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  1. Emperor Nate

    What are you listening to right now?

  2. Emperor Nate

    Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

    Can't believe this feud is still going feels like they've been feuding for years now. From what I've seen it's one of the most boring parts of RAW each week. Braun will most likely end Corbin after about 4 or 5 minutes, shame what's happened to Braun's career recently he's honestly dead now.
  3. Kofi getting a chance at the WWE Championship is great, really deserves it for how great of a servant he's been to the company. Still confident Bryan will retain though can't see Kofi pulling off a massive upset. He'll still be a very good addition to the match, a chamber match really suits him wouldn't be surprised if he goes far and ends up being in the final 3.
  4. Emperor Nate

    Music Discussion

    Navy Blue - Gangway For Navy EP Navy Blue is skater recently turned rapper who would be recognised mostly for his feature on Earl's album last year. He keeps up the same style he had on that album last year with deadpan and sad raps over some experimental instrumentals. The production is really great and is the main reason I like this album It's a very original sound and I'm usually a fan of experimental music. There is also elements of jazz which works really well. On the lyrical side of the EP Navy Blue goes deep into his life and depression and loss of family members. While he is not the best rapper lyrically, especially compared to MIKE who features on this album he does make up for it with his compelling flow and voice. EP contains 8 songs which are all good for the most part with a few okay songs in between and it's an easy listen with it only being under 20 minutes long. Would recommend it to any Earl Sweatshirt fans as they're both fairly alike, or fans of experimental music. Best tracks: Apperenstion, deathmask, shine on me ft MIKE, I love you!, slow down Worst track: Seperate ways! (is still okay, would be better if it wasn't just a beat) Overall Rating: 8/10
  5. Yeah can't take Ruby Riott serious as a threat at all to Ronda's title and match should be over after about 4 minutes. Becky will probably come out and attack Ronda after to try and forge herself back into the Wrestlemania match.
  6. Emperor Nate

    Champions League Sweepstake

    I'm in
  7. My Top 5 Hip Hop Albums of January 2019 Recommendations: Kill Bill x Rav - NEW MOON, Vic Spencer & Tree - Nothing is Something, Boogie - Everything for Sale 5. Rick Hyde - Plates Rick Hyde was a name I was slightly familiar to before this because of his work with Benny the Butcher, and I'm glad I didn't miss out on this new album because there's some good points. He's like Benny with his style and beats because it sounds like a gangsta rap album out of the 90's for the most part. I have little complaints but sometimes Rick Hyde's rapping gets carried by the beats. There's some quality tracks on here like Shameah which had me bopping my head, Lanez is also another great track featuring Benny, who delivers a great verse, and El Camino on the hook. Overall a very decent album and will be looking out for whatever Rick does next. Favourite Tracks: Shameah, Lanez and Margeila Rugby 4. Malibu Ken (Aesop Rock & Tobacco) - Malibu Ken Didn't like this album at first but has grown on me after a few listens. Aesop is outstanding on here and his lyrical ability is still top notch but the beat choices are not the best and the beats all kinda sound alike on every track with little variety, but for the most part I can stand the beats. The two singles which came out before the release of the album, Corn Maze and Acid King are my two favourite tracks by far which is another reason why I was initially disappointed on first listen because I was expecting the entire album to be amazing, so I was slightly let down. The rapping on here is still great and the lyrics are just absolutely insane, along with Aesop's flow. Definitely not for everyone but I thought that it was pretty decent, not one of Aesop's best though. Favourite Tracks: Corn Maze, Acid King, Churro 3. AJ Suede - Darth Sueder III AJ Suede is a rapper from Seattle, who was unknown to me before I found out about this album. But I definitely rate him after listening to this album, especially with that album title. I find it very chill and relaxing to listen to, and it's easy to get through with it only being 18 minutes long with 10 tracks. AJ Suede himself is a good rapper, not the best lyrics but a very good flow and voice. The first half would probably make this album number 1 on this list, but the last couple of tracks really weren't the best and felt like filler, the outro is pretty funny though. This Temple Here and Deep Shadows are my favourite tracks on here. Overall it's a good listen and has good replay value, but the last couple of tracks drag it down. Favourite Tracks: This Temple Here, Couple Thousand Pounds, Deep Shadows 2. Marc Mac - All Power to the People All Power to the People is an instrumental hip hop album by UK producer Marc Mac. The tracks on here feature talks from people involved in the Black Panther community and they add a lot to the tracks and stop some of them from getting boring. The instrumentals themselves for the most part are very good and have an old school element to them. This thing is solid from back to front and despite the 17 tracks it doesn't feel like a long listen. My only gripe is that some tracks go longer then they should go on for and make me lose interest. The fact you can only listen to it on Bandcamp is also annoying as well. Overall it's a very good album, if you're looking for pure rap though this might not be for you as it's basically a beat tape. Favourite Tracks: High on the People, I Am Fred Hamtpon, Only People Can Save the World 1. Blockhead - Free Sweatpants And my album of January is Free Sweatpants by well known producer Blockhead. He is mostly known for being one of Aesop Rock's main producers since coming into the game. On here he keeps up the great quality he did with Aesop Rock in previous works with a lot of great instrumentals and also some good features which are some of the big names in the underground rap scene. The album features Aesop Rock himself on Kiss the Cook, which I absolutely love, it reminds me of early Aesop from the 2000s and the lyrical content is on point, along with Blockhead's beat. Weeping Willow is also my favourite instrumental track on here, some of the instrumental tracks like on Marc Mac's album, can go a bit longer than they should, but Weeping Willow was great without any rapping needing to be attached to it and was a good length for an instrumental. The sound quality can be slightly low on some of these tracks for whatever reason which is another small problem I have. Overall this is great and will probably be up there somewhere in my end of year list. Favourite Tracks: Kiss The Cook, Weeping Willow, Deeperstill
  8. I really don't know who's going to win this match, I'm thinking Rollins is obvious but with what happened last year you really can't be sure. But with Lesnar likely going back to the UFC again I feel like he has to drop the title at Mania to Rollins. Out of the current roster Rollins is possibly Lesnar's only believable opponent to take the title off of him. Can see this being a really good match as long as it's not like the finisher fest that happened last year. If it's anything like Lesnar's recent affairs then it should be an amazing watch though. It's been awhile since a WrestleMania main event has really delivered, but I really think these two should be able to work well with each other in the ring, hopefully it goes well.
  9. Emperor Nate

