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  1. Slim vs Smith BPZMania III, it was very fun and the inring psychology of the match makes it my best.
  2. ICON

    BPZ Predictions League

    Bludgeon Brothers Rollins Reigns Carmella Ronda Lashley Cass Becky Balor Nakamura
  3. Both shows, RAW and SmackDown of the Superstar Shakeup have been posted!

    Brand Warfare is back with a vengeance.

    1. Flynn


      With a vengeance! 

  4. ICON

    NBA 2K18 Online MyLeague

    NBA 2K18 features a game mode dubbed 'Online MyLeague' in which you're able to team up with your friends and compete against them in a MyLeague Online. Taking advantage of this game mode, me and five other forum users have started an Online MyLeague in which I'll post the results here for the NBA fans on the forums to view. The six men being Flynn (IndependentBlack), Bart (bsfgames), Bailey (bailey14justin), Apex (Landawg123), Sameer (Sameer306), and myself, Slim (RainbowBacon23). The teams are as followed... IndependentBlack - Golden State Warriors bsfgames - Miami Heat bailey14justin - TBA Landawg123 - Oklahoma City Thunder Sameer306 - Boston Celtics RainbowBacon23 - Toronto Raptors The Fantasy Draft will commence today, June 13th, 2018 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time, in which afterwards once each member's roster has been decided I will recap them on this thread, along with recapping games. The only rule of the league is each member must play 2 games per week, resulting in a 7 week season before the playoffs start (it may be less depending on if people play more than two games), but with 3 teams in the East and 3 teams in the West, it's time to see who the best NBA 2K Player on the forums truly is... Who can lead their team to a championship? We'll find out soon.
  5. ICON

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    I honestly only see four options for him, two being likely and two unlikely... The Cleveland Cavaliers: This would be up to LeBron to do recruiting but convincing Paul George to opt in, then doing a three-way deal with the Suns would land the Cavaliers Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, one of LeBron's best friends and a player he has longed to play with. In short, Oklahoma City would receive Davon Reed, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, the #8 Pick, and a 2021 Cleveland First Round Pick, while the Suns took on the contract of George Hill and got prospect Ante Zizic for doing so. Then, with the MLE, convincing Pat Bev to join the squad would sure up the point guard position. And to me, I would call Boston about a potential Love/Clarkson for Horford/Semi Ojeleye swap, because Horford and LeBron would be amazing together. In short, you'd end up with a roster like this; Beverley - PG13 - LeBron - Horford - Nance Jr. with Melo, Kyle Korver, potentially Rodney Hood, and Cedi Osman off the bench with whoever else you get in Free Agency. An explosive offense that won't fold, since LeBron won't have to handle the ball 24/7 and a decent defense. Could it beat Golden State? Possibly. The Los Angeles Lakers: A more likely place for George and LeBron to team up would be Los Angeles where they can just sign as free agents and not have to gamble on what Kobe Altman and co can put together for the rest of the roster. A lineup of Lonzo-PG-LeBron-Kuzma with Ingram at the 5 is their very own version of the Hamptons 5, and basically just need a center to go alongside whoever they slot at the four, whether it be Kuz or Ingram. Some options include Dwayne Dedmon, Nerlens Noel (my personal favorite), Jahlil Okafor, and bringing back Brook Lopez. In short, the team could also look to flip a combo of Kuzma/Ingram/Lonzo for Kawhi but it's highly unlikely the Spurs give him up... Could it beat Golden State? Personally I'd say no but crazier things have happened, it really depends on the development of Lonzo and Kuzma. They would definitely be an interesting team. The Philadelphia 76ers: This is my least favorite option for LeBron and I don't buy the hype for him going here. Why? Because Philadelphia will and should not trade Ben Simmons and to have LeBron/Simmons on the same floor would create huge issues. Both need the ball, and Simmons doesn't have a jumpshot. While LeBron wants to play offball I just cannot fathom a place where LeBron just stands in the corner while Ben Simmons runs isolation, it just won't work. Factor in touches for Joel Embiid and Philadelphia looks like a terrible option. But let's say they do land The King, not many changes need to be made. A lineup of Simmons - Redick (MLE Signing) - LeBron - Saric - Embiid would look good on paper but would have some adjustments to make off the court. With RoCo and co. off the bench, it would be one of the best teams in the league but you could say that about any team if you add LeBron onto it. The San Antonio Spurs: Without a doubt, this is my favorite option, and going from my least favorite to favorite seems about right. The pairing of LeBron James and Gregg Popovich is only things that happen in 2k, but an opportunity stands for LeBron to go to an organization that is literally known for managing minutes and making sure players are rested enough to play into their late-30s. A walking example of this is Manu, who is playing the 2018-2019 season at age 40. But that's not it, he has the potential to pair with the best two-way player in the World, Kawhi Leonard and there is a possibly that San Antonio could execute a sign and trade for Paul George, sending LaMarcus Aldridge to Oklahoma City. But to do this they need to make sure Danny Green and Rudy Gay do not accept their player options, and I would bring Green back for like 3 million as he's a great defender and excellent 3pt shooter, and LeBron will find him looks. Center is a position they need to address as they get Gasol and Mills off the books for this to work. This would be another great fit for either Dwayne Dedmon to return or Nerlens Noel. With Paul George a lineup could feature Dejounte Murray/PG/Kawhi/LeBron/Noel or Dedmon, but with Aldridge size is key as they trout out Murray/Kawhi/LeBron/Aldridge/Noel or Dedmon. This is ideal for LeBron and I have faith that the Warriors would be unseated as Kings of the NBA with this team. Houston isn't a viable option to me because of their contract situation, Miami is terrible, Warriors unrealistic, and Celtics are already set with their team, but another reason would be cap. So to me, this is LeBron's four options, and I ultimately think he will choose LA to team up with Paul George but once again my preference for him would be San Antonio.
  6. Interesting match write-up as the match starts in Julius' favor before Flynn slowly picks him apart. Even though it's to put him over, Julius kicking out of 4 of Flynns finishers does hurt the match to me slightly. Overall good finish but confused at the end of why Necce would be shocked if Ruins still a thing.. Anyways my rating is 4.25.
  7. ICON

