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  1. Slim

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    NXT TakeOver: New Beginnings NXT Women's Championship Match Press Release Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler vs Mickie James vs Ember Moon At NXT TakeOver: New Beginnings, a new Women's Champion will be crowned in a fatal-4 way between three former NXT Women's Champions, and one of the most history-defining women in wrestling's history. 'The Boss' Sasha Banks looks to prove that she is indeed that, leaving her WWE contract to re-make her name where everything began for her, while Ember Moon is somewhat of an enigma, looking to strike where-ever possible. Finally, the most dominant NXT Women's Champion, knocking off every challenger in her path, Shayna Baszler has been untouchable and looks to begin where she ended with NXT, just this time in her own right. And last, but certainly not least, Mickie James looks to re-define her legacy after going through a couple of rough years followimg rejoining the WWE. For Mickie, this is about legacy-defining, not cashing a check. Can Mickie James overcome these odds, of three former NXT Women's Champions, or will the new era of wrestling pass her by?
  2. Slim

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Rey Mysterio - Round One Match Adiran King - Round One Match Ace Austin - Round One Match Marty Scrull - Round One Match
  3. Slim

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Welcome to NXT! Rumors had it that Triple H (Real Name Paul Levesque) had agreed to a deal to purchase everything NXT off of Vince McMahon, in an attempt to branch out on his own. With Triple H out, many superstars who had signed new contracts were angered by this decision as they signed contracts with Triple H in mind, but with now just Vince leading the reigns, it caused tension between the superstars and creative. It all began when Daniel Bryan had an interview, saying he would rather be allowed to choose where he went than be forced to stick to his contract, which led to a very tense meeting between Vince McMahon and all talent. Vince, the cocky businessman, decided to say that if the talent would rather be in NXT, he'll rip their contract up, but when WWE puts the company out of business, he'll make sure that everyone who leaves never ever gets a job in professional wrestling again. This led to a video by Triple H, announcing the monumental decision.
  4. Slim