    YouTube Wrestling Match Archive

    Watched this match awhile ago, and watched it again recently after Walter signed for NXT. Really good storytelling match and Ospreay plays the face role very well. Walter also looks an absolute machine and is a beast in the ring. One of the best matches I seen from last year.
  10. Yeah fairly confident that Bryan will retain here and go to Wrestlemania as the champion. Looking at the competitors in this match, they're all good in the ring and I think can all provide some cool moments inside the chamber, and I can see there being some crazy spots, maybe a Swanton off the pod or Orton catching someone with a mid-air RKO off the pod. I assume that Bryan will be assisted by Rowan in someway to help him win the match, but I don't want his reign to consist of him cheating to win like how it was with Owens.
  11. Emperor Nate

    What are you listening to right now?

    Never heard of Boogie before I listened to his new album and he's pretty decent. This is my favourite track off the album, him and J.I.D. both kill it.
  12. Emperor Nate

    RAW Top Star Reportedly Leaving WWE Soon

    I'm not surprised that he's unhappy with his current situation his heel turn should have gone a lot better for him but it hasn't been the best at all. I feel like Vince will want to tie him down to another contract though, he's one of their most popular current stars and would be a big loss, but I don't think Ambrose will accept anything until he gets what he wants with his character. If he does end up leaving my guess would be that he ends up going to AEW after his contract has ran out or will take a break from wrestling completely. Will be very interesting to see what happens now in the coming weeks.
  13. The story at the moment with Shane and Miz is probably one of the better things going on in WWE right now and it was the right decision to give them the tag titles. Shane's shooting star press to win the match completely caught me off guard and was one of the moments of the night. I assume this team won't last long though and The Bar will most likely win the titles back which will lead to Shane VS Miz at Mania.
  14. Emperor Nate

    The SVDM Challenge

    The newly crowned Premium Champion, Nate makes his way out onto the stage, with his title held over his shoulder and with a disgusted look on his face with what he's seeing in the ring. Nate gets given a mic as he begins to talk whilst walking down the ramp. "At the Royal Rumble last night, I claimed that I would destroy whoever stepped foot in my path and that is exactly what I did. Last night I obliterated Storm and made sure that I'd send him packing back home and out of the business that he never should have been allowed to step foot into in the first place, and there is really no point in talking about him much more than that because he is just an absolute disgrace. Whereas I to the shock of nobody have once again reclaimed my throne as The Emperor of the Premium Division, and just like when I last won it many years ago, I still have unimportant sorry excuses for wrestlers trying to step up to the plate, who should not even be mentioned in the same breath as myself. I find it embarrassing that these are the caliber level of opponent that I have to deal with, the fact that we're meant to believe that Wall Ace is a legitimate contender for my Premium Championship and nothing more than cannon fodder, is just laughable." Nate enters the ring and gets up into Wall Ace's face and takes a long look at him. "I'm looking into your eyes right now, and I know that you're not serious about this, I can tell just by looking at you that you yourself aren't even convinced that you can mount a serious challenge to me, that you could be a roadblock to my inevitable victory, and even these fans, the ones who are meant to be 100% behind you know that you are an absolute waffler, with zero credibility whatsoever. My advice to you is to keep up this New Bloods team, stay in your own lane and save yourself from a slaughtering and possible career suicide, or if you genuinely want to have a chance of succeeding, take your solo talents somewhere else and wrestle in some back alleys with people more on your level of skill. You are a waste of a human being in this land and a waste of my time, and I could probably pull out a more fitting opponent from the overweight slobfest that is this crowd. If you really are the only man that's still challenging by the time St. Valentines Day Massacre comes around then there is something seriously wrong with this company, and I wish you, Wall Ace, the best of luck in your future endeavours." Nate holds his title up in the air and right in front of Wall Ace to massive boos from the crowd and leaves the ring, leaving the arena, looking more offended than anything with what is meant to be a challenge.