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    The BPZ Locker Room is shown, as The Death Machine, Julius sits on a bench, looking into a nearby mirror at himself. Suddenly, the lights flicker as Julius is spooked, before a voice is heard to the dismay of the winner of Block A. Do you feel it Julius? The voice is immediately recognizable as Slim's, as Julius looks around, no sight of The Fractured King. You do... You know, your judgement day is near. You are faced with a tough dilemma... Do you sacrifice your singles ambitions for the betterment of your brotherhood? Or do you live your brothers to be picked apart while you bask in that singles glory? It is indeed a challenging question and one you clearly do not know the answer to. Of all of the Creed members, you are the most mentally instable and I see that, it's why I am DYING to face you... That killer instinct in you, it tells you, put your all into Survival Games... But that chain, it weighs on you. It almost weighs you down, it reminds you of the promise you made to them, to be there whenever this great war broke out. And you, are now confused, bewildered, torn. We share that mental instability, though, Julius. We are both broken men, two sides of a coin. I choose to embrace my broken state, you choose to hide it, to hide behind a nickname. Julius begins to get mad as Slim continues to talk. I see it in your eyes everytime you're in the ring, you LOVE to punish people. You like injuring people, you like to hear them beg for mercy, the feeling of knowing you're inflicting pain on someone else gives you a rush of adrenaline unlike anything else Julius. I've studied you, Julius. I just want to know where it all came from, where it all started... Julius, clearly remembering something, shakes his head as he tries to block out the words of Slim. You may believe I'm trying to torment you, that I'm trying to make you miserable but Julius, like I told you at our contract signing, I'm just trying to help you. I meant what I said, you're my best friend... And I know what you're thinking right now, you know, every word I have echoed is true. That you are a f*cked up human being who loves inflicting pain, that The Death Machine isn't a nickname, it's your WAY OF LIFE. You see Julius, what you're having... is a Revelation. And allow me to finish that revelation. The lights turn off completely, before they turn back on, revealing Slim and Meko. Julius swings at Slim, but Meko nails him from behind, as Slim and Meko stomp him out, before Slim picks him up, and smashes Julius' head into the mirror! Julius drops to the floor, blood now pouring out of his forehead as the mirror is shattered, showing a distorted reality, much like the one Slim lives in, before Slim bends down, picking Julius up by his hair and putting the two men nose-to-nose... Don't fight it... Breath it in.
  2. Slim

