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  1. Suddenly, We See Coming out from the Crowd, It's Jonathan, Marker, Bob and Buddy Ace! They Circle around The Ring with all 4 men standing on the apron surrounding Slim and Smith who are beaten down from there grueling match. Slim starts laughing historically and clapping his hands as he knows what's happening. Where as Smith looks distraught knowing he is going to have to fight for his life! As the 4 Men surround them. THE GOAT Echos throughout the whole Arena as The Bailey is here, making his return to BPZ! He comes out to a massive pop wearing his Shades and a Black Leather Jacket. With a Bat in hand he walks down the Ramp and climbs up to the Apron. Suddenly a laughing Slim, thinking this beatdown is intended for Smith. Rolls out of the ring and out of Harms way only to be hit with a Running Knee by Jonathan! Jonathan climbs back on to the apron as then The Bailey signlas for them to attack. Like a rabid Dogs all 4 Men attack Smith as Bailey watches. Smith trying to fight them off but the numbers game just catches up to him and his beaten down to the mat. The Bailey than enters the ring and starts throwing his own punches at Smith. He than Signals to Bob and Buddy Ace to go get slim. As Bailey Marker and Jonathan beat down on Smith. Buddy Ace and Bob pick up a Dazed smiling Slim and End up Double Powerbombing him through the announcers table. They then bring him back to the Ring as then Smith starts fighting off Marker, Jonathan and Bailey only to be hit with a Thunderous GOAT Bottom! As Both Smith and Slim lay there, The Bailey grabs the Black Wooden Baseball bat, as the 4 other Men hold Slim and Smith up while being on there Knees. The Bailey first Targets Smith, The Man he faced at Summerslam. The Bailey spits in Smiths face and then Takes a Swing right to the Skull of Smith, knocking him out. He then Points his attention towards The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and The Block B winner Slim. Who is laughing freakishly and Begging The Bailey to hit him. The Bailey says to Slim " I Leave for Two Months and You become a Freak!" The Bailey spits in the Face of Slim and then Smacks Slim over the head with The Bat. Stopping the laughing and knocking Slim out. Bailey, Jonathan, Marker, Bob and Buddy Ace Stand over the beatdown Bodies of Slim and Smith as they Raise there Hands in Victory. The Bailey is back and looks like he has came back with some new friends of his to run BPZ Wrestling.
  2. We know what i believe here. I only share my thoughts on it everyday Bailey Flynn Slim Neb Smith I wouldn't put Smith passed Neb yet because of Smith taking time off and stuff but i think he will pass him soon no problem
  3. bailey14


    I really wonder who these 2 Men are. I can't even guess who it is
  4. All Star Wrestling | Episode 7 | Paramount Theater Paul Heyman announces 4 Competitors for Tonight's Fatal 4 Way Paul Heyman comes out to announce the 4 Participants in tonight's Fatal 4 Way. He announces Randy Orton, Pete Dunne, Wade Barrett and Rich Swann! But then Ricochet makes his 1st appearance since Emergence! He comes out and says he deserves to be in this fatal 4 way and have another opportunity. Barrett and Ricochet take shots at each other. They agree to a match where the winner gets into the 4 Way. Ricochet Defeates Wade Barrett Ricochet shocks Wade Barrett with a role up Victory despite being banged up still from Emergence. Barrett is frustrated as hell as Ricochet enters the Fatal 4 Way. Heavy Machinery found there guy? We Cut back to Heavy Machinery who are still looking for a Trios Partner after going to countless Gyms and Bars. They finally go to last Gym where they see a Man benching over 500 Pounds. He waves them over and says you guys looking for a Partner? The Camera finally shows the guy as we see The Machine Michael Elgin! He says he can be there 3rd Guy. Heavy Machinery easily agreed. We have another Trio in ASW. And Michael Elgin is coming to All Star Wrestling. The United Veterans In Our 2nd Match of the Night. The Hardys Defeated Grizzled Young Veterans by DQ when Magnus interfered. The 3 Men beat down The Hardy's forming alliance between the 3 British Men. They call themselves The United Veterans. Steen Targets Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio is cutting a backstage promo on what's next for him in ASW when Kevin Steen attacks him from behind obviously frustrated that Rey Cost Steen the match last week. He Powerbombs Rey Through a backstage Table. Leaving him there down and out. The Bruserweight comes out on Top. Pete Dunne would Defeat Randy Orton, Ricochet and Rich Swann in the Main event by pinning Orton. He will face Jay Lethal next week to determine the Number One contender for the ASW World Heavyweight Champion. During the match Wade Barrett attacked Ricochet taking him out of the match.