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Main Event: Brock Lesnar 10 Rookie Battle Royal: Killshot Showcase Match: Adrian King No DQ Match: Jon Moxley Luke Harper Showcase Match: Marty Scrull GOD
  5. END OF THE SEASON STANDINGS I chose to end the season as NBA 2K20 drops in two weeks and I am determined to get to the beginning of next season so I can begin updating a custom roster in NBA 2K20. But as for now, here is the end of the season awards, along with the All-NBA teams: MVP: LeBron James, F, Los Angeles Lakers 26.1 PPG | 8.3 RPG | 7.2 APG | 1.4 SPG | 51% FG | 36% 3PT Rookie of the Year: Luka Doncic, G, Orlando Magic 15.8 PPG | 9.0 RPG | 7.2 APG | 86% FT | 47% FG | 34% 3PT Sixth Man of the Year: Greg Monroe, F/C, Golden State Warriors 12.1 PPG | 7.9 RPG | 2.7 ORPG | 3.0 APG | 49% FG Defensive Player of the Year: Kawhi Leonard, F, Portland Trail Blazers 26.2 PPG | 8.1 RPG | 3.6 APG | 2.1 SPG | 51% FG | 42% 3PT | 88% FT Most Improved Player of the Year: Brandon Ingram, G, Indiana Pacers 16.8 PPG | 4.2 RPG | 5.8 APG | 1.0 SPG | 1.2 BPG | 47% FG | 38% 3PT Coach of the Year: Terry Stotts, Portland Trail Blazers All NBA Teams: First Team Westbrook (OKC)| Harden (HOU) | James (LAL) | Leonard (POR) | Jokic (DEN) Second Team Doncic (ORL) | McCollum (SAS) | Antetokounpo (MIL) | George (OKC) | Embiid (PHI) Third Team Young (ATL) | Walker (CHA) | Durant (GSW) | Griffin (DET) | Davis (CHI) Playoff Matchups 1vs8 Lakers vs Timberwolves Raptors vs Wizards 2vs7 Trail Blazers vs Jazz 76ers vs Pistons 3vs6 Warriors vs Spurs Bucks vs Hawks 4vs5 Rockets vs Thunder Nets vs Bulls
  6. 1. The Rock 2. Stone Cold 3. Triple H 4. John Cena 5. Eddie Guerrero 6. CM Punk 7. Undertaker 8. Mankind 9. Roman Reigns 10. Brock Lesnar
  7. Tuesday Night SmackDown LIVE: April 11th, 2017 - TD Garden, in Boston, Mass (RECAPS SHIT DIDN'T SAVE, REG. EPISODES AGAIN NEXT RAW) Bray Wyatt Speaks: Finally, after weeks of causing anarchy and chaos within the WWE, Bray Wyatt would take to the ring, with his "student", Pentagon, as Pentagon would get on his knees, while Bray Wyatt grabbed a microphone and began to speak to the WWE Universe, explaining why he ruined Roman Reigns' coronation as the face of the WWE, and why last week he interrupted Neville's shot at the WWE Championship, stating that Reigns and Neville were "weak men", and that he wants to rid the WWE of people like that. But he knows that to have power within the WWE, he must have power. And what power does WWE hold other than authority... Championships. "To accomplish my ultimate goal, I must appear to be the god that I am to you people... And how do I do that? The WWE Championship." Wyatt would drop the microphone to a chilling feeling, as Wyatt officially sets his sights on the WWE Championship. The lights would cut, before we would come back to no Wyatt or Pentagon, just an empty ring. Alexa Bliss becomes the Number One Contender: In a match featuring Bliss, Emma, Dana Brooke, and Carmella, to decide who would take on SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley at Backlash, the Wicked Witch of SmackDown LIVE would come out victorious, as all four women went at it, giving it their all to secure a championship Match. In the end, Emma would go for her Inverted Neckbreaker, but Dana Brooke would counter before hitting a couple of knees to the face before powerbombing SmackDown's newest addition! But from behind, Alexa Bliss would slide in, catching Brooke with a Snap DDT to pick up the victory and book her date with Bayley at Backlash. Pete Dunne's "challenge" is accepted with a forearm courtesy of The Terminator: WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne would hit the ring, taking a microphone to bask in the glory of his WrestleMania win and first-ever SmackDown appearance. Dunne would talk about how dominant he has been over the UK Division, naming everyone he's beaten, as he says it's no longer fun beating the same people, that Dunne wants a challenge... Enter "Corrosive", as The Terminator, Travis Banks would make his way out of the curtain, making his debut as he paced himself to the ring, stepping in and going face-to-face with Pete Dunne, as Banks would then lay Dunne out with a huge forearm! The strike would send Dunne into retreat, as the champion retreated up the stage with his title, but you have to wonder how much he can duck Travis Banks... Enzo & Cass defeat the Shining Stars to retain their Tag Team Championships: Backstage, SmackDown Tag Team Champions Enzo & Cass would be on their way to the ring, when new SmackDown General Manager, Eric Bischoff would stop them, telling them that under him, he would have no weak champions and said that tonight, they would prove themselves, defending against The Shining Stars. In the actual match, Epico and Primo took the obvious strategy, trying to keep Enzo away from Cass. It worked for the first part, until Enzo hit a DDT on Primo, before making the hot tag to Cass with an athletic leap. Cass would come in with a house of fire, laying out Epico and Primo before letting Enzo hit Air-Zo to secure the win, and prove themselves to GM Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff books Ziggler vs Dillinger (N1C), with Styles as Guest Ref: Eric Bischoff would be backstage, looking pissed as he watched Enzo & Cass celebrate with their titles, before Tye Dillinger would storm in, requesting a rematch with AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship. Dolph Ziggler would interrupt shortly, saying Dillinger was on the way to losing anyways, staking his claim for facing AJ Styles. Bischoff would come to a compromise: Ziggler vs Dillinger, with STYLES as the guest referee as he walked out of the room, leaving Ziggler and Dillinger pissed off but okay with the opportunity. Bray Wyatt and Pentagon once again stand tall: Bray Wyatt and Pentagon would have their first match on SmackDown, against WWE Champion Roman Reigns, and Neville, as the two enemies would be forced to fight together after just going to battle last week. The team of Reigns and Neville work unexpectedly, as they used frequent tags, just to show off against each other, plus keep each other fresh. As Bray Wyatt was prone for the Spear, Roman Reigns would set up, but Neville would tag himself in, telling Reigns to get out of the ring, before Reigns would push The King down to the mat, before Pentagon would pull Reigns out and begin hitting him on the outside with strikes. Suddenly, Wyatt would catch Neville and nail The Dark Passage, picking up a win for himself and Pentagon. After the match, Bray Wyatt and Pentagon would tear apart the two men, as they sent Neville into the stairs multiple times, before using a con-chair-to to down Reigns. Finally, Wyatt would scoop Reigns up, nailing a Dark Passage on him as he posed with