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  1. KING


    'The King' by T-Pain plays as we're kicking off the post-EVOLVE SummerSlam with the man who failed to beat Julius last night, Slim. Slim brushes his way through the curtain, visibly frustrated by last night's loss and his inability to beat Julius. Donning a suit, he begins a walk to the ring, clearly with things to say from last night. Slim steps onto the apron and into the ring, looking at the fans as he does so. He walks around the ring for a minute, most likely trying to figure how he would like to word his upcoming message. Eventually he asks for a microphone, and tries to speak, but the chants of the crowd are too much. "FAILURE! FAILURE!" Slim is patient, waiting until the crowd stops but after a minute or so, they still haven't stopped, showing their disdain for The King as Slim looks aggravated, before he throws his mic to the ground, hopping out of the ring and angrily walking back up the ramp and backstage. Our commentators have no idea what just happened but begin to discuss the results of SummerSlam, saying we have a new NXT Champion in Th- Once again, the music of The King hits as he comes out again, as the crowd begins to drench him in the chants of 'Failure', as he gets into the ring, picking him his microphone and not heistating to talk again, yelling at them. I DON'T CARE HOW MANY TIMES YOU YELL FAILURE, I'LL WAIT UNTIL YOUR LUNGS TIRE OUT! Because oh boy, do I have things to say about last night, about September 14th, and about myself in general. Last night, I fell victim to no preparation. No gameplan. I thought I would just be able to defeat Julius and end SummerSlam as the World Champion and unfortunately, Julius caught me off guard and ultimately defeated me. And ultimately, I was stabbed in the back by a man who I brought from nothing and made something. But I understand, wanting to make a name for yourself at the expense of turning on your brothers, hell, I've made a living off of it. But you see, even in defeat, even with the odds stacked against me Julius, I was FIVE SECONDS FROM PUTTING YOUR ASS TO SLEEP! And that tells me you aren't as good as you think you are, it tells me that I overestimated you... Some of you may be confused, saying that I lost and I underestimated him... No, no, no. My loss was the effect of weeks of no preparation because I BELIEVED I HAD IT IN THE BAG. I lost because I got in my own way, focusing on the wrong things at the wrong times and in the end it cost me my fifth World Championship. The crowd listens in as Slim continues to talk. But that's enough about The Kingdom. I never needed them, they NEEDED me, and now without me, they will slowly all want self-glory, and eventually that bond between them will show cracks and they will be exploited and eventually, one of them will want the praise of being the top guy. That's Carnage though, and we're on EVOLVE. The #1 brand in BrendenPlayz, and now, without The Kingdom, I stand here on my own two feet, a man who will capture the Global Championship and restore the balance to the inconceiving gap between the Global Championship and Universal Championship. On September 14th, I must go to war with a man who some consider my greatest rival. But just know Flynn, I will be prepared, I will have a gameplan, I will not overlook our match because the fact is, the satisfying feeling of choking you out in the center of the ring as Necce watches on from the outside is just too much to pass up. And then, a month later, after you guys' tag team match, you can watch on from the back as I'm crowned the Global Champion. Because I don't care who else is in my block, the way I see it is that Flynn vs Slim decides it. Marker, Josh, I hope you're listening because I want you both to know it's over for you before it even started my friends. Slim, with a cold and calculated stare looks into the hard camera, his microphone will clenched in his hand as the brown eyes of Slim pierce through everyone watching, at home, or on television.
  2. KING

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 20th 2018

    RAW is amazing again and it seems SummerSlam has made it much better. The Shield vs Braun Strowman is the perfect main story for RAW, as The Shield have always worked better as heels anyways and Braun is getting cheered. Balor vs Roman was amazing and Balor should really turn heel to feud with the main faces of RAW, it seems like they're building to Ronda vs Steph like SCSA vs Vince which is cool because it doesn't really feel forced. Revival needs to beat B Team, then get beat by AOP probably.
  3. KING

    BPZ Predictions League

    TC4 - 9 Kieron Black - 8 Julius - 12 I Can't Odd - 11 Slim - 11 Bart - 10 Ross - 8 Bailey - 9 Smith - 9 Echo - 10 @Julius01 is the new predictions champion! thanks
  4. KING

