that he has the skills to challenge the best. Just this time we isnt going to walk out as the winner. - After the match they break to commentary with Blade and two others, Ropati and this week Angelo. Blade, "A championship match is the perfect way to open a show. Bubba proving that he is the best cruiserweight there is in the world. Juan showed some great athletic skills but Bubba's submission prowess proved to be too much for Juan." Angelo, "It was a decent match. Thanks for having me..." Ropati, "How you feeling Angelo you lost some weight last week? Seems you are missing some gold this week." Angelo, "Ropati..." Blade, "We arent doing this right now. James you dont need to antagonize Angelo. Any way we have a big night in store. Lots of solid match ups tonight and a bit main event that will determine the main event at vengeance for the when the world champion takes on the Internet champion. Ropati, "New World champion calling it now!" Angelo, "No wonder Arius defeated you. Seeing how you keep over looking him. This man is looking for revenge for what Drew Irvin did to his manager last week. Drew Irvin has no friends backstage to help him and when Arius kicks him to the curb it will be that." Ropati, "Look, you are just salty that Drew Irvin beat you. But look at Drew Irvin, he is getting inside his head. that is all Arius has is mind games if they don't work then he will lose plain and simple." Blade, "I wouldnt be so sure of that, Arius is undefeated we havent seen everything he can do yet, I would think at vengeance we might see Arius spring out and prove why he is the world champion. Ropati, "you didnt take me for my word last week when I said we would have a new champion. Now this time it wont be any different." Blade, "We shall see, but lets get to our next match up. Maasa the round one winner is going to take on Shirada in the second match of the night. Lets get to the ring and get to the start of this match." - Match #2 Singles Match Maasa vs Shirada Starting things up for the people in the ring is Maasa and Shirada is entering the ring, he looks like he has a black eye and he is coming to the ring without his tag team championship. He gets in the ring and demands the referee to ring the bell this man isnt happy about something. The match gets started. Shirada kicks Maasa right in the balls right at the start of the match right in front of the referee and the bell rings again. Shirada just got himself disqualified He grabs Maasa then hits his finisher Gaudi Bakudan (Gory Bomb) in the center of the ring and he covers him and hits the ring three times to signal a three count then he demands for a microphone. "I just beat the round one winner of the Best in the world tournament! Arent I great!?! You all are wondering where is my title, why do I have a black eye? Well, it seems my partner didnt want to come out here this week and support his partner. Something about I should do this on my own and get ready for the best in the world tournament. You see, this that is a best in the world competitior right there. On the ground beaten by me! My partner couldnt even get that done. So when it is my turn in this tournament I am going to prove to you all that what the best in the world truly looks like!" Shirada grabs Maasa one more time and hits Gaudi Bakudan again in the middle of the ring then spits on him then leaves as the announcer says, "The winner of this match by disqualification Maasa." Maasa might be the winner of the match but Shirada got the last laugh. Match Result: - Match #3 Singles Match Eli Smith vs Aaron North - Without any commentary, Eli Smith's music starts and he makes his way to the ring for the next match. He passes Shirada then runs to the ring and gets a standing ovation for his entrance. The crowd is all about Smith right now looking forward to see him in action in this match. Next to the ring is Aaron North, the crowd just as loud for North as they were with Smith. Two men who were in the world title match last week but didnt get much chance to shine as the other two took control of the match. Right now it is nothing but Smith and North getting a chance to shine. The bell rings and at the start of the match, North shakes Smith's hand they both are showing respect for the other when the match begins. Aaron at the start of the match springs forward and shock Smith as normally Aaron is a high-flyer and fast pace strike offense but instead shoots forward and taking Smith down by the legs and looks to lock in Lucky 13 his submission signature hold. Trying to turn Smith's legs into a pretzel suddenly Smith breaks out and transitions and moves until he is in position then starts delivering knee strikes to Aaron's skull showing off a bit of his strong style as he just lays into North. Smith goes a pin attempt after a dozen knee strikes gets only a one count. Smith gets up and drags North to his feet, then uses a capture suplex on North and he lands hard from the suplex. He then gets up locks in a full nelson then drops Aaron again with a snap dragon suplex. Smith showing off his skills and North is barely keeping up with him. Smith runs up on North looking for a running splash into the corner. Aaron moves out of the way and Smith splashes into the empty corner. Aaron quickly acts getting up onto the middle turnbuckle grabbing Smith and spinning him out of the corner into a tornado DDT. With that move Aaron North is back in this he jumps back up to his feet. Just as Smith stands Aaron nails him with a quick superkick. following up with a superkick to the gut then runs up and steps up and hits a shining wizard kick to Smith. North gets up and climbs the turnbuckles Smith is stirring slowly. North looks like he is preparing for a flying top rope cross body. Once Smith full stands Aaron jumps getting some serious height looking for a crossbody. Sick kick!(Single Leg Dropkick). Smith signature dropkick just caught Aaron right in the jaw on his way down from the cross body. He is knocked out! Smith isnt going to settle with just his signature as he grabs Aarons arms and starts putting him in a straight jacket hold. He drags him to his feet. Deadlifting him up Smith then in the center of the ring he hits 8th Sin!(Straight Jacket German Suplex). Smith covers Aaron and hooks his leg one...two...three the bell rings and the match is over. Smith gets his arm raised and the referee quickly attends to Aaron North who isnt now just starting move. Smith polls North to his feet, and the crowd cheer as they shake hands in the middle of the ring. These two crowd favorites had a match that nobody will forget. - At commentary after that last match Blade, "Now those last two matches, first Shirada getting himself disqualified from his match then Smith and Aaron have an instant classic match up. That was a great match. Smith took control early one. It looks like Aaron might turn it all around but Smith didnt let that happen. Congratz Smith." Angelo, "That was a good match, kind of wish I was out there instead of sitting here watching though. But I got to wait until vengeance to get the match I want as as I am going to use rematch clause to get my rematch for my title!" Ropati, "So if the main event Arius wins and decides he wants the Internet championship then you are going to entering the match with him as well?" Angelo, "Unlike you Ropati I aint afraid to enter the ring with Arius to get my title back." Ropati, "Too bad that wont be happening. Because Arius is getting his first loss tonight and he world title will be on the line." Blade, "Lets get to our co main event and leave this bickering behind." Ropati, "How is there even a match next? Julius was destroyed last week, his leg is in worse shape then mine is now. I am just barely getting cleared for action now. So how is Julius suppose to compete? Yeah he is facing someone who has had a bum arm for a while but that arm injury seems to be healed up since he was using his arm fine during the best in the world tournament. How is he going to compete?" Angelo, "I have to agree with Ropati on this one I don't even know if Julius is here tonight let alone able to compete." Blade, "I guess we will see lets go back to the ring for the co main event." - Match #4 Co Main Event Singles Match Julius vs Kozuchi Onikama In the ring for the Co main event is Kozuchi Onkama, he is holding both tag championships, he did take the title from his partner. Are they having some sort of falling out? But he is in the ring waitting for Julius to come out to the ring if he is even here. Julius's music plays but nobody comes out it keeps playing then suddenly Onikama is nailed in the back of the head by the Internet championship. Drew Irvin grabs Onikama and starts hitting him with hammer fist mma shots to the back of the head as he is on the ground. Drew Irvin just batters him with shots before picking him up and hitting Fataliknee (Benadryller). He then grabs the tag championships and looks at them. He then chucks them out of the ring and at the stage entrance getting them out of the ring. He holds the BFW Internet Title up in the middle of the ring. He then kicks Onikama out of the ring then gets a microphone, "This is match is over by the declaration of the Internet champion. We don't need to see the trash tag team champion and face the trash I threw out last week. Lets get to my match right now. Get my tag partner out here right now and lets it this started." Main Event Tag Team Match The winning team, gets to choose what match type will they take place at the PPV vengeance. Also the winning team of either champion will choose which title will be on the line. Drew Irvin and Charles Lupin vs Arius and Davey 'The Extreme' Wonder Charles Lupin makes his way to the ring for the main event after Drew Irvin makes his declaration to come to the ring. Drew Irvin not letting there be announcements he just wants to get to this match so he can get his match for vengeance. Drew grabs Charles by the throat and says, "Don't mess this up or I will mess you up." He then shoves Charles afterwards showing some intimidation to his tag partner. Next to the ring is Davey Wonder he goes around the ring, and now waits for his tag partner for this match. Drew Irvin gets out of the ring to wait for Arius to make his entrance. Suddenly on the BFW titantron static appears and loud static sound echoes through out the ring, then suddenly the screen turns black then the sound of typing as words appear on the titantron. 