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  1. bailey14

    Carnage PowerTrip: Night Of Legends | January 11th 2019

    It has been announced that at Night Of Legends FDS will be making his long awaited return to the Carnage Ring. Also announced is the Return of The Carnage Showcase Match where it will be the 4 newest Superstars of Carnage Bubba vs Odyssey Sellers vs Brett Storm vs Mave Deltzer
  2. bailey14

    BPZ Fortnite Battle Royale

    As most of you know Fortnite Season 7 dropped and Creative Mode was the new mode that came with it. And even if you don't have the battle pass the mode will be available to everyone on December 13th. Now i was thinking because you have the ability to create your own little community or map on your own island. I thought of the idea of having BPZ Battle Royal. On a users island We can create our own community with houses, buildings and stores. Spawn chest and weapons in these areas. And have our own mini battle Royals. It also works well because we can have up to 16 People on the server. And with fortnite being cross platform Xbox users can get involved too. It could be something we try and do everything weekend and i think it could be cool. Basically having a forums battle royale in our own private server. So give me your feedback and let me know what you think. Would you be interested. If you are on xbox and intrested drop your gamertag down below.
  3. I am all for this! This has been a big time feud I've wanted to see Styles got to the WWE. I think it's coming at the perfect time too. Both men are hot right now. Styles is probably the biggest guy in the company right now and Orton is killin it as a heel. So yeah this is a match I'll love to see. And it doesn't need a title.
  4. bailey14

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Win the Royal Rumble Win in the Main event of BPZMANIA Become a 10 Time BPZ Heavyweight Champion
  5. bailey14

    What are you listening to right now?

    Champions by Meek, especially going bad with Drake. And the New Chance songs. Also Topanga
  6. bailey14

    No One Likes Me

    Nah we do actually hate u tho. But Metzler i like u
  7. bailey14

    What's on your mind?

    DAMN. You got some delusional thoughts there. Im thinking about how I'm going 7-0
  8. Thank you Rhyno for the Great Career!

  9. bailey14

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 3rd 2018

    When u thought RAW couldn't get any worst then last. And well they might have succeeded
  10. bailey14

    Introducing Me

    Welcome to the forums
  11. bailey14

    Introducing Zack

  12. bailey14

    Ahhhhh Shucky Ducky. Your Fave 5 for WWE Topic

    As of last week: 1: Becky Lynch 2: Randy Orton 3: Asuka 4: Charlotte 5: AJ Styles I refuse to acknowledge anything on RAW deserving to be on this list.
  13. bailey14

    FINALLY, Im here

  14. bailey14

    Hi my name's maddrix .i like pro wrestling

    Welcome to the forums