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  1. Matches Raw Women's Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Apollo Crews Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza Ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party Women's Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. The Riott Squad SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso Amb
  2. Imma shoot him guys

    Imma do it


    1. Epic1237_


      Shoot me too pls

    2. NardieIsTastic


      Okay, I apologize, just don’t shoot me!

    3. Prince


      JFK's murderer be like:

  3. I'm SLAPBLADE but I would pick Machete Fingers like Wolverine in dis bitch u feel me
  4. The man below me delusional as hell

  5. Listen, I just need you to find a fucking bar I can let these two idiots fight in, ok? How fucking hard is it!? You talk about how god damn great you are all the time, well do something great and go find me a fucking BAR! The camera shows Josh Trenton, as in the background, Mr. Slim can be seen hanging up the phone as he breaths heavily, evidently very pissed off. He begins to walk off when Josh Trenton approaches him very rapidly, which triggers a big reaction from Mr. Slim. AHHH FUCK! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT JOSH!? Trenton: Hello, uh Mr. Slim. I was just hoping to get a comm
  6. GPW Beauty in Combat II Chapter LXXXII | The Warzone | Boyle Heights, Los Angeles ____________________________________________________________________________ Battle of the Best Qualifier | 20 Minute Time Limit Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes vs. Rey Fenix The pay-per-view event opened up with the first of three Battle of the Best Qualifiers here tonight, as 'The American Nightmare' took on 'The Firebird', Rey Fenix. A 20 minute contest, the winner advances to the 2nd annual Battle of the Best Tournament, the loser left out in the cold. As the ring announ
  7. Global Pro Wrestling Chapter LXXVIII May 2021 | Week 1 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trios Championship Match scheduled for main event CHAOS is sitting in it's locker room, as the tension in the room between Kazuchika Okada and KUSHIDA is felt throughout the room. The tension can be cut with a knife.. as Makabe tries to keep them focused as Honma backs him up, with CHAOS scheduled for Trios action tonight, their opponent unknown. The men continue to get ready, until Ric Flai
  8. Mr. Slim


    Mr. Slim laughs at Josh's purposal, Manchester's Number One now nose-to-nose with him. He backs up, raising his microphone and beginning to speak. Now I question how much damage Epic did to YOU, my friend. I don't know what the hell makes you think that you can go toe-to-toe with me in the ring. Is it that unwavering confidence despite you coming up short everytime? Is that never die spirit that has kept you your job in this company? None of it matters anymore. Because I accept. Let me make you understand something: If you can beat me, Josh, I'll give you a shot at any god damn title
  9. Cole retains Reigns new champ Storm retains Joe new champ Sanity retains Mustache Mountain new champs Black wins Lee wins Owens wins Baszler wins Mr. MiTB: Bobby Lashley Ms. MiTB: Alexa Bliss
  10. Mr. Slim


    The sound of Mr. Slim’s music hits, as apparently Josh’s wish will be granted by the Owner of Carnage. His presence. He walks through the curtain, bandages still wrapped around his head, along with a slight limp, an annoyed look on his face as he walks down the ramp, staring a hole through Josh. He asks for a microphone as he stands before Josh. Adjusting his burgundy suit, he finally raises the microphone and begins speaking. Listen here, you little cunt. Is that what you people say in England? I don’t give a fuck what you say in England. Shut your mouth, and listen to me. Now, I don’t
  11. CARNAGE WILDCARD VENUE CHANGED: Reports came out earlier than Carnage Wildcard on October 14th would be live from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, but hours later, the venue has changed. Immense negotiations took place between Mr. Slim and the unknown party trying to host the event, but eventually, a deal was agreed to. Mr. Slim will receive the luxury suite and free steak dinners for his stay on the place where Carnage Wildcard on October 14th will be... ISAIAH CARTER'S CRUISESHIP! Congratulations to Carnage's own Isaiah Carter, as he has secured the hottest event i
  12. NXT Roster GM: William Regal | Heavyweights | - NXT Champion Finn Balor - AJ Styles - Cesaro - Shinsuke Nakamura - Samoa Joe - Aleister Black - Sami Zayn - Kevin Owens - Hanson - Raymond Rowe - Timothy Thatcher - Fandango - Cameron Grimes - Dexter Lumis - Killain Dain - Zack Gibson - Dominik Dijakovic - Dabba-Kato - Joe Gacy - Ridge Holland - Jaxson Ryker - Wesley Blake - Steve Cutler | Cruiserweights | - Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar - Pete Dunne - Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott - Roderick Strong - James Drake - Oney Lorc
  13. 2021 RAW vs. SmackDown vs. NXT (Julius, Bailey, Slim) In a world where nothing is guaranteed, all three brands entered with just one: The World Champion of their respective brand - Drew McIntyre on Raw holding the WWE Championship, Roman Reigns holding the Universal Championship on SmackDown, and Finn Balor in possession of the NXT Championship. Which roster will rise to the top and establish brand supremacy? Find out soon!
  14. The usual Carnage intro opens up the show, as pyro kicks off the show, as the fans are buzzing for the first show following Survival of the Fittest. The commentators, Heel and Sandman, welcome us to the show, before showing highlights of our Survival of the Fittest event, recapping the winners and high points of the event. As this finishes, Mr. Slim, the Owner of Carnage, stands in the ring, bandages on his head from his Trailer Park Tussle II Match with Jeremiah Flynn, where he fell to the BMF Champion. Mr. Slim stands in the center of the ring, a mixed reaction filling the crowd a
  15. Mr. Slim takes the gun from the World Champion, adjusting it's aim as he points it into the wilderness. As a deer runs by, he pulls the trigger, nailing it with perfect aim right in the side of the head. He begins to talk as the shot hits. Ropati, do you know why we're here? Ropati shakes his head, as Mr. Slim nods, before explaining to the young World Champion his motives. This is the calm before the storm, my friend. Target practice for the real thing... Out here, fucking up is allowed. It lets you get all the butterflies out of your stomach, calm your nerves, and ove

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