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  1. "Feedbacker" by Boris begins to play, as Broken Nate makes his arrival to the Carnage arena. Last time Nate was seen, he managed to pick up one of the most impressive victories of his career, by defeating Nebakos at Mayhem to advance to the Power Trip Cup Semi-Finals and also putting an end to their recent rivalry. It's assumed that Nate will have some choice words for FDS after he had a lot to say about him earlier on Carnage, along with an invitation for the Broken Messiah to attend an orchestra show, which Nate could make his decision on in a matter of minutes. He appears through the curtains and into the eyes of the audience, with a usual blank expression across his face as he just nonchalantly walks down the entrance ramp, displaying clear calmness and also a lack of care for what this crowd thinks about him. The audience begin to boo him not just for some dishonorable acts he's committed or his bizarre mentality, but because of his recent victory against BPZ legend Nebakos, and on top of that he will be going up against a changed FDS who the fans have grown to love over recent weeks. Nate requests to be gifted a microphone by BPZ personnel, as he snatches it off one of the staff as they were outstretching his arm to him. He stands there for a moment, seemingly contemplating what to say, as he finally begins to speak to the Carnage audience. "As I am sure you are all aware, I have advanced further through the Power Trip Cup by defeating everyone's false hero in Nebakos. I had informed every single one of you that would indeed be the case, yet most didn't believe it could be done, or just didn't want it to happen. I have crushed and spoiled your dreams and expectations for how this tournament will play out since the beginning. Your hopes that Prince could possibly mount a famous victory by finally having the capability to defeat me were quickly dampened, as I seized any sort of confidence he had before that match just with my words alone, and he was quickly taken care of. Now I have the challenge of destroying the audience's dreams once again as I come across "The Phoenix" FDS..." The crowd begin to cheer loudly at the mention of FD's name as it takes a moment for the crowd to finally quiet down, as Nate just smiles sarcastically at their reaction. "Ahhhh yesss. Everyone adores FDS because of his new found love and appreciation for professional wrestling. He's claimed that the man people have known him as over recent years is not what he is anymore, finally able to seek the happiness that has alluded him for so long, no longer feeling the pain that he believes halted his career from being greater. Since he has regained his once lost confidence and self belief he's finally been able to rack up victories against Kenji and Alex Costa, whilst looking impressive in doing so. Although the story of FD's growth in self-belief will be one that'll merely be forgotten in due time. The more he comes out here, the more he seems to believe in himself because of the overwhelming support of the audience and because of his triumphs in the Power Trip Cup up until this point. Yet it will be interesting to see what happens if the Phoenix suffers defeat. Obviously once you start to develop a run of victories, confidence is bound to grow but what happens when you eventually lose, will you rise higher despite your shortcomings or begin to decay and disintegrate into the ashes once more? I personally believe in the latter" "FDS has had a career loaded with matches, which when they have resulted in losses, he just can't quite take it or understand why he couldn't get the victory. In the past his reactions have led to his actions only getting worse, as he's just completely spiraled out of control at times. With FDS placing the blame on his failures on the lack of respect he receives from the people backstage and now on his past in-ring actions and "anti-wrestling" methods. Throughout his career he has consistently entered matches on a large scale, he has always been pushing himself to compete against the best BPZ has to offer, although with little success, it has only often ended in failure and anguish for FDS as it's only brought upon him more pain. This time around instead of reacting in a negative light, he's became more positive. He possibly believes that with a change of perception on professional wrestling along with an improved attitude, it will allow him more of a chance to attain the success he's been thirsting for all these years. Although maybe the problem isn't that he's possessed the wrong mind-set during his career, or that he wasn't a proper wrestler. The issue with FDS could just be that he believes that he's a lot greater than he actually is, and that he's just not good enough to be named along with the best of BPZ because he just simply cannot reach those heights. There's a portion of the audience that once again heckle Nate for his disrespect towards FDS, and also a section of the crowd that are sat in silence as they show an interest in Broken Nate's words. "I can tell that you have detestation for what I've accomplished despite your belief that I'm not always up to standard or have any desire to compete as a wrestler. I would be feeding fabrications if I came out here and said that has never been the case during my career, yet it has. One of my ever present issues and criticisms in the past is that I've never been consistent or have performed to my highest of standards. While I have not always been focused, I have shown before that I can perform and earn victories against opponents of great magnitude with my mammoth intensity and my wrestling expertise. The intensity and expertise in the past that has guided me towards some of my biggest accomplishments inside a BPZ ring, with wins against Hall of Fame level of talent, whilst also having lengthy title reigns along the way. I am not currently on that level, but I have truly ascended above it, and now I'm aware I can't afford to allow a drop in quality and I will make sure that is the case heading into my match against The Phoenix. FDS was right in saying that I didn't give him my true greatness all those years ago, when he defeated me for my Global Championship. The man has been searching and looking for my absolute best and I can promise FDS that he will get exactly that in our upcoming bout, and he'll regret ever looking for it in the first place. You can talk about your change as much as you so please, but I can still feel that classic FDS hatred building up inside of him, that demon inside that will burst out as soon as failure has once again resurfaced inside his brain. I just do not believe for a second that FDS could forget about all that's gone wrong for him in recent memory, with his embarrassing Power Trip Cup performances from years gone by, or his Money in the Bank loss which was supposed to finally be the realisation of FDS becoming a top talent, just for it all to crumble as he didn't quite have enough to pull it off. Not only just his losses inside the ring but outside of it with the fall and demise of Bulletproof, who were going to provide help for your main event cause, yet it only took a matter of months before people got sick of it and that idea was completely rubbished. This new FD phase is just another idea that will be completely forgotten about in a matter of time. I am driven to create success and when I am driven on a certain subject I make sure that I accomplish what I set out to do, like I've shown thus far in the Power Trip Cup. FDS claims he's driven and passionate but in the end it's usually never been enough for him, and that will be no different when he steps inside the ring with me, then that happiness, along with his self-belief and confidence will fade away, as FDS will be classified as...OBSOLETE!!! The crowd are now just completely silent and are in awe of Broken Nate, as his deadpan and lifeless look has only gotten more expressive throughout his words, and he's told us here tonight that FDS can expect Nate to bring his absolute best, and shouldn't be fearful of a repeat of their Global Championship match from years ago. He goes to leave the ring but suddenly freezes, as he remembers he had something else he needed to say to FDS. "Apologies, I almost forgot about FD's invitation to the fifth symphony orchestra. That proposition, sounds WONDERFUL! I am a massive of orchestral music as it helps fulfill my musical desires, and I believe it would be a good idea for us to finally speak to each other, so I will accept your ticket, and I shall hopefully see you there." The camera gets real close to Nate's face as he finishes his words, and he begins to laugh maniacally. The audience, who still don't know how to react just sit there with the camera slowly just fading away to a commercial break with Broken Nate still laughing.
