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  1. The main event has come to a close, as Slim has defeated Sameer and Brad after a hellous World Championship Match. Sameer lays in the ring, bleeding after an all-out assault by Slim, as Slim holds the BPZ World Championship, seated in the corner. Sameer rolls out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair as Slim holds the championship up. Sameer then slides into the ring, hitting Slim with a steel chair! Slim nails Sameer, as Sameer now throws the chair across the ring, as Slim begins to laugh, laying face-first on the mat. Sameer exits the ring, tearing apart the commentary table as he then sits down in front of the table, hands on his forehead after the loss. Slim then is heard, laying down in the ring still. Ya know, they say all it takes is one bad day to turn even the best of them insane... Take away everything they hold dear, and they snap. Sameer gets up, approaching the ring as Slim continues to talk. But your day isn't over yet, Sameer... Suddenly, the lights cut one by one, as eery music plays throughout the arena and the fans buzz at the appearance of... The Antichrist is here. Sameer turns around and is floored by a brutal right hand by Necce. Slim runs over to Sameer and both men start to beat the former World Heavyweight Champion. Slim picks up Sameer as Necce gets into the corner. He throws Sameer towards the corner and Necce runs out and hits him with a Sling Blade that sends Sameer’s skull right into the mat. Sameer lies on the mat, beaten, broken, and dazed. Necce once again goes into the corner, but this time, he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a crumpled up plastic grocery bag. He walks back over to Sameer and puts him on his stomach. He sits on Sameer’s back, as if he were going to lock in the camel clutch submission. He puts the plastic bag over Sameer’s head and begins to suffocate him with it. Slim grabs a microphone and begins to speak. Sameer... How do you feel right now? How does it feel to know that you are, TRULY, alone... That no one will save you, that you have nothing. Titleless, friendless, and to everyone except me... that makes YOU worthless. Sameer passes out from the lack of oxygen. Slim nudges Necce, who is still strangling Sameer, and he immediately drops the bag. He stands up, and both men look down at their prey. Slowly, they get out of the ring and walk to the back, the Beast having been slayed tonight.
  2. Slim


    Suddenly the lights cut, as the crowd pops before the lights come back on to a spotlight on the United States Champion, as looks all around him, but there's no sign of him... before a sadistic voice is heard over the PA. Hello Harry... You call me delusional... But I think you have us mixed up. You see, you are the delusional one. You are the one who believes that this fight between us is gonna matter! Slim laughs over the PA as Hans continues to look around, heistate to a sneak attack. Quite frankly I find this matchup a little boring. You're here to wrestle and win championships, you don't stand out. You're bland and I'm bored of that, just facing wrestlers, not men with a deeper purpose that I can be the one to bring out... Or atleast, that's what I thought. Laughter from the Fractured King. That was until you mentioned Rachel, Hans, you see you are a victim of heartbreak like I was. I almost felt bad, for you, as strange as it sounds because I was once a victim of that too. But that pain, Hans, you will carry it with you forever. Let me ask... Do you miss her? Does a part of you feel empty, like you're not yourself? Do you think that it's your fault and you could have done something about it? Because maybe you could have. Hans begins to get angry, yelling for Slim to come face him in in the ring like a man. You say I wanna live off past glory, that I want to be World Champion to live off glory... But you're wrong, I want to be World Champion because it's what everyone of you people want to be, and me taking it away from you puts you one step further to that one bad day that finally brings out the true man that each and everyone of you hide. I think it's cute that you want to prove to your doubters that you belong here, but I don't think that's what it is Hans. You come here, you wrestle, you hit people because it lets you get that anger out, that anger out to the people who killed Rachel. Hans loses it, throwing his United States Championship onto the mat as he continues to yell at Slim. I FEEL IT, HANS! I feel that anger, it's reflecting off of you like negative energy, and I'm telling you, it's okay to feed into it. You become the bad guy, sure, but in everyone, there's a bad side. Hans, I know how you feel. I was in that position once and it changed me forever... But it wasn't a bad change. It was good. It felt good. You want The King on Night 3, but you won't get him. You see that man, he is weak. He cares about championships, accomplishments, winning, all feats of an insecure man. I, however, I care about nothing. That's why you won't get the best Slim, you'll get the most dangerous. Championships, accomplishments, they mean nothing. Whether I win or lose this match does not matter to me, but I promise you by the end of it, I will have defeated you and proved to you that a man with nothing to lose is much more dangerous than a man with something to prove. Slim begins to laugh as the lights cut again and, and turn back on and Slim stands there, with his white face paint and green hair, before Hans tries to grab him and the lights cut again, before turning on completely to Slim gone with nothing but a card left in the ring, which is panned to show a picture of Rachel. Hans becomes irrate as he yells around for Slim, before his voice appears on the PA once again... "HA...HA...HA." Fade to black.
