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  1. Emperor Nate

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Brad
  2. Emperor Nate

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: January 14th 2019

    I do know what they could do at this stage to make anyone care for the Brock and Braun feud when it's obvious to everyone that Brock's going to win the match. The segment last week was painfully bad so hopefully they try and do something better this week to create some sort of interest, maybe add a stipulation to their match. The triple threat match for the IC title should be a good match, but would be shocked if anyone but Ambrose walks out champion. Can see him rolling Rollins up or throwing Rollins out of the ring when he's done the damage to pin Lashley.
  3. Emperor Nate

    One Match Wonder PPVs

    Brock Lesnar VS John Cena VS Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble 2015. One of the best matches of the PG era for me and it completely stole the show. That year's Royal Rumble itself is infamous for being one of the worst Rumbles ever with Reigns winning it and the other few matches aren't anything special either.
  4. Emperor Nate

    What Youtubers have you been watching?

    WillNE True Geordie Loki Doki Memeulous Niko Omilana ImAllexx Rock Reacts Dead End Hip Hop NewLegacyInc Let's Play
  5. Emperor Nate

    Favorite Spot In A Wrestling Match?

    Would also say Undertaker sitting up and laughing at Brock Lesnar, that might have been the most I've marked out for a wrestling match and the battle they exchanged after that was great. Another one is when Undertaker kicked out of the superkick and pedigree at Wrestlemania 28. Watched it live and I genuinely thought the streak was over when it happened.
  6. Emperor Nate

    I Am The Emperor

    Music very unfamiliar begins to blast throughout the Carnage arena. The audience remain confused until they see a more familiar face on the titantron. Then the crowd let out a massive roar as it is indeed Nate, walking out to the stage. He pays no mind to the audience as they give Nate a resounding cheer for his return. It is the first time Nate has been seen since his loss to Slim all the way back to May of last year. Surely with a lot on his mind he quickly makes his way down the ramp and grabs a microphone as he steps inside a Carnage ring for the first time ever. "I have came back to BPZ, for a number of reasons and trust me, I haven't came back to please any of you toxic idiots in the crowd and be a man of the people and thank you for being able to shout loudly for me. I came back to BPZ with championship gold in mind. In case any of you forgot I am one of the greatest wrestlers in BPZ history. I am The Emperor. I completely ran EVOLVE and dismantled every single opponent that tried to step in my way. I held the Global Championship for a combined reign of 7 months. But since those days there's a been lot of new and fresh competition that I hear a lot of people praising making their way into BPZ, but realistically looking at them all, any of them would've been nothing to me in the ring and they'd have easily been thrown away to catering or whatever graveyard shift they were working before they got a job here. I have came back to usher in an era of dominance and do exactly what I did when I was back in EVOLVE and run things once again. Whilst I was gone I didn't just sit on the couch, and watch TV all day. I knew that after I suffered my loss to Slim I had to come back harder than before and I spent everyday since then, 180 days straight, kicking ass to make sure I was in shape to kill in this ring." "As you are all aware, the Premium Championship is currently vacated and leaves a spot open to guarantee a new champion. That is the championship I am looking for and it doesn't matter who is going for it because at the end of the day they will all bow down to me and accept their defeat as I pummel them into oblivion. Like most of these talkers I see in the wrestling business I'm not just an act you see on the TV screen trying to entertain people, and talk trash to get a simple reaction, I mean every single word I say, and I do everything I say that I will do. So trust me when I say that I will proclaim myself The Emperor of the Premium Division at the Royal Rumble." "The next goal was an easy decision to make and one that I am confident in achieving. I am competing in the Royal Rumble match and I plan on getting past 29 other people and destroying my competition and earn myself a chance at the title I've been fighting for the last 3 years at BPZMania, The World Championship. Ever since I walked into this company that title has been in my sights although I have failed in all my attempted efforts and have gotten so far numerous times, I have became a more vicious and complete all around fighter over the years, I have learned so much in my years of experience I will not let this golden opportunity slip past me. If anyone wants to challenge or argue with me on anything I have had to say then I dare them to come out here and say it to my face, so I can see for myself what I will be dealing with."
  7. Emperor Nate

