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  1. Updated Bracket after Episode 1 - Tay Conti & Anna Jay def. Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrews - Nightmare Sisters (Brandi & Allie) def. Penelope Ford & Mel
  2. Slim

    Network Era (2017)

    WWE '17 The Network Era SmackDown Live: July 4th, 2017 PREVIEW - The Finals of Queen & King of the Ring get decided.. tonight! - Tale of the Tape: Aleister Black vs. Pete Dunne - The Ascension takes on American Alpha
  3. Glad to see you back, and this looks like a great start to the diary. Gonzo getting ejected in his first game, late stages, is not ideal, but what can you do about those god damn refs? Losing the first game is always an uphill battle to climb for a team trying to gain it's legs, it could either make or break your season depending on what the reaction is. Interested to see how Gonzo Jr. plays in Game 2. Great diary, a fresh concept to the section, and once again, glad to see you back.
  4. Honestly just grateful to be on the podcast, thanks for having me on it
  5. Slim

    One Thing Left

    The new theme of Slim plays, as for the first time since he lost the World Championship to Arius at King of the Ring, it appears he will appear live on Valor. Eventually, he steps out, his choice of attire, intriguingly, tonight, just a basic tank-top with Tupac on it, black sweatpants, and finally, black and gold Jordans. He also wears his usual HOF ring, along with his two chains... As he stands on the stage, the Undisputed Championship in his right hand. He peers around the crowd, taking in the number of people here, seemingly calming his nerves as he walks down to the ring. Instead of stepping inside, he walks around the ring, grabbing a steel chair from ringside, along with a microphone. As he steps into the ring, he places it down with authority, before sitting in it, clutching the Undisputed Championship in his right hand, the microphone in his left as he raises it to his mouth. They say not to let the past hold you back, and now, King of the Ring feels like a distant memory, but my first singles loss in months caused me to do some soul-searching. It's prompted me to ask myself who I am, as a person, it's made me question my ability, and you know, at Chapter 2, facing a guy who hasn't been pinned or submitted this year, coming off a World Championship loss? It's a daunting task... In recent months, my character as a person, as come into question by many of my opponents. They write me off as a cancer, as a manipulative, scheming, liar, and I won't say they're wrong. They're entitled to their opinion, however, I will say... I'm a product of the environment that surrounds me, and the environment that I grew up in. Slim now begins to talk sharply, showing more passion and emotion as he speaks from the heart. The way I grew up, I was taught to hustle, to turn a dime into a dollar, to get a profit, to gain, by any means necessary. And that motto, by any means necessary, has been my way of life for a long time, and continues to be. Let me ask you people a question. If you believed that cheating, would give you a better life, for you, or in some cases, your family, would you do it? I've been through hell and back, and I came here to escape that hell, just to find out, I was right back at square one, the same environment of hustling was what I walked into when I signed my contract in BPZ in 2015. I've wanted to be the best since I walked in this door. I had the heart and the guts to go at Bailey right away, I chose my side. I wanted to be different, I wanted to be the guy who did it off of the work, not the ability to charm. I quickly realized how foolish I was. I chose the wrong side. At the time, I didn't know it, but I wasn't good enough to be that guy... But I was still determined. Every person, every road bump, every obstacle in my way, I overcame it by ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY. Shame me for "backstage bullshit", if you want Sameer, but I haven't forgotten watching you run around as Bailey's bitch for the majority of 2015. That's why your "legendary" Premium Championship reign is never mentioned, nowadays, right? Because it's stained. It's stained with bullshit win, after bullshit win, and I give you credit, you have done an admirable job trying to rewrite history to paint you as the voice of the fans, the captain with his army, but not even God himself can rewrite what history shows. Slim now sits back, as he continues to hold his Undisputed Championship tightly. He glances at it, almost lost in the beauty of the title as he continues to talk. I've been fighting this battle to be the best for 5 years, and I finally had achieved it at Judgement Day, when I held up this Undisputed Championship, and the World Championship to end the show. In that moment, I felt like my career was done, my purpose being here was over, I was the best, and I had finally proved it. I did something no one else could, the biggest achievement you could reach in BPZ. I had thoughts about retirement, serious thoughts, but I believed it would be a disservice to the company for me not to defend the championships. So I stayed. But was that truly the real reason? No, of course not. The real reason is that this company is all that I have. Getting into the ring and competing is all... that I have. I go home to an empty mansion, no family, no wife, no kids, my work is everything that I put my heart and soul into. The luxuries, the cars, the jewelry, the mansion, they hide the emotional scars, but they don't erase it. That's impossible. So I put my mind and body into my work. And that has become being a professional wrestler... Being the BEST professional wrestler has been my goal since 2015, and I can admit, maybe I did get lost in the spotlight, maybe I did get caught up in the moment of being the best. But during my time of soul-searching, I realized to me, it's no longer 'wanting', to be the best, it's NEEDING to be. I need to be the best, and I need to beat Sameer. Slim delivers the last line monotonically, as if he's deep in thought while saying it, almost thinking ahead to Chapter 2 where anything could happen. Suddenly, he snaps out of it, as he faces into the camera, beginning to talk directly to Sameer. Sameer, you bring up an interesting point however, that I feel needs addressing. Yes, without this people, there would be no money to my name, but these people, they may feel disrespected by me, they may hate me, but they relate to me. They understand the feeling of having to get it out of the mud, the majority of them weren't handed a silver-spoon like you were. However, let's say you're right. There's 0 money to my name... What is there to yours? Are you millions of dollars in debt? That's what I would expect. Without these people, you are nothing. Without them, you have no personality, and are just a foolish man throwing out petty insults. A generic cosplay of something you saw on TV, or a friend who borrowed his buddy's idea and hoped that no one would catch it. You wanna destroy my throne that I hold onto? There is no throne, first of-all, and secondly, you don't hold onto thrones, you sit in them. There is only this, the most prestigious belt in BPZ, the Undisputed Championship. Slim raises the championship up in the air, before lowering it, once again staring at it. This championship has become my pride & glory in this time of disarray. I've lost everything, everything, except this championship, and it all truly does feel like it's starting to crumble down, but this championship has kept me serene, has kept me cool, it has kept me calm. It's a treasure that should only be held by the best of the best, and while I don't believe you're in that category, I'm preparing like you are. Everything must come to an end, but I have a feeling that my Undisputed Championship reign is just beginning... Because I've become desperate. And we both know, I can do some pretty vile things to keep the things I want, Sameer, so I hope you're prepared for a bloodbath, a war of brutality, a clash of titans... It's no secret. In my life, I've lost everything. ... As Slim says those words, an awkward silence follows as the crowd is quiet, as is Slim, as he just continues staring at the Undisputed Championship, before finishing his thoughts, with an emphatic yell into the microphone as he stands up for the first time. I got one thing... ONE THING! One thing left to fight for. And it's this championship in my very hands... And I'll be DAMNED if I let a phony bitch like YOU, take that from me! Slim spikes the microphone into the ground, staring into the camera for a few moments, his eyes locked in on the camera. Eventually, he holds up the championship with both hands, as surprisingly, most of the fans cheer him, as he walks off, walking up the ramp and out of the arena, as our segment fades to black.
  6. Changing da theme to Many Men by 50 Cent
  7. The 5th season of Moneyheist was announced recently, and revealed as the final part of the series. How do you think the heist ends? Do the robbers survive, or does the rebellion come to a bloody end?
  8. AEW Dark - July 28th, 2020 Results
  9. Slim

    Network Era (2017)