  5. I thought both shows were solid this week but even tho majority might think AEW was better i thought NXT was the more complete show. AEW is still lacking in character building i think. Even with the guys that are on the show i know nothing about them. They need to tell us who these guys are and what they are about. Sammy Guevara has been a vocal point on on the show for both of the 1st 2 weeks and i still don't know who he is, what is character is or what he's about.
  6. All Star Wrestling | Episode 6 | Paramount Theater The Beast Champion We Start the show with General Manager Paul Heyman and The ASW World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Heyman talks about how Lesnar Destroyed Ricochet. When Then Guys like Jay Lethal, Kevin Steen, Rey Mysterio and Rusev coming out wanting the next shot. So Paul Heyman decides to do 2 Fatal 4 Way Matches where then those 2 winners will face each other for the chance at Brock Lesnar. The 4 Guys in the ring right now will be the 4 guys competing in tonight's main event Briscoes and Ryback? In Our First match of the night The Briscoes took on War Machine in where the match ended in DQ when Hanson hit Jay Briscoe with a Chair. War Machine would be beating down The Briscoes until Ryback came out and made the save. Hinting that we have a Trio in Ryback and The Briscoe Brothers. SCU to be the first ASW Trios Champions? SCU promoed on there Victory at Emergence and how they showed they are the most experienced and most together Trio in ASW. That they are basically family and that's why they will win the Tournament and be the first ever ASW Trios Champions. The All American spoils Joey Ryan's debut In Joey Ryans debut at All Star Wrestling he would face Jack Swagger. But unfortunately for Ryan. Swaggers Wrestling and MMA background would be too much and he would make Ryan tap with the Ankle Lock to win the match. Heavy Machinery looking for there 3rd Man We Would cut to the Streets of New York where Heavy Machinery are seen going to all the Gyms across New York looking for a partner. They are looking for a bad ass Man to be there 3rd Man and thats why they are going to Gyms looking for him. They would add a bit of comic relief in this Angle looking for there Partner but unfortunately they couldn't find one. Jay Lethal comes out Victorious In Our Big Fatal 4 Way Main Event, Jay Lethal would Defeat Kevin Steen, Rey Mysterio and Rusev after pinning Rusev after hitting Lethal Injection. During The Match Steen looked like he had the win after hitting the Pop Up Powerbomb on Lethal Only for Rey to break it up and Take Steen out with a 619. Only to be hit with a Super Kick by Rusev that then led to Lethal Injection on Rusev by Lethal to pick up the win and close out the show.
  7. bailey14


    Sorry i don't need that tho i come up with my own stuff that is inspired by a character yes jjust llike I'm assuming this shit u actually call a promo was inspired by orange Cassidy?
  8. bailey14


    What the hell is this lmaooo
  9. AEW is coming to the Historic longest running Diary in BPZ forums history. What has been known as the WWE Current Brand split diary has now become the WWE Current Brand Split vs AEW Diary as i will begin to book AEW! side note: looking for someone to book NXT! NXT UK as well! Lmk.
  10. Month 1 Results: Slim: 198 Points Smith: 198 Points Echo: 198 Points Bailey: 196 Points Julius: 195 Points FDS: 184 Points Bart: 181 Points Mikey: 163 Points Brad: 155 Points Marker: 146 Points Monthly Reward: Nothing Monthly Penalty: Marker has lost 5K Dollars. Down to 15k. Monthly Awards: Best PPV: Beauty In The Combat (Smith) Wreslter Of The Month: Adrian King (Smith) Best Booking Decision: Turning Fenix heel on Pentagon Jr (Julius) Best Feud: Alesiter vs John Cena (Bart) Best Weekly Show: All Star Wrestling Week 4 (Bailey) Worst PPV: October Madness (Marker) Worst Feud: Seth Rollins vs Marty Scrull vs Drew McIntyre (Marker) Worst Weekly Show: AAPW Week 3 (Brad) Worst Booking Decision: Ronda Rousey losing to Toni Storm (Brad) NOVEMBER BEGINS
  11. Alright when is Penguin or Scarecrow showing up now lmaooo
  12. Crown Jewel Match Card: No Holds Bar Match: Brock Lesnar vs Triple H Universal Championship Match: Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle Undisputed Era vs Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Cedric Alexander The Brothers of Destruction vs Dolph Ziggler and Elias Goldberg vs Baron Corbin United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Jeff Hardy Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor vs AJ Styles vs Braun Strowman Smackdown Tag Team Championship 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ricochet and Rey Mysterio RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn vs The Usos
  13. Smackdown Live Presents Hell In A Cell Undisputed Era Defeated Seth Rollins and Cedric Alexander in 15:28 Elias Defeated Xavier Woods in 7:43 Kofi Kingston Defeated Andrade Cien Almas, Jeff Hardy and Roderick Strong in 13:35 to retain the United States Championship Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe Defeated Rey Mysterio and Ricochet in 14:50 to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships Becky Lynch Defeated Charlotte and Lacey Evans in 17:43 to retain the Smackdown Women's Championship after the match, Charlotte and Lacey would team up beating down Becky Lynch Adam Cole Defeated The Miz and Daniel Bryan in 18:46 to retain the WWE Championship. He Stole the Victory from Daniel Bryan Boss N Hug Connection defeated The Bella Twins in 9:31 to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns Defeated Randy Orton in 24:14 inside Hell In A Cell to close out the show.
