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  1. Slim

    Death of a Kingdom

    "SHOW'S CALLED CARNAGE RIGHT?" Suddenly, everyone is turned to the ring, where a hooded man reveals himself... It's Slim himself! Julius turns around, the BPZ World Championship in his hand as Slim turns to the crowd, fired up and here tonight, face-to-face with Julius for the first time since Survivor Series. Well let's create some, because all I have heard is excuse after excuse. The fact is everytime, you've lost, you haven't done what's neccesary to win. That's what separates you from the best of the best, from me, from Flynn, from Bailey. We all will do ANYTHING it takes to win, ANYTHING, but you have bought into your own hype, the people surrounding you have made you believe you're untouchable, that you will never, ever be graced with defeat but the unmistakable truth is your inability to adapt will be your downfall. No matter how cocky I was, I always knew what I was up against, and I just don't see that greatness with you. You actually think that no one could beat you straight-up, which is how the man at the top of the mountain could fall to the very bottom, in just one day. There's reigns everyone has at the top, there's months where one single man can say they're the best, and you certainly have, but can you really say that you're unforgettable? I don't think so. You beat me, yes, but can you do it again? Everyone seems to doubt you. You're making decisions based on paranoia. You proclaim Kingdom is dead, but Kingdom is the only reason you've stayed at the top for so long. Without them, you don't rise to the top. Without them, I win at SummerSlam, and you're just another BiC who got his one month of success and faded away. You have taken everything that has made you successful, and thrown it into the wind because why? Because you've tasted success. You weren't --- and still aren't, ready to be the face of this company because it requires you to be smart. You're the bronze, Echo and Bart are the brains, and you destroying Kingdom is a grave, grave mistake. The one group who pulled the wool over me, gone within four months... How does that feel, Echo and Bart, to know that in the end you chose the wrong man? Slim smirks, dropping the microphone as Carnage security comes out, with Slim leaving under his own power, walking through the crowd as Julius is still shown on the stage, with Slim doubting Julius' ability to be a top guy in the company.
  2. Slim

    BPZ Fortnite Battle Royale

    I'm in sounds fun
  3. Slim

    Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod

    "Slim" Undoubtedly the most successful star in BPZ Wrestling, maybe the most successful in the wrestling industry. In BPZ alone the past 3 years, he's captured 20 championships, the most ever, while holding onto the World Championship for a record 310 days. The biggest star in BPZ looks to hold down that mantle as new stars emerge and new challenges arise, and he has no problem using anyone to keep his spot on top.
  4. RAW: Seth, Dean, Braun SD: AJ, DB, Randy Orton NXT: Aleister, Ciampa, Gargano
  5. Slim


