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  1. Cena VS Lesnar VS Rollins at Royal Rumble for me definitely. One of my favourite WWE matches that I still rewatch today.
  2. Shield VS Evolution at Extreme Rules was an amazing match, don't think it gets as much praise as it should.
  3. Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak (c) vs. Oney Lorcan Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Ricochet Finn Balor vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon (If Owens loses, he will quit WWE) SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya (Submission Match) WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins Bonus Questions: First Match (Non Pre-Show)?: Kevin Owens VS Shane McMahon Second To Last Match?: Becky Lynch VS Natalya Will Roman Reigns have a match on the show and if so, against who?: No Who will be 24/7 Champion by the end of the show? R-Truth Will Randy Orton use the Punt to finish the match? No NXT Takeover: Toronto Predictions 2 out of 3 Falls Match (...again....) for the NXT Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs. Johnny Gargano NXT Women’s Championship Match: Shayna Baszer (c) vs. Mia Yim NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits (c) vs. Undisputed Era Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai Triple Threat Match for the NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong Bonus: What will be the third match stipulation if used? Last Man Standing
  4. Bailey Justin vs Aaron Lehmann II - UFC World Championship Second Round Match: Mark Andrews vs James Barros Second Round Match: Ben Francis vs James Ropati Second Round Match: Storm Jacobs vs Gordon Constatine Toxik Bulldozer vs Conor McGregor (will just about get the job done) Julius Jones vs A Child
  5. Name (First And Last): Nate Devlin Height: 6'3 Weight: 180 lb Division: Middleweight Personality (Cocky, Humble, Etc.): Cocky Walk Out Music: Benny the Butcher - Crown for Kings Fighting Style (Brawler, Submission, Ground Game Etc): Brawler Appearance (Tattoos, Hair Color, Etc.):
  6. Aries - WELCOME HOME I'll be reviewing this Aries album by request of @Prince. Not a massive fan of emo rap and even pop rap to an extent so don't know what I'll think about this album. BAD NEWS: 8/10 On the opening song Aries sings about blacking out at a party whilst also saying that he does adderall and how he's addicted to the drug. Towards the end he also talks about how he has his personal demons. "And all of my demons in bed, what you call it? I left all of my demons on read, not a problem. Wake up, wake up" I feel like this might be him saying that he tries to ignore his problems and demons in his life which could tie into why he does drugs to make himself feel happier. Despite the lyrics there's a really nice chill vibe to this song because of the production with the guitar in the background and Aries has a really laid back voice as well. The hook on this song is probably my favourite part of the song, it's really catchy and I like how the instrumental switches up slightly during his singing. SAYONARA: 7/10 Aries talks more about his problems and goes into his issues with drinking and relationships. Can't really relate much to a lot of these topics but it's still interesting to listen to his story, I'm liking it more than I expected because he's not just doing the usual mumble shite or screaming about wanting to kill himself the entire song, this one has a more laid back feel again with the really chill production, it's just an easy listen with some nice vocals over it. The hook is really good on this one as well, could easily see this getting stuck in my head. Just not a massive fan of much else besides the hook and the production though, verses are alright. DEITY: 9/10 This song is really bloody good. There's really not that much hip hop influence on this song and feels a lot more of a pop rock song. The hook sounds like something WWE might have had as one of their PPV songs from about 10 years ago but it's actually really relaxing to listen to. I like how the beat switches up throughout the song with different instruments coming in and out. To get into the lyrics of this song, it sounds like Aries is in a relationship with a girl who loves him but he doesn't love her back, it's pretty basic emo rock/pop stuff but I still really enjoy the music on this song, another chorus which is really catchy, they're definitely a strong point of this album so far. AMY'S GRAVE: 7/10 This is probably one of the more depressing songs on the album in terms of the lyricism and Aries vocals. Aries is basically singing about feeling worthless and saying that he doesn't care if he dies. This is kinda what I was talking about earlier with emo music but with Aries he's not just saying a lot of edgy stuff for the sake of it, still find it hard to really relate to a lot of what he's saying since I haven't lived through his experiences, so someone might enjoy this more than me or get more out of it than I can. I love the singing on the hook and the darker instrumental on this song compared to some of the others. The song overall is quite enjoyable but it's not something I can see myself returning to that often. RACECAR: 8/10 RACECAR definitely gives me a lot more of a pop rap vibe than anything else on this album. This gives me a BROCKHAMTPON vibe from some of their earlier songs with the production on this. Aries singing on here is very addictive again, very chill feels off his vocals again. Didn't get much out of this song lyrically if I'm being honest, just thought that this