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  1. The GOAT echos through out the Arena as the BPZ world Heavyweight Champion The Bailey makes his way down to the Ring FINALLY...... The Bailey has come back to Detroit Michigan. Hollow.... Hollow.... Hollow. Blah ..... blah. Blah. Blah. I don't know Detroit. Im starting to think there a script out there Callled the Bailey as an opponent promo. Because The Bailey honestly hears the same garbage over and over and over again. Corrupt.... and Egotistical..... and stealing the spotlight. I've heard so many times before. Hollow man did you..... its this a joke am i being pranked right now. Haha did you get Flynn in on this. Wait a minute is Julius on this.... no did you get brads help with this. Because every single one of them spewed the same crap. Like come on Hollow. The Bailey thought you were the Creative one. With all your mysterious shit and your Whack personality. The Bailey definitely thought you would come up with something unique. But Hollow you're just like the rest. Oh shit..... have i been calling you Hollow this whole time? Oh god please. Dont get angry. What are you gonna do have the light mysteriously turned off and come back as Hollow? Is that like your thing. You know like the Hulk. You get mad and the Bailey certainly wouldn't like you when your angry. So instead of turning Green. You Put on Your creepy mask that you got at the Dollar store. You know what let's start over tthat's The Baileys bad. What's your actual name again? Blade: My Name is Bla... . IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS. The Bailey doesn't give a damn who in the blue hell you are. The Bailey knows one thing about you. The Bailey knows you a career loser. You lose. That's what you do best. You lost at SVM. You Lost twice at BPZMANIA. You lost at World at War. You are a loser. You maybe a creep. Hell maybe even a psychopath. But that doesn't change the fact that you are a loser. You have no momentum at. And you have the balls you challenge the most ELECTRIFYING man in sports entertainment. You have the guts to go one on one with the Great One. You do got some balls. But you ain't nearly on my level. You won't be taking anything from the People's Champion! The difference between guys like you and the Bailey. You Climb Ladders. The Bailey Climbs mountains. The Bailey didn't create anything for himself. The Bailey has earned everything The Bailey has won. The Bailey gets it your Jealous of me. You wish you were as Charismatic and Entertaining as the Bailey. You wish you could be a 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. And thats great go and dream big. But complaining or making false accusations against me. Accusations that I've heard many times from many others. That gets you nowhere. The Bailey is coming to Backlash. The Bailey is coming to whoop your Candy Ass. BECAUSE..... IF YOU A SMEEEEEELLLLLLL WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING
  2. SUPERSTAR SHAKEUP RESULTS: RAW: AJ Styles Sanity Luke Harper Jinder Mahal Sami Zayn Lars Sullivan Matt Hardy The Club Heavy Machinery Sheamus Naomi Shayna Baszler and UFC Girls Carmella Riott Squad Smackdown Live: Roman Reigns DIY Titus Brand Elias and Ziggler Undisputed Era Andrade Cien Almas Cedric Alexander Goldon Lovers Natalya Absolution Bayley Lacey Evans
  3. Smackdown Live kicks off with the newest Addition of Smackdown Live Roman Reigns! He gets interrupted by Seth Rollins who welcomes him to Smackdown. The 2 of them are interrupted tho by the newest tag team on SD. Ziggler and Elias. A Tag Team match is made between the 4 Men tonight! DIY are here on Smackdown Live! They take on the Revival! DIY Defeated The Revival Undisputed Era cut a backstage promo on there attack on the New Day. Andrade Cien Almas has a Qualifying match for MITB against the newest member of Smackdown from the Titus Brand Apollo Crews. Andrade Cien Almas Defeated Apolo Crews. Kings of Wrestling call out Rey Mysterio and Ricochet for there rematch at Money In The Bank. Becky Lynch Defeated Mandy Rose who joining the Smackdown brand with Sonya Daville. While Charlotte was on Commentary. Than Lacey Evans music plays she walks out and then walks back. The Iiconics attack Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage as the newest Member of the Women's Division for Smackdown Natayla arrives to the show. The events of what happened last week are shown. How the Miz cashed in on Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship. It's confirmed for next Week that Miz will open up the show with a Celebration. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Defeated Elias and Ziggler. After the match Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura attack Reigns and Rollins.