    Monday Night Raw July 3rd, 2017 Live from Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona To open our show, we were given a hype package featuring AJ Styles & Brock Lesnar, who will collide for the World Heavyweight Championship, which will be our main event tonight on Monday Night Raw... Before then, we were welcomed to the show by Michael Cole & Corey Graves, which promises to be a huge night of action with 4 titles on the liine! Samoa Joe def. Kofi Kingston in 13:48 via Submission with the Coquina Clutch to retain his Money in the Bank briefcase Seth Rollins would be backstage, barging into the office of Stone Cold, our RAW GM. Austin would be surprised at Rollins' attitude, but would hear The Kingslayer out. Seth Rollins said that he wants an answer on what the deal is for SummerSlam, he wants a World Championship opportunity, as Rollins declares that he deserves it, saying he is the right man to lead this brand into the war in November. Austin would reply by saying he likes Rollins' moxie, saying that next week, to determine Raw's World Championship challenger for SummerSlam, we will see Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman vs. Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose in a Fatal-5 Way Match! Kevin Owens def. Kalisto in 10:28 with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to retain the US Championship Ricochet def. KUSHIDA in 12:49 with a 630 Splash tor retain the Cruiserweight Championship Mr. Money in the Bank, Samoa Joe would be interviewed by Mike Rome. Joe cut Rome off, saying that he doesn't need him to ask any stupid questions, and Joe would bask in his win tonight, successfully defending his briefcase against Kofi Kingston. To end the promo, he offered a vague warning, saying that he isn't done tonight... The Club def. Jeff Hardy in 8:41 to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships; Matt Hardy did not show, Jeff chose to go at it alone, was picked apart by the champions, who finished him off with a Magic Killer. Asuka def. Bayley in 15:28 via Referee Stoppage with Asuka Lock AJ Styles def. Brock Lesnar in 21:28 via pinfall to retain the World Heavyweight Championship with a Phenomenal Forearm; Samoa Joe interfered, smashing his briefcase into Brock Lesnar's face before walking off. Brock would turn around into a 3rd Phenomenal Forearm, and that would be all she wrote for the champion...
  10. ame: Slim Age: 21 Male/Female: Male You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: Head Scientist Race: Lightskin, American Hair Color: Brown Backstory if you choose either D Class or New Trainees: N/A
  11. King of the Ring has ended, and we now know our SummerSlam main event, as Arius will defend his championship against James Ropati, with them winning their respective matches at King of the Ring here tonight. As the Media show begins to wind down, the doors are opened to the former World Champion himself, Slim. With his Undisputed Championship in his right hand, Don Dada walks into the room and onto the podium with a King tank-top on, along with just a pair of shorts. Seeming relaxed, he sits down at the podium, taking the microphone into his hand as the mediator kicks it off. Mediator: We'll now be taking questions. The mediator calls on Ben Dover, from BPZ Inside Scoop to kick things off here tonight. Ben Dover: Tonight, things didn't go as planned, Slim. You lost the World Championship to Arius, ending your reign at 120 days. How are you feeling after tonight's brutal war, and the loss that comes with it? There is complete silence in the room, as everyone gazes at Slim, waiting the eventual response from the Undisputed Champ. He looks at Ben Dover, almost collecting his thoughts, before he begins to talk in a soft, somber voice, surprising many. Uh... Yeah. Tonight, I went out there, and I put it all on the line, but it just wasn't enough, ya know? Sometimes, there's just times where you just don't have enough left in the tank, to get up, and I'm not gonna sit here and act like I was the better man. Arius, undoubtedly, beat me tonight, and on top of that, he gained my respect. He had the better prep, he had the better gameplan, and he controlled the match, and he won the match. I'd love to be sitting here as World Champion, boasting about how I did it again, and overcame the odds, and be on this pedestal that nobody can touch, but I'm not, and tonight, was a humbling experience. Arius humbled me in the center of that ring, and I won't be afraid to admit it. I will say however, I think this little rivalry, I guess we could call it now that he's beat me, is far from over, but tonight, he was the better man. The media appear stunned, as even the mediator, is surprised by the choice of words by the former champ. Next, he points to another interviewer, as they ask their question. Danny Daniels, BPZ Commentaries: Obviously, losing any title is tough to rebound, but you won't have much time to take it in. You've got an Undisputed Championship defense in 3 weeks against Sameer, who retained his Intercontinental Championship tonight. In addition to that, he also beat Arius just last month, who beat you tonight. After tonight, has your mindset going into this match changed at all? I wouldn't say changed, my mindset has always been that I'm gonna walk in, and out of Chapter 2 with this title. As far for tonight, it was definitely a wake-up call. I went from double champion tonight, to potentially missing SummerSlam this year. My match with Sameer just became must-win to get MY spot on SummerSlam, and just two days ago, I was the Undisputed Champion of the World. I rested on my laurels tonight, I wasn't ready. I was distracted, I didn't prep, Arius got the better of me, and he was the better man. But I promise you... Slim's tone now becomes very sharp, as he continues to answer the reporter's question... I will not allow that to happen again. Tonight, Sameer successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship. Again. Last month? He beat Arius, the guy I couldn't beat. Right now, he's on top of the world, he's where I was, two weeks ago. Just like that, he passed me up. As far as I'm concerned, Sameer is the #1 wrestler in BPZ right now. 8-1-1 record this year, wins against Arius, BrendenPlayz himself, FDS, Mikey. His resume is impressive, and I realize the threat that sits in front of me. Slim now becomes relaxed again, sitting back in his chair as he finishes off his answer. Next question. Finally, the mediator calls on the final reporter... Adrian Wojpati, as in recent months, Slim and Adrian Wojpati have a minor beef that has translated onto many of these post-show press conferences... Wojpati then asks his question. Adrian Wojpati: Slim, well, you know, you took a pretty big f*ckin' L tonight mate, and it's looking like you're gonna lose that one belt that you have left to Sameer in 3 weeks. My question is, how did it feel getting your f*cking ass kicked for 30 minutes out there? Slim just glares at Adrian Wojpati, as he takes a deep breath, standing up, grabbing his Undisputed Championship and walking out of the room. Cameras follow Slim into the Mafia locker room, where he grabs his bag, throwing it around his shoulder as he throws on a hoodie, walking out of the arena now. Slim walks to his car, and as he gets in, the segment fades to black...
  12. Clash of Titans Year 2 | Feb 2020 Pay-Per-View Chapter LXVII Live from: Watsco Center, Miami, Florida Home of the Miami Hurricanes Fight 1 | 30 Minute Time Limit Gift of the Gods Championship Darby Allin(c) vs. Rey Fenix Our opening match of the card would see two of the best aerial-wrestlers in the business today, as Gift of the Gods Champion, Darby Allin, defended his championship against The Fire Bird, Rey Fenix. Rey Fenix defeated Tom Lawlor to earn this opportunity, and Darby Allin defeated Tama Tonga last month to claim the championship, and now, the two eager men meet here tonight. The high-risk moves would be plentiful, as both men were clearly willing to put their body in danger, and on the line, to claim their prize as champion, which, if they successfully retain 7 times, will receive a GPW World Championship Match with a stipulation of their choosing, per Matchmaker Dario Cueto. In the end, after a thrilling and grueling battle, Rey Fenix attempts his Fire Driver, but is reversed into a Stunner! Darby Allin, like a scavenger, scales the top rope, not even looking behind himself, and jumping off... COFFIN DROP! 1... 2.. 3! Darby Allin survives, and retains his Gift of the Gods Championship! Darby Allin def. Rey Fenix in 16:27 to retain the Gift of the Gods Championship with a Coffin Drop; Darby Allin makes defense #1 of Gift of the Gods After the match, both men are able to make to their feet, as they shake hands, a sign of respect between the two, but tonight, Darby Allin was the better man, as he retains the Gift of the Gods Championship, and is now just 6 defenses away from a GPW World Championship match... Fight 2 | 20 Minute Time Limit Firing Squad (Low-Ki & Guerillas of Destiny) w/ Bad Luck Fale vs. SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky & The Addiction) Next up, we would see trios action, as Firing Squad would take on the reuniting SoCal Uncensored... This all began when Scorpio Sky was eliminated by Tama Tonga in Take the Crown, and Chapter 64, Tama Tonga defeated Scorpio Sky in the main event, but to Sky's rescue came Daniels & Kazarian, his old companions. After Low-Ki was revealed as the fourth member of Firing Squad, this 3-on-3 match was made, and it would be a standard contest, as both teams battled it out for the win, putting on a show with 6 talented performers. In the end, after a low-blow to Christopher Daniels, as Bad Luck Fale distacted the referee, GOD would nail Guerilla Warfare on him, with Tama securing the pin and win for Firing Squad... Firing Squad def. SCU in 13:19 via pinfall with a Guerilla Warfare to Christopher Daniels A huge win for Firing Squad undoubtedly puts them in line for a title shot, while SCU comes up short in their reunion as a team... Fight 3 | 20 Minute Time Limit Pentagon Jr. vs. Angel Garza Jr. Our next match of the night would see Pentagon Jr. and Angel Garza Jr. square off one-on-one, as Pentagon Jr. attacked Garza Jr., taking his spot in Take the Crown, and Garza would respond with attacking Pentagon the following week with a steel chair. On this past week of GPW, Pentagon turned his back on Garza in a tag-team match, and here tonight, they settle the score. A fast-paced match, Garza & Pentagon quickly move around the ring, trying to gain the advantage somehow. Garza would take control early on, but eventually, Pentagon would begin to fight back, and after Garza failed to hit the Backpack Stunner, Pentagon would captialize with a Pentagon Driver, followed by a Fear Factor. A cover followed: 1... 