  2. Name: Nate Nickname: The Emperor Figurehead: Neville Alignment: Heel Signatures: Tiger Suplex, Middle Rope Phoenix Splash Finishers: Red Arrow, Ringsend (Rings of Saturn) Theme Song: Rock and Roll - Edan
  3. We're close to 15 minutes into this match between Broken Nate and Nebakos. It's been a great match so far as both men have been giving it there all to not only advance forward in the Power Trip Cup, but to prove who the better man is. Nate's been trying to get into the head of Nebakos playing his usual mind games, but Neb has shown to be too smart and experienced to fall into Nate's traps, and he's been showing some aggression as a result of that. Neb has had a very good showing so far and isn't showing much ring rust at all despite his time away from the ring. FDS won his match earlier, so the winner between these two will face him in the Carnage finals. Nebakos is currently in control of the match, and he has a hold of his head, looking to lift him up for some sort of suplex, but Nate fights out by hitting Neb with punches to the body that makes him release the hold. He pauses for a moment to catch his breath, and then delivers a spinning backfist to the face of Neb, which sends him flying back into the ropes. Nate then walks towards Nebakos, and hits him with multiple strikes to the face and the body, not giving Nebakos any time to take a breather. He irish whips him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Nebakos ducks. Neb runs off the ropes and comes flying at Nate...shoulder tackle sends Nate down to the ground! He gets back up to his feet but Neb comes off the ropes once again and hits Nate with another shoulder tackle. The Broken Messiah is now suddenly stunned as he attempts to regain his footing, as Nebakos taunts him. Nate looks to surprise Neb with another spinning backfist although Nebakos sees it coming and ducks Nate's strike, and lifts him up to deliver the back suplex. A familiar smile can be seen across the face of Nebakos, as looks around at the audience as the crowd begin to cheer. He lifts his hand up signalling that he's going for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Then he slowly shakes his head, and shouts "DELETE" mocking Nate with his catchphrase and hand movements. Then he comes off the ropes to deliver his signature move, but Broken Nate is back up on his feet and Nebakos runs right into him! Side Effect by Nate!!! Nate is now taunting Nebakos to return to his feet as he looks to deliver one final killer blow to finish off the match. He kicks Nebakos in the gut and grabs a hold of his head...TWIST OF NATE!!! He goes in for the cover on Nebakos hooking the leg...1..2..3!!! Broken Nate grabs a historic victory over Nebakos, and now advances to the Power Trip Cup semi-finals, to face FDS for a spot in the final. Nate stands up, and looks down on the fallen body of Nebakos, starting to smile at his work and what he's accomplished here tonight at Mayhem. He then looks outside the ring and demands to be given a microphone, to say some post-match words. "It became my mission to dismantle Nebakos for his actions against me at BPZMania almost 2 months ago, and now I have finally claimed retribution and have made truth on promise. As I currently look down on Nebakos' bemused face, I can notice and feel the regret he has for the decision he made to involve himself in my business and it is truly...WONDERFUL! After my win tonight at Mayhem, I have also solidified a position in the semi-finals of the Power Trip Cup, against the one and only FDS. I don't forget much, and according to my brain of a million memories, the last time me and FDS had a match he actually defeated me in a match for the Championship of the Globe, thus ending my reign with the title. It's quite interesting really how every match in the tournament I've had so far, there has been a story behind all of these bouts, with Prince finally looking to get revenge for the fact that I ruined his confidence and chance of a great career at King of the Ring, and I ended our rivalry by obliterating him in the first round. Then here tonight against Nebakos, he tried to start a war with me at BPZMania, just for it to eventually backfire as he just wasn't good enough, and I ended the story as the victor. Next week against FDS, not only do I have a chance of getting to the finals of the Power Trip Cup, I get to seek some long-awaited vengeance for FDS ending my reign that lasted over half a year, and to once again finish another story on top, and I'll do it by ending FDS in the form of...DELETION!!!"
