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  1. Unite and Destroy

    As the music of Smith plays, all of Team Flynn turns its attention to the stage as the five members step out, Smith and Slim at the forefront as Ross, Tamer, and Jonathan now spread out, all five men side-to-side. Slim steps up, pulling a microphone from out of the back of his tights before beginning to address Team Flynn. Echo Wilson... bravo, young man, bravo. You just described myself in a better way than I ever could, without even trying to take an insult at me. A real artist, here, ladies and gentlemen, but you see, you are wrong on one front. I may have used people in the past, gladly stabbed them in the back but there has been something about two men that I just couldn't do it... And it just so happens, that these two, are two men on the stage with me right now, Smith and Tamer. You may try and spout Natedog into my face but the fact remains that I wholeheartedly did it earlier this year, and the reason I haven't done it again, is... Nate's a star, Nate's the Global Champion and our relationship is benefical to both of us. You see, he gets a championship, and I get a champion, that I can relish in the glory of having. No one, not me, not Bailey, wants someone who murders people on live television as their champion, and that's why I will do ANYTHING to stop you from becoming Global Champion, FDS.. Slim now paces on the stage, turning his attention to Prince. Well... Look who showed up? My WASTED number one pick, The Reborn Prince himself. Honestly, I forgot that you were apart of the team that was facing us at Survivor Series, I thought you would just be doing what you do best, and that's nothing, sadly. I say sadly not out of care for you Prince, but out of a General Manager's "care", you could say. Because the problem is, I set you up to be the guy of EVOLVE, I gave you opportunity after opportunity. All you had to do, was defeat Ark Universe and the Global Championship was yours, Natedog knew it, and that's why he was sweating after defeating your partner, but you failed. In your first ever main event, you failed, and now you carry the aura of being a choker, someone who can't get it done when it matters most. And now, your Global Championship shot, that you deserve, that you wanted, that you CRAVED, will either go to Ark, or, your teammate, FDS. Woah, wait a second.. Your teammate, FDS.. heh, yeah, but you guys are a unit, that's right, stealing each other's opportunties is what a unit does. But I'm getting carried away, I wanted to finish addressing Echo Wilson. Echo, Echo, Echo... You spout foolish lies such as you will "never let myself or any of my friends" fall into that trap, yet, you have no friends in this business, buddy, while your partner wants to call us cynical, the fact remains that none of you, besides Flynn and Necce, have ANY experience together. And as for Necce, you know what, actually, as a request by my teammate, I'll let you handle it. Take it away, Immortal One. Slim hands the microphone to Jonathan, who steps forward and looks straight down into the eyes of Necce, and begins to speak.
  2. Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Influencing votings is something everyone does and it's really who can just make the best points in doing so... #BiasedMaybe?
  3. EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride | Live December 8th

    Ropati has officially been added to TTT.
  4. Two things, a new promo about Team Flynn and my title intentions for Survivor Series:

    And secondly, replacing Brand Warfare for the time being, EWA, A Paul Heyman Production:


  5. Matches Of The Year - Documented #3

    From NXT TakeOver: WarGames: The Velveteen Dream vs Aleister Black WarGames Match: Undisputed Era vs Roderick Strong & The Authors of Pain vs SaNITY From Survivor Series: WWE Champion vs Universal Champion: AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar
  6. The End of the Beginning

