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  1. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 21 League Table & Fixtures Review: We’re still 9th in the league going into the last two games of the season BUT there is absolutely still a chance for us to qualify for Europe. We’re on 57 points along with Real Betis and 3 points off Valencia and Real Sociedad. Osasuna are 4th on 61 points although they played a game more, after losing to Leganes 3-2 after a last minute winner. It’s going to take a lot to go our way for us to pull it off but anything can happen. As you can see our last two games have been insanely close and we’ve won both of them by the skin of our teeth. Starting off with a game against Rayo that could have gone either way, Luis Diaz finally showed his worth scoring the winner in the 89th minute to keep our hopes alive. Then we had a game against Granada where we made it really difficult on ourselves. We went 1-0 down with the lads getting too cocky at the back and giving the ball away to Greenwood, who basically had a free goal in the 22nd minute. We had to play out of our usual comfort zone and play a more attacking style late in the game to bring it back. Shibasaki got the equaliser in the 79th minute through a usual long range effort. It looked like the game was destined for a draw but then in the dying moments of the game Pedro Diaz scored the winner in the 92nd minute as we won 2-1. We could easily be out of this top 6 race by now but the lads wouldn’t let it happen. La Liga: Celta de Vigo (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) Game Preview: With only two games left in the season, Deportivo come into this game needing a result against Celta Vigo to realistically qualify for European football. Celta Vigo are stuck down in 13th after a lackluster year despite a very solid squad at their disposal. Not close to European places and also remaining in the division for next season, Celta Vigo don’t have anything to play for but they could still spoil Deportivo’s plans. It’s the toughest game for Deportivo out of their last two so they’re going to need all of that passion and grit that they’ve shown this season against a lot of the big boys in the division. First XI: Everything in the team remains the same since the last episodes besides the wing backs. Sola is out with a suspension after picking up too many yellow cards, so Ivan will replace him and Sola will be back for the last game. Jonathan is back at left back after recovering from his injury and has taken Ruiz’ spot in the side. KICK OFF: 30th minute: Deportivo are playing with the ball in defence after winning the ball back from Celta Vigo. Montero gives it to Badia who hoofs the ball forward to Luis Diaz. Diaz plays a ball over the top to Matheo Martinez who has a shot one on one with the keeper...SAVED! Martinez misses and the game is still level. 47th minute: Garcia has the ball in an attacking position for Deportivo. He attempts a pass to Pedro Diaz but it’s intercepted by Celta Vigo. Xhaka takes the ball and plays a great ball out on the left to Denis Suarez. He runs towards the outside of the box and crosses it into Iago Aspas who gets his head to it...over. Not a bad chance for Aspas to take the lead. 49th minute: Mendez has the ball in midfield and plays a long ball out to the left hand side of the pitch to Suarez. He passes it back to Mendez and Suarez makes a run down the right. Mendez gives it back to Suarez who gives it to Mangana who has space for the cross. It falls to Aspas who takes the shot...GOAL! Celta Vigo go 1-0 up and Deportivo have a lot to do to get back into this game. 55th minute: Luis Diaz has the ball on the left side of the pitch and makes a run through the middle waiting for an option. He plays the ball out on the right to Keko who has space in the box to try a shot...Saved! That was a powerful shot from Keko but the goalkeeper was equal to it. 82nd minute: Pedro Diaz has the ball in midfield and gives it to Shibasaki to create something. Shibasaki finds Keko on the left side of the pitch who attempts to run into the box. He gets past a defender who dived in and has a great chance to score...WIDE! It looked destined for the bottom right corner but it just went right past the post. 86th minute: Deportivo have the ball from a free kick position outside the box and it’s actually Cartabia that’s taking it rather than Shibasaki. He takes on the shot...GOAL!!! Cartabia fires the ball into the top left corner and Deportivo have found the equaliser with time left in this game to find the crucial winner. 89th minute: Ivan has the ball for Deportivo from the throw-in. He throws it to Cartabia who passes it down to Shibasaki. Shibasaki plays a long ball out wide to the pacey Martinez. He makes a run down the right wing and dribbles past his man creating an opportunity in the box to score...Saved. That was a weak effort from Martinez and it looks like that will be that. FULL TIME: CELTA DE VIGO 1-1 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA I’m absolutely gutted about the result of that game because in truth we were all over Celta Vigo and deserved to win it. A draw does still give us a chance of qualification but it makes the job twice as hard. In the last game we absolutely have to win against Espanyol who are in 16th, along with other results going our way. In a mental turn of events we currently sit in 8th place two points off Real Sociedad and Valencia who both lost their last two games. Real Sociedad lost against Athletic Bilbao 2-1 and Valencia lost 4-0 to the team we’re about to face, Espanyol. 4th and 5th place are both off the cards because of our draw but we can still get 6th place for the Europa League. La Liga Deportivo La Coruna (H) VS RCD Espanyol (A) Final Day Preview: Here are the final games of the season with every team playing at the exact same time. Barcelona are playing Real Sociedad at home in a game they need to win to clinch the title, which is good for us because we need Sociedad to lose their game. Osasuna plays Atletico Madrid in a tough game where they can still get Champions League football, or miss out on the Europa League entirely if results don’t go their way. In another game that means a lot to Deportivo, Valencia are hosting Granada in 15th place. We need to beat Espanyol and both Valencia and Real Sociedad to lose their games to get 6th place. I’m not worried about Sociedad because they’re up against Barcelona but I’m concerned that Valencia could smash Granada if they felt like it. I’ll give updates during our match for the results around us as we play. KICK OFF: Our line-up remains identical to the one against Celta Vigo besides Sola’s addition back into the squad at right back. 9th minute: Barcelona take the lead against Real Sociedad after 9 minutes through a Lionel Messi penalty. 13th minute: Real Sociedad responded immediately with a William José equaliser only 4 minutes after Messi’s penalty. HALF TIME: 0-0 We’ve had 2 decent chances to score so far but it remains goalless in our game against Espanyol. Valencia’s game is still goalless and Sociedad are drawing 1-1 with Barcelona. So far it’s not going terribly but we need to score a goal ourselves before we worry about others. 57th minute: Griezzman scores for Barcelona as they take the 2-1 lead in their game and regain top spot in the league. 65th minute: Espanyol have the ball in midfield and are playing around with it nicely. Roca plays a 40 yard pass out to Gomez on the right wing who crosses it into the box to Calleri who gets his head onto it...GOAL!!! Espanyol has sc-No! It’s been called back for VAR...OFFSIDE! The game remains 0-0 between Deportivo and Espanyol. 67th minute: Granada have scored against Valencia!!! Greenwood gets the goal and as things stand Deportivo need to win to guarantee 6th place. 89th minute: Barcelona have scored the third of the game and Sociedad look gone now. Deportivo are still 0-0 in their game but they’re pushing everyone forward for the goal. 90+3 minute: Cartabia wins the ball back from Espanyol in midfield as he begins racing forward with the ball with seconds remaining in this game. He gets past his defender and crosses the ball to Keko who is wide open with a chance to shoot...GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! DEPORTIVO HAVE SCORED IN THE FINAL MINUTE OF THE GAME!!! KEKO MAY HAVE MADE HIMSELF A DEPORTIVO HERO AS THE TEAM ARE IN 6TH PLACE WITH SECONDS REMAINING. FULL TIME: DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA 1-0 RCD ESPANYOL In the most unbelievable fashion ever, Deportivo La Coruna have made it to the Europa League after the first season back in La Liga...I honestly can’t believe it. Everything just happened so perfectly on the last day and I’ve never been through so much drama in my life. In the end Valencia have missed out on Europa and Real Sociedad will qualify for the Euro Cup II.