  4. Broken Nate makes his entrance to the Carnage arena, after just defeating Prince a few nights ago to advance in the Power Trip Cup, and doing it in dominating fashion. After his victory he can now finally set his sights on Nebakos, who he has had a grudge with since the aftermath of BPZMania, when Neb "spoiled" Broken Nate's moment, in the words of the Broken Messiah myself. He walks down the ramp with his usual deranged demeanor, with his mood seemingly changing with every passing second. He walks into the ring and requests to be given a microphone, as he looks to share his wisdom with the fans in attendance. Suddenly the deadpan look across Nate's face, transitions into a wicked smile, which usually means that he is pleased with himself "I'd like to firstly discuss my opening match in the Power Trip Cup against one of my former foes in Prince, which closed a storied chapter in my career. I completely decimated him in typical fashion, and I was able to prove myself right in proclaiming that he has indeed not changed since our previous battles in the past, I didn't feel threatened by him at all before and that remained the same here. The truth is that the match was already won before it had even started, I knew Prince would crack up under the pressure because that has been the story of his career, and I knew that my words prior to the match itself would only do more damage, and in the end it truly felt like a day off. Moving on from my bout against Prince though, I am finally able to seek some long awaited retribution..." Nate then pauses for a moment, and slowly walks towards the camera as there's a close up view of Nate's face, as the cameraman almost tries to distance himself away from the Broken Messiah who's breathing heavily into the camera. "Nebakos...I knew you'd come. I have been itching for the longest time now, to finally have this match and to help these people understand, and expose you for the fraud you are, in front of all these people who love you so much for portraying this humble and noble man, who garners the respect of everyone just by walking into a room. There isn't a more loved or revered man in this company than Nebakos. I am the only one who can seemingly see through your act, and who understands exactly who you are as a human being. I've said this before on a previous occasion, and I shall say it once more, Nebakos is an evil man. He can't go a second without feeling the urge to be the center of attention, he craves the spotlight whenever he comes out here, and he puts on a show for all these cretins in the audience every single night. Here's the issue though, he doesn't do it for all these people no matter what he tells you, he does this for himself, to satisfy his own immense ego. If he really loved you as much as he proclaims he does, do you really think he'd leave for all those years to go into some other ventures outside of wrestling? Do you really believe that this mammoth star sat down for a moment and missed a single one of you once whilst he was absent? If you do then you must really be gullible. This man doesn't love any of you, he just loves the feeling of being on top of the world, he has an insatiable desire to feel like the greatest, and all of you only feed into his mindset and help grow his ego even further." "If any of you are of the belief that I'm just talking out of my arse, trust me I used to be a Nebakos fan once upon a time. I once had a massive amount of respect for that man, and his work inside of the ring was very admirable. That lasted until BPZMania V, when Nebakos showed his true colours to me, even though everyone else still can't see it. I had so much respect for the man, that I was going to carry on his namesake, to continue the great legacy of the Nebakos name. But that name was tainted that very night at BPZMania, when you decided to get into my business, and steal my moment all for yourself. You couldn't stop yourself for a second, when you attacked me that night you didn't think about anybody but yourself, you weren't concerned about how anybody felt, but you. You didn't do it to create a BPZMania moment for all these people to remember, you did what you did because you wanted that spotlight to be firmly placed on you and to have a moment that you'll look back on and enjoy, because of your sadistic love of being the man that matters the most, the only man that matters in the world of Nebakos" Nate begins to stop for a moment, with the camera being right in his face clearly showing the sweat dripping from his face, as he tries to regain his composure, fixing his hair and wiping the sweat off of his face. He starts to calm himself down a bit as you can clearly hear his breathing, as it just keeps on getting heavier, and he goes to talk into the microphone again only looking even worse than he did beforehand. "I heard what you had to say after your victory against Echo Wilson the other night, you had claimed that I was the one who had made this one personal. You were the one who decided to make this one personal when you made the decision to step into my world, and halted the momentum I had and stopped me from being able to focus on my work. I just took it into my own hands to not allow you to walk away laughing at the end of it all like is usually the case, that's why I attacked you in your locker room, and I finally felt the satisfaction you did when you stole my moment, in truth I just felt the need for more after that, evening the score with you wasn't enough for me. You wouldn't give me the match at first, so I decided to send my drone after you to intrude your War Games match, to get what I wanted. Now finally we get to have our match in the Power Trip Cup tournament. After my loss in the Premium Title match I feel vengeful, I need to show that my loss was simply a fluke, and this tournament is my chance to redeem myself, along with defeating Nebakos. Even though I am determined to defeat Nebakos, I will not let his transgressions towards me have an effect during our match, my main focus is on the tournament itself, a win over Nebakos would just make it that much sweeter at the end of it all. So be prepared Nebakos, for your fate to be sealed with...DELETION!!!" Nate then stares into the camera, with a deadpan look in his eyes, as if he doesn't know where he is. His face then starts to twitch and that look then turns into exuberant laughter, as it slowly starts getting louder and crazier, he then goes down to a knee with his arms out spread and he now looks to be delighted with himself, as the crowd just look on in silence, but their eyes are completely drawn to Broken Nate in the ring, who looks to be in a world of his own right now.
  5. WrestleMania 29 VS WrestleMania 24 WrestleMania 30 VS WrestleMania 34 WrestleMania 6 VS WrestleMania 12 WrestleMania 18 VS WrestleMania 1 WrestleMania 14 VS WrestleMania 31 WrestleMania 10 VS WrestleMania 36 WrestleMania 25 VS WrestleMania 5 WrestleMania 26 VS WrestleMania 32 WrestleMania 23 VS WrestleMania 8 WrestleMania 21 VS WrestleMania 35 WrestleMania 22 VS WrestleMania 16 WrestleMania 3 VS WrestleMania 7 WrestleMania 19 VS WrestleMania 4 WrestleMania 33 VS WrestleMania 17 WrestleMania 20 VS WrestleMania 13 WrestleMania 28 VS WrestleMania 11
