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  1. It's now time for our main event of Backlash, as Mal Hades has come forward to challenge Slim, for the World Championship. Since losing to The Viper, Storm, at World at War, Mal Hades has victimized many backstage officials, being a one-man wrecking crew, but tonight, he has an opportunity to swipe the World Championship from Slim. Can he do it, or will The King make his second defense in three days? "Who's Stopping Me" begins to play, as the fans boo at the presence of Slim, a self-proclaimed Icon, the World Champion making his second defense tonight, as he stands on the stage, folding down to both knees as he spreads his arms, holding up the World Championship. Back to his feet now, the ever cocky King begins his descent to the ring, walking down the ramp, before sliding in, stopping and just laying in the middle of the ring, taunting the crowd and his opponent, the Monster, Mal Hades. The Nightmare, Mal Hades emerges as he stands on the stage, red lights diming his appearance as he walks down the ramp. Tonight is the opportunity of a lifetime, as Hades frame and size must give him an advantage over Slim. Mal Hades gets into the face of Slim before the two back away, and the bell rings. As the match started, Slim ran right at Mal Hades, but Mal Hades would shockingly run The King over with a huge body press, knocking him down to the mat as he mounted the self-proclaimed Icon, battering him with rights and lefts as Mal Hades took out weeks of frustration. Eventually, Slim rolled him off but it did nothing as Hades followed it up by pushing Slim into the corner before crushing him, then mocking Slim, hitting a CCS Enzuigiri! As Slim began to fall to the mat, Mal Hades would grab him, before hitting a huge Biel Throw over the top rope! Slim would lay outside, as Mal Hades followed, shoving him into the steel steps as Slim took major damage, before Mal Hades picked him up, into powerbomb position... running towards the barricade... BEFORE POWERBOMBING SLIM INTO THE BARRICADE! Slim's shoulder might be dislocated! Mal Hades looks on, grabbing Slim immediately as he rams Slim's shoulder into the barricade, injuring it further! Mal Hades then headbutted Slim, knocking him into the barricade, making him lean on it as now, Mal Hades turns Slim around.... GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! HOLY SHIT! Slim is being absolutely destroyed here tonight! Mal Hades picks up Slim, grabbing him by his hair as he rolls him into the ring, following behind as Mal Hades kicks Slim in the face, knocking him down! Mal Hades stops, picking up Slim by his face as he taunts him, telling him that Hades is now The King, as he shoves Slim back down to the mat. Mal Hades taunts the crowd, spreading his arms as Mal drags Slim to his knees, now telling Slim he's nothing and his World Title reign ends now, as he picks Slim all the way up to his feet... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! WHAT!? Slim gutkicked Mal and hit an Essential Eliminator out of nowhere! Slim gets to his feet, barely able to move as he lifts Mal Hades up again, trying to connect on an another Essential Eliminator... AND DOES SO! Slim can't hit it all because of his shoulder! A second Essential Eliminator! Slim into the cover, barely able to hook the leg: One... Two.... THREE! Slim retains, but that was a close call against Mal Hades! The World Champion is given his title, as he grasps onto it, knowing how close he was to losing it tonight. Having to hit two Essential Eliminators, getting little-to-no offense, The King was so close to defeat tonight, but he retains here tonight. Slim, barely able to get to his feet, stands up, with holding his shoulder as he stands in the center of the ring, before dropping to both knees, holding the championship up as he celebrates, Backlash coming to an end, before...
  2. Carnage Live | Slim vs Echo Wilson II