  3. Slim

    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Payback Predictions: World Heavyweight Championship: Dean Ambrose(c) vs The Undertaker Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Cesaro United States Championship: Rusev(c) vs Kurt Angle (I Quit) Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor RAW Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson(c) vs The Hardyz RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch(c) Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn Preshow: Braun Strowman & Heath Slater vs Vaudevillains BONUSES: What match will open the show? (1pt) Who takes the pin in the tag team match (HHH/Joe vs Rollins/Cesaro), and by who? (2pt) How many championships will change hands? (2pt)
  4. 1 - The Fiend I would treat The Fiend with a special aura about him, and for my company I would build around my version of modern-day Rock, Austin, and Undertaker. Fiend would obviously be The Undertaker and I would just have him attack whoever, being a tweener who does whatever he wants. 2 - Undisputed Era Maybe I'm cheating, maybe I'm not. Adam Cole in this scenario would be The Rock, the top heel of my promotion armed with Undisputed Era by his side. I would build my tag team division around Fish and O'Reilly, while having a strong card worker in Roddy Strong to place wherever. 3. Roman Reigns I would have Reigns be Austin because I feel Reigns is really good on his own and has the badass and potential to be Austin-like, if they hadn't pushed him so hard. Reigns is the biggest full-timer wrestler from this era that WWE has made, and he would probably be the biggest signing we could make for a full-time wrestler. 4. Shinsuke Nakamura I have the dark character, I have the badass and I have the cocky guy. Now, I need a pure striker who lets his work do the talking and Nakamura fits the bill perfectly here. I believe Nakamura and Reigns could have a hard-striking match and I believe Cole and Nakamura are the perfect counters to each other, and Nakamura vs Fiend could be a show for the fans to watch the entrances. 5. Street Profits Street Profits are the perfect face counter to Undisputed Era, because they are glitz and glamour as well and their matches were really good from what I've seen. These two, trust me are stars and the closest thing I've seen to Harlem Heat in a while, so I would choose them for my final signing.
  5. Real World Wrestling Diary of the Month: Brand Warfare (Slim, Julius, Smith) Forums Wrestling Diary of the Month: BPZ: Smithyverse (Smith) Sports Diary of the Month: Timberwolves: Road to Glory (Sameer) Creative Diary of the Month: BPZ Pizza Place (Bob)
  6. Kinda surprised to see Fournier get the nod over Terrence Ross but I understand why because Ross is a spark plug off the bench. Not gonna lie your starting five is average, but here's a potential interesting scenario. Trade for CP3?
  7. 1. Undisputed Era 2. Rowan 3. Fiend 4. Lesnar 5. Corbin
  8. Have no idea how you put decided the top 5 but with none of FD, Bashka, Ryan, and Zombie on the list, I'm interested to know since I believe they're all above myself, Flynn and Julius as IC champions...
