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  1. "Slim vs Flynn is Mahal vs Orton, not Okada vs Omega."

    Mahal won three times in a row, marks. Y'all just swinging but you ain't connecting.


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    2. Flynn


      Not gonna try and compare our three matches to anything but just gonna say we did work hard to make it entertaining and not only this but I would more say it's Rock vs Austin as those were the literal two top guys, like myself and Slim. If you disagree I'll face you one on one right now and beat you. Thank you I am blessed to be here good night. 

      Bash cant win lol.

    3. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      "Not gonna try and compare our three matches to anything"

      compares yourself to Rock vs Austin

    4. Flynn


      It was a joke. 

      Really feeling a lot of tension about the whole topic. Don't understand why some of you get so worked up over it.

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