2... 3. Pentagon defeats Angel Garza Jr. here tonight! Pentagon Jr. def. Angel Garza Jr. in 11:38 via Pinfall with a Fear Factor As Garza walks to the back, disappointed, Pentagon stands in the ring, doing his signature Cero Miedo taunt, when suddenly, one-by-one, all the lights in the arena begin to shut down, until it is dimly lit in the Watsco Center... The canvas splits open, as something begins to rise up... IT'S THE FIEND! The Fiend is here! The Fiend goes immediately after Pentagon Jr., beating him down into the mat before applying the Mandible Claw! The Fiend continues choking Pentagon Jr. out over and over again, as he then begins to slide back down to where he came from. The lights turn out, as when they come back, written in blood on the canvas is none other than... FFW, with a bloody smiley face to show for it. Is FFW declaring war on GPW?! Fight 4 | 30 Minute Time Limit GPW Tag Team Championships Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) (c) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) A rematch from last month's Revelations of a King II, Mustache Mountain puts their straps on the line for the first time since winning them, as Dark Order tries to reclaim their belts, and have been put in a daunting position by the leader of the Dark Order, PAC, either win, or face the consequences... Mustache Mountain would prove why they're the champions, as even as Dark Order controlled the bout, they kept fighting. Eventually, as Tyler Bate was left in the ring with Stu Grayson, as Trent Seven battled with Uno on the outside, Tyler Bate escaped the Torture Rack, turning Grayson around to nail a Tyler Driver '97! Bate into the cover: 1... 2.. 3! Mustache Mountain retains Mustache Mountain def. Dark Order in 10:48 via pinfall with a Tyler Driver '97 to Stu Grayson After the match, the music of the GPW World Champion would hit, as he made his way out to the ring. Looking Grayson & Uno in the eye, he lowblowed Grayson, and went after Uno, stomping him into the corner, as then he turned his attention to Grayson with a huge Superkick. Picking up a microphone, he declared that he now walks alone, and that he will not surround himself with losers, being the best in GPW. He promises to prove that again tonight, storming off before his huge main event match here tonight at Clash of Titans. Fight 5 | No Time Limit No Disqualifications Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jake Hager Tommaso Ciampa & Jake Hager have had a brutal rivalry since Hager turned his back on Ciampa-led Team Regal at Power Struggle, and last month, they attempted to settle their differences, but Ciampa's emotions got the best of him, and he ended up concussing Hager, giving Big Hurt a DQ win. Tonight, with Hager recovered, Ciampa and Hager meet again to settle the score, this time with no countouts or disqualifications, so a winner will be determined. Ciampa and Hager would be a knock-down, drag out brawl as both men threw fist after fist at each other, and it wasn't long before weapons were introduced, as steel chairs, kendo sticks, light tubes, and barbed wire were thrown around. Eventually, midway through the match, Tommaso Ciampa brought out a wooden board filled with Barbed Wire, as he slid it into the ring. Hager would almost have Ciampa put to sleep in his Sleeper Hold, but Ciampa would take himself and Hager over the top rope, breaking the hold. As Ciampa baited Hager into coming back into the ring, Ciampa hit him with a Knee Strike right on the button, pointed at Tazz, before finding the strength to lift Hager up and plant him with the Fairytail Ending on the wooden board! A cut-open Ciampa covers: 1... 2... 3! Ciampa has defeated Jake Hager! Tommaso Ciampa def. Jake Hager in 14:15 via pinfall with a Fairytale Ending onto a wooden board with barbed wire Jake Hager is helped out of the ring by Tazz, while Ciampa poses on the turnbuckles, celebrating his win, which he earned through pure grit, as now he looks to move on to other ventures within GPW... possibly the World Championship? Fight 6 | 60 Minute Time Limit GPW Trios Championships Worldwide Underground (Morrison, O'Reilly, Fish) (c) vs. CHAOS (Okada, Makabe, KUSHIDA) Tonight, we would see the 3rd and final chapter between CHAOS & Worldwide Underground, as this month, Worldwide Underground injured Tomaoki Honma, putting him on the shelf, so with something to prove, and no spot on the card, The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada, stepped in to fill the void, as CHAOS likely makes it's last bid to claim the Trios Championships. Much like before, it's Worldwide Underground who controls the action, making sure that they lose the championships, not get beat for them. Eventually, however, a tag is made to Kazuchika Okada, and this is where the heat begins for Worldwide Underground, as Okada is able to down O'Reilly, along with throwing Fish out of the ring. Morrison attempts a sneak attack, but KUSHIDA cuts him off. Eventually, after 20 minutes of nonstop action, KUSHIDA dives off the top rope onto Morrison & O'Reilly double-teaming Makabe! With Fish & Okada left in the ring, Okada stalks his prey, as he picks Fish up, nailing him with a Spinning Tombstone. A Rainmaker follows, as does a 3 count, which means we have NEW Trios Champions! CHAOS def. Worldwide Underground in 20:37 to become the NEW GPW Trios Champions via pinfall with a Rainmaker to Bobby Fish MAIN EVENT | 60 Minute Time Limit GPW World Championship PAC(c) vs. Roman Reigns Excitement fills the atmosphere inside the arena in Miami, as they know a big fight is approaching, the main event of the evening for the GPW World Championship. Reigns and PAC both make their entrances, neither backing down as they face-off, with the ring announcer breaking down the matchup. As the bell rings, PAC immediately takes Reigns into a headlock, as he tries to ground The Samoan Nightmare, realizing his wrestling ability is better than Reigns'. This strategy works until Reigns fires off a few headbutts, followed by a huge clothesline which downs PAC. Reigns attempts to pick him up, but is met with a swift kick to the gut, followed by a Superkick to the chin, which forces Reigns to roll out of the ring and re-think his strategy. The two would continue to wage war, as our champion and challenger wouldn't give an inch, forcing near-falls on all of their finishing moves being executed. PAC couldn't put Reigns away with a Black Arrow, and he managed to escape the Brutalizer, while PAC kicked out of two spears from Reigns! As the end drew near, both men used the ropes to get to their feet, their energy nearing low as Reigns charged at PAC, and nailed a Superman Punch! Lining up in the corner, he went for a Spear, however, PAC kicked him in the face, before nailing a Superkick! PAC would bounce off of the ropes... SPEAR! 1... 2... 3! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! Roman Reigns def. PAC in 28:53 to become NEW GPW World Champion via pinfall with a 3rd Spear Roman Reigns would be given the belt, as PAC sat on the outside, devastated with his loss, face-down on the outside floor. Meanwhile, in the ring, Roman Reigns held up and posed with his new belt, having redeemed both of his major losses from last year, defeating Okada last month, and now PAC to gain the GPW World Championship... What does GPW have in store for the Era of Reigns? Find out on Chapter 68!
  13. Global Pro Wrestling Year 2 | Feb 2020 Week 1 Chapter LXIII Live from: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles Clash of Titans GPW would open with a video package, hyping up the name of this month's pay-per-view event. After showing multiple GPW wrestlers committing brutal, heinous acts, and the hard-hitting action of GPW, the name finally is revealed to be... Clash of Titans, as now we go into our usual intro, and GPW Chapter 63 is underway. PAC is King To kick off our show, the World Champion and self-proclaimed King of GPW, PAC made his way down to the ring, boasting about his win last night, saying that he needs no one to be the best, pondering the absence of his manager, Jake Roberts. PAC brushes it over, claiming that he is the best in GPW and has been for the longest time, and that he feels that he may be becoming bigger than GPW. Listing off his accomplishments, Battle of the Best winner, GPW Double Champion, PAC says that he is a freight train that nobody can stop, promising to the winner of Take the Crown punishment and pain. PAC would exit the ring, taking a close-up sight of the action as he sat nearby in his own personal throne, the GPW World Championship on his shoulder. Take the Crown II (Aztec Warfare Match for #1 Contendership to GPW World Championship) The match would be announced, as it quickly got underway, when we found out that our first entrant was none other than Kushida! The Time Splitter made his way to the ring, focusing in as he looks to become the #1 Contender to PAC's GPW World Championship, but faces a tough task from the #1 spot here tonight. #2 would be revealed as...John Morrison! 