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  1. Me and bashka are currently above you. Lol get recked L

  2. Guess we finna pretend week 2 never happened huh @Damidog
  3. We are live on Valor, The Chief of Valors music hits as Bailey comes to address the crowd. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He begins to speak. Nathan, you are one disrespectful little shit. Talking about my Family, trying to piss me off. But you can’t make me mad Nathan because I know you’re nothing more than a pathetic liar. I asked my Sister about the comments you made and she said she has no clue who the hell a Nathan Sawyer is. That she didn’t go out with any guy, especially an ugly ass hick like yourself. She did say though that there was one form a distant continuing to creep on her but that’s about it. So Nathan you tried crossing the line. I mean you attempted but you failed just like always. Because it’s like your entire existence. Just a big failure. All talk and no bite. Unlike the Chief of Valor! The head of the table! Me, I actually went and met your sister. And we had a great conversation about how stupid you are, about life and responsibilities. It was a deep and great conversation we had. And let’s just say at one point Nathan, the talking stopped but we were still together if you know what I mean. Because Nathan, The Chief of Valor always delivers. He always comes through. I don’t need to make comments about one man's family to try and disrespect them. I let my actions speak for themself. Nathan, you have been running your mouth for way too long. You want to be appreciated, you want respect. Well I am going to teach you something about respect when I whoop your ass all around this ring Nathan. I’m gonna break your little bones and shut your mouth for good. You’re the most censored wrestler in BPZ? No, you’re just annoying as shit and ramble on and on and try to talk a big game for a pathetic man that you are. And everyone just wants you to shut the hell up. They don’t wanna censor you for the controversial idiotic things you say. They wanna censor you because you’re just terrible at talking and add no entertainment whatsoever to the product. And I’m gonna do god's wish, I’m going to be the one to shut you up and send you out of this place for good. So we don’t have to see or hear from you ever again. And everyone in the world will thank me for doing this. Nathan, you do not matter to me at all. You are just a little fly that keeps bothering me and I will simply just squash you. End of story. I am going to beat your ass, I’m gonna win the match and then maybe I don’t know I’ll go watch Netflix with your sister again. Bailey drops the microphone as he’s given his last message before SUPERFIGHT.
  4. Ryback one of the biggest waste of all time. He was the complete package. Had the look, the catchphrases, the cools icon like spots in the ring, he was good enough in the ring, his promos were not bad, his character was dope. He a big time feel in the ring with a great presence. And was over as fuck. At one point he was more popular than CM Punk. But unfortunately booking just ruined him. He could of been a legit megastar and one of the biggest guys in the industry easily. He had all the tools.
  5. We are live on Valor but the cameras cut away to a neighborhood stated to be in North Carolina. We see a car parked outside of a house. As then the camera cuts to inside the car as we See Bailey, the Chief of Valor sitting in the driver seat. He begins to talk into the camera. Today, we are here in Bumvile North Carolina. I am outside the house of a person that I am about to become very good friends with today. I’m outside of Nathan Sawyers sisters house. Now Nathan wanted to disrespect me and my family. With a little snarky comment towards my sister to try and get under my skin or something. But that’s not how we do it around here. That’s not how the Chief of Valor acts. I am respectful gentleman I don’t need to talk about Nathan’s sister to get under his skin. Instead I’m going to actually meet her and introduce myself and get to know her. Like a real gentleman. So let’s go meet her. Bailey steps out of his car and walks up to the door with a camera trailing behind. He knocks on the door as Nathan’s sister answers the door. Bailey: Hello, how are you today? N Sister: I’m good, how can I help you? Bailey: I’m good thanks for asking, so I’m here today because I actually work with your brother Nathan well in fact I am his boss. N Sister: Oh no, has something happened to Nathan? Bailey: Well something happened to Nathan a long time ago to his brain, probably dropped as a baby but no as of right now nothing is wrong with Nathan. I just wanted to take it upon myself as his Boss to meet his family. You know where Nathan came from. In this great state of North Carolina. And I can already see that despite his looks, he comes from a really good looking family. N Sister: Awe well thank you m. Bailey: So unfortunately, I kinda have to teach Nathan a lesson of respect in the next few days. I have to fight him in a match where I’m not gonna lie. It’s going to be ugly, I’m gonna hurt your brother very badly. He disrespected me and my family. Mentioning my sister and Everything. N Sister: Well Nathan has always been a hot head his whole life. I hate to drag my Brother through the mud but he’s an idiot unfortunately. He was very stupid his whole childhood, well still is very stupid. He always gets into fights he can’t actually win. He has always been disrespectful to people and very insensitive and it’s gotten his butt kicked his whole life. Quite frankly, I don’t really like the person my brother is. You know what would you like to join me? I just got done making some lunch and was gonna have a glass of wine. We can talk more about my brother. Bailey: I’d love nothing more than to have a glass of wine with someone as charming as yourself. Nathan’s sister lets Bailey inside but Before Bailey goes inside he turns around and tells the camera to cut. The camera turns off as Bailey is entering the house and the show cuts back to the arena.
  6. Ok fine I miss you too

