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  1. A Holla-riffic Return

    The EVOLVE crowd are in complete shock as they hear a familiar theme tune from long ago. The cameras go to the backstage area as a limousine begins to makes it's way into the arena. It then drives out on the area below, beside the stage before stopping. The driver opens his door and walks over to the back door and opens it up for the unknown passenger in the back seat...A man in a suit is seen having drinks with three ladies in revealing clothing. Unaware that the door was open, the man turns around and it's revealed to be a returning Nate Long, to a huge crowd reaction. He quickly kisses one of the women on the cheek and jumps out of the car to play to some of the members in the EVOLVE crowd. He then jogs over to the ramp and hoists himself up using his strength. He takes a few steps forward but then stops himself as he becomes reminded of something. He takes a few steps backwards and does the signature Nate Long dance! As he walks down the ramp he shakes the hand and highfives everyone in sight on his return down to the ring. He dances his way up the steel steps and enters the ring over the middle rope. He holds his hands up in the air in respect for the audience as he gets gifted a microphone. "Holla, holla, holla!!!" The simple but memorable sentence receives another huge pop from the crowd. "Now, I know some of yall in the audience and some of yall watching at home on ya televisions may be wondering right naw, Nate Long, what in the hell are you doing back here on BPZ TV! Well it goes a little something like this playas. I got a call last night by a certain "Big Dawg" that goes by the name of Slim. Now this call I got was a very interesting call indeed playas so imma need yall to listen loud and clear to what I'm about to say. Now as some of you may know Slim has indeed been the EVOLVE general manager for a very long time. Now to talk about the one major point Slim mentioned, in the middle of some of the fun me and Slim had for a good 2 hours in this phone call. He said in these exact words. "Ayo, Nate Long, I ain't feeling myself so much right now, and I'm trying to get away from BPZ for awhile to rebuild myself, would you like to take the reigns of EVOLVE by the horns and take complete control whilst I'm gone?" "So yall are probably wondering, what did I say next?" Nate pauses himself for a bit as the audience begin to start a huge "YES" chant. "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I SAID YES PLAYAS! And over the coming weeks you're going to witness some changes around here on EVOLVE. Until the time comes when I'll have to give up mah spot as the EVOLVE GM, I'm gonna try my damn hardest to put on the best matches and shows I possibly can, and give everybody watching there money's worth. And you can believe that playas. Holla...Holla. Nate drops the microphone as his theme song begins to play again, as he does his signature dance in the ring as the footage begins to fade to black.
  2. Holla holla playas! It pleases me to announce to you all today, that Slim has made me the new permanent GM of EVOLVE! Now, to all yall Evolve members out there in that locker room, things will begin to shake up over the next few weeks so be ready for some big announcements coming up real soon and some TAG TEAM ACTION! But until then, I'm Nate Long homies, and I'm your new EVOLVE general manager.

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    2. Brad


      And as Carnage's about to be new General Manager, my goal is to listen to the PEOPLE! So, Flynn will put his Universal Championship on the line against.... Yelich. And BiC, and Josh in a fatal four way match! Holla that playa! And remember, PEOPLE POWER!

    3. Enlightenment


      I quit. I haven’t even debuted yet and I quit.

