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  1. Another abuse of power from Creed to hold Mafia down ... what a surprise 🤣
  2. In ring: 9.5 Mic Skills: 8.5 Look: 6.5
  3. God spoke to me and said whoever set the trend of status updates being countdowns will go to hell...

    1. Bashka


      How did you speak to yourself 

    2. Epic1237_


      I don't remember talking to you?

    3. Flynn


      No I’m not. Stop the cap

  4. Slim

    Clash Society

    Welcome to the Warzone Prologue Posted on Clash Society YouTube Channel An overview of where the wrestlers signed to Clash Society will compete is shown, as Clash Society logos fill up where all the old Lucha Underground posts used to be, as old highlights from the most brutal moments in Lucha Underground are shown in a flash-back type sequence, before we are shown the office of the Matchmaker, with Paul Heyman sitting in the desk. Heyman discusses how excited he is for the upcoming premiere of Clash Society, but he won't leave you completely clueless, stating that over the next few weeks, the Clash Society YouTube Channel will give you a look at the six teams who will compete in the inaugural Trios Tournament to crown the first ever champions of Clash Society: Trios Champions. As he hears a knock at the door, he welcomes in a truly shocking figure, as Dario Cueto steps into the room. Cueto sits down, as he and Heyman, two savvy businessmen, talk about the potential of Dario returning to manage the Warzone, something that Heyman has no interest in. Eventually, with a few caveats, the two reach a deal, as the lasting image of the first ever Clash Society YouTube Video, is the sight of Paul Heyman and Dario Cueto shaking hands, as Cueto will run day-to-day operations within The Warzone of Clash Society! As Heyman exits the office, Dario Cueto sits down in his old desk, a huge grin coming from ear-to-ear as Cueto takes out his old red bull, placing it on the front of his desk, as the scene fades out.
  5. Clock makes a fool of history... Yesterday's too long ago

    1. Bart


      Dont agree with what I know; tomorrow got no place to be. 

  6. Men's Superstar of the Year: Jon Moxley Women's Superstar of the Year: Britt Baker Men's Match of the Year: Omega & Hangman vs. Young Bucks (Revolution) Women's Match of the Year: Shida vs. Rose (DoN) Men's Rising Star: MJF Women's Rising Star: Hikaru Shida Best Pay-Per-View: Revolution Most Memorable Moment: Stadium Stampede Bar Fight (DoN) Best Feud: Archer vs. Cody Best Heel/Face Turn: N/A Most Extreme Moment: Darby Allin getting thrown into a ladder by Cage (DoN) Best Promo: Cody / Jake (Dynamite) Biggest Surprise: Brodie Lee as Exalted One Best Heel: Jericho Best Face: Cody
  7. Evolution is a mystery

  8. Very, very surprised no one has mentioned Triple H in 2016. Could you have imagined if Roman turned heel, threw Ambrose out with the help of an already eliminated Triple H? Roman as the next mega heel under Triple H, retains his title in the Rumble, and Ambrose is positioned as the challenger for Ambrose/Reigns at WM32. Easy money.
  9. Slim

    Clash Society

    LEGIONS: PART 2 Bloodline ???, ???, ???, ??? The Elite ???, ???, ??? Kings of Wrestling ???, ???, ???, ??? TBA ???, ???, ???, ???
  10. Slim

    Clash Society

    LEGIONS: PART 1 Bad Omen ???, ???, ???, ??? BDC: ???, ???, ???, ??? Dark Order: ???, ???, ???, ??? TBA ???
  11. Slim