  7. He didn’t ask people to sign up a judge. It just says to sign up as for a Booker. Can you just follow rules for once
  8. OLEs not the problem, Man U just disappointments and underachievers. OLE IN
  9. You can’t pick the same team twice dumbass
  10. U had 1 more than me in the first week of the season stfu bozo. Just embarrassing
  11. With the advice of bic and the fact only 3 people remain after week 1. I am gonna do everyone gets 2 lives: 2 entires. so bic, Ropati, Steph get to make 2 picks this week me, Jon, Slim, Flynn, Julius, Bob have 1 pick remaining. if anyone else will like to join that wasn’t in it week 1 you only get 1 pick heres the week 2 schedule: Giants vs Football Team Steelers vs Raiders 49ers vs Eagles Texans vs Browns Broncos vs Jaguars Saints vs Panthers Patriots vs Jets Rams vs Colts Bills vs Dolphins Bears vs Bengals Falcons vs Bucs Vikings vs Cardinals Titans vs Seahawks Cowboys vs Chargers Chiefs vs Ravens Lions vs Packers home teams are on the left my Pick: Browns
  12. All Star Wrestling | Big 3 Championships | American Airlines Arena Big 3 Championship Semifinals: The War Machine W/ Don Callis vs Jungle Express To start off the show we have our first Big 3 Championship Semifinals. But before the match can begin Kenny Omega grabs a microphone and says Jungle Express has to forfeit they only have 2 members. We win and move on. He demands the ref to raise their hands when suddenly a theme song plays. “If you close your eyes, Your life, a naked truth revealed,” OMG it’s CHRISTIAN. Christian made a one off appearance in ASW in the empire cup where Kenny Omega eliminated him but nows he’s back and he’s the 3rd man! In this opening contest, Christian hit the Kill-switch on Kenny Omega who than got hit by Jungle Boy with an Elbow Drop! Jungle Boy pins Omega 1….2…3! JUNGLE EXPRESS WIN. Jungle Boy has pinned the World Heavyweight Champion once again and Jungle Express are moving on. They win in 17:30 Big 3 Championship Semifinals: Team Taz w/ Taz vs The Bastards In our 2nd Semifinal, The Bastards defeated Team Taz in 15:12 when Pete Dunne hit the Bitter end on The Mack to pick up the win. The Bastards will advance to the finals to take on Jungle Express. ASW City Championship Haunted House of Terror Match: Dexter Lumis (C) vs Cameron Grimes In a cinematic haunted house match, Cameron Grimes and Lumis would fight all over the house with Grimes continually running for his life and getting scared by certain Horror elements. At the end Grimes had Lumis knocked out cold but got distracted a creepy noise. When he turned back around Lumis was gone. Suddenly the camera shows Lumis standing directly behind Grimes. He locks in the Silence on Grimes making him pass out to win the match and retain the ASW City Championship in 10:24 ASW BMF Championship Match: Brian Cage (C) w/ Chris Jericho vs MVP In our next match, Brian Cage defeated MVP in 8:27 with the Drill Claw to retain the BMF Championship. After the match the banged up MVP who had no backup continued to get beaten up on my Jericho and Cage. Hardcore Match: Aleister Black vs Joesf Samael In a violet gruesome hardcore match, Aleister Black is setting up to hit Black Mass when the Death Squad come running out one by one but Black is able to fight them off before any of them can enter into the ring only to turn around and get punched straight in the face by Samael who had barbed wire wrapped around his fist. Samael than takes barbed wire bat and swings it right into the gut of Black. He than picks him up and hits the Whiplash Powerbomb as Black lands on a bunch of thumbtacks! He doesn’t go for the pin tho, instead sets up a table and lights it on fire! He picks up Black and hits the Whiplash Powerbomb this time time into the flaming table! 1….2…3! Josef Samael has defeated Aleister Black in this hardcore match in 16:58. Samael stands tall with the Death Squad standing next to him as Aleister Black is laid out. Shinsuke Nakamura and Matt Riddle vs Jacob Fatu and Punishment Martinez w/ Deadshot In our next match, Contra Unit defeated Nakamura and Riddle when Fatu hit a Samoan drop on Nakamura on the outside announcers table. And Punishment Martinez then hit The Reckoning on Matt Riddle to pick up the victory in 17:42. Contra Unit has completely laid waste of ASW Wrestlers here tonight as Fatu and Martinez stand tall with Nakamura and Riddle laid out. ASW Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: King Cuerno (C) vs Prince Puma w/ Konan In our next match, in a heated rivalry King Cuerno defeated Prince Puma after hitting him with a led pipe to the skull while the ref was down. He than hit the Thrill of the King of to pickup the pinfall in 20:36 to retain the ASW Junior Heavyweight Championship. King Cuerno would sneakily attack Konan as well after the match when Konan went to check on Puma. Beating Konan down with the led pipe as well. Both Konan and Puma laid out as King Cuerno stood tall raising his Junior Heavyweight Championship. Big 3 Championship Finals: Jungle Express vs The Bastards In our main event and the finals of this years Big 3 Championships, The Bastards defeated Jungle Express in 18:44 when Pete Dunne hit the Bitter end on Luchasaurus to pick up the victory. Jungle Express had a hard fought effort tonight but just came up short as the Bastards win the Big 3 Championships. Pete Dunne, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner stand together holding up the Big 3 Championship Cup as the show goes off the air.

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