    BPZ Predictions League

    TC4 - 9 Kieron Black - 8 Julius - 12 I Can't Odd - 11 Slim - 11 Bart - 10 Ross - 8 Bailey - 9 Smith - 9 Echo - 10 @Julius01 is the new predictions champion! thanks
  5. KING

    The Global Series

    Slim raises his microphone, as the only men in the ring now are Ross and Slim, looking at Flynn as he clears everyone out of his way, looking both members of the Golden Legacy in the eyes as he begins to talk into the microphone, the crowd turning its attention to a situation we've witnessed many times before. You're real cocky for someone who's needed Bailey and him to beat me! Slim directs his finger to Ross, pointing at him as he continues. Calling yourself an iron man is a joke, because we all know who's the real iron man. The man who allowed you to survive in the Royal Rumble as long as you did. The only man who you fear. Oh, you don't? The fact that you and Necce stand here, together, says otherwise because you knew, you knew that if you came to EVOLVE you'd need someone. Not someone to win the tag team championships, not a bond that was 'rectified' by your two matches, not a friendship you share. You have Necce by your side to protect YOURSELF from ME! Because if he wasn't standing up there with you right now, I'd walk my ass up there and CHOKE YOUR HILLBILLY TEXAN ASS OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD! Because you are nothing more than a fraud who's reached his peak and now hides behind his friends. I can admit at one time I was once like you, but I could get the job done on my own, instead the people around me were my insurance policy, while you put people around you because you understand that even though you're only 23, you're in trouble. I stand here on my own two feet, no Kingdom, no nothing, because I am a DANGEROUS figure, one that strikes fear into everyone in the ring right now, one that could strike at any moment. And on September 14th, you step into the ring with me, and even though you take me to my limits everytime, every other time we've faced, it's been about emotion, there was things that I wanted to make you pay for. Instead, this time, it's all business. In February, I said I have to beat you and I didn't. That's true, but that loss put clarity into my eyes, it changed both of us. Because a month later, I walked into BPZMania, and closed it by winning the BPZ World Championship. And what did you do? You fell to the man standing next to you. At one point, you and Ross went through the same, exact struggle. You defeated him in November before he aligned with you in February, turning his back on me, after I propelled him to a win at Survivor Series. So it leads me to believe, using the same exact formula to align yourself with Necce, it makes me wonder, if you were positioned between the two of them, who would you choose? Slim plays with his microphone, before in one swift motion, hits Ross with the microphone before locking in the Rear-Naked Choke on the EVOLVE GM! Ross struggles in the center of the ring as now Flynn is left with a decision... Help Ross or stand side-by-side with Necce?
  6. KING

    BPZ Predictions League

    Raw Tag Team Championship: The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) Mixed Tag Team Match: Andrade "Cien" Almas & Zelina Vega Finn Balor Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (c) Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) Smackdown Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair The Miz Money In The Bank Contract, Braun Strowman can lose the contract by any means: Kevin Owens United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) with Drew McIntyre WWE Championship: Samoa Joe Raw Women's Championship: Ronda Rousey Universal Championship: Roman Reigns Bonus Round: Will Dean Ambrose turn on Seth Rollins? Yes Will Mr. Money In The Bank cash-in on the winner of the Universal Championship? No
  7. KING

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    I feel like Heyman will still end up with Reigns.
  8. KING