  2. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 20 League Table & Fixtures Review: We’re currently 9th in the league table, which is very good considering we weren’t expected to do much in the league. Although I’m really disappointed because I feel like we’ve had a golden opportunity to be right in those European places but we’ve slightly bottled it. With 5 games left in our season the aim is to try and somehow get into the top 6, but when you look at the table and the teams in front of us we can’t allow any more mistakes. As you can see the form has been all over the place, but it started off extremely well as we defeated Real Sociedad 1-0. Despite them being one of the best teams in the league this season I thought we controlled the game completely and they couldn’t create anything. Any time they attacked us we just hit them on the counter and our hard work finally paid off with a Mollejo winner in the 76th minute. After that game we had won 5 in a row and everything looked well. Then we suffered a 2-0 defeat to Real Betis who are up there with us challenging for Europe. It was expected though, both of our centre backs were out due to allocating too many yellow cards and the two replacements just weren’t up to standards. Then a disappointing 0-0 draw with Levante where neither side really deserved to win it. It was a dull game with not much going on at all and I expected better from us considering the magnitude of the game. Then another draw which was 1-1 between us and Getafe which was really frustrating. Getafe were bottom of the league when we played them and they scored within 2 minutes of play. They were so hard to break down but we finally got a goal from Keko in the 77th minute. I was hoping to find a winner but we didn’t create anything after the goal and that was a real dagger in our European dreams. Then there was a 4-2 loss to Atletico Madrid which was also expected. Correa scored for them within 3 minutes, but Shibasaki scored a great goal from outside the box in the 17th to find the equaliser. The goal didn’t change too much though and Atletico Madrid mostly dominated us as it ended 4-2. La Liga: Eibar (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) Game Preview: Deportivo La Coruna are currently defying the odds in La Liga after just being promoted, but this is a very important game for them to try and make this season even more memorable. They come up against 19th place Eibar away from home, whose league form has been awful in the 2nd half of the season as they’ve only picked up 3 points since the start of January with 3 draws. Deportivo have been on a rough run recently but they need to put that behind them if they’re going to have a chance at their European dream. First XI: There have been a few changes in the squad due to injuries and suspensions but I’m pretty happy with this starting 11. Luis Diaz has been injured recently but he’s returned to the squad and hopefully he can pick up his form from before. Azeez hasn’t been good since his return from the African Cup of Nations so I’m giving Diaz more time in the squad to prove himself. Jonathan has had injury problems as of late so I’ll be playing Ruiz instead at left back. KICK OFF: 9th minute: Keko has the ball in the Deportivo half, as he plays a long ball forward into Matheo Martinez. Martinez makes a run in the box and tries to get past his defender...PENALTY! Martinez was fouled in the box and we’ve been given the penalty to take the lead early on. Diaz is stepping up to take it and he has a chance to prove himself now...GOAL!!! Deportivo go ahead early as Diaz slots it into the bottom right corner. 29th minute: Eibar are playing around with the ball in midfield as they try to create something. Exposito tries to play a short pass but it’s intercepted easily by Shibasaki who finds Martinez making the run through the defence, as Martinez has a chance to make it two...Saved by Dmitrovic. Finishing needed to be better by Martinez to score then. 47th minute: Enrich has the ball in midfield for Eibar as he attempts a run down the right side of the pitch. He gets tackled but wins the ball back and passes it forward to Tejero. Sadick misses the tackle Tejero has space to run into on the right wing. He crosses it into the box to De Blasis who has a header...Over. Good play from Eibar and Deportivo looked in trouble for a moment. 65th minute: Keko has the ball on the right in the Deportivo half. He attempts a ball across to Diaz but Arturo intercepts and gets in the way. He looks to play a ball to Enrich but Sadick puts in a great tackle and the ball is cleared. It only reaches Sergio outside the box who plays a lovely ball to Quique in the box who hits it on the volley first time...OFF THE BAR! That was the chance for Eibar to grab something from this game. 78th minute: Luis Diaz has the ball on the left and makes a run on the inside. He plays a ball out to the right to Keko, who passes the ball to Martinez in the box who finds Diaz making a run to his left...Saved! That was a great play from Deportivo with the quick passing but the Diaz’ shot was weak. FULL TIME: EIBAR 0-1 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA We finally got a win and it was pretty deserved as we defeated Eibar 1-0. It could have been more but I’m just happy we got the job done, and there is still a slight chance we can European football with 4 games left to go. I’m going to do a double game episode for the last two games assuming everything is still close. The situation is crazy because even Real Sociedad have been drawn into this with their poor form recently, and there’s still a chance we can get Champions League football. Here’s the crazy situation we’re currently in.
  3. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 19 League Table & Fixtures Review: After some not so good results from the last episode where we lost 4 games in a row, we’ve managed to pick our form back up again and we’re currently on 40 points not too far from European football once again. Once you get 40 points it’s basically a guarantee that you won’t get relegated, so I’m delighted with the team that we’ve managed survival with 11 games left in the season. As I said we’ve been playing really well recently and it shows in our quality form over the last three games, winning every single one. It started off with a 1-0 win over struggling Leganes. Matheo Martinez scored the goal in 7 minutes from a Shibasaki free kick to put us ahead and that was that really. There were a few chances for both sides during the game but we managed to hold on to the 1-0 scoreline. Then a great result against Sevilla where we won 2-1. Cartabia scored in the 7th minute with a header provided by a Jonathan cross in the box. Although 5 minutes later Ocampos scored for Sevilla to find the equaliser and I had a bad feeling the game was going to turn. Luckily that wasn’t the case though, as Luis Diaz managed to score his 2nd goal of the season with his last coming against Sevilla funnily enough, in the first game of the season. After that I felt like we dominated the game, we had even more chances to score after that but it was an entertaining game that went right to the end. Then we racked up a 1-0 win over Sporting de Gijón when I was forced to make some changes in the side since Keko and Cartabia were both injured so I had a lack of wide players. I decided to play a more narrow formation and went with a diamond instead. It worked defensively but we weren’t creating any chances. I changed it back to the old tactic and brought on Luis Diaz and we managed to score a few minutes later in the 87th minute. Shibasaki once again being the provider from the free kick and Montero scored the header to win the game for us. La Liga: Villarreal (H) VS Deportivo La Coruna (A) Game Preview: Although Villarreal have usually been one of the better sides in Spain over the last few years, they currently sit in 13th place; 10 points behind Deportivo. This could be put down to the fact that they could have gone through a lot of rotation this season due to their involvement in the Europa League, and they were recently knocked out by Mainz. When the two sides met earlier in the season Deportivo had one of the best results of their season with a 3-0 win at the Riazor. This should prove to be a tougher game though with Villarreal’s focus being completely set on the league now whilst also playing away from home. It’s a tough game to call as Depor have been in top notch form as of late, but Valencia definitely have enough quality in their side to change that. First XI: The only real change in the tactic is that I’ve gone back to the more cautious mentality. It worked against Sevilla and I feel like it has to be implemented when we’re coming up against bigger sides. Keko is out with an injury and won’t return for another 5-11 days so Luis Diaz has taken his place in the squad. Azeez has finally made his return to the squad after his appearance in the African Cup of Nations, I hope he can pick his performances back up because he was one of our best players before he left us for that one month period. KICK OFF: 18th minute: Ontiveros has the ball for Villarreal from a free kick position. He steps up and takes the shot from about 25 yards...SAVED! Badia makes a terrific save to tip it away, as it looked like it could have gone top right. Corner is taken but the ball is headed away, although it only reaches Gonzalez outside the box who shoots...OFF THE BAR! Villarreal had two great chances in a matter of a minute there as Deportivo cleared the ball away. 24th minute: Villarreal are on the attack as they play a lofted ball forward, although Sadick heads it away to Shibasaki. Shibasaki makes a short run before playing it ahead to Martinez who finds his way into the box. He tries a cross but it ends up going over the Deportivo players. Garcia runs to save it from going out and he passes it to Cartabia in the box who plays a quick cross to Luis Diaz...GOAL!!! Diaz scores the header to put Deportivo 1-0 and he’s finally finding some form. 51st minute: Deportivo have been playing around with the ball magnificently and Villarreal can’t seem to get close to them. Sola and Montero are passing the ball nicely around the back. Montero suddenly plays a long ball forward that reaches Cartabia on the wing. He hits a beautiful weighted pass to Diaz once again...Over! Great football from Deportivo but just needed a greater finish from Diaz. 68th minute: Morlanes has the ball in the Depor box for Villarreal. He tries a cross but Sadick heads it away to safety as it reaches Cartabia. Cartabia holds the ball up well as he spots Martinez making a run and hits a lovely ball into his stride. Martinez takes a good first touch and has a chance for himself in the box...GOAL!!! Martinez scores a lovely goal with a composed finish as he hits it under the goalkeeper. 2-0 Deportivo now and Villarreal are in trouble. 79th minute: Villarreal have a free kick from far out on the right side of the pitch. Trigueros takes it and tries to find a player in the box, as it reaches the head of Chema...WIDE! That was a decent chance for Villarreal to get back into this game and their best of the half. FULL TIME: VILLARREAL 0-2 DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA Even though the amount of shots taken would make you think Villarreal deserved more, they didn’t create any big chances at all during the game. We played our game to perfection with our short passing and patient build-up play, catching them out on the counter twice for our 2 goals. That was an incredible result for our season and we’re currently in 7th place, which would mean we’d play in the EURO Cup II, which I don’t really care for considering it’s a worse version of the Europa League but it’s still impressive for our standards. Only negatives is that Jonathan is out injured for 5 weeks after the game along with Diaz who got injured for a month after finally starting to perform for us, so they're both big misses.