    WWE Reborn

    Drew - Cody - Becky - Undisputed Era - Fiend - Cedric - Adam Cole - KO
  3. Los Angeles Lakers: Showtime Season 2: Title Defense Episode 7 January 20th, 2020 In a tightly contested game, the Lakers fell in Boston to the Celtics, losing by 9, 95-104. The game was tied heading into the fourth quarter, but with the Lakers starting beginning to lose their energy, all you have to do is look at the bench points (32 BOS - 10 LAL), to see why the Celtics ultimately prevailed. The Lakers now drop to 26-17, remaining 5th in the West while Boston continues to tote the NBA's best record at 35-7. Off the bench, despite an inefficent shooting night, Isaiah Thomas proved to be a crucial part, with him and Gerald Green combining for 21 points on 9-23 shooting. Despite this loss, the Lakers would follow it up with a dominant victory over the 9-36 Knicks, winning 113-87 behind a 27, 12, and 7 performance from LeBron James, and a 5-5 shooting night for Josh Hart. On the second night of a back-to-back, now facing Brooklyn, the Lakers would indeed grind out a 110-103 win over the Nets, winning both games in New York ahead of another potential NBA finals matchup, as the Lakers travel to Philly to face the 76ers.
  4. The dim-lit lightbulb is shown once again, as The Death Machine stands there, awaiting his opponent. Suddenly, it cuts to static, as the crowd begins buzzing, awaiting the arrival of the Fractured King, before music hits. As the music plays, a spotlight lights up the stage, before suddenly, he walks out, dressed in a purple suit with a hat covering his face. He stands on the stage, before looking up, revealing his white-covered face, as he walks down the ramp, locking eyes with Julius, before getting into the ring with The Death Machine, standing face-to-face, as Slim slowly picks up his microphone, talking into it very slowly. Hello... Julius. While I must admit, I remember you being more intimidating, it is nice to finally share a ring with you again. I must say, what you spoke was very interesting. Me.. A god? No, Julius. You have it all wrong. I'm not a god. I'm just a man, I'm just a man intent on showing people their wrongs, bending their mindspace and making them have that one... bad... day... that scars them forever, leaves a stain on their mind that they will never be able to remove from their memory. The question no one has posed to me, is... When did I have that one bad day? SummerSlam last year. Coming off of a suspension, facing the hottest thing in the industry. The World predicted me to win, I never lost these matches, and I fell. My empire reduced to ash, all by you. That loss, it put me in a bad place mentally, it put me in a weak state, even coming back and beating you, it didn't help. The damage was done, and I tried to reject it, I tried to keep it away, but eventually... you just breath it in... You let go, and you feel something beautiful. Slim smirks, laughing at The Death Machine as Julius just sneers at him, the two not avoiding eye contact whatsoever. You misunderstand me, Julius. I don't want to beat you, I don't care about this tournament, I'm not a clown, being at the top, bottom, middle doesn't matter to me, I thrive on chaos, and that's exactly what this whole tournament has been, chaos. There is no verbal poison, Julius, just reality, and you see, everyone I've faced, they're not strong enough to face the reality. You? We're about to find out. Slim gets nose-to-nose with Julius, as he raises the microphone and then begins to speak more. Julius, I don't wanna destroy your mind like I wanted to do to Smith. I want to help you, Julius. As you helped me. 15 months ago, I got shown the light and at first, I rejected it. I didn't believe. Now, I do, I believe in a world of chaos, a world of anarchy. And I'm gonna make you a believer, too. Julius, I thought after you beat me, we were destined to be rivals forever but now, you have shown me what I truly have known for a while. Slim smirks as Julius looks pissed off, as Slim finishes off his thought. Julius, you're my best friend. And I have to show you the light, so you can join me, in causing absolute wreckage to anyone who stands in OUR way. An uncomfortable silence fills the arena as the wickedness of Slim has reached a new level, calling the man he will go to war with his best friend, promising him to show him the light. Slim puts the microphone down, picking up the pen and signing the contract. Julius does the same as Slim removes his hat, standing face-to-face as Josh Trenton stands in between them. Suddenly, the lights begin to turn out one-by-one, dimming the arena down until the lights completely turn around. A screech is heard throughout the arena, as suddenly the lights turn back on, revealing Josh Trenton down in the ring, with Julius surrounded by Slim, Meko, and The Antichrist! Julius looks at the 3-on-1 situation, as he puts his hands up, ready to fight. Slim smiles, as Julius goes for him first but The Antichrist cuts him off with a clothesline. Slim stands there in the center of the ring as Meko and Necce stomp Julius into the mat, before Necce nails an Antichrist Revolution! Slim picks up Julius, grabbing him by the hair as he puts him face to face, yelling into his face. DON'T FIGHT IT... BREATH IT IN! Slim puts Julius in between his thighs, as he hooks both of his arms before dropping him with a brutal Essential Eliminator! Meko scoops Julius up, putting him on his shoulders as Slim, Meko, and Necce walk out, with Julius hung over Meko's shoulders... What are Descent gonna do with Julius?
  5. Slim

    Pride & War

    Changes coming to Friday Night SmackDown, per FOX representatives: WWE.com writers November 25th, 2019 Per the FOX representatives, following SmackDown's loss at Survivor Series, the blue brand will have several changes made to it in the coming weeks. The biggest being SmackDown has seemingly become it's own entity, with FOX officially withdrawing SmackDown from WWE's "Big 4" pay-per-views (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series). Instead, FOX representatives have noted SmackDown will broadcast 4-to-5 pay-per-views a year, with 2-to-3 network specials. Fox has also confirmed a SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament to crown new champions for the belts, with the teams being announced as The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston), The War Raiders (Raymond Rowe & Hanson), Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode, Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker), The Colons (Epico & Primo)The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) and representing Lucha House Party, Kalisto and Gran Metalik. The War Raiders, after being stripped of their Raw Tag Team Championships, will receive a first round bye in the tournament, and while there is only 7 teams announced, FOX has confirmed there is indeed 8 teams involved. And in the last piece of information, FOX has announced that they will be bringing on a Head of Operations, to oversee the day-to-day operations of SmackDown, working with FOX to create a better SmackDown for everyone involved. (1) War Raiders (8) Bye 4) Lucha House Party 5) Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode 3) The New Day 6) The B-Team 2) Heavy Machinery 7) ??? Predict below on the tag team tournament, and the new head of operations for SmackDown.
  6. Overdrive Episode 13: Ric Flair announces Road to Riches, and the main event, a Golden Road Match, a 10 man elimination match to decide who will challenge Roman Reigns at Endgame, and confirms six competitors (Balor, Ciampa, Gargano, Sheamus, Kassius Ohno, and RVD) --- if Gargano can make it, as he's injured Drago vs Kalisto - #1 Contenders Match for United States (Drago wins) The Street Profits challenge Hitman Enterprises to a rematch Recap of Cain Velasquez vs Cage and Prince Balor vs Johnny Gargano, explaining their absences Roman Reigns vs EC3; Reigns wins, following the main, Dustin Rhodes surprisingly debuts, staring down Reigns to end the show. Overdrive Episode 14: Dustin Rhodes cuts a promo about how this may be his last chance to capture a World Championship before he retires, challenges Reigns Hitman Enterprises defeats The Gentlemen and accepts the Street Profits challenge Cage challenges Cain Velasquez to a Last Man Standing Match in a face to face sitdown, Cain accepts Dustin Rhodes and Finn Balor ends in a no contest when Tommaso Ciampa interrupted, laying waste to Dustin Rhodes and the Legacy of Violence to end the show Overdrive Episode 15 Tommaso Ciampa defeats Drago thanks to King Cuerno Roman Reigns talks about how he will take "old yeller" out back and make sure he has a peaceful ending Cage def Kassius Ohno The Street Profits and Hitman Enterprises agree to unsanction their match Roman Reigns and Dustin Rhodes vs Legacy of Violence: LOV wins, as Dustin Rhodes sends a message to Roman Reigns Overdrive Episode 16: Roman Reigns and Dustin Rhodes contract signing, Reigns promises to turn Rhodes dream into a nightmare Brody King def. Montez Ford Cage promises to end Cain Velasquez streak Drago def. EC3; Cuerno places the belt in between him and Kalisto, setting the stage for their final battle Gargano, Ohno, RVD def. Ciampa, Balor, and Sheamus; Babyfaces end show on top as Golden Road approaches Road to Riches: Cain Velasquez def. Cage, powerbombing him off the stage to keep him down as Cage did to Velasquez at Anarchy Rulz The Street Profits def. Hitman Enterprises in a No DQ Match to retain their ECW Tag Team Championships King Cuerno def. Drago to retain the United States Championship; Post match, Cuerno injures Drago but Kalisto makes the save Roman Reigns defeats Dustin Rhodes with two Spears to retain the ECW Global Championship Prince Balor wins the Golden Road Match, earning the opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns at Elite Warfare Final Two: Prince Balor & Tommaso Ciampa Cody debuts during this match, and gets lowblowed by Tommaso Ciampa to be eliminated in Final 3 Johnny Gargano is eliminated by a CrossRhodes Most Eliminations: Ciampa (4) Complete field: Balor, Ciampa, Gargano, Cody, Ohno, RVD, Sheamus, EC3, Drago, MVP
  7. Slim