  9. Money in the Bank reportedly "last minute decision", coming down to Julius or Flynm Backstage there is reported turmoil over who Mr. Money in the Bank will end up being. There is major turmoil in BPZ right now, with the reported Money in the Bank decision looming but a decision not made. Every match on the card except the ladder match has reportedly been decided, as it's expected by betting odds that Slim and Smith will become World and Intercontinental Champions. Right now, the reported betting odds for MITB show Julius (-100) as the favorite but Flynn not far behind (+110). Who will BPZ ultimately go with for the case? Flynn or Julius? Or, will Brendenplayz shock us all and go with a name like The Bailey or JoshsNow?
  10. First full SD I've watched in a while and thought it was a pretty good show. Brock Lesnar challenging Kofi Kingston was cool and Brock will go into the draft as WWE Champion which is cool. Does anyone else think KO could be SD GM? It feels like a natural end for him and Shane for KO to take over. Erick Rowan's part in this show was awesome and honestly glad they're pushing him and Harper, especially in a match vs Reigns and Bryan.
  11. EDITED TOP 5 PICKS FOR EACH BRAND: SmackDown: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre RAW: Universal Champion The Fiend, Seth Rollins, United States Champion AJ Styles (if they can be selected together, OC), Charlotte Flair, Randy Orton
  12. I doubt he will but I may be wrong. I feel like it was a clever marketing ploy for people to tune into NXT but after his segment with Shane tonight I feel like Kevin Owens may, HEAR ME OUT, be the SmackDown General Manager. I think Owens could thrive as SD GM because he's entertaining enough to do it, plus him taking SmackDown from the man who he claims ruined it is a perfect way for Shane to go off-screen.
  13. Lesnar vs Angle. This was Lesnar's year and Angle was a top star, plus it helps that it was a fucking amazing match even tho Lesnar almost killed himself.
  14. October 2nd, 2019 - The Sanctuary, in Los Angeles, California Broadcasted on SpikeTV Episode 1: "Order" We begin Clash Society with a movie-like shot of Paul Heyman in his new office, before the door opens as Heyman is messing around with some old Lucha Underground things like the Gift of the Gods Championship, Dario's old red bull, etc. It is the man who indeed returns to fighting tonight, as CM Punk walks in and sits down. Heyman thanks him for coming, and Punk tells him to make it short. Heyman smirks, saying that he loves the all-business attitude about Punk, which is why he's putting money on the line tonight. 1.5k will be on the line tonight when they face off, and the man who wins will get the money. Punk smirks, before shaking Paul Heyman's hand and leaving. Heyman smirks as he looks out his office window at the ring... We are welcomed to Clash Society again, this time in The Sanctuary, as our commentary team of Travis Mann (Corey Graves) and Matt Striker. They introduce us to the hottest 90 minutes in wrestling as they say that tonight, we will see some familiar faces, and some new ones too, before "Who Stoppin Me" by Big Sean hits, as emerging from the smoke at the top of the stairs... "El Idolo" Andrade 'Cien' Almas! Almas stands at the top of the stairs as the crowd, known as the 'Devotees', pops for the emergence of the former NXT Champion. Almas walks down the stairs, standing before the ring as he gets in, getting on his knees, praying to whoever, as El Idolo has a purpose tonight. WIN, with the rumors that the superstar most impressed will win 1.5k from Head of Operations Paul Heyman. "AND HIS OPPONENT... ONE OF THE MOST DEADLY STRIKERS IN WRESTLING... KILLSHOT!" Killshot makes his way out of the entrance, as the devotees pop at the sign of Killshot, a man who has been called one of the deadliest strikers in wrestling today, hence the name Killshot, especially being a former US Military Sniper... Killshot and Andrade Almas stare down, about to kick off Clash Society's first ever match, and this one is gonna be a doozy. Andrade 