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  1. RAW Top 5: Roman Reigns, The Fiend, Seth Rollins, Aleister Black, Charlotte Flair SD Top 5: Lesnar, Bryan, Styles, Nakamura, Becky Lynch
  2. 1. WALTER 2. Bayley 3. Ciampa 4. Brock Lesnar 5. Fiend
  3. After a very controversial few weeks, which included burning the BPZ World Championship live on Carnage, cutting ArrowGargano's mouth live, and finally, burning a book in a press conference just to drop it, BrendenPlayz has had enough, and ordered a suspension for the chaotic Slim. Slim will be stripped of the World Championship (Even though there isn't one), and will be suspended from Halloween Havoc. As for Survival Games, Slim's spot will remain intact, setting up Slim vs Julius in the final. When asked for a comment, Slim just smiled and laughed, before uttering a sentence. "All great changes are preceded by chaos..."
  4. We have seen great matches throughout the night, as our commentary team now hypes up our final match of Block B, Slim vs Smith. They both sit at 4-0, and the winner of this battle will decide who goes onto Survivor Series to represent Block B against the Block A winner. It shows the numerous mind games played between Slim and Smith as it entails how Slim wants to "break" the mind of Smith. It ends with Slim laughing while Smith ensures that Slim will not break him. Then, the commentary team tells us it's time to get into it. Smith makes his way out of the curtain, as he looks around at the fans, taking in the atmosphere of the fans cheering him on. "SMITH! SMITH! SMITH!" chants echo throughout the arena as Smith makes his way down the ramp, no games tonight, he has to defeat Slim to continue his path down redemption in BPZ. Smith sits in the corner, ready for anything as he knows what is about to happen. This isn't just a wrestling match, a fight, a semi-final, this is a psychological warfare between himself and The Fractured King. Smith takes a deep breath, before a slow note begins to play through the arena. A slow piano beat begins is heard throughout the arena, as it continues to play, over... and over again... until it stops. "Saint Pablo" by Kayne West begins to play, as the arena dims down and Smith awaits the arrival of his opponent. But, for some time, Slim doesn't come out and Smith looks confused, standing at the ring rope the closest to the stage and demanding him right now. UNTIL HE'S STRUCK BY THE CAMERA MAN BY THE CAMERA! The camera man removes his hat, drops his camera and smiles as the crowd breaks out in boos... It's Slim. The Fractured King begins to laugh, having pulled on over on Smith again and already taken the advantage in the match. Slim pulls Smith by his hair, laughing in his face and telling him to let The Enigma out, it's the only way to beat him. The referee begins to check on Smith, who holds his neck but continues on, as he backs into his corner, as Slim sits on his knees in the opposite corner, before the referee rings the bell. We're off! Block B - Match 5 Eli Smith (4-0-0) vs Slim (4-0-0) WINNER ADVANCES TO FINAL As Smith is stunned, Slim attacks, stomping him in the corner before turning him around, and hitting a half-snap dragon suplex, landing Smith on the already-hurt neck! Smith once again holds the neck in pain, as Slim puts Smith into a head-lock on the ground, a call-back to their BPZMania III match when Slim kept Smith grounded for most of the match. Slim then gets up before hitting a knee strike to the back of Smith's head, downing him as Slim licks his lips like a predator, stalking his prey. He goes for the Essential Eliminator, but Smith counters, backdropping Slim before bouncing off of the ropes... No! He misses the Sick Kick! Slim hooks his arms... Essential Eliminator! Slim doesn't pin him though, as the fans and referee look confused. Slim rolls out of the ring, before going over to the timekeeper's box, staring down Smith the whole time while doing it, who is recovering from the brutal Essential Eliminator, as Slim is given a microphone. He then begins to talk as Smith looks at him despite still being on the ground. "You know it. I know it. These people know it now. You need HIM to beat me. This, motivated, foolish Eli Smith can't beat a Fractured King. Only the Enigma can." Slim throws the microphone down at ringside and begins to laugh at the commentary people, smashing his hands on the announce table before pointing at the ring, where Smith is coming straight at him with a Suicide Dive! Both men now lay on the ground, as Smith begins to hit his hand against the barricade, prompting the "SMITH! SMITH! SMITH!" chants to begin to echo throughout the arena, Smith gets to his feet, as Slim uses the barricade to make it to his, before catching the BPZ World Champion with a Bicycle Knee Strike! Slim is stunned, as Smith follows it up with a huge Belly-to-Belly on the floor! The referee now reaches a five count, as Smith picks him up and rolls him in the ring. Smith, usually a showman, gets right back to work, picking Slim up and nailing him with a Dragon Suplex, bridging the cover: 1.. NO! Slim kicks out almost immediately, as Smith then follows it up with another knee strike. Smith lines