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  1. Semi-Final: Brody King (ROH) vs Lio Rush (Free Agent) Semi-Final: Hikuleo (Bullet Club) vs Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy) Bonus Point: Hontai (Misterioso, Adrian Quest, Barrett Brown, & Jordan Clearwater) vs Karl Fredericks, Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, & The DKC
  2. My expectations for this match were super high but I think it still managed to exceed them with how exceptional this match was. Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan put on one of the greatest Wrestlemania main events of all time, possibly even the best since Taker/HBK at Wrestlemania 26. Going into this match I did think Roman would win, but there was still a lot of doubt because there was definitely cases for Edge and Daniel Bryan as well. There was so many incredible spots throughout the match that got me more hyped than I've been for a wrestling match in years. The last couple of minutes of the ma
  3. Sheamus and Riddle have shown in the past they have really great chemistry in the ring, and they probably had their best match here. They both showed off some really impressive moves, with Riddle especially looking great with some of the stuff he was pulling off. Only bad moment throughout the match was the botched white noise from the top rope which was unfortunate. That brogue kick that finished the match off looked absolutely disgusting as well. Happy for Sheamus that he's won the United Sates Title, he's been one of the more entertaining guys in WWE recently and deserves a chance with a be
  4. Owens and Zayn had a solid match together but they've definitely done much better in the past. Like Echo said, this should have gotten a lot more time especially considering how long the women's tag match went on for. The story between these two didn't really make me feel like there was much at stake here for either competitor, so it was hard for me to really get invested in this match. Owens winning was the right move for me in the end, he needed to get a win after those couple of losses to Roman a few months ago. Logan Paul getting hit with a stunner at the end of it all was obviously great
  5. I did have high hopes for this match to deliver as the opener, but this was absolute garbage and probably the worst match on the two nights. The actual in-ring action for the most part was fine but how everything ended was completely ridiculous. They've been building the feud between these two for about half a year just for The Fiend to lose to one RKO because he lost his power to some black goo. The story has really beginning to lose me the last couple of weeks and I'm honestly not sure how you can seriously defend this feud over the last while and this match. Randy Orton really didn't need t
  6. Premier League 2024/2025 Season Preview We’ve released a few more players from the club this Summer, who I just feel like aren’t good enough to play for the first team. Marcus McGuane has been in the under 23’s since I arrived at the club, but the Irishman who came through Arsenal and Barcelona’s youth setups is now 25 and looks nowhere good enough to play in the Premier League, with the midfielder looking like more of a league one level player. Brennan Johnson is a Welsh winger who actually does look like he could be a decent Premier League player in the future. The 23 year old has
  7. Very close for my favourite match from Night 1 of Wrestlemania, Sasha and Bianca put on a great main event match, best main event since Wrestlemania 31. They definitely delivered on the expectations surrounding this match and it was deserving of the spot it was given in the end. There was some really great stuff here between these two, with how Sasha kept pulling as Bianca's hair throughout the match before that disgusting whiplash of her air to Sasha's ribs. Have to give Sasha props for putting Bianca over like she did here, they've definitely made a new star in the women's division with Bian
  8. I enjoyed this match a lot more than I had expected, it was about as enjoyable as it probably could have been with the big spot of Shane getting thrown from the cage. Really dislike Braun and honestly wanted Shane to win here for the laugh, but Braun winning here is the right decision in fairness. I expected these two to have a long feud like Shane and The Miz, but Braun winning has hopefully put this awful story with Shane to bed. Not really sure what a Braun Strowman win over a 51 year old non-wrestler really does for his credibility and career going forward, but I'm at the stage now where I
  9. I thought this was an okay match, with the major talking point being the in-ring debut of Omos. Even when he wasn't in the ring I just really enjoyed his face when he was standing on the ropes the entire time, just looked like he didn't give a shit about AJ getting beat up for the majority of the match. When Omos did finally get involved in the match he did look fairly impressive and very dominant, and I'm happy that they had him and AJ beat The New Day here. New Day really don't need the tag titles anymore with the amount of times they've won it and I'm very interested in the pairing of AJ &a
  10. I did say beforehand that I had high expectations for Bad Bunny to do well in the ring, but jesus christ he still managed to completely blow me away with how incredible his performance was, the best celebrity match ever. I agree with Hans that it did take the match a decent amount of time to get going but I think that worked because of how mad everything else was afterwards. Bad Bunny hitting a canadian destroyer on John Morrison is definitely something that I'll never forget and it was my favourite moment from the first night of Wrestlemania. Damian Priest looked good as well, and I think thi
  11. My personal favourite match from the first night of Wrestlemania, from the beginning this match started off quickly and the pace of the match never dropped. Some really quality stuff from these two, they both pulled out moves that we've never really seen from them before in WWE, and it's the best Seth has looked in ages for me. Cesaro winning was definitely the right choice and I'm delighted with the fact that he's finally got his Wrestlemania moment. I really don't think WWE will drop the ball with him like they have in the past, having him beat Seth at Mania makes me think there has to be so
  12. I thought it was a strange decision to have the WWE Championship match as the opener for Wrestlemania, but it did end up being a good choice considering it was the first match in front of fans in over a year. I thought that it was a really good match and one of the best on the card, and I'm delighted for Bobby Lashley that he won here against Drew McIntyre. In truth I wouldn't have minded seeing either of these two win, but I feel like this is WWE showing a huge amount of faith in Lashley as a top star, with the fact that it was a clean finish as well. Obviously unfortunate for Drew that he mi
  13. N1: Bobby Lashley, Bad Bunny & Damian Priest, AJ Styles & Omos, Shane McMahon, Cesaro, Lana & Naomi, Bianca Belair N2: Rhea Ripley, The Fiend, Big E, Kevin Owens, Riddle, Lana & Naomi, Roman Reigns Yes, No, No, Shane wins after Braun throws him off from the cage to the floor because he's stupid

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