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  1. Slim

    King of...?

    Our usual broadcast is interrupted as a video package of Bailey vs Flynn, the BPZMania IV Main Event begins to play and suddenly it's cut off, with several of the announcers and the crowd making a sound which is heard as confusion. Suddenly, music is heard as the static continues to play... As the song gets more intense, the static suddenly cuts to a white room... The room is completely fine, normal looking with normal items in it, and after a few seconds, suddenly something is throw in the room which lights it ablaze, with everything beginning to burn. After the room has burned, the camera cuts to something else, a lowview point, as all you see are feet, walking closer and closer to the exit before suddenly a message pops up. BPZMANIA... THE KING RETURNS TO BURN IT ALL DOWN. {3/2/19}
  2. Will the NXT Takeover continue? Definitely just another showcase to try and increase network subscribers by showing them what they could see on NXT. How will Charlotte Flair react to Becky Lynch's assault? Match with Becky at Fastlane, Becky wins, triple threat. Can Kofi Kingston rebound from tough Elimination Chamber defeat? He'll have the New Day to help him cope, and he'll get another shot at Bryan at Fastlane. I don't think he'll be the WM match, I don't believe WWE thinks he's a household name to be in the WWE Championship Match, and neither do I honestly. The Miz to issue a public apology to Shane McMahon It would be better if Shane turned but I wouldn't put it past WWE to have the Miz turn even though him trying to make his father happy and saying he looks up to Shane is a much better story than him just turning into a heel again. "The New" Daniel Bryan's Fastlane opponent to be revealed KOFI.
  3. Slim

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 18th 2018

    I really wish they would do something with Lesnar and Rollins instead of those video packages, in my opinion the match has potential but it doesn't have momentum at all right now ever since Rollins took those six F5's, they need to have more Lesnar appearances or this may end up being a disappointment, especially if the match doesn't deliver and Lesnar wins.
  4. Slim

    BPZ Predictions League

    Elimination Chamber Predictions Men's Elimination Chamber - Winner: Samoa Joe RAW Women's Championship - Winner: Ronda Rousey Smackdown Tag Team Championships - Winners: The Usos Intercontinental Championship - Winners: Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush Women's Tag Team Championship Chamber - Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks Cruiserweight Championship - Winner: Buddy Murphy No Disqualification Match - Winner: Braun Strowman Bonus: Last Elimination in the WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles Last Elimination in the Women's Tag Title Match: Nia Jax and Tamina Most Eliminations in the WWE Championship Match: Orton Most Eliminations in the Women's Tag Title Match: Nia Jax and Tamina
  5. New updates for these two.

    1. The New Flynn

      The New Flynn

      No one does this anymore stop it. 

  6. Cruiserweights are slowly starting to get more and more recognition, as a Fatal-4 Way with the best on the show will surely show their talents at the best possible stage at the Royal Rumble. I really, really hope that this year the cruiserweights will have a spot on the WrestleMania Main Card instead of preshow.
  7. Slim

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I also watched Aquaman recently and I have to put it up there with Wonder Woman as one of the best films the DCEU has produced so far other than the Dark Knight trilogy. It seems like DC is realizing they won't be able to catch Marvel and instead are focusing on developing their movies better and making it look good in the grand scheme of things. Jason Momoa is a perfect Aquaman and i don't care what the critics say, this was a good movie.
  8. Slim

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 31th 2018

    I'm so ready for Seth Rollins to win the Rumble and beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. Rollins' promos lately have been terrific and I'm excited to see if he can get an ironman victory in the Rumble from 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  9. Slim


    This man really posted a goodbye promo knowing damn well he'll be back in a few days and will have to turn heel because of this. Smh
  10. Slim