up in the corner, before nailing Slim with another knee strike. Smith puts Slim in position for a Suplex... No! Countered! Slim picks Smith up, and drops him down onto his knees! Slim, in a fit of rage, mounts Smith and begins to hit hammer fists and elbows to Smith's head, as the referee has to pull Slim off for him to stop. Smith is checked on by the referee as the microphone is once again heard, with Slim talking into it. But before he speaks, he rolls into the ring, placing the microphone next to Smith as Slim mounts him once again, more hammerfists and elbows, before Slim picks up the microphone and delivers his message. "QUIT. You won't let him out, so ruin your hopes, ruin the redemption. Your demons have failed you once again, just in a different way. GIVE. UP." Slim puts the microphone to Smith's mouth, to get an empathic answer. "SCREW! YOU!" Slim throws the microphone aside, but just then Smith explodes with a headbutt! Slim is knocked back, as he holds his head, as Smith comes at him with Roundhouse Kick, after roundhouse kick, before bouncing off of the ropes with a crowd-electricifing Sick Kick! Smith once again feels it, as he runs over to Slim, this time nailing the Vertical Suplex Powerbomb! The crowd once again echoes "SMITH! SMITH! SMITH!" chants throughout the arena as we're now told we are 10 minutes into the 30 minute time limit for this match! Smith hits another Bicycle Knee Strike to the champ, as he sits in the corner, waving Smith forward and laughing. Smith, would then hit a Sick Kick to Slim seated in the corner! Smith would pin: 1... 2... No! Slim got his foot on the ropes! Smith would look distraught, having nailed Slim with two sick kicks but it's simply not enough to put down The Fractured King. Smith, looks at Slim, staring him down intently, trying to figure out what to do. This version of Slim is unlike any man Smith's ever faced, he's not here to win. He's here to destroy Smith's mind, and the more this match goes on, the more doubt that is created in Smith's head. Smith stalks Slim, going behind him and gripping both his arms... 8TH SIN! Smith nailed the 8th Sin! Bridges the cover... 1... 2... 3?! NO! Slim kicked out! Somehow, someway he just kicked out of Smith's 8th Sin! Now, Britain's Finest sits, hands on his knees as he wonders what he has to do to put down Slim and advance to the final of Survival Games. "How can he do it? The 8th Sin is probably Smith's mos- No, he's going for the Black Rose! The Ripcord Knee Strike!" Sandman notes on commentary... Smith pushes Slim out, pulling him back in... NO! SLIM CAUGHT SMITH'S KNEE WITH HIS HANDS, INCHES AWAY FROM HIS FACE! Slim and Smith have an intense staredown, as Slim laughs before pushing Smith's knee back down to the ground and following it up with his own Bicycle Knee! Smith and Slim both fall to the mat as we now near 16 minutes. Slim holds himself off of the ground with the bottom rope as he stares at Smith, with bad intentions on his mind. As Smith makes it to his feet, Slim targets the back of the knee, nailing it with a vicious chopblock as Smith goes back down to the canvas, holding his knee in pain after that unprotected shot to the back of it. Slim is back in control, after Smith threw almost everything he had at him. Slim sits in the corner, as it's clear Smith is becoming exhausted. Not just with the match, but with this war. "All the bad things Slim has done, he's so close to ending it but it feels so far away considering how in control Slim is right now. Smith is a valiant champion, can he make the comeback?" TheGRV says on commentary, as Slim picks Smith up, with Slim spreading his arms out, before Smith comes at him with a forearm. Slim tells him to come on, as Smith hits forearm after forearm, before bouncing off of the ropes... NO! ENDGAME! Slim hit the Spinning Back Kick to Smith's head, and now as Smith is stunned on his knees, Slim sets it up... ANOTHER ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! That's the 2nd one this match to Smith! Slim just stares at Smith, shaking his head in disgust. Slim has been preaching about how The Enigma must come out to win this match, how he wants to break BPZ's best to show everyone else that all it takes is one bad day, but he can't seem to break Smith... And now, Slim feels enraged, beginning to slap Smith over and over telling him he feels it, he's losing. Smith shakes his head and responds with a defiant forearm! But Smith is clearly still dazed, taking all these shots to the head as Slim responds with another Endgame! Slim now bounces off of the ropes... CURB STOMP TO SMITH! That's his best friend, Sameer's signature move! Slim just shakes his head at Smith, finally dropping down into the cover as he pins him: 1... 