    As both men stand to their feet, Slim charges at Echo Wilson, but Echo Wilson dodges, rolling Slim up! 1... 2... No! Slim kicks out, and the match continues, as Slim stands to his feet, with Echo Wilson throwing a gutkick at Slim, but Slim would dodge before hitting a Spinning Back Elbow, knocking Echo Wilson into the corner, as Slim backs out... CCS Enzugiri! Slim looks at Echo Wilson, laying on his stomach as he locks in, setting his target as his look suddenly goes from cocky to aggressive as Slim looks to end the match, picking up Echo Wilson, as he puts him under his thighs... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR!? No! Echo Wilson flips Slim out, but The King lands on his feet! Slim grabs Echo Wilson by his head, trying to run him into the post, but Echo reverses and tries to throw Slim into the ropes... BUT SLIM REVERSES! TRANQUILO! What an odd stage to execute the Tranquilo! Echo Wilson charges at Slim, but Slim rolls over onto the apron, before sliding into the ring through Echo's legs, and bouncing off of the ropes... INTO A SUPERKICK! Echo Wilson just dropped Slim! That moment of taunting could cost Slim, as now Echo Wilson sets up for another Superkick, as Slim gets to his knees... ANOTHER ONE! Slim falls to the mat, completely down, as Echo Wilson points to the turnbuckle, clearly readying for the Stardust Stomp! Echo Wilson gets to the top rope, setting up for it, AND ECHO WILSON NAILS THE STARDUST STOMP! Echo Wilson backs into the corner, getting ready for his Bloody Sunday Kick, a kick that has devastated many men, and now Slim slowly, crawling to his feet, unknowningly that Echo Wilson is perched behind him, ready for this kick, as Slim turns around... THE LIGHTS CUT! The arena is pitch black as phone lights from fans turn on, trying to view what's happening, as then, the lights cut back on, and everyone is surprised to see... THE GRAND CHAMPION! BART! HE'S HERE! And he stands in Echo Wilson's way, as Echo Wilson starts to understand, pleading with Bart to go, and get out of his way as Bart removes his mask, standing there smirking as he points his umbrella at him... WHEN ECHO WILSON CHARGES AT HIM AND NAILS THE BLOODY SUNDAY, KNOCKING BART INTO THE CORNER! FROM BEHIND! SLIM TURNS ECHO WILSON AROUND... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR TO ECHO WILSON! Echo Wilson lays down, as Slim goes, checking on Bart as Bart shakes it off, getting to his feet as he directs Slim's attention back to Echo, before Slim begins to bounce off of the ropes, running past Echo twice, and on the third.... NAILING THE REIGN SUPREME! (disregard the Spear) Slim slips down into the cover, cockily as he knows he's won the match... One... Two... THREE! Slim has beaten Echo Wilson and retained his championship here tonight! Slim stands to his feet, as Bart congratulates his partner on his win, holding up his hand, but the real story tonight... Is the failure of Echo Wilson. Looking dejected in a corner of the ring, Echo Wilson, battered from tonight's match, raises to his feet as Slim and Bart look at The Lionheart, as he stands there, in the corner, looking on at the two as an "ECHO WILSON" chant breaks out, and you can hear Slim talking. "See, they chant your name in defeat meanwhile, I'm standing here as the World Champion. You can't be anyone without having people behind you, I hope you've learned that." Echo Wilson and Slim now stand face-to-face, as Echo looks into the eyes of Slim, before Slim begins to walk past him, with Bart, but Echo turns him around, and Slim preps for a fight, but Echo Wilson BOWS TO SLIM! The crowd is in shock as Echo Wilson takes one knee, raising his hand to Slim as Bart does the same. Slim smirks as the crowd pours in boos, as it seems Echo Wilson has finally given in. The attacks by Slim, the attacks by Flynn and Ross, and tonight, being so close to the World Championship, has finally broken Echo Wilson's back. Echo Wilson stands to his feet, as Slim puts his arm around him, smiling at the fact that he has finally convinced Echo Wilson. Bart stands there, stone-faced as the boos pour in, before the feed cuts. It's official, The Kingdom is here in BPZ.
  3. Cannot wait for this rematch, hopefully it's not a squash like Mania. With SD's Tag Team division so talented, Bludegon Brothers are the right way to go here and continue their reign as champions. The next challengers, should be The Bar as BB vs Bar sounds amazing. Honestly, I wouldn't mind either way because Usos vs any of the new teams would also be fantastic.
  4. Hardy & Bray win, no debate here. WWE won't switch brand exclusive titles. Shoulda just been Revival vs Bray and Hardy.
  5. If Reigns doesn't win, I don't know how much more I can believe he's the top guy. WWE needs to make up it's mind, give him the ball and maybe pair AOP with him, and let him run with it or stop building him up only for Brock Lesnar to bury him. It's annoying and disrespectful to the other talent.
  6. Jinder Mahal is challenging for US, I think they're just toying with our minds and the champs will retain.
  7. Superstar ShakeUp Predictions