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    I'm really loving how we've been playing so far under Ole and I hope if we keep up this good form he stays on because we're playing some of the best football I've seen united play in years. In the first half United were like a house on fire and I thought we were destroying for Spurs for a vast majority of it. Thankfully we got the goal then because we really lost control of the game after that. De Gea saved us in the 2nd half from dropping important points and we really got lucky with the win in the end. Overall I thought we played good but the defence is still a bit shaky, hopefully we can buy a defender over the break and try to break into the top 4.
  8. Emperor Nate

    Favorite Hip Hop Songs

    Top 5 of All Time: B.I.B.L.E. by Killah Priest, All Caps by Madvillain, Through the Wire by Kanye West, Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G. and Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar Top 5 Current: Baby I'm Bleeding by JPEGMafia, If You Know You Know by Pusha T, Nowhere2Go by Earl Sweatshirt, Mona Lisa by Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz, Golden Fleece by Ka
  9. Emperor Nate

    WWE 2019 Men's Royal Rumble

    For me Seth Rollins has to be winning this. I really can't see them giving the royal rumble to Drew despite how great it would be and Rollins seems like the obvious choice to go on and win it seeing as he's been a big main eventer now for years and him and Brock in a one on one sounds like it would be one of the better Wrestlemania main events. Another one I could maybe see them doing is John Cena so he can have his match for his 17th World Title but I really hope they don't go down that road.
  10. Emperor Nate

    What are you listening to right now?

    Hard to get into if you've never listened to experimental rap but it's really chill to listen to.
  11. Emperor Nate

    Music Discussion

    Comethazine - Bawskee 2 Comethazine is a trap rapper who recently brought out a follow up to his last work Bawskee. When I found out what this guy was about I really wasn't that interested and this tape was getting some terrible reviews as well but I was surprised by how much I liked some of the stuff on here. The lyrics on Bawskee 2 are awful and can be summed up as talking about getting bitches, smoking weed and murdering people for 17 minutes straight and I try to avoid caring about the lyrics because that's clearly not what Comethazine cares about, but it's hard when they're really as bad as they are. But the main reasons I like some of this are some of the crazy beats on here and when Comethazine starts going mental on tracks. I Be Damned is my favourite track on here and is the best example of what I love about this tape. It's one of the many attempted trap bangers that actually work and it had me bopping my head. Despite the lyricism probably being at it's worst on Benjamin Counter this is also another track I liked. But after this it's mostly downhill as the 2nd half really doesn't keep up with some of the music in the 1st. The beats and Comethazine start to become more uninteresting and boring as it goes on. Despite some postivies on the production side this is album is mostly bad and the only song I can say I'll be returning to is I Be Damned and maybe Benjamin Counter. The lyricism is really hard to ignore at times and drags it down a lot from being decent. Score: 4/10 Favourite Tracks: I Be Damned, Benjamin Counter Okay Tracks: Demar Derozan, Hippopotamus Least Favourite Tracks: OnMyGrannyKids, How Do You Do? 4 Pound, Wine and Dine
  12. Emperor Nate

    WWE Dream matches

    Brock Lesnar VS Lashley Daniel Bryan VS Kurt Angle AJ Styles VS Shawn Michaels
  13. Emperor Nate

    Most Iconic TNA moments of All time

    I don't know how this hasn't been mentioned yet. If there's one thing TNA does best it's making me laugh and this promo is genuinely one of the funniest things I've ever seen in wrestling. Jay Lethal's Ric Flair impression is so spot on and the battle the two of them had on the mic was golden. This and the Final Deletion are the two most iconic moments that have ever happened in TNA that I can think of.
  14. Emperor Nate

    Best Year By A Wrestler In WWE History?

    A great year for one wrestler that stands out to me the most is Del Rio's year in 2011. He won the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank in the same year and the WWE Championship after only just coming into the company. Considering he didn't do much at all after that it's a pretty special year.
  15. Emperor Nate

    Favorite Finishers

    RKO is my favourite because it really can come out of nowhere and looks cool everytime. It's also created really great moments like the curb stomp into the RKO and other mid-air versions. The Tombstone is another because of how devestating it actually looks and for how legendary the move is, like the RKO. The leaping tombstone was especially great.