2... NO! SMITH KICKED OUT! Slim begins to smile, as he picks Smith up, beginning to slap him over and over again as Smith just stands there, before unloading on Slim with a nasty forearm that knocks Slim onto the mat. The Fractured King laughs at Smith, as Smith mounts Slim, now unloading with vicious forearms, with Eli Smith having training in MMA fighting. The forearms eventually bust Slim open as he laughs it off, with his blood pouring onto the mat. Smith steps off of Slim, as the referee goes to end the match, but Slim shouts no, and begins laughing. Smith picks him up by his hair, and the camera picks him up saying: "YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE?!" before he hits him with a knee strike! Smith lines it up... SICK KICK! But Slim, just trying to get to his feet, stumbles back up, bouncing out of one corner as Smith nails another SICK KICK! Slim is downed now, as Smith picks him up headbutting him a few times, as blood drips down his face, as Smith just grabs Slim's head and forces his face into his knees! All of this pain that Smith is inflicting is a result of Slim's constant mindgames!? Has Slim won! Is the real Smith finally coming out? Smith now picks up Slim, who's nose is now bleeding from that knee, as he ripcords him once again... RIPCORD KNEE STRIKE, BUT SMITH NAILED IT PERFECTLY! Slim, somehow still on his feet, stumbles into the referee and knocks both of them out of the ring! Smith follows Slim, as he picks him up on the outside and sends him into the barricade near the announce table! Slim grabs a chair, and swings at Smith, but doesn't connect as Smith dodges, before kicking Slim's arm as the chair flies out of his hand onto the apron! Smith then nails another knee strike and rolls Slim back into the ring! Slim lays in the ring, beaten, broken, as that chair may have been Slim's last hope, as Smith now stands over him, before Smith notices something. The chair. Smith walks over to the foreign object, and picks it up, as he walks back over to Slim, now standing over him with the chair in hand as the crowd yells "NO!" over and over again, not wanting to see Smith break his code.
  5. ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 6: "All Alone" Johnny Gargano is disappointed in himself: For the second straight week, Johnny Gargano would open the show but this time, it would be even more disappointment after losing to Cage last week, and we now know that Johnny Wrestling will not challenge Roman Reigns at Retaliation. Gargano would say on the microphone that he is down, but not out and that he will be back for the ECW Global Championship, and Gargano would reveal he doesn't know what's next but he will be at Retaliation, one way or another. He would go to leave... But be blindsided by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder! The Revival! The Revival would stomp Johnny Gargano down before picking him up and bouncing him off of the ropes... SHATTER MACHINE! The Revival would pick up Gargano's mic, before telling him that tonight, Ric Flair has booked Revival vs Gargano, a 2-on-1 handicap, for the main event. Drago debuts vs Kalisto: The first match of ECW Overdrive would be none other than the debut of Drago, against The King of Flight, Kalisto. The two would engage in a high flying match, as in the end, Kalisto would catch Drago with the Salida Del Sol out of nowhere to pick up the win. After the match, the two would embrace, holding each other's forearms, a sign of respect between the luchadors. Then, out of nowhere, King Cuerno and the luchador known as Son of Havoc would strike, attacking both men! Son of Havoc would nail a Shooting Star Press on Drago, while Cuerno ripped at Kalisto's mask before nailing the Thrill of the Hunt on the man he defeated at Ascension. Son of Havoc and King Cuerno, ECW's newest tag team, would stand over the two fallen luchadors as the crowd booed. Roman Reigns Name Cage 6'3" Height 6'0" 265lb Weight 268lb Spear Signature Move Weapon X 3-0-1 Record 2-0-1 Tale of the Tape: Cage vs Roman Reigns' LAX defeats Londrick: LAX, the team of Ortiz and Santana, would look to pick up some momentum, as the Street Profits did commentary as the ECW Tag Team Champions. LAX would finish off Londrick off pretty quickly with their tag finisher, the Street Sweeper, before standing their ground in the ring, staring down the Street Profits on commentary. Will LAX be in next in line for a tag team championship shot? The Street Profits raise their titles, as Ortiz and Santana smirk in the ring, nodding at the champions... Finn Balor saves Johnny Wrestling: The main event would be domination from the start, as a hurt, injured Johnny Gargano would not be able to muster offense against one of the best tag teams in ECW. Gargano would fight valiantly, but in the end The Revival would finish him off with a Shatter Machine, winning the match due to the numbers advantage. After the match, the beatdown would ensue with chairs, as they hit him over and over, before Scott Dawson would hit a facebuster onto the chair, as they then wrapped the chair around Johnny Gargano's leg, looking to injure Johnny Wrestling! As Dash Wilder got to the top rope, the theme of Finn Balor sounded through the PA as the Ace ran out to the ring, fighting off the Revival! Finn Balor would hit Scott Dawson with a Sling Blade, as then Johnny Gargano nailed Dash Wilder with a Superkick in a last-ditch effort, knocking him off of the top rope and to the floor! The Revival would retreat to the back as Balor and Gargano shared a two-sweet in the middle of the ring.. Finn Balor just saved Johnny Gargano as ECW fades to black!
