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  1. Confirming that Climax is still a team
  2. Its 4:30am where I am. No point in sleeping now really
  3. He was on the down I think but he was a good grinder. Losing Sequin the year before was another terrible decision.
  4. I just cut my hair last week. Went from a man bun to nearly bald
  5. Absolutely epic applause. Thank you BPZ universe! One of my favourite moments to date.
  6. This is my 100th post. Crazy that its been less than a week. Next milestone goal is 500!
  7. I have to say I caught an episode on the wwe network once and it was definitely entertaining. It was the episode where Nikki freezes her eggs. And at the end John just looked pissed haha
  8. Thats some terrible quality man. Cool that you got to meet Lita though
  9. I just got up from sleeping but work 7pm-7am last night, do it again tonight and tomorrow night. Not the nicest thing to be on your mind..
  10. Watched the first episode of "House of Lies" a few days ago. Not sure if I will continue watching it but it was pretty good if you like racy shows.
  11. Probably EA Sports UFC when i get an xbox one because its pretty cheap now
  12. Well, this used to be my profile picture so most of you already know but for those of you who don't here is me!

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