'For your actions, you will pay. At vengeance you can keep your title. For the world title will be defended. For your crimes you will pay as you will enter the a Sealed Steel Cage.' After the last words are type thunder is heard around the arena, and wait when did Arius get in the ring?!?. When everyone was paying attention to the titantron Arius somehow got in the ring. Charles turns and nearly falls over out of fright as he is right behind him. Arius staring right at Drew Irvin, he points at him and motions his thumb cross his throat. Davey Wonder gets in the ring and the bell rings, Drew is going to let Charles start for his, Davey stands there trying to tell Arius he wants to start against Charles but Arius just keeps staring at Drew. Arius shoves Davey as if telling him to get out of the ring. Davey gets out of the ring quickly not wanting to cross his partner right now. Charles rushes Arius quickly, not even blinking or looking away from Drew Irvin. Arius side steps and counters grabbing Charles head pulling it back and locking in Final Testimony his dragon sleeper. He drags Charles to the ground violently and wrenches on his head. Just staring a hole through Arius. It wasnt long until Charles stops moving and his arm is raised and it falls and the bell rings. Arius unlike he normally does he doesnt let go. He keeps the dragon sleeper locked in. The referee tries to make him let go but he cant. Davey gets back in the ring and tries to tell Arius he needs to stop. When Davey goes to put a hand on Arius to get him to stop. Arius lets go. Wait Final Testimony on Davey Wonder now! Arius looks right at Drew Irvin again as slowly Davey Wonder soon stops moving just like Charles did. He eventually lets go and lets Davey Wonder fall next to Charles Lupin. Drew Irvin recollects his BFW Internet championship and lifts it up. Arius looks unimpressed the ring announcer, "The winner of this match by submission, Arius and Davey Wonder!" Arius didnt just win this match he used it to send a message to Drew Irvin that he wants revenge for what Drew did to his manager. Arius isnt going to let anyone or anything get in his way for his revenge. Davey Wonder his own partner for the night found this out the hard way. Arius made it clear before the match, his choice he will put his own title on the line and he wants to fight Drew inside BFW's Sealed Steel cage at vengeance!. The cameras goes dark as Arius and Drew have a stare down. Both the world champion and Internet champion standing tall.
  10. Necce Brad Flynn Slim BIC Arius Some on these top five are the top from all time. Necce, Brad, Flynn and Slim are some of the best kayfabe storytellers of all time. BIC and Arius are some of the more recent top guys right now in the forums who are using kayfabe to tell some of the best stories.
  11. trainer Name: Blade Starting Pokemon (Please choose a nonevolved Pokemon that can evolve twice): Totodile Game Preference (Please list in order from most preferred to least preferred): B, P, Z, Personality (Kind, compassionate, quiet, loud, ruthless, etc. Feel free to elaborate as much as you want): Kind person but competitive likes to win
  12. BPZ Hunger Games 2 Season 3 Episode 11 The Fifth Night 3! - Now on the eleventh episode we have some sponsors this night. BIC recives a hatchet maybe he has some questions that needs axed. Zack got some fresh food, at least he wont be starving this night. The last sponsor gives Suby some medical supplies, people think Suby has a chance and they are trying to help! A very large group forms this night. Brenden, Keeley, George, Kansheek, Echo, Yelich, Apex, Slim, Mave and Hans this a large group! Brenden and Keeley are first to keep watch for the group while the others enjoy this first night and while others slept. Apex is tending to Slim's wounds while the first group of the night watch keeps watch over the group. It wasnt long until Brenden and Keeley's shift was over and they go and wake up George and Kansheek for the next watch. During the second watch Echo and Yelich are seen talking about the other tributes that are alive. Soon Mave and Hans are woken up for the last shift for this group to watch the group while everyone else sleeps. Odd on his own is suddenly woken up by nightmares, dreaming that he was losing in these hunger games. Well if he was losing really he would be waking up. He turns and looks out of the bushes to see Smith who he trying to start a fire, but is unable to start a fire so he is going to have to sleep without warmth. Alyx is seen talking to himself and thinking about home. He actually thinks he can win and gone home from the games this year. We see now two people in two different locations doing the same thing. Last season winner Gwyn is looking at the night sky and in a completely different location Gill is doing the same thing and is looking at the night sky. Guess with all there is to worry about in these games the night sky can seem a bit calming. Maasa in his own camp manages to make a fire. Unlike Smith he was successful and he gets to have warm from fire this night. The last person we see is Sheridan, she sees the sun starting to rise. She nearly is about to make it to the next day. She walks suddenly hears a loud click under her feet. Then the ground explodes consuming her in the fiery explosion. The last thing we see is the sword she used to kill so many fly out and stab itself into a tree. She made her way to the fifth night but couldnt make it to the sixth day. This is the end of this episode, we only seen one tribute that died this episode. The odds on favorite judging on what she has done until now. Sheirdan was eliminated but who will last to the end? Who will be the next to be eliminated find out in the next episode. Stay tuned.
  13. This years MITB seems interesting. Wouldn't mind nearly anyone in this match from winning. With that being said, I just hope wwe doesn't just have Corbin win it here. Corbin is boring, I get they have to use him now that he was Angle's opponent, but he is just so boring. I fear that he might win this, anyone else in this match could be a better choice. Over all I am looking forward to this match even tho I am worried about the result of this one
  14. Blade makes his way to the ring no music the only sound is boos as he makes his way to the ring and getting a microphone. Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT champion, a former BPZ European Champion, a former BPZ Intercontinental Champion, and a former BPZ Premium Champion. And soon at BPZ Mayhem I will be the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! First things first is the tournament. The Power Trip Cup Tournament. I will put down every opponent in my way. Ruining what every was planned, whatever was thought of, whatever was considered the best for business to win in the end those plans are gone as I am going to take out everyone in this tournament that I come across until I am the last man left! First is BIC. Wasn't he so cheerful at that Post Backlash press conference. Praising the company line so highly making everything look find and dandy. You make me sick. I called you out during the press conference I called you a corporate puppet you made claims you had to go and ask to be put into this match over someone else. Oh boohoo you had to ask to replace someone and rob them of their opportunity. Very good, you must be very proud. Once again you underline the big problem, then you have the nerve to question me. You questioned my battles at BPZmania 4. The two matches I was in you are right I was the odds on favorite, but I didn't lose, I was robbed plain and simple. You want to believe that I am a loser then go on believe that, because when I beat you this Friday in the opening rounds of this tournament you will know how wrong you are when you hear these words, "And your winner Blade!' You will be the first example I make as I make my through all of those Bailey decides to put in my way." Blade stops then walks right in front of the camera, Blade, "Now that leaves me with my second reason I am out here. This next message goes straight to the two I will face at BPZ Mayhem. The Bailey and Slim. I don't have to say anymore things about Bailey. At Backlash was the first battle in this war and Mayhem I look make the result in the end far more different then before. As for Slim you brought yourself into my match and if I didn't see this right now I would assume I would be facing two Bailey's at Mayhem. Slim you made your return and what did you do? You created came back with another group to watch your back. Bringing Legacy back, we seen this already when Bailey brought back evolution back at Survivor Series at the tail end of last year. You are the same corrupted egomaniac as Bailey just you don't have the championship to back up your claims and after Mayhem you still wont have that the championship either. The only good thing with you entering the match at Mayhem means I get to take out two birds with one stone. I don't get to only take out the man who is the sole reason of the corruption in BPZ right now, but I can now get rid of you Slim who can create the same problems that Bailey has. Slim you return and think you are entitled to getting into the world title match. You think you can leave then return and do whatever you want. At Mayhem you are going to learn very quickly that you are entitled for only one thing. And that is you are entitled to get a loss by my hands. After BPZ Mayhem I will ask the BPZ Universe the question once again 'Do You know who I am?' The answer will be that I am the world champion, because I am going to win and be the champion" Blade drops the microphone and leaves his final words to make a mark for a possible future result with him walking out of Mayhem with the gold.
