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  1. Steve (Minecraft) vs Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Marth (Fire Emblem) Master Chief vs Jin Kazama (Tekken) Scorpion vs Kratos Pikachu vs Solid Snake Ratchet & Clank vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Clementine (The Walking Dead) Tony Hawk vs John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) Lara Croft vs Agent 47 (Hitman) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs Dante (Devil May Cry) Nathan Drake (Uncharted) vs Banjo-Kazooie Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) vs Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot vs Donkey Kong Mario vs Link Bubsy vs GLaDoS (Portal)
  2. We're on BPZ TV, and then suddenly the titantron goes to the backstage area with just a seat in the middle of it. A man goes over to the chair and as he sits down, it's revealed to be The Emperor, Nate. He stares into the camera with a serious look on his face as he has something to say to the audience, likely about his upcoming King of the Ring fight. "So far in this tournament I have made a mockery of my first two opponents, just as I had previously predicted numerous weeks ago. Alex Costa was no match for me and neither was KENJI, for their entire careers now they'll remember how "close" they were, but they were never close, I was ALWAYS in control in both of those matches and I was never in any doubt that I would advance on in this King of the Ring tournament. They were both only here to make up the numbers, I'm in this competition because I am an incredible athlete who strives to be the greatest wrestler alive. None of those men would match up to me if I had my hands tied behind my back, but now I've got a different challenge in Hans. A man who I have heard so much about recently that everyone seems to be so high on, and I can see why. He's an impressive guy in the ring, he's shown lots of talent so far, but anyone can show talent, before they come up against someone like me. Just like Alex and just like KENJI, Hans is talking about this being a dream for him, but he needs to take himself out of this clouded mindset of believing and living in fantasies and peak an eye out at the real world for a moment and realise that I am The Emperor. You can go on all these fancy bridge walks all you want, but while you're looking into the ocean thinking what can be, but the truth is all your wishing and luxury walks mean nothing in the wrestling ring." "I remember a man just like you believe it or not. It's quite ironic actually because that man used to be me. I used to sit around all the time dreaming and wondering about what I can accomplish in this company, and that was my downfall for so long. I tried to play the underdog, I tried to be the hero but where did it all get me in the end? Nowhere. I spent months wasting opportunities, losing match after match after match, until finally I realised, that to do well in that ring you've got to be vicious in your path to pursuit and you shouldn't be sitting around thinking about what-ifs, and that I should show no mercy instead of leaving myself so vulnerable. I like your optimism Hans, I really do appreciate that you have some belief in yourself but I hope you realise that I'm not just any wrestler, or some new guy on the block fighting for the US Championship. I have accomplished so much in my tenure here in BPZ but not being able to win that World Championship, it eats at me that I've never held that title, and there's no chance that I let a little pesk like yourself get in the way of my legacy." "To you, this is just a fun ride, a nice experience with a chance at the jackpot at the end of it all. You have zero chance of beating me when you step into that ring, because the moment you do you will finally pop out of that dream phase and see that I'm THE best who have ever came up against in your career, and you'll know that you don't have enough to pull off some sort of miracle. This King of the Ring tournament is serious to me, I have never been so dedicated to achieving something so much in my life, do you really think I would let myself slip-up now after 4 bloody years of work? At the end of this bout Hans, you will have learned a valuable lesson, and that is that I am an unbeatable, untouchable freak who shows no surrender in the face of a war, I'd just hope that for your sake you've already booked up a session at the hospital for after our match, because there is no way I will let you leave on your own two feet if I get my way, and that's a fact." A clearly angry Nate gets up from his chair and leaves the backstage area after delivering a defiant message to Hans.
  3. The Rock is definitely the best of all time when it comes to his skills on the microphone, he's untouchable when it comes to promos. Definitely the correct decision there, CM Punk winning would have been a shock to me, don't think he's close to The Rock.