    The Global Series

    The King trots out to the stage, stopping, on the stage as Joshua Scott looks to the stage, seeing one of his Block B Competitors on the stage. Slim paces around on the stage, visibly angry as he pulls a microphone out of his boot before beginning to speak. ALLOW ME TO PULL YOU OUT OF THIS FANTASYLAND, THAT YOU SPEAK IN, AND BRING YOU BACK DOWN TO REALITY JOSHUA SCOTT! The crowd, now tuned into Slim's every word as the aggression is heard in his voice, begins to speak once more. EVOLVE is the place to be Josh, you're correct. But not for silly bastards like you who run around proclaiming themselves as wrestling experts, rating our matches, wanting to be BPZ's very own Dave Meltzer because anytime you step into the ring, you get BITCHED! OUT! And you should be thanking ME right now, not Ross because if it wasn't for me, EVOLVE wouldn't exist and you wouldn't even BE IN BPZ! I BROUGHT YOU IN, I signed you to my brand because I saw a FUTURE for you. Instead, now all there is a man full of false hope and thinking with a deluded mind. You represent the fans, not the business but the only reason these people cheer you is not because they like you Josh, oh no... They cheer for YOU because you are PATHETIC! And our fans, have souls and they feel that pity, that contempt to cheer for you because the facts are there, and the fact is you're more of a loser than a winner, and you're the only idiot to boast about a record of six wins and THIRTY-NINE losses. I admit at first I wasn't too pleased with this 'Global Series', but after realizing that I would be able to destroy five men, not just one on my way to Global immortality convinced me. Now let's be honest, Block B is a two-person group and the fact that you think you actually have a chance speaks to the stubborn mindset you have and that's why you've lost a miserable 39 times. Josh dares Slim to come down to the ring with him and Ross. There is no opportunity, Josh. Ross has put you in a DEATH situation, because you see, while you see this as an opportunity to win a Global Championship, I see it as nothing more than the ultimate chance to finally get rid of you, because for months I have been sick and tired of watching you come out and talk about the same boring shit you go on and on about, Bailey screwing you, and that stupid English prick George. NEWS FLASH! REALITY CHECK! WHATEVER YOU NEED TO GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL! No one cares at all about you OR George! On September 28th, I will choke you out of this world, and I will make sure you don't ever, ever, think about the Global Championship again, because I've said it once, I'll say it a MILLION TIMES. THIS, IS MY RESPONSIBILITY. And I'll be damned, if I let a jobber, a low-life like you even get close to that Global Championship. Suddenly, Slim's interrupted by another theme, a Block A competitor from the Global Series.
  9. Samoa Joe has been hot for so long and deserving of being World Champion, and actually should have beat Brock Lesnar in my opinion. I think that Styles will get beat by Joe in this match simply because Styles' reign feels like the right time to end and crown Joe as the new champion of SmackDown. PLUS, SmackDown is lacking on the heel side and meanwhile has tons of faces Joe could go toe-to-toe with, so i think it's time we call Samoa Joe the new WWE Champion... But who would have thought? Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles at WWE SummerSlam for the WWE Championship? It's unreal.
  10. I've always wanted to see Renee Young as a commentator as she's the best female WWE has personality wise. She was an amazing host of Talking Smack and deserves to permantently be on RAW's commentary team. Have her replace Coachman as he's been absolutely terrible since he came back to RAW.
  11. KING


    Backstage, EVOLVE General Manager Ross is shown on his phone, looking down at it, before the GM is met with a sudden surprise as his door swings open, creating a thunderous noise as Ross turns around and is met by an intimidating presence. The Global Series!? The voice of Slim is heard as the camera pans to him, looking anger and annoyed by the decision Ross has made with the status of the Global Championship. I give you a money match, KING VS ACE, and instead, you throw this on me and you spit in my fucking face by giving me a group of men I'VE BEATEN. But it's alright Ross, everything is good right? I should prove myself to be the face of the brand and earn my title shot? Ross nods his head, handling Slim's outburst and aggression calmly. Well how about this Ross? How about instead of hiding behind that hideous suit and tie, you step back into the ring and face me for MY spot as General Manager that I could have accepted, but chose to decline to you? How about you EARN General Manager? And while we're on the subject of EARNING things, I want to know where my EARNED Global Championship Rematch is at from February when I was the champion? When I made Ark Universe fade into irrelevance and picked up another championship! Where is that!? But it was a different show back then right? Different General Manager, different outlook. It's all good, Ross, I'm just wondering where you earning ANYTHING you've been given is coming from. Because suddenly, the man who is known for taking what his friends give him becomes all about fairness? How curious? But I understand, business is business. Don't get it twisted either, I'm not mad, I'm concerned for the people in my group. Because like I said, this is my responsibility. My creation, and unfortunately for Joshua Scott... HE WILL GET PUT TO SLEEP! And just like everyone else who stands in my way! I don't care, Josh, Ace, Marker, ANYONE! EVEN. YOU. And it all begins with what I think is the real reason you created the Global Series. But don't worry, you'll be able to watch in fear, anxiety, as I rip, limb from limb, organ to organ, as a pool of blood stains the canvas while I stand over YOUR best friend... ROA's own... THE ONE AND ONLY... FLYNN. But wait, Flynn has a new best friend? His original? The one you thought you replaced! The one you brought with him to EVOLVE. Necce. Let me bring you back to reality, you were a placeholder, you were nothing to Flynn, and it's ashame you're still deluded, still lying to yourself, believing that if Flynn is in this tournament, he will be right back by your side. This isn't Carnage, no one cares about ROA anymore, and frankly, soon enough, without my guidance, the Global Championship will be nothing again. And you are sabotaging the brand for your personal gain, and it's unfortunate, because in the end you still won't have a best friend, you won't have a brand to manage, and most of all, the one that will hurt the most... YOU WILL BE A FAILURE! Slim slams his hands onto Ross' desk as he then smirks before leaving the room, getting his point across to the EVOLVE General Manager.
  12. Predictions: Block A: Buddy Ace - 4 points (2-0-1) Ark Universe - 4 points (2-0-1) Jason Ryan - 2 points (1-0-2) Storm - 0 points (0-0-3) Block B: Flynn - 6 points (3-0-0) Slim - 4 points (2-0-1) Marker - 2 points (1-0-2) Josh - 0 points (0-0-3)
  13. KING