    The titantron shows a dark road, full of rain, as a hooded figure walks down the road, before a nearby tv screen shows highlights of SummerSlam, with Julius decimating Slim before him making a nearly impossible comeback, only to be shut down by Bart. As the music continues to play, the voice of Slim is heard throughout the arena. Going into SummerSlam it was tough. I was caught between two roads, because in my mind, it was my legacy finally being established. Undoubtedly the greatest ever, the one claim anyone has on my head is that I haven't won that illustrious fifth World Championship. I lose. I lose miserably, and I walk out of the Staples Center that night, going backstage for the final time thinking this may be it. With so many guys in and out, Smith getting fired, Flynn and Necce constantly gone, I was thinking that the new age was coming and frankly I couldn't hang. The once unstoppable, unbeatable man who was untouchable for 310 days, I was at the lowest of my lows on that night. Slim continues speaking as the depressing music continues to play, highlighting how terrible these past three months have been. And I ghosted the company after that. I collected my paycheck for the night, flew home to Jacksonville and ignored texts from anyone who worked for the company unless it was from a close friend. My mental state was weak, because for so long I had built myself up, I came into every show, every night, having no doubts ever, because whenever something was important to me, I ended up on top. Yet... For the first time, that night, I fell. That immortal throne I stood on was snatched from under me and my tumble to the bottom was one my mind couldn't handle. No appetite, for days. Losing sleep, and if I came back, if I stepped foot in this place again, what was I gonna say? I failed? It was a once in a lifetime thing? No. For me, that was it, I had finally been unseated. It was over. But then, a few weeks later, my mind started to realize what I was giving up. And despite it never occurring to me while I was gone, the fans, the very reason I became a despicable person, were the thing I missed the most. But despite me feeling that I wanted to come back, I knew that I wasn't in the right mindframe, but the day I did choose to come back, it wasn't the World Championship I was after, it was the one thing that could truly say it broke me... The Kingdom. So now, as I walk deeper and deeper down this dark road, one I may never recover from, I must make you understand, for me, this is not about a championship piece, or a single victory. The Kingdom made me rethink who I am, the Kingdom broke me mentally. And for that, I thank you. Bart, Echo, and Julius. All three of you. But, breaking me may have unlocked a new side of me. Because these past three months, I've been gone, REBUILDING myself from the weak human you saw at SummerSlam. And at December to Dismember, you will truly understand what I mean, Julius. The titantron cuts to a date... December 23rd, before a black and white picture of a furious Slim shows up, marking the return date, and a rematch from SummerSlam, Slim vs Julius, at December to Dismember...
  6. Born: 9th of September, 1995 Set to debut: April, 2016 Gender: Male Race: Mixed Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: All Around  Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: The one below light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: Pedigree, Rings of Saturn Face Gimmick: Redemption and legacy-securing Heel Gimmick: Power-hungry Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Wrestler Pictures: Reigns BIO: "Slim" Undoubtedly the most successful star in BPZ Wrestling, maybe the most successful in the wrestling industry. In BPZ alone the past 3 years, he's captured 20 championships, the most ever, while holding onto the World Championship for a record 310 days. The biggest star in BPZ looks to hold down that mantle as new stars emerge and new challenges arise, and he has no problem using anyone to keep his spot on top.
  7. Slim

    The Return of The King

    Survivor Series is underway as we've already seen NXT Championship & Tag Team Championship Matches, before a video begins playing, taking us back a few months ago to look at the domination of Julius, the BPZ World Champion. Beginning with his win at King of the Ring, it shows his dismantling of Slim, piece-by-piece as then it flashes to The King down in the ring, in a pool of blood as SummerSlam ends. Flashes of Echo Wilson proclaiming himself to be the King, along with Julius boasting about his monumental win, along with Bart bragging about how he was the one who struck the blow to end The King once and for all, before the echoes from SummerSlam with TheGRV yelling "THE FALL OF THE KING" are the fading words. For months, we haven't seen Slim, and the Kingdom is going strong without him, having an iron fist over BrendenPlayz Wrestling. Suddenly, as the commentators inform us that the Premium Championship Match is next, a theme begins playing. The graphic of 'The King is Coming" flashes to everyone's enlightenment as a few moments pass, before emerging from the curtain is Slim, his hair tied up with a Polo Zip-Up Hoodie on, along with the polo joggers to match as he holds a microphone in his hand. He takes a moment to take in the fans who surprisingly have a positive reaction to him, before beginning his long-awaited walk to the ring. And for the first time in months, Slim steps into the ring, with the microphone in his hand as he raises it to his mouth before the overwhelming chants of Slim make him just nod his head, before he raises it again. I appreciate it... Thank you. 3 months ago, I was silenced at the hands of my own men. The Kingdom turned it's back on me, and in the process ended not only our partnership, but the friendship I shared with Echo and Bart. I wasn't using them like I've used everyone else, I was grooming them to become greats. Hall of Famers, but they took that for granted and let all the people who I've wronged, they let their words seep into their ears and eventually it appeared to them like a business partnership, not a friendship. And that weighed on me for the past three months. I sat at home after SummerSlam, in pain, icing my back and my legs as the pain was more emotional than physical. I watched as Julius beat challenger after challenger, I watched as Bart outwrestled everyone and I watched as Echo outsmarted everyone and all I can see is myself split into three pieces. Unfortunately for The Kingdom, I'm back. I have done many heinous, many hurtful things to many people but I stand here to slowly, but surely gain the respect of you, the fans, and I know that it will be hard for many of you to forgive me but I will try, because this is my life. The past three months, I've felt empty. Alone. There's been nights that I haven't been able to sleep, because for the first few weeks I thought it was it, that I thought that I was finally finished with this company and it was time for myself to move onto greener pastures... The somber tone of Slim suddenly turns into an angier, more aggressive tone as he finishes his sentence. But then, The Kingdom popped into my head, the sight of those three being able to say that they finally finished me off. So tonight, I'm here to let you all know, Julius, Echo, Bart, you will be seeing me very soon... Because at December to Dismember, I'll have my return match... My return to the ring will entail one of The Kingdom falling in defeat as my hand is raised high into the air, with the other two looking on, wondering where it all went wrong when just a few months ago, I was on my back in the center of the ring, wishing I had never challenged Julius. Three months ago, I was embarrassed. I was humiliated. But it was a wake-up call. Now I stand here, stronger physically, stronger mentally, and I will be the one to end The Kingdom. They are my creation, the three men I forged with nothing but my brilliance. Instead of taking my guidance, allowing me to give you the keys to my Kingdom, instead you tried to take my throne, and bad news... I'm still here. So which one of you will it be, next month? Bart, Julius, or Echo? Who will face me at December to Dismember? Slim spikes the microphone into the mat as he awaits the response from The Kingdom, whether or not they accept his challenge. @Echo Wilson @Bart @Julius01
  8. All this disorder no addressin ...