    4. Tamer


      Y O U  K N O W  I  T ' S  T H A  M A C M I L L I T A N T 

  3. The Stipulation

    "Legend Has It" plays as the EVOLVE crowd wait to see their champion arrive for the first time in about a month after the injury he faced before Survivor Series which took him out of the 5V5 match-up. He slowly walks to the stage with a hoodie on before kneeling down. The pyro goes off as he does his taunt on the stage with his Global Championship around his waist, as the boos start to reign on the despised EVOLVE champion. He walks out to the stage with something clearly on his mind, as he rarely comes out here without something important to say, and to assume that he's here to talk about his Pride opponent FDS, wouldn't be a bad prediction. Nate makes no eye contact with the EVOLVE fans as he continues his walk down the ramp and into the ring. He holds his title up in the air to the crowd, as he then places the title on his shoulders and commands to be given a microphone by EVOLVE personnel. "Ladies and gentlemen, The Emperor has finally arrived back home to claim back his throne as the undisputed champion of EVOLVE. And after Pride this title is going to stay exactly where it lays right now. Because FDS, despite you probably being the most worthy challenger yet to my crown, you are still no more than a second-rate peasant in my kingdom. Sure, right now you may be holding that Intercontinental Championship but all you are is a transitional champion. You finally beat Smith to regain the Intercontinental Champion after like, what, 5 or 6 attempts? Absolutely pathetic, coming from someone who regularly speaks so highly of himself, without actually having anything in the past year to show for it. It's actually quite hilarious hearing him go on in his latest promos going on about how he's going to beat me, judging off the fact that he's spent the last few months of his career getting his ass kicked, and failing miserably at trying to take the title off the current champion of Carnage, Flynn. You coming over here to EVOLVE to strive and take my championship away from me, will just end in another disappointment in your depressing career. You must be stupid to even have the mental picture in your head of you taking this title away from me, because I could still suffer from my injury and after a million tries you still wouldn't beat me for this title. Sure in the last while you may have "changed", by putting on this intimidating act, and showering yourself in blood to try and come across as some murderer at a sad attempt to try and strike fear into your opponents. But I genuinely couldn't give a shit what act or character you play coming into this match because at the end of the day, I'm the much more superior man in this contest and in the end, you'll just end up like everyone else who dare challenge The Emperor, and be left defeated and embarrassed in the middle of the ring." "To respond to one of those statements you made in your promo that I have been eager to talk about since I came out here is the fact that you called me a part-timer, which either means you're completely oblivious to what part-timer actually means, or that you're attempting to make me look bad like numerous opponents have in the past making up pitiful lies about myself, but as a matter of fact, I've wrestled the second most matches this year and even much more than you. I just thought I'd debunk that stupid fact that everyone talks about when mentioning me, just because I don't come out here in front of these ungrateful bastards every week, who don't appreciate how much of a phenomenal performer I am and are unaware of how lucky they are to have me as their champion, doesn't mean I'm a part-timer. For almost a combined 8 months I've held this this title over my shoulder yet the respect I garner from these fans and my peers still remains non-existent. I've single-handedly eradicated this entire division and it's now gotten to the point that former opponents I've faced, haven't even came out to an EVOLVE arena again because I've embarrassed them to the point of leave and that Carnage rejects like FDS have to be shipped over to EVOLVE just to ultimately be fed to me. Which isn't anything new to you FD, since you're used to being used by now and getting thrown around and used by your opponents with your history against Flynn and Smith this year." "I'm sure you're probably sick of me coming after you by now FD so I'll respond to your request for the match between you and me at Pride which is you've been waiting for this entire time. For anyone who got sick and bored half way through both of FD's dull promos or just turned the TV off when you seen him come on just to not see him throw another one of his desperate tantrums, he asked for me to select a stipulation for the match between me and him. Now you see I was very intrigued by this offer which is why it has taken me some time to come out here and give a full response. But after some tough deciding and thinking I have finally made my decision. And I have decided that our championship match will be a...No stipulations match!!!" The fans begin to heavily boo Nate after they were expecting for him to announce something special for the Pride match, as Nate laughs hysterically after fooling the EVOLVE crowd. "If you really thought that I was going to accept FD's offer of choosing an actual stipulation that works to his advantage you must be stupider than I had previously thought. I'm not going to have some man who probably sleeps in a barbed wired bed be able to use his current state of insanity as a weapon. Instead I'm going to force him into an actual wrestling match against me because in a match against me which is actually contested under wrestling rules, he stands no chance against me."
  4. Who Is Winning The 2018 Royal Rumble

    For me I just can't see Strowman winning the royal rumble just yet, especially after he only just lost to Lesnar recently, and if anyone from RAW was to win it I'd say they'd have Reigns win it again. Although I think they'll avoid having Reigns winning the rumble this time around because of the serious amount of backlash that it could face, so they'll probably just have him win a number one contendership match instead. I feel like they'll give the win to a Smackdown guy again this year, which would probably be Nakamura. Nakamura VS Styles at Wrestlemania seems like the most likely option, just because of the history these two have together in Japan. It's probably the best choice as well as Naka winning the Rumble would surely get a great reaction, and a match between Naka and Styles for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania would be insanely good if they're both given some time to work their magic.
  5. Best Storyline By WWE?