    Pride & War

    Survivor Series 2019 Results: Undisputed Era def. War Raiders & The Revival NXT leads 1-0-0 Brock Lesnar def. Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Championship AJ Styles def. Roderick Strong & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn RAW 1 - NXT 1 - SD 0 Kabuki Warriors def. The Iconics to retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Team SmackDown (Roman Reigns, The Fiend, Daniel Bryan, and King Corbin) def. Team NXT (Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor, Tommaso Ciampa, and Adam Cole) and Team RAW (Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, and Ricochet) Reigns & Fiend sole survivors; 1 RAW - 1 NXT - 1 SD Tyson Fury & Braun Strowman def. The B-Team Shayna Baszler def. Bayley and Becky Lynch... NXT WINS SURVIVOR SERIES 2-1-1
  8. Roman Reigns vs The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship.
  9. Los Angeles Lakers: Showtime Season 2: Title Defense Episode 6 December 30th, 2019 Victor Oladipo is reportedly unhappy in Los Angeles, as Marc Gasol and Lonzo Ball's offensive emergence have reduced his touches and is reportedly unhappy with the way Los Angeles is handling his contract extension, which he is eligble for this season. Oladipo reportedly feels he deserves the max after emerging as the clear 2nd best shooting guard in the league, behind James Harden. With averages of 20.6 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 1.5 steals while slashing 47/41/71 numbers, certainly gives him a case, and there will be many suitors if he is indeed dealt. It is believed league-wide that the Warriors will be a major player, with the possibility to move Klay to the 3, and have a defensive starting five containing Oladipo, Klay, Draymond Green, and Dwight Howard. They believe that trading for Oladipo would put them into contention. A potential swap? Jayson Tatum? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Victor Oladipo traded to Warriors in five-team trade; Lakers receive Andre Iguodala, Buddy Hield, 2020 1st News broke today that the Lakers have agreed to a trade with the Golden State Warriors that will send All-Star Guard Victor Oladipo to the Bay Area, for Pascal Siakam, Andre Iguodala and a 2023 first, which will go to Atlanta. Atlanta trades Wesley Matthews here, who will go to Chicago, while Chicago will send the Lakers a 2022 Top-3 Protected Pick, and Antonio Blakeney, while the Lakers send Jared Dudley to Chicago. The full trade: Los Angeles receives: Buddy Hield, Andre Iguodala, 2022 Chicago Top 3 Protected First Round, Antonio Blakeney, 2020 Unprotected Sacramento First Round Chicago receives: Wesley Matthews, Jared Dudley Atlanta Receives: 2023 GSW First Round, Dorian Finney-Smith Golden State receives: Victor Oladipo, Alex Caruso Sacramento Receives: Jayson Tatum After signing Randolph nearly a week ago, he is traded to Toronto who forms a deadly scoring duo of Jayson Tatum and Andrew Wiggins, while giving the Lakers the player they coveted in Pascal Siakam. * denotes Injury Hield has struggled, posting 15.8 points on 37% shooting and 28% from 3. Despite these struggles, the Lakers have rode their newly found depth to a 7-2 record since, pushing to 26-16, good for 5th in the West. With the locker room issues gone, the Lakers now look to their first matchup with the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant-led Boston Celtics this season... With them sitting at 34-7, the best record in the NBA.
  10. Slim