  6. Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans vs. Carmella for womens MITB Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Aleister Black vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. AJ Styles for mens MITB Braun Strowman (c) vs. Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal Championship Bayley (c) vs. Tamina for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler, Jaxson Ryker, and/or Wesley Blake) vs. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship R-Truth vs. MVP Bonus Questions There's rumours someone might be thrown of the WWE Building, Will this happen? If so who?: No Will there be any surprise returns or debuts? If so who? (1pt for each question) No Will the Smackdown Mystery Hacker be Revealed? If so who? (1pt for each question) No
  7. Broken Nate can be seen in his Mansion of Deities, tuning in for the draw of the Carnage side of the Power Trip Cup. As soon as it is revealed that he will be coming up against long lasting rival Prince, a slight smirk, turns to deafening laughter in a matter of seconds, and it takes him several moments for him to even compose himself, before letting out a loud exclamation. "WONDERFUL! It always a pleasurable sight to see my name be drawn out of the hat, along with thy Prince in a tournament. As you can clearly see by the exuberance all over my face, I am chuffed to share the ring with Prince once again. The last time I had come across this man was in a similar setting, at King of the Ring which was a mere 3 years ago. Since then, Prince has not been the same entity, the same man he was that night, after I DEVOURED...his soul, and took his place in the King of the Ring finals. That was the precise moment his career plummeted into a freefall, and no one has taken him seriously or cared for his career since, and Prince himself is more aware of this fact than anyone else. You will claim that this match will be your redemption arc, a rise back from the ashes and back to BPZ prominence...but you'll only fall further after the end result is revealed, and fall so far that you will be wiped from complete existence, and classified as OBSOLETE." Nate pauses for a moment, and the "exuberance" is slowly removed from his face, and he begins to twitch and display a more serious look. "Although, reminiscent to Prince's current situation, I have my own demons that I must discuss. I assured that I would claim the Premium Championship at Backlash, and I failed to succeed at making my claim a truth, and I am ashamed that I allowed myself to not just lose, but lose the chance to bring the Premium Championship back to it's former high prestige. I have absorbed my performance from that night, and I will not allow myself to put up such a lousy fight again. I took my opponents for granted, and I can promise Prince that I will not treat him like a pushover like I did against my opponents at Backlash. In a few weeks, The Power Trip Cup will come home to the Mansion of Deities and on the road to that final, Prince will be the first of many to falter to my broken brilliance. I simply cannot concede to an early defeat the Prince, and I will make sure that will not even be a discussion. I know what this means to Prince, to him he's more concerned about finally getting his victory over me rather than winning this tournament, but no matter what his ambitions or goals, he knows that deep down he is no match for the wrestling mind of Broken Nate. He can chatter as much as he pleases about this match being the most important thing to his career but that won't be enough to fuel you to victory, motivation can only get you so far until you come across an opponent who is truly miles ahead of you in every aspect of the game. I simply do not care for this so called change, this apparent differentiation from the old Prince we all know. Under that mask you sport, I can taste the fear, I can feel the anxiety inside of you that you're concerned about what will happen to your career if you suffer another defeat to Broken Nate. Despite the quest for vengeance, you're still the same Prince that we know all too well, who cracks when the pressure is mounted upon him. That will be no different when we face off to not only advance further into the Power Trip Cup, but also so this chapter of our careers can be put behind us, and it will be a satisfying feeling to finally shut you up after all these years of talk and..DELETE YOUUUUU!." Nate outstretches his arms, and looks up to the ceiling with sweat dripping down his face, with an intense look in his eyes after delivering some words towards his Power Trip Cup opponent, Prince. His face then transforms back to normal after becoming very vicious for a moment there, and returns back to his signature grin, almost a sign of relief after letting all his anger out on Prince.
  8. Kendrick Lamar vs Kanye West Travis Scott vs Lil Wayne
  9. Broken Nate

    The Hit

    Very sad to see this happen to one of the greats.
  10. I feel like Leeds need a good striker, because they've been lacking one for few years with Patrick Bamford being their main man. If you sell some players on for decent money try and sign Myron Boadu from AZ for about 10-12 million. He'd be one of the best strikers in the Championship and he's only 18 so he can turn into a superstar, he's on cheap wages as well. If you can't afford him then try and buy Arthur Cabral from Basel for around 7 million, he's not as good but he still turns into a good player, but Boadu should be your main aim if you can get him. Helder Costa is a good winger for the next few years but I don't think he's good enough for if you get promoted. Should try and buy 17 year old Jeremy Doku from Anderlecht for around 2 million, he'd be a decent Championship player at the start but he can easily become a great player in about 2 or 3 seasons. For a midfield option you should try and sign 17 year old Gravenberch from Ajax. He'd be a decent option in the first season and like Doku could turn into a great player within a few years. He only costs about 3-4 million and is on very low wages so you should be able to afford him. I think you have a lot of left backs in your team but none that really stand out, Dallas is more of a midfielder to me so i think you can do better there and maybe look to sell one of your full backs. Ayrton the 22 year old left back from Spartak Moscow would be a good championship player and could be a starter straight away. He turns into a good player and is worth around 6 million. Meslier is an okay goalkeeper and is still young, so he could be a good keeper in a few years but I think you need a good goalkeeper for your first season, unless you have trust in Meslier. 24 year old Dillon Phillips is a solid goalkeeper from Charlton, and would cost around 2 million. He could be a decent player for the premier league but Meslier might be a better player long-term. Overall, I think you have a good enough squad currently to get promoted from the championship in your first season, there's just a few spots that need to be filled and you could use some good youngsters in there. There's a few players that probably won't be good enough in a few years and those youngsters will be more than good enough to compete in the Premier League in the few years, hope I've helped you with some signings there.