  4. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 18 I did say that after the signing of Jonathan we probably wouldn’t be making any more moves, and I was correct. None of the players my scouts were bringing to me interested me or were currently affordable, there were a few youngsters we loaned out but those are the only outs. League Table & Fixtures Review: Since the last episode we haven’t really progressed much in the league table, but that’s mostly down to a run of tough games. We’ve only fallen down slightly to 10th place, which is still pretty good considering expectations. Europe seems off at this point so I’m not that concerned about it anymore, safety in the division should also be wrapped up in no time. We’re not really fighting for anything now except a good mid-table finish, but I still want to perform well to build momentum and maintain team happiness. Here are the results since the loss to Osasuna where you can see we’ve had to play a bunch of games over the course of 2 weeks. We started off with a great 2-1 win away from home against Athletic Bilbao. They scored in the 7th minute through Inaki Williams to go 1-0 up but we responded brilliantly afterwards. Keko scored in the 26th minute to grab the equaliser and then the youngster Matheo Martinez got his 2nd goal of the season for the game winner. After that I went to a more cautious style because I didn’t want a repeat of Osasuna and it worked as we held on for the 2-1 victory. Then we faced off against Espanyol in a Copa Del Rey game where we came out 1-0 victors. Aketxe scored the penalty and we managed to hold on to the lead despite a rotated side and advance to the last 16. Then in the league we had a game against Real Madrid and we lost 1-0. We managed to hold on for a while, Badia even saved a penalty from Ramos in the first half. It didn’t stay level for long though as Ramos scored a header in the 56th minute which was the game winner. In the last 16 of the Copa Del Rey we were hammered by Bilbao 4-1. They scored early on but like the last game we found an equaliser through Aleix Garcia. They scored again in the 60th minute to make it 2-1 and I tried to play more positive football to get a goal, which just led to them scoring 2 more to make it 4-1 the final result. Then we faced Barcelona in another extremely tough game, which ended 3-1. They went up 3-0 after 35 minutes and they were all over us. I played a lot more cautiously just so we wouldn’t get completely embarrassed. We managed to weather the Barca storm and Mollejo scored a goal in the 61st to make it 3-1, but there were no more big chances in the game after that. La Liga: Deportivo La Coruna (H) VS Valencia (A) Game Preview: Like Deportivo, Valencia were one of the best sides in Spain during the 2000’s winning 2 league titles during the decade and regularly featuring in the top 3. They still are a massive side featuring regularly in European competitions. It’s not been one of their better seasons as they currently sit in 8th position, despite their manager being Zidane and boasting a lot of great talent. These two sides met in the league just a month ago when Deportivo came back from a goal down to win the game 2-1. It’s a difficult game to call because both teams are pretty close to each other in the league and even though Valencia have more star power, Deportivo have already proved they have what it takes to beat them. At home as well, you’d maybe have to give a slight edge towards Deportivo, they’ve been on a dodgy run recently but they’ll be hoping to put that to bed tonight. First XI: The line-up is mostly the same as it has been all season. Azeez is still missing because of his international duty with Nigeria, but he’ll be back next game. I’ve played Garcia as a box to box midfielder recently and he’s done really well there surprisingly. Ruiz is also playing wing back because Jonathan took a knock in training so it’s too much of a risk to play him. KICK OFF: 8th minute: Cartabia has the ball on the right side of the field for Deportivo. He makes a run through the middle of the pitch and passes it to Keko on the left wing. He crosses the ball into the box and he finds Matheo Martinez...OVER! Martinez hits it over the crossbar, good chance to score there. 14th minute: Parejo has the ball in the final third for Valencia. He finds a ball out wide on the left wing to Gayá, who tries to find a cross into the box. It’s cleared away by Salva Ruiz and it falls to Vazquez on the volley...GOAL!!! Valencia have scored with a terrific strike to find the opening goal. 45th minute: Shibasaki has a free kick from 30 yards out, and he looks like he’s taking on the shot. He steps up and hits it...GOAL!!! Shibasaki has gotten the equaliser for Deportivo just before the end of the first half with a quality free kick that found the top left corner. 55th minute: Chambers has the throw for Valencia and gives it to Rodrigo. He passes it back to Parejo, who finds a lovely ball out wide to Gayá on the left. He gets past Sola and crosses it to Gomez...saved by Badia. He didn’t have too much trouble catching that one. 67th minute: Keko has the ball on the left wing, but is tackled easily by Chambers. Chambers plays a short pass to Rodrigo, who plays a great ball across to Gayá to switch the play. He runs out of the Deportivo half and plays a lofted ball towards Vazquez who runs into the box. He hits the ball with his left foot...GOAL!!! That was a very well worked goal by Valencia and a brace for Vazquez. 2-1 now and Deportivo are going to need to do a lot of work to come back again. 88th minute: Guedes has the throw-in for Valencia from a dangerous position. He throws it to Kondogbia who gives it back to Guedes. Guedes makes a run into the box and takes a shot...SAVED! Good save from Badia to tip it away for a corner. The corner is dealt with, and the game looks over for Deportivo. FULL TIME: DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA 1-2 VALENCIA That was definitely up there as one of our worst performances this season and we probably deserved to lose by more. I tried to make changes during the game, even going to a 4-4-2 near the end but we just didn’t create anything. It was good to see Shibasaki score again but that’s about it really. I thought we could get something out of this game because of the previous result against Valencia but they completely dominated us this time around. I hope that now that we’ve gotten a lot of tough fixtures out of the way the team can pick up some results again because we’re going through some rough form as of late.
