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Status Updates posted by Blade

  1. Take a look at my new forum diary.  The BPZ Hunger Games Sim 2 We are already been through one full group of Hunger games for the first season.  Go back and look at who won.  How long did others last.

    Go to the diary now and sign up if you haven't.  We are going into season 2, you will be signing up for season 3.  Trying to have 48 people involved in this so start signing up if you haven't yet. Read, Sign up and enjoy!



  2. New Premium Champion!


    Thank you everyone once again. Here is my write up of the match And Promo to follow it up.


  3. Well the Write up for the Match inside of the Unsanctioned Zone is up.  Hollow vs Julius.  I want to thank everyone who showed their support for this feud.   Thank you everyone who voted for me, even with a loss I got to write the match i wanted to do, so thank you everyone.

    Link to the write up below


  4. Blade Forum Wrestling 3 my forum diary is doing a special tag tournment to determine who will be the first tag team champions of the diary.  Read the latest post by me to find out the details.  Want to have characters be part of this tournment that everyone who signs up has an equal chance?  Go to the link i provided and sign up today!



  5. Blade Forum Wrestling is back! Sign ups are open go and check it out!



  6. Check out my new promo, Prelude to Unsanctioned Pt2.  The build up to the Unsanctioned event next month next part is up check it out



  7. Blade Forum Wrestling Reloaded's first big event is up.  Proving Ground.  Every title is was on the line.  From the vacant Internet title to the world title held by Slim.  Check out the forum diary to find out what happened in BFW Reloaded's first ppv.



  8. My first promo in about 2 months Here it is, 'A new year, A new attitude'.  something to start off new and fresh this year in kayfabe this year.  Check it out..  http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15537-a-new-year-a-new-attitude/


  9. Check Out my new Promo.   Hollow's celebration promo is up.  Find out what the madman said, and did.



  10. All I can say that describes how I feel about the ending of Survivor Series.....Goldberg!  Goldberg!  Goldberg!  :mark That was awesome!

  11. The first episode of Blade's Forum Wrestling Rookie Tournament is up.  Find out who is staying and who is leaving. Read it, Like it and  Enjoy.  If you Like it then hit that green up button!



  12. New Episode of Blade Forum Wrestling.  Episode 23, Another Big episode.  First Three rounds of the Championship Tournament.  A big Match for the United States and Hardcore championship.  Who walked out with one of the titles?  Or Did one of the two champions walk out with both?  Read and Find out.


     Read, Like and Enjoy.

  13. Can someone unban me from the chat?

  14. It is finally done.  Blade's Forum Wrestling's Slamboree is finally up. Find out who was able to make it out as the winners.  Find out who are still champion or who maybe the new world champion.  Check it out here http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6526-blades-forum-wrestling/&page=17


    Read it, and Like it and enjoy

  15. Check out my new Promo 'Seeking the Grail'  Find out what Hollow said.  Building up towards Halloween Havoc seeking a prize.  Read it, Like it and Enjoy.  http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14202-seeking-the-grail/#comment-188228


  16. Check out my new Promo- Genesis- A True Moment Of Carnage.

    Building up towards this Sunday's Power Trip: Genesis.  Hollow sending a message to his opponents read and find out what he said.  Read it, Like it and Enjoy



  17. It is finally done!  Slamboree Kick off Tournament Semi Finals and Finals are up.  Find out who made it to finals and won the biggest opportunity in my forum diary's history! Like It, Read it and Enjoy. Btw if you like it then you know what to do ;) 



  18. Sorry for the long wait, but here is the next part of Slamboree's kick off show, Part 2 to the Slamboree Tournament of Blade's Forum Wresting.  Find out who has been eliminated and who is going on to the semi finals.


    Read Like, and Enjoy

  19. Check Out my new Diary


    The first Raw Match Card has been posted.  Find out who will be competing for the Vacant Universal Title. Leave Comments, and Predictions on who do you think won each match. Of the first episode of Degeneration X's Monday Night Raw 

  20. Destroy Ruin and Despair Pt. 5- The End.  My newest promo and the end of the Promo Series Destroy, Ruin, and Despair.  The final exchange of the two personas.  Read it and find out the final message of these promos. Like it, and Enjoy



  21. Blade Forum Wrestling, Slamboree's Kickoff show is up.  The first part of the tournament has been post.  Go check out who is moving on and who is eliminated.



  22. It is up Destroy Ruin and Despair Pt. 4.  The next confrontation Promo of Hollow and Blade.  The battle of the Egos continue. Read what has happened next. http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13699-destroy-ruin-and-despair-pt4/ 


  23. Destroy, Ruin and Despair Pt. 2,   Check out the next part in this multi part promo of the Exchange between Blade and his Alter Ego Hollow.  Check out that what comes from the madman known as Hollow as he deals with Alter Self.  Read, Like and Enjoy ;)



  24. New Episode of Blade Forum Wrestling is up.  The Last Episode before Slamboree!  Find out who is the #1 Contender for the World title, Who is the #1 Contender for the US title and Who is the US champion.  Read, Like, and Enjoy



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