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  1. I've been playing Batman: Arkham Knight and it's cool because I've always heard people rave about the Batman games but I've never really played them. And now that Gotham ended, I found this game and my batman fandom has gone up greatly so I put it in and I've been playing it, and the story's really cool and similar to No Man's Land.
  2. Blueface is my favorite rapper now. Imma famous cryp.
  3. I'd like AJ to grab the title from Seth with help from Gallows and Anderson. I'm kinda annoyed they didn't wait on this match, because this is a dream match and it's just happening on a Money In The Bank out of nowhere. At the same time, I'm happy they didn't fall into their post-WM boredom stretch but I don't know how I feel about THIS match happening at MITB.
  4. DREW MCINTYRE VS ROB VAN DAM PRESS RELEASE Following his jaw-dropping debut at New Beginnings, Drew McIntyre's debut match with Elite Pro Wrestling has been announced for Retaliation: He will go one-on-one with "The Whole Fucking Show", Rob Van Dam, another debutee for EPW! McIntyre, a world champion in multiple companies will go one-on-one with the man who held the ECW Championship and WWE Championship at the same time on June 17th... Live, on ESPN2 streaming app! 
  5. Predictions: Ropati Julius Jones Tamer Ice Cold Overheel Mil Almas King Slim Prince Jack III
  6. It's tough to be a Lakers fan right now. Ty Lue was the best candidate for the Lakers job and somehow they let him get away... Because they tried to pick his staff? First of all, Jason Kidd has never been a good coach and Lue is one of five active coaches with a ring. Plus, Lue being there could have lured Kyrie back but it's clear the Lakers don't know what they're doing...
  7. I hope the wildcard rule isn't an every week thing.
  8. Absolutely awful. The wildcard rule is a reflection of WWE not being able to produce big stars on their own and it's clear how far the drop off between RAW and SmackDown writers are. If you need proof, look at The Usos booking compared to SmackDown.
  9. AMBROSE VS REIGNS ANNOUNCED AS RETALIATION MAIN EVENT Following the ending of New Beginnings, it was spectulated that Elite Pro Wrestling would have another event coming up soon, which we here at EPW.com confirmed just three days later, with Retaliation happening June 17th. And now, following Dean Ambrose's vicious promo clenching his teeth into his betrayal of Roman Reigns, we have our main event. At Retaliation, Dean Ambrose will take on Roman Reigns in a Hardcore Match, as Reigns issued the challenge to Ambrose, which is surprising, considering Ambrose's match speciality is Hardcore Matches, while Roman Reigns has never wrestled a hardcore match in his entire wrestling career...
  10. Slim


    Slim Slim in April 2018 Birth name Max Eli Shaw Born September 9th, 1998 (age 20) Jacksonville, Florida United States Residence Jacksonville, Florida United States Professional wrestling career Ring name(s) Slim Billed height 5'11" 3/4 (1.82 m)[6] Billed weight 210 lb (92 kg)[6] Billed from Jacksonville, Florida United States Trained by BPZ Performance Center Debut July 2015 Max Shaw (born September 9th, 1998) is an American professional wrestler, actor, better known by his ring name, Slim. He is best known for his time in BrendenPlayz Wrestling. Widely recognized as the workhorse of professional wrestling and one of the 'best in-ring workers ever', Slim is known for his hard-hitting strikes, cunning tactics and never-before seen confidence.[7][8] His 2016-2018 run of 50 wins and 7 losses is known as his reign of terror. A record-setting 18 championships total, Slim holds the record for championships won in BPZ. Championships and accomplishments[edit] BrendenPlayz Wrestling [Longest Reigning, 310 days] BPZ World Champion (4x) BPZ Premium Championship (1x) BPZ European Championship (2x) BPZ United States Championship (1x) BPZ NXT Championship (1x) [Longest Reigning, 116 days] BPZ Tag Team Championship (4x) BPZ Intercontinental Championship (2x) 2018 Royal Rumble Winner Money In The Bank Contract Holder New-Japan Pro Wrestling IGWP Intercontinental Championship (1x)
  11. Slim

    To Answer a Question

    Blue Laces by Nipsey Hussle begins to play, as now, walking out from the back is 'The King' himself, with a brand-new black 'King' tanktop from BPZ.com. He stands on the stage with his microphone in hand as his chain moves side-to-side, the animosity between these two clear as day to the fans, as these men have been warring for years. Pick that microphone back up chump, because if you don't, well, actually it doesn't matter because even if you do respond to what I say, it'll be nothing more than you struggling to find words to match what I said, tripping over your own thoughts as I psychologically outmatch you, just like I have since our NXT days, buddy. But let me stop wasting every person's time, and tell you straight up. I'm never Bailey, and I never will be. Bailey was handed a golden plate when he stepped into BPZ, I was not. I was written off. I worked my way to the top, and when I got there, I sure as hell cashed in my chips and I definitely enjoyed it. I was the man, and I still am, but you see, I worked my way there, I wasn't giving the title of the future, I wasn't told I was great by anyone. It's crazy how mindless and idiotic the comparisons between me and Bailey are, and you're swinging Blade, you really are and I respect you for trying to hang with two greats, but you're coming up short and soon enough you'll realize you're out of your league buddy because since 2015, I've seen no improvement from you, no progress, you're STAGNANT. You've already hit your peak, and from here it's nothing but downhill my friend. I return and am entitled to what I want, I walk around and do what I want because I've earned that respect here. I'm constantly praised as a great, I'm always told I'm one of the best. Are you? No. So when you get told all of that, when you're held on a pedestal by everyone who speaks a single word to you, you can come at me about how I enjoy my success. You haven't reached this, you have NO IDEA. You can bash me if it's gotten to my head, if once I reached the top I fell just as far as I climbed, but I didn't. I remain one of the best BPZ has to offer, while you, on the other hand, don't get it. In war, you don't lose a battle and come back with the same strategy but you don't seem to wrap your head around that concept. You are the same exact man you were at Backlash and you will fall the same way. You're not gonna win a battle, by doing the same things you did to LOSE and you are in for a rude awakening when you stare up at the lights at Mayhem. I didn't bring Legacy back, we've seen everyone claim they run BPZ, claim this and that and it's time we show everyone who believes that they're something that they're really nothing. And at the top of that list is you and Bailey. So go home, go back to the drawing board, and come back with something else because after Mayhem, you'll be known by everyone for what you always were: A LOSER.
  12. Also comes in black and white. Along with regular t-shirts, hoodies, and tanktops.
  13. DEAN AMBROSE SOUNDS OFF ON NEW BEGINNINGS ENDING Dean Ambrose has finally responded to his brutal beatdown of Roman Reigns following their tag team match against Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho at New Beginnings. A video was posted on EPW.com today, and it begins with Ambrose in a dark room, lights flickering before a spotlight appears, illuminating his face as he begins to laugh maniacally. 
  14. Kenji vs Hans Clayton vs Aaron North vs Bob The Bomb - Fatal Fourway North American Championship Ladder Match 5 Man Invitational Gauntlet Match For The Global Championship Bart  Jack Bashka vs FDS Julius Jones vs Johnny Kills - Intercontinental Championship Number One Contenders 10 Man Battle Royal MARKER, Prince, Echo Wilson, Elliot, Shiba, Joshua Scott, Ark Universe, BiC, Yelich, Blade Bailey vs Slim - BPZ World Heavyweight Championship
  15. Madden 19 with the updated rosters has taken up some of my time lately along with a 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers save on NBA 2K19 where hopefully I can make LeBron James stay has been my gaming life lately.

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