    For me one of the my favorite WWE storylines from the modern era is The Summer of Punk storyline. Even though it ended up with Kevin Nash coming back and Del Rio cashing in to ruin it at the end, everything that happened before then was superb. The segments between Punk, Cena and Vince were top notch and the hype videos for the Money in the Bank match between Punk and Cena is probably one of the best hype videos of all time. I still go back and watch segments from this feud a lot because they're just so timeless and fun to watch. It also provided us with WWE's first 5 star match in over a decade which is a serious achievement. There's just so much great things about this storyline and nothing in the modern ages of WWE for me comes close to beating it bar the Daniel Bryan storyline leading up to Mania.
  6. Up next on this Survivor Series card is the team of Slim and Akki who are representing The Order against Josh and his newfound protege and NXT Champion, GeorgeAK as The Joshtourage in what's sure to be one of the best Tag Team Championship matches in recent memory. "Seven Nations Army" plays as The Joshtourage come out to the stage as Josh holds out his arms with his head up high and George holding up his NXT Title beside him. The two then begin to walk down the ramp in the rush looking like they're ready to get this match underway right now. George leaves his title outside the ring as the two men stand in the ring waiting for The Order to arrive. "The King" and new World Champion himself, Slim, makes his way out to the stage in his second match of the night before his Survivor Series match later tonight. He stands there on the stage motionless before turning sideways and moving backwards a few paces as we wait for Akki... "The Maharaja" Akki comes out to the tune of his own theme song as Slim begins to clap for his tag team partner's arrival onto the stage. He begins waving his hands into the air and shouting before giving a little smirk. The two men begin to storm down the ramp and into the ring as Akki begins taunting The Joshtourage in the ring. As they finish off their entrances the two teams begin to talk in their respective corners about who will start for each team. It is decided that Josh and Akki will start off for their teams, as the bell rings and the match gets underway. Akki begins to stalk Josh as he slowly walks over to him as Josh slightly cowers away from conflict with The Maharaja. Akki looking like he was about to pounce on Josh, turns around and hits George with a strong high knee which sends him off the apron and out to the floor. Slim begins to laugh in the corner as Josh charges at Akki although is caught as Akki lifts Josh up on his shoulder as he goes to power him into Josh's corner but Josh falls out and dropkicks Akki's legs as he goes face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Josh begins to hop on Akki with some strikes to the back. Josh takes Akki out of the corner and powers him back into the post again as Akki falls outside the ring and onto the apron. Josh begins to pick an unconscious Akki back up from inside the ring. Although Akki starts hitting some blows to the stomach of Josh. Akki pushed Josh away from him to get some space. Josh runs towards Akki, but Akki catches him with a strong elbow to the face knocking Josh down! George makes his way back up to his feet but Akki pushes him away with his foot back down to the ground. Akki picks Josh back up and looks to throw him outside the ring with a suplex. Josh jumps off onto the apron. Akki goes to hit Josh with a running knee but Josh sidesteps and jumps back into the ring as Akki sends himself flying into the ring post!!! George gets back to his feet and makes the tag with Josh to become the legal man in this match-up. Slim tries to help Akki back up to his feet on the outside. George slides underneath the bottom rope and dropkicks Slim into the barricade as a loud thud can be heard off the impact. George picks Akki back up and brings him back into the ring. George turns Akki over and covers him. 1...2.Akki gets his arm up to save The Order's tag team title hopes. George picks Akki up and starts hitting multiple underhook knee strikes to the face of Akki and hits a sit-out side slam. George swoops in for the cover on Akki again. 