was a nice tune because of the instrumental and chorus. PONY: 6/10 This is an okay song, don't enjoy it that much compared to some of the other songs on this album, there's nothing that I can say that stands out as bad on this song, it just doesn't feel like anything important is going on in the song and the music isn't that interesting. The acoustic guitar in the background is fine and so is Aries' singing they just don't really grab my attention that much. CAROUSEL: 9/10 I really love this song, there's a really fun vibe to the song and sounds like a song that was made for the Summer. I love his rapping and flow on the first verse, he just sounds really confident in his abilities and doesn't sound awkward at all. This is like RACECAR slightly in relation to the pop rap feeling on this song, but I enjoy this one more due to the production and because him switching up between his singing and rapping on this song. Can sadly relate to this one a bit more with him on this with "staying in for the summer" lyric on the chorus. SANTA MONICA: 6/10 This song definitely feels like a slight change to the rest of the album with this song sounding a lot happier from Aries. The lyrics are kinda corny and cheesy on this song and I get that feeling from the production as well. The singing is decent throughout, this song just doesn't really hit me like some of the other songs, the chorus wasn't as good or catchy as some of the others on the album as well. HOME: 6/10 I appreciate Aries going in a different direction with this song, with more darker and eerier production and him switching it up a lot in terms of the music as he discusses his childhood and how he wasted it, but also how he'd like to return back to those days. I found it hard to keep interest due to the song being the longest track on the album, it's clear he was going for a big closer though so I can understand why he tried to fill it with a lot of music. I like that he was going for a heartfelt ending with him almost shouting his lyrics towards the end, and I like the instrumental that goes on during it, just doesn't really make this song worth listening to the whole way through. OVERALL RATING: 73 (B-) This is actually quite good, I enjoyed this a lot more than what I was expecting to, it did start to go downwards a bit towards the end but there really was a lot of great songs on this album, first 5 are definitely sick. Aries is only a young artist who I feel will definitely have a lot more to offer in the future, he's one of the best emo rappers I've heard from this current scene, he has a good voice for the genre and he actually puts thought into what he says, the production on here is also amazing as well. Looking forward to seeing what he does next and if he can improve on himself after this. Good recommendation from Prince.
  7. Taker VS HHH at Mania 27 is 2011 MOTY for me. It's one of my favourite matches of all time and there was a lot of classic moments like Triple H using the tombstone on Undertaker and the final moment with Triple H battering Taker with the steel chair. Story for Cena VS Punk is amazing and so is the match but HHH and Undertaker is just a more entertaining watch for me.
  8. Brad vs Chris Jericho Smith and Julius vs Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Dieter Schneider and Arius vs Lio Rush, Finn Balor, and Shinsuke Nakamura Hans Clayton vs Shawn Michaels: Steel Cage Sameer vs AJ Styles
  9. WWF Championship Match: Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H vs The Rock Hell In a Cell Match: Goldberg vs The Undertaker WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle The Outsiders vs Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit Kane vs Sting WWF European Championship Match: DDP vs Eddie Guerrero WWF United States Championship Match: Booker T vs Edge WWF Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Dudley Boys vs Hardy Boyz WWF LHWC/ WCW CW Championship Match: Rey Mysterio vs X-Pac Texas Bull Rope Match: Scott Steiener vs The Big Show
  10. This is shaping up to be an interesting episode of Smackdowm, there's a lot to look forward to. Hopefully Kofi's challenge ends up being Orton, there's no one else on Smackdown that really interests me as a challenger to Kofi who's a true main eventer and I feel like it could be a great match. KO made a video recently saying that he wants a match with Shane and that if he loses he'll quit the WWE, so I assume that match will be made tonight, possibly under a no DQ stipulation or in an I Quit match. It's clear that if it goes ahead Kevin Owens will definitely be winning the match and Shane should be on TV a lot less afterwards. It looks like they're trying to get Charlotte into the Women's Title match by beating Ember which is pretty predictable but honestly not bad considering she's one of the best wrestlers in the women's division which might be an unpopular opinion, for me she can definitely elevate the match if she's thrown in there with Ember Moon and Bayley. I'm really not sure why Shawn Michaels is guest commentator for tonight, it could possibly be to get people tuning in so it could just be to improve their ratings. This is probably a reach but he could maybe hype up another match if he's working Summerslam as well. I hope he's not just on commentary the whole night though because I'm pretty sure he's shit at announcing. I really hope we get this Daniel Bryan announcement tonight and they don't just tease it for numerous weeks. Interesting to see what it's about because I'm really not sure at the moment with how much WWE are bigging it up.
