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  1. Giving Summerslam an a B- Rating or an 8.2 out of 10 rating I thought overall it was a really good show. Great booking decisions. I feel like there biggest problem is ending matches too early as some were really staring to gain momentum an then they just end it. Felt that way for New Day vs BB, Nak vs Hardy and Reigns vs Lesnar. I thought MOTN was Styles vs Joe I actually really liked the ending of it too and I liked how they booked the main event but realistically i don't think Lesnar was hurt enough to kick out especially how they have built him over the last 4 years. But it was a good show and lm actually quite interested for both shows this week.  Joe vs Styles inside HIAC should be a classic and pretty sure Lesnar is advertised 

  2. bailey14

    BPZ Predictions League

    The Revival Almas Balor BB Drew Gulk Becky Lynch The Miz Owens Nakamura Ziggler Joe Rousey Reigns Yes No
  3. bailey14

    Carnage Power Trip: Emergence | September 7th 2018

    Kieron Black will face Hollow at Emergence
  4. bailey14

    Laying Down the Challenge

    Are you an idiot? First you come in to my Yard without permission and then you dare try and disrespect me? You come here and try to One up me? You call me a Coward man I will knock your ass out right here right now. You think I'm playing around? See unlike you I am no Gentleman. I'm not just a businessman man or the Creator anymore. I am the Destroyer. I am the GUY around here and I will not only mentally beat you down but I will Physically beat you down in this Ring Josh. You coming here and getting a contract for a match is you simply asking for a death wish. You think I'm honestly scared of you. You honestly think I won't face you at Summerslam? It's not an ideal match for me but it's a fight still. And I want a fight. Were not on the same level. We aren't even in the same universe Josh. I am a 5 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. You have no track record at all. The Only thing you are known for around here is losing. I mean you are so down in the dumps that you go around pretending to be some Official BPZ Match Rating critic around here just to try and stay relevant To try and matter somehow in this company. But guess what Josh. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR MATCH RATINGS. You are completely a joke and I will do you favor of saving you from even more embarrassment in your career by finishing you at Summerslam. I will make sure that no one has to see your face again and guess what when you're gone no one will care or even remember you. Because that's how much of an impact you've actually made here. You wanted this. Just remember that when your Career is over with. Bailey grabs the contract and signs it making Bailey vs Josh official for Summerslam.
  5. Flynn 6 points Slim 4 points Josh 2 points Marker 0 points Ark 4 pointd Buddy Ace 4 points Jason Ryan 4 points Strom 0 points Flynn will advance but in Block A there will need to be a triple threat Match to determine who advances to face Flynn where I believe Buddy Ace will win and then go on to lose to Flynn
  6. A New Era has set in on Carnage and its all about Emerging Once again as the Superior Brand. But also what New Carnage Superstars will Emerge on the new shaken up Carnage Roster find out September 7th Live from Portland Oregon at the Moda Center Date: September 7th 2018 Arena: Moda Center in Portland Oregon Advertised: The Kingdom, Laoch, Sameer, Ropati, Angelo Caito, Prince, AND JOH Match Card: Universal Championship Match: Grudge Match: Sameer vs Ropati Return Match: Joh vs Suby Kieron Black vs Hollow
  7. bailey14

    [PWE] Pro Wrestling Elite Sign-Ups

    Bailey Justin Bailey American 22 6'3 Heavyweight Face English Bad Ass Active Wrestler Brawler, Ring General Superstar look, Menacing, shooting ability Sig 1: Game Changer: (One Half Winged Angle) Kenny Omegas finisher Sig 2: Superman Punch Fin 1: Career Killer (Double Underhook Piledriver) Fin 2: Impact: (Spear) Austin Tyler Austin American 21 6'0 Light heavyweight Face English Wrestling Machine Active wrestler Japanese strong style High spots, fonz factor, Trainer Sig 1: Knee Crusher ( Running Knees) Sig 2: The Germans Cricut (3 Germans in a row) Fin 1: Knock Out (Kinshasa) Fin 2: Face breaker ( GTS)
  8. bailey14