    World Cup Sweepstake

  8. It wasn't even a match
  9. * match, FDS dominating someone isn't believable.
  10. ICON

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 13th July 2018

    Kings Collide... In the same place where our story began, it ends 2 years later...
  11. We are nearing the end of "The King" Slim vs "The Sinner" Jason Ryan, and it has just been a devastation for the up-and-coming Ryan, as Slim has played with him, showing off his superior mind games, as Slim has controlled the match and just beaten Jason Ryan down. As Ryan lays on the mat, he lifts himself to his knees, as he looks up at Slim, before Slim runs off the ropes and connects with a devastating knee to the face! Ryan couldn't even get his hands up, and now blood drips onto the mat as Slim picks Jason Ryan up, putting him under his legs, ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim flips him over, staring into the hard camera as the referee counts, and the fans chant along with him: One... Two... THREE. Slim has just defeated Jason Ryan... and now he requests a microphone as he kicks Ryan out of the ring, as he stands in the middle of the ring, clearly wanting to address something. "After so long I would have expected everyone to realize... I would have hoped that some of you realized that Jason Ryan was nothing, but some of you just didn't understand... All the hype, it was for nothing." "Because at sunset, killing pawns means nothing if you can't fell The King." "I still rule BrendenPlayz even if I don't have to hold it with an iron fist like I have before. Some of you believe Flynn's cash in was the end for me, but it was only the beginning." "You see two years ago when I began my quest for Four World Championships I was foolish, I was young and without someone I would not have been able to capture the success I have, because you see I had a guide." "Together, we were two Kings amongst the rest of the peasants that we ruled over. But you see deep down I always knew, I always knew once I gained the knowledge that my partner had I would be unstoppable." "Together, we were felled by two men, our partnership was damaged and while he faded away, I rose, and from the shadows he saw my unstoppable rise to the top. And never once, did he challenge me." "I waited, and waited for my vindication. My rightful victory over the only man I've ever seen as somewhat equal to myself, and it never came. And maybe that was by design, maybe it was by choice, but it's time." "I've waited long enough my friend, I'm sick of waiting. I should have stuck a knife in your back when I had a chance, when I could have brought that same anger out of you that Flynn did. But I didn't, and maybe it was the bond we had but it's time for my rightful vindication." "Together, we ruled this place. Just imagine what we'll do AGAINST each other." "You'll see, Tamer. Soon enough." Silence is heard throughout the House of Carnage as Slim drops the microphone, stepping through the middle rope as he walks up the stage, and now walks backstage...
  12. ICON

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    I'm at my weakest point again lol
  13. ICON

    The Story of Jason

    The House of Carnage is nearing it's final days before the Carnage Power Trip Cup, which will see the final between Julius and Flynn, a Universal Championship Match between Necce and Ropati, and the up-and-coming Jason Ryan versus The King, Slim. But one of the problems that remains to be seen is that Slim hasn't been seen since he lost the World Championship, and has ailing injuries stemming from his street fight with Natedog at EVOLVE TakeOver... The crowd boos, as the theme of The Sinner, Jason Ryan plays as the crowd expects one of the most hated men here on Carnage itself and in BPZ too. But instead, as the theme continues playing, a record scratch is heard before a new theme begins playing. The King steps out, with a smirk and a seemingly fully recovered body, a gold chain around his neck in his all-white suit with a gold rolex on his wrist. He begins to walk down the ring, seemingly finally ready to address Jason Ryan after his message to The King just a few days prior. A microphone is present in his hand after a few moments as he steps forward, ready to speak to the buzzing Carnage crowd as boos pour in, some not forgetting what he did to Natedog and some who have just taken up the greatness we're witnessing with The King. When they said Jason Ryan was a challenge I expected something more, I thought that there was actually competition but instead all I got was an idiot who clearly has no idea what he's speaking about. I'm at the end of my rope, what do I have left in the tank, I'm a dog waiting to be put out of my misery but I'm dead, I'm asleep because I'm still only 20 years old. It's funny you refer to my prime since I haven't even reached it, this is just the beginning. And if this is just the beginning Jason Ryan, and you're slowly reaching your end, I can't wait to see what I'll do to you at Power Trip. Slim asks for a steel chair, as he places it down and sits in it, looking into the camera as he addresses his opponent. But your hatred for me runs deeper than my accolades and my spot that I've earned here. Let's have a heart-to-heart, Jason. Growing up you were brought up by rednecks, people who taught you to be the way you are and now you've seen me, rags to riches, 3-piece suits, rolexes, my rolls royces, my mansion, nothing you have because you are nothing. And now you speak stupidity because you want to make a name so you can have even a fraction of what I have because your career has been somewhat of a shit show so far, or should I say resurgence of a career. Put aside championships, cars, mansions, suits, and whatever you have and let's look at each other. You are a redneck, rough neck with no sense of style whatsoever while I am the definition of a poster boy, I look the part and I look fucking amazing while doing it. This isn't down with the King, it's down with Jason because the Story of Jason will always end with Slim coming out... on top. Slim drops the microphone and gets out of the ring, walking down the stairs and walking back, the message from Slim clear.
  14. I'm 20years old in kayfabe not 40

    1. Ross
    2. Smith


      Yeh and I'm 13, not 11

    3. Ross


      Younger the better

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