    Moving from Raw to SmackDown • The Miz • Jeff Hardy • Samoa Joe • Sonya Deville • Mandy Rose • Samoa Joe • Asuka • The Club • Big Cass • R. Truth Moving from SmackDown toRaw • Jinder Mahal • Sunil Singh • Kevin Owens • Sami Zayn • Ruby Riott • Sarah Logan • Liv Morgan • Zack Ryder • Fandango • Tyler Breeze • Natalya • Dolph Ziggler • Mojo Rawley • The Ascension • Baron Corbin • Bobby Roode • Mike Kanellis • Chad Gable Then McIntyre went to RAW, while Sanity and Almas/Vega went to SD. Overall I thought it was very even and makes SmackDown even more competitive as there is so many guys who are gonna warrant heavy pushes but not everyone can give them.
  8. New EPW Episode!

    The Monster, Kent Sullivan (Braun Strowman) squares off with The Bird of Fire, Fenix!

    And in the main event, a challenger for EPW Champion, Neville is determined when Lashley faces Pentagon Jr., Andrade 'Cien' Almas, and KENTA!

    1. Flynn


      Kent Sullivan lmao

  9. Blame

    New music plays, as after a few moments, Slim steps out, donning a newly trimmed beard along with a new hair-style, a temp-fade on the sides along with long hair on the top, in a plain black suit. Slim holds the World Championship on his shoulder as he begins his walk to the ring. Slim gets into the ring, as he stands across from Echo Wilson, ripping the microphone from his hand as he speaks into it, boasting a more cocky voice. There is no discussion, there is no little "chat" we need to have. The facts are there. YOU LOST! I LOST! ROSS AND FLYNN WON! But see, here's the PROBLEM I have with this loss. No matter how many brutal moves, no matter how many finishing moves I escaped, you couldn't do one simple task when I asked you. All you had to do was strike Prince down with the chair, instead, I had to do it for you and it cost us valuable moments. Revolution of Attitude capitalized and now I stand here, with a loss in a match we should have won. Echo, Echo, Echo. There is nothing you can teach me that I haven't learned, but you heeded my advice to be ruthless, you lost me the match. Slim laughs as he mimics Bailey, letting the fans soak in his words before continuing his theory. At the end of the day, you still don't understand, you don't understand that you have no one behind you. You won't let me make you the future, you are hell-bent on doing things the right way and it will cost you, it will not only cost you that title you hold in your hand, but it may cost you your career. Boos as Slim hints at Echo Wilson's Premium Championship loss.. But I'm DONE trying to give you help, from now on, I am concerned about ONLY ME! I'm the World Champion and I'm begging men like you to join me?! I should have seen this earlier, it was a pathetic move by myself to beg you, someone whose career that has been defined as coming up short. The Greatest of All-Time begging you to join him, what's even more foolish than that? You declining my offer. Let's also not look past the fact that your inability to adapt cost my WarGames win, but being the man I am, a man who settles his differences in the ring, I have an opportunity. Tomorrow night, Carnage's live event, ME, VERSUS YOU, FOR MY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Echo Wilson looks at Slim, nodding in agreement as a World Championship Match between the two is official. Tomorrow night, I'll show you why I'm praised as unstoppable, why people fear me, but, at the end of the day, you'll continue to do what you do best, take your loss, and fail to adapt, while I will continue to be an ICON for this company, THE KING of PRO WRESTLING, THE BEST IN THE GALAXY! Slim spikes the microphone into the mat as he walks past Echo Wilson, BEFORE NAILING A CHOP BLOCK TO THE KNEE OF ECHO! Slim begins to unload with punches and knees to the face of Echo before he backs up, and kicks Echo square in the face! As Echo falls onto the mat, Slim rolls through on him, picking him up... BEFORE HITTING A STRAIGHT-JACKET NECKBREAKER! That's called the Skull Shatter! And now, Slim picks Echo up, hooking his arms as he puts him under his thighs... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim stands up, holding up the World Championship to boos from the crowd as tomorrow night, at the Carnage Live Event, Slim will put his title on the line against Echo Wilson... This could be the last time we see Slim as World Champion.
  10. Discuss Fox's Gotham here!
  11. Games of War