    My Top 15 Rap Albums of 2018

    I'll do my top 10. #1 - Championships by Meek Mill Favorite Songs: Intro, Trauma, Uptown Vibes, What's Free #2 - Tha Carter V by Lil Wayne Favorite songs: Don't Cry, Dedicate, Uproar, Famous #3 - Drip Harder by Lil Baby and Gunna Favorite songs: Belly, Drip Too Hard, Close Friends, Never Recover #4 - Astroworld by Travis Scott Favorite songs: Stargazing, Sicko Mode, Yosemite, Who? What! #5 - KOD by J Cole Favorite songs: 1985, KOD #6 - i am > i was by 21 savage Favorite songs: ASMR, ball w/o you #7 - Still My Moment by Tee Grizzley Favorite songs: Still My Moment, Lost and Found #8 - Until Death Call My Name by NBA Youngboy Favorite songs: Overdose, Run It Up, RIP (ft. Offset) #9 - Luca Brasi 3 Favorite songs: Shakin Back, Find You Again #10 Scorpion by Drake Favorite songs: Survival, Emotionless, Blue Tint
  11. Slim

    Best Year By A Wrestler In WWE History?

    Johnny definitely, but Becky? Becky had a great end to 2018 but the start was terrible. It seems shortsighted to say Becky had a great year overall when it's only really been good since she turned heel. I'm gonna go with CM Punk in 2009, with his feuds with Undertaker and Jeff Hardy over the World Heavyweight Championship being very entertaining and overall I thought it was better than the infamous 2011.
  12. First off none of them will be the next John Cena, lol, but I'm confused. Adam Cole has more talent and charisma over Ciampa? I wouldn't agree with that but neither of them is my pick so I'll just say that I think the big next NXT guy on the main roster will be Matt Riddle.
  13. We are three matches into December to Dismember, as BrendenPlayz' annual winterfest is nearing the middle portion of the card. The co-main event of the show is set to begin in just a few minutes, 'The King' vs 'The Executioner'. Four months ago, at SummerSlam, Julius broke Slim, mentally and physically as it forced the four-time BPZ World Champion into a temporary retirement of sorts. At Survivor Series, Slim returned, vowing to destroy his own creation in the Kingdom. Julius answered the call, and now, at December to Dismember, we see a rebuilt, motivated Slim taking on an unstoppable, unbeatable Julius who hasn't tasted 1-on-1 defeat in six months... Who will break first? The immovable object, or the irresistable force? Find out, now! "All Cancer" by Jaydayoungin and Boosie Badazz plays as 'The King', a rebuilt version of Slim walks onto the stage, his eyes crystal blue as he walks to the ring, laser-focused on the task ahead... Reclaiming his crown from The Executioner. Slim stands in the ring, the fans cheering for him as he awaits Julius, things are about to get wicked. As Slim awaits his adversary, "Gallantry" by CFO$ begins to play as the lights dim down as the BPZ World Champion makes his way onto the stage, with the World Championship around his waist. No fear from Slim as he stands face-to-face with the man who broke his will power just four months ago. Tonight, he's ready to face his demons. Julius on the other hand just wants to end the story known as Slim, he wants to finally rid BrendenPlayz of Slim and he's looking to finish what he started. He began the downfall of The King with his victory at SummerSlam, and now, he wants to write the final chapter in Slim's career and make sure once he is pinned down for that three count tonight, he'll never come back for more and move on. "Slim is a guy who won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship at 20 years old and first started wrestling when he was 18. So he must be very mentally strong to travel at that age, win the accolades he did and at SummerSlam, Julius broke all of that. Now he stands here, 23 years old and faces his first real challenge to his state of mind. Can he do it? Or will the threat of Julius finally send him away forever?" - TheGRV As the bell rings, Julius grabs Slim and slams him into the corner, hitting several shoulder tackles to Slim's sternum as The King grasps for air, before Julius backs out and slams into him one final time as Slim falls to the mat. He quickly recovers to his feet, knowing he can't let Julius get him to the ground so much, and Julius just hits a vicious forearm into Slim's face that stuns him and pushes him backwards, before Julius picks him up and throws him across the ring, having his way with Slim. As Slim reaches at Julius' waist, he throws a forearm into the face of the BPZ World Champion before bouncing off of the ropes with a dropkick, which doesn't knock him down, but Slim follows it up with a Bicycle Knee Strike that knocks Julius out of the ring. Slim lines up his patented suicide dive... But Julius uses his momentum to send him crashing into the barricade! Slim himself has done that same move before, in his series of matches with Flynn! Julius picks Slim up, rolling him back into the ring, looking to get this match finished with as fast as possible as tonight Julius pulls triple-duty, defending his title against Bashka while already having defended US in a Fatal-4 Way match. Julius covers Slim, but a kick-out at one keeps the match going. Julius picks Slim up, as he continues smashing forearms into him before he grabs the neck of Slim, looking for a Chokeslam, but Slim reverses out before hitting an enzugiri to Julius' head, then grabbing him and connecting on a Dragon Suplex, before going up to the top rope... NO DICE! Julius moves, but Slim rolls through before dropkicking Julius into the corner... Then he charges at Julius and knees him in the gut... Moving out of the corner, Slim goes behind Julius and locks him into the Rear-Naked Choke, trying to submit The Executioner! Slim's had this locked in before on him! But suddenly, Julius propels himself to his feet before hurling Slim over his shoulder and slamming him on the mat, with Slim's back hitting the mat and making a huge noise as the back of his head slams against it as well. Slim crawls towards the ropes, and as Julius stalks him from behind, Slim gets to his feet quickly and connects with a Spinning Heel Kick, knocking Julius down! Quick into the cover, Slim pins the BPZ World Champion... 