  4. Song Reviews Doing my first song reviews on this topic, I'll be getting @Sameer and @Smith recommendations done and I'll move on to the album recommendations afterwards. Dave - BLACKBOX Freestyle: 9/10 I listened to Dave for the first time earlier in the year when PSYCHODRAMA came out and he definitely has a lot of a talent. This freestyle might be better than anything off of that album though if I'm being honest. This freestyle just sounds really raw and you can feel the passion in his voice when he's rapping. The fact that he was 16 when he did this is just nuts, his flow is insane and he shines lyrically on this as well. He raps about a lot of the personal problems that he's had to deal with, like the police being unfair to him and the people that he hangs around with, claiming one of his friends got arrested for a crime that he didn't even commit, calling out Wale as well for being a snitch. The lyrics are just really gritty and it sounds like Dave was going through rough stuff when he did this freestyle. It gets to a point towards the last minute of the freestyle were you can almost hear his voice shaking like he's about to breakdown in the middle of the freestyle, it's mental. The beat choice is great as well, it really fits the atmosphere of the song because of how dark it is. This is definitely a good song/freestyle to put on if you're interested in storytelling rap music and like a lot of interesting topics in your music, 100% recommend if you fit those categories, only reason I can see people hating this is if they don't like the voice. Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea): 7/10 This just a decent banger. The rapping isn't anything special but the beat is pretty good. It's just the usual money brag raps that you usually get from these type of trap songs. I thought it was pretty funny since DaBaby was dressing up as Suge Knight in the video. I think DaBaby has a lot of potential and I think he will do well if he continues to go this direction with his music, because this is a lot better than most trap songs. The song is fine but it's not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, if I heard the song on the radio or if one of my mates put it on then I wouldn't listening to it. If you listen to a lot of trap music or need a song to get hype to then you should be able to get on board this, it's a fun banger but nothing more than that for me.
  5. Bray Wyatt is my favourite guy in WWE at the moment, he hasn't even had a match yet since returning as his new character but I've loved what WWE have done with him so far with the wacky and funny promos. Bray's one of the most exciting parts of RAW when he's on and now that he's finally made an in-ring appearance I'm intrigued to see what WWE do with him from here.
  6. My favourite part about Summerslam weekend is becoming the NXT PPV's. They're a rarity so when there's a show on it's a must watch. They never fail to deliver with their shows so I doubt this one will be any different, I'm looking forward to it. Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano should be another amazing match between the two, I think Adam Cole is retaining the title here, can see the loser getting called-up to the main roster so I feel like it's going to be Gargano.
  7. The brand split is on it's last legs at the moment with the wildcard rule and I wouldn't be shocked if WWE just bins it altogether soon enough. They really should just get rid of the wildcard rule and start over fresh because both shows need to be shaken up, RAW more than Smackdown at the moment. Ending the brand split would definitely be a bad move, it would just mean that Smackdown really becomes secondary and/or a lot more guys are going to get left out on TV because there would be less room with the entire RAW and Smackdown roster being packed together.
  8. Trailer Park Boys is a series I got into awhile ago because someone recommended it to me, and it's honestly hilarious. It's not for everyone but it makes me think about what South Park would be like if it was shot as a documentary. A lot of the jokes are stupid and the humor is mostly just people swearing at each other but it works. "I am the liquor" is also an all time quote.
  9. Best face currently is Kevin Owens for me. He's like a CM Punk or Steve Austin kind of face who stands up to the authority, which is always good to have. I've really enjoyed Owens ripping into WWE over the last few weeks and the crowd are definitely behind him with everything he says. Best heel currently is Shane McMahon. I know it's arguably bad heat because people genuinely dislike him but he's really great at getting under people's skin and pissing everyone off so you have to respect how good of a heel he is when people want to murder him. He plays a lot better heel than a face as an authority figure and the Best in the World character is pretty good because it's clear he's not the best and it annoys the fans like mad.
  10. Ember Moon should definitely be getting pushed as one of the top stars in the womens division. She was great in NXT but she hasn't been given that much of a chance yet on the main roster. I think she could be a good Women's Champion and WWE should give her the title at Summerslam. Bayley's reign has been dead and they need to have someone different as champion who hasn't had a title reign before.