    The titantron shows Slim, in his mansion as he sits in a chair, the fire going as he has something in his hand... but it's sealed, so no one can see what it is, and Slim blinks a few times, before staring into the camera, looking as if he's going to say something, before he stops, and then continues to look at the camera. Awkward silence fills the arena as Slim just stares into the camera, before he finally mutters words that can be heard throughout the arena. Team Smith sent shockwaves throughout the BPZ Universe when we finally revealed to you who our 5th member is, my former Tag Team partner, my fellow King Amongst the Peasants, Tamer. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend as I had other things I'd rather to do than put myself through the pain of sitting through a whole Power Trip show. But fear not, I will be at Survivor Series and I will come with the intent of inflicting pure destruction upon Team Flynn along with the four men aside me, because frankly, as a unit we cannot be matched and it's a disgrace that Flynn couldn't put together a better team than this, because it's not really fair, anymore, is it? While I do believe Echo Wilson has a bright future, he is the United States Champion for a reason, not the Intercontinental or Universal Champion. You're good kid, I admit, but you're not great and thrusting yourself into the big stage, the big leagues right away is career suicide and I take no guilt in ending a young career before it even starts. As, for you, Mr. Sinister, former Intercontinental Champion, FDS. Slim cuts his speech short, with just an icy stare now as the mention of FDS, the man who some claim got the best of him on the mic a few weeks back, vividly annoys him. FDS, the sinister look, the sinister attitude doesn't scare anyone and you will continue to be a guy who will never make it at the top because... there's just so many guys that are better. You can bitch, you can cry, you can pout but the fact will remain the same and it's that you are the best of a bad time. Prince... Prince... Prince. People love to say I'm overrated, and that everything I get is based off name value, but read in between the lines Prince; it's really you, who works off name value. You consistently fall off the map, trying to revitalize yourself with something new but it never seems to work, as it's just a failed act of the many you have. Your desperation to be relevant shows, as you've gone so far as to wear a mask for no reason other to stand out, because you know nothing else will make you stand out. And last, but not least, my former Legacy brethren, you both are the ones I want to prove. Because you saw me as the little brother, the guy who you could pick on, get to do your dirty work and I would happily oblige, and it took all of that pentup anger I had towards you two to finally take me out of my shell, and now I'm finally at peace. I no longer ponder what it would have been like to run BPZ into the run with you two at my side, because I forged my own legacy, I took upon my own destiny and it was better. I'm the fucking GREATEST OF ALL-TIME! The seething anger is felt as Slim's face turns red from the shouting, as he now refocuses, a sharp tone now coming out of his mouth. Two months ago, the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. snatched my title from me with his Money In The Bank contract, it was poetic, you know? My reign on top of the World Title scene ended with the same way it started, with the Money In The Bank briefcase. But, what if, it wasn't the end? Maybe it was just the end of the beginning Bailey, and the beginning of me vs you, maybe I've been plotting, making you think your title reign is safe before I swipe in, and rip it out of your hands, just like you did mine. But I'm giving you a forewarning. Whatever indication I gave that I wasn't taking your title at Survivor Series, should be gone, because at Survivor Series, I'm coming for you and your title, because I'm sick of this empty feeling I have where my World Title SHOULD. BE. The lighting suddenly cuts, as a black screen is showing, with the fire still going. The crowd is still in shock at what we've just learned, as at Survivor Series, it will be Slim vs Bailey for the World Championship...
  7. BPZ Predictions League

    Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: Zo The Shield vs. The New Day: The Shield The Miz vs. Baron Corbin: The Miz Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte: Charlotte The Bar vs. The Usos: The Usos Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles: Brock Lesnar Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Women): Team RAW Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Men): Team SDL will there be any surprise returns? (bonus point for each one) nope will Carmella cash in? no will there be any sole survivors if so who? (bonus point for each one) Asuka for the Women, Bobby Roode for the men
  8. BPZ Predictions League

    Drew McIntyre vs Andrade Almas for the NXT Championship The Undisputed Era vs SaNiTY vs AOP & Roderick Strong inside of WarGames Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce vs Ember Moon vs Nikki Cross for the NXT Women's Championship Aleister Black vs The Velveteen Dream Lars Sullivan vs Kassius Ohno
  9. BPZ Superstar Profiles