1... 2-NO! Barely a two count as Slim looks at the referee. Slim looks at the fans as he picks Julius up and puts him under his thighs, hooking his arms... NO! Julius flips Slim over his head, but Slim lands on his feet and kicks Julius' knee before connecting on a devastating Sliding Forearm... Slim backs into the corner, looking at Julius, who stands on one knee before running at him and throwing his knee into Julius' face, and immediately goes into the cover! The referee covers: 1... 2... NO! Julius kicks out again! Slim gets up, tearing off his arm-sleeve and his wrist tape as he grabs Julius to his feet, before hitting them from under them, making him land on his knees, as Slim grabs Julius face, before driving his knee right into it! Slim does this again, and again, and again, and again before the referee pulls him off as Julius' face is now covered in blood! Slim's redemption is getting to his mind, as Julius lays on the mat, before Slim walks over to him, scooping him off the canvas as he looks for the Essential Eliminator... NO! Echo pulls the referee out of the ring! Echo begins yelling at the referee, but Slim bounces off of the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive onto him! Slim then stomps away at Echo, before coming back into the ring, where Julius tries to irish-whip him into Bart who has his Intercontinental Championship... But Slim reverses and sends Julius into Bart's swinging arms! Bart looks on in shock, as Slim hits a Running Knee Strike on him before getting Julius under his legs with the arms hooked... ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! ONE.... TWO........... THRE-NO! JULIUS KICKED OUT! THERE'S NO WAY! All this beating, all this punishment by Slim has led to nothing! The match continues! Slim looks on, sat in the corner as he raises himself up, wondering what he has to do. He's taken out Echo and Bart, he's hit the Essential Eliminator, but no avail. Julius gets to his feet, and Slim charges at him.... HELL'S WELCOME! OUT OF NOWHERE! "Not this way" yells GRV on commentary, as the referee slides into count as Julius stares into the camera... ONE... TWO... THREE! JULI-NO! SLIM KICKED OUT! SLIM KICKED OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! Julius looks on in shock, as he scoops Slim up again, hitting forearm after forearm into The King, his aggression and anger boiling over. He then mounts Slim and begins hitting real forearms, busting Slim's forehead open! Julius picks Slim's body up again, with Slim resting his body against Julius, before Julius pushes Slim, trying to bounce him off of the ropes, but Slim just falls back. Julius walks over to pick the King up... But Slim reverses into a small package! One.. Two... NO! Slim almost caught Julius slipping! Julius looks at Slim, as the two briefly stare down with blood dripping down Slim's face as Slim runs at Julius, but he sends him into the referee! With the referee down, Echo steps back into the ring and goes for a Superkick on Slim but hits Julius! Slim then sends Echo out of the ring with a knee strike, simliar to how he did Bart earlier... The referee gets back to his feet, as Slim tells him to come on, before running at Julius for a dropkick into the corner, but Julius reverses into a Hell's Welcome... NO! SLIM REVERSED THE HELL'S WELCOME AND DROPKICKS JULIUS' BACK INTO THE CORNER. WITH JULIUS FACING THE TURNBUCKLE, SLIM RUNS AT HIM... KNEE STRIKE! Slim pulls Julius out of the corner, putting him under his thighs as he yells BURN IT DOWN to the crowd, as he drops Julius with a second Essential Eliminator, this one driving Julius harder than ever into the mat! Cover! One... TWO... THREE! SLIM HAS DONE IT! Slim has beaten Julius! After those long four months, The King has reclaimed his throne at the top! Slim sits in the corner, with cameras showing Bart and Echo walking backstage, yelling at each other as Julius remains laying in the ring. Slim gets to his feet, looking at the ceiling as he wipes the blood from his face. The ring, with a bunch of red spots on it, plays host to a celebration of sorts, as Slim climbs the turnbuckle, pointing to all the fans as they have prompted The King's rise back. Slim grabs a microphone, as he stands right over Julius who remains in the ring, laid out. Slim speaks into the microphone, sending a message to the viewers at home and making a HUGE proclamation. Four months ago, you defeated me and took away my aura. In six months you haven't been beaten, until tonight. I ENDED that. Y'know why Julius? You're not ready to be among the elite we have. Now, I came back and challenged you to a non-title match because I needed to prove to myself that I was still worthy to be BPZ World Champion. Now, I know that... And I don't expect you to hand me a title shot, because you're a cheap son of a bitch. But instead, I'll do it the right way, because I'm DONE being the villain. I want a legacy, a legacy that won't be remembered as cheating and scheming. At the Royal Rumble, I will once again win the 30 man match, and Julius, let your Kingdom know, I'm coming for each of you. Tonight wasn't the ending like everyone believed, no Julius. Tonight was the BEGINNING. Slim drops the microphone as he walks out of the ring, the fans cheering him as Julius gets to his knees, looking at The King as he makes his grand exit... Tonight, Slim got his redemption, but that's not all he wanted.
  14. Slim