  9. Slim


    'The King' by T-Pain plays as we're kicking off the post-EVOLVE SummerSlam with the man who failed to beat Julius last night, Slim. Slim brushes his way through the curtain, visibly frustrated by last night's loss and his inability to beat Julius. Donning a suit, he begins a walk to the ring, clearly with things to say from last night. Slim steps onto the apron and into the ring, looking at the fans as he does so. He walks around the ring for a minute, most likely trying to figure how he would like to word his upcoming message. Eventually he asks for a microphone, and tries to speak, but the chants of the crowd are too much. "FAILURE! FAILURE!" Slim is patient, waiting until the crowd stops but after a minute or so, they still haven't stopped, showing their disdain for The King as Slim looks aggravated, before he throws his mic to the ground, hopping out of the ring and angrily walking back up the ramp and backstage. Our commentators have no idea what just happened but begin to discuss the results of SummerSlam, saying we have a new NXT Champion in Th- Once again, the music of The King hits as he comes out again, as the crowd begins to drench him in the chants of 'Failure', as he gets into the ring, picking him his microphone and not heistating to talk again, yelling at them. I DON'T CARE HOW MANY TIMES YOU YELL FAILURE, I'LL WAIT UNTIL YOUR LUNGS TIRE OUT! Because oh boy, do I have things to say about last night, about September 14th, and about myself in general. Last night, I fell victim to no preparation. No gameplan. I thought I would just be able to defeat Julius and end SummerSlam as the World Champion and unfortunately, Julius caught me off guard and ultimately defeated me. And ultimately, I was stabbed in the back by a man who I brought from nothing and made something. But I understand, wanting to make a name for yourself at the expense of turning on your brothers, hell, I've made a living off of it. But you see, even in defeat, even with the odds stacked against me Julius, I was FIVE SECONDS FROM PUTTING YOUR ASS TO SLEEP! And that tells me you aren't as good as you think you are, it tells me that I overestimated you... Some of you may be confused, saying that I lost and I underestimated him... No, no, no. My loss was the effect of weeks of no preparation because I BELIEVED I HAD IT IN THE BAG. I lost because I got in my own way, focusing on the wrong things at the wrong times and in the end it cost me my fifth World Championship. The crowd listens in as Slim continues to talk. But that's enough about The Kingdom. I never needed them, they NEEDED me, and now without me, they will slowly all want self-glory, and eventually that bond between them will show cracks and they will be exploited and eventually, one of them will want the praise of being the top guy. That's Carnage though, and we're on EVOLVE. The #1 brand in BrendenPlayz, and now, without The Kingdom, I stand here on my own two feet, a man who will capture the Global Championship and restore the balance to the inconceiving gap between the Global Championship and Universal Championship. On September 14th, I must go to war with a man who some consider my greatest rival. But just know Flynn, I will be prepared, I will have a gameplan, I will not overlook our match because the fact is, the satisfying feeling of choking you out in the center of the ring as Necce watches on from the outside is just too much to pass up. And then, a month later, after you guys' tag team match, you can watch on from the back as I'm crowned the Global Champion. Because I don't care who else is in my block, the way I see it is that Flynn vs Slim decides it. Marker, Josh, I hope you're listening because I want you both to know it's over for you before it even started my friends. Slim, with a cold and calculated stare looks into the hard camera, his microphone will clenched in his hand as the brown eyes of Slim pierce through everyone watching, at home, or on television.
  10. Slim