'Cien' Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs Killshot Singles Match Andrade 'Cien' Almas and Killshot lock up, trying to take each other down before Killshot knocks it away and nails a dropkick to Almas' face. Killshot picks Almas up, taking him to the corner before bouncing off of the opposite ropes and hitting a dropkick to the face. Killshot and Almas would go back and forth, before Killshot would superkick Almas... BUT ALMAS WOULD HOP INTO THE ROPES AND BEGIN TAUNTING! Andrade Almas would use the Tranquilo on Killshot, as Killshot runs at Almas... But Almas slides under him and hits a Backstabber! Almas then begins to stomp away at Killshot, letting him know who El Idolo is, before going up to the top rope, looking for a Moonsault... No! Killshot rolls out of the way before hitting a brutal knee to the back of Almas, as Killshot covers: 1... 2... No! Almas kicks out. Almas and Killshot continue to go back and forth, as Almas is hung up in between the ropes, with his legs facing out as his body is exposed... But Killshot rolls, snatches Almas by the neck and brings him down with a brutal DDT to the mat! Almas hit dove straight into the mat with no way to protect himself and harbor the blow! Killshot climbs to the top, looking for his Diving Foot Stomp to end it off... And nails it! Killshot into the cover: 1... 2... NO! Zelina Vega pulls Killshot off! Zelina Vega just saved Killshot! And now, Killshot looks incensed as he stares down Vega... AND CHASES AFTER HER! The referee tries to stop Killshot, but he doesn't stop as Vega slides into the ring, with Killshot following as Vega gets in the referee's way... LOWBLOW FROM ALMAS TO KILLSHOT! Vega was in the referee's way so he didn't see it! Almas sets it up... HAMMERLOCK DDT! Almas into the cover: 1... 2... 3! "Andrade 'Cien' Almas has picked up the win thanks to Zelina Vega and stupidity from the referee", says Matt Striker on commentary as Almas gets his hand raised by Zelina Vega, with Almas taking the first-ever victory in Clash Society! Killshot looks disappointed with himself as he hits the mat in frustration, allowing his emotions to distract him from taking the victory. Almas leaves the ring as Matt Striker and Travis Mann talk about what an exceptional, hard-fought battle we just saw between Andrade 'Cien' Almas and Killshot. "Almas using his business manager to his advantage is BRILLIANT!" exclaims Mann on commentary as we are once again shown a full screen. We are shown a vignette of "The Showstealer" Dolph Ziggler. It shows Ziggler getting beat down before he slowly makes a comeback, as the crowd chants Ziggler as he makes the spirited effort, as we hear Ziggler begin to talk... I was never the best... or biggest, or strongest, but I've always had heart. It shows Ziggler willing himself up the ropes, including his 2014 Survivor Series match where he came back from a 3-on-1 deficit to win the match. He begins to speak again... Even in my toughest trials and tribulations, I came out on top... We flash back to No Mercy 2016, as The Miz and Dolph Ziggler are in a title vs. career match for the Intercontinental Championships. Quick clips show Ziggler and Miz's match, Ziggler kicking out of the Skull Crushing Finale, overcoming the Spirit Squad, and then losing his shoe and nailing a Superkick to win the championship. Tonight, all that heart, all those trials and tribulations, they become worth it with my new beginnings. We are shown Ziggler in the mirror, as he nods to himself before walking out of the bathroom. Back in the arena, Travis Mann and Matt Striker talk about how our main event is upcoming, but right now, we've been promised by Paul Heyman who he calls 'one of the best entertainers' that Clash Society has acquired... Suddenly, an italian beat begins to play as emerging from the smoke is LORENZO CARTER, formerly known as Enzo Amore! Carter has a microphone as the devotees are happy to see him as he begins to talk about how Clash Society is the hottest place to be in fighting, and the Real Deal has taken his talents to Los Angeles and will exclusively be apart of Clash