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  1. bailey14

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    West: 1:Warriors 2: Rockets 3: Lakers 4: Jazz 5: Thunder 6: Nuggets 7: Timberwolves 8: Spurs East: 1: Celtics 2: 76ers 3: Raptors 4: Bucks 5: Wizards 6: Pacers 7: Pistons 8: Heat WCF: Warriors over Lakers in 5 ECF: Celtics over 76ers in 5 Finals: Warriors over Celtics in 6 MVP: KD ROY: Ben Simmons (Mo Bomba) DPOY: Davis MIP: Ball 6MOTY: Rozier COTY: Luke Walton
  2. bailey14

    Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

    Think they are saving one more proper match for mania lol
  3. bailey14

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

  4. bailey14

    The Future Is Set

    The GOAT plays as the newly Money in the Bank Winner Bailey makes his way to the ring holding his the Money in the Bank contract Last Night I made history once again by becoming the first ever 2 Time Money In The Bank winner. I once again shocked my opponents as they had no clue about me entering the Match. Then I went on to dominate and climb that ladder back to back years and win it all.. So now what does that mean for the future of BPZ. It means that the future of the world title is sealed for the next 6 months. Because it doesn't matter if it Julius or Flynn holding that Title after Halloween Havoc because I will be the one Walking out of Halloween Havoc as the World Heavyweight champion. I'm not going to be a coward and cash in out of nowhere while by my opponent is beaten down. I'm not going to do some sneaky bullshit. No I'm going right in there faces and letting them know its time. And at Halloween Havoc it will be my time once again! The Big Dog will reclaim his throne at the top. I will become the 6 time BPZ World Heavyweight champion of the world. The Kingdom wont stop that. Flynn wont stop that. It's my time! I'm the guy. I'm the man and I have the future right here in my hands. So goodluck Flynn, Goodluck Julius because after your Match with each other you're coming toe to toe with me and I will be the New World Heavyweight Champion! Believe That!
  5. bailey14

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Carnage shirts
  6. bailey14

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

  7. bailey14

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Find all the Greatest Merchandise for your favorite BPZ Superstars here! You can use this Link to create your shirts https://www.customink.com
  8. bailey14

    BPZ NBA 2k19 My League Online

    All depends on when i get the game or if anyone wants to gameshare with a broke man
  9. bailey14

    What Other Content BrendenPlayz Should Do?

    Fortnite and Fallout 76
  10. bailey14

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: September 17th 2018

    Another boring RAW. This show has been a disaster for awhile now and it's only getting worse. The fact that one big feud with the 6 guys that are in it takes up 3-5 segments each week just hurts the show and the roster. They are the only 6 guys that matter on the show and it shows. All the other heels dont matter and have no momentum and the babyface are just basically dominating the feuds they are put in at the end of the day. The only good thing from this show I thought was the fact Bobby Lashley got Lio Rush as his manager but the one thing that really irritate me was the fact that when Lio Rush was saying how Lashley was mad and had unfinished business. Lashley still comes out all smiles. Please turn the man heel.
  11. bailey14

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Brock Lesnar is fucking awesome Braun Strowman turning heel was the best thing for the RAW roster Dean Ambrose is still boring New Day are the best Team/Stable in the last decade Undertaker and Shawn Michaels should Main Event WM 35
  12. Becky wins finally. I really don't see her as heel here as she was kinda celebrating with the fans I felt like and of course they were cheering here. I expect the title to played like hot patato tho so I see Charlotte winning it back soon
  13. bailey14

    Hell in a Cell Match: Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

    My Favorite Match of the Night here. Was so Ruthless with alot of fun spots. The Ear thing is just so gross and that last spot was just amazing. Orton plays an awesome heel as we already knew and was the right decision for him to win. Hope Hardy Is okay but I don't expect this feud to be over yet.
  14. bailey14

    WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe

    Loved the Ending to the match as it keeps the feud going and keeps Joe strong they need a big stipulation at SSD to end this feud and hopefully with Joe winning. How about an Ultimately Submission match would be epic

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