    Creations of a King

    Kicking EVOLVE off tonight, the first edition after the 3rd-ever BPZ Draft is none other than one of the men who was saved from EVOLVE, 'The King', Slim. Slim cockily walks down to the ring, the aggressive, so-called 'Executioner' clearly with something on his mind tonight. He stands amongst the EVOLVE crowd as he begins to speak. WELCOME! To EVOLVE, my creation. Let's get things started, by letting you all know that tonight my presence is not to discuss the Kingdom, as this is EVOLVE and those matters will be discussed at another time. I have come out here right now, to discuss one thing, and one thing only... The Global Championship, the original brand exclusive championship I brought into this company. No support from Bailey, Brenden, Keeley, anyone. I created that title and at the time, it stood for the men who were held down by them, the men who were described as 'good, but not great'. Look at the men who have held the title! The talented, the WORKHORSES of this company. Angelo Caito, Natedog, Yelich, Ark Universe, all men who have never been considered 'main-eventers'. Originally, I believed this was the core to making my brand superior, making Evolve 'the home of opportunities' to say the least... Not every original is perfect, I have realized through my trial and tribulations and I have realized that the Global Championship stands for the BEST, AND NOTHING MORE! And now the question is... Who is the best on EVOLVE? Is it Flynn? Is it Necce? Is it Natedog? Nebakos? BrendenPlayz himself? NO. I. AM. THE. BEST. And that's why, I, the creator of EVOLVE, the creator of the Global Championship, and the creator of the man who I personally chose to manage this, the best creation I have made, managing my finest masterpiece, have decided it is my responsibility to make sure that EVOLVE does not SQUANDER this second chance we have been gifted by the incompetent general manager of Carnage. The crowd, wondering what Slim means by 'second chance', clings onto his every word as Slim delivers an impactful message from his heart. The second chance I discuss is none other than the competiton that resides between the two brands, what title is better, Universal or Global? You see, with the ending of an era, Flynn coming back to Evolve, it finally gave us a second chance to restore the prestige of the Global Championship, to make it more meaningful than the Universal Championship. And for that, I thank you, Flynn. But you're not out here, and that's not why I discuss this. My responsibility, to make sure that Evolve remains better than Carnage, is to become Global Champion. But who? Who will step up and challenge me, The King for my right to become Global Champion? There's only ONE man I want, the man who seemingly has increased his stock in BPZ. I want the #1 PICK FOR EVOLVE! BUDDY, FUCKING, ACE! You think running NXT makes you a star, kid? Well, let me dose you with a reality check, it means NOTHING! What did you do to deserve being the #1 pick for our brand? NOTHING. So, it leads me to the question, of why you were the number one pick, but I've figured it out on my own. One, word. Potential. You have POTENTIAL. The potential to be the guy of EVOLVE, the potential to lead our brand, but unfortunately for you, I'm in the way of that potential. Because I don't care who believes you have that potential, I don't see it, and one way or another, you will receive a Global Title Shot.. And you, becoming Global Champion, is just something I can't let happen... My show, my responsibility. So Buddy, I'm gonna give you one chance, one opportunity to step to the King. Show me, that you're even worthy of stepping into the ring with me. SHOW. ME! Slim drops the microphone to the ground emphatically, as the crowd is buzzing following his calling out of Buddy Ace. Could we see it? Slim vs Buddy Ace for the Global Championship?
  14. KING

    Laying Down the Challenge

    Oh man I wonder what Bailey has to say.

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