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  1. Respect?

    The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his down to the ring with the World Championship in his hands. Monda..... I Am Feeling GLORIOUS..I am the 5 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. My PPV Redemption was Glorious. My whole Brand is doing Glorious and best of all i beat you at Redemption. Which in all honesty who is surprised. I am the GOAT for a reason. I am the Boss for a reason. Life couldn't be better! Do I need your Congratulations No. Do I want it? I don't want it but i expect it. But I'm compelety shocked to see you here. I thought you would of taken your beaten and went home. I thought you would of crumbled up and went back to the Cave you live in. But I'm impressed. You had the balls to show up at Redemption and the balls ro show up the next night admit defeat and try and shake my hand. I was wrong about you. You are an honorable man. And you did put up a hell of a fight at Redemption. The fact you kicked out of my Career Killer shows alot about you. I thought i would never say it but I will. You did earn my respect monda. And after the match we had I can truly understnad now that you are Glorious. That you are a hall of famer and that most importantly you are my BROTHER. I respect the hell out you. I want you to stay. I want you to keep fighting on my Brand. I am glad you came back brother and You are going to stay. Bailey offers his hand to Monda as a token of respect.
  2. BPZ Predictions League

    Amore Shield Corbin Charlotte BAR Lesnar RAW Women Smackdown Men No No Nakamaura sole survivor
  3. BPZ Predictions League

    McIntyre Undisputed Era Ember Moon Black Ohno
  4. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    No he shouldn't have considering the fact he was never found guilty of anything in the court of law
  5. The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    Everyone that had contracts coming up in Dec and Jan are resigned expect for Josh
  6. Carnage Power Trip: Night Of Legends Live January 5th

    If you're interested in being in the Carnage Scramble and you are on Carnage DM me.
  7. Brother VS Brother: Bailey VS Monda

    Everlong plays as Monda makes his way down to the ring ready to do action with his Brother Bailey. The GOAT then plays as Bailey in his robe posses for the Crowd and than makes his way to the Ring. The Two Stare off ready to do Battle and the Bell Rings The Two Grapple Up using strength as they battle off in a test of Power. Bailey Pushes Monda off of him and then Slaps him. Monda Smirks at this. Monda goes right in at Bailey chopping him across the Chest multiple times. He then dropkicks him. Irish Whip into the Corner. He goes for a closeline Bailey counters with an Elbow. Bulldog by Bailey. Bailey goes for the Career Killer quick but Monda counters and flips him over. Bailey in shock as the Crowd chants to Monda "You still got it". Bailey and Monda start throwing Punches at each other as both are trying to get the Advantage. Monda stops fir the moment. He opens up his arms and ask for hug. Bailey in shock stands thier not knowing what to do when then boom a hard right upper cut. Monda than quickly hits the sling blade. He goes for the Quick Cover, 1,2.... Kickout. Monda climbs the top rope but Bailey gets up quickly German Suplex off the top rope! Cover- 1.. 2... Kickout by Monda. Bailey runs to the ropes and bounces off but Hip Toss by Monda. Monda then Powerslams Bailey followed up with a Leg drop. Monda then picks Bailey up and hits a swinging Neckbreaker. He then Baits Bailey to get back up. Bailey gets up as Monda trips him and then locks in the Patriot Lock. Is Bailey gonna tap? Bailey crawls to the ropes but Monda pulls him off. Bailey eventually Turns around and kicks Monda off him. But Monda gets right back up and now hits the American Slam! Cover! 1....2... NO Bailey kickouts! Monda is trying to finish it with the MondaBomb but when he pops Bailey up Bailey counters with a Superman Punch! Then right into the GOATplex! Bailey picks Monda up to go for the Game Changer but Monda slides out the Back and locks in the American Clutch! After about a minute Bailey is starting to pass out! The ref counts 1..... Than 2.... but as the ref drops Baileys arm for a 3rd time Bailey gets a recharge of energy trying to fight off the Clutch. Bailey counters spinning Behind Monda and hits another GOATplex! He picks Monda up and hits the Career Killer! 1....2... Kickout out by Monda. Bailey can't believe it! He picks him up again and hits it one more time! 1...2....3. IT'S ALL OVER. Bailey has defeated Monda. Monda put up a great fight but it just wasn't enough to defeat the world champion. Bailey celebrates as he watches Monda use the ropes to stand up. Monda turns to Bailey with his fist up asking for another fight. Bailey cant believe what he is seeing. He shakes his no and walks away. Leaving Monda in the middle of the Ring as the Camera cuts Backstage for an interview with Ross.
  8. Carnage Power Trip: Night Of Legends Live January 5th

    As soon as Flynn gets to compete for the Global Title at Pride
  9. Carnage Power Trip: Night Of Legends Live January 5th

    At Night Of Legends thier will be a match that will take place annually at this event. I call it the Carnage Scramble. 5 Carnage superstars will compete in a 30 minute Scramble Match. 2 competitors will start and then every 5 minutes another competitor will come in. Every competitor will be in the match with still 15 minutes left. It's the same rules as a normal CHAMPIONSHIP Scramble match. Whoever got the last pin or submission when the time runs out is the winnner. The winner of the match will get a 4 vote advantage against the Universal Championship at a PPV of their choosing. This isn't a cash in. The Match has to be announced and booked ahead of time. Like I said this Match will take place every year at Night Of Legends.
  10. Date: January 5th 2018 Theme: TBD Venue: T-Mobile Arena: Las Vegas Nevada On January 5th Promoted as the Biggest Event in Carnage History it is the Night where Legends are Made at Night Of Legends. Live in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena. See all the top Carnage Stars Compete in what should be a fantastic night of wrestling. With The Main Event already Confirmed. As the Reigning Universal Champion Flynn will take on his Two Greatest Threats at Once. When he takes on Ross and Echo Wilson in a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship. Who will become a Legend after this. Advertised: Flynn, Ross, Echo, BiC, Brad, Bash, Fear, Peter Wilchester, Josh, and many more. Tune in On the BPZ Network Match Card: Universal Championship Match: Flynn (C) VS Ross VS Echo Wilson Carnage Scramble: ??? VS ??? VS ??? VS ??? VS ???
  11. Redemption is finally here live from San Antonio Texas in the AT&T Center. Where we will see Bother vs Brother and the United States Championship on the Line. FDS will be making his last appearance on Carnage while Fear is making his Debut against Bashka who wants to make BPZ great again. Many more Grudge Matches as well. And finally In the Main Event possibly the biggest match in Carnage History Flynn the Defending Universal Champion will take on his greatest challenger yet the Man with the Plan Ross. Who will walk out Universal Champion to close the show? Find out on the BPZ Network. (Smith got lazy on me)
  12. I think Team Smackdown will win again. I see Jordan turning on Angle beginning that feud. Balor and Joe will probably screw each other. Braun will be a beast but he'll probably get counted out or DQ or something. Where as Smackdown all these guys will be on the same page ready to roll. I could see Owens and Zayn getting involved but probably not. Yes Cena is a free agent but is Cena really gonna turn on Team blue lol no. Smackdown wins

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