  11. DaBaby vs Kendrick Lamar Kayne West vs Jay Z 21 Savage vs Travis Scott J Cole vs Lil Wayne
  12. Lil Tjay vs DaBaby Kendrick Lamar vs Roddy Rich Drake vs Kayne West Future vs Jay Z 21 Savage vs Post Malone Lil Baby vs Travis Scott J Cole vs Meek Mill Lil Wayne vs A$AP Rocky
  13. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 11 2019/2020 Season Review: At the end of the first season, Deportivo were crowned champions of La Liga 2, and gained promotion back to the top league in Spain, La Liga. It was a very positive first season, with a few negatives in there despite the success of winning the league. To talk about the positives, I don't believe there was a single game were we didn't have more possession than our opposition. We dominated in midfield and that's something I'm looking to carry on into La Liga. We conceded only 26 goals in 42 games which was the least out of everyone in the league, showcasing a very strong defensive record. There wasn't much of an issue with our defenders at all, apart from a possible lapse of concentration in late stages of games, but I hope with more experience that becomes less of a problem. I'd like to keep our defence mostly the same, with a few additions in there for added depth. In terms of our attacking presence on the pitch, we're decent but I doubt some of the attackers from last year are good enough for La Liga football. Even though we dominated possession in a lot of games, the attackers seemed to have a problem with creativity at times and lacked the ability to create big chances. Koné was a decent striker, grabbing 20 goals last season, but he had a lot of bad spells without scoring and we're going to need more consistent goal scorer. Season Awards: To the surprise of absolutely no one really, Shibasaki was the Fans' Player of the Season by a mile. He was definitely the best player in last years side, being the creative spark in the team and being the most creative player on the pitch in every game, we really would have struggled if he wasn't in the team I feel. Surprisingly though, Montero who we loaned off Atletico Madrid was the 2nd favourite of the fans. He was a very solid player throughout the season and never had any problems with injury which is what you want from your defender. I'd look to try and loan him back again for next season because I'd like to continue his partnership with Sadick. Then 3rd was Koné, who I expected to be the 2nd choice because of his goalscoring record, but Montero was probably a more consistent performer. I do like Koné, but I can't see myself bringing him back on a loan deal unless we're on need of a striker. Ivan was signing of the season, which makes sense because he was one of the only players I signed when I came in, and he was quite solid at right back. Squad: At the end of the season there will be some players that I'll be letting go at the end of their contracts. I decided to let go of Emre Colak, the attacking midfielder who never really done much for me to be a starter, but I was disappointed to let him go on a free because I felt like he could have gone for decent money. Bergantinos is another one who was released, he's a bit of a club legend so it's a shame to see him go, but he's 35 years old and too plagued with injuries to ever get a chance in the team. I also let go of Borja Valle who was an alright option on the wing for the season, I would have kept him but he wasn't worth the money he was looking for and he was moaning about not playing enough anyways. Our goalkeeper Dani Gimenez retired at the age of 36, so we need to get a new goalkeeper as well. In terms of loan players, Montero, Nolaskoain, Agbo, Mollejo and Kone will be leaving us, but I'll probably bring some of them back. With some players I'd like to have around, I'd want to keep Ruiz, Sadick, Ivan, Shibasaki, Mollejo, Aketxe and Keko around as some possible starting options for next season. 2020/2021 Season Preview: Here are the teams we'll be coming up against in this upcoming season, and you can really see that it's going to be much trickier with the teams involved in La Liga. We'll be coming up against some of the biggest teams in the world with Barcelona, Real Madrid and even Atletico Madrid looking like they'll be impossible fixtures. This is where everything starts to get very interesting now, and this first season will be a challenge of whether we're able to survive relegation. Sporting de Gijon and Rayo are the two other teams that came up and I think we should definitely be performing better than them currently. As long as we're able to bring in some good players capable of doing a job in La Liga, I'm confident that we can beat the drop this year. Board Goals: The board this season want us to fight bravely against relegation, which basically means try your best to stay up this year. I feel like this should be easily achieved if we aren't easily embarrassed this season, but I genuinely think we could avoid the relegation scrap and just finish around 14th or 15th without much scares of going down. They also want us to reach the fourth round of the Copa Del Ray which should be doable. Our run in the cup last season was pretty forgettable, but it's not really my main focus. It would be nice to have a good run in the competition, not as interested as the board are though. Transfers: INS: Montero, Nolaskoain and Mollejo - Loan (For 2nd year) I've decided to bring these three back to the club for the upcoming season. They were all solid players for us last season and I think they could do a job for us in La Liga next season Aleix Garcia - Free (End of Contract from Man City) This is definitely one of the best deals we've made for the upcoming season. We signed him to a contract in January, but it's only come into effect now. I've already talked about how versatile he is as a midfield option, and getting a better look at his stats now he really can play anywhere. He is a young player and will only improve, he's going to be a massive player for the club for these next few seasons and if he ever wants to leave we could make some huge money on him. Edgar Badia - £575,000 (Transfer from Elche) I thought this was another good piece of business by us, picking up Edgar Badia. After Gimenez' departure we needed another goalkeeper, and I think Badia looks a lot better than Gimenez because he has no weak areas in his game. I don't know what my coach is talking about with his 3 star rating, because I think he should be 4 stars with some of those high attributes. It will be a big loss for Elche who are in the 2nd division, and I think we've got ourselves a bargain. Luis Diaz - Loan (From Porto) I thought this was another unreal bit of business to bring in Diaz on loan from Porto. As you can see from his rating the coach thinks he's 4.5 stars currently, and he's only 23 years old so he'll only continue to get better as the year goes on. Even though he has no crazy standout stats every attribute you'd want from an inside forward is at least good. He's only getting paid less than 12K as well which is very good for a player of his caliber, I really didn't think he'd come to us because I remember some good teams being after him. Pedro Diaz - £2,500,000 (Transfer from Sporting de Gíjon) This was one of the more expensive deals we made, and even though I usually like to bring in cheaper players I feel like Diaz is worth the money we paid. He's already an okay option for La Liga football but he's still young enough to be a great player in the future and worth a solid amount of money. I don't know if he'll be a starter this season, but if Shibasaki was to ever get injured Diaz could fill in as the playmaker. Roman Azeez - £1,700,000 (Transfer from Granada) I brought in Azeez to be Shibasaki's partner in midfield this season in the box to box midfielder role. He is a good player and worth the 1.7 million we paid for him. He maybe isn't a long-term option at the age of 27, but we've been signing a lot of younger players so it's good to get some experience in the team. If we ever change around formation, Azeez could easily play as a defensive midfielder too, so we have multiple midfield options now. Alex Sola - Loan (From Real Sociedad) Alex Sola will be providing competition for Ivan at