    Sameer's NBA Talk Show

    I feel like pretty much all of those guys will succeed so I'm gonna choose a more unknown three for my top 3. G Josh Hart, New Orleans Pelicans: Everyone is raving about how well Lonzo and Ingram are playing, but for me the piece the Lakers lost that stings the most right now is Hart. The Lakers are lacking wing depth and Hart has taken a step into becoming a rotational player that could develop into a great 6th man and could even be a great starter. He's 6'5", and has an average of 13.3 points and nearly 8 rebounds (7.7). He looks to be a key part of the Pelicans going forward and I think he's gonna surprise some people, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up better than Lonzo with how injury prone Lonzo is. F Brandon Clarke, Memphis Grizzlies: I believe Brandon Clarke was a lottery talent, potentially top-10 and the fact he slipped into the 20s made him the steal of the draft for me. He can fit right into the frontcourt of JJJ and Jonas for Memphis and play the three, and was said to be by scouts one of the most NBA ready players and he hasn't disappointed, putting up 11.5 and 6.3 in just 23 minutes. I think if Memphis commits to him he could be a great 3&D player for years to come. F/C John Collins, Atlanta Hawks: Here's a bold prediction: I believe John Collins will be a top-12 player in the next three years, and in four years, Trae Young and John Collins will be the NBA's best duo, unless Giannis and AD somehow both end up in LA in 2021. Collins numbers have dipped so far, dropping from 19 and 9 to about 17 and 8, but with many new pieces like Cam Reddish and De'Andre Hunter, I expect him to pick it up. But here's the scary part, small sample size yes, but the past two years Collins shot 34% from 3. Decent, not great and his volume for shooting them wasn't great. This year, through five games: 9-19, 47.4%. Yes small sample size, but undoubtedly there's a willingness to shoot the 3 more. Atlanta, if Trae gets back, could be a 5 seed this year with a 5-out lineup of Trae Young, Cam Reddish, De'Andre Hunter, John Collins, and Alex Len all stretching the floor.
  11. Slim