  14. All Star Wrestling | Episode 5 | Paramount Theater EMERGENCE Semifinal Matchup: Ricochet vs Kevin Steen Ricochet Defeated Kevin Steen To Open up the 1st ever PPV of All Star Wrestling, Ricochet would Defeat Kevin Steen in a back and forth match to advance into the Finals of the ASW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinal Matchup: Randy Orton vs Pete Dunne Randy Orton Defeated Pete Dunne In the Second Match of the night Orton would Defeat Pete Dunne with an RKO advancing to face Ricochet later tonight. We would cut to a backstage interview with Paul Heyman where he talked about how Lesnar is getting ready for tonight's matchup for the ASW World Heavyweight Championship! Heyman would adresss the criticism of Lesnar gettting a biased and unfair advantage to the Championship by saying Lesnar deserves the spot where he is at. He tells the fans to enjoy the rest of the show because Come tomorrow Brock Lesnar will be the ASW World Heavyweight Champion 6 Man Tag Match: SCU vs Bully Ray, Silas Young and Texano Jr. SCU wins In a Fun 6 Man tag SCU would win the match using there Team Chemistry. The other 3 Men looked impressive together but just couldn't overcome the Chemistry of SCU. A hype video plays for our next match Showcasing The 3 talents of PJ Black, TJP and Rich Swann. Showing what these 3 Men are all about. All Star Wrestling Showcase Match: TJP vs PJ Black vs Rich Swann Rich Swann wins thrilling Showcase Match In a Fun Fast Paced Triple Threat Match Swann would come out on top after pinning TJP. All 3 Men after the match show respect to each other. ASW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Randy Orton vs Ricochet Ricochet gets the surprising upset In the Finals of the ASW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Ricochet would counter the RKO in a flash pinfall to pick up the Victory over Orton and completely shock him. Ricochet gets Brock tonight. ASW World Tag Team Championships Fatal Four Way Match: War Machine vs The Briscoes vs Heavy Machinery vs Grizzled Young Veterans Briscoe Brothers come out on top In a fun tag team match The Briscoes world win after Jay Briscoe Pinned Zack Gibson of Grizzled Young Veterans. The Briscoes thought they had became the 1st ever ASW World Tag Team Champions for only Paul Heyman to come out and spoil the news announcing that there will be no Tag Division. That All Star Wrestling will have a TRIOS DIVISION and that you all better find a 3rd Partner if you wanna be in the Tournament that Starts in 2 Months! Wade Barrett vs Colt Cabana The British Brawler takes down Cabana After Challenging Colt Cabana to a fight.Barrett would deliver on his promise by beating Cabana in his debut match A recap of the ASW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament is shown before we head into our Main Event. ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Ricochet Brock Lesnar Destroys Ricochet In The Main Event of Emergence, Brock Lesnar absolutely destroyed Ricochet. He hit a F5 within in 20 seconds to put down Ricochet but he wasn't finished there. He nearly beat Ricochet to death for the next 13 minutes with 15 suplexs. A bunch of punches to the skull and knees to the body. Ricochet was able to get a few moves in but was ultimately stopped with a Huge Closeline by the Beast. Brock Ultimately ended the Match with another F5. Brock Lesnar absolutely destroyed Ricochet and became the 1st ever All Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion to close out the show we see Brock Standing tall and Ricochet getting stretchered out the building.
  15. Haper and Rowan Sasha Banks Bayley The Fiend First Match: Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks Second to last match: Womens tag team Championship match 2 Women's Tag, Asuka and Sane

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