  5. FM 20: Awaken a Fallen Giant - Deportivo La Coruna Episode 17 January Transfer Window: The January Transfer Window had begun in Spain on the 4th of January. I’m over a week into the window and there have been a few moves already. I’m quite content about the squad at the moment so I doubt I’ll be making any other moves unlessa deal interests me. Transfers: Before I get into the deals, I'll go into a transfer deal I thought would happen, Barcelona came in with an offer for Matheo Martinez and I thought we’d lose him on the cheap. Luckily I managed to offer him a new contract and put his release clause up to 18 million. He’s definitely worth more than that in my opinion, but Barcelona weren’t interested afterwards which is a good thing. IN: Jonathan - £525,000 (Transfer from UD Almeria) The first and possibly only man I’ll bring in during the transfer window, Brazilian wing back Jonathan. I feel like wing back is one of the weaker positions in the side right now and I hope Jonathan can improve that. He’s more of a natural than Salva Ruiz at the wing back position and his physical stats are very good. He’s only 22 so he can improve a lot and become a regular in Deportivo for a few years. I think the 525K we got him for was an absolute steal too. OUT: Vasilis Labropoulos - £160,000 (To Aris) Labropoulos is a solid defender but he was never going to get a game for us. As an aging player too, he doesn’t have many good years left in him and I thought I’d get some money for him whilst I can. I don’t know how he’s valued at 675K now but I can only assume it’s because of his contract. League Table & Fixtures Review: In the league we’ve only managed to play 1 game since the last episode because of the cup games we’ve been playing recently, despite that though we’ve moved up to 8th. The league is still extremely tight between all the mid table sides but we’re 15 points ahead of Espanyol in 18th now. For the European spots we’re 3 points behind 7th which would only put us in the Euro Cup II (new competition), but 6th would get us Europa League group stages which would be great, and we’re only 4 points off currently. Results recently have been great as we’ve gotten 3 wins in our last 3. The first game was a 1-0 win over Écija in the Copa Del Rey. The team was largely changed around which is why it wasn’t that dominant from us. Keko scored in the 16th minute and we never really looked like conceding. Then in the league we had one of our best results of the season, with a 2-1 victory over Valencia. Rodrigo put them up in the 36th minute and they were definitely the better side in the 1st half. We started the 2nd half off really great with Azeez scoring a signature goal from outside the box to level the game. Then Shibasaki scored what might have been his best goal of the season, he’s scored an elite list of goals so I’m not even sure. Azeez passed the ball to him outside of the box and Shibasaki struck it first time into the top right corner to give us the 2-1 win. Then a bit of a lackluster game against U. Murica as we could only win on penalties to advance to the 3rd round of the cup. The team was even more rotated than last time which didn’t help, but we also had a sending off after 30 minutes. Even with 10 men I still felt we were the much better side but we were taken to penalties. Pens weren’t an issue in the end as we went through, still a bit scary though. La Liga: Deportivo La Coruna (H) VS Osasuna (A) Game Preview: This could definitely turn out to be one of the most important games of the season with what a win could do for Depor. Osasuna are currently 6th in La Liga and Deportivo are only 4 points behind them, a win would massively help their Europa League dreams, but a loss could completely crush them. Osasuna are one of the biggest overachievers in La Liga this season, being predicted to only finish in 13th at the beginning of the year. Osasuna are on an amazing run currently, winning 6 and drawing 2 in their last 8 games. They lost their first 3 games of the season but since then have only lost 2 against Barcelona and Sporting de Gijon. Since Deportivo’s horrific form in October losing every single game, they’ve only lost 2 games since November and have been on some great form themselves. Drawing with Atletico, smashing Villareall 3-0 and recently defeating Valencia 2-1 will give them confidence that they can win this game. I predict this will be a close game and is likely to be a draw, but with home advantage Deportivo could potentially triumph over Osasuna. First XI: Tactics remain the same although there have been some changes in the squad in recent weeks. Jonathan has taken the left wing back spot from Salva Ruiz, Ruiz just never really does anything on the pitch, I feel like Jonathan can have more of an impact on games. Azeez is on international duty with Nigeria, and will be for another few weeks because he’s at the African Cup of Nations. Nolaskoain will be filling in today because Pedro Diaz is too tired from playing in the cup. KICK OFF: 13th minute: Moncayola has the ball in an advanced position in midfield. He plays it out to the right side of the pitch to Foulquier. It’s passed to Ibanez, who finds Darko open outside the box as he takes a shot...Saved! Very good shot from Darko but Badia was there to tip it away for a corner. 20th minute: Shibasaki tries an ambitious ball after a throw-in, which ends up going to Foulquier. Foulquier runs through our midfield and plays a ball across to the left side to Moncayola. He plays it forward to Avila who gives it to Luna out on the wing. Luna passes it back to Avila, who gets through Sola and has a chance just inside the box...GOAL!!! Osasuna have took the lead 20 minutes into this game, a great finish from Avila who slotted it into the bottom left corner. 28th minute: Osasuna have the ball in a good position, but Sola gets the ball for Deportivo and fires the ball forward to Martinez. Martinez makes a great run towards the left wing and finds a ball in the box to Shibasaki. Shibasaki takes a shot which is blocked but it falls to Garcia. Garcia lays it off to Cartabia who is open in the box...GOAL!!! Great play from Deportivo, the ball from Garcia was very nice because he could have easily taken the shot himself, but he gave it to Cartabia instead. 1-1 now almost 30 minutes into this one. 60th minute: Montero and Sadick are playing around with the ball in defence. Sadick launches a ball towards Sola on the right side who makes a run forward to the wing. He passes it down towards Cartabia who tries a cross, but it’s blocked and falls to Sola again. Sola tries a cross but it’s headed away, only reaching Nolaskoain outside the box. Nolaskoain gives it to Keko inside the box, who gets around the Osasuna defence and opens up the room for the shot...GOAL!!! Deportivo have taken the lead! A very well worked goal from Deportivo and they’ve come from behind to go 2-1 up, great finish by Keko. 68th minute: Badiashile has the ball for Osasuna in defence, he plays it across to Solet. Solet gives it to Darko in midfield, who patiently waits for an option as he finds a ball out to Foulquier on the right wing. Foulquier crosses the ball into the box as Avila rises over Sola to get the header...GOAL!!! Osasuna grab the equaliser just like that! With 20 minutes left in this game it’s 2-2 and there’s still time for either side to grab a winner. 87th minute: Ruben Garcia has the ball in his own half for Osasuna. He plays a long ball towards Ibanez, who dribbles past Jonathan and creates space for the shot...Saved! Badia did really well to tip that one away. Ibanez has the corner for Osasuna as he whips it into the box. The ball falls to Badiashile who plays it down to Garcia...GOAL!!! OSASUNA GO 3-2 UP WITH ONLY 3 MINUTES REMAINING. Deportivo will feel hard done by after working so hard to comeback from 1-0 down, just to lose in the dying minutes of the game. Heartbreak for Deportivo but ecstasy for Osasuna. 90th minute: Avila has the ball in a good position and tries to play a ball across but it’s intercepted by Jonathan. Jonathan gives it to Keko who plays a long ball forward which reaches Shibasaki in midfield. Shibasaki goes on a run on his own, running all the way down towards the Osasuna box. He takes a shot...saved easily by the keeper, Shibasaki had to do a lot better there to score. FULL TIME: DEPORTIVO LA CORUNA 2-3 OSASUNA That was a really tough result to take. After going 1-0 down we performed really well and managed to bring the game to 2-1 and we were looking a much better team. It was just crushing when Avila scored straight after, and I changed our mentality to positive to try and get a goal to win it, then Garcia scored in the 87th to win the game for them. Looking back now I maybe should have gone more defensive after the 2nd goal, but I thought we were playing great and didn’t want to change anything. A loss to Osasuna isn’t an embarrassing result but it’s a disappointing one considering we looked the better side for the majority of the game.
  6. Natedog is just a nickname some of my family would call me, I didn't even know about the rapper until he died like years later.