    No Words

    You're a real dick, dude.
  12. ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 11: "Why" Roman Reigns announces he will defend his title against Rob Van Dam & Tommaso Ciampa: Roman Reigns would take to the ring to announce that he would be defending his Global Championship at Anarchy Rulz in a Hardcore Triple Threat Match, with Rob Van Dam and Tommaso Ciampa. Reigns would talk about how he saw last week's war between them, and he doesn't know whether or not he can go toe-to-toe with them in a match so brutal... But he is the champion for a reason, he says, before dropping the microphone and leaving. Hitman Enterprises dominates for the second straight-week: Hitman Enterprises would face off with Londrick this week, one week after knocking off Jack Gallagher and Aiden English, the Gentlemen. Hitman Enterprises would win handily, even easier than last week over Paul London and Brian Kendrick, as this time they would take a microphone, challenging the Street Profits to a tag team championship match. The Street Profits would appear, accepting and claiming they want all the smoke. Cage brutally attacks Cain Velasquez backstage: Cage would unleash a sneak attack on Cain Velasquez backstage, as Velasquez warmed up for a match versus Matt Angel. Cage would slam Velasquez into the wall, saying that the reason Velasquez looks so dominant is because Ric Flair won't let him have any real competition. Cage would smash his head into the wall several times, busting him open before hitting him with a boot to the face as EMTs and Ric Flair rushed over to the former UFC Heavyweight Champ. Prince Balor reveals "why": The newly-dubbed 'Prince' Balor would be backstage, sitting down as he had his hands together. Dressed in all black, he revealed he was giving Johnny Gargano what he finally wanted: The reason "why". Balor would go on to say that while he sat at home, thinking about his loss to Cage at Ascension, Johnny Gargano was getting another opportunity to get an ECW Global Championship Match, after he got brutalized by Roman Reigns. He claims that as long as Johnny Gargano is around, he will never get the opportunities he deserves because the fans love Johnny, and what the fans love - they get. Balor reveals this won't be the case anymore, as HE, not the Legacy of Violence, will leave Johnny Gargano bloodied, and beaten so badly he will never want to return to ECW, officially accepting Gargano's challenge for a Three Stages of Hell Match. Kalisto, Drago, and Orange Cassidy knock off Son of Havoc, King Cuerno, and Tajiri: A 6 man tag team match between the men who will face at Anarchy Rulz for the newly instated United States Championship would face off in our main event. In the end, Orange Cassidy would nail Tajiri with "two superkicks" to the leg, before Kalisto would turn him around and nail him with a Salida Del Sol to take the win. Orange Cassidy would stare down his teammates with his hands in his pockets before leaving the ring, as that was the ending scene for the show. ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 12: "Age of Anarchy" Ric Flair informs Cage that his No-DQ match with Cain Velasquez is now unsanctioned: Cage would be backstage to begin the show, fuming still before Ric Flair would walk in. Flair, armed with security, would inform Cage that his match with Cain Velasquez is no longer sanctioned, because it is dangerous to everyone involved and could result in someone being hospitialized. Cage, pissed off, would say that Flair continues to protect superstars like Johnny Gargano and Cain Velasquez, but promises that Cain will now end up in a hospitial. Rob Van Dam reveals why he chose to come to ECW: Rob Van Dam would open the show just days away from challenging for the ECW Global Championship, saying that he was glad to be "home", even if it wasn't the actual place. He says that he is beaten up but not broken and will do the unthinkable and win the Global Championship, and that he has a lot of respect for Roman Reigns, and Tommaso Ciampa is a great competitor, before Reigns would interrupt, saying he respected what RVD did... 10 years ago, and told him that this is not his place anymore, it's Reigns, but tonight, since they will team in the main event, he'll allow him to be here. Tommaso Ciampa would interrupt, saying that the Age of Anarchy is slowly approaching and that actually, they needed to get out of the ring because Ciampa has a match, scheduled... right now. Tommaso Ciampa knocks off Tajiri: Continuing in line with his legend killing spree, Ciampa would face Tajiri tonight. It was clear who the better man was from the opening bell as Ciampa impressed and nailed Tajiri with his powerbomb onto the knees before pinning and defeating the Japanese Legend. Ciampa would stare down Reigns and RVD, who sat commentary. Prince Balor vs Johnny Gargano contract signing: Ric Flair would come to the ring, announcing that he would reveal the three stages of hell for Gargano vs Balor. First stage he would reveal it to be... a Street Fight... the second... a Tables Match... And the third, if needed, giving us a definitive winner, an I Quit Match. Gargano and Balor would sign the contract, and as Gargano left, Balor would strike from behind with a dropkick, before laying him out with a vicious Bloody Sunday on the ramp, as he pointed at Gargano, staring down Flair, who he blames for this attitude change... Cain Velasquez defeats Matt Angel, but loses the mental war: Cain Velasquez would knock Matt Angel out with a 1-2, pissed off that if he beats Cage, it will not count. Cage's music would sound as The Machine made his way down to the ring, as him and Velasquez got face-to-face. Velasquez would connect on two right hooks, but Cage would stand there, just taking them! The same punches that knocked out so many opponents before, have done nothing to Cage! Cage would smirk, as Cain Velasquez, shook, but not a b*tch, would tell him to come on. Having clearly shown Cain Velasquez how ineffective his punches were, Cage dips out of the ring, now having a mental edge over the undefeated superstar heading into Anarchy Rulz. Rob Van Dam & Roman Reigns fall to King Cuerno & Son of Havoc: The go-home main event would see competitors team up, as King Cuerno and Son of Havoc will go to war in a ladder match this Saturday, while Reigns and Van Dam will face off with Tommaso Ciampa in a Triple Threat for the ECW Global Championship. In the end, RVD would tag himself in after Son of Havoc and King Cuerno nailed a Superkick/Enzugiri, and Reigns, pissed off that Van Dam tagged in, would nail him with a Spear, showing off that Samoan Temper before leaving, as Cuerno nailed a Thrill of the Hunt on Van Dam to pick up the win. The lasting image would be Reigns staring down Van Dam from the stage... UNTIL CIAMPA WOULD SMASH HIS CRUTCH INTO REIGNS BACK! Picking up the ECW Global Championship, Ciampa would once again stand tall over his two competitors heading into the match this Saturday... ECW presents Anarchy Rulz 3rd PPV in ECW History The Street Profits and Hitman Enterprises battle