    A dark room is shown as it zooms in, the aura in the EVOLVE Center for the last time mysterious. The very last segment ever, in EVOLVE history begins with a picture of the current BPZ World Champion, a black and white, vivid image of 'The Executioner'... Julius. This is the man who has ran this place, up and down throughout the past few months. The voice is recognized as Slim as the camera pans out to reveal Slim standing there with the picture in his hand. Slim looks at the picture before continuing to talk, clearly getting his mind right just a few days away from December to Dismember where he will step into the ring with Julius again, the man who broke his mind and his conscious last time. The man who pushed me away from BrendenPlayz, the man who executed my fall from grace. And this Sunday, I step into the ring with him. At the end of the day, I will either lose or win, there's no in-between. No middle, win or lose. For most men, a loss is nothing, they can stand back up and get back into it, and while I'm much like this, a loss... is not an option. I have to win this match because this is just the beginning. A new chapter in my story. Julius ended the reign of terror, but here I stand, as strong as ever and not vulnerable to a loss, not fragile. But where do you stand? A loss is not an option to me certainly, but what would a loss to you be? Would it damage your confidence enough to choke, to falter later that night and lose your World Championship to Bashka? Last time we were in the ring, I was overmatched, overpowered, and I doubted your abilities because I believed you to be easy. That won't happen again. I've watched, I've seen you beat legends and this Sunday I will be the first man to defeat you one-on-one in six months. And if you believe I won't do what I need to, to make sure you end up laying on the mat at the end of things, you must not know who I am. You spoke of me as a Fallen King, which may be true, and I don't care who runs around throwing the nickname of The King, The King of Carnage, The King of Demons, The Fallen King, we all truly know who holds the crown. Suddenly, "Don't Cry" by Lil Wayne begins to play as Slim continues to speak, his mind clearly LOCKED IN on December to Dismember as he now reaches into his pocket... Julius, your time is coming to an end. It's time, you've had your 15 minutes of fame, everyone's been gone but now as BPZMania season nears, it's time for the PROVEN men to take everything back. It's been a nice fairy tale of you 'leading' the 'new generation' against us and taking everything yet it seems your false sense of awareness regarding how good you are has led you down a path where you will see everything, piece-by-piece, taken from you. The first stage comes at December to Dismember. And Julius, believe me when I say that I don't believe this 'The Kingdom is dead', I'm not the type of guy to be fooled by mind games that I INVENTED. While The Kingdom may not be dead yet, it will be soon. Because at December to Dismember, Julius, you will watch as I... Burn.... IT... DOWN! Slim pulls a match box out of his pocket, lighting it as he begins burning the picture of Julius. Slim drops the picture and throws the match, as the room slowly begins to burn and Slim walks out. A camera follows him as he continues to place matches, as he walks out of the EVOLVE Center for the final time, the man who created the show, as he turns around watches the building burning a slow burn. Slim turns around, facing the other way as he spreads both arms out, the camera focused on him with the building in the background being a foreshadowment of what is to come for Julius.
  15. Slim