    The third episode of BPZ Superstar Profiles features The Sinister, FDS... The Immortal One, Jonathan... The Best In The World, BIC... and a man who wants to make BPZ great again, Bashka. "The Sinister" FDS A veteran of BPZ, FDS is close to his third year with the company despite being someone who has constantly felt like someone new. FDS has taken on a new, aggressive side after the losses to Intercontinental Champion, Smith, built up, and FDS layed Smith out with a viscious Burning Hammer onto a chair following their most recent match at Halloween Havoc. FDS has six reigns as champions, two times as US Champion, a Premium Champion, a Tag Team Champion, a European Champion, and an Intercontinental Champion. FDS looks to recapure the Intercontinental Championship, and retake his throne with this new attitude he's showed as of late. Finishing Moves: "Bloody Rainmaker" (Wristlock Lariat), "Worst Nightmare" (Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors), "Lay You To Sleep" (Burning Hammer, usually onto a chair) "The Immortal One" Jonathan One of the most underrated men of all-time, Jonathan makes the fans crave his work everytime he steps into the ring. One of the most complete performers in BPZ history, Jonathan prides himself on being The Immortal One, someone who never dies despite what is put in his way. But Jonathan knows he must do what's best for him, and if that means taking a few shortcuts along the way to reclaim his spot on top of BPZ, then so be it. Jonathan won Money In The Bank at the first BPZMania and closed the show on top of the world after beating Nebakos7 to claim the title. His reign was cut short by Tamer just two months later at Mayhem, and Jonathan was forced to the sidelines with a knee injury. The Immortal One has captured championships upon championships in his two year career, but he has yet to prove he can be The Man. Is this time different for Jonathan? Finishing Moves: Pedigree & Frog Splash Bashka Being one of the greatest of all-time, a former World Champion in Bashka has seemingly found himself on a unfamilar position... the outside. Bashka has embraced this role though, promising to better BPZ for the generations to come. Introducing his "powerpoint", he wants to return BPZ to the glory days of 2015... And re-establish himself as one of the best. The facts don't lie, and the three World Championships that Bashka has captured makes you know he's a threat to return to his prime at anytime, and now being on Carnage with a fresh attitude, 2018 could be a new beginning for Bashka. Finishing Moves: Curb Stomp & Coup De Grace "The Best in the World" BiC BiC... is an interesting member of the BPZ roster. Following breaking Slim's 310 day World Championship Reign, BiC felt disgruntled and that he only won the title to keep it away from Slim and left the company for a few weeks, deciding that his mental state didn't feel right. Upon his return, BiC has been lost in the shuffle of sorts, but The Best In The World poises one of the biggest threats to Mr. Perfection, Smith at Survivor Series for the Premium Championship. Can BiC do the unthinkable? Only time will tell. Having won the World Championship, United States Championship, Tag Team Championship, and the NXT Championship twice, BiC's accomplishments are often overlooked by his antics that have a reputation of earning him some heat with the roster, but the numbers don't lie and the numbers pit BiC as one of the best BPZ has to offer. Finishing Moves: "No Regret" (Go 2 Sleep), "Royal Downfall" (Lumbar Check), & "Hero's Crash" (Styles Clash) Check back next time for two more members of Carnage, and two more of EVOLVE!
  10. On the final WWE NXT before TakeOver: WarGames, NXT Champion Drew McIntyre finally gets his chance to stare challenger Andrade “Cien” Almas in the eye. Plus, The Street Profits settle the score with Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss, Ember Moon battles Mercedes Martinez for the first time ever and much more. wwe.com
  11. Ay yo what's up dude, I'm Slim, and I'll be your best tour guide throughout the adventure we call 'BrendenPlayz Forums'. Most people are interested in the "Kayfabe" section which you can find directly below the "Introduce Yourself" section. I recommend reading this post before doing anything though. Another section that is widely popular is the diaries section, where you can do basically anything, whether it be a WWE Brand Split diary or a Call Of Duty diary, we welcome them all. Not good at creative writing? That's okay, because we have sections for Extreme Warfare Revenge (Game I will link below), and WWE 2K17, where most members post their Universe Modes and write them up for members to enjoy. Links to all three sections + EWR: http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/88-wwe-2k17/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/50-extreme-warfare-revenge/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/60-diaries/ http://homeofprowrestling.com/tew/ewr/software.html We also have Title Votings every month that are based on contributions to the forums, and once you reach 25 posts (which I'm sure you will), you will be able to view the awards section where all of the votings are posted. We have a voting in about a week called Survivor Series. After that, and once you reach 25 posts you'll be able to go for the NXT Championship, currently held by George. Anyways, please read the guidelines because a lot of new members don't and end up breaking rules, so take a minute to check those out. So, welcome to the forums Graphite and I hope you stay active!

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