    Slim looks into the eyes of Echo Wilson, after Echo said he believes he can teach Slim things like honor, heart, before Slim bends over, picking up his microphone, as he speaks into it, delivering one simple message. You, teach me something? Never. There is nothing that you, treading water in the midcard, can teach an Icon like myself. NOTH-ING. Slim drops the microphone, cockily smirking at Echo as he leaves the ring, walking up the ramp as Echo and Slim staredown... Can they overcome the odds and win at World at War?
  12. YOUR Universe Returns

    In with Samoa Joe
  13. Games of War

    It's just a few days after Bailey has announced that Prince & himself will compete against the makeshift team of Echo Wilson and Slim, along with the 3rd team, Flynn & Ross, Revolution of Attitude, in the illustrious, sometimes career-ruining WarGames Match at World at War. Suddenly, "Paramedic!" by SOB x RBE blasts throughout the House of Carnage as walking out intensely, is the World Champion himself, Slim. Standing on the stage, The King looks ahead to the ring, slowly raising the World Championship as he walks down the ramp now... Before getting into the ring, and a microphone is handed to him as he stands in the middle of the ring, the World Championship on his shoulder as he begins to speak to the many fans in attendance tonight. On April 13th, I will step into WarGames and not only will I win WarGames, I will conquer WarGames. I've been told over, and over again about how WarGames is a career-ruining match yet I've competed in so many of those, I'm beginning to think that career-ruining matches are just myths created by promoters, people like Bailey. I, was once one of these scum, but I'd like to believe that I was more straight-forward than him. Because on the surface it appears Bailey is pissed off, The Destroyer is coming out! Haha. Slim laughs as he mimics Bailey, letting the fans soak in his words before continuing his theory. But allow me to bring everyone - including the Carnage locker room a reality no one would like to see. You see, as much as Bailey wants to bill this as three teams who hate each other going at it, it's never been that way and won't on Friday night. Because, Bailey, shockingly enough, protects - and favors Ross and Flynn. I don't care how much you would like to say Slim, you're wrong but everyone knows I'm right. Bailey is a pushover, he's nothing more than a puppet and Revolution of Attitude is running this show. Why? Because Bailey knows without them, Carnage is nothing and Carnage is still the B show to EVOLVE. So Bailey gives them power, he gives them the rights to basically do whatever they want. It's not hard to see, no matter how many times they attack him, he will still kiss up to them, because a hard truth is coming upon Bailey - he doesn't make talent, he just lucks into some poor managing moves that myself, Smith, and Nate have made in the past year. Don't believe me? Well, think again. You see my people, Ross himself is a creation of me, a man I made relevant, and Ross believes he has outmatched my talent and that's always been the problem, he believes he knows too much and that's when he loses grip. For example, Flynn... We all know why "The Ace" has aligned himself with Ross and it's not because they're best friends. Ross is the hottest superstar in BPZ, but that stops at World at War when I plant him into the canvas and make sure he doesn't get up. As... for... my... partner. A huge pop for The Lionheart, Echo Wilson is heard as Slim lowers the microphone, looking a mixed of smug and anger as he raises it back up. Echo, Echo, Echo. Let's make something clear, I am not you and never will be. My act of saving you was not extending my hand to friendship, or even changing my answer. It was simple a favor that I fully expect you to repay at some point in the future. Saving you, didn't mean I was accepting your offer but clearly, the General Manager wants to see us team, he clearly believes that neither team will need to beat us because we will beat ourselves. Well, here's a clear and simple message. I will show you the light, and if you follow my lead, the Games of War will be ours my adversary. The mixed message from Slim at the end confuses the fans, as he drops the microphone, readying to leave before suddenly, Echo Wilson's music hits as Slim stops in his tracks, looking at the stage. (No responses plz)

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