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  1. Ok, so something I've noticed lately and something that I have received are complaints about moderators. As a Senior, I feel the need to say this to everyone instead of just the staff room, and what I need to say is that all these arguments occuring are a two-way street.

    We all know who I'm talking about, so let's pack 0 punches and we know I'm talking about Ross. This is me defending him in a way as I feel he's been put in a terrible position as all of you who have complained about him, have either a) been asked to stop whatever you're doing, or b ) said something to him.

    I don't see how you can complain about Ross, yet before then you started arguing with him, taking shots at him about STDs and such, and I know there will be the 5-6 people who say "oh, GUNG", but it's honestly disgraceful how most of you try to deal heat but when it's dealt back you can't handle it.

    This isn't me singling anyone out by any means and it doesn't mean that I think Ross is perfect because he's not, but from "all of the complaints" that he's receiving, only one or two of you didn't say anything back.

    I felt the need to do this because all I ever see is Ross having to defend himself to legitimately everyone and for the same people who consistently called the likes of myself and Flynn bullies to turn around and do the same is hypocrisy at it's finest.

    So I'll end this by saying this: If you can't take heat, don't deal it. No STD shots, no baby shots, no GUNG shots, if you aren't prepared to take what he says.

    Slim out.

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    2. The Akki
    3. Poiudust


      I blame you all. I hope a meteor crashes to the earth and we all live long enough to suffer before we die.


      lol. Jk. Kinda

    4. Monda


      tl;dr Don't try to be big if you're a pussy

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