Society. He gets to the ring and begins to talk about how he's the real smack talka, and how he's gonna make his mark in Clash Society and he doesn't give a damn about no Big Cass, no Vince McMahon and that this is his time! Suddenly, a futuristic theme hits as now it is the self-proclaimed "Soul of Clash Society", Ali as the man who cannot be matched in the air makes his way out from the entrance. He stares down Lorenzo, as tonight the two will have a match, meshing high-flying against straight street fighting from Carter. Ali vs Lorenzo Carter Lorenzo Carter and Ali would lock up, but Carter would quickly break it before beginning to throw right hooks and left hands as Carter would then tackle Ali, beginning to throw forearms onto the face of Ali, as Ali struggles to adjust to the brooklyn-brawling style of Lorenzo Carter. Carter would pick Ali up, continuing to punch away his guy before grabbing him and slamming Ali down! The exotic Carter would then begin to dance as Ali made it to his feet... Lorenzo Carter would charge at Ali, but Ali would duck under it before hitting a Pele Kick to Lorenzo, knocking him into a seated position in the corner, as Ali then hit a dropkick to Carter while he was seated in the corner! Ali pulls Lorenzo up, before hitting a Fisherman's Suplex! Ali would go into the pin: 1... 2... NO! Lorenzo Carter would kick out, to the shock of most in the arena. Ali would be shocked as well, before Carter would catch him with a quick roll-up! 1... 2... 3!? No! Ali kicks out, before 'Zo jumps and grabs Ali by his neck and slams him face first into the mat (Lil Jimmy), as he covers again: 1... 2... NO! Ali would once again kick out, as Lorenzo Carter now climbs to the top rope, going for a splash... NO! Ali dodged! Ali with a knee strike... And now Ali sores onto the top... IMPLODING 450! Ali makes the cover: 1... 2... 3! Ali has defeated Lorenzo Carter in his first match in Clash Society, but hats off to Lorenzo Carter, someone who wasn't exactly praised as a superstar in the WWE... But tonight, it's Ali who picks up the victory on the first episode of Clash Society, with our thrilling main event of CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler looming! As we come back from commercial, a full-screen view of Ali is shown, recovering from his match and sitting down, looking at his phone. Paul Heyman enters, commending him for living up to his name 'The Soul of Clash Society', before leaving. Suddenly, a man walks in, who Ali believes to be Heyman. "You know, men like you were the reason I failed in that shit-show." Ali looks up to reveal none other than the 'Blackheart King', Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa looks at Ali, as he then says that he's here to make sure men like Ali don't ruin his paycheck anymore before hitting him with a knee strike. Ali begins to fight back, before suddenly two men jump Ali, as the trio of men begin to stomp Ali down before Ciampa smashes his face into the mirror, cracking it and making Ali bleed. The two men take their hoods down, revealing to be the Crist Brothers, Jake Crist and Dave Crist. They stand with Ciampa over Ali before Ciampa delivers one final line. "The Age of Fallen has arrived, Ali." We are flipped back to the Sanctuary, as Matt Striker and Travis Mann tell us, that it's main event time! CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler squaring off, with a potential 1.5k looming to the victor! Suddenly, "My Demons" by Starset begins to play, as emerging from the entrance of the Sanctuary is none other than The Showstealer himself, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler comes out smirking, as the devotees cheer his appearance. Ziggler taunts to them, as they cheer him on before he gets down from the turnbuckle, standing there in the ring as then... "Cult of Personality" hits as the crowd goes wild, with smoke arriving on the top of the stairs, before CM Punk steps out, both arms spread out as the devotees cheer him on, before he walks down the stairs, high-fiving the fans while keeping his eyes focused on Ziggler. He