1/3 of the Trios Champions, the leader of Worldwide Underground looks to put himself on the path to being a double champion here tonight, as he will start the match off with Kushida. As the two men would battle it out, soon enough, entrants would start piling in... #3 would be Worldwide Underground companion Kyle O'Reilly, and soon after moments of working on Kushida, #4 would arrive as Scorpio Sky! With the entrants continuing to battle, with Sky helping Kushida against O'Reilly & Morrision, entrant #5 would soon make their way out... TOMMY DREAMER! The hardcore legend making his debut in GPW would bring weapons with him down to the ring, as one-by-one he nailed someone with a kendo stick! As Dreamer was cut down by O'Reilly & Morrison, it would be time for #6... Jake Atlas, a young up-and-comer! With everyone being taken out with high-risk moves, #7 would eventually come... Bad Boy! Joey Janela! Smoking a cigarette as he walked down to the ring, he would throw it into the eye of John Morrison as he went after Kyle O'Reilly! #8 would then be revealed... "NO ONE WILL SURVIVE!" The crowd pops as Tommaso Ciampa makes his way down to the ring, as Jake Atlas runs at him, as Ciampa gut-kicks him before nailing him with a Fairytale Ending! Ciampa would then eliminate Atlas, as we have our first elimination! Eliminated: Jake Atlas (#6) As Ciampa began to go at Worldwide Underground along with Kushida, Joey Janela and Tommy Dreamer would battle outside with their hardcore abilities. #9... PAGANO! Another talent making his GPW debut, Pagano would run down to the ring, beginning to engage in the hardcore battle with Dreamer and Janela! Eventually, Pagano would be hit in the head with a trash-can lid, rolled inside the ring, where he came face-to-face with Ciampa! Ciampa would drop him with a Fairytale Ending, earning another elimination! Eliminated: Pagano (#9) #10 making his way out... Josh Briggs! A former EVOLVE Champion, the 6'8" monster of a man has seemingly joined GPW! Briggs would get into the ring, as Joey Janela and Tommy Dreamer would attempt to go at him, realizing his size advantage. Briggs would shake it off, throwing Janela over the top rope, and as Dreamer came at him, Briggs would throw Dreamer up for a Chokeslam Backbreaker! Briggs would cover Dreamer, eliminating him from the match. Joey Janela would attempt to come off the top rope, but Briggs would catch him before Briggs would catch him, and drop him down with the same move, earning another elimination! Eliminated: Joey Janela (#7) & Tommy Dreamer (#5) PAC would seem impressed with Briggs, as now, everyone, realizing Briggs size, would begin to strike him, foes becoming friends, as Ciampa, Kushida, O'Reilly, and Morrison all work together on Briggs! Ciampa blasts Briggs jaw with a brutal knee, as Kushida follows it up with a devastating Penalty Kick. As Briggs begins to stir, O'Reilly floors him with a Roundhouse Kick... STARSHIP PAIN FROM MORRISON! Cover! 1... 2... 3! Josh Briggs is eliminated! Eliminated: Josh Briggs (#10) #11 would make their way out, as Angel Garza Jr. made his entrance. As he stood on the stage, preparing for the opportunity that awaits him, suddenly he would be attacked! Pentagon Jr! Pentagon would beat down Garza, nailing him with a Fear Factor on the floor! Taking Garza out of the match, Pentagon declared himself in, as he slid into the ring! Pentagon Jr. would duck and weave, nailing O'Reilly with a Superkick! As all 5 men continued to battle, soon enough, #12 made their entrance... JAKE HAGER! Hager would immediately lock eyes with Ciampa from the stage, as Ciampa abandoned fighting O'Reilly to meet Hager on the stairs, as the two bitter rivals began fighting amongst the fans! As the chaos continued, #13 would soon make their way out... Rey Fenix! Kushida would continue to battle O'Reilly & Morrison, Rey Fenix began to engage in a war of strikes with his brother/rival, Pentagon Jr., as meanwhile, Tommaso Ciampa & Jake Hager still remain on the outside, brawling away as both men have clearly had enough of each other... #14... TAMA TONGA! The leader of Firing Squad would make his way down to the ring, a big night after he burned EMPIRE to the ground, creating his Firing Squad. Tama goes at it alone tonight, but be sure Bad Luck Fale is somewhere watching his back. Tama Tonga immediately goes at Scorpio Sky, going for a GunStun, but Sky reverses, picking Tama up for a TKO, instead, Tama slides off, lowblowing Sky from behind! A GunStun would follow, as would a cover, 1... 2... 3! Scorpio Sky has been eliminated! As everyone continued to battle, it became time for #15... JAY BRISCOE! MAKING HIS GPW DEBUT! Eliminated: Scorpio Sky (#4) Briscoe stands at the top of the stairs, motioning to the entrance into the Concert Hall, as #16 comes out right after... MARK BRISCOE! THE BRISCOE BROTHERS ARE IN GPW! The two brothers make their way to the ring, immediately gunning for Morrison & O'Reilly as the two engage in a brawl, where The Briscoes come out on top, and Jay Briscoe turns John Morrison right around into a Jay Driller! 1... 2... 3! Eliminated: John Morrison (#2) #17 is next, as we get to our final few entrants in this matchup... 'Absolute', Ricky Starks! Starks runs down to the ring, sliding in as he is aggressive in his approach, going after anybody he can! He floors Fenix, kicks Ciampa in the face, and bounces off of the ropes... SUPERKICK FROM PENTAGON! Pentagon hooks Starks arms'... FEAR FACTOR! Pentagon covers: 1... 2... 3! Ricky Starks was overzealous, and paid for it! Eliminated: Ricky Starks (#17) #18 would be Frankie Kazarian, and not short after, #19 would be Ken Shamrock. Shamrock wouldn't last long, falling victim to a GunStun from Tama Tonga that eliminated him. Kazarian would put up a valiant effort, but soon after that, he was eliminated as Kyle O'Reilly nailed him with a devastating Roundhouse Kick, right on the button. Eliminated: Frankie Kazarian (#18) & Ken Shamrock (#19) With Tama Tonga, Kyle O'Reilly, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Tommaso Ciampa, Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Jake Hager, and KUSHIDA remaining, with one of these men going onto face PAC, we have one entrant left. Before that however, as the Briscoes clear the ring, Jay rolls up Mark! 1... 2... 3! Mark Briscoe has been eliminated! Mark is confused and shocked, as Jay shrugs his shoulders. Mark shakes his head, leaving the ring, as Jay Briscoe turns around... SUPERKICK FROM REY FENIX! Fenix sets him up... FIRE DRIVER! 1... 2... 3! Eliminated: Jay Briscoe (#16) & Mark Briscoe (#17) Finally, the 20th entrant is revealed... as Roman Reigns steps out! Everyone in the ring turns their attention to The Samoan Nightmare, as Reigns slowly walks down the stairs, drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd, who have grown to like the samoan in a way. Reigns gets into the ring, immediately handing out Superman Punches as Rey Fenix receives one, as does Tama Tonga, Jake Hager, and Kyle O'Reilly. Finally, Pentagon catches Reigns, pulling him down and up into a Pentagon Driver! As the final men remained, things became intense as the war waged on. KUSHIDA trapped Kyle O'Reilly in his Seated Kimura, and unable to break it, as no one has in GPW so far, O'Reilly was forced to tap. As KUSHIDA began to go on the attack on Rey Fenix, he turned around into a sneaky GunStun from Tama Tonga, earning him the 3 count on KUSHIDA, ending his iron-man status. Eliminated: KUSHIDA (#1) & Kyle O'Reilly (#3) With that, 6 men remained, as Tama Tonga, Roman Reigns, Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Jake Hager, or Tommaso Ciampa will be the man to challenge PAC. As Tommaso Ciampa knocks Tama Tonga down with a clothesline, he goes to pick the tongan up... But is blindsided with a chair shot to the head from Jake Hager! Hager is ruthless in his mission, smashing the chair against Ciampa's bare head with malice. With Ciampa virtually knocked out, Hager would lock in his devastating Sleeper Hold to add insult to injury, as the referee ruled Ciampa out, officially eliminating him from this matchup! Eliminated: Tommaso Ciampa (#8) The Lucha Brothers would temporarily work together, realizing the threat that Hager poses. They would get the big man over his feet, using their explosive strikes and offense to stun Hager and wear him down. Eventually, a con-chair-to knocks Hager to the mat, but Pentagon finds the strength to pull Hager up into a Fear Factor... AND REY FENIX NAILS THE DOUBLE FOOT STOMP OFF THE TOP, ONTO A CHAIR! Pentagon covers: 1... 2.. 3! Hager's been eliminated! Eliminated: Jake Hager (#12) Our final four would be decided, as Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Tama Tonga, and Roman Reigns all chose a corner. Tama and Reigns begin to brawl, as did Pentagon & Fenix, both rivalries heating up in the late stages of Take the Crown. Ultimately, the next elimination would come as Pentagon had the upper-hand on Fenix, but Garza, recovering, would clock Pentagon with the ring bell! Fenix would pick him up, delivering the Fire Driver: 1... 2... 3! Pentagon is eliminated! Eliminated: Pentagon Jr. (#11) As Reigns and Tama Tonga continued to battle it out on the inside of the ring, Tama Tonga would stun Reigns with a lowblow, bouncing off of the ropes to deliver a running knee... As Reigns nailed a Superman Punch! Tama would fall to a second Superman Punch, as Rey Fenix came off the top rope... DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! Fenix stands up, looking to find Tama for the cover... SPEAR TO FENIX! 1... 2... 3! Elimination: Rey Fenix (#13) Reigns would stand up, yelling at Fenix to never trust anyone, as now Tama retreated into a corner. As Reigns went to pick him up, Tama Tonga would rake the eyes, before jumping to his feet... GUNSTUN! 1... 2.. NO! Reigns kicked out! The two men would continue to battle, back-and-forth, before eventually, Tama Tonga would try for a GunStun, but Reigns would push him off, and on the rebound off the ropes, Reigns would catch Tama with a Spear: 1... 2.. 