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  1. Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    April 27th will be the first round May 11th will be the quarterfinals May 25th will be the semis (if that's at mayhem that's fine) June 8th is the finals at the PPV
  2. R.O.A

    The GOAT plays as Bailey comes out at the top of the Ramp. Look where we have come too. You 5 taking each out taking bumps and just going to war.. i have set this match for a reason as i knew this match would cause a demise to you 4 especially. When me and Prince beat you all and show you guys who the top dogs are. This is my game of chess and i am playing you all so well. But this match needs something bigger. It needs more guaranteed Pain so that's why at world at war it will not just be a normal Tag Match. No, We will Fight in WAR GAMES! Bailey Starts walking down the Ramp getting closer and closer to the Ring as Slim and Echo are edging him on to get into the Ring. You'll get me at World at War but for now you 4 can keep destroying each other if you want. But one more thing..... Never expect the unexpected Prince hits Echo from Behind with a chair! As slim looks in shock and runs as Prince only to get hit with a chair shot as well. Prince starts whacking away on all 5 men as Bailey looks on. He gives one more shot to each men and then screams I AM CARNAGE. He makes his way out of the ring as Bailey shakes his hand and gives him a pat on the back. As Bailey leaves with 1 last comment The One with Power is always one step ahead.
  3. BPZ Predictions League

    RAW: Daniel Bryan New Day Becky Lynch Baron Corbin Naytala SD: Finn Balor Jeff hardy Bayley Gallows and Anderson Big Cass
  4. TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    Bailey Justin Roman Reigns 12/14/95 Male white English English and Italian US, UK, Japan Muscular Heavyweight Heavyweight Roman Reigns Heel Career Killer: Double Underhook piledriver Brawler No
  5. Your Thoughts On WrestleMania 34?

    ATGBR: C .Average 205 Live Match: B- solid Women's Battle Royal:C Average IC match:B+ Great SD Women's: A Fantastic US match: C+ Decent Mixed Tag: A Fantsic (MOTN) Rousey was MOW SD Tag: C Average Undertaker/John Cean Segment/Match: A+ a Classic Wrestlemania Moment Bryans Return Match: A- Amazing RAW Womens: C Average WWE Championship Match: B Good RAW Tag: D Bad: I'm not mad with the whole kid thing as its a great moment for that kid but the match itself sucked Universal Championship Match: B- Solid This show had alot of great moments and i think is up thier as one of the top manias of all time. The booking was really unpredictable and makes u want to tune in these next few weeks to se what is going down. The ending really left me confused but other than that it was a great show i thought and after doing the math of my ratings this comes out to a B for me. The Last 4 Segments hurt the show in terms of rating but still loved the show.
  6. BPZ Predictions League

    Big Cass Becky Lynch Cedric Roman Reigns Nakamaura Balor Rusev Jax Asuka Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe BB Kurt and Rousey Shane and Bryan : Samoa Joe 15 mins No BIG Cass, Samoa Joe, The Rock, The undertaker, Big Show, Stone Cold Steve Austin No Yes and Undertaker
  7. BPZ Predictions League