eventually gets into the ring as our match begins, with the main event of the evening being the biggest match happening in wrestling tonight. Main Event CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler The match begins with the two locking up, as Punk takes Ziggler into a headlock but Ziggler quickly counters, pushing him off of him and bouncing Punk off of the ropes into a dropkick! Punk rolls out of the ring, staring down Ziggler as Punk tries to get his ring rust out of the way early. Punk slides back in, as Ziggler goes for a clothesline, but Punk dodges before taking Ziggler down and beginning to nail punches, showing off that MMA experience Punk gained! Ziggler gets to the ropes, pulling himself under as he then bounces Punk's neck off of the ropes, stunning him. Ziggler would slide back in, looking for an early Zig-Zag... But Punk would hold onto the ropes before running at Ziggler and nailing him with a clothesline! Punk would grab Ziggler, throwing him into the corner, as Punk runs into the corner, hitting her with a knee to the face, before grabbing her head, putting it in a headlock before running to the middle of the rope and nailing a bulldog! CM Punk signals for it, the GTS, trying to end it early as the knee Ziggler took still has him wobbly! Punk lifts him onto his shoulders... NO! Ziggler gets down and nails a Zig-Zag! That's gotta be it! 1... 2... NO! CM Punk kicks out as Ziggler nods his head, before rolling into the corner, and tuning up the band, paying homage to his idol, Shawn Michaels, as Punk gets to his feet... But Punk counters, swinging Ziggler's head into a knee before hitting a clothesline! Punk drags Ziggler out of the ring, taking the fight to the outside as Punk smashes Ziggler's head into the metal gate before throwing him back into the ring! Punk climbs the top rope, going for the Elbow Drop... AND HITS IT! Punk into the cover: 1... 2.. NO! ZIGGLER KICKS OUT! CM Punk gets Ziggler to his feet, but Ziggler counters a punch before hitting a Superkick to Punk's left knee! Ziggler then hits a Jumping DDT, but Punk, trying to stay on his feet, pops up but not a wise decision, as Ziggler nails a chop block to that left knee, knocking Punk down! Ziggler goes into the corner, tuning up the band... SUPERKICK! 1... 2... NO! CM Punk once again kicks out, finding a way! Ziggler hits the mat in frustration, as he goes back into the corner, looking for his Famouser... The devotees are going wild, cheering on his match intensely as they look to see either The Best in the World or The Showstealer win tonight... And Ziggler runs at Punk... BUT PUNK CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS! DOLPH ZIGGLER COUNTERS WITH THE FAMOUSER! Ziggler covers Punk: 1... 2... 3!? NO! Ziggler is now really beside himself, having almost been done but somehow countering the GTS into the Famouser! Ziggler looks for another Superkick, picking Punk up again, and Punk wobbles around, and Ziggler goes for the Superkick... No! Punk catches his boot. A staredown between Ziggler and Punk is shown, as Punk shakes his hand and Ziggler knows what's about to happen, as Punk shoves his foot down... BEFORE LIFTING HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS... GO TO SLEEP FROM CM PUNK! CM Punk into the cover: 1... 2... 3! CM Punk has won his return match to wrestling! Punk stands in the middle of the ring, his hand raised as Ziggler sits in the corner, defeated. Punk goes over to Ziggler, offering his hand, as Ziggler takes it, raising Punk's hand as the lasting image of the first Clash Society is these two toget- Roman Reigns, Akam, and Rezar from behind! The three powerhouses begin to put the boots to Punk and Ziggler. The three men stand together, before the men formerly known as Akam and Rezar pick Ziggler up, before throwing him to Reigns who nails a nasty Spear! Akam picks up Ziggler, while Rezar picks up Punk, and the two nail a Super Collider Powerbomb on the two, dropping them as Reigns grabs a microphone, delivering a message as Clash Society ends... "Clash Society." "The Order's here." FADE TO BLACK.