3! Roman Reigns has won Take the Crown II! Elimination: Tama Tonga (#14) Roman Reigns wins Take the Crown II @ 1:02:10, earns GPW World Championship shot at Clash of Titans Tanga Loa & Bad Luck Fale would make their way out, alongside Dario Cueto, as they pulled Tama Tonga from the ring, retreating tonight as Reigns has won his right to fight to be champion. With that being settled, Roman turns his attention to PAC, who stands up on his throne, holding up the Championship. Roman raises his fists into the air, a stare-down between the two men ensuing as this month's pay-per-view main event will truly be a Clash of Titans... Global Pro Wrestling Year 2 | Feb 2020 Week 2 Chapter LXIV Live from: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles A preview of our World Championship Match To begin Chapter 64, the man who won Take the Crown last week, Roman Reigns would make his way down to the ring to discuss his win. Reigns would say that he, himself, placed a glass ceiling over his head Year 1, saying that EMPIRE was a group built to fight Dario Cueto's battles, and Reigns explained that he no longer wanted to fight his battles. Reigns says that Tama Tonga will be dealt with later, but for now, PAC is his focus. Reigns claims that PAC has built an impressive resume, and is no doubt The King of GPW.. for now. Reigns explains that all Kings must fall, and says the crown's been calling his name for quite a while. This brings out our World Champion, who is visibly pissed off with Reigns words. PAC grabs a microphone, explaining that Roman has mistaken something, Roman didn't place that glass ceiling over his head... PAC did. The Bastard King explains that he took this company by storm and has ruled it with an iron fist, even with stupidity like the Dark Order at his side, which surprises our commentary team. Eventually, after a few verbal barbs at each other, PAC takes the first shot, headbutting Reigns, which catches Reigns on his jaw. PAC immediately follows it up with a shot with the GPW World Championship, as Reigns is downed. PAC goes up to the top rope, hitting the Black Arrow before laying over Reigns, shoving the GPW World Championship in his face, taunting The Samoan Nightmare, who he has impressively taken down in short order... With Reigns downed, PAC leaves, smirking with bad intentions, his message sent to his challenger... --- Unsanctioned Series: Joey Janela vs. Pentagon Jr. The Bad Boy, Joey Janela would make his way down to the ring, grabbing a microphone, and proclaiming that he has made his name in this business off of his hardcore wrestling ability. In an attempt to rise through the ranks in GPW, he will be introducing something new: The Unsanctioned Series, an open challenge for an Unsanctioned Match with the Bad Boy... Janela would ask who would be first, as the Walt Disney Concert Hall was met with the rift of Pentagon Jr.'s theme! Both wrestlers would be out to earn the win, as both men introduced weapons early on, and the destruction begin, as Joey Janela was hit with a Fear Factor through a table (off the apron), and Joey Janela hit a Death Valley Driver onto Pentagon Jr, on top of a stack of chairs! In the end, Pentagon Jr. would be able to withstand the punishment, hitting Janela with a Fear Factor onto said pile of chairs to pick up the win. After the match, as Pentagon Jr. is celebrating, Angel Garza Jr. sneaks into the ring with a steel chair of his own, blasting Pentagon on his head! Pentagon folds to the mat, as Garza stands over him, taunting him in Spanish, as the segment fades to black. Pentagon Jr. def. Joey Janela in an Unsanctioned Match in 10:11 via pinfall with a Fear Factor onto a pile of chairs Kyle O'Reilly vs. Tomaoki Honma Kyle O'Reilly would make his way out alone, without Morrison & Fish, as he was scheduled to face Honma in singles action, after CHAOS & Worldwide Underground's 30 minute battle at Revelations of a King II. As Honma made his way down to the ring, ditching his CHAOS stalemates, KUSHIDA & Togi Makabe, on the stage, we soon found Morrison & Fish, as they ambushed KUSHIDA & Makabe on the stage with chairs! Meanwhile, in the ring, the bell rang, as O'Reilly took advantage, and would manage to keep it throughout the duration of the match, picking Honma apart while forcing him to watch his friends get beaten down on the stage. Eventually, O'Reilly would finish Honma off with an Ankle Lock, grapevining it, as he was locked in the submission, watched as Morrison & Fish made their way down to the ring... And Honma tapped immediately. After the match, Worldwide Underground would viciously beat down Honma, hitting him with a conchair-to, along with smashing his face into a steel trash-can. One final blow from Morrison, with Honma's head on the trash can with a steel chair would draw medics to the ring, as the damage was done. Kyle O'Reilly def. Tomaoki Honma @ 7:29 via submission with an Ankle Lock GPW Tag Team Champions Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) vs. Pagano & Dr. Luther Next up, the newly crowned GPW Tag Team Champions, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven would be in action against Pagano & Dr. Luther, a new tag team added to GPW's ranks. Interestingly enough, during the match, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, the former tag team champions, would walk onto the stage, watching Mustache Mountain's match. In the end, Trent Seven would take Dr. Luther's head off with a Seven Stars Lariat, as Pagano was taken out by a dive by Tyler Bate. After the match, Mustache Mountain raised their titles, staring down the former champions as Evil Uno just smiled at them. Mustache Mountain def. Luther & Pagano in 5:48 via pinfall with a Seven Stars Lariat to Dr. Luther Jake Hager & Tazz have a challenge for Tommaso Ciampa Next up, Jake Hager, along with his manager, Tazz would be shown in a pretaped video, as Tazz would say that Hager isn't showing up anywhere near that crazy SOB Tommaso Ciampa until he fully recovers. Tazz, however, explains that is why he is making this video, he says that the doctors say Jake Hager should be fine in about 3 weeks, just in time for this month's Pay-Per-View, Clash of Titans. Tazz purposes a rematch between Ciampa & Hager... And Hager steps forward, promising that he's gonna kick Ciampa's ass, and Hager's voice is aggressive, clearly pissed off. Hager says that Ciampa has made his reputation off being brutal, off being a sick SOB, and Hager's gonna beat him at his own game, challenging Ciampa to a No Disqualifications Match! Tazz appears surprised by this, as Hager shoves the camera down, but in the background, Tazz is heard asking Hager if he's sure... Darby Allin is champion In a pre-taped video from after Revelations of a King II, Darby Allin, our Gift of the Gods Champion, would be shown leaning on a wall, holding the championship. He turns around, beginning to speak about how he finally did it, saying he's been bouncing around, all over the world, trying to find a home, but he's finally found one, saying he is on the path to becoming the World Champion now. Darby promises that he doesn't care what it takes to get through these 7 defenses, but he'll do it, citing that he will be a fighting champion, and to whoever challenges him first, good luck, as Darby states you'll have to kill him to beat him. MAIN EVENT Tama Tonga w/ Tanga Loa & Bad Luck Fale vs. Scorpio Sky In our main event, Tama Tonga and Scorpio Sky would meet after last week's Take the Crown Match, where Tama Tonga cost Sky his shot with a lowblow. Tonight, Scorpio Sky looks to gain retribution, but will be a tough task over a proven veteran and winner in Tama Tonga. Scorpio Sky would prove he is on Tama's level, as Tama Tonga had to dig deep, but eventually, a 2nd GunStun from The Bad Guy put him away. After the match, Tanga Loa & Bad Luck Fale began stomping Scorpio Sky, to which Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian ran out, helping their former SCU brethren! SCU clears the ring, as the fans cheer, the three men reuniting in the center of the ring, as Firing Squad retreats, as the Trios Division within GPW continues to deepen. The show ends with SCU standing tall in the ring... Global Pro Wrestling Year 2 | Feb 2020 Week 3 Chapter LXV Live from: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles Roman Reigns vs. Madman Fulton w/ The Dark Order To kick off the episode, Roman Reigns would go one-on-one with Madman Fulton, as Pac, Stu Grayson, and Evil Uno watched on. Fulton caught Reigns off guard early with a distraction from his various stablemates, but eventually, Reigns would take control, finishing Fulton off with a Spear. After the match, Dark Order would surround the ring, but oddly enough, Mustache Mountain would run to Roman Reigns rescue. With Bate & Seven approaching, Grayson & Uno went to deal with them, while Reigns hit PAC with a Superman Punch, before spearing Madman! As Mustache Mountain got the upper-hand on Uno & Grayson, Reigns walked away, showing no emotion about Mustache Mountain helping him. Roman Reigns def. Madman Fulton in 6:45 via pinfall with a Spear SCU calls out Firing Squad, but is met with surprise: The reunited SCU would make their way out to the ring, saying that their return has been a long time coming, and that they're looking to become Trios Champions in GPW. They say that first off, however, they need to deal with Tama Tonga & Firing Squad, and that's why Christopher Daniels challenges them to a 3-on-3 bout at Clash of Titans! Firing Squad would make their way onto the stage, slowly walking down to the ring. Tama Tonga would say that it's all very heart-warming that SCU is back together, but the reality is, they are nothing compared to Firing Squad's dominance. Tama Tonga accepts SCU's challenge, but says that Bad Luck Fale doesn't compete, he just beats ass. Tama Tonga, says, however, they do have a 3rd man. All of a sudden, Frankie Kazarian is hit with a Superkick to the back of the head... By Low-Ki! The rest of Firing Squad beat down Scorpio Sky & Christopher Daniels, out-numbering them, as Firing Squad quickly turns it into a mugging. Low-Ki poses with Firing Squad, as it appears he is indeed the fourth member of the Squad! Rey Fenix vs. Tom Lawlor (#1 Contender's Match for Gift of the Gods) Rey Fenix & Tom Lawlor would square off tonight with the opportunity of facing Darby Allin for the Gift of the Gods Championship at Clash of Titans on the line. Commentary would note that even though he has been on a losing streak, Tom Lawlor gets the opportunity here tonight against Rey Fenix. In the end, Lawlor pushes Fenix to uncharted territory with his MMA background, but the Firebird's explosive offense is unable to be stopped by Lawlor, who eventually falls victim to a Fire Driver for Fenix to secure the three count. After the match, as Rey Fenix is celebrating, Darby Allin makes his way down to the ring, a face-off between the two taking place. Rey Fenix def. Tom Lawlor in 12:18 via pinfall with a Fire Driver, will face Darby Allin for Gift of the Gods at Clash of Titans Pentagon Jr. promises to destroy Angel Garza Jr. Pentagon Jr. would be inside of his training dojo, where he honed his craft and perfected it, as he bowed in the middle of the dojo, seemingly meditating. He begin to spoke, saying that two weeks ago, he failed in his quest to earn another shot at the World Championship, and he was forced to take it under his own merit. He says now Garza has come for revenge, but he warns Garza that stepping into the ring with him will only end badly for Garza. Pentagon Jr. says his usual line of who he is, ending it off with a Cero Miedo into the camera as the segment fades away. Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Joe Hennig & Tank Rotunda The former tag team champions had their first action since losing the belts, against a debuting Joe Hennig & Tank Rotunda, most infamously known as The B-Team. A surprising result, Joe Hennig & Tank Rotunda almost manage to beat the former champions, but ultimately, Grayson is able to put Rotunda away with a Torture Rack Backbreaker to Rotunda. After the match, Uno promises that at Clash of Titans, Dark Order will reclaim their spot at the top. Surprisingly, PAC interrupts, saying he's not impressed with his men beating two "jobbers", and certainly isn't happy with them after they lost their titles. He says with Roberts MIA, he's in charge and he offers Uno & Grayson a choice, win at Clash of Titans or face the consquences. Dark Order def. Joe Hennig & Tank Rotunda in 10:23 via pinfall with Torture Rack Backbreaker Tommaso Ciampa attacks Jake Hager with a kendo stick Jake Hager and Tazz would make their way down to the ring, saying that Hager is fully recovered after his concussion, and ready to go. Tazz wastes no time, saying they're here for Ciampa, and his answer, as they await Ciampa, who comes out. Ciampa smirks at the both of them, before sliding into the ring, taking down Hager as the brawl is on. The two men brawl around the ring, before taking it to the outside. As Hager is getting out, Ciampa cracks him with a Kendo Stick, continuing to do so over and over as Tazz watches on, unable to do anything. Eventually, Ciampa leaves Hager, with welts and red marks all on his body, Blackheart doing what he planned tonight. MAIN EVENT Kazuchika Okada vs. Kyle O'Reilly In the main event of our show, Worldwide Underground would come to the ring, announcing that they have been told that they will defend their Trios Championship belts against CHAOS once again at Clash of Titans, but with what they did to Honma, they're not so sure CHAOS can even challenge for the Trios Belts. O'Reilly steps up, saying that if any member of CHAOS wants to face him to preview their championship match at Clash of Titans, he's issuing an open challenge. Worldwide Underground's face would turn to a ghosty pale, as The Rainmaker's music hit, as we saw Kazuchika Okada for the first time since Revelations of a King II, and he would be facing O'Reilly here tonight! O'Reilly & Okada would put on a technical masterpiece, grappling back and forth as both men tried to gain the advantage. As O'Reilly began to work the joints of Okada, Okada eventually took over, as a dropkick to O'Reilly's face gave Okada the advantage. O'Reilly attempted to lock in various submissions, but Okada would block each one, not allowing O'Reilly to stick to his usual gameplan. Ultimately, Okada would duck a Roundhouse Kick, grabbing O'Reilly's arm, before pulling him in for a Rainmaker! Okada would pick O'Reilly up, setting it up... And hit a second one! 1... 2.. 3! Okada wins! After the match, Worldwide Underground attempts an ambush, but KUSHIDA & Togi Makabe are there to make the save, as they run the Trios Champions off. Ric Flair emerges with his cilents, who aim to take over the American Wrestling industry, and announces that Tomaoki Honma is out for Clash of Titans... Which means Kazuchika Okada is in! Kazuchika Okada def. Kyle O'Reilly in 20:08 via pinfall with two Rainmakers back-to-back It will be Kazuchika Okada, Togi Makabe, and KUSHIDA vs. Worldwide Underground at Clash of Titans, and with that announcement, GPW fades to black... Global Pro Wrestling Year 2 | Feb 2020 Week 4 Chapter LXVI Live from: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles Low-Ki vs. Christopher Daniels Tonight's show would begin with Low-Ki, the newest member of Firing Squad, taking on Christopher Daniels of SCU. Daniels & Low-Ki would go back and forth, as Daniels controlled the pace early on, but the strikes of Low-Ki allowed him to take advantage for a portion of the match. In the end, as Christopher Daniels is able to nail the Angel's Wings, Firing Squad runs into the ring, beating down Christopher Daniels once again. The referee is forced to throw out the match, as the four men two-sweet over Christopher Daniels' body... WAIT! Kazarian & Scorpio Sky! They run out to Daniels' aid, but Firing Squad, in no mood to fight fair tonight, ducks out of the ring, as at Clash of Titans, Low-Ki, Tama Tonga, and Tanga Loa will face SCU. Christopher Daniels def. Low-Ki via DQ in 8:54 when Firing Squad interfered CHAOS vs. Worldwide Underground retrospective We are shown a history of the feud between CHAOS & Worldwide Underground, as Worldwide Underground has successfully, albeit, not exactly clean, defended their titles against CHAOS, but this time it's different. Instead of Tomaoki Honma standing side-by-side with Kushida & Togi Makabe, instead, it's The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada, the inaugural GPW World Champion. Meanwhile, John Morrison, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish have dominated Trios action thus far in GPW, being undefeated in that category. They are unquestionably the best trio in the division right now, but the question at Clash of Titans will be: How much of a difference does Okada make? Rey Fenix & Darby Allin vs. Pentagon Jr. & Angel Garza Jr. Next up, rivals teamed up ahead of their respective matches at Clash of Titans, as Garza & Pentagon teamed against Fenix & Darby. Pentagon & Garza's partnership would appear fragile from the opening moments of the match, while Fenix & Darby engaged in a game of one-ups-manship with each other. Eventually, fed up with Garza, Pentagon superkicked him, nailing his partner with a Fear Factor before leaving the ring, taunting with a CERO MIEDO before he left. Rey Fenix would tag himself in, to the shock of Darby Allin, hitting a Double Foot Stomp on Garza to pick up the win. After the match, tensions rose between Fenix & Darby, as the two men went nose-to-nose, Darby raising his belt in Fenix's face. Rey Fenix & Darby Allin def. Pentagon Jr. & Angel Garza Jr. in 13:46 via pinfall with a Diving Foot Stomp The Briscoes vs. Pagano & Dr. Luther The Briscoes would return to GPW after debuting in Take the Crown a few weeks ago, as they faced Pagano & Dr. Luther here tonight. The Briscoes would work as an experienced, great tag team, as they picked apart Dr. Luther, not allowing him to get a tag to Pagano as Jay Briscoe nailed the Jay Driller to pick up the three count. After the match, The Briscoes celebrated as Pagano appeared frustrated with Luther. The Briscoes def. Pagano & Dr. Luther in 4:21 via pinfall with a Jay Driller Tommaso Ciampa vs. QT Marshall Tonight, Tommaso Ciampa would be handed something to chew on, by Dario Cueto ahead of his No Disqualifications Match with Jake Hager. Tommaso Ciampa would toy with QT Marshall, but after 3 straight knee strikes, a message clearly to Hager, Ciampa would finish him off with a Fairytale Ending, pinning him for the 3 count. Jake Hager would attack Ciampa from behind, stomping him into the ground, before beginning to choke out Ciampa, and he would succeed in doing so. As he made Ciampa go to sleep, he exited the ring, eager to bring weapons in, but Tazz would instruct Hager to wait until CoT, and Hager would listen to his manager, as the two men walked off, with Ciampa coming to inside the squared circle. Tommaso Ciampa def. QT Marshall in 3:02 via pinfall with a Fairytale Ending Evil Uno promises Dark Order will regain their titles Evil Uno would be shown in a pre-taped vignette, saying that the Dark Order may have fell last month, and things may be going rough, but the Dark Order is dominant as ever, Uno states, over and over again, hitting home that point. Finally, Uno declares that Bate & Seven may have scored a fluke victory over them, but after Clash of Titans, Dark Order will be the first 2-time GPW Tag Team Champions... MAIN EVENT GPW World Championship Open Challenge PAC vs. ??? PAC would walk out to the ring, saying he has the biggest balls in GPW, and he's here tonight to prove it, saying that he is issuing an open challenge for his World Championship right now, days away from his impending match with Roman Reigns. Humberto Carillo accepts the challenge, as the young mexican star looks to become GPW World Champion, but undoubtedly faces an uphill battle here tonight with the Bastard King. Humberto Carillo would fight valiantly, fighting his heart out, as everything PAC went for, he seemingly had a counter. Eventually, Carillo would be dropped with a Superkick, as PAC then executed the Black Arrow. He applied the Brutalizer shortly after, and Carillo was forced to tap out. PAC def. Humberto Carillo to retain GPW World Championship in 14:37 via submission with The Brutalizer; Pac makes defense #5 of his GPW World Championship PAC & Reigns face-to-face PAC would grab a microphone, saying that's why he's the best talent this company's got, saying that Roman Reigns couldn't do that if he tried. PAC says that at Clash of Titans, he will put down Reigns or die trying, and says that Roman probably doesn't even have the balls to come out and face him right now. This brings out Reigns, who walks down to the ring. PAC begins to rip into Reigns, calling him a subpar performer and not worthy of being a champion, and Reigns hears enough, as he just unloads with a brutal right hand to PAC, who responds back with a forearm! The two men begin brawling, as they beat the hell out of each other, with Dario Cueto having to come out with security, albeit, with a smile, to protect his main event! The two men are separated to end the show, as Cueto smiles, the absolute war he knows the championship is in for, as Reigns and PAC still attempt to get to each other as the show ends! Clash of Titans PPV Card GPW World Championship: PAC (c) vs. Roman Reigns Gift of the Gods Championship: Darby Allin(c) vs. Rey Fenix GPW Trios Championships: Worldwide Underground (Morrison, O'Reilly, Fish) vs. CHAOS (Okada, Makabe, KUSHIDA) GPW Tag Team Championships: Mustache Mountain (c) vs. Dark Order No Disqualifications Match: Jake Hager vs. Tommaso Ciampa SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian) vs. Firing Squad (Tama Tonga, Low-Ki, Tanga Loa w/ Bad Luck Fale) Pentagon Jr. vs. Angel Garza Jr.
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    Network Era (2017)