  7. Wrestlemania 2000 In the first Wrestlemania of the series we begin with Wrestlemania 2000. The show features a 15 minute hardcore battle royale for the Hardcore Championship, a tag team ladder match between The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz and Christian & Edge for the tag team championships, a triple threat match between Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle for the Intercontinental and European championships and the fatal four way main event between Triple H, Mick Foley, The Big Show and The Rock. D-Lo Brown & The Godfather vs Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan To start off Wresltemania we have a pretty lackluster opener. Ice-T came out with The Godfather because he’s a massive pimp. The match itself was pretty slow paced and the crowd weren’t too into it at all, with very little reaction even when there was some solid stuff going on. Despite Bull Buchanan being a bit of a joke now I’m surprised at how good of an athlete he actually was. Him getting whipped into the turnbuckle by D-Lo, but instead jumping on top of the turnbuckle and turning around to hit D-Lo with a flying clothesline was surprising. The heel team of Boss Man & Buchanan dominated for a few minutes on D-Lo before he finally made a tag to Godfather. Godfather started laying into both men before charging at Boss Man with the Ho Train. D-Lo went to the top rope but was pushed off by Buchanan, who got a punch in the face in return. Buchanan and Godfather then brawled outside the ring for a moment. Big Boss Man hit D-Lo Brown with the sidewalk slam and Bull Buchanan went to the top rope, hitting a leg drop on D-Lo for the victory. This was a strange way to start off the show with no real excitement and also having the heel team get the win. I guess they were trying to get Buchanan over but the crowd wasn't responding to him well. Rating: 1.5/5 Crash Holly (c) vs Tazz vs Viscera vs Joey Abs vs Pete Gas vs Rodney vs Hardcore Holly vs Funaki vs Taka Michinoku vs Mosh vs Thrasher vs Bradshaw vs Farooq: WWF Hardcore Title 15 Minute Battle Royale Please help me. The second match on the show was a 15 minute hardcore title match which was a pain to sit through. It was fun for a few minutes but it was just the same spots repeated over and over again throughout. Having Tazz anywhere close to this match was a massive mistake, he should have been nowhere near the Hardcore Title with the amount of jobbers involved. The match didn’t really make any sense at all, because you had most of the people fighting each other outside not even trying to pin the champion. The champion early in the match was Tazz who pinned Crash at the start, before Viscera pinned Tazz on the outside after literally just gently dropping him onto the floor which looked really weak. Viscera went to the top rope and was thrown off by The Acolytes, then threw Kaientai on top of him for some reason as Funaki was crowned champion. He was then chased to the back by the rest of the competitors, where Rodney covered him, before his Mean Street Posse teammate Joey Abs pinned him after a gutwrench suplex. Then Thrasher pinned Abs to become the champion before walking back out to the arena. Pete Gas pinned him after spraying him with a fire extinguisher. With 5 minutes remaining Tazz hit Pete, who was bleeding like crazy, with a suplex on the outside to get the title. Then Hardcore and Crash Holly both double teamed Tazz as everyone else was still killing each other on the outside. Tazz was doing some nice suplexes in the ring on both of the Holly cousins before Crash hit Tazz with a piece of metal over the head for the pinfall with about 30 seconds left. Then Tazz locked in the Tazzmission on Crash who was celebrating as the crowd went crazy. Crash held on as Hardcore ran in and hit his cousin with glass over his head and pinned him for the win. The finish was botched with the referee thinking that Crash got his shoulder up and he stopped counting, although Hardcore was announced the winner and walked out the champion. The finish, like the match, was a complete mess and I’m still unsure what happened at the end. Giving 15 minutes dedicated to a hardcore title match was a ridiculous idea though, you’re better off spreading segments around the show with people winning the title backstage. Awful match, won’t be watching it again. Rating: 0.25/5 Al Snow & Steve Blackman vs Test & Albert Another strange and unnecessary match on this card, with Snow & Blackman teaming up against T&A with Trish Stratus. Al Snow introduced Chester McCheeserton as their manager or something, I don’t know what the point of that was. The match these two teams had was awful, I was trying to pay attention to it but there was nothing happening at all. The crowd was dead silent for it too. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler spent most of the match talking about Trish Stratus and they would just cut to a shot of her when there was nothing going on, so basically most of this match. The only thing I remember the crowd reacting for during the match was Al Snow doing a moonsault from the apron onto Albert which was cool. On the outside the cheese fella was trying to approach Trish who kept walking away, can’t blame him. Blackman had Test in a sidewalk slam position, Al Snow jumped off the top rope and hit a leg drop on Test. Blackman went for the cover but Albert broke the pinfall up, as he hit Al Snow with a sit-out chokeslam. Then Albert slammed Blackman in the ring. Test hit a splash and went for the cover but Al Snow dragged him to the outside as the two men brawled. Blackman hit a superkick on Albert, who fought back and hit Blackman with another slam. Test went up to the top rope as Snow was thrown over the barricade. He hit the elbow drop for the victory. Yeah this match really sucked. The crowd was completely dead for it and they’d have been better off showing Trish for 7 minutes instead. Rating: 0.5/5 The Dudley Boyz (c) vs The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian: WWF Tag Team Championship Ladder Match Finally, a great match on this show. This was the first of many classic matches these three teams would have over the next few years. Even from the very start the match was chaotic with some brawling on the outside to kick it off. There’d be two people in the ring doing their signature big moves as people came in and out as there was still brawling going on at ringside. The ladders were then finally introduced to the match. Matt set up the ladder against Bubba Ray in the corner, as him and Jeff performed poetry in motion on Bubba. Edge & Christian attempted the same on D-Von but he threw the ladder into Christian’s face. The Hardys then took out Edge with a ladder. Then D-Von was placed onto a ladder in the ring as Matt hit an elbow drop. Jeff then set-up a spot with Bubba placed on a ladder. He went for a 450 splash but Bubba moved out of the way, looked really bloody sore. Bubba then placed the ladder on Jeff in return and hit a senton bomb off the second rope which squashed Jeff. Edge went to the top with a ladder and dropped his weight on it onto Matt Hardy. Bubba put the ladder on his shoulders and started hitting everyone in the ring with it before he was dropkicked by Edge & Christian. Matt Hardy and Bubba began brawling on the outside. Edge & Christian then set up the ladder on the edge of the ring as Christian jumped off and hit a crossbody onto Matt and Bubba, the crowd went crazy for that. Jeff Hardy then climbed the ladder in the ring, although Edge hit him with a spear from the top rope. It’s half the spot we’d see at Wrestlemania 17 but it was still great. Edge tried to climb the ladder but Matt got him in the high cross position and hit him with a devastating power bomb. D-Von threw Matt off the ladder as he tried to climb it, D-Von attempted it as well but Christian threw a ladder at him. Christian began to climb as Bubba followed him. Bubba set up two ladders on either side of Christian. He climbed onto one of them and hit Christian with an RKO off the ladder before it was a thing, Jim Ross called it a modified 3D. The Hardys made their way back up as they began beating up Bubba. Bubba was laid down in the middle of the ring as both Hardys went up on ladders on different sides. Matt Hardy hit the leg drop as Jeff hit the splash from the top. Jeff and Matt were both disposed of as Edge & Christian made their way back into the ring. D-Von set up a ladder in the corner and began climbing it, before Christian met him on the other side as the two men brawled. Edge set up a second ladder and they hit D-Von with a sick double suplex, D-Von sold it as if he’d got an electric shock. The two ladders were then set up in the middle as the Hardys and Edge & Christian began to climb. Jeff hit Christian with a facebuster off the ladder and Edge did a neckbreaker on Matt off the ladder. The Dudleys made their way back up as all 6 men began to fight. Three ladders were then set up in the ring as everyone started climbing up. Christian and Jeff had a crazy spot where the ladder started to teeter as the two men fell off the ladder and onto the outside hitting the floor, it was brutal. Bubba was pushed off the ladder by Edge, Bubba responded by pushing the ladder over as Edge and Matt landed on the ropes, leaving the Dudleys in the ring. Edge & Christian recovered but they were gone pretty quickly as Christian was squashed between two ladders and Edge