the WWE Championship, over the champion. Tyler Bate challenges Pete Dunne to UK Championship Match, NEXT WEEK: Tyler Bate would be shown backstage, as he talked into the camera, talking about how he lost at WrestleMania, and he's still feeling that. He says he doesn't care about Travis Banks' debut, although he respects Travis, they're going for the same thing. Finally, he lays down the challenge. Next week, Dunne vs Bate for the United Kingdom Championship! Drew McIntyre is revealed as Shane McMahon's opponent for Backlash: Eric Bischoff would make his way to the ring to close out the show, talking about how SmackDown is already a better place, and that he just talked to Pete Dunne, and Dunne vs Bate will officially happen next week. He begins to talk about Shane McMahon, before he calls the former SmackDown LIVE Commissioner to the ring, as at Backlash, Shane O'Mac will fight for his job. Shane McMahon would come out, saying that his father's decision was bull**** in his opinion, and that he will go to any lengths to win his job back. Eric agrees, which is why he has brought in his "guy", and the man who has the potential to be SmackDown's top star... Suddenly, "Gallantry" would hit, as Shane McMahon would look scared, as the crowd would pop for the emergence of Drew McIntyre. "The Scottish Psychopath" would make his way down to the ring, going face-to-face with Shane McMahon... Before striking him with a clothesline! McIntyre would bounce off of the ropes, nailing a Claymore Kick on Shane McMahon, as the Prodigal Son was forced to stare up at the lights, while Bischoff held McIntyre's hand up to end SmackDown.
  8. As Hans walks into the curtain, suddenly he backs up, back onto the stage as the crowd is confused, before 'The King', Slim steps out to a ruckus of boos from the crowd. Slim has a microphone in his hand, as Hans stands in front of him before Slim begins to speak. Hans, allow me to introduce myself. My name, is Slim, and I am the most dominant superstar in BPZ history. And I have an announcement to you, the fans, the superstars backstage... At SummerSlam, I will defend the tag team championships alongside Blade... Not because I need to, but because I want to. Hans looks confused before Slim begins talking. I know, I know. You stand there, looking dumb, confused, why do I want to? Because men like you need to earn some god-damn respect. You talk about this new generation, this new wave of superstars are fools, brainwashed by these people. Let me give you some advice, kid. Your heart-beating, that's from the exercise you're getting in the ring. All this stuff you talk about is non-sense, it's comical. This, is a business, and you, and all of this "new generation" need to learn how to be businessmen. Businessmen are cut-throat, they get the job done, they aren't here to make friends and they're not here to make relationships, bonds, any of that. It's not about bringing your best, Hans. It's about being the best. And Syndicate, is that. Blade is one of the most underrated men in the company, and you're a young lion, on his way to prove himself, and you dare to call that man a SNAKE? Hans, look beside you. Xavier King, BiC, whatever he refers to himself as these days, is the biggest snake this company has. One minute he'll be your friend, hyping you up, gassing you up, and the next he'll be talking shit like a high-school female. You wanna talk about snakes, look at him. Blade hasn't captured the World Championship YET, but neither have you. You've come here, and you've been pretty good, but you're secondary compared to Arius, right? Does that eat at you, Hans? Knowing that of all these young superstars, filled with potential, you're not number one? You wanna know why, you're not number one? You do extraordinary things, yeah, but those same-things can cost you a match within a second. Ropati is a smart man, you see, he took my advice. Ropati hates my f*cking guts. I gave him a concussion, but he realizes, next to me, he's virtually untouchable, because I just have that... effect. Slim smirks as the crowd boos, with Hans looking unimpressed before Slim continues talking. You say you're not getting stepped on, you believe that you can hang, but history speaks for itself. When me and BiC go one-on-one, he rarely ever comes out on top. Add in a dumb rookie? It's a walk in the park. So Hans, let me make you understand something... You need to bring more than YOUR best at SummerSlam, otherwise you WILL get stepped on, I promise that. Slim stares a hole through Hans, as it's official, Slim & Blade will defend their tag team championships against Hans & BiC at SummerSlam.
  9. This match exceeded my expectations and made me a Seth Rollins guy again. I cooled on him because his first reign was awful but this felt like a true coronation, especially with him being the first guy to beat Lesnar clean since Goldberg. Respect to Heyman for how he booked this match with Rollins gutsy performance.
  10. Wyatt's entrance was chilling, it was played perfectly and if they use the fiend right he can be a major star for years to come, hopefully they don't screw it up, but they had him dominate Balor so that's good atleast.
  11. I agree with the Lesnar bit, not gonna lie I thought about having him in the top 5 but decided on Joe instead just because I wanna have guys who can wrestle but I completely understand Brock.
  12. If you were to start a wrestling company TOMORROW, who would you have as your first-five signings? 1. Roman Reigns Reigns is one of the biggest stars in wrestling today, and undoubtedly be the face of my company. Reigns is an questionable signing and will be the badass who everyone loves for the show. 2. Daniel Bryan Bryan would be one of the top heels for the company and one of the best wrestlers in the world is another obvious signing. Bryan vs Reigns at the biggest pay-per-view of the year is a no-brainer, and it would generate buys, and a double turn could even work there. 3. Samoa Joe Samoa Joe is the best talker in WWE and anything he does, works perfectly and is entertaining. Joe is another perfect heel, as he definitely would be around the main event picture for a long time. 4. Velveteen Dream Velveteen Dream is a STAR. I don't care what you say, this dude is amazing and will be a star if booked right by WWE. He would be an amazing character, and adds diversity to my company headlined by characters. 5. Street Profits These guys really grew on me and have me convinced as them as a tag team. They would definitely be my top tag team and lead my division, which would be headlined by teams who can promo more so than wrestle. (If I could have three more signings, they would be The Usos, and Shayna Baszler + Sasha Banks to start my women's division)

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