    Laying Down the Challenge

    Bailey grows in frustration and disappointment that the once precieved legend Ryan Reeves has not answered his challenge You know that's just what I expected from Ryan. Man I remember the days when me and Ryan were both at the top of this company. I remember the days of us in the Authority. I remember being the leader and you were my protege. When I Was the World Heavyweight champion running the ship and you were my back bone as the Intercontinental champion. You were meant to be the future of this business. The Next Big Thing of Brendenplayz Wrestling. But what happened. You Grew Soft. You wanted to fit in and be the popular one that everyone liked. The hero! Someone who did it all fair and the right way. And then as your career went on you rode off the coattails of Flynn to keep you relevant and then what happened when Flynn left you exactly what I saw coming you falling into obscurity. You fell and got lost in the shuffle of average. Someone that was no better than the rest just fit in with all the decent guys here. A once considered legend turned into an absolute joke. Going and teaming with a wannabe UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey. That's really what you did to try and stay relevant? By forming a clown of a team? And then you actually thought you stood a chance in the tag division? And then what does the once called Big Dog do after it all goes south he ditches his partner and takes his ball and go home. I'm tired of this lazy pathetic hasbeen you have created in yourself. It is a joke that someone like you is considered a hall of famer here. It almost makes me want to take this ring and throw it in the trash because i don't want to be represented by something that represents you. I called you out short and simple thinking that I would get the man I once knew to come out. I thought the Big Dog would come out and face me but all you did was prove your peers, these fans and me right. that your nothing but a coward and sorry excuse of what we call a legend around here. I work my ass off every day here whether its inside this Ring or in the Office to make sure this company is the best of what it is supposed to be and I won't let someone like you crap all over my hard work and what I've built this business to be. So if you don't want to fight. If you don't want to come out here and face me man to man like the old days then don't bother coming back to this company. Don't bother showing your face anymore and hand in your Ring because I won't allow someone like you to be in the Hall Of Fame of this company because you don't represent what it means to be a legend of this business.
  9. bailey14

    Laying Down the Challenge

    The GOAT plays as an intense bailey makes his way to the Ring looking like he has something big to say Ryan Reeves I want you at Summerslam so get your ass out here now!
  10. If that is how the GMs want to determine how decide a number one contender at mania than they can but fir Carnage that is what I made the Carnage Scramble for and Evolve seems like they like the Elimination Chamber
  11. bailey14

    My Yard

    The GOAT plays as Bailey the COO of Brendenplayz and The General Manager of Carnage makes his long awaited return after a few months hiatus. He makes his way to the Ring after it being announced that he would face Josh at Cyber Sunday on August 12. I'm Back.... I took a few Months off, went on Vacation, Met new People, Saw different places but it all lead me right back where I Belong... Home. Because this is my Home. BPZ is where I belong. Carnage is where I belong. I am the Captain to this ship and I have to lead it right into Summerslam. I have to make sure this show is top notch heading into Cyber Sunday and then I have to get ready for a draft and try to assemble an even greater Roster than I have already created here on Carnage. And then on my way back to the headquarters of BPZ i get phone call from upper management even higher than me. A phone call from the Boss himself Brendenplayz. And he tells me you know what would be a great idea for you're upcoming PPV Cyber Sunday. He says you competing at it. And then I responded with well who the hell should I even face. Who is deserving enough to get a chance to face the General Manager at his show. And he said well let's let the fans decide. And of course as usual you the fans let me down. I mean seriously Josh? You thought putting Josh in the Ring with a 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion was a god idea? Josh would be lucky to even win One Title no less a World title. I mean I have evaluated Josh over his career and he is nothing but a big Mouth who cant back it up. He loses every match hes in! I mean hes so bad at his job that he goes around trying to pretend to be a Wrestling observer to try and stay Relevant around here and the sad part about that is no one gives a damn about his ratings. Look all i see Josh as is a Warm up. A step in front of me to get rid of the Ring Rust to set up for my much bigger plan at Summerslam. That's all Josh is to me. He's no threat. Hes not someone to take seriously. All he is a quick warm up for me. It wont be a match, it will be a quick but painful beatdown. I am going to shut his mouth for good and then send his ass away from my show for good. Because Josh isn't worth the Roster spot and he definitely isn't worth a draft pick in a month. He is nothing but a failure in life. I will show Josh in person what everyone already knows that this Is MY YARD.
  12. bailey14

    The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    Were having a draft in August so contracts are pointless rn
  13. bailey14

    [NFL] BPZ Fantasy Football 2018/19


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