took the 3D. They had the match won but Dudleys being Dudleys decided to bring out the tables. They set up a table platform on top of the two ladders to help grab the titles. The Hardys got back in the ring as they started fighting with The Dudleys. There were then 2 tables set up in the ring. Bubba set up a table on the outside beside the announcers table. D-Von placed Jeff on a table in the ring. D-Von looked to hit a splash on Jeff through the table but he moved last second, Bubba powerbombed Matt off the announcers table onto the table he set up. After spending some time walking around, Bubba grabbed another ladder, Jeff tried to run at him off the barricade but ran into the ladder instead. Then Bubba set up a ladder half way down the ramp, along with a table. Bubba picked up Jeff and brought him over to the table. Christian came to his rescue hitting Bubba with the ring bell. Jeff got up and pushed Christian away as he climbed up the ladder with Bubba laid out on the table. Jeff jumped off and hit the swanton bomb, which looks even scarier the more you see it. He was just so high up. Then in the ring D-Von was climbing up the ladder, with Matt and Christian both attempting to recover. Matt dragged D-Von down and hit him with a twist of fate. Matt and Christian both climbed the ladder, as the two met on top of the table trading fists. Edge made his way back up, and threw Matt off the platform and onto a table. Edge & Christian grabbed the tag titles and won the match. This is such a sick match and I love the finish at the end with Matt getting sent flying and Edge & Christian standing on the table celebrating with the belts. Incredible match and as I said it was a prelude to even greater matches down the line. Torn between a 4.25 and a 4.5 but I’ll give it a 4.25 just because they managed to top themselves after this. Rating: 4.25/5 Terri vs The Kat: Cat Fight My god this was awful. Just when the show picked up with the ladder match it went south once again with a cat fight match. You had to eliminate your opponent from the win to ring. Terri and Kat were both jumping on top of each other and slipping one another because neither have a clue about wrestling. Mae Young ran into the ring and kissed the referee Val Venis for about 30 seconds. The Kat eliminated Terri but Val didn’t see it. Moolah dragged The Kat under the ring as Terri went back into the ring. Terri won and this was just a really bad 5 minutes. Definitely stay away from this unless you want to see Mae Young do a bronco buster on Moolah. Rating: NR The Radicalz (Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko) vs Chyna & Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grand Master Sexay) This was an alright tag match, definitely better than a lot of other stuff on the show up until this point. Match was mostly built around Eddie’s obsession with Chyna and the crowd wanted to see Chyna kill Eddie. There was some decent action in the ring as you’d expect with the competitors involved in the match. Whenever Chyna got involved in the match Eddie would always attempt to run off. Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko were both downed in the ring as Scotty 2 Hotty hit the beloved Worm on both of them. After some more action in the ring with Saturn and Scotty, Saturn tagged out to Eddie. Eddie went to the top but he was caught by Scotty 2 Hotty, who hit him with a suplex off the top. He then made the hot tag to Chyna as the crowd popped for her to finally get her hands on Eddie. He’d run away as Saturn and Malenko would run in, only to be hit with a double clothesline. Guerrero would run out of the ring as Chyna picked up his teammates and hit them with body slams. Both Saturn and Malenko would go to opposite corners as Chyna did her spring elbow from one side to the other which was cool. She low blowed both of them while the ref was distracted by Too Cool, as Guererro ran in to attack Chyna from behind. Eddie lifted her up for a powerbomb but she jumped off and hit Eddie with her own powerbomb. Eddie made his way back up and Chyna grabbed him by the balls and lifted him up in the air to toss him right back down. Chyna locked in a sleeper and slammed him to the mat for the win. Bit weird making all of the Radicalz look like pussies getting beat up by Chyna but the crowd loved it. It did feel a bit like filler but I enjoyed it compared to some of the crap earlier anyways. Rating: 2.75/5 Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit: Two Fall Intercontinental & European Championships Kurt Angle came into this match with both the Intercontinental and European titles. The first fall would be for the IC title, the second for the European title. This was a very solid match and easily one of the best from the show. A lot of good wrestling which can’t be said about a lot on the show. Benoit had a leverage pin on Jericho but Angle dropkicked him in the back of the head as he went flying into the turnbuckle. Jericho was going for a butterfly suplex but Angle reversed it beautifully into a crossface chicken wing. Benoit broke it up by dropkicking the head of Angle, bringing him to the outside and throwing him into the first row. Benoit went to the top rope and hit the diving headbut to win the IC Title in the first fall. Angle was pissed and he hit Benoit with a suplex. He went to the top rope looking for a moonsault but Jericho ran up to him and started hitting him. Then Benoit went up to the top and it almost looked like it was going to be a double german suplex, but Benoit just took Jericho down with a german. Angle went for a moonsault on Benoit but he moved out of the way. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho on Angle before it was broken up by Benoit. Jericho then took out Benoit before putting his focus back on Angle. Jericho hit Angle with a double powerbomb and went for the cover. Benoit ran back in though and hit Jericho with a triple suplex. He pinned Jericho but it was broken up by Angle. He then hit Angle with a german suplex who also kicked out. Jericho made his way back up and went for a flying clothesline on Benoit, but he ducked and Jericho caught the ref instead. Benoit locked in the crossface and Y2J started tapping but the referee was dead. Jericho then locked in the Walls of Jericho on Benoit. Angle ran in with one of his belts and hit Jericho on the head with it. He went for the pin but it was broken up by Benoit. Benoit regained control as he looked to hit Angle with the diving headbutt, but he moved out of the way last second. Jericho came out of nowhere and hit Benoit with the Lionsault as he won the European Championship. That was a good triple threat match and the finish was smart having Angle lose both his belts without being pinned. Angle was even more pissed now. Rating: 3.5/5 Kane & Rikishi vs DX (Road Dogg & X-Pac) This was just a filler match before the big fatal four way main event. It wasn’t a good match but it was short, which is what it needed to be. X-Pac tried to hit Rikishi with some offense but he wasn’t feeling any of it. X-Pac ran at Rikishi and got hit with a mid-air cutter, which was sick. Rikishi tagged Kane who cleaned house with X-Pac and Road Dogg. Rikishi came in and went for a stinkface but Tori dragged X-Pac out of the ring. Bearer threw Tori in the ring as Kane shoved her into the corner and Rikishi gave her the stinkface. X-Pac ran back in and Kane hit him with a tombstone for the win. This was nothing crazy and it was fine for a 4 minute match. The fans loved Rikishi and Kane. Rating: 1.75/5 Triple H (c) vs Mick Foley vs Big Show vs The Rock: World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match This match was the main event for Wrestlemania 2000. It’s kind of overbooked, the McMahon in every corner stuff kinda felt unnecessary. Steph was obviously on the side of HHH, Vince was with The Rock, Shane was with Big Show and Linda was with Foley. Big Show dominated early on, dismantling his opponents very easily. He went for a chokeslam on HHH but Foley hit him with a low blow. They all started to team up on Big Show, all three of them hit him with clotheslines as The Rock’s took him off his feet. All three men started kicking the shit out of him, but it didn’t last long as HHH went for Foley. Foley fought back and hit his clothesline over the ropes to the outside. The Rock would continue to fight Big Show. Rock went to run off the ropes but Shane dragged at his feet. He got on the apron and The Rock punched him in the face. Foley hit Show with a chair shot to the back as The Rock hit the Rock Bottom and eliminated Big Show from the match within the first 5 minutes. The crowd sounded more excited after the elimination. After Big Show’s elimination, Rock and Foley worked together to take out HHH. The Rock looked to hit HHH with the ring bell but he ducked and hit Foley instead. HHH then gained control as he started beating up The Rock. Foley then pulled out his barbed wire two by four out of nowhere and chased HHH with it. He went to hit him with it but HHH responded with a low blow. He then picked it up and hit Foley with it in the stomach. He went for it again but The Rock clotheslined him as the barbed wire fell out of the ring, which was close to hitting Linda. HHH threw The Rock out of the ring and Foley hit The Game with the double arm DDT. Foley pulled out socko and locked in the mandible claw. The Rock came into the ring with the WWF Championship and hit HHH over the