to a no-contest The Street Profits and Hitman Enterprises would be a battle of punches, not the usual wrestling, as these two teams went at it, throwing everything they had at each other, with the Street Profits trying to prove they are still the best tag team in ECW, while Hitman Enterprises trying to usurp them. The two teams would battle into the crown, with Montez Ford getting suplexed onto the concrete! In the end, the referee would have no choice but to throw the match out, letting the Street Profits retain... But with both of the Street Profits down, you have to wonder if it's only a matter of time before Hitman Enterprises get the titles around their waists... King Cuerno captures gold: The Ladder Match to crown the inaugural United States Champion would be a spot-fest, as most of the men in this match use the high-flying style, providing a great match. In the end, it would come down to Kalisto and King Cuerno, perched on top of the ladder. With rights and lefts being thrown, King Cuerno would almost push Kalisto off, but Kalisto would grab King Cuerno, bringing him with him... UNTIL KING CUERNO HEADBUTTED KALISTO! With the headbutt, Kalisto would fall off the ladder, crash onto the mat, leaving Cuerno alone. With Kalisto down, fallen, King Cuerno would unhook the belt and etch his name in history as the first-ever ECW United States Champion. Cain Velasquez survives: Cage and Cain Velasquez would fight all over the place, using every weapon possible to try and beat the other. Cage would gain the advantage by using a barbed wire baseball bat to the face, busting Cain Velasquez open. Cage would then push Cain Velasquez off of the stage! Doing anything to defeat the undefeated superstar... HE WOULD JUMP OFF OF THE STAGE, ONTO CAIN VELASQUEZ! As the referee got down to the wreckage, Cain Velasquez crawls onto Cage, as the referee counts: 1... 2... 3. Cain Velasquez SURVIVES Cage. Roman Reigns defeats the odds, retains the Global Championship: Despite defending in a triple threat, and in a match type suited to his opponents, Roman Reigns would find a way to get it done. As Tommaso Ciampa nailed his Project Ciampa on Rob Van Dam, the Big Dog would Spear Ciampa, before throwing him out of the ring. As RVD got to his feet, Reigns nailed another spear and retained the Global Championship, holding it high and proud in a hardcore war, as he has welts and RVD/Ciampa busted open. After the match, Tommaso Ciampa would get up, grabbing a microphone and saying Roman Reigns cannot beat him straight up, and needs an old man to make sure he retains his title... Ciampa says there's no escape for Roman, and that The Blackheart is coming for him... Three Stages of Hell: The three stages of hell match between Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano may be the defining match in ECW history, as the first fall, a street fight, was won by Finn Balor as he nailed a Coup De Grace to Gargano's head onto a steel chair, going up 1-0. The second fall would be Gargano's, as two superkicks to Balor, would send him off of the top turnbuckle and through a table at ringside. The third fall, an I Quit Match, would be where things got intense. The two would wage war for over twenty minutes, as the ring was nearly-red from how much blood there was tonight, and Balor and Gargano were bloodied, sweaty, and getting tired. As Gargano had the crossface locked in, Sheamus would come to Balor's aid, nailing a Brogue Kick to the skull of Johnny. As Johnny Wrestling laid, unprotected, Sheamus went to the outside and lifted up the mats covering the concrete. Balor would take Gargano to the outside, nailing a Bloody Sunday onto Gargano on the concrete! The referee asked if Gargano quits, and Gargano, unable to talk, would just barely get out no. Balor, shaking his head, would pick up Gargano and nail him with a second one on the concrete! Gargano, now fully unable to speak, could just barely shake his head. Balor, shaken from the fact there is no quit in Johnny Wrestling, would nail him with a third Bloody Sunday on the concrete, and after Gargano was unresponsive, the referee signaled for the bell, ending the match as Balor collapsed to his knees. Unable to walk, The Revival would come from the back, carrying Balor to the back as the EMTs and medics checked on Gargano, who was still unresponsive as the show ended with the Legacy of Violence standing tall on the ramp.
  13. ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 10: "Falls Count Anywhere" Ric Flair announces the United States Championship, and a ladder match for it at Anarchy Rulz: The ECW GM, beginning the show in the ring, would talk about ECW's success, before he would announce that the talent competitors involved in the ladder match to crown the inaugural champion at Anarchy Rulz would be Kalisto, Drago, King Cuerno, Son of Havoc, Orange Cassidy, and Tajiri. Hitman Enterprises dominates The Gentlemen: The newest Tag Team in Wrestling, Hitman Enterprises would dominate The Gentlemen, showing how strong and powerful they are, along with their experience as a tag team. In the end, they would nail the Last Hit on Aiden English, winning the match and sending a clear message to the Street Profits: They're coming for the championships. Cain Velasquez promises to defeat The Machine: Cain Velasquez, standing at 5-0 in ECW, knocking out each opponent would promise despite facing his biggest threat yet in Cage, he would defeat The Machine and propel forward, continuing his unbeaten record. With Cage able to match Velasquez in size, you wonder if Velasquez will be able to knock him out like he has done to his first five victims... Johnny Gargano beats Sheamus, issues a challenge to Finn Balor and vows to make him pay regardless: Johnny Gargano would have his first in-ring competition since Retaliation, and would not disappoint. In a exciting match, Gargano would nail Sheamus with a Superkick before locking on his Crossface, eventually forcing the Celtic Warrior to tap out. Gargano would then grab a microphone, issue a three stages of hell match to Finn Balor, and tell him he will pay regardless. Tommaso Ciampa outlasts Rob Van Dam in Falls Count Anywhere: Tommaso Ciampa and Rob Van Dam, two known hardcore wrestlers, would meet in a Falls Count Anywhere match in the main event, beating the hell out of each other with every weapon imaginable. In the end, the fight made it's way to the backstage area, where Rob Van Dam looked to perform a Five-Star Frog Splash off of one of the ECW buses. He would miss, Ciampa would take the opportunity to smash RVD's head through a glass window, before make the cover and defeat RVD, adding him to the list of legends Ciampa has defeated in recent months. Medics would help RVD, as Ciampa just walked off, as he past Roman Reigns on the way, bumping into him. Ciampa walking out of the building would be the fading image of Overdrive...
  14. A man delivers on his promises... But anyways, I'd like to announce I will be challenging Julius to a face-to-face, contract signing for Carnage: Wildcard. Ball is in your court, champ
  15. Slim


