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Status Updates posted by Slim

  1. Rest in peace a fallen solider 😖😫... Happy birthday Neb 🙏🏽💔🥀

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    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      Everything's going good, I'm on my last (hopefully) semester in college while I'm also doing my final clinical placement. After that I have 4 subjects I need to pass in February in order to earn my degree and then I have my eyes on a master's degree in Scotland, but I'm taking in one step at a time..

    3. The Neb

      The Neb

      How's everyone been here?

    4. Smith


      Everything's been good. There's been a few fights here and there but nothing past the norm. Personally, I'm currently taking a gap year before university so I can get a job, earn some money, learn to drive and just get a break from education for a bit lol. I'm glad to see you're doing well. Also, I don't know if you have discord but I think everyone would be really excited if you joined the server for a bit if you have the time.

  2. Its monday. You know




  3. @Emperor Nate Happy 4 years to us bro!

    1. BrendenPlayz


      thanks for all your great contributions over the years lads

    2. Slim


      No problem! Thanks for putting the time and effort to make the forums and make everything how it is. Much love for that

    3. bailey14
  4. Episode 1 posted, the first five games of the Kings season, some surprising struggles. Also, for Company Warfare, an update on the next EPW special if you'd like something short and sweet to read as well. :)



  5. New updates for these two.

    1. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn

      No one does this anymore stop it. 

  6. All this disorder no addressin ...

  7. In light of recent polls I'm just gonna take a step back and explain something to everyone who feels Brad is being screwed, which is 100% true.

    The votings are a game, a game in which it's a mixture of who does the most work and who can make the most deals. In some cases where people have built a reputation of being liked, people find it harder to screw over people who they like and so forth.

    But on the flip side, it also makes it more likely that you will vote for the person who you like more in votings and this is showcased by some people having won polls they didn't deserve in the past.

    And now allow me to explain the "politics" of the forums.

    To me, there's three sides of begging that are commonly used on the forums and they are actual begging, swaying, and deal cutting.

    While actual begging and deal cutting are self-explanatory, swaying is going into dm and telling people why you should win. There is no "Slim strategy", no "Bailey strategy", no "Sameer strategy". But see, the problem isn't the begging itself.

    If someone offers me a vote in a poll in exchange for mine, why should I deny it? The problem isn't the politics itself, and the people doing it have been criticized for too long.

    The problem is the forum member switching being selfish and having no morals, putting yourself in the position so you succeed. At the end of the day, no one is looking out for anyone else compared to themselves.

    The reason Brad is being screwed over isn't Sameer, it's the people who selfishly take deals and look out for themselves instead of rightly doing what the polls are meant for.

    But it's ok, and I understand everyone will be like 'oh this is slim talking', well yea lol, I've had the front row seat to watch as people have screwed other people out of matches they deserved to win just because I made them an offer tempting to themselves.

    This is not a blast to anyone, I'm merely explaining why the politics are the way they are and it's because of selfish members who will undercut anyone to make it to the top.

    You can disagree but this is the honest truth. I fully prepared to debate with anyone who disagrees with my likely controversal statement.

    See, everyone blames people for leaving because of politics but let's step back for a second.

    The politics are at an all-time low, and so are the members.

    Crazy right?

  8. Will be streaming Lakers vs Warriors at 1pm EST tomorrow July 19th. Be there!

  9. I've got a new conspiracy

    The Last Emperor is Jason Black

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    2. Thelastemperor


      I don't even know who that is

    3. Slim


      Last Emperor that's what Jason black would say !

    4. The Akki

      The Akki

      Ive got a new conspiracy, I was right

  10. I've got a conspiracy

    Bashka, Brenden, and Keeley have plotted to take over the forums from the inside. With their accounts being too famous, they decided to make a new account with a fake IP, aka Storm.

    Yes that's right, Storm is a mixture of Brenden/Keeley/Bashka. Bashka accounts for Storm's forum posts such as his kayfabe and his diaries while Brenden and Keeley take turns on the discord, which is why he talks like Brenden so much.

    The only similarities in the three names is the R's in both Brenden and Storm's names. It's the 2nd letter in Brenden's name, while the fourth in Storm's. 4-2=2. Storm joined on January 1st, which would be 1/1, equalling 1+1, which also equals 2. These are related because the numbers 2 and 4 equal 24, which is the amount of times Brad has lost a World Title Match.

    So that means what exactly? Those three created the Storm account to screw Brad over once again and if I had to bet, Johnny Kills has Storm's vote.

    You fooled us for so long yet I have discovered the truth of why you sit there and do nothing BrendenPlayz like a forum member has stated... You are just occupied with being Storm!


  11. The Champ is in the buildin

  12. Both shows, RAW and SmackDown of the Superstar Shakeup have been posted!

    Brand Warfare is back with a vengeance.

  13. I'm 20years old in kayfabe not 40

    1. Ross
    2. Ross


      Younger the better

  14. New EPW Episode...

    The debut of a new superstar as they take on Bobby Lashley.

    Kent Sullivan takes on Fenix and Cage in a Triple Threat.

    Johnny Gargano gets his long-awaited rematch with Roman Reigns.

  15. http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19642-elite-pro-wrestling-the-reincarnate/&do=findComment&comment=229266

    Huge EPW Episode...

    Neville makes his first defense, Pentagon and Almas clash, and Paul Levesque's huge announcement comes to fruition!

  16. New EPW Episode!

    The Monster, Kent Sullivan (Braun Strowman) squares off with The Bird of Fire, Fenix!

    And in the main event, a challenger for EPW Champion, Neville is determined when Lashley faces Pentagon Jr., Andrade 'Cien' Almas, and KENTA!

  17.  th7/10..

    The main event always plays a huge part in a show's final rating. And personally, I didn't like the result, along with the fact that AJ/Naka underwhelmed for me, this potentially 9/10 show became 7/10.

  18. New Elite Pro Wrestling episode

  19. If you want to refer to me in chat please refer to me as The GOAT 

  20. Would appreciate if everyone read this, took a lot of time and put a lot of effort into this.

  21. The GOAT

    1. Slim


      shoutout to the real ones u know who u are

    2. Ross


      nice one bruv

    3. Bashka

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