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  1. Holla holla playas! It pleases me to announce to you all today, that Slim has made me the new permanent GM of EVOLVE! Now, to all yall Evolve members out there in that locker room, things will begin to shake up over the next few weeks so be ready for some big announcements coming up real soon and some TAG TEAM ACTION! But until then, I'm Nate Long homies, and I'm your new EVOLVE general manager.

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    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      And as Carnage's about to be new General Manager, my goal is to listen to the PEOPLE! So, Flynn will put his Universal Championship on the line against.... Yelich. And BiC, and Josh in a fatal four way match! Holla that playa! And remember, PEOPLE POWER!

    3. Poiudust


      I quit. I haven’t even debuted yet and I quit.

    4. Tamer


      Y O U  K N O W  I  T ' S  T H A  M A C M I L L I T A N T 

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