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  1. I've got a conspiracy

    Bashka, Brenden, and Keeley have plotted to take over the forums from the inside. With their accounts being too famous, they decided to make a new account with a fake IP, aka Storm.

    Yes that's right, Storm is a mixture of Brenden/Keeley/Bashka. Bashka accounts for Storm's forum posts such as his kayfabe and his diaries while Brenden and Keeley take turns on the discord, which is why he talks like Brenden so much.

    The only similarities in the three names is the R's in both Brenden and Storm's names. It's the 2nd letter in Brenden's name, while the fourth in Storm's. 4-2=2. Storm joined on January 1st, which would be 1/1, equalling 1+1, which also equals 2. These are related because the numbers 2 and 4 equal 24, which is the amount of times Brad has lost a World Title Match.

    So that means what exactly? Those three created the Storm account to screw Brad over once again and if I had to bet, Johnny Kills has Storm's vote.

    You fooled us for so long yet I have discovered the truth of why you sit there and do nothing BrendenPlayz like a forum member has stated... You are just occupied with being Storm!


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    2. JoshsNow


      I can’t believe it took Slim so long to figure that out

    3. BrendenPlayz
    4. Bashka

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