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  1. Smh n u was talking all that shit about how I couldn't end you guys
  2. My ideal Patriots 3 Round mock draft... Round 1, Pick 32: N'Keal Harry - WR, Arizona State Round 2, Pick 56: Darnell Savage - S, Maryland Round 2, Pick 64: Dremont Jones - DT, Ohio State Round 3, Pick 73: Joejuan James - DB, Vanderbilt Round 3, Pick 97: Dawson Knox - TE, Ole Miss Round 3, Pick 101: Anthony Nelson - Edge, Iowa And later, I would grab Brett Rypien from Boise State as I feel he's the best heir we could have for Brady in this draft.
  3. Slim

    Project Exodus

  4. Slim

    Project Exodus

    It's June 8th, 2018. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are moments away from a Game 4, with the Warriors leading 3-0, a possible closeout coming tonight. Kings President of Operations, Vlade Divac sits in his home, preparing for the game when suddenly, a call from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver appears on his phone. Divac: Commissioner, aren't you watching the game? What's up? Adam Silver: Yes, I am, but I'm making a few calls first. I watch this series, I watch LeBron trying to carry this pathetic team on it's back and I just think it's time. I think it's time to reset the league. Divac: You can't do that without an owners vote, it will cause massive panic and the owners will surely be against it. The players will be against it, forced into small-markets they may not want to be in. Adam Silver: Actually, there is a way. In the last CBA, the NBAPA and NBA made a handshake agreement to put in a clause, "Project Exodus". I can reset the league with a draft with every player in it with just a simple signature, and no one can do anything about it. Adam Silver: But, I'm a man of the people and that's why I'm calling. I want to know, Vlade. Do you want this? Do you want the chance to reset your roster into an NBA contender almost overnight? Because I've talked to 27 others, and they've all said yes. The reward is too great for us to pass up. We have the opportunity to get rid of super teams, make teams breed their own players, make the league entertaining again. Vlade Divac thinks it over, he could be risking it all, with such young pieces in De'Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Willie Cauley-Stein and the chance for other this summer with good lottery odds, but he has the chance to land Giannis Antekounmpo for the next 10 years, or The King himself, LeBron James, or James Harden, or Kevin Durant. A long pause before he finally answers. Divac: Yes. Adam, I'm in. But what are you gonna do about Bob (Myers)? You know he won't agree. Adam Silver: What's one man to 29 others? This isn't something no one wants and I'm forcing Vlade, it's a change that needs to happen. Playoff ratings are down, we know who's gonna win every year. It's time to change that, and this is the best way possible. A complete reset of the league? A 58 game season with players changing teams? This would be a historic offseason, a landscape changing. Vlade Divac: Well, definitely keep me posted... Adam Silver: I will, I'm making the official announcement after tonight's sweep. Vlade Divac: How do you know it'll be a sweep? Have you rigged it? Adam Silver: No, but LeBron's best shot at winning this series came in Game 1 and we both know that. With this, every team will have atleast a star, maybe two, while some teams get the prize of selecting a superstar. I've thought this over, and it'll help this league out so much. The two finish the conversation before hanging up, as Vlade Divac is both surprised, and excited for this new potential NBA, one where the seasons are shortened to 58 games, ensuring for the playoffs there are no tired legs... LATER THAT NIGHT! FROM ESPN.COM
  5. Holy shit I'm excited for this feud. Great job guys!
  6. Been listening to a lot of Nipsey since he died, it's unfortunate how soon he passed but he's just his lifestyle I guess. "The Marathon" is a classic, and so is Victory Lap. #RIPNipsey
  7. Name: Slim Figurehead: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Tama Tonga (Punisher) Nickname: The King, The Punisher Gimmick: Scheming Man on a Mission Alignment: Face Backstory: Slim is a great of BPZ, and a wrestling veteran. It seems unbelievable, but at just 17 years of age, Slim entered NJPW, and by the age of 18, won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Slim has always been smart and scheming, and he is a man of opportunity, but that opportunity comes with a price later. As of late though, Slim has proclaimed a new-found sense of urgency and seemingly has turned himself for the better, but it remains to be seen if he can do so with such a snakey past. Moveset: Forearm strikes, knee strikes, Discuss clothesline, Discuss elbow, spinebuster, fall-away slam, big boot Fighting Style: Brawler/Powerhouse Regular Strikes: Forearms, Uppercuts, Knee Strikes (Jumping, Sliding, Bicycle), Spinning Back Kick to the gut followed by knee to the side of the head, Sliding Forearm, Roundhouse Kick to opponent on knees Regular Moves: Seizing the Throne (Northern Lights Suplex into Brainbuster), Apron Running Punt Kick, Diving Neckbreaker, Superman Punch, Deadlift Dragon Suplex, Top Rope Dropkick to the back of the head, CCS Enzugiri, Running Forearm Smash in Corner(Rare) Spots: Multiple Suicide Dive Varatations (Spaceman Plancha, Tope Gon Hiro) Apron / Top Rope Dragon Suplex (Rare) Signatures: Skull Shatter (Air-Raid Crash Neckbreaker), Chop Block Finishers: Essential Eliminator (Pedigree), The Death Penalty (Double Underhook Crossface) Rare Finisher: Lights Out (Sitout Inverted Piledriver), Endgame (Leaping Shining Wizard OR Shining Wizard to back of the head) *NEVER USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION*
  8. If he wasn't gone into Hollywood I feel like John Cena would be an excellent commentator for WWE. He has charisma and knows when to be serious along with the occasional joking.
  9. Slim