    A dim-lit room is shown, centering in on a lightbulb, showing the electricity casting off each stem of the bulb, as the sounds of a lightbulb buzzing are the only things heard throughout the room, before faintly, you begin to hear footsteps, getting closer... and closer. Before finally, a soft, familiar voice is heard. Fascinating, isn't it? The voice is recognizable as the one and only, Fractured King, Slim. He snickers to himself before beginning to talk again. One man just seamlessly wanders over the intricate details of this object, while another may just focus on other details, such as the temperature... You look at this, and what do you see? Most people, they see light, hope, but me, I see nothing more than a distraction. Slim grabs the lightbulb and shatters it, as glass falls onto the floor, as now we can just make out the white-paint of Slim's face, as he peers into the camera, staring into the souls of the men he talks to. That... is called perspective. And trust me, perspective is one of the most important things in this world. It originates sayings like, one man's trash is another man's treasure. It makes people different, it makes them... tick. When it comes to myself, I see everything through every perspective, it's what makes me so calculated. For example, some people see Descent as my "believers", they see themselves as brothers, bonded together by a madness they can no longer control, and I, see them as weapons. Slim laughs, thinking about The Antichrist, his Ace in the Hole, and the Dark Raven as he continues to talk, centering his message on his Survival Games Final opponent. Julius, there is much perspective between us. There was a time period in BPZ known as my reign of terror, a one man wrecking crew tearing through BPZ, unable to be stopped, and only stopped by himself, but then, he ran into a machine. Not just any machine... The Death Machine. And he fell, tumbling down a road of sorrow and regret. He would return, take his revenge, but would be badly damaged in his revenge, and it was at that point, he realized he would never be the same man he once was. A stubborn man, he didn't believe it. He came back, trying the same things as before, and once again, failed. Tumbling back down the same road of failure, his eyes were opened by the one he used to call his partner. And now, he has reinvented himself, a new man, a man born out of hatred, anger, a man born out of failure. He no longer is a man with something to lose, because... Slim stops, almost pained to say it, as he continues. Because, at SummerSlam a year ago Julius... You took everything from me. A tear falls down Slim's cheek, before the uncomfortable scene becomes even more gut-wrenching as Slim begins to laugh as the tear falls. Some people believe you took everything, that you ended me... That was the end... Of the old me. No matter how long I denied it, the feeling was there, this feeling of something beautiful, waiting to burst out... Julius, people believe you ended me... And that may be true. But you formed the first mental crack that has now evolved into a broken psyche. Slim laughs, as he begins to laugh uncontrollably, before he stops himself... Julius, I want to thank you. Without you, there wouldn't be this side of me, without you, I would be a man consumed by accolades, consumed by ego... But now, I'm a man fueled by... NOTHING! Snicker from Slim. Julius, I don't consider you an enemy. I don't care what's happened in the past, bygones are bygones. But I'm gonna do you the same favor you did me, I'm gonna make you feel something beautiful. The roles have reversed, Julius. Last year, I was the man on top, seemingly untouchable, and now that has become you. You were the unstoppable force, just waiting for his moment to strike... Perspective is key, Julius... You see me as an insane man, driven mad by his failures. I see myself as an intelligent man, shown the light by his failures. So, tell me Julius... If you are the man I was, at SummerSlam 2018... Wouldn't that mean a loss at Survivor Series, would send you down the same path I'm on? Laughter slowly comes from the mouth of Slim, as the words marinate with the audience. Slim has now planted the seed, he believes one bad loss to Julius send him down this path he is currently on. Could a loss to Slim send Julius down the same path?
  16. Gonna keep this short and sweet: Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet was the only good part of Raw. Until Seth Rollins loses the Universal Championship, I will not watch Raw. IT SUCKS.
  17. Watching Steve Kerr, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green stand there as the crushing defeat finally set in. Fuck the Warriors.
  18. Rest in peace a fallen solider 😖😫... Happy birthday Neb 🙏🏽💔🥀