1...2..Akki once again powers out at 2! George pulls Akki along over to his corner as George tags Josh back in. George holds Akki up in a spinebuster position as Josh comes running at Akki full speed off the ropes hitting Akki with a neckbreaker/spinebuster variation. Josh picks Akki as he pushes him away and pulls him back in looking for the bullhammer, as Akki ducks underneath and goes from behind Josh as he jumps in for the tag on Slim who hasn't been involved yet so far. Slim jumps over Josh with a springboard and does a roll, as he runs over to George to hit him with a superman punch taking him off his apron again. Josh throws Slim over the top rope but The King holds onto the ropes and lands on the apron. Josh goes out to the apron with Slim as he holds Slim's head up as he hits him with a strong uppercut to the jaw sending Slim back a bit. Josh goes for an elbow but Slim dodges and turns Josh around looking for the dragon suplex! Josh powers out of it with multiple elbow shops which finally break Slim's grasp...SUPERKICK FROM JOSH! George gets back up and throws Slim back into the ring as Josh is waiting in the ring to cover him. Josh folds him over and covers Slim! 1...2.Slim kicks out of the superkick! Josh in shock tags in George to try and finish this match off. George picks him up and looks to go for the piledriver. Although he is unable to lift Slim up and Slim moves out of it with a knee to the stomach. He hits a northern lights suplex on George and covers him. 1...2.George kicks out of the move but Slim isn't finished yet as he picks George up again and plants him on the mat with the brainbuster. Akki begins crawling along the ground as he goes over to Josh as he pulls him down off of the apron as he lands face first on the apron. The referee shouts at Akki to get back to his corner as he smirks on the way back. Slim tags in Akki as they look to perform a tag team move. Slim picks George up in a powerbomb position for the 11th Commandment. Akki holds George in a neckbreaker position. Josh comes in for the save! He moves George's legs upwards as he jumps over Akki and hits him with a fisherman suplex. Slim turns George around but gets hit with a high knee before running into Josh. Codebreaker!!! Josh sends Slim flying out of the ring as Josh goes back to his corner. Akki slowly makes his way back up to his feet as George is looking for something here. He picks Akki up...PILEDRIVER FROM GEORGE!!! THIS HAS TO BE IT! George slowly slides into the cover and starts counting with the referee for the pin. 1...2...3-NO WAY! AKKI KICKED OUT! George picks Akki back up again and tags in Josh. George is looking for an inverted piledriver this time as Josh goes to the top rope to maybe aid George with his piledriver this time around. SLIM! Slim jumps up onto the apron and hits Josh with an enzeguri knocking him out cold and to the outside. Slim comes flying in with a diving dropkick to the back of George's head!! Akki's flipped it around and jumped off of George...KHALLAS BY AKKI!!! Slim guards the ring to make sure that no one interferes. Akki makes the cover as the referee counts it!! 1...2...3!!! Akki has done it! The seemingly impossible has happened as Slim and Akki have won the Tag Team Championships! The two men are given the championships as Slim takes both championships, much to the irk of Akki, who pushes Slim. Slim looks down at the mat, vividly pissed off but The King hands Akki his Tag Team Championship, as The Modern Day Maharajah holds it up for the crowd to worship him... BEFORE SMASHING IT INTO HIS HEAD FROM BEHIND! Akki falls down onto the mat, trying to get up as fast as possible before Slim shakes his head, signalling to the back as The Emperor himself, Natedog walks out! NATE HAD BEEN OUT WITH AN INJURY THE PAST FEW WEEKS, BUT IT SEEMS HE’S SOMEWHAT HEALED, as he comes out to the stage and now walks down to the ring, getting on the apron, before springboarding in and hitting Akki with a Springboard Forearm Smash! NATE CALLS THAT THE “TAKING OF A NATION”! The Global Champion stands up, looking down at Akki Mahal before looking at Slim, smiling at who some consider to be Slim’s most loyal ally. Slim drops both of his titles, picking Akki up before irish-whipping him... SUPERKICK FROM NATE, AND AKKI TURNS AROUND... BEFORE SLIM GUTKICKS HIM AND CONNECTS ON AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim picks up both Tag Team Championships... before handing one to Nate! Was this the plan all along? "Heat” by Brockhamption plays as Slim and Nate walk backstage, with Akki laid out in the ring and The Joshtourage looking on, furious.
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    I'm in
  8. Face Reveal Thread

    A true luchador doesn't show their face Summer.

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