  15. Would have preferred they kept Backlash but oh well. As for the name 'Stomping Grounds' it sounds like a PPV I'd come up with for a forum diary in these forums or something. Wont know how the ppv goes until we actually see this one put together.
  16. "You are going to kick my teeth in? I really want to see you try that one. Best In Class" Blade shows up on the Post Backlash Press Conference he goes to the podium. Blade, "Walking away already buddy? Come on stay for the chat. You brought up some conversation worth material there. You said, I was sitting on my couch? Well I think you are mistaken as I am right here. So you are wrong about that now arent ya. You say the only good thing in my career I had was these people? You say I turned my back on the BPZ fans? No I didn't turn on them, I finally woke up and saw the truth and they turned their backs on me. I tell them the truth and they cannot accept it. I woke up and saw that these people cheer for a champion they worship a champion who is nothing more then a con artist. He is the real villain but yet people love him. I am the real hero here because I am not going to sit back any longer and watch my opportunities get stolen from me any longer!" Blade pauses moment. Blade, "You see Bailey is the evil con artist, the true problem here, but are the sycophants that feed off of what he produces. These people are just as bad as he is and they are just as much part of the problem. There is a third thing that also adds to my new look at life, and it is the third problem, and that is the company yes men just like you BIC. You are part of the problem! You come out here you talk about how much you respect others. Talking about people like Julius saying he is part of the most deadly division. The only thing deadly about the Intercontinental division is how many puppets management has in it. Bart, and Julius, the former kingdom members they are some very big puppets with management pulling their strings You talk about entering the Premium match at Mayhem. And yes I agree with you the division is boring. But its not because of the champion, it is because of the former Premium champion who the title was just handed too them, but now I am just rambling This isn't about them this is about you. You say my best thing was these fans? You couldn't be more wrong. If you look back it wasn't I that lost my drive that makes me go forward. That would be you who lost your edge. You didn't give a damn about these people and you were better for it! You know it, I know it, the fans know it and management fears this, once it becomes knowledge what needs to be done to save this place." Blade sighs and just shakes his head. Blade, "But why talk to you about this you wont believe I knock the truth and maybe some sense into you. But for now, you are going to keep saying I am weak without the fans. But the truth is, you are playing right into the hands of management as a Yes man giving them all positive PR. When now the truth is loud and clear in the end of the day. Best In Class you are nothing more then a corporate Bi***"
  17. If there is any question with me. It has to be Blade Forum Wrestling. I mean I brought it back to life a few times. It is one of my favorite diaries to write. I can be creative with it and decide in a writing form who wins matches and who doesn't. Booking things based off of reactions people have given me in the past to how make the matches go. Writing out full length matches. One of my favorite and most successful diaries I have even done.
  18. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Superstar Showcase Best n the world Episode 2 Singles Match Kozuchi Onikama vs Aaron North Superstar Showcase 2-2 Shirada, and Kozuchi Onikama A first in the showcase, not one but two people sharing a showcase spot. These two men are the first BFW Tag Team Champions of Rebirth. Kozuchia Onikama was one of the first men in the World Championship tournament and the first person to get a win in Rebirth episode 1. Talented in the ring with tons of impressive moves, he is always willing to do anything to match sure he wins a match going to underhanded tactics to get his win. His partner Shirada appeared in the second episode of BFW Rebirth. He quickly picked up his first win in the first match of the night of the second show ever of Rebirth. Much like his partner he uses underhanded tactics to make sure he wins. These two got into a feud and wormed their way into Proving Grounds where they captured the BFW Tag Team Titles. Superstar Showcase- Aaron North Next on our showcase is one of two of the BFW World Championship tournament finalists. Aaron is a highly talented highflying cruiserweight. Likes to dazzle the fans with his high speed offense going through the air showing off his athletic prowess. Just full of talent his finisher is the 450 splash! He will be looking to show his high flying skills to bring himself to victory. Going into BFW Proving grounds looking to shock the crowd with his skills through the air to attempt to capture the biggest prize in this business! - In the ring for the second episode of the tournament for BFW's Superstar Showcase, Best in the world Tournament we have the announcer in the middle of the ring to announce the match of then night. Ring Announcer, "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the second match and episode of the Superstar Showcase Best in the world tournament. Our next match of the first round is getting ready to begin. This match will be contested in the same rules as the first. This is a singles match, there will be one winner by the end of the match. The match up is not only being watched in the ring by the referee in charge of the match but also a group of referees who are making sure this is a clean tournament The decision by the in ring referee is normally final but should the group of referees rule against then the decision might be over turned. Ladies and Gentlemen Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!" First out onto the entrance way is Aaron North The ring announcer, "First to the ring the first superstar to enter for the showcased match up. He has the current record of four wins and three loses, he was one of the two original finalists to the World Championship tournament. He was in the main event the very first PPV of BFW. Ladies and Gentlemen he weighs in tonight at two hundred and five pounds. His finisher is the four fifty splash, ladies and Gentlemen Aaron North!" Aaron makes his way to the ring and getting cheered by the crowd. The cheers soon disappear and are followed up with boos when his opponent makes his appearance on the entrance away along with his theme music starting. Ring Announcer, "And his opponent, coming in tonight with the record of three wins and four losses. He is currently one half of the BFW Tag Team Champions of the world. He weighs in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds Kozuchi Onikama!!!!" He gets to the ring with loud boos. but his arm that has been in a cast and heavy brace for weeks in still in a brace but a much lighter one now. He is instructed once in the ring to remove the brace so he can't use it as a weapon he does so a bit slowly. The referee instructs both men to meet in the middle of the ring, Referee, "I want a clean match up. Follow the rules at all times, and follow my commands at all times." Onikama shakes hit head Aaron isnt wanting to shake Onikama's hand. After the last time these two been in the ring together during the second round the semi finals of the world championship tournament these two get a tournament rematch of sorts in this one right now. The bell rings and the match starts. Onikama rights right out of the gate with the attack on Aaron North. Knife edge chops and slaps to Aaron North. Onikama moving almost lightning quick as he lights up North's chest with the chops. Onikama using his good arm for the chops. For now Onikama is keeping the match clean, because he doesnt he might get disqualfied from the match or if he does win the match could get over turned in he cheats. Aaron grabs Onikama's injured arm and goes to take him down with a quick arm drag. But Onikama lands on his feet and turns around and hits Aaron in the face with a the bad arm with a forearm strike. Showcasing some of his big moves. Onikama dodges a punch and grabs Aaron for a german suplex. He holds Aaron up a bit higher going a high angle german suplex! He rolls through and takes Aaron down with an arm drag but keeps ahold of the arm going for a cross arm breaker! Aaron slips free then kicks Onikama in the face when he goes to sit up Aaron waits for Onikama to stand up and hits him with a dropkick into the corner. Quickly following up by running across the ring ropes grabbing Onikama's head taking him down with a tornado DDT? Pin attempt