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  1. The newest booking division i will be doing is a fantasy booking of the War of the Immortals. Every single Wrestler in their prime. For current day guys if they haven’t hit their prime yet than what they currently are is what you get. This will be fantasy booking will still the premise of 4 weekly shows and a PPV each month. This one will not be as Advanced though as we won’t be having pop and Money. Shows will just be rated each month with winners. Other than that it’s just pretty much ran like Booking Division. I will take from 10-15 guys. Probably 12 will see how quickly signs up go. DM if
  2. WrestleMania 37 Match Card: Night 1: Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (C) vs Charlotte Flair United States Championship Match: Tommaso Ciampa (C) vs Johnny Gargano RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn (C) vs The A Listers vs War Raiders Sasha Banks vs Bayley No Holds Bar Match: Triple H vs Batista Daniel Bryan vs Drew McIntyre The Mysterios vs Andrade and Angel Garza 20 Women’s Battle Royal Night 2: WWE Championship Match: The Rock (C
  3. Anyone heard the new Lil Uzi and Zillakami?

  4. Cass has been really open about wanting to go back to WWE more than anything so I find it hard to see Cass ever locking a deal up with AEW. I think he really wants to go back to WWE
  5. I absolutely loved this match. My favorite match of the entire weekend. It completely lived up to the hype and more. The story was awesome with all 3 doing anything imaginable to try and win. It was fast paced, exciting and brutal. The double cross face spot was awesome. The counters and near falls were great. At one moment I thought Edge would win but I’m glad Roman won it was the right choice. The ending was awesome. I wouldn’t put above WM 20s Triple Threat but this was still a classic match and An all time great main event. Definitely excited to see what happens next. This was an A+
  6. This was Everything I thought it would be and it delivered. It was hard hitting and a fun match. The finish was awesome with the brogue Kick in the mid air. And I did not see it coming I was shocked Riddle didn’t win. But the Finish made me cool with it and I can be down with a sheamus Run. This was my favorite out of those 3 midcard matches that were in a row on night 2. I definitely would love to see a rematch. Give it a B+
  7. Loved this match it was really fun and fast paced. It was a great car crash type of a match and the length of it didn’t bother me at all. The finish was great in my opinion and I loved the debut of Commander Azeez. Apollo Crews was the right winner. Fun match and I think they made the stip work. Give it a B+
  8. Great match here. Really brought the show back together and got the crowd going. They obviously got great chemistry and did a fantastic job of wrestling and telling a story. KO gets the nice win and gets a huge pop by stunning Logan Paul which was great. I’d give it a B+
  9. Well this was a shocker wasn’t it. Was for sure that the Fiend was going to win here and it was looking like it until the end. I had a different out look on this match. I get it everyone crapping on it because it was short and who won. But I never expected a big time Wrestling match and I always thought it was going to be a short one with just cool moments. And I thought it delivered on the cool moments obviously I wish it would of went a bit longer and I think in no way should the fiend have lost. So that definitely takes down the rating for me. I’ll give it a C
  10. Yeh this was an above average match that dragged because of the spot they were in. It was obvious they were told to slow it down and not go all out. Plus I don’t think they have great chemistry. Their match on RAW wasn’t any better so I think they just lack that plus the build wasn’t great it started very late. Glad Rhea Won I think she’s great. I gave it a C+
  11. We are live on Valor when the GOAT echoes throughout the arena as the Chief of Valor walks down to the ring with Jason Ryan by his side. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone and begins to speak. Defiant. That’s the word around town nowadays. Everyone is trying to be defiant. What are we exactly defiant about? How I’m running Valor? I have created more buzz for this show than it has ever had in its entire existence. I’ve handed out opportunity after opportunity. I brought back To the Top. Giving multiple men the opportunity of a lifetime to earn a cash in contract for the Atlas
  12. Bayley Turned on Sasha at the Royal Rumble after they kept costing each other by accident the RAW Women’s Championship. So Bayley purposely cost her at the Royal Rumble. Bayley is sick of Sasha always taking the spotlight from her. This is a match a long time in the making and will finally happen at WtestleMania. Former Tag Champs and best friends turned to bitter rivals. Becky Lynch has been Champion for over a year when she Beat Ronda Rousey at Last Years Wrestlemania and ended her undefeated streak. Ronda was gone Until she returned at the Royal Rumble to win her 2nd Women’s Rum
  13. My match of the night believe it or not and so far the match of the year. This match was absolutely insane. It was incredible and told an amazing story. I was skeptical of this match being the main event because I didn’t like the build up so it felt like a forced main event but damn they both put me in my place because by the end of it. It was a completely deserved main event. Best match of the night they absolutely killed it. The ending was awesome as well. This was a classic guys to me at least. By far the best women’s match ever to me at least off the top of my head. Awesome main event, awe
  14. Another really good match. Bad Bunny amazed me he did excellent. Had some awesome moves like the Buddy Destroyer. This was a well worked match. Miz and Morrison did a great job too and so did Damian Priest has kinda being that back up for Bad Bunny but once again Bad Bunny was off the charts he really gave it everything he had and more. You can tell he definitely trained hard for this and Was a well deserved moment. Loved this match. Gave it a B+

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