  15. This NBA season is all about duos. PG/Kawhi, LeBron/AD, Harden/Russ... This season is ruled by duos. But I wanna know, who is the best NBA2K duo on the forums? Me and Flynn were talking and this is a great idea... A duos, all-star team up tournament. We need 8 or 16 people to do this, I feel like 16 could happen but 8 is more likely. So me and Flynn are a duo, just pick up a partner and I'll put you in below! RULES: No Giannis Opponents must agree on who is East/West 3 game series Opponents must agree on matchups, cannot match up with CPU Let's have fun (no Giannis fuck that), and enjoy this tournament and see who's the best! Teams: Slim & Flynn
  16. Slim


    We are just a few moments away from our main event of Carnage, a-Wait! The broadcast is interrupted, showing a familiar place... We are shown a dark mansion, with pictures of many accolades and such posted on the wall. A dark figure sits in a chair, before a flashing light continues to flicker, eventually showing the face of Slim as he sits there, a sinister smile on his face as he will challenge Sameer for the World Championship this Sunday at Bad Blood. Hell ... O. A very sadistic smirk breaks out on the face of one of the greatest superstars ever as he begins to talk again, in a deep and slow voice. A few weeks ago, after I beat Sameer, I began to wonder... What's the point of all of this? The point of this company, and that answer lead me to something much, much bigger. That answer of what this company really means asked me what our society as a whole, means. That answer lead me to a refreshing, life-changing, answer... Nothing. This all means nothing. Slim lets off a disturbing laugh as he continues to talk. All the pain, all the joy, all the accomplishments, the let-downs, the highpoints, none of it matters. We all live to die, and there's no other way that life goes. There's a startpoint, and an endpoint so whatever happens in the middle.. Really, doesn't matter. I saw the light the night of SummerSlam. I was at a low, you see, I've never felt like a 'loser', and that's how I felt on the night of SummerSlam. Scum, cast out, but I was shown the light, and I want everyone else to see that what you do doesn't matter, as long as you're remembered. I'm hailed as a man who has a lot of flaws, a man who is not "morally" right, but... None of you are either. Deep down, whether you wanna admit it or not, we all have dark thoughts, dark elements. It's what makes us a person. I've embraced mine over the past few years and now, I feel something new. Something beautiful. Me embracing it, it doesn't make me a bad person. It makes me ahead of the curve. Because when I perish, in my last moments, I will feel justified. Like I have a purpose.. I will be remembered, I know that. And while it won't be for winning the Survival Games tournament, or the World Championship at Bad Blood, those are things I must do to show you all that this is the right path to follow. You see Hans, you're a young guy, you haven't seen the dirty of BrendenPlayz yet. Of the man himself, and of this company. But you will. And I'm gonna make sure of it. This place didn't turn me into, well, this, but it sure as hell advanced the process. You wanna hear a story Hans? You know, everyone loves to make the jokes about how young I was when I wrestled in Japan, and now I see the funny side of it all. The reason I was in Japan, was I was a dealer when I was young. I had a dealer above me. One day, I got robbed by one of the men I was dealing to. The men who I was dealing with didn't like that, they tell me to pay it back, and ROB me, then threaten to kill me. All my money is gone, just like that. No way to pay them back. So, I have to flee. And I flee right to Japan, I have nowhere to work so I do what I did best. Fight. So eventually, I make enough money. I come back, about 6 months later. I go to my old house, I knock on the door. It's not my mom. My dad. My brother. It's a completely new person. I ask what happened to the people that used to live here. She pauses. I can tell what happened by the look on her face, she finally gets it out. She tells me that they were murdered. Badly. By some drug-dealers. I break down crying. Never caught. So I think to myself, well I'll prove it was them. But then, it just clicks. Where's their pain? Their sadness. So I purchased a gun. I find him. I KILL him with shot. After shot. After shot. So I guess this isn't anything new, not a new side of me. It's always been here. But the riches I got from that man, it bought away my pain. I no longer feel that pain. Now, I see the funny side of everything... Slim begins to laugh again... You know, we form relationships with people, bonds just to break them. Nothing lasts forever, that's a motto we should all live by and realize the simplicity of that statement. Nothing lasts forever... so nothing matters. But don't worry, Hans. You can continue to live in your world where everything you hold dear, is stuff you believe will last forever. Maybe a girlfriend... A