afterwards by Aaron, One...two...no Onikama kicks out! Aaron waits for Onikama to stand up fully then goes for a superkick. Onikama dodges and moves and picks Aaron up using his lifted leg to lift him. He picks him up and then drops him down with a sitout powerbomb! A signature move Kohuchi Bom from Onikama. He covers Aaron now, One...two...no Aaron kicks out. Onikama waits for Aaron to stand and goes to pop him up looking for his pop up piledriver Oyasumi Nasai!. Aaron gets popped up but he lands behind Onikama, he turns and eats a superkick! Aaron then follows up with a picture perfect drop kick to drop Onikama. He lands in front of the corner of the ring. He is in the drop zone! North climbs the turnbuckle looking for his four fifty splash. Onikama springs up and looks to go for a superplex Aaron fights it then Onimaka jumps up looking for a frankensteiner from the top rope. North fights it and using some great strength lifts him back up into a powerbomb position. He leaps with Onikama in the powerbomb position nearly leaps across the middle of the ring completely as he releases Onikama who gets powerbombed brutally! Aaron the climbs the other turnbuckle which Onikama is now closer to. He stands up all the way ready forthe four fifty splash. He jumps and hits his finishing splash move! Cover One...two...three! North wins it! The ring announcer, "The winner of this match by pinfall, Aaron North!!!!" North celebrates Onikama sits there depressed he just lost he stands up and Aaron North offers him a hand to shake, showing respect. To everyone's suprise Onikama shakes North's hand. He doesnt try anything he just shows some respect to the man that just bested him. He gave it his best try. He nearly had North. but he got reversed at the wrong times, when he tried to go for his finishing move Oyasumi Nasai, but most recently when his frankensteiner move got countered into a big powerbomb that is that ultimately spelled the end for him. The match and show goes dark after wards with North celebrating and Onikama walking to back after the match.
  19. Blade

    Breaking the Class

    Blade appears on the Carnage titantron for the first time since Backlash Blade, "I said, I would destroy everything you created, you won the battle at Backlash, but this war isn't over yet. The Bailey listen to my words now. You created so much, and now I will break everything. Backlash was the warm up, just to get a look at what I must do to take down your title reign. First I must destroy the thing I care about that you tainted with your corruption. And that is Carnage itself. You set up everything, you set up the champions, you set up everything now I must break it. And where is a better place to start then at the Carnage Power Trip Cup Tournament. You made the brackets, and I will do what I must to ruin this whole tournament, by destroying everyone you decided to put me up against. Blade looks at the tournament brackets for the tournament and laughs. Blade, "First up on the list is BIC. Well, well, well the recently made former intercontinental champion. Best in Class is the meaning of BIC. Very well, you now have to thank Bailey old friend. You were to be a degenerate at one time and now you are going to be made an example of in the very opening round of the tournament right away. Don't take this personal as what I must do is to rid BPZ of the rot that infects this place. What will happen will be all Bailey's fault. You are going to be destroyed, broken, and left battered in the ring. Maybe then you will see the truth, that everything here has been a lie things like this tournament is boaster those who are the golden hand picked guys. This year, it is going different as every one in the tournament who gets in my way is going to get broken, and will shatter into pieces. This foundation will torn apart and you are the first brick that I must remove to tear that foundation part. And I will do this because this is what must be done to right the wrongs that have been made because of people like the Bailey deciding to back those they consider better to control." Blade stops and crosses BIC's name off the list on the tournament Blade, "BIC that right there is how simple Bailey will remove your name from the list when you lose on May third. But you will are going to go through will be just pure destruction because I am going to destroy the best in Class. There is a word for what you must do in this first round that is said often. As must like you BIC expect one letter longer then your name L O S E See you are the opening rounds BIC." The camera and titan tron goes dark as Blade is now done with his message he is sending not only the World champion but his first opponent in the Power Cup Tournament.
  20. Name: Frank Cage Age: 23 Nationality: American Gimmick: MMA Fighter Face/Heel: Heel Tag Team?: No Backstory: Former MMA Fighter with 9 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw on his professional record. Making his in ring debut soon do the same in Professional wrestling that he did mixed marshal arts. Never taking part in a match yet looking to debut to break someone using his ruthless style of strikes, and power moves. Height:: 6-7 Weight: 250 pounds Signature: Spear, Sitout spinebuster Finisher: Death Drop (Scorpion Death Drop/ Inverted DDT) Crossface Chicken Wing
  21. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Episode 7 Match Card Match #1 BFW Cruiserweight Title Match Singles Match Bubba(c) vs Juan Nagata - Match #2 Singles Match Up Maasa vs Shirada - Match #3 Singles Match Eli Smith vs Aaron North - Match #4 Co Main Event Singles Match Julius vs Kozuchi Onikama Main Event Tag Team Match The winning team, gets to choose what match type will they take place at the PPV Vengeance. Also the winning team of either champion will choose which title will be on the line. Drew Irvin and Charles Lupin vs Arius and Davey 'The Extreme' Wonder - Blade forum wrestling Presents Vengeance Match #1 Unknown Match Type Charles Lupin vs Davey Wonder - Main Event BFW World Championship OR BFW Internet Championship match Unknown Match Type Arius vs Drew Irvin Interview- Interviewer, "Ladies and Gentlemen we have with us tonight the New BFW Internet Champion Drew Irvin, Welcome. Drew Irvin, "..." Interviewer, "At the last Episode of Rebirth, you not only one two matches and took out two of the best competitors in side in ring competition, but you also walked out as BFW Internet champion. But your night didn't stop there, as you laid out the champion and attacked his manager. Would explain your actions?" Drew Irvin, "I win championships. Because I am the champion. The best competitors you call them. They are trash. I proved that when I destroyed and ended Julius's career. I proved that when I out fought Angelo and took my championship. As for Arius. I just said it, I am the champion. Not the Internet champion, not the world champion, but THE champion. As I am better then Arius and I will prove that very soon. It is his fault for what happen to his manager, he brings her to the ring, so it is his fault for what happened to her." Interviewer, "You faced Arius before in the very first episode of Rebirth and you lost. Do you believe now that the result will be different should you face Arius in a match one on one?" Drew Irvin, "You don't get it. Everyone else on the roster is trash. Arius is just the one holding the title at the moment. So you got a fluke victory because he caught me off guard once. He uses his bizarre entrances to catch people off guard and tries to control the matches before the matches begin. I just proved he doesn't control anything. I laid him out, then I took what he controlled and laid her out as well. The fact that he is undefeated is a joke that I will fix personally." Interviewer, "Blade mentioned you getting a punishment at the last episode for your actions in the opening match. I also assume you are going to be punished for putting your hands on Arius's manager. What is that punishment if you don't mind tell everyone." Drew Irvin, "It was only a fine. But it is nothing to me, if he is going to fine me for something then fine me for this..." Drew Irvin grabs the interviewer picks him up and hits him with Fataliknee, Then walks away. The camera goes dark after Drew Irvin attacks the BFW Interviewer. Clearly He doesn't care about attacking BFW Personal. He wants one thing to be the only champion left in BFW