    WWE '17 The Network Era NXT: June 28th, 2017 RESULTS Authors of Pain def. Street Profits at 11:32 to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships with Last Chapter after interference from Keith Lee & Lio Rush Shayna Baszler def. Lacey Evans at 8:10 with the Kirfuda Clutch In the parking lot, footage of EC3 walking to his car is shown, when suddenly, El Idolo attacks EC3, beating him down brutally! As the attack is finished, Andrade walks away, his message sent to EC3. Finally, after weeks of video packages, Darby Allin would make his debut, defeating Kona Reeves in 3:21 with a Coffin Drop Asuka is shown backstage, as she challenges Shayna Baszler. Io Shirai, having her own problems with Baszler, says she wants the Queen of Spades as well. A tag team bout between Io Shirai & Asuka vs. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir is booked for next week! Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode to retain the NXT Championship at 15:07 with a Claymore Kick; After the match, Ciampa, along with LAX would appear in the back, with a beaten down Velveteen Dream & Roderick Strong in their clutches. Drew would immediately leave the ring, running to attempt to rescue Dream & Strong... As Bobby Roode makes it to his feet, broken and battered, Tazz appears on the stage. "Bobby Roode, I know who I attacked you. Because I'm the man who sent the son of a bitch!" Suddenly, Brian Cage would enter the ring, dropping Roode with a clothesline, before picking up him and nailing him with a Drill Claw! Tazz joins Cage in the ring, holding up his hand to end NXT.
  15. Slim