right back this season. He is a very pacey wing back, and despite slightly lacking in technical ability I think he's a good addition to the squad. I want to start with Ivan this season and see how he goes, if he's not performing well enough though Sola will have his chance at right back. Asier Villalibre - Loan (From Athletic Bilbao) Running out of money to sign a transfer deal for a new striker, I opted for a loan option instead and found Villalibre. He does look better than Koné in almost every apect besides acceleration and speed, he's a lot more well rounded and more natural at the pressing forward position than Koné. I'd like Villalibre to have a 10 goal season at least, I don't expect him to score heaps but that would be a nice tally for him to get. Ignasi Miquel - £300,000 (from Getafe) *Gyazo decided to be annoying at this point* After getting rid of some other players in the squad I was able to bring in Miguel for 300K. He's going to be a centre back option in case Sadick or Montero are out missing for a game. He's not quite as good as those two but he's not better than some of the players we had before him as a backup. OUTS: Diego Rolan - Free (To SH Shenua) This would look like an awful piece of business, and to be fair it is, but there's not much I could have done about this deal. Rolan was one of the players who was out on loan last year, and he agreed a contract in January to join Shenua to China. He's a very good player but when you look at his wages there's absolutely no way we were going to ever meet his demands. Trilli - £550,000 (To Alaves) Trilli was never a player involved in the squad, but he's a youngster with some decent potential. Alaves came in with a good offer for him and I couldn't really turn it down, because it's good money for a player who might only be okay in a few years. Eneko Boveda - £425,000: Could rise to £575,000 (To Alaves) Boveda wasn't that bad of a player but once you reach the age of 30 there's a good chance you're going to get moved on. A fee of around £500,000 was very nice and it allowed us some more room to make transfers. Michele Somma - £575,000: Could rise to £725,000 (To RCD Mallorca) *Gyazo decided to be annoying at this point* Somma actually isn't a bad option at centre back, and at 25 still had a chance to improve at the club, but he wasn't good enough to the point were I would consider giving him game time so it would only ruin his development. The fee we got for him was good and it gave us some room to make moves so that we could buy a better centre back. La Liga Schedule: In our upcoming games we have Sevilla away first game of the season, Leganés at home, Granada away from home, Espanyol away from home and Rayo at home. These fixtures honestly look pretty easy besides the Sevilla game (which I'll play next episode), and we should be able to get a decent amount of points. It's always hard to predict before a ball is kicked, but I think we could get about 8 or 9 points from those first 5 games. Sevilla might be a write off but the other games there are definitely points up for grabs.
  14. This could be an interesting feud considering the history these two have had, with Bray basically bringing Braun into WWE. I can't see Braun ending up the champion after this match, he's not bad but his hype has been lost for awhile now. The only reason he won the title was because Reigns couldn't compete, so I think they're just going to drop the title back to Bray at MITB, to have a match with Reigns at some point. The Universal Title has just been a joke recently and I don't even know if you can call it a World Title anymore, there hasn't been one decent reign in ages but The Fiend could have a good reign if they actually give him some time with the belt.
  15. Broken Nate

    Craving Gold

    Broken Nate arrives on Carnage for the first time, after the latest BPZ draft. He's previously been seen attacking and tormenting Nebakos but hasn't been inside the ring since his Battle Royale win at BPZMania V. He receives boos from the Carnage fans in attendance, who are not happy with the Broken Messiah's recent actions involving Nebakos. He walks down the ramp with a psychotic smirk on his face, gritting his teeth along the way. Nate enters the ring and grabs a microphone. "I'm glad that you are all so euphoric about my first entrance on the showcase of Carnage" The fans boo Broken Nate even more, who only relishes from the reaction he's creating from the Carnage audience. "Anyhow, I'm making a rare entrance tonight, because I have some things that I need to announce. First of all I have to discuss the BANE to my life ever since my "victory of glorious proportions" at BPZMania, Nebakos. I had my moment at BPZMania and he just had to get himself involved and destroy my return, the start to my renowned rise to prominence. In that Battle Royale, I fought for you! I fought for the Nebakos namesake, to continue on the great legacy of the Nebakos name, but you clearly showed your true colours. You couldn't deal with someone better than you using your name, so in an act of jealousy you had to throw me over those ropes, and STEAL my victory from me, for your own personal gain and get all of these fans cheering your name. You come across to all of these people that adore you, like you are some sort of God, but that could not be further from the truth. You are just as evil and maniacal as me, but you hide it behind this fake, good guy persona. You get a sick satisfaction from the reaction, the loud cheers these people give you, just like I do from all of these people who despise my every action. You fight to be the most liked, you always need the light to be shined on Nebakos, and you cannot stand someone being more successful than yourself, even after you're past your prime. That was why you felt the need to attack me at BPZMania, not to create a moment for these fans, but to create another moment for Nebakos who needed his ego boosted once again, whilst trying to ruin my confidence. I can see through you Nebakos with my broken lens, and I seem to be the only one aware of your hidden identity. You cannot break me down like you have accomplished against so many before me though, for I am already broken. I do not feel any pain or any emotions and you cannot destroy me. I have already proved that this false God is no match for the BROKEN..messiah. I destroyed him in his own locker room, and he could barely stand on his own two feet afterwards, and I finally got some of my own sick happiness by seeing him suffer. After I sent my drone for Nebakos during his match he once again showed that he couldn't stand me, just at the sight of my face on the picture of my drone. Quite like how my drone was completely indestructible to your dozens of chair shots, I also cannot be destroyed, and you would be a FOOL if you were to ever attempt to get in my way ever again, just for another one of your moments." As Nate has finally addressed the issue of Nebakos after some silence following the battle royale for the Nebakos namesake, he begins to take a deep breath, signalling that he is not yet finished tonight. "I did indeed state that I would have multiple things to get off of my chest out here tonight, and I am not close to being finished. I will deal with Nebakos at a later date if he ever tries to start some more qualms with me, but I have something else on my plate that I am currently craving. A man cannot be complete without some gold, and it feels like I have been through centuries without tasting a BPZ title. So at the Back of Lash in a weeks time I will be entering myself into the match for the Premium Championship. That title has suffered for long enough, without any true competitors to it's name in recent memory and it's about time something is done to change that saddening fact. To address one of the more vocal challengers to the Premium Championship this month, Toxik has decided to throw his name into the hat for the title, truly showing the current state of this company. The fact this man is still allowed show up on TV, let alone compete for one of the most prestigious championships in BPZ is a disgrace, I could find a more worthy opponent in the graveyard of the back of my mansion. It truly feels like I will