  22. Blade Forum Wrestling Presents Episode 6 Match #1 Singles Match Winner gets a match later tonight against the BFW Internet champion for the title Drew Irvin vs Julius The episode of BFW doesn't start with fireworks but with Drew Irvin in the ring with a microphone, "Lets forget the opening stuff. Julius get out here! I want to win this match and get my title match. So get out here with your bummed leg so I can kick your ass!" Julius's music hits and Julius makes his way to the ring but wait. He isnt wearing a knee brace. Is his leg better now?!? Julius jumps around a few times on the once hurt leg to show the world that is watching that he is at one hundred percent. He runs to the ring. The moment he enters the ring Drew goes for a stiff cheap early strike. Running up going for a jumping MMA knee strike. Julius blocks it pushes Drew back and hits him with a viciously stiff right hook punch that just rocks Drew back and the bell rings to start his match up. Drew stumbles to the middle of the ring. He regains his composer, looks towards Julius. Claymore kick! Unlike from the past Julius isnt in pain afterwards. In fact he is laughing he goes to the corner of the ring then yells at Drew, "Get up you piece of -bleeped out-. Im just getting started!" Drew gets up and eats another claymore kick! Julius goes for a cover believing he just won this with two of his deadly signature moves that just might aswell be finishers. One...two...Kickout! Drew Irvin kicks Julius then yells End of Days, Clearly stating he wants to finish this with his finisher. He grabs Drew Irive and tries to swing Him forward to start the End of Days, but Drew Irvin uses it to move his arm around and locks Julius in a body scissors as he locks with his arms a guillotine choke submission! His MMA background coming to play and to much of Julius's dismay. Julius tries to fight out of it but he starts to fade quickly. Falling to one knee, fighting just to keep from passing out. Julius stands up quickly and drops Drew down with a desperation spinebuster breaking the hold. But he accidentally DDTed himself in the process. Knocking himself out for te time being! Both men are down and out the referee begins to count. The referee gets to nine when both man stand. Drew stands on his own, but Julius uses the ropes to stand and is forced to lean into the corner of the ring to keep from falling back down. Julius trying to catch his breath, then suddenly Drew smacks himself a few times and firing himself up. Julius looks up at Drew just as Drew runs up and hits Julius with a MMA running jumping knee strike in the corner of the ring. The knee strike hits Julius right in the noise and jaw. Julius with the ring knowledge to grab the ring ropes to keep himself from falling down from the knee strike. Drew then goes nuts with strikes, Elbow strikes, forearm strike. And solid punches hitting Julius in the head and ribs. The former MMA fighter just going to work on Julius as if he was a punching bag. Drew is forced to stop when the referee starts counting, using a full four count before stopping. Julius takes a step out of the corner then gets hit with a MMA style roundhouse kick that knocks Julius right back into the corner of the ring. Drew climbs up into the corner and just starts hitting Julius in the head with stiff knee strikes. The referee starts count...One...two....three...four...Low blow! Julius just punches Drew in the balls and sends him crashing down into the middle of the ring and the bell rings. Julius hit drew purely out of survival. He is bleeding as some point he either got a cut above his eye or his nose is broken. His eye is swollen shut. To Julius's dismay, Drew recovers quickly, the ring announcer says, "The winner by disqualification Drew Irvin!" Julius doesnt care much about that as Drew looks like he is about to go after Julius again. Julius quickly leaves the ring but Drew gives chase. Julius goes to escape from over the barricade but gets grabbed by the arm and gets arm dragged over the barricade and down to the floor of the ring side area! Drew Irvin then kicks Julius in the head again going for the side of Julius's head with the swollen eye it knocks Julius out! Drew Irvin then just stomps on Julius's face, enraged by the low blow from early. Security rushes out to stop Drew from stomping on Julius's head. Drew snaps and attacks security. Throwing them around like rag dolls Lifting one up and hitting his finishing maneuver the Fataliknee (Fireman’s Carry knee strike, Benadryller. With security out of the way he turns his attention to the unconscious Julius first pushes the ring steps moves the top off the bottom one then drags Julius by his former injured leg to the ring steps and puts it on the bottom step. Drew picks up the top steps then slams it down onto Julius's leg. Julius twitches a lot from pain, he is still out cold his leg might be broken now too! Drew isnt done he grabs Julius again and moves the knee pad exposing the knee and then puts him back into position onto the ring steps again. Drew picks the steps up again, and oh no, hits Julius in the now exposed knee this time. Drew is really trying to end Julius's career. Drew Irvin leaves declaring that he will be the Internet champion before the day is done. Angelo better have watched this match and be prepared of he might face the same fate as Julius just did and he might not be able to walk out of Rebirth as champion or even able to walk out on his own feet. - After that first match, BFW finally cuts to commentary table this week with Blade and two others, one is Ropati and the other is Maasa. Blade, "Well that is one way to begin BFW, with a brutal match. Welcome BFW fans. We welcome you all, that first match was brutal. Drew Irvin won but he went too far. He certainly will reciivive a punishment for his actions once this show is done. Maasa, "Yeah he went too far this time. Thanks for having me here Blade. You didnt have me on the card so I am glad to make it on the show some how. I had my problems with Drew Irvin, he attacked me before our match before, but this was a whole different level. This wasnt about winning a match, this was about Drew trying to end someone's career." Ropati, "You are both pathetic. He is going that extra distance to prove that he is better then everyone. Julius was the big star getting Internet title matches and is a former Internet champion. Angelo's title reign is done here tonight! My prediction right now!" Blade, "That might happen Ropati. Well fans you see, we have both Ropati who is still on commentary but also the round one winner of the Best in the world Showcase tournament. Maasa here. We have our next match, the first of two matches to determine who will be going into the main event of the night. Shirada and Daniel Vice. Lets get to the ring to find the results to this match back to the ring!" - Match #2 Contenders Match - Winner of this match gets a match in the main event for the world title. Singles Shirada vs Daniel Vice In the ring Daniel Vice is already in the ring having made his entrance during the commentary break. The crowd chanting for Daniel Vice clearly the favorite in this match. To the ring is Shirada, but he is moving weirdly, is he hurt? Holding his ribs he gets to the ring, but stops at the ring steps and falls over holding his ribs. The referee goes to check on him. Vice walks towards the side of the ring that Shirada is on to check on his opponent and to see what is going on. Vice gets attacked from behind by Kozuchi Onikama. Hitting Vice with his arm in the cast. Using the hard cast like a weapon. Clearly hurting himself but the attack did its damage Knocking Vice down. Onikama gets out of the ring and Shirada gets up quickly and gets in the ring trying to get the referee in the ring to start the match. This was all a ruse. The bell rings when Vice stands back up having trouble standing from the blindsided attack. Shirada grabs Vice and tries to set up for Gaudi Bakudan (Gory Bomb). Hooking the arms and lifting Daniel Vice onto his back. Vice fights and frees his arms. Using his own upper body strength and his own athleticism Daniel Vice counters hitting a sunset flip powerbomb to Shirada. Vice rolls backwards onto his feet and exposes his elbow for his finisher. He runs up and hits Killshot. An exposed eblow shot to the back of the head! Daniel Vice rolls Shirada over and covers him. One...two...three! The bell rings and ring announcer yells the results, "The winner of the match by pinfall Daniel Vice!" Onikama cannot believe it Vice gets up and celebrates for the crowd. as Shirada rolls out of the ring and Onikama is questioning him trying to find out what happen. Not believing that Daniel Vice won after their attack on him. Match Result: - Match #3 Contenders Match - Winner of this match gets a match in the main event for the world title. Singles Aaron North vs Davey -The Extreme' Wonder - Without any commentary, we get to our next match. Davey Wonder gets to the ring and soon Aaron North joins him in the ring. Getting ready for the next contenders match to determine who is getting to go to the main event of the night. Davey looking to get a win after losing in the first round of the showcase