    Black Baszler War Machine EC3 Ciampa Storm, 25 Yes
  8. JOW Competition Reboot

  9. JOW Competition Reboot

  10. JOW Competition Reboot

  11. State of the union address

    The GOAT plays as Bailey and So called "Future Of Carnage" Prince make thier way down to the Ring to address the Carnage Crowd just one night removed from BPZmania 3. Where we saw Echo Wilson beat Bailey only to get attacked by Prince after the Match. Last Night was a tough one. It was for sure as me and Echo Wilson went to battle. He may of won the fight but we won the war. As we are here standing apon you still on top. See that's what these guys don't get. They think all that matters is the wins and the loses but it really isn't. It's all about the power. Many wish to posse such power but only few can have it. I can lose every night but i will still be back on the top of the mountain because i have the power. Echo Wilson might of won but I still own him. He still works for me. Just like Ross and Flynn work for me just like . .... whenever slim comes on this show he answers to me. I don't give a dam that he calls himself a free agent when he walks onto this show I own him and i tell him what to do. This is excalty why Prince is a genius. He made the smart Move by making a deal with me. Because I can get him to the top just like that and someone like Echo Wilson needs to learn that. They need learn that I had to ensure the future of Carnage. I had to make sure the right guy was going to be the face of Carnage. So i made sure I got my guy. No one is as talented as Prince is. He has not reached his peak hell his journey is just beginning. And since we are in a new season of BPZ I thought it would be a good idea to make the ground rules clear again so to the whole Carnage Roster and especially, Echo, Ross, Flynn and Slim I own you all and I run this show. You call call yourselves whatever you want, The ACE, The King it doesn't really matter because at the end of the day you are all living in my world. You are all my people and I am truly Your King! I just ask you all one thing please do what is best for you and don't defy my power. Let me be the Creator. Don't make the Destroyer come out and play. Do your all aself a favor and don't try and piss me off. Now let's get on with the A show
  12. After the 5 Mintue Hype Video for this Falls Count Anywhere Match. The GOAT plays as Bailey the General Manager of Carnage makes his way down to the ring. He is booed by the thousands with a few cheers in their as the former 5 time world heavyweight champion is walking down the Ramp. When then God's Plan plays throughout the arena as cheers follow through the Stadium as Echo Wilson the Supernova makes his way to the Ring. The Two Stare down as then they make thier way to the Corners and the Bell Rings The Bell Rings and we are off! They collar elbow tie as then Bailey then uses his power to push Echo back. Bailey goes for a closeline but Echo doges. He taunts Bailey and then goes into a brawl with Bailey as they punch back and forth. Bailey gets the best of Echo when he blocks a punch and then belly to bellys Echo. He then yells "Welcome to my Ring Bitch " he picks him up and hits a set of 3 suplexs. And then smirks like it is all over. He picks echo up and goes for the Career Killer but Echo doges and throws Bailey out of the Ring. When then he hits a sucide dive! He goes for the pin but Bailey kicks out at 2. Echo throws Bailey into the barricade and then hits a running knee as Bailey is down in the corner. Echo goes and gets a steel chair but Bailey is up and kicks Echo in the gut and then a hard knee to the face! Bailey sees the chair and picks it up and then Starts smacking echo with it. he goes for the pin and Echo kicks out at 2. Echo then counters with a drop kick to the face knocking Bailey into the crowd. They fight back and forth Through the Crowd before Bailey then low blows him and literally throws him into the crowd. Bailey walks back to the Ring where he signals for Echo to come get some. Dar comes right at him and hits the Champaign! He goes for the pin 1....2... Kickout by Bailey He goes for the American Nightmare but Bailey counters and hits the German Suplex. He picks him up and hits another German. He goes for Impact but Echo jumps at the last second! He goes to the Top Rope looking for a Stomp but Bailey gets up and Belly to bellys him out of the Ring! Both men are down. They both slowly get up and right away Bailey hits Impact right into the barricade! He goes for the Pin by putting the Arm over the chest but Echo kicks out! Bailey picks up Echo and is looking to Powerslam him into the Annoucne but Echo gets out and hits bloody Sunday! Bailey falls onto the table out cold. Echo puts a chairs on top of Bailey and goes onto the apron. And he hits the Moosault 1....2.....3 NO. Bailey kicks out at the last second. Echo hits American Nightmare. 1.. ...2... Kick out by Bailey. Echo sets up a table outside but then out of nowhere Bailey picks up Echo in a Eletric Chair position. And he Hits the GOATPLEX into the table. Then hits a Game Changer! 1...2.... NO Echo Wilson kicks out! Bailey is in shock. He goes and grabs his sledgehammer but holds it high up setting his target on the back of Echos neck. But Echo stands up out of nowhere and hits a pele kick! He hits the Champagne. 1... 2.... Kickout! Echo himself picks up the Sledgehammer and is getting ready to use it himself. But Bailey dodges the swing and goes for a German but Echo lands the flip and hits Bloody Sunday! Echo can't get the pin tho as Bailey rolls away. Bailey is slowly crawling up Echos body as Echo shows a little remorse costing him as Bailey hits another low blow! Bailey goes for the Career Killer and gets Echo up but Echo smashes his knees into Baileys head and then hits Bloody Sunday once again! 1.....2......3! ECHO WILSON has won at BPZmania! After a 34 minute match with The GM of Carnage Bailey, Echo has come out the victor! Echo goes back into the Ring to Celebrate as Bailey lays outside the Ring in disappointment. Bailey makes his way back to the Ring and has a few words for Echo and then offers his hand of congratulations. Echo shakes it but then Bailey isn't letting go. Out of nowhere Prince attacks Echo from behind! He then hits the Strike of Justice on Echo! as then Bailey and Prince Stand tall Gloating to the Crowd!
  13. JOW Competition Reboot

  14. JOW Competition Reboot

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