  4. The Fastlane match was already a good way to end it. Now this is just overkill
  5. MONDAY NIGHT RAW SUPERSTAR SHAKEUP AJ Styles starts off the show officially being the first one to join the RAW Brand. He is interrupted by Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush who say this is the Bobby Lashley show. General Manager Kurt Angle comes out and announces they starting MITB Qualifying matches next week but why not have there first one tonight. AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley in the Main event Tonight! Lars Sullivan Defeated Tyler Breeze in a squash a Vignette is placed hyping up Sanity who is coming to Monday Night RAW! Finn Balor has an Open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship in which Sami Zayn accepts. Sami Zayn has joined the RAW Roster. Finn Balor Defeated Sami Zayn. after the Match Drew McIntyre attacks Finn Balor! Turning Heel Shayna Baszler and her UFC pals promo on what they did last week and thats why Ronda Rousey and Asuka aren't here tonight. Naomi decides to come out and challenge Shayna. Naomi has joined the RAW roster Shayna Baszler Defeated Naomi. The Club are back on RAW and they take on Heavy Machinery. The match ends in a no contest after American Alpha get involved. The Usos run out and send American Alpha running Bray Wyatt Vignette is played hinting towards a reunion of the Wyatt Family Braun Strowman promos on John Cena and how he will be the last monster standing Ruby Riott Defeated Carmella. Both Riott squad and Carmella switched over to the RAW brand. Aleister Black promo on how the War with Roman Reigns is not over AJ Styles Defeated Bobby Lashley with a roll up after Lashley got distracted by Lesnars music playing. AJ Styles has qualified for the RAW Money In The Bank Match.
  6. I heard this was completely fasle and Heyman and Lesnar were pushing for the Universal Championship to go on Early the whole time. I highly doubt Brock Demanded to go on last knowing that the Women were gonna go on last. Yeah so i don't believe it
  7. So basically in the preview they spoiled Lashley and Roman Reigns are most likely staying on RAW which is ashame because i thought both guys should of went to SD. Definitely at least Reigns. But who knows maybe they can still show up on SD. Anyways i think our worst Nightmare will come true. AJ Styles is going to Monday night RAW
  8. Lynch Rollins Bryan Hardy Dunne Club Rush Owens Storm Strowman EC3 Asuka
  9. Undertaker vs Triple H at WM 28. It wasn't better In terms of "wrestling quality " as The Shawn Michaels WM 25 match but it was an Epic Match and I loved every second of it. It has one of the best moments of the streak all of all time when Undertaker kicked out of A sweet chin music into a Pedigree. The Story was amazing and the match was amazing and I loved it.
  10. Smackdown was solid again despite the random main event match. I thought the New Day Celebration was great. There were no new debuts on this show I dont recall but the Iiconics little angle was good. The Hardys vs Usos was awesome and what we should of gotten at Mania. Happy to see the Hardys as the Smackdown Tag Champions!
  11. The first 2 hours and 47 minutes were solid. Than the Bar interfered in the main event and it went to shit. Other than that Was so Stoked to see the Undertaker make a surprise appearance it was definitely awesome. I thought Lars debut was Great. And the Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn match was pretty good. It was a solid RAW but nothing really spectacular about it.
  12. Werid booking of this match. They Booked it as a Cool down match when I thought with was gonan be an epic brawl between 2 of Vinces Favorites. But I guess the only purpose of this match was Redemption for Roman Reigns and not an all out clash. It was an average match
  13. This was a solid match. There was nothing spectacular about it but it was just a good wrestling match. Styles winning was great. Wish he would of hit the Styles Clash but still good match between them. Definitely a rematch to happen I would think depending on Styles injury
  14. This was bullshit and when the show started to fall off. What a disgrace to Angle. He didn't deserve this at all to go out like that. At least have him win if they got no one to replace Corbin. It was an abysmal match. Probably one of the worst of all time. Angle deserved better.
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