tournament. Aaron North wanting another shot at the world title. The bell rings starting the match. Superkick by Aaron North straight to Davey Wonder right off the bat. But it barely does anything to hardcore fighter of Davey Wonder. Davey answers back with a devastating dropkick dropping Aaron North. Both men stand quickly. Davey throws Aaron North with a arm drag. But Aaron North lands on his feet he hits Davey Wonder with another superkick. Davey stumbles into the ropes then Aaron North runs up run across the middle rope grabbing onto Davey's head spinning around hitting a tornado DDT into the middle of the ring. Davey wisely rolls out of the ring quickly avoiding a pin attempt. Aaron gets up climbs the top rope. Waits for Davey to stand outside and jumps for a flying cross body. Davey jumps up and hits Aaron with a dropkick countering the flying crossbody to the outside of the ring. What a brutal attack! Davey gets up and is surprised by Aaron who gets up quickly after that drop kick and hits him with a dropkick! Aaron North jumps onto the ring apron, looking to jump up onto the ropes maybe looking for a lionsault to the outside of the ring. Davey gets up quickly and grabs Aaron North and grabs him and drags him down to the ground. Aaron North gets drops between the ring apron and the ring! Davey hits Aaron with a barrage of punches until Aaron falls down and ripping the ring apron exposing the metal of the edge of the ring. Davey Wonder then dropkicks Aaron's head into the side of the metal of the ring. The referee counts to eight they have been out of the ring for a long time. Davey puts Aaron North into the ring and goes to get into the ring. As the referee counts to nine. Someone under the ring grabs Davey's leg making him stumble out of the ring. Ten! Davey gets in the ring at ten and hears the bell ring. The ring announcer, "The winner by count out Aaron North!" Davey Wonder cannot believe it. Wait who is this rolling out from under the ring. It is Charles Lupin who is laughing at Davey Wonder who is now enraged. We hear Charles yell, "You don't get to a win! You are a loser! You will never win again!" We end there the rivallry between these two is far from over it just gets intensified from Charles's actions here. Costing Davey a shot at the world championship! - Back at the commentary table a little break before the co main event we go to the table to hear what the three commentators thought of the last two matches. Blade, "Well there we have it we now know our Main event. The fatal four way will be Arius taking one Eli Smith, Daniel Vice and Aaron North for the BFW World Championship in a fatal four way. Interesting way those two matches ended I must say. Daniel Vice went against the odds and not only survived a sneak attack but getting a win as well. And Aaron North who showed a lot of fire, getting the win by count out. Not sure he wanted to win that way but he did and gets his rematch against Arius. Maasa, "The four in this match are some of the best we have here. This should be an interesting contest. I'd say we are getting a new world champion tonight..." Ropati, "That's why you are a joke, because you know nothing." Maasa, "Excuse me?" Ropati, "You heard me. If you think Arius is going to lose that is because you havent stood in the ring with the man, if he is even a man. The monster that he is comes to the ring and take control of everything at the start of the match. Whether it be one or three, they are just going to add to count of people Arius has beaten." Blade, "That has to mean something coming from you Ropati. You don't talk about anyone like that. Guess your match with Arius made you change your mind about him." Ropati, "I wouldnt say that, I will say, no one in this match against Arius is going to beat him. His winning streak contiunes on!" Maasa, "Before that we have our co main event. The internet championship match." Ropati, "You mean Angelo's ending title reign match? Yeah, that's what is going to happen when Drew gets his hands on him. New champion calling it once again!" Blade, "Well that is our next match lets get back to the ring to find out who will be walking out as BFW Internet champion!" - Co Main Event BFW Internet Championship Match Singles Match Angelo Caito(c) vs Drew Irvin - In the ring is Drew Irvin the crowd booing him he was escorted to the ring by BFW security and local law enforcement. Angelo Caito makes his way to the ring. With the Internet championship in the ring. He gets in the ring and the referee takes the Internet Championship. Ring Announcer, "Ladies and Gentlemen it is time co main event of the evening. This will be a bout going to one fall, and will be for the BFW Internet Championship! First the challenger, weighing in at two hundred and thirty eight pounds. Drew Irvin.!" The crowd boo heavy but he doesnt care he wants to win this match. Ring Announcer, "Now our champion. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds. The reigning defending. BFW Internet champion! Angelo Caito!" The crowd cheer for him and start chanting 'win this match!" They want Angelo to win this match and not to see Drew Irvin as BFW Internet champion The referee lifts the title up in the air and hands it away and calls for the bell and the match begins. Drew right out of the gate runs up and goes for what now seems to be his signature move to begin with a running jumping knee strike. Spinning back Elbow! Angelo right out the gate his signature elbow strike right to Drew Irvin's head. Angelo goes for his springboard head kick but Drew catches Angelo and drags him to the ground. Drew stands over Angelo and starts reigning down punches. MMA hammer first shots right to Angelo's skull and even delivering body shots. Angelo grabs the ropes making a rope break of sorts to get Drew off him Drew then tells Angelo to get up, he is going to let the champion get to his feet. Angelo not bleeding from the exchange like he did in their first match against Drew. Angelo get up and moves towards Drew who then just starts with strikes again. First a few jabs then an uppercut. knocking Angelo into the ropes hitting him in the gut forcing Angelo down and starts hitting him with knee body shots, until he falls out of the ring lucky getting out of Drew's assault. Angelo with a cut above his eye his ribs are starting to get bruised from the punches and knee strikes he has taken. Angelo gets into the ring and Drew rushes him but Angelo just hits him with a very strong clothesline Drew doesnt just take this lightly. As Angelo goes for a double stomp. As Angelo gets in position for the move Drew kicks upwards and right into the ribs he has been working on. The shot was devastating and very solid when it hit it nearly knocks Angelo down. Drew gets up and hits Angelo in the gut with a spinning heel kick. Drew picks Angelo up into a torture rack. Normal he would go for a backbreaker with this month instead he just keeps working the move into a submission move that it was intended. Working the ribs of Angelo. Angelo fights free and lands behind Drew and then drops him with a german suplex! The german suplex seem to take a lot of Angelo as well who is holding his ribs he starts coughing up blood. He might have a broken rib and some internal injuries now. Drew gets up without any trouble. Angelo cant believe it he runs up and hits Drew with an elbow strike to the side of head. Then hits another spinning back elbow strike! Not once but three times! Drew is visibly rocked. Angelo hits Drew with his springboard cutter finisher! Drew is laid out and isnt moving! Angelo holding his ribs. Having a bit of trouble he crawls over to Drew and taking a bit of time to roll Drew over for a pin attempt. Barely hooking the leg while clutching his ribs. The referee One...two....kickout! How did he kick out? Maybe Angelo took too long to get the cover. Or didnt get Drew covered fully because of his injures he is sustaining. His cut above his eye still bleeding badly as well. Angelo looks out of it but not looking to give in. He stands up and waits for Drew to stand when Drew stands he hits Angelo with a spinning back elbow again! Going for another springboard cutter, this time Drew catches Angelo off guard when he picks him up into a firemen's carry position! Standing in the middle of the ring. Drew gets ready to end this. Fataliknee!