    Hans GFX Requests

    Seth Rollins The King above my name (Slim) Color Scheme: Purple, Black, Gold, and whatever you feel like. Thanks bro!
  10. To me you have to have a good crowd to have a good match so with that being said, my favorites are CM Punk vs The Undertaker at WM29 and Cena vs Triple H at WM22. They weren't wrestling clinics but told the story really well to cap off an amazing storyline.
  11. With how big the roster is getting I wouldn't be surprised if Slater is released by this time next year or maybe transitioned to a backstage role because there's just too much talent to justify giving Slater anything.
  12. Slim

    WWE: 2019

    I think ending the brand split is a bad move as the rosters way too big for one roster, unless you plan on having show-based storylines, but I'm interested to see how you book it especially with SmackDown moving networks in just a few months. My predictions are Rollins vs Joe and Reigns vs Kingston with Rollins vs Kingston being the final final and Rollins taking the gold. I think it's interesting that you put Styles vs McIntyre in the first round since that could have been a semifinal to see who goes onto Rollins but I guess you want other stars pushed further in the tournament.
  13. My predictions for the Finals are Rockets vs Bucks, as I think James Harden is unguardable and he's just such a huge problem when he gets going. I think the Rockets will beat the Warriors in 6 as the Warriors seem less and less invincible every game they play and I think they don't have a strategy to takedown Harden. Then, I think the Rockets will meet the Trail Blazers in the WCF in a surprising final as I feel like Enes Kanter is exactly what Portland needed alongside Nurkic. In the East, I think the semis will be Bucks/Boston and Raps/76ers. I see the 76ers and Bucks getting through and the 76ers ultimately don't have enough depth to beat the Bucks as the Bucks have the better coach, better depth, and better star as Giannis impacts the game more than Kawhi. In the finals... I think the Bucks beat the Rockets. The Bucks used a strategy a few weeks ago to shut Harden down and it was effective and I don't think they can shut him down in the Finals but I think they can limit him. Can Chris Paul and Eric Gordon pick up the slack? I don't think so opposed to Milwaukee's core, where you really can't identify who the 2nd and 3rd scorers are as most of their rotation could go for 20. Bucks in 5-6.
  14. Congrats to everyone who was inducted into the hall of fame, well deserved!
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