    Network Era (2017)

    WWE '17 The Network Era Raw: July 3rd, 2017 PREVIEW - AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship - Samoa Joe defends his MITB Briefcsse against Kofi Kingston - Kushida challenges Ricochet for the Cruiserweight Championship - Bayley takes on Asuka - Will Matt Hardy show up for his Raw Tag Team Championship Match?
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      Sorry, don't speak French

  17. Slim

    24 Hours

    | 8 Hours until King of the Ring | Taped in London 7/26/20 12:13 PM Our camera opens in a hotel room, as a man begins to stir inside the bed. Quickly, we realize that it is the World & Undisputed Champion, Slim, as he sits up on his bed, coming to after what seems to be a few hours of sleep. Dazed and confused, Slim makes his way to the bathroom. We transition to Slim, minutes later, fresh out of a shower, donning a 2016 King tanktop from his merch collection. With black nike sweatpants, Slim is shown shaving his beard, freshening up ahead of tonight's pay-per-view. Finally, the camera focuses in on the bed, as Slim walks over to it, sitting down. He stares into the camera, pondering what he's about to say as he does so. With both championships sitting on the bed, one on each side of him, the champion is well represented as he begins to talk. "Say my name..." You want me to say your name? You know, you intrigue me... I've been studying you since that night at Mania, I never mentioned you, I never gave you any merit for what I took from you, all that mattered to me was that I was the champion, I had finally reclaimed my spot at the top, my position, my RESPECT! After months of embarrassment, getting my jaw broken, losing to a pornstar, getting destroyed by my former Legacy brethren, it was all over. I was the god damn champion again, and I had just put the fastest rising star in the ground. I proved how good I was, there was no fulfillment that I needed from there on. To me, I proved myself when I pinned you in the middle of the ring, and at the end of BPZMania, The Mafia, my creation, stood tall. After that, I'd like to believe I became wiser, that I became less emotionally invested in what was going on. Whether that's a gift or a curse, we're yet to find out, but one thing's for sure: My perspective on you has vastly changed since that night. I could sit here, say I'm gonna kick your fucking ass, or that you're a bastard, a piece of shit, but you're not. In all honesty, I respect you. I understand you, because we are one in the same, but you already know that, don't you? We are the shining light of the same thing, two opposite colors on a spectrum. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if you had just accepted my offer to join me in the winter. Together, we would have been unstoppable, but now we meet a crossroads, because for the first time, you now chase me. Before, I chased you. The Intercontinental Championship, the infamous cash-in, it was always me coming for you, but now, you are the one who yearns for what I possess. Well, let me tell you something.. I'm gonna give you the fight that you want, I'm gonna give you the 40 minute battle that you're hungry for, I'm gonna make sure that everyone in the crowd realizes that they saw something... of legendary proportion. The winds are changing, I feel that. My championship is slowly slipping from my grasp, The Vulture is here to claim what he is owed... But, I want you to know one thing. If you're gonna take this championship from me, you're gonna have to kill me. My body won't be the same at the end of this match, because I saw that look in your eyes. You're coming for blood, and you will stop at nothing to claim my championship. As much as I want to lay down, as much as I want to hand you this championship, because let's be honest, you deserve it, there is just this feeling inside my body, that won't allow me to do so. I hope you beat the hell out of me, and claim the title, I'm the god damn champion, and I am yearning for that moment. The Vulture returns to claim the championship that was stolen from him... So poetic, so full of justice, it's very heart-warming, but... Arius, I want to leave you with a question. I said I've been studying you for months. I know your grueling, devastating journey to finding that fulfillment that every human desires. The desire to matter, to mean something to something or someone... When you stand tall with that championship, will you finally find yours? With that question, Slim stands up, cutting off the camera as everything fades to black. Tonight, the World Championship will be on the line in a triple threat, and it promises to be a brutal war, one for the wicked souls...
  18. I'm glad that this is a cup and not a set of championships. Thankfully, they realize they don't have the depth to run tag team titles with the women, but I'm not opposed to a yearly cup where women's tag team wrestling is showcased. I think it's pretty obvious that Brandi & Allie are gonna make a deep run in this cup with how they've been building them, and another team they've hinted at was Ivelisse & Diamante which would be a cool pairing. Hopefully theres some interesting matchups in this tournament, and I'm gonna say it, hopefully they do it on Dark.
  19. How about he joins The Mafia 😎
  20. Slim

    Network Era (2017)

    SmackDown Live June 27th, 2017 Live from Valley Casino Center, in San Diego, California Chad Gable def. Jeff Cobb @ 8:45 with a shock roll-up; After the match, American Alpha retreats as Lance Archer & Jeff Cobb are left fuming inside the ring Carmella def. Emma @ 6:31 in Queen of the Ring with a Superkick; Carmella moves on to face Nikki Bella in semifinals Queen of the Ring Final 4 - NEXT WEEK! Becky Lynch vs. Paige Nikki Bella vs. Carmella The Intercontinental Champion, Neville would make his way down to the ring, boasting about his recent success since his move to SmackDown Live. He says that in a very short time, he has become the King of SmackDown. Promising to vanquish any foes who stood in his way, Matt Riddle would interrupt, saying that he's in Neville's way, and all he wants is a match for his Intercontinental Championship. Neville laughs, saying Riddle doesn't deserve anything but to kiss his ass, Neville walks off, leaving Riddle in the ring with no match. Sami Zayn def. Apollo Crews @ 13:02 with a Helluva Kick; Sami Zayn advances to final four of King of the Ring Alexa Bliss would be backstage, as she obviously had something to say. Speaking to Sasha Banks, she called the champion a "fake bitch", and said that Sasha is nowhere near the woman that she is, promising that SmackDown Live's Queen will once again be Alexa Bliss soon enough... Backstage, American Alpha are walking, when suddenly, Lance Archer & Jeff Cobb attack them from behind! Archer and Cobb brutally assault American Alpha in the parking lot, using all of their resources to their advantage, before scurrying off as medics check on the stud tag team. Next up, Bray Wyatt would appear in a funhouse of sorts, as he introduced us to what he calls 'The Firefly Funhouse'. Promising love and care, Wyatt says that this place is happy, where demons and angels are neighbors. He does his usual shtick, before promising that next week, John Cena will go face-to-face with him... And it will not be pretty, with a sadistic smile and laugh, Wyatt's segment comes to an end, as our WWE Champion has undergone a DRASTIC change. In our main event, Shinsuke Nakamura def. Dolph Ziggler @ 12:14 with a Kinshasa. After the match, Sami Zayn would make his way down to the ring for a staredown with Nakamura. As the two stared down, Cesaro's music played as The Professional made his way down to the ring. With 3 men standing in the ring, facing off, Roman Reigns made his presence felt, coming down to the ring to complete the field of KOTR participants we have left, as SmackDown Live comes to an end. KOTR: Final Four NEXT WEEK! Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

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