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  1. All Star Wrestling | Mayhem | Paramount Theater Street Fight City Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (C) vs Andrade vs Orange Cassidy Sammy Guevara defeated Andrade and Orange Cassidy in 15:38 when he pinned Andrade to retain the ASW City Championship 4 Way Elimination Match: Best Friends vs AOP vs War Machine vs King’s Of Wrestling (Ace Austin and Flip Gordon) Best Friends eliminated AOP when Trent pinned Rezar KOW Eliminated Best Friends when Ace Austin Pinned Trent War Machine eliminated KOW in 17:43 when Hanson pinned Flip Gordon to win the match
  2. Sucks that Archer got Covid during The time of course where he’s in line for a world title match and finally had some direction. And now Cage might be out so idk he said he was feeling sick. Looks like Mox could be feuding with Kingston and the fraction he’s got going right now. The main event was decent but you obviously knew Mox would win. Interesting that Kenny Omega is the one that wants to go singles and Page wants to get the team back but Page is the one that continues to have singles matches. Brodie vs OC was a good match you knew Brodie would win but OC looked good coming out of this.
  3. Well as you can tell from my Takeover appearance I did decide to actually show up in New Zealand. So I’m here guys I’ll be at the show I guess
  4. You did not just use the same gif twice in a row within sentences of each other
  5. We are live from New Zealand for BPZ NXT Takeover: New Beginning. We are near the end of the show just before the main event when suddenly the cameras pan to the upper crowd where we See Bailey standing out with the Universal ChamChampionship over his shoulders. Security rushes up to Bailey surrounding him telling him he’s not permitted to be here as this is an exclusive NXT division show. Bailey simply just looks down and up at the security and then looks at his Championship and raises it up high. He starts walking down as security willing to give up and let him through. Bailey makes his way
  6. The man below me is homosexual 

  7. I put the 6ix on the map

    1. Hans


      u don't even live in the 6ix.

    2. Austin Omega

      Austin Omega

      ^^^^ what hans said

  8. According to what Yelich posted I’m crispy Gangtsa but I’m feeling Brutus Jigsaw
  9. Wow Balor vs O’Reily should be fantastic and is definitely something new. Glad they are gonna let O’Reily showcase his singles abilities in such a high profile match I don’t think he will win but he should do great and this match should definitely be awesome. This is a random takeover to me that came out of nowhere but I’m good with it Gargano and Priest should be good as well and could be a big win Priest. Though I could see Gargano and Candice as the power couple winning both championships. Interesting to see what else will be on the card. Takeovers usually never disappoint and I still think
  10. I’ll be Winning soon enough and I’ll do it with a team that I helped build up not going to a team that already has the roster to do it. It didn’t matter who was the QB Out of our rookie class or if it was just Big Ben they always had a good shot
  11. Jon acting like he didn’t get drafted to a super bowl caliber roster already with that defense but not a bad 1st year for myself definitely will look to improve on that
  12. Imagine putting ur RAW women’s championship match on the preshow they are literally telling us from the start yeh Zelina has no shot at all this is just a filler defense for Asuka. So whatever Asuka is Gonna win. Hopefully they get something going for Asuka reign
  13. This was one of the worst Raws ever and definitely to me the worst of the year. Everything just sucked and the storylines suck. They managed just to absolutely kill McIntyre vs Orton. And all I have to say is T-Bone, Slapjack and Mace.... UGH
  14. Kinda getting over this all. Lashley just needs to beat this man one more time hopefully dominate him and get this over with. Crews is good but I’m not totally over with him. Lashley needs to make an example out of Crews showing how legit he really is

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