    Clash Society

    Clash Society Once upon a time, there was a promising idea. An idea of a fighting underground wrestling promotion, much akin to Lucha Underground, but unlike the lucha-libre based style, Clash Society played host to the best talent from all over the world. America, Japan, Mexico, England, Clash Society was a warzone built off of loyalty and trust, as each "house" was out to prove themselves as the best. Unfortunately, in this cold reality, things faded away before they could really begin. Paul Heyman's idea of a lifetime was dead in the water heading into the new year, before rumblings came that there was interest in picking Clash Society back up, and revamping it. A deal was officially announced in late May of 2020, as Heyman and a group of investors (mysterious) purchased the product, and were able to sell a service on picking up their product... Netflix. Netflix announced a 2 season deal with Heyman & his group of investors, promising to release seasons by episodes of 10 in a row. With the WWE having folded, there seemed to be many interested wrestlers on getting signed on for Season 1, and also, despite the failure first time around, many contracted wrestlers are prepared to fulfill their signed deals. With things looking up for Clash Society, a release date was finally confirmed for Season 1, Chapter 1. August 2020, the first chapter of Clash Society would be announced, with the program already being put on the Netflix front page, giving us a sneak peak at what Chapter 1 will be called... "The Gold Dash." Season 1, Chapter 1: Coming Soon In addition to this, a teaser was posted, as it appears now, based off of speculation, the idea of "Houses" will now be referred to as "Legions". It has been reported that many of the top wrestlers in the world are interested in this, have respect for Paul Heyman and would love to work with him on this project, but it has been noted that Heyman has a very specific vision for this creation, and he intends on carrying that out.
  12. BrendenPlayz Wrestling's post-show for it's annual June pay-per-view, Judgement Day has almost concluded, as we have heard from many winners, and a few losers following an excellent night of action, which saw many shocking moments, but most notably saw a dominant effort from The Creed, who added Jeremiah Flynn, and went 3-0 in their respective matches here tonight. A picture of the aftermath of our main event is shown, as it shows Slim holding his newly-won Undisputed Championship on his left shoulder, along with the World Championship in his right hand. Suddenly, our post-show crew transitions us to the media room, where Slim, still dressed in his ring attire, comes in, the World Championship around his waist, the Undisputed Championship in his right hand, and in his left, none other than a bottle of champagne, for Le Champion, as he sits down at the table. As he gets settled, the Undisputed Championship is placed on his right, the World Championship on his left, the bottle of champagne next to Slim as the Head of BPZ Media directs Adrian Wojpati to ask the first question, but he only gets part of the question off before being interrupted. Adrian Wojpati: Slim, tonight you won both of your matches, retaining the World Championship and winning the Undisputed Championship. I've gotta ask man, what's next for you aft- Adrian Wojpati... We meet again. I'm ready to answer your question, fuckface. What if I lose to Hans? I didn't, and now, I sit here, the Undisputed Champion of the World! Tonight was by far, the biggest accomplishment in my career, and NOBODY, NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME! Before I made my trip to Houston, I told Hans Clayton what I was gonna do to him tonight, and I delivered. But what I didn't expect, was how fucking hard he hit me back. You know why you've been waiting for so long to see the star attraction of this bullshit post-show? Because I've been getting stitched up. And you wanna know why, I've been getting stitched up, Wojpati? Because Hans Clayton fucked me up. My head is fucking throbbing, my shoulder feels someone stabbed me, and I just finished coughing up blood. That little motherfucker, he's a tough one, he's a fighter. But they all fall eventually. Make no mistake about it, however, you may not have won this match Hans, but you won my respect. I hope I see you again in two months, so I can kick your fucking ass again. Next question. Mike Hunt, the Inside Scoop: The early critics are not too happy with how tonight went down. To those critics, what do you have to say? The critics aren't happy? Are you serious? Well, that sucks. Guess I might as well vacate one of the belts, right? NO YOU FOOL! I don't give a shit what the critics think. They should be thanking me, Mike Hunt. They should be thanking me for giving them something to write about, they should be thankful for me being as great as I am, allowing them to put food on the table for their families! I have nothing to prove to the critics, I've silenced them time and time again. I am the Undisputed Champion of the World, if anyone wants to fuck with me, they should know where to find me. Next question, then I'm done. Geyukme Sins, BPZ Commentaries: Tonight, in your World Championship defense, you appeared with a mask on, and it's been all but confirmed as the Mask of the Antichrist. Why has this come into your possession? Have you ever experienced a rush? A kick of adrenaline that just boosts you? Something that gets you going, makes you feel free to do whatever the hell you want? That gets the anger going, that makes your blood boil? This is only the beginning of what I can begin to feel when that mask covers my face, and it is a necessity in my journey. I am the first ever man to hold the Undisputed & World Championships at the same time, and I have now been given a flag to bear. I have been selected to be the captain of this ship from now on... I have been cutting a schedule unlike anyone before, putting more mileage on my body every night I get into that ring. Something has to offset it... And you know what they said, fear what you don't understand. Slim stands up, offering the bottle of champagne as a gift to any media personnel, a huge grin on the face of Don Dada, who is in great spirits tonight after dethroning Hans Clayton, and defeating Johnny Kills. And with the lasting image of our champion walking off, the post-show for Judgement Day comes to an end.
  13. AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) vs. Best Friends AEW TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager AEW Women's World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) (with Marko Stunt) vs. MJF and Wardlow Private Party vs. Santana and Ortiz Bonus Question: Second To Last Match Of The Night? Shida vs Ford Will Chris Jericho get involved in any matches and if so which one? No

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