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  1. Westbrook is out injured for most of the series maybe all of it most likely
  2. NBA 1st Round Playoffs: In a rematch of the 2019 Western conference finals we have Warriors vs Blazers Game Breakdown: Game 1: 112-93 Warriors Game 2: 133-110 Warriors Game 3: 130-122 Warriors Game 4: 109-103 Warriors Warriors win in a 4 Game sweep MVP: Steph Curry: 25.2 PPG, 5.0 RPG, 8.2 APG Clippers vs Suns. Morant, Booker, Ayton vs Simmons, Derozen, Leonard Game 1: 119-109 Clippers Game 2: 112-108 Clippers Game 3: 121-108 Clippers Game 4: 128-104 Clippers Clippers with the 4 Game Sweep MVP: Ben Simmons: 20 PPG, 9.7 RPG, 7.0 APG Rockets vs Nuggets: Game 1: 96-86 Rockets Game 2: 114-106 Rockets Game 3: 100-96 Rockets Game 4: 117-104 Rockets Rockets with a 4 Game Sweep over the Nuggets MVP: Clint Capela: 28.0 PPG, 18.8 RPG, 3.3 BPG Lakers vs Thunder. Lakers look to get sweet revenge on Paul George for choosing not to come LA. Paul George must try and take down LA without Westbrook Game 1: 130-99 Thunder Game 2: 117-79 Thunder Game 3: 126-96 Lakers Game 4: 97-87 Lakers Game 5: 120-88 Thunder Game 6: 121-107 Thunder Thunder upset the Lakers in 6 Games and LA didn't win 1 game at Home. MVP: Paul George: 34.3 PPG, 8.3 RPG, 7.2 APG Bucks Vs Pacers: Most Surprising Series? Game 1: 125-113 Pacers Game 2: 139-124 Pacers Game 3: 142-125 Bucks Game 4: 98-80 Bucks Game 5: 125-115 Bucks Game 6: 117-97 Pacers Game 7: 110-90 Bucks Pacers take the 1 seeded Bucks to a game 7 but just fall short. MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo: 27.1 PPG, 11.3 RPG, 6.0 APG Celtics vs Hawks Game 1: 99-94 Celtics Game 2: 103-101 Celtics Game 3: 105-91 Celtics Game 4: 107-101 Celtics Celtics sweep the Young Hawks MVP: Isaiah Thomas: 22.5 PPG, 6.3 APG A rematch of Last Years First Round between The Raptors and Magic Game 1: 130-121 Raptors Game 2: 110-80 Raptors Game 3: 107-102 Raptors Game 4: 97-96 Raptors Raptors Sweep the Magic MVP: Zach Lavine: 32.3 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 4.7 APG Knicks vs Nets The Battle of New York Game 1: 133-110 Nets Game 2: 115-99 Knicks Game 3: 107-93 Nets Game 4: 104-89 Knicks Game 5: 116-96 Knicks Game 6: 122-103 Knicks Knicks take down the Nets in 6 MVP: Zion Williamson: 21.7 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 1.3 BPG Let me know if there are any individuals that you would like to know the Stats for to see if they balled out or sucked. 2nd Round Matchups: Warriors vs Clippers Rockets vs Thunder Bucks vs Celtics Knicks vs Raptors Let me know your predictions and MVP for each series
  3. Seems like Bic getitng hurt or some shit every 3 months lmaoo. Rest up Bic and comeback better than ever. You're really maturing kayfabe wise and forum wise as a World Champion. Real life personality needs a bit of work but maybe you'll get there one day
  4. Ngl not being really on forums for 2 days and then coming back you feel like you missed a whole week lol