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    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      Everything's going good, I'm on my last (hopefully) semester in college while I'm also doing my final clinical placement. After that I have 4 subjects I need to pass in February in order to earn my degree and then I have my eyes on a master's degree in Scotland, but I'm taking in one step at a time..

    3. The Neb

      The Neb

      How's everyone been here?

    4. Smith


      Everything's been good. There's been a few fights here and there but nothing past the norm. Personally, I'm currently taking a gap year before university so I can get a job, earn some money, learn to drive and just get a break from education for a bit lol. I'm glad to see you're doing well. Also, I don't know if you have discord but I think everyone would be really excited if you joined the server for a bit if you have the time.

  19. ECW Overdrive on TNT Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando Episode 9: "Betrayal" Legacy of Violence opens the show: The leader of LOV, Finn Balor, would be accompanied by his companions, Sheamus, and The Revival as Balor shocked the world, turning his back on Johnny Gargano at Retaliation to join this trio, to form a new power alliance in ECW. Finn Balor would begin by saying that he was not Finn Balor, but instead PRINCE Balor. Balor would begin to talk about the events of Retaliation, but the music of Gargano blasted throughout the arena, as The Rebel Heart ran down to the ring, knowingly running into a four-on-one beatdown. Gargano would get shots on Balor, punch after punch, but the numbers game would catch up to him, as The Revival held his arms while Sheamus nailed him with a Brogue Kick. Balor would look down at Gargano, before the Legacy would leave, with Balor shaking his head at Gargano... This surely isn't over between these two, as it seems Gargano wants Balor's head for his betrayal. Cain Velasquez wins a rematch with Mike Bennett: A rematch from Retaliation would see Cain Velasquez once again step into the ring with Mike Bennett. It would be over before it started as Velasquez nailed Bennett with a 1-2 combo, knocking him down to the ground which allowed Velasquez to finish it with some nice ground-n-pound. Velasquez would celebrate his win, now moving his record to an impressive 6-0... But from behind, CAGE would emerge and attack Cain Velasquez! Velasquez would try to fight back, but his power wouldn't be enough to overmatch The Machine as Cage would nail Velasquez with a Weapon X, marking the first time someone has ever dropped Cain Velasquez in ECW! Ric Flair announces the newest ECW Championship and event: We would be shown a press-like room, as Ric Flair walked up to the podium, talking about how much of a success ECW has been for him. Getting emotional, Flair announced he was there to confirm ECW's latest event, one giving back to the fans that have supported them from the very beginning, Anarchy Rulz, an original ECW event. Flair would go on to say that this company has been outstanding performers, and one singles championship is no longer enough to fulfill the talent, as he announced that the first ever ECW United States Champion would be crowned in a ladder match at Anarchy Rulz. The Street Profits vs Londrick Following a successful title defense at Retaliation, The Street Profits would face Brian Kendrick and Paul London here tonight, as in an exciting match, the Profits would pick up the win. After, as they celebrated, two men would strike, attacking the ECW Tag Team Champions from behind, before raising their titles above the champions, revealing it to be... PCO and Brody King! The men formerly known as Villain Enterprises are here in ECW! Rob Van Dam debuts, gives Roman Reigns his first-ever singles loss in ECW: Roman Reigns, after defeating Cage to retain his championship, would come out to issue an open challenge for the show's main event. Rob Van Dam would accept, making his ECW debut, as after a hotly contested match, Rob Van Dam would catch Reigns with a Superkick before hitting a Five Star Frog Splash to knock off the ECW Global Champion, with shock and amazement cast in the building! Rob Van Dam would end the show celebrating, as a ECW Global Championship Match could be in his... WAIT! TOMMASO CIAMPA! FROM BEHIND! Ciampa with a knee strike to RVD, and now scoops up Reigns... Powerbomb onto both of his knees! Ciampa, like a predator stalking his prey, nails RVD in the face with another knee strike! The lasting image of Overdrive is Ciampa, holding up the ECW Global Championship to boos from the crowd...
  20. I may be the only one but I can't fucking wait for Crown Jewel to be over. The shows have been horrendous because I am not interested in any match at Crown Jewel. Not. One.
  21. · Life of Wonder · Showtime · Oddworld · Pizza Place My votes for this month. Appreciate the votes in sports diaries, and I'm glad to see there is a lot of close votings. Think Pizza Place will take it's second win, but next month hopefully No One Man gives it some competition.
  22. Name: Kentrell Banks Nickname: The King or Knockout King Gender: Male Nationality: American Ethnicity: Lightskin (Mixed black and white) Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla Persona: Boastful Troll (Idc if it says pick one I let my nuts hang) Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016): Fighting Style (Select One): Primary: Boxing, Secondary: Muay Thai Height: 6'2" Weight Class (Male Only, Select One): LHW
  23. Sign-up Sheet: Name - Ace Nickname - 'Crown Jewel' Age - N/A Appearance/Build - A lightskin skinny man Do they conceal their identity (their face) and if so with what? - Yes, facepaint Power(s) - Immortality Background/Origin Story - N/A Alliance (F.A.L.L. [evil but no questions], A.T.L.A.S. [good], mafia, Anti-hero, hero, villain) - Villain

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