  11. One event that I'd love to see make a return is King of the Ring. Bringing back that tournament could definitely elevate a lot of midcard talent and help make them bigger. They would have to give the winner of the tournament a title shot though, because it just makes it feel less important if all you get at the end is a crown.
  12. Drake Maverick has been great in his role so far, it's just perfect for him. He's one of the most entertaining parts of WWE at the moment along with R-Truth with the 24/7 stuff. I'm glad that he hasn't been wasted in WWE and has been featured on television a lot because you definitely need some comedy in wrestling and he seems like one of the funniest guys in wrestling right now.
  13. It's 2019 but I'm still living off of that 2016 King of the Ring win. I was mad lucky considering that I could have easily been gone in the first round but then a lot of screwy stuff happened and I somehow ending up winning the tournament. Not to kiss my own arse but I believe that's the most shocking moment ever just because I really shouldn't have won at all. (Thanks Slim and he who shall not be named)
  14. The only way I can see CM Punk getting back into wrestling is if he does commentary, which would just be a disappointment at this point. These are similar to the rumors that were surrounding All In with him doing meet-ups in the build-up to that show, and then nothing happened with him. I really don't care that much about CM Punk anymore either, it would be crazy if he showed up in AEW and I'd be shocked but I doubt he'd be anywhere near as good as he was like 5 years ago. I think Jericho is right as well, they should be trying to get a lot of unknown guys over and making their own stars instead of grabbing whatever big names they can, we seen what happened with TNA.
  15. This is just more glorified house show stuff from WWE. There's no point in giving this a watch because the champions will be retaining and the matches will probably be average. The show name is awful as well, just usual WWE going with the most basic and unoriginal names possible. I might check out the Elias performance on Youtube after the show is over but that's as far as my interest goes.
  16. The match definitely should be main eventing the show so that's good to see. They could still very well do a 5 minute main event match for the Universal Championship, but I doubt they'd do the same thing they did at Wrestlemania. Brock and Rollins really needs to be a proper match-up, I think they could do a lot of great stuff if it's around 15 minutes.
  17. This is one of my favourite Denzel Curry songs so it's a shame it's not that popular because it came early in his career. The rapping on this song is great and the beat goes hard as well. Lil Ugly Mane's verse is top notch I thought he stole the show lyrically, definitely needs more attention.
  18. Overrated - Bayley has always came across as really overrated to me. There was a lot of hype behind her when she came up to the main roster but I still don't quite understand it yet. I know she's supposed to be the biggest face ever but the character irritates me a bit. Most of the time when she's talking on the mic I just try to ignore it, I don't know why she's just really annoying when she speaks. I just don't get the appeal and I doubt she'd be as liked if she wasn't loved in NXT. Underrated - I know it's an easy choice but it's just true, Cesaro has definitely been one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE over the last few years. I'll honestly never understand how he's not been a World Champion, he has a great look, great wrestler and just comes across like a beast. He's had some good tag team runs and has been a reliable guy but he should really be in the World Title picture. I think at this stage though he's destined to be stuck in the midcard for the rest of his career sadly.
  19. I'd be surprised if The Rock isn't an unannounced part of the RAW Reunion show. If he went to the performance center to have a look at some of the upcoming talent then that's pretty cool, but I feel it would have something to do with RAW as well.
  20. These aren't as bad as some of their other name changes in the past, but some of them are still pretty ridiculous. Dan Matha and Brennan Williams are decent names, so I don't know why they're being changed to some stupid names like Dorian Mak. It just sound like they did a random name generator to come up with some of these.
  21. The booking of the Nexus will always be one of the worst booking decisions ever. You had tons of guys who you could build as a dominant force and as future stars of the WWE but in the end they were just made to be fed to John Cena. They really dropped the ball with that stable, and if Cena is the reason why Nexus didn't win at Summerslam then that's pretty shady from him.
  22. Stone Cold would definitely be one of my favourites of all time over Hulk Hogan but there's a really good chance there'd never even be a Stone Cold without Hulk Hogan so that's where I'm coming from here. Hulk basically put wrestling on the map when it was never really a big thing for people before.

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