  6. Slim's Draft Predictions: Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch Roman Reigns The O.C. (United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) Sasha Banks Ricochet Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Braun Strowman Bobby Lashley Lacey Evans The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) Natalya Street Profits Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado) Cesaro Kevin Owens Humberto Carrillo Akira Tozawa Sin Cara Eric Young EC3 Chad Gable Heath Slater Drew Gulak The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) Tamina "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt Drew McIntyre Randy Orton
  7. It's almost like The Elite are a stable that made All ELITE Wrestling.
  8. | Posted on Clash Society YT | HOUSE #6: UPRISING We are shown a flashy club, with a very flambouyant man standing at a counter, getting a drink as the music plays. Two men walk up, revealing it to be The Velveteen Dream as the Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, approach him, and the three begin to converse. The Velveteen Dream: What do you fools want? The Street Profits, not their usual laughing selves, begin to talk as Dream listens intently. Ford: Look, we all been struggling since Paul cast us out for the bigger names. I feel you, you're depressed, but there's a new opportunity... But we need you. Dream looks conflicted as tears well up in his eyes before they disappear and he begins to talk. The Velveteen Dream: ... Where? The Street Profits smile, knowing Dream has listened to them. Dawkins: Los Angeles. The old Lucha Underground temple... it's dubbed 'Clash Society'. We bring in a house of 4 males and 1 female, but you don't have to stick together. It's just what you're represented by. Dream looks very interested as he then looks confused, before speaking. The Velveteen Dream: So, who's our fourth... Suddenly, in that moment, the man formerly known as ACH, now known as Jordan Myles, walks into view, as Dream nods before he snaps, as then men call for a woman known as "ENIGMA", before suddenly, bursting through the doors is none other than Ember Moon. Moon walks over to the boys... Ember Moon: Let's go. I hear through the grapevine, two houses have already made it to Clash Society, and it starts at dawn. Myles: What two houses? Ember: Empire and Renegades. The four men and Ember walk out of the doors, as they are shown walking down the street before they get into a limo. Ford stops Dream, as he begins to talk. Ford: Look ma- Dream: I don't care if we're a "house", or whatever it's called, I'm doing this my way. SOLO. And my UPRISING will come if it means your downfall has to happen. Ford nods, as Dream gets into the limo, with Ford following behind. The limo sets off, as the screen pans down, to black, before it shows a chart of all of the houses that will battle in Clash Society. Houses Empire Reigns Rush Rowe Hanson Sasha Blackhearts Ciampa Killshot Fox TJP Rosemary Cartel Almas Del Rio Garza Jr. Carillo Ivelisse Renegades Ziggler Ricochet Spears Hennig Shayna Ichiban Naito Suzuki Archer Smith Jr. Sane Uprising Velveteen Dream Myles Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins Ember The final screen is just a few words, the last message before Clash Society begins... "Warfare is upon us." Fade to black.
  9. We have BPZ Top 5 for currently, but since who the greatest of all-time is always a good debate, rank your top 5 ever. 1. Slim 2. Flynn 3. Bailey 4. Smith 5. Nebakos Smith & Bailey is very close though, Smith is creeping up on him.
  10. Suddenly, a loud laughter booms through the arena as the lights cut in the arena. They pop back on, to see Slim, standing there in his purple and green suit, smiling at Arrow, as Slim grabs Arrow by his face and holds him there, with Arrow holding the microphone up to his mouth. WHY... SO... SERIOUS ARROW?! Let's put a smile on that FACE. Slim then cuts Arrow's mouth, sending him to the ground as he stops moving as blood stains the canvas. Slim then uses Arrow's blood to write a message, one for his Survival Games opponent, Smith. Let Your Demons Out Eli. The lights once again cut, and come back to medics and EMT's helping Arrow out who appears to have passed out from the amount of fear he has been given... Who will win, Slim, or Smith?