  11. HBK VS Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 is another easy choice here. Not much else stands out from 2010 and the match is just an all time classic.
  12. Haven't been able to see much of some of the older stables like DX and Evolution, but they were obviously great stables that fans still love and talk about today. From what I've watched though The Shield have to be one of the best stables of all time and are my personal favourite. I loved all of their matches and feuds with the likes of Evolution, The Wyatt Family and a lot of their other stuff as well when they took on some of the top names in 6 man tags. Reigns, Rollins are two of the biggest guys in the company right now off the back of that and Ambrose also before he left, I doubt they'd be as big as they are now without The Shield. They felt like a unit together as well and looked unbeatable, the break-up on RAW was one of the most shocking moments ever when it happened because you couldn't imagine the three men going separately.
  13. Steve (Minecraft) vs Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Marth (Fire Emblem) Master Chief vs Jin Kazama (Tekken) Scorpion vs Kratos Pikachu vs Solid Snake Ratchet & Clank vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Clementine (The Walking Dead) Tony Hawk vs John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) Lara Croft vs Agent 47 (Hitman) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs Dante (Devil May Cry) Nathan Drake (Uncharted) vs Banjo-Kazooie Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) vs Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot vs Donkey Kong Mario vs Link Bubsy vs GLaDoS (Portal)
  14. We're on BPZ TV, and then suddenly the titantron goes to the backstage area with just a seat in the middle of it. A man goes over to the chair and as he sits down, it's revealed to be The Emperor, Nate. He stares into the camera with a serious look on his face as he has something to say to the audience, likely about his upcoming King of the Ring fight. "So far in this tournament I have made a mockery of my first two opponents, just as I had previously predicted numerous weeks ago. Alex Costa was no match for me and neither was KENJI, for their entire careers now they'll remember how "close" they were, but they were never close, I was ALWAYS in control in both of those matches and I was never in any doubt that I would advance on in this King of the Ring tournament. They were both only here to make up the numbers, I'm in this competition because I am an incredible athlete who strives to be the greatest wrestler alive. None of those men would match up to me if I had my hands tied behind my back, but now I've got a different challenge in Hans. A man who I have heard so much about recently that everyone seems to be so high on, and I can see why. He's an impressive guy in the ring, he's shown lots of talent so far, but anyone can show talent, before they come up against someone like me. Just like Alex and just like KENJI, Hans is talking about this being a dream for him, but he needs to take himself out of this clouded mindset of believing and living in fantasies and peak an eye out at the real world for a moment and realise that I am The Emperor. You can go on all these fancy bridge walks all you want, but while you're looking into the ocean thinking what can be, but the truth is all your wishing and luxury walks mean nothing in the wrestling ring." "I remember a man just like you believe it or not. It's quite ironic actually because that man used to be me. I used to sit around all the time dreaming and wondering about what I can accomplish in this company, and that was my downfall for so long. I tried to play the underdog, I tried to be the hero but where did it all get me in the end? Nowhere. I spent months wasting opportunities, losing match after match after match, until finally I realised, that to do well in that ring you've got to be vicious in your path to pursuit and you shouldn't be sitting around thinking about what-ifs, and that I should show no mercy instead of leaving myself so vulnerable. I like your optimism Hans, I really do appreciate that you have some belief in yourself but I hope you realise that I'm not just any wrestler, or some new guy on the block fighting for the US Championship. I have accomplished so much in my tenure here in BPZ but not being able to win that World Championship, it eats at me that I've never held that title, and there's no chance that I let a little pesk like yourself get in the way of my legacy." "To you, this is just a fun ride, a nice experience with a chance at the jackpot at the end of it all. You have zero chance of beating me when you step into that ring, because the moment you do you will finally pop out of that dream phase and see that I'm THE best who have ever came up against in your career, and you'll know that you don't have enough to pull off some sort of miracle. This King of the Ring tournament is serious to me, I have never been so dedicated to achieving something so much in my life, do you really think I would let myself slip-up now after 4 bloody years of work? At the end of this bout Hans, you will have learned a valuable lesson, and that is that I am an unbeatable, untouchable freak who shows no surrender in the face of a war, I'd just hope that for your sake you've already booked up a session at the hospital for after our match, because there is no way I will let you leave on your own two feet if I get my way, and that's a fact." A clearly angry Nate gets up from his chair and leaves the backstage area after delivering a defiant message to Hans.