be wrestling a child this weekend at the Back of Lash, because I have never seen such an entitled man ask for respect so frequently, yet accomplish so little. You have claimed that you will be the man to restore this once great championship to the heights that it hasn't quite seen in a long time. Although you seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that a loser like yourself winning the title, would only continue to DECREASE the value of the Premium Championship and leave it in an even worse state than it's in right now. Don't worry though, because after I classify you as obsolete, you can at least add another loss to your ever growing collection. Now, to get to the main protagonist of this Premium story, the champion, Gunner. You have seemed to impress many in the short amount of time you've been around in BPZ, but I can tell you that you have never came across a man like myself. You have had some solid reigns in the past, but you have only competed against mediocre talent. I'm not the pushover like your recent opponents have been because I can not be easily defeated, or even hurt for that matter. I have proved previously that I am one of all time greats by picking up victories against Hall of Fame level talent, and I have to say I have stood in this ring with much scarier men than yourself. I have wallowed and sat around long enough over recent months in my Mansion of Deities, allowing lower class men like these two be associated with this title, and in my return to championship matches, I will make sure I claim the gold, and DELETE my opposition from the division, to never be seen in another Premium title match again." Broken Nate drops the mic, and outstretches his arms, laughing in a sinister way after his announcement, which the fans are not too pleased with, despite the possibility of the Premium Title coming to Carnage. He shouts the word "WONDERFUL" as the lights in the arena go out. When they come back Nate had disappeared from the ring but his laughter can still be heard echoing throughout the Carnage arena.
  16. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 10 League Table & Fixtures Review: As you can see from the league table, we are still top, and there's only 4 games left in the season. Malaga have dropped into 4th now and they're out of the title race. Sporting de Gijon are now 3rd, but if we win today we can move 10 points ahead and solidify promotion into La Liga for next season. It already looks pretty much confirmed but it would be nice to get it done with our next game. We should realistically have the league wrapped up and all, but we've struggled in our recent fixtures and haven't been performing the way we should be. A goalless draw against Girona were we had multiple chances to win the game, but the finishing just wasn't there. Then we bounced back with a 2-1 win over Racing Santander. They're around the bottom of the table so it's what you would expect, they got a goal back in the final minutes after we were mostly dominant during the game. Then a massively disappointing draw against bottom of the league Alcorcon, a win against them would have basically given us promotion by now. Our performance was pretty shocking as we never really created anything during the entire game. La Liga 2: Huesca (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) First XI: I've decided to replace Agbo with Nolakoain in midfield. Agbo was sent off in the game against Almeria and I don't want to put him back in the squad after that if I'm being honest. Mollejo was missing last game because he had picked up too much yellow cards but he's too instrumental to the team to miss this game against Huesca. Huesca have been on an awful run of form recently as they've dropped down to 10th in the league. Their last win in the league was 10 games ago and they've only managed 2 points in the league since, so I'm hoping for an easy win today. KICK OFF: 14th minute: Aketxe has a corner for Deportivo La Coruna, he has one of the best set-piece deliveries in football so this could be dangerous for Huesca. The ball is whipped into the box and it reaches the head of Keko who jumps over the 2 Huesca defenders...Just over! That was a good chance for Deportivo but Keko isn't known for his heading ability. 52nd minute: Ivan has a throw-in at a good position on the right side of the pitch. He gives it to Shibasaki, who passes it back to Ivan as he crosses it in to the box first time. The ball is headed away, but is recovered by Keko. He's tackled but the ball reaches Ivan who plays it to Shibasaki in midfield again. Shibasaki gives it back to Keko who makes a run through the right side of the box. It's crossed in as it reaches the head of Mollejo...GOAL!!! Deportivo have gone 1-0 up through a Mollejo header and are currently on their way to La Liga next season. 67th minute: Ferreiro has a corner kick for Huesca. It's whipped into the box, and it reaches the head of Josue who has a good shot on goal...SAVED! A great save by Gimenez to tip it over the bar, as it looked like it was dipping in to the top corner. It's another corner for Huesca, as it's crossed in from Ferreiro, the ball once again reaches the head of Josue...Just over!!! Huesca have came close twice to pulling one back. 70th minute: Ivan has a free kick, but it's too far out to be a shot on goal. He passes it to Shibasaki, who takes his time and spots a beautiful ball, as he plays it over the Huesca players to Mollejo, who is completely open and has a shot on goal...GOAL!!! 2-0 to Deportivo! Mollejo has grabbed his 2nd of the game with a nice finish, but that pass from Shibasaki to create the goal was special. 86th minute: The ball is being played around the Deportivo half very nicely. Montero plays a forward pass to Shibasaki, who gives it to Salva Ruiz, who gives the ball to Mollejo who's in the Huesca half. He gives it back to Shibasaki, but Shibasaki makes an awful mistake, as he plays the ball long across the side of the pitch and it reaches a Huesca player. Galan makes a run forward from midfield and ends up running by the Deportivo players before taking a shot outside the box...OVER! It looked like it might have gone top right but there was just a bit too much on that shot. 89th minute: Galan has a throw-in, he tries to force it into the box but it's headed away. The ball reaches Valle who makes a great run from the Deportivo defence, all the way to the outside of the Huesca box, before taking a shot that gets blocked. The ball is picked up by Koné who makes a run around the box to get away from the defenders. He plays the ball into the box and finds Mollejo with a beautiful ball as he gets his head to it...WIDE!!! That was an unreal chance for Mollejo to grab his hat-trick and he really should have scored it. 90+3 minute: Ferreiro has the ball for Huesca from a decent crossing position with his free kick. It's floated into the box and it reaches Datkovic for Huesca at the far post...SAVE AGAIN! Gimenez has made another class stop tipping the ball away and keeping this game 2-0. Ferreiro has another corner, it's crossed into the box as it gets to the head of Insua...straight at Gimenez, who catches the ball easily. The game is surely over now with only a minute of injury time left, and Deportivo will be playing La Liga football next season. FULL TIME: HUESCA 0-2 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA The first half of this game was very representative of how we've played in our last few games, having a lot of possession but not creating anything. We turned it up in the second half though and managed to grab the 2-0 victory. More importantly though we've managed to grab promotion to La Liga! I'm delighted that we've managed to get the automatic promotion spots because at the start of the season it was looking like it might have been more of a battle, but we've performed very well after those first few games and we've deserved promotion in the end. It's looking like we'll be winning the league now after Rayo have dropped points again which is also great. I don't think I'll return for any of the remaining games of this season because I don't see the point, but I'll do an end of season review next episode and possibly show some transfers as well.