    Death of a Kingdom

    "SHOW'S CALLED CARNAGE RIGHT?" Suddenly, everyone is turned to the ring, where a hooded man reveals himself... It's Slim himself! Julius turns around, the BPZ World Championship in his hand as Slim turns to the crowd, fired up and here tonight, face-to-face with Julius for the first time since Survivor Series. Well let's create some, because all I have heard is excuse after excuse. The fact is everytime, you've lost, you haven't done what's neccesary to win. That's what separates you from the best of the best, from me, from Flynn, from Bailey. We all will do ANYTHING it takes to win, ANYTHING, but you have bought into your own hype, the people surrounding you have made you believe you're untouchable, that you will never, ever be graced with defeat but the unmistakable truth is your inability to adapt will be your downfall. No matter how cocky I was, I always knew what I was up against, and I just don't see that greatness with you. You actually think that no one could beat you straight-up, which is how the man at the top of the mountain could fall to the very bottom, in just one day. There's reigns everyone has at the top, there's months where one single man can say they're the best, and you certainly have, but can you really say that you're unforgettable? I don't think so. You beat me, yes, but can you do it again? Everyone seems to doubt you. You're making decisions based on paranoia. You proclaim Kingdom is dead, but Kingdom is the only reason you've stayed at the top for so long. Without them, you don't rise to the top. Without them, I win at SummerSlam, and you're just another BiC who got his one month of success and faded away. You have taken everything that has made you successful, and thrown it into the wind because why? Because you've tasted success. You weren't --- and still aren't, ready to be the face of this company because it requires you to be smart. You're the bronze, Echo and Bart are the brains, and you destroying Kingdom is a grave, grave mistake. The one group who pulled the wool over me, gone within four months... How does that feel, Echo and Bart, to know that in the end you chose the wrong man? Slim smirks, dropping the microphone as Carnage security comes out, with Slim leaving under his own power, walking through the crowd as Julius is still shown on the stage, with Slim doubting Julius' ability to be a top guy in the company.