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  1. Yes you will face me for the number one contendership. Storm hunter vs The King
  2. You can take my place against Flynn
  3. @Sameer @BiC You're both massive pussies lmao
  4. Jesus christ does your complaining about the GMs ever stop?
  5. Following the successful debut of Marker, defeating WWE234, the video package begins to play, taking us all the way back to last year's Last Stand event, before showing highlights of the match that took the world by storm, as Slim barely defeated Ark Universe, showing fight no one knew he had. It cuts to Slim winning the Royal Rumble, before announcing his intentions to restore the Global Championship to it's old heights. Video of Ark overcoming odds, flying high, and his speech about the underground overcoming the favorite plays as the video package ends with a stare-down between the two... Then cuts to the stage. The Global Champion himself, Ark Universe makes his way out to the stage first. Requesting that he enter first, it's clear Ark Universe has no games, no stories about underdogs tonight as he prepares to defend his Global Championship for the first time. Whether he can successfully, remains to be seen. Ark gets into the ring, raising his title before he backs into the corner, his music cuts, and then the stage begins flashing purple and gold... No music plays, before this image pops up on the screen to the boos (but some cheers), from the crowd. A figure emerges on the stage, as suddenly white light, almost as if you're in heaven, flashes throughout the arena as Slim is now shown, grinning from ear-to-ear as his elaborate entrance once again plays out. Slim walks down the ramp, to his "speciality" theme as he calls it, with "King" by King Los blasting throughout the arena. Slim steps into the ring, standing face-to-face with Ark, before the two back into the corner. Ark Universe looks stone-faced, no games, while a more calm, collected Slim is shown, surprisingly. The referee signals for the bell, and immediately, Ark runs at Slim and dropkicks him into the corner... And Slim bounces out, before Ark sets it up... GRIMOIRE! Ark bridges into the cover: One... Two... THRE-NO! Slim kicks out, and it appeared like The King was gonna get upset here tonight in Chicago! Slim stands to his feet now, no longer calm and collected after almost suffering his first defeat in 2018, in record time. Ark Universe and Slim stand off, as Ark goes for a chop, but Slim blocks before hitting a Spinning Back Elbow, before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a Dropkick to the knees, knocking Ark onto all fours, before Slim bounces off of the ropes and drives a knee right into the back of Ark's skull! The Crown Prince of the Underground looks glazed over, as a more vicious King comes out, at the sight of losing. Slim picks Ark Universe up, pushing him into the corner, as he drives forearm after forearm into the face of him, before backing out, sprinting at Ark and delivering a CCS Enzugiri! Ark falls face-first onto the mat as Slim has just completely taken over this match with two of his more brutal strikes. Ark Universe begins to climb the ropes as he throws a punch at Slim, but Slim grabs his arm before pulling him into a Belly-to-Belly suplex! Slim immediately gets on the attack, stomping Ark Universe down into the ground, making sure he's out before he rolls through... SKULL SHATTER! Slim covers, trying to end the match... One... Two... No! Slim smiles, knowing he has Ark right where he wants him, dominating the match as Slim mounts Ark, throwing forearms down onto him rapidly before grabbing him up, but Ark fires off a few right hands before bouncing off of the ropes and dropping Slim with a Running Forearm! Ark immediately preys on Slim, running at Slim and hitting a Sliding Forearm on The King, then going to the top rope... MOONSAULT! Ark Universe covers: One... No! Slim kicks out at a mere one! The King stands to his feet, catching Ark's fist as he threw it, just like he did earlier, before headbutting Ark! Ark falls to the mat as blood is seen pouring onto the mat! Slim has busted Ark open, and the Chicago crowd has just gone silent at the sight of the dominance on display by Slim. The King drags Ark Universe to the outside, as he grabs a monitor, smashing it into Ark's head as Ark leans on the barricade, barely able to stand as Slim gets everything off of the table, and turns around, grabbing Ark... And tossing him over the announce table, into all the chairs and into the barricade somewhat as the referee immediately leaves the ring to check on Ark Universe after that brutal fall onto the chair he took. Slim begins to taunt, saying he's the King, as the fans boo, before Slim comes over, pushing the referee away as he rolls Ark Universe into the ring, following as Ark lays on the mat, and now Slim has him at his feet. Smirking as Ark grabs his tights, Slim picks him up, before headbutting him once again, bouncing off of the ropes, and nailing a brutal Bicycle Knee Strike into the face of Ark! Slim immediately drops down, as the crowd boos, knowing what's next as Slim wants to embarrass Ark tonight, and he hooks both arms, putting one over his neck, as Slim locks it in... THE DEATH PENALTY! Ark gasps in pain, trying his hardest not to tap and lose his title, but Slim continues to lock it in... Before The King lets go and Ark falls onto the mat? Slim then picks Ark up, hooking his arms as Ark falls onto one knee, but Slim propels him up before hitting an Essential Eliminator! The referee begs Slim to stop, telling him to end the match as the career of Ark Universe could be over after this. Slim smirks, shoving the referee aside as he picks up Ark Universe, putting him under his legs for what we think is another Essential Eliminator... NO! INSTEAD, HE HITS A RUNNING PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! OH MY GOD! He calls it King's Crown! With Ark Universe knocked out, and his neck looking broken after that, Slim smirks as the referee looks on in horror, and having to protect the talent... He ends the match, ruling this a TKO! Slim stands to his feet, as he's given the Global Championship, raising it into the air as he climbs the turnbuckle, allowing the fans to take in their new Global Champion, while EMTs and medics attend to Ark Universe. EMTs and medics begin to stretcher Ark Universe out of the ring, as he's taken to the back, the fans booing as Slim waves goodbye to his adversity, having defeated him and having taken his Global Championship, just like he promised. One thing is for sure, The King delivers on his promises...
  6. Brad is a Massive Pussy

    The same man who now resides on Carnage?
  7. Brad is a Massive Pussy

    Wow. Fuck fighting and proving who is the best on Evolve, let's say that storylines about kayfabe parents are what makes a better show. SMH.
  8. The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    Wow lol, Evolve gets stronger while Carnage continues to flop following a strong December. Evolve takes over as best show again.
  9. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    I deliver on my promises. 7-0 and counting. New Global Champion. The KING!
  10. Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    I actually think that most people on EVOLVE are happy to be on EVOLVE. With Carnage kinda of becoming the flagship (not really, because it's still ass), everyone on EVOLVE has been working together to elevate the show much like we did with the press conferences and unique storylines like Smith & FDS that have been building for multiple months, and finally concluding, Nate has done a fantastic job as GM and I'm glad I gave it to him.
  11. Smith's Graphics

    Glad that only the star of this group is in the middle, good choice boys. @Ropati @George AK @Yelich
  12. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    I would just like to say that despite everyone who votes Ark, the proof is there. I tried harder in this feud and legitimately carried it until Ark promoed the last day. I don't understand what this reasoning about playing his role better is, because if barely promoing, then getting beat in a promo battle, in which I allowed him to have the last word, and standing tall, then I don't know what you guys base your vote off of than anything other than the promos. Voted for Bart, Prince, Smith, and Marker as my other votes.
  13. Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Judgement Day has replaced SummerSlam as a BPZ Big 4 PPV

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