  17. The Women's Division must really be struggling if Tamina has a match for the Women's Title. I'm pretty confident that Bayley is going to retain her championship here and they're going to build up to a future match between Sasha and Bayley.
  18. 1. Football (The one that matters): The best sport there is by a mile, been watching since I was a kid and you just can't beat the feeling of when your team wins a game of football. 2. Boxing/MMA: Have only started getting into boxing and MMA the last few years but it's great when you catch an entertaining fight, the heavyweight boxing scene currently is unreal. 3. Basketball: I have only started getting into basketball the last few months but it's a good sport, I'd definitely watch it more often if the games were on at a better time.
  19. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 9 League Table & Fixtures Review: We are now currently top of the table and 6 points ahead of 2nd place Rayo. We're also 10 points ahead of Malaga who are 3rd, so the chances of us securing an automatic promotion place look very good this season. Even though finishing 2nd is enough for us to reach La Liga it would still be nice if we could win the division, and I think we have a good chance of doing so. Rayo and Malaga have both been slipping us recently, and previous title challengers Huesca have fallen down to 6th. The results in our previous games look good, besides one massive outlier being the 3-0 loss to Sporting. The game was awful, maybe the final result was a bit harsh but we definitely didn't deserve to win. We were missing Koné up top due to injury, but the defence was a shambles anyways. In the other 3 games we managed to keep 3 clean sheets, with a solid 2-0 win over top-half Tenerife. Then we beat Albcate 1-0 who are one of the teams challenging for a play-off spot this season, it took us until the final 10 minutes but we managed to win through an Aketxe penalty. Then 2 games after our worst game of the season we came back with what was our best performance of the season, with a 5-0 victory over Extremadara. We didn't allow them any big chances the whole game and we were all over them from start to finish. It was an expected result since they're down near the bottom of the league but still a class performance. La Liga 2 UD Almeria (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) First XI: The only real change in this team is the exclusion of Ivan at right back. He recently suffered from an injury, so Viana has took his place at right back for the time being, Ivan should return at right back for the next game though. I feel pretty confident going into this game about grabbing the win, Almeria are currently 18th in the league so I'm hoping for another 5-0 performance today. KICK OFF: 39th minute: This hasn't been the game I was expecting up until this point, there's been very little going on for either side so far. Salva Ruiz has a throw in and he gives the ball to Agbo. Agbo gets the ball tackled from him and lunges in with a tackle of his own after and commits the foul, already on a yellow card...AGBO'S SENT OFF! It was his second yellow card offence and he's been given the red card. The game currently stands at 0-0 but Almeria have a chance to get more out of Deportivo here. 65th minute: Almeria have a goal kick, which is booted forward to the left flank. They start playing with the ball on the left side of the pitch, before Jonathan got caught out by Keko who is now racing forward on the wing to find a ball. He crosses the ball into the box to find Koné but the defender gets in front of him...OWN GOAL! Maras tried to clear the ball but he ended up putting it into his own net, Deportivo are now a goal up despite being a man down. 79th minute: The ball is booted forward by Aguza in the Almeria defence. The ball reaches Vada on the right side of the pitch who runs forward before being fouled by Mollejo, but the play is continued as Almeria still have the ball. Vada gets the ball back and plays it to Kaptoum who is in an advanced position in midfield. He gives it to Nunez who has a pop outside of the box...Blazed over the bar! That was good football from Almeria but poor shot selection in the end. FULL TIME: UD ALMERIA 0-1 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA This was definitely one of the most lackluster performances of the season even though we managed to win the game. I was expecting another demolition job like at Extremadura but we barely scraped through this game with a man down, and an own goal winning the game for us. When you look at the statistics you could probably say Almeria deserved to win this one but they never created anything big during the game, a draw was probably a fair result. Considering we were a man down you could say it's a good result, but we literally did nothing before that anyways so I don't feel like it made much of a difference. Rayo and Malaga also won their games today so we're still in the same position we were beforehand, just with 7 more games left to play in the season.
  20. As long as WWE continue to make more money, Vince doesn't care about the well being of the workers or his staff. I don't believe they should still be running shows until the coronavirus stuff becomes less serious but I doubt they'll ever stop. It would make a lot more sense if they just aired old RAW's and old Smackdown shows instead of what they're doing now, the people who watch will clearly watch no matter what they put on TV, they'd still make all their money and they would keep all of their talent safe as well.
  21. This will probably seem biased but in terms of football it has to be Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson. No footballing side has been more dominant or as feared as that United team during the 90's and 00's. There's other sides around the world that have won more trophies obviously but the leagues aren't as competitive as the Premier League. The fact we won 13 league titles during Fergie's reign is mental, along with the treble in 1999 obviously being the biggest achievement. If only it would have lasted forever.
  22. The Revival Ember Moon Seth Rollins The New Day Mickie James Bayley Cedric Alexander Dean Ambrose Kevin Owens Brock Lesnar Bonus Questions: Cedric Alexander No No

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