head with it. The Rock was going for the People’s Elbow but Foley locked in the mandible claw on The Rock which the crowd were split over. It made sense though because you couldn’t just have Rock and Foley team up the entire time. HHH broke up the mandible claw with a double low blow. There was some action in the ring between the three men before Foley put his focus back on HHH. He hit him with the double arm DDT but The Rock kicked out just before the 3 count. They started brawling and The Rock hit a DDT of his own, he went for the cover and it was broken up by HHH. No idea why he’d do that but JR said it was because he wanted to retire Foley, good save that. Foley and HHH then started working together to get rid of The Rock as the fans booed loudly. They double teamed him as they began fighting outside. Foley went to send Rock over the steel steps, but Rock sent him over instead. The Rock started brawling with HHH and Foley came with steel steps and hit The Rock with them. HHH placed The Rock on the announcers table. Foley jumped off the second rope and went to hit a double axe handle on The Rock but he missed him and hit the table instead, Foley must have been dead after that. HHH jumped off the other announcers table and elbow dropped Rock but it still didn’t break. He went up to the railing and elbow dropped him again as it finally broke. HHH and Foley both went back into the ring and HHH hit Foley with a pedigree. Foley managed a kick out at two. HHH then got a steel chair and hit Foley at the side of the head. He picked him up and hit a pedigree on the chair and eliminated Foley. It was supposedly Foley’s final match but yeah, that’s not true. After his elimination he got the barbed wire and hit HHH over the head with it as he then walked off. The Rock crawled in for the cover but HHH kicked out at two. The Rock gained control as he dragged HHH down the entrance ramp, hitting him with a suplex on the concrete. They then started brawling in the crowd as they made their way back to ringside. The Rock tried to hit HHH with the steel steps but HHH answered with a steel chair to the steps as they fell on top of The Rock. The Game then started whacking the chair across the steps with The Rock under them. HHH then hit The Rock with a vicious piledriver on the steps. Triple H brought him back into the ring but Rock kicked out at 2. The Rock started to fight back as he sent The Game over the ropes. They fought in the crowd once more as HHH threw him back over this time. The Rock hit a spinebuster on the outside as the two men tried to recover. Rock brought him over to the announcers table and gave HHH a fishermans suplex through it. Vince started beating the hell out of HHH as he tried to get back up, before Shane came in and jumped his father. Shane hit him in the head with a TV monitor. Vince got back up to his feet though and started laying into his own son. Shane hit a low blow though. He grabbed a steel chair and bloody killed Vince with it. Vince was brought backstage as the actual fight in the ring continued. The Rock was beating up HHH, but he turned it around and hit The Rock over the head with the barbed wire. HHH was going for the Pedigree, as Shane stood in the ring with a chair. The Rock dropped HHH and catapulted him into Shane. The two men were both down as Shane grabbed the steel chair. He was going to hit The Rock but Vince ran down and threw him over the ropes. Vince grabbed the steel chair and had his eyes set on The Game. But in true Vince fashion there was a twist and he hit The Rock instead, as the crowd went nuts. HHH went for the cover, but The Rock kicked out at 2 and the crowd went even crazier. Vince hit The Rock with a chair to the head again as HHH went in for the cover and defeated HHH to retain his title. That match was very long but I still thought it was entertaining. All the stuff involving the McMahon’s fighting each other didn’t need to happen and the match was really long at almost 40 minutes. It definitely could have been better with the men involved but a solid main event that managed to make up for some of the stuff earlier. The Rock hit Vince, Shane and Stephanie with Rock Bottoms at the end to at least send the fans home happier. Rating: 3.5/5 Overall Show: After some really good shows to begin the year with Royal Rumble and No Way Out, Wrestlemania 2000 was definitely a disappointment. A lot of the booking on the show made it feel like Vince Russo was still in charge. There were multiple awful matches all over this show, that lacked any sort of storylines to help me get interested in the matches. The tag team ladder match, the IC/European Title match and the main event were the best matches on the show and nothing else came close, the rest of the show felt like filler. Definitely should have been a much better show. Rating: 3/5
  8. Men's Superstar of the Year: Jon Moxley Women's Superstar of the Year: Hikaru Shida Men's Match of the Year: Stadium Stampede Women's Match of the Year: Hikaru Shida vs Penelope Ford Men's Rising Star: MJF Women's Rising Star: Britt Baker Best Pay-Per-View: Double Or Nothing II Most Memorable Moment: Matt Hardy bringing out the chair of wheels Best Feud: Inner Circle vs. The Elite Best Heel/Face Turn: N/A Most Extreme Moment: Kenny Omega's One-Winged Angel on Sammy Guevara from the stand Best Promo: Jake Roberts debut promo Biggest Surprise: Brian Cage debut Best Heel: MJF Best Face: Cody
  9. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew McIntyre I'm not sure who else you could really pick except Drew. Since the start of the year he's turned into the man in WWE, with an incredible Royal Rumble win and a great performance. Then his win against Lesnar at Mania for the belt was even more impressive as he finally got his crowning moment. Since that match he's had a sick match with Rollins at Money in the Bank and a very good match against Lashley too. Easy choice here at the mid point of the year. Women's Superstar of the Year: Charlotte There's been no standout Women's wrestlers for me so far this year, but I suppose Charlotte has to be the best so far. Like McIntyre she started off the year well by winning the Women's Rumble. She then went onto win the NXT Women's Championship and had a great match against Io and Rhea. Solid half year for Charlotte but unsure if that will continue with the injury. Men's Match of the Year: Backlash: Randy Orton vs Edge Say what you want about the build for this match, but the match itself was amazing. Edge and Orton put on a classic and definitely deserve this award for their efforts, even when both men are in their 40's and past their in-ring best. Was built up extremely well in the 50 minutes they had. Women's Match of the Year: NXT IYH: Charlotte vs Io Sharai vs Rhea Ripley This was definitely the best Women's Match of the Year. There hasn't been too many good ones so far to be honest, but this was great. A lot of cool spots like Io jumping off the house and I loved the finish too. Men's Rising Star: Angel Garza Anyone but Otis. No but really, Angel Garza definitely has been one of the big rising stars this year, and is someone I've only really become familiar with over the last few months. He's a talented wrestler and will only improve over the next few years. Women's Rising Star: Sonya Deville I've never been too fond of her as a wrestler but she's surprised me a lot with her promo skills since betraying Mandy Rose. Not someone who I expected to be praising 6 months ago so she's impressed me so far. Best Pay-Per-View: Royal Rumble 2020 One of the PPVs earlier in the year prior to the pandemic and my favourite one so far. The Royal Rumble match itself like I said was incredible, bunch of great and surprising moments throughout and it made for one of the best Rumbles ever. The Fiend had his best match under the Fiend character against Daniel Bryan in a strap match and even the Women's Rumble which Charlotte won was very solid too. Most Memorable/Surprising Moment: Edge Return at Rumble Have to go with this for memorable and surprising surely. No moment from this year sticks out more than Edge's incredible return after 10 years at the Royal Rumble. There were talks leading up to it about him returning yet it was still so shocking to see it unfold in front of your eyes. Energy in the arena was just unreal too. Best Feud: John Cena vs The Fiend This was an awesome feud and probably The Fiend character at it's peak. Whenever Bray and Cena do anything together there's always magic and this was these two at their most creative. Segments they had leading up to their match at Mania were all great. Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton Heel Turn Randy Orton turning heel and bringing back that old sinister side of his was brilliant. The way how it started with him talking about Rated RKO to get people hyped, just to crush their hopes in seconds with an RKO to Edge. That chair shot to the head of Edge was so vicious as well. Most Extreme Moment: Kevin Owens almost killing himself This is easily the craziest spot of the year so far, Owens was on some other shit when he had the idea of climbing the Wrestlemania sign and the elbow drop off it was just ridiculous Best Promo: Cena & Wyatt on Smackdown This was the best war of words between the two in the lead up their Mania match. Cena cut a great promo on Wyatt but Wyatt's comeback to Cena was even better talking about Cena burying people and his match at Wrestlemania 30.
