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  1. Yeah I understand why the trade happens. Just personally I wouldn't see Hornets giving up Bridges who is developing very quickly for him, he has a bad contract and I don't know if he moves the needle for the Hornets with how much depth they're giving. I'm of the opinion that Russ is still a great player and can carry a team but I just feel like the Hornets would be stingy here with Bridges
  2. That Rockets team could definitely be a low-end playoff team, even in the West if Simmons does what I'd expect him to do with all shooters around him. One problem however, I think that Charlotte wouldn't dare trade Bridges for Westbrook. Charlotte is just a spent team on prospects and never attracts any free agents, so I think that they would keep Bridges with the thought of him POTENTIALLY breaking out as a star. Otherwise good work
  3. This is a great card, I'm honestly kinda shocked some of this is happening here. I for sure thought they would hold off on Tanahashi vs. KENTA for WK, but them having it here makes me believe Tanahashi will win, while KENTA will go on to challenge Shingo Takagi for the NEVER Openweight Title, as I believe he'll beat Suzuki at PS to win the belt back. Overall, this should be a great show that furthers the build to WK and gives us a great interlude heading into World Tag League and Best of Super Jrs. - Yano beats ZSJ to retain KOPW - Shingo beats Suzuki to win Openweight - Okada b
  4. Mr. Slim is seen walking backstage following his tag team match tonight, and is rapidly approached by Josh Trenton, who asks for a comment about tonight in general. His loss, Bailey losing his Universal Championship, and the shocking revelation that BPZ World Champion, James Ropati is the third man. He bends over at first, wincing from the pain he’s in after having competed in most of tonight’s Tag Team match. Ultimately, he’s able to stabilize himself and answer the question, but there is no cussing from Mr. Slim tonight, he’s straight forward and genuine with his answer. Ropati, I want
  5. Battle of the Best Post-Show Press Conferences GPW Dark | Volume VII | July 2021, Week 1 - As Battle of the Best has ended, GPW Dark plays hosts to the post-show media, a new tradition making it's debut following the conclusion of GPW's annual summer gauntlet, Battle of the Best. We will hear from both Okada and Archer and their respective managers later, but for now, Cody enters the room, still in his ring gear following his failure to become Pentagon Jr.'s contender at Battle of the Best. Cody is very disappointed with this result and as much as he would like to say he'll tur
  6. Mr. Slim

    Respect Me

    Many Men by 50 Cent plays through the arena as Joshua Scott’s request will be granted. Mr. Slim steps out onto the stage, staring down Josh much like before. But this time, anger and rage doesn’t fuel the Carnage Owner’s eyes. Instead, it’s intrigue and almost respect, as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring with Josh, grabbing a microphone as he begins to speak. Josh, you know what. I respect the hell out of what you just did. It’s no secret that you’re on the lower side of the card and I hope you don’t take that as a slight my friend, just the reality of the situation we fac
  7. Ok the championship hangover is over

    I can definitely say that I'm blessed to have seen LeBron James become the greatest of all time live 💯

    1. bailey14


      Just talked to basketball gods they saying this ain’t it 

    2. Bart


      Forget about the hangover, you aren't even sober yet. 

  8. Bron's the goat

  9. Promotion Name Land of Kings Venues - Korakuen Hall Tokyo, Japan Capacity: 2,005 PPVs TBD Titles Land of Kings Heavyweight Championship Land of Kings Jr. Heavyweight Championship Land of Kings Tag Team Championships Heavyweights - Jon Moxley - Tetsuya Naito - Hiroshi Tanahashi - WALTER - Zack Sabre Jr. - EVIL - SANADA - Tomohiro Ishii - Hirooki Goto - Akam - Rezar - Joe Coffey - Mark Coffey - Tom Lawlor - Odiso
  10. Battle of the Best II Chapter LXXXVII June 2021 | Pay-Per-View Venue: The Warzone (Walt Disney Concert Hall) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the show begins with pyro, Jim Ross and Corey Graves welcome us to the show, saying that tonight is the night where we will determine the main event for next month's spectacular, Global Warfare II. We are shown an updated bracket in Battle of the Best II, in which only two men remain. As they finish that up, Cody and KUSHIDA make their entr
  11. Let's try this - Ibushi - Ishii - Okada - Cobb - Shingo - Gabriel Kidd
  12. Broncos vs Jets Saints vs Lions Chargers vs Buccaners Jaguars vs Bengals Vikings vs Texans Seahawks vs Dolphins Steelers vs Titans Browns vs Cowboys Colts vs Bears Ravens vs Football Team Giants vs Rams Pats vs Chiefs Bills vs Raiders Eagles vs 49ers Falcons vs Packers
  13. GPW Dark | Volume V | June 2021, Week 1 - In an upset victory, Team WhiteWolf defeated Natural Nightmares in 7:54 when Carlos Romo rolled up QT Marshall for the 3 count. Later in the show, a rematch for Chapter 82 is announced. - GPW Matchmaker Dario Cueto would make a rare appearance on Dark to discuss the Battle of the Best tournament, which begins on the next chapter of GPW. Cueto says that tonight, Tommaso Ciampa was scheduled for a qualifier, but he has suffered a concussion and will be unable to compete in Battle of the Best. Cueto announces to fill the last spot rema

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