    1. Aaron North

      Aaron North

      That's very true

  5. Flynn Necce Smith Tamer Heel Those 5 are all time Right now it be Flynn Necce Julius Bart ??????
  6. Im honestly gonna say im not positive on this but i do believe the first ever game i played was Madden 2002 on the PS2. It was either that or NFL 2k5 or even NBA 2k5. It was one of those 3 just not completely sure
  7. Ill take Undertaker vs HHH at WM 28 over taker vs Shawn at WM 26. For Match of the Decade as in 2010-2019. Clearly brad didn't get the memo with some of his choices lol.
  8. Quick shout out of my show starting the trend of Sports talk shows. What can i say everyone wanna be like the GOAT. Even if you're not too "fond" of me smh. Today were going to have a quick rundown on my NBA Free Agency Predictions and where all the top Players will be heading. Lets Start with the Big one Kevin Durant Despite the injury Durant is still expected to Opt out and still get the Max offers from the Teams that are interested. With that being Said I believe he will return to the Warriors whether he opts in or signs a long term deal. I can't see him ending this chapter of his Career like this. Same Thing with Klay Thompson. He isn't leaving. Warriors will offer the Full Max to Klay and he will be back in GS As Much as The Lakers is a amazing looking spot for Irving especially since they need a PG. Irving is an East Coast Guy. He wants to play in NY. But since KD ain't going to the Knicks. I think Irving will end up in Brooklyn. Meaning Dlo will most likely be out of Brooklyn. So where does DLo go. Who is desperate to sign a big free agent. I think Dallas will be the most attractive for him. And thats where i see him going.. Kemba Walker wants to stay so hes Staying in Charlotte. Heres my quick list of some other guhs until we get to the big Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard! Nikola Vucevic: Magic Jimmy Butler: Knicks Al Horford: Celtics Isaiah Thomas: Celtics DeMarcus Cousins: Warriors Tobias Harris: Nets Kris Middleton: Bucks Julius Randle: Suns DeAndre Jordan: Knicks Brook Lopez: Bucks The Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard! The hottest Man in basketball right now. Everyone thinks its obvious hes staying in Toronto. But he just won them a Championship. He did what he had to do. Now i think he goes where he Truly wants to be in LA. Lakers or Clippers it depends big time to me. A big factor is when they will make the AD trade official. July 6th the first day Offseason moves can be offical because then Lakers cant afford Kawhi. But if they wait on making it official. I could see the Lakers snatching him. But at the end of the day I think Kawhi will be a Clipper.
  9. It really be your own dick fucking up you life and getting girls pregnant 