  15. The Rock is definitely the best of all time when it comes to his skills on the microphone, he's untouchable when it comes to promos. Definitely the correct decision there, CM Punk winning would have been a shock to me, don't think he's close to The Rock.
  16. Song Reviews Doing my first song reviews on this topic, I'll be getting @Sameer and @Smith recommendations done and I'll move on to the album recommendations afterwards. Dave - BLACKBOX Freestyle: 9/10 I listened to Dave for the first time earlier in the year when PSYCHODRAMA came out and he definitely has a lot of a talent. This freestyle might be better than anything off of that album though if I'm being honest. This freestyle just sounds really raw and you can feel the passion in his voice when he's rapping. The fact that he was 16 when he did this is just nuts, his flow is insane and he shines lyrically on this as well. He raps about a lot of the personal problems that he's had to deal with, like the police being unfair to him and the people that he hangs around with, claiming one of his friends got arrested for a crime that he didn't even commit, calling out Wale as well for being a snitch. The lyrics are just really gritty and it sounds like Dave was going through rough stuff when he did this freestyle. It gets to a point towards the last minute of the freestyle were you can almost hear his voice shaking like he's about to breakdown in the middle of the freestyle, it's mental. The beat choice is great as well, it really fits the atmosphere of the song because of how dark it is. This is definitely a good song/freestyle to put on if you're interested in storytelling rap music and like a lot of interesting topics in your music, 100% recommend if you fit those categories, only reason I can see people hating this is if they don't like the voice. Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea): 7/10 This just a decent banger. The rapping isn't anything special but the beat is pretty good. It's just the usual money brag raps that you usually get from these type of trap songs. I thought it was pretty funny since DaBaby was dressing up as Suge Knight in the video. I think DaBaby has a lot of potential and I think he will do well if he continues to go this direction with his music, because this is a lot better than most trap songs. The song is fine but it's not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, if I heard the song on the radio or if one of my mates put it on then I wouldn't listening to it. If you listen to a lot of trap music or need a song to get hype to then you should be able to get on board this, it's a fun banger but nothing more than that for me.
  17. Bray Wyatt is my favourite guy in WWE at the moment, he hasn't even had a match yet since returning as his new character but I've loved what WWE have done with him so far with the wacky and funny promos. Bray's one of the most exciting parts of RAW when he's on and now that he's finally made an in-ring appearance I'm intrigued to see what WWE do with him from here.
  18. My favourite part about Summerslam weekend is becoming the NXT PPV's. They're a rarity so when there's a show on it's a must watch. They never fail to deliver with their shows so I doubt this one will be any different, I'm looking forward to it. Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano should be another amazing match between the two, I think Adam Cole is retaining the title here, can see the loser getting called-up to the main roster so I feel like it's going to be Gargano.
  19. The brand split is on it's last legs at the moment with the wildcard rule and I wouldn't be shocked if WWE just bins it altogether soon enough. They really should just get rid of the wildcard rule and start over fresh because both shows need to be shaken up, RAW more than Smackdown at the moment. Ending the brand split would definitely be a bad move, it would just mean that Smackdown really becomes secondary and/or a lot more guys are going to get left out on TV because there would be less room with the entire RAW and Smackdown roster being packed together.
  20. Trailer Park Boys is a series I got into awhile ago because someone recommended it to me, and it's honestly hilarious. It's not for everyone but it makes me think about what South Park would be like if it was shot as a documentary. A lot of the jokes are stupid and the humor is mostly just people swearing at each other but it works. "I am the liquor" is also an all time quote.

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