  10. WrestleMania 17 VS WrestleMania 20 WrestleMania 23 VS WrestleMania 21 WrestleMania 24 VS WrestleMania 26 WrestleMania 30 VS WrestleMania 31
  11. Evolution of Trap Episode 4: Young Jeezy Like T.I, Jeezy is another artist who helped pioneer and popularize trap music on a bigger scale. Although not as lyrically sharp and storytelling as T.I.’s music was, Jeezy is one of the most charismatic trap artists ever with his raspy voice, adlibs and catchy choruses. The music he was making in the 2000’s definitely sounds a lot more like trap than T.I.’s stuff, with the triumphant instrumentals and gangsta rap inspired lyrics. Jeezy in the early 2000’s was making gangsta rap music without the backing of many, but he then seemed to blow up out of nowhere with his debut album under Def Jam in 2005, Thug Motivation 101. 2005: Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 OVERALL RATING: 80 (B+) Genres: Trap, Southern Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap This album is definitely one of the best, if not the best in the early phase of trap music. This album is full of amazing bangers and my rating would be somewhere in the high 8 region if there were some filler tracks cut off. The production here is definitely a standout, despite the beats being very representative of music in 2005 they still bang today with Shawty Redd providing most of these instrumentals. Jeezy himself though is a big part of why this album is so good, despite not being the best lyricist he has a great voice that is perfect for these beats. The album kicks off with the self-titled “Thug Motivation 101” which is also one of the best from the album. The eerie instrumental from Shawty Redd is incredible and combined with Jeezy’s coke bars is a perfect way to start this album off, as it captures you immediately. “Gangsta Music” is exactly what the title tells you it is. Jeezy raps about usual stuff like his cars, drugs and guns but his delivery and straight forward lyrics make it sound a lot more epic and serious, along with a hard instrumental backing him up. “Let’s Get It/Sky’s The Limit” is a lot more triumphant and uplifting than a lot of the earlier tracks, rapping that anything can be yours as long as you put in the work, saying that he went from selling drugs to making money. It’s a topic in gangsta rap that’s obviously been done before but this is still pretty good. Jeezy then shows his ability to bring in big artists with “Go Crazy (Remix)” featuring Jay-Z. Although I’m not “crazy” about Jeezy’s singing on the chorus, everything else here from the rapping to the production is sick. It’s another uplifting and inspirational coke rap tune about coming from the streets and achieving success. Jeezy’s two verses are great and Jay obviously kills it with the track being his specialty really. “My Hood” is one of the more pop rap inspired moments from the album but it’s honestly great. The instrumental reminds me of some Clipse stuff and I love Jeezy on the chorus here, it’s so simple but really good and sticks in your head. “Bottom of the Map” is my favourite from the album and possibly a contender for best trap song of the 2000’s. The electronic sound from the instrumental and thumping drums in the background are all great, I wish Shawty Redd would have produced all of this album. Jeezy’s aggressive tone and lyrics just go too well with this beat and the repetitive chorus is mad hype. “Trap Star” is another favourite of mine, it doesn’t really stand out compared to other songs, the production is just really great, Jeezy’s spitting sounds good and the hook is really dope, feels nostalgic for some reason. Towards the second half this album does falter a bit, but I’ll get to that at the end. “Trap or Die” featuring Bun B is just a solid southern hip hop banger. Jeezy brags about his watches and cars and claims his haters are jealous of his success. Bun B’s verse is as great as expected, his flow is really great and his bars as gangster as it gets. “That’s How Ya Feel” has a darker beat with recurring church bells throughout that makes it even harder. Reminds me of a tune you’d hear from one of the old Fight Night games with the underground, grimey feel to the song. “Talk To Em” has a very soulful instrumental similar to an early Kanye West beat. It’s one of the more insightful tracks on the album as Jeezy raps about one of his best friends who he could trust his life with, Mel Man. The soulful sample is really great and Jeezy shows his versatility over a different beat than he usually goes over. The album closes just as good as it started with “Air Forces”. Jeezy raps about his rise from nothing to greatness and how he will always rep the streets. The production from Shawty Redd again is class, he switches up the beat multiple times throughout the track and it stops it from ever getting stale. I wish Shawty Redd would bring back this sound today with some of the new trap artists but he doesn’t produce much these days seemingly. Even though this album has it’s great moments with the tracks I’ve mentioned so far, it really does begin to fall off a bit in the 2nd half which seems to be a constant feature of trap albums since they love to go well over an hour. There are a few tracks I kinda like with “Last of a Dying Breed”, “Bang” and “Don’t Get Caught” but there’s some mediocre stuff here too that I don’t hate but I definitely could have done without. Easily the biggest song from the album “Soul Survivor” featuring Akon is what really put Jeezy on the map. It’s a product of the time and hasn’t aged well all these years later. The instrumental is actually good but I’m not a fan of Akon’s vocals and that’s probably my biggest grip with the song. I can’t hate on Jeezy for getting the feature but it’s my least favourite from the album. “Tear It Up” featuring Lloyd and Slick Pulla is another song that I’m not a big fan of, but it’s an R&B influenced song so who would have seen that coming. It’s not terrible but it gets stale very quickly and a definite skip from the album. Despite the negatives, Jeezy still managed to provide a quality trap album and a standout from the time it came out. It is quite long at 77 minutes but you barely feel it listening to this because it’s loaded with great bangers and fun moments that keep you entertained. Of course if this was 10-12 tracks of the best it would be in classic territory but I’ll try and not complain too much because Thug Motivation 101 is still sick. I’d definitely suggest giving the full thing a listen if you get a chance because it’s one of the best trap albums out there. Here are the track ratings if you want to see how I got the average rating for the album.
  12. I would have also mentioned Triple H's win because it basically screwed Goldberg's momentum, but I'll go with a different one instead. Jack Swagger winning the Chamber in 2013 felt like a really odd choice. The winner would face Del Rio for the World Title at Mania and I feel like they had much better options in there. Jericho, Bryan and Orton would have been much better in terms of having a more memorable feud and a better match. I was at Mania 29 and let me tell you, no one cared for Swagger and Del Rio in a World Title match.
  13. Cormier winning against Miocic doesn't surprise me too much, I thought DC was better in their last fight but he was unfortunate and got caught in the late rounds by Miocic. As long as Cormier doesn't retire I think him and Ngannou is a bigger money fight than Miocic and Ngannou personally. Look forward to seeing what happens next there.
  14. Adam Sandler might be my favourite actor, he has some terrible movies but I can't help but like the guy. Whenever you put him in a serious role like in Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems it produces amazing results and he is well capable of putting out great movies, I think he just does a lot of the bad comedy stuff because it pays well.
  15. I've been listening to this album loads over the past few weeks, mostly as background music when I've been writing posts or playing games. I'd definitely recommend if it anyone is looking to listen to if they're bored or want some background music to listen to. It's just some very good instrumental hip hop that has some glitchy elements involved that makes it stand out.

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