  11. We are at the pre-Survival Games press conference, hyping up every match before this Saturday's pay-per-view, with the main events of the show being the Undisputed Championship Match, the Block A final between Bart and Julius, and the Block B final between Slim and Smith. The media is gathered in the room, before "Saint Pablo" is heard throughout the room as suddenly, Slim, with his hair put up and no facepaint on, walks into the room, smirking. He sits down and takes the microphone as the media begins to ask questions. Young Metro, BPZ Commentaries: Hey Slim. No facepaint today, why? The Fractured King looks down at the table, laughing a little before raising a microphone and answering Metro's question. I know how these type of things go... You ask a question, get some headlines, hype our event and we both leave happy, with green in our pockets but I have a question for you instead this time, Jay Scott. How does it feel knowing you are worthless? You wake up every morning, you get out of bed to come and make headlines. Your whole job is based off of twisting words and making people hate each other... I like that. But you're also the scum of the earth, the very type of person that makes society the shitshow it is. Why don't I have facepaint on... Why don't you have a blue suit on? Why does the sun rise in AM, instead of PM? There are questions we may never know, but I am feeling something very... beautiful, so I will answer your question. I do not don the facepaint, because it raises questions. It makes headlines. And what I do best, is make headlines. The reporter is confused by Slim's answer as the next reporter asks a question. Ben Dover, BPZ Commentaries: This Saturday night, you have a chance to knock off Smith and win B Block. If you can do that, you will undoubtedly have added another career-defining win to your legacy. How does it fe- Suddenly, she is cut off by the sudden voice of Slim, clearly angered and frustrated with the media. You don't listen, do you!? This match... It's not about winning. It's not about who wins and loses. This is a war. A mental war between two of the strongest willed people in this company. I am hell-bent on making sure this place burns to the ground, as I light the fire and watch, while Smith, he's strong-willed in the sense that he never... gives... up. That's gonna change, I promise you that. My will is unbreakable... Eventually, someone will break you so badly that nothing can top it and you become unbreakable... The media then asks another question, to the Fractured King who does nothing but smile. Joesph, Smarks Daily: There's been a lot of questions about what happened the night of SummerSlam. We all know you visited your old friend, Tamer. What else happened, and what was the book and package about? Slim stares a hole through Joesph, a threatening stare before he breaks out into a smile and begins laughing. Thank you for reminding me of that! I almost forgot... The package, the book, what are they? They're symbols. Messages. Symbols and messages of what brought me to the conclusion that I must tear down BPZ... Consider them prophecies, that will be fulfilled on Saturday Night. Everyone is confused by this statement, as the BPZ World Champion clearly talks in smoke and mirrors. The next, and final question is asked. Brian, Smarks Daily: This mental war between you and Smith... How does it end? Slim slowly begins to laugh, beginning to laugh more and more rapidly until he's laughing uncontrollably. He then raises the microphone and answers the question. It ends with The Enigma resurfacing, it ends with Smith by me and Necce's side as the three of us rule BPZ together and make sure that it pays for it's sins. I don't get it. Smith feels some sort of loyalty to this place, as if it's given him something but it hasn't. He is just like me, just like Necce. No matter how hard you work, no matter how hard the odds are stacked in your favor, in the end, you lose everything, so why does any of it matter in the first place. You asked how this ends, well, let me show you a magic trick. Slim stands up, going over to Brian who asked the question, grabbing a bag that he brought into the room on his way there. He takes out the book we saw the night of SummerSlam, and a lighter, as he lights the book on fire before dropping it, as everyone in the room panicks. I think of the human brain as a book, that you must study, layer by layer, then after you've done that... All it takes is a spark to burn it down. Security rushes into the room, putting out the fire as Slim laughs rapidly, as he's escorted out of the room by two security members. Slim has just burned the book that he was given after SummerSlam, the one he said 'opened his eyes'... What does it mean? And will Slim succeed in his mission to "burn down" Smith's psyche?
  12. Considering it's also one of my favorite 2k's of all-time, NBA 2K13 is at the top of soundtracks for me in video games. Most games I have to mute these days because the soundtracks are boring and suck, but 2K13 I never muted. Even though 2k20 is a shit game, the soundtrack on it is nice... for now.