friend... A stable... Or maybe even your chance at Survival Games. But soon enough, just like I got shown, you will see this fantasy world come crashing down as you realize what I have realized for a long time but failed to admit... Nothing lasts forever. And that leads to me to what I'm trying to say. We've fabricated ourselves in a magical society, but fail to realize the trials and tribulations people face. Everyday! We are supposed to work together, to become equal and reach our goal of greatness, yet we tear each other down by killing, injuring, robbing each other. And this is called a society, by our ancestors. Slim seems confused, rocking back and forth before he begins to speak, leaning in. This society, we live in. We tear each other down for what? Glory? Riches? Values? And what do we do with those... we take them, and we put ourselves on a pedestal because we have them. A fictional one. Why? Because for right now, it seems like we are above the person we tore down. But the problem with that is... At the end of the day, we have tore each other down... To end up with the same thing.. Nothing. What do we have to bring with us to the end? We have nothing, because we become nothing. There is only one thing you can bring with you to the end... A legacy... Rememberence. You see, because if you are never forgotten... You can never become nothing, because you will be held on a pedestal, good or bad... just like the glory and riches you seek. That's the funny part about all of this. You all seek glory and riches, but never the thing that lasts the longest... Legacy. Slim laughs over and over again before delivering a final line. And I promise you that I will leave this place with a legacy. I asked what mattered here, and the answer... is a legacy. While I've already forged part of mine, as a tyrant who took no prisoners, putting a knife into whoever stood in my way of the top, the next part will be remembered as chaos, anarchy, and destruction. For a few weeks, I've learned that you don't need a plan... You don't need anything. One little change, and the establishment flips. For too long, I've been forgotten about, and in my place newcomers have risen... But with just three seconds, all of that can change. Two weeks ago, I was at rock bottom. In 3 days, I will be above everyone, standing tall as the man who flipped BPZ upside down, with just... a little... spark. You know, I compare my opponent to this mansion... My mansion, in fact, because in just a few quick seconds, he could go from amazing to, well... Slim lights a match and throws it into the air, collapsing on his knees and throwing both arms out as he laughs, the mansion beginning to burn with him in the middle of it. Eventually, the laugh gets so loud, he places his hands on his head, laughing as all you hear is the sounds of items burning in the house, as the picture fades into a cartoon-style picture.
  17. https://strawpoll.com/gh95eczk https://strawpoll.com/x1frrz65 https://strawpoll.com/48k86d3w https://strawpoll.com/rweske6d Votings are live. They end Thursday morning at 8am.
  18. Would you hestiate to pull the trigger on a trade for a star like Bradley Beal? With so many pieces, how many men deep do you plan on going rotation-wise?
  19. I think WWE is gonna keep Sasha and Bayley separate so with a natural Bayley vs Charlotte rematch coming, so I think Sasha and Bayley will be champions going into the draft which leads to Sasha becoming champion here. I believe out of the four horsewomen, Sasha and Becky are the best in ring so I believe this will be a fantastic match. A few years ago i enjoyed Charlotte vs Sasha in Hell in a Cell so i think this will be good. I think what happens is Sasha/Charlotte end back up on RAW, and Becky goes to SmackDown with Bayley. Part of me hopes Becky wins and Sasha joins Bayley on SmackDown just because whoever eventually overcomes them would get such a big rub, but that's too advanced for them to understand.
  20. The Fiend has attacked Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Kane, and Jerry Lawler in the past weeks. The only type of rub I've seen anyone get on those type of legends before, is when Randy Orton was the legend killer. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins has just beaten Brock Lesnar and probably is the superstar of 2019 despite being a bad face, it's a clash of freight trains. We are the people who wanna see Wyatt win and begin his reign with a bang by dismantling Rollins. But I'm sure a time ago we were in this same position with Rollins, wanting to see him beat Lesnar, and WWE was fully behind Lesnar as they are Rollins now. So, honestly, I have no idea where they're gonna go. Maybe it would be more clear if they weren't having a draft right after this, but that draft clouds everything with the possibilities. But I believe The Fiend will win and Rollins will go back on the chase for RAW.
  21. Sign ups are closed unfortunately. Sorry to anyone who couldn't make it in.

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