(Benadryller) Drew with a cover very soon after. One...two...three! The bell rings and Drew stands back up to his feet and takes his new championship as the announcer makes the results official, "The winner by pinfall and New BFW Internet Champion! Drew Irvin!" He takes the title and holds it tall, The crowd are speechless. They were booing before but not after that showing are stunned to see the results. -- At commentary at the end of the match Ropati is first to speak, "I told you all what was going to happen! I said we would have a new champion and that just happened. Drew Irvin is the new BFW Internet Champion. Angelo never stood a chance." Maasa, "He put a hell of an effort though, not giving up even with all that beating he took. He went to the very end of the match." Blade, 'That might be what led to his downfall in the match though Maasa. Even though he kept at it, it was clear that Drew did damage early own with his assault in the beginning of the match. Causing some rib injuries and head injuries, he put the match in his favor and which set the pace of the match. Angelo wasnt able to dish out his full strength, those back elbow strikes at the end seemed to be with less force. Either from being weaken from blood loss or his ribs were really weakening slowing him down. Maybe he will get a rematch but maybe he wont, we don't know the how bad those injures got." Maasa, "Well I guess it is main event time..." Ropati, "One more time for me to be right. Arius will walk away as champion still undefeated!" Blade, "Fine lets get to the ring for the main event!" - Main Event BFW World Championship Match Arius(c) vs Eli Smith vs Daniel Vice vs Aaron North - The main event gets ready to begin. Aaron North start making hi way to the ring, Already getting to the ring right when the commentary break ended. Next out to the ring is Daniel Vice a crowd favorite. Next is the final challenger for the World title going to make his way to the ring before the champion is Eli Smith. The crowd go berserk a lot of Smith fans in the crowd tonight. In the ring the ring announce begins the announcements for the men in the ring. "Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the main event of the evening. This will be a fatal four way match going to one fall, there will be no counts outs and no disqualification, the first to get a pinfall or submission will be the winner, This match is for the BFW World championship. The first challenger weighing in at two hundred and five pounds Aaron North!", Now pointing into another corner and next challenger the announcer going to announcer, "In this corner the second challenger, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pound Daniel Vice!!!!" Now pointing at the last person and last challenger in the ring announcer begins the final announcement for the challengers, "In this corner is the third challenger, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds Eli Smith!" After that announcement the lights go dark and a spot light goes to the side of the entrance way. A man in an old fashion style mask appears with a cane like microphone, "Ladies and Gentlemen, It is now time, for the spectacle grand entrance of your champion of the world. Tonight he will grace you all with the greatest of shows. He takes on three men in this grandest piece of art yet. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Arius!" Soon the sound of the ghouls start their drumming but yet they are not seen. First out is Arius's manager Rin who holds the world championship then out comes Arius who walks to the ring with Rin right next to him. Once they get to the base of the ring Rin hands Arius his championship and he gets in the ring He hands the title then over to the referee then just stares almost soulless at the three others in the ring looking to start this match. The bell rings, and right at the start Arius springs to action, He slides to the left and punches Smith square in the throat! Then pushes him out of the ring. Aaron North goes after his opponent looking to get some sort of revenge from Proving Grounds. He gets a stiff knee to the gut and Arius hits his signature move as he lifts him up and hits the Osaka Street Cutter. He then rolls Arius out of the ring then stands up. The crowd go silent for a second, but then starts going berserk as Arius stands there is still one man in the ring and he hasnt moved yet in this match up. Arius turns and faces Daniel Vice and the crowd come unglued. Vice not showing any fear or intimidation by Arius's actions. Arius seems amused by Vice, and even more so when the crowd start chanting for Daniel's Vice's name. Arius gives Daniel Vice a bow then runs up and nails Vice with a stiff forearm strike right to the face. Daniel didnt even try to block or move out of the way he just took the stiff right. Then Daniel Vice after wards hits Arius with a vicious forearm strike to Arius's face. Arius did the same as Daniel Vice just took the shot. Both men start exchanging forearm strikes right after the other. Nether man blocking just taking the shot and waiting to hit after the other to hit the other. Smith tries to get in the way and attack one of the two and pays for it. Both men hit Smith at the same time with a forearm strike to the head, Then at the same time drop Smith with a kick to the chest. They might have just nearly caved in Smith's chest with how brutal the kick to the chest was. North tries to get back in the ring but pays for it as Daniel Vice runs up and hits Killshot on him, but leaving the elbow pad in place instead of exposing his elbow. Arius doesnt attack Vice tho, he waits for Daniel to be done with Aaron North. The crowd cheering more, then both men meet in the middle of the ring and get in an elbow and collar tie up. Arius batters Vice with knee strikes but Vice manages to slip under Arius's arm after four strikes and gets behind Arius and drops him with a german suplex rolls through going into a full nelson then rolling into a dragon suplex. Vice bridges up afterwards for a pin attempt but Arius rolls through breaking the count before one. As Arius rolls through he rolls into his dragon sleeper finisher Final Testimony! Thankfully for Daniel he was in good ring position as he manages to hook his leg over the rope, making Arius break the hold before he was too far into it. Arius breaks the hold and the crowd are shocked as now Daniel Vice is the first person to get in the move to get out of it. Even if it wasnt a true escape he still got out of it. Arius gets up and lifts up his hand showing how close he just had Vice from losing this match. Vice gets the message loud and clear. They go for a elbow collar tie up again but this time Vice shoves Arius away and hits him with a stiff and quick headbutt. It knocks Arius for a loop! He is groggy! Vice picks Arius up and hits the Daniel Vice Driver his death valley driver signature! He covers Arius. One...two...Arius kicks out! Vice doesnt seem shocked just disappointed. He gets up and takes off his elbow pad exposing the elbow completely. Looking for the Killshot again. He waits for Arius to stand then rushes him from behind to the middle of the ring. Suddenly Arius jumps up high catching Daniel Vice off guard as he gets some height from his jump as he jumps backwards. Hooking his arm around Vices head putting him in the Last Testimony! In the middle of the ring this time! Vice tries to fight out of this. Even starts kicking Arius in the head with three shots. But Arius just wrenches back on the head and neck more. Vice stops moves his kicking stops. The referee lifts the arm and it falls. The bell then rings the match is over! Ring announcer, "The winner of the match by submission and still BFW World Champion Arius!" Arius lets go of Daniel Vice and lets him fall to the ground. Arius is attacked! He gets hit in the back of the head by the Internet championship! Its Drew Irvin the new Internet champion! Irvin picks Arius up and hits his finisher Fataliknee!(Benadryller) The move he used to defeat Angelo in the co main event. Arius is still moving Drew Irvin doesnt seem to be done as he grabs Arius and drags him to the corner of the ring, and wait he pulls out handcuffs and handcuffs Arius to the top turnbuckle ropes. Arius starts fighting to get free but yet Drew doesnt attack him. He rolls out of the ring and grabs Arius's manager Rin! Drew pushes her into the ring then gets in. She is scared of Drew Irvin who picks her up onto his shoulders like he did to Arius not too long ago. He faces right at Arius then says clearly "First is your girl, next is your title!" Drew Irvin then hits Rin with Fataliknee right in front of Arius He tries but is unable to fight free of the handcuffs. Drew takes the BFW World championship away from the referee and holds it up along with his newly won BFW Internet championship His intentions are clear he isnt satisfied with just one title he wants two! Drew's last act of villainy he grabs the world title and puts it over Rin's face and then walks away. Arius is furious He stares a hole right through Drew Irvin. What will happen once Arius is free? Will the dominate BFW Internet champion face the undefeated BFW World Champion? Stay tuned to find out what is going to happen in BFW Rebirth! Match Result:
  23. Scene 'Unseen" From Rebirth Episode 6 Part 2 Another camera angle from the attack on we have a camera that was in the parking lot before the attack. We see Epic getting out of his car getting out slowly. His ribs are bandaged up from his match at Proving Grounds. We see him make his way to the trunk of his car and we see Julius walking by Epic. He looks at Epic and laughs at him even mockingly saying, "Oh did someone get hurt at Proving Grounds? You are pathetic!" Julius then leaves. As Julius leaves. Epic opens the trunk of his car suddenly a hooded masked man runs up from behind and nails Epic in the back with a crutch. The masked man grabs Epic then shoves him into the opened trunk lid. The masked man pulls Epic back then sends him face first into the tail light of the car shattering and cutting Epic's face open from the plastic like glass of the tail light of the car. The masked man proceeds to beat Epic repeatedly with the crutch focusing on the bandaged ribs and the cut wound on his face. Until the crutch is broken. The masked man now down limps away, his leg clearly braced from some sort of injury. Five minutes later we see Aaron entering the parking lot then yelling for help as he runs up to check on Epic to see if he is alright. Stay tuned for the next scene from "Unseen' footage from Episode 6. Part 2 has revealed a light. We saw Julius talk to Epic but he didn't attack him. A masked man did! Who was under the mask? He clearly has a leg injury, the other suspect was Ropati the man that blames Epic for his leg injury. Did Ropati attack Epic? Or was it someone else? Stay tuned. - Match Card Change Episode 6 Main Event World Championship Match Fatal Four way Match. Arius(c) vs Eli Smith vs Winner of Match #2 vs Winner of Match #3
  24. BPZ Hunger Games 2 Season 3 Episode 10 The Fifth Day Is Here! --- It is now day five, we have a group of people hunting for tributes on this day looking for someone to eliminate from the BPZ Hunger Games for Good. We have Gwyn searching, Yelich, Echo,and Brenden looking for other tributes. Last but not least we also have Sheridan looking for another person to add to her list of victims in this season of the forty eight tribute BPZ Hunger Games! First person we see is the season ones original man who betrayed his friends Alyx Wilde! He is seeing making a wooden spear. Maybe he is planning on stabbing someone in the back with the spear. We see Apex running for his life in the forest, but wait who is chasing him. It is Maasa! He has an axe! Apex doesnt want to be axed any questions today. He wants to live! BIC we see with a handful of throwing knives he randomly throws one into the threes, Suddenly Arrow falls out of the tree with the knife sticking in his head. BIC shrugs and grabs the knife recollects it and goes about on his day after eliminating Arrow from the games. Mave sees this in the distance and starts questioning his own sanity and his own place in these Hunger Games. We see in the corner of the Hunger Games arena Gill and George are in a vicious fist fight. Gill gets several direct shots to George's face hitting him in the nose then in the jaw, George must have a glass jaw because he falls back. His nose is broken and bleeding and George is knocked for a loop. Gill could finish George but decides he isnt worth his time and leaves. Sparing Georges life. Maybe this isnt a very wise decision. Who knows when the next time someone will get George knocked for a loop like this. Or maybe he will decide to bring the cliff jumping back again soon. We now see Smith who was close to the fight but he is sleeping in the bushes. Sleeping through the fight and tying to sleep through the entire day. Maybe trying to catch up on some well needed sleep. We see a small alliance form as Kansheek and Zack Zodiac working together. Gathering supplies and hunting for tributes while watching each others backs. Odd is seen making a wooden spear. A nice plan. Someone must have planned to do what the others have done in the past seasons. The wooden spear making a comeback! Keeley is seen making a wooden spear as well. Lots of spears that can be used to stab people in the back. Hans isnt making a wooden spear but he is making a slingshot, another popular weapon to make. Suby discovers a river. He found some water this day, hopefully he wont fall in and drown. The last person we see as the sun starts to set is Slim, he is wandering around the Hunger Games arena exploring. Taking mental notes, and staying clear from the cliffs that he jumped from during season one. As said before the sun is setting meaning it is the end of the fifth night on the forty eight man hunger games . And the end of this episode. So people are dropping like flies but yet there is still so many Hunger Games Tributes left. Who will last to the very end and be the winner of the season of the forty eight tributes? Keep staying tuned and find that out. Stay tuned for the next episode as BPZ Hunger games once again enters the fifth night.
  25. Blade makes his way to the ring with no music just with a chorus of Boos. Walking around Blade grabs the microphone from the announce and takes the ring bell and gets in the ring. Blade then sits in the middle of the ring. Blade, "This weekend is BPZ Backlash twenty nineteen, Last year I was still Hollow, I still tried hard and worked to create new opportunities that I made for myself. Last year, I beat Echo Wilson for the BPZ Premium Championship. That was last year when the hardworking man could break through the wall management puts up and grab the brass ring of success that they rightfully earned. This year, after BPZmania a new wall was created and created the death of the working man getting what they deserve. You fans let management take control again and now we are going to have a moment of silence. The bell will ring Three times for all those who had their moments stolen from them for management's hand picked winners. Now all you in the BPZ Universe shut your mouths!" The crowd begins to boo loudly for Blade as he hits the bell. Ding! Boos are loud Ding! The crowd get louder in booing Blade Ding! The crowd going berserk booing Blade Blade, "Now that is done you all are disrespectful for the guys who earned their opportunities from hard work who were screwed out of having their moments shine. Now lets look at my opponent at Backlash. Or should I now say opponents as another challenger approaches. Josh you inserted yourself into my match against Bailey. I will the first person to congratulate you of finding a group that accepts you. I see you for what you were Josh, you were in my shoes before, that guy who put in so much effort in for these people working hard, scratching and clawing your way up then to have your moment torn from your grasp. We have had this battle before, at Bad Blood twenty eighteen's money in the bank match. We both worked towards the match then someone else took our opportunity away from us. The same person who is the BPZ World Champion right now who we face at BPZ Backlash. The thing is now I don't find acceptable is that you are now playing the same role as the Bailey did at Bad Blood. You put yourself in a match you have no business being in and trying to take my prize away from me. You see that is completely unacceptable and unforgiveable. You joined the loser club, sorry the SSW Club now you think you are one of the big boys now. Got yourself some friends, now you are thinking maybe you can use them to get what you want. The thing is you picked the wrong target to start with. You could have and should have gone after the Intercontinental championship, or maybe helped the SSW team lose in the Number one contenders match, because spoiler they aren't winning there. But you put yourself into the BPZ World title match now you made a mistake as got in my way. Now when topple that ladder of success that Bailey put himself on at the top. You too Josh will end up falling after I beat you as well." Blade stops and taps the microphone twice Blade, "Now my other opponent and the man I orginally have been preparing for. The Bailey. Still calling me Hollow, and calling me a loser putting me in the same list with another, but this time Josh. You look at this and think that winning is my only goal at Backlash. Winning will be a bonus, but my goal is simple is to take down everything you created. Everything you put together in BPZ to make this place yours is going to be destroyed. You created the wall which people like myself cant get past so that your handpicked guys can have an easy pass and make their legacies that you are developing. The wall that you set up is going to shatter as I am going to break down the wall and get what I want! I will see you at Backlash champ! Let's see if after Backlash if anyone else will call you that ever again."

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