  13. I like we get fresh matchups every week since there are no faces and heels. Dillinger vs Ambrose should be good if they're given enough time, and I think Moxley will win then get attacked by Omega. Omega may cost him the match, but I actually see LAX costing Bucks their match against Private Party and I don't believe they'll have two matches end via interference. My tag tourney prediction is Lucha Bros/SCU finals with Lucha Bros becoming the first champs. Think Darby Allin picks up the win and takes on Jericho next week which will be a nice match. And for that tag, I believe Jericho and Sammy get the win but I wouldn't be surprised if Hangman gets attacked or something and Cody takes his place and they win. Overall, should be a good episode and I am #AllElite this week.
  14. ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 5: "Clash" Johnny Gargano opens up the show: 'Rebel Heart' Johnny Gargano would open the show up, as the man who lost on Saturday night to Roman Reigns would hear chants of "JOHNNY WRESTLING!" echo throughout the CFE Arena as Gargano grabbed a microphone and said that Roman Reigns was the better man, and on that night, Johnny Wrestling was down but not out. He says that he's taking this opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns to a rematch at ECW's next event, Retaliation... Enter Cage. The Machine would make his way down to the ring, getting in Gargano's face before getting a microphone of his own, as the fans boo him. Cage says Gargano was laid out on his back Saturday Night, and that he doesn't deserve a rematch. Cage says that HE should challenge Roman Reigns, after he crushed Finn Balor and defeated him. Ric Flair would appear on the titantron, booking a match in the main event between the two, with the winner facing Reigns at Retaliation. Cain Velasquez weathers the storm, knocks out Fallah Bah: Despite knocking out Psycho Clown last week, Cain Velasquez would have a much tougher test this week in Fallah Bah, a man who outclasses him in size. The two men would feel each other out, as Bah struck first, catching Cain with a right hand, which Cain had to duck in for, before responding with a deadly combo that knocked Bah down, before Cain went to the ground and pound, forcing the ref to stop it despite the early offense from Fallah Bah. Cain Velasquez moves to 2-0 in ECW. Tommaso Ciampa demands The Undertaker: 'Blackheart' Tommaso Ciampa would hit the ring, as he demanded The Undertaker make his way out to the ring. No response would entice Ciampa to run down The Deadman, saying he relies on gimmicks and flashy lights because he can't get it done man-to-man anymore, which prompted boos from the CFE Arena. Ciampa would wait, before saying if The Undertaker doesn't accept his challenge for a match at Retaliation, there would be hell to pay. Ciampa would spike the microphone into the ground, before leaving the ring. Will The Undertaker accept his challenge? Cuerno says it's not over with Kalisto: King Cuerno would be shown backstage, as he was taped up as a result of the war he and Kalisto went through in their 2 out of 3 falls match. Cuerno says Kalisto became the Hunted on Saturday Night, but that their war is far from over, because as much as Cuerno can count, now it's 2-2. Fair game, he echoes, as he walks off. It seems Kalisto is still the target of The Hunter... Roman Reigns defeats Orange Cassidy: Orange Cassidy would demand a match from Ric Flair, to which The Nature Boy said he had the perfect opponent for. The ECW Global Champion, Roman Reigns would make his way out to go face-to-face with Orange Cassidy, as Reigns dominated from the opening bell, with Cassidy just not having enough strength to overcome The Big Dog. Eventually, Reigns would nail a spear, cutting Orange Cassidy in half before making the pin. After the match, with the main event looming, Reigns would grab his title and take a seat on commentary, as he intended to watch the match between his potential challengers. Johnny Gargano vs Cage - Winner faces Reigns at Retaliation The main event would be a Number One Contender's Match, between 'Johnny Wrestling' Johnny Gargano and 'The Machine' Cage. Cage would dominate early, but Gargano would use his speed to outmatch Cage, before Cage found the neccesary counters to shut it down. Gargano, still feeling the effects of three spears, clearly just could not find the offense to get to Cage, as the fans tried to get behind him with Johnny Wrestling chants. In the end, Gargano would have the crossface locked in on Cage, but Cage would reverse out, and drop Gargano with a powerbomb! Picking Gargano up, clearly having no energy left, Gargano would swing wildly, missing with Cage grasping his throat and hitting a Chokeslam. Picking him up one last time, Cage would nail the Weapon X before covering: 1... 2... 3. Cage wins, and is the number one contender. His music would play, as he immediately went to ringside, getting into Roman Reigns' face as the two staring down was the last shot of Overdrive. The Big Dog vs The Machine at Retaliation... A clash is incoming, folks!

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