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 20th 2018

    RAW is amazing again and it seems SummerSlam has made it much better. The Shield vs Braun Strowman is the perfect main story for RAW, as The Shield have always worked better as heels anyways and Braun is getting cheered. Balor vs Roman was amazing and Balor should really turn heel to feud with the main faces of RAW, it seems like they're building to Ronda vs Steph like SCSA vs Vince which is cool because it doesn't really feel forced. Revival needs to beat B Team, then get beat by AOP probably.
  11. Slim

    BPZ Predictions League

    TC4 - 9 Kieron Black - 8 Julius - 12 I Can't Odd - 11 Slim - 11 Bart - 10 Ross - 8 Bailey - 9 Smith - 9 Echo - 10 @Julius01 is the new predictions champion! thanks
  12. Slim

    BPZ Predictions League

    TC4 - 9 Kieron Black - 8 Julius - 12 I Can't Odd - 11 Slim - 11 Bart - 10 Ross - 8 Bailey - 9 Smith - 9 Echo - 10 @Julius01 is the new predictions champion! thanks
  13. Slim

    The Global Series

    Slim raises his microphone, as the only men in the ring now are Ross and Slim, looking at Flynn as he clears everyone out of his way, looking both members of the Golden Legacy in the eyes as he begins to talk into the microphone, the crowd turning its attention to a situation we've witnessed many times before. You're real cocky for someone who's needed Bailey and him to beat me! Slim directs his finger to Ross, pointing at him as he continues. Calling yourself an iron man is a joke, because we all know who's the real iron man. The man who allowed you to survive in the Royal Rumble as long as you did. The only man who you fear. Oh, you don't? The fact that you and Necce stand here, together, says otherwise because you knew, you knew that if you came to EVOLVE you'd need someone. Not someone to win the tag team championships, not a bond that was 'rectified' by your two matches, not a friendship you share. You have Necce by your side to protect YOURSELF from ME! Because if he wasn't standing up there with you right now, I'd walk my ass up there and CHOKE YOUR HILLBILLY TEXAN ASS OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD! Because you are nothing more than a fraud who's reached his peak and now hides behind his friends. I can admit at one time I was once like you, but I could get the job done on my own, instead the people around me were my insurance policy, while you put people around you because you understand that even though you're only 23, you're in trouble. I stand here on my own two feet, no Kingdom, no nothing, because I am a DANGEROUS figure, one that strikes fear into everyone in the ring right now, one that could strike at any moment. And on September 14th, you step into the ring with me, and even though you take me to my limits everytime, every other time we've faced, it's been about emotion, there was things that I wanted to make you pay for. Instead, this time, it's all business. In February, I said I have to beat you and I didn't. That's true, but that loss put clarity into my eyes, it changed both of us. Because a month later, I walked into BPZMania, and closed it by winning the BPZ World Championship. And what did you do? You fell to the man standing next to you. At one point, you and Ross went through the same, exact struggle. You defeated him in November before he aligned with you in February, turning his back on me, after I propelled him to a win at Survivor Series. So it leads me to believe, using the same exact formula to align yourself with Necce, it makes me wonder, if you were positioned between the two of them, who would you choose? Slim plays with his microphone, before in one swift motion, hits Ross with the microphone before locking in the Rear-Naked Choke on the EVOLVE GM! Ross struggles in the center of the ring as now Flynn is left with a decision... Help Ross or stand side-by-side with Necce?
  14. Slim

    BPZ Predictions League

    Raw Tag Team Championship: The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) Mixed Tag Team Match: Andrade "Cien" Almas & Zelina Vega Finn Balor Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (c) Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) Smackdown Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair The Miz Money In The Bank Contract, Braun Strowman can lose the contract by any means: Kevin Owens United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) with Drew McIntyre WWE Championship: Samoa Joe Raw Women's Championship: Ronda Rousey Universal Championship: Roman Reigns Bonus Round: Will Dean Ambrose turn on Seth Rollins? Yes Will Mr. Money In The Bank cash-in on the winner of the Universal Championship? No
  15. Slim

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    I feel like Heyman will still end up with Reigns.