  10. The Start of this Diary Comes in the 2019-2020 Seaon Playoffs! Will get to the Playoff Matches in a second but first these are all the Season Awards MVP: Steph Curry Becomes a 3 Time MVP! ROTY: The Number One Overall Pick Zion Williamson wins it. DPOY: Giannis wins Back to Back DPOY 6th Man: Dennis Schroder wins 6th Man with an impressive average of 15.4 PPG MIP: Jarren Jackson JR. With the Big Year COTY: Steve Kerr after he coaches the Warriors to an impressive 63-19 Record All NBA 1st Team: All NBA 2nd Team: All NBA 3rd Team: All NBA Defensive 1st Team: All NBA Defensive 2nd Team: All Rookie 1st Team: All Rookie 2nd Team: Playoff Matchups: Complete Standings: Western Conference: Warriors: 63-19 Lakers: 51-31 Rockets: 50-32 Clippers: 50-32 Suns: 47-35 Nuggets: 45-37 Thunder: 44-38 Blazers: 42-40 Jazz: 42-40 Timberwolves: 41-41 Spurs: 41-41 Grizzlies: 32-50 Kings: 30-52 Mavericks: 28-54 Pelicans: 24-58 Eastern Conference: Bucks: 51-31 Knicks: 50-32 Raptors: 46-36 Celtics: 46-36 Hawks: 45-37 Magic: 44-38 Nets: 40-42 Pacers: 39-43 76ers: 39-43 Pistons: 39-43 Wizards: 38-44 Hornets: 33-49 Bulls: 31-51 Heat: 30-52 Cavs: 29-53 Playoff Previews: Warriors Vs Blazers: Warriors Starting 5: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Boi Blazers: Starting 5: Lillard, Curry, Harkless, Aminu, Nurkic (Brad Beal out with a Broken Leg) My Prediction: Warriors in 4 Clippers Vs Suns: Clippers Starting 5: Ben Simmons, DeRozen, Leonard, Green, Harrell Suns Starting 5: Morant, Booker, Warren, Diallo, Ayton My Prediction: Clippers in 7 Rockets vs Nuggets: Rockets Starting 5: Paul, Harden, Gordon, Faried, Capela Nuggets Starting 5: Murray, Harris, Barton, Milsap, Jokic My Prediction: Rockets in 6 Lakers vs Thunder: Lakers Starting 5: Ball, Irving, James, Kuzma, McGee (Ingram out hurt) Thunder Starting 5: Schroeder, Roberson, George, Grant, Adams (Westbrook injured) My Prediction: Lakers in 5 Bucks vs Pacers: Bucks Starting 5: Bledsoe, Brogdon, Middleton, Giannis, Lopez Pacers Starting 5: Aaron Holliday, Oladipo, Brogdanovic, Sabonis, Tuner (Rose out injured) my Prediction: Bucks in 4 Celtics vs Hawks: Celtics Starting 5: Isaiah Thomas, Smart, Tatum, AD, Hartford Hawks Starting 5: Young, Bazemore, Okpala, Collins, Len (Keldon Johnson out injured) My Prediction: Celtics in 6 Raptors vs Magic: Raptors Starting 5: Lowry, Lavine, Skiam, Ibaka, Gasol Magic Starting 5: Fultz, Fournier, Issac,Gordon, Bamba (Ross and Vucevic out injured) My Prediction: Raptors in 5 Knicks vs Nets: Knicks Starting 5: Rubio, Ntillikina, Williamson, DeAndre Jordan, Cousins Nets Starting 5: Rusell, Butler, Batum, Williams, Allen my Prediction: Knicks in 5 Round 1 of the Playoffs coming soon so make your Predictions and with an MVP for Each Series matchup!
  11. Lmao Impact be a joke nowadays. Like dont u get it ur not a real elite company anymore. Just admit to the fact that ur juust another promotion now apart of the indy circuit. This rule is so dumb
  12. Shane vs Kofi would be pretty tbh. Especially with some of the big spots they could pull off. I'd be down to see that. Now I'll probably regret saying this when they do do the match and Shane wins lol but as long as Kofi wins im down for that 1 time match
  13. Steph Curry winning MVP next year

  14. Congratulations to the Raptors and there NBA Championship. Kawhi played fantastic and alot of veterans on this team that deserved this moment. But its hard to look pass on all the injuries of the Warriors. They were not full strength all series. And especially tonight with Klay going down. Because they weren't losing this game if Klay doesn't get hurt. The way he was playing. There closing this game out. Its really unfortunate it had to be this way and this the way Raptors win. I think it would of been much better to see them try and take them down with Klay playing. Obviously if durant was there Warriors were winning but anyways its still a deserved win for the Raptors they were great all year and especially in the playoffs against Bucks and 76ers. But anyone who would talk about how oh the Warriors wouldn't win in 2015 if Love and Irving wont hurt but dont think that for these finals you're a complete hypocrite. I truly believe Durant and Klay are staying due to there injuries but especially because i dont think they wannna end it this way. This magical Dynasty they had i dont think they wanna go out this way.. But im telling you now put your bets on Steph Curry for MVP next year especially if Klay and Durant are out for Majority of the season.
  15. Seth Rollins is literally carrying monday night raw as the Champ. On most weeks hes the only bright spot of the show..but id for me personally its a tie between him and Kofi because ive really enjoyed Kofi as Champion. Hes delivered in all his matches and has shown he deserved his spot. Both great Champions i think i just wish WWE as a whole was more enjoyable

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