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  1. bailey14

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 18th 2018

    Crowd was dead. WWE Shows how they don't give a shit about Advancing Storylines at all. This show fucking sucked
  2. The match was pretty average and felt rushed until we got that final 2 holy shit. It turned the match into an amazing match. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and it was so intense. I thought Kofi had it but he just came up short. He became a Star tonight and deserves to Face Bryan at Wrestlemania
  3. Im fine with Balor winning but i thought the decision to split Lashley and Rush was an awful decision not happy with it at all
  4. bailey14

    BPZ Predictions League

    Kofi Kingston Rousey Miz and McMahon Lashley Iiconics Murphy Strowman Bryan Bayley and Sasha Randy Orton Nia Jax and Tamina
  5. bailey14

    The Greatest Story Of All Time

    Just One Night after SVM The Great One The Bailey is here to open up Carnage. It is official The New Flynn vs The Bailey in the Main event of BPZMANIA 4. Finally...... THE BAILEY HAS COMEBACK TO TAMPA BAY FLORIDA. Now as you all know last night Flynn became once again the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and it now go one on one with the Great One. But The Rock has a little Story for you. The Bailey knows something no one else knows. The Bailey is gonna give u the full story it all has to do with Flynn and what he did after winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. You see after the big win, Flynn went to a place he went to his mentor. He went to the Man he looks up to the most. His god. He got in front of this Man, got on his Knees and said Slim....... He said Slim I just won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship but theres one problem everybody still thinks that i absolutely SUCK! And then Slim reached down towards Flynn, touched him on the shoulder and said Flynn.... But my name is the New Flynn IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS. Slim went on and he told Flynn theres nothing he can do. He said Flynn you are royalty Screwed because at Bpzmania you have to defend that title against the Most ELECTRIFYING MAN in all of Wrestling. You have to Face the GOAT, THE GREAT ONE THE BAILEY! So Flynn you need to shut your mouth and know your Role. You need to pray everynight, you need to hold onto that Title very close because Come March 31st you are gonna get your ass kicked all over Atlanta George in front of the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Bailey Fans. He said Bailey will take the BPZMANIA Sign turn it sideways and shove it right up YOUR CANDY ASS. Bailey will walk you down Jabroni Lane and Check your ass into the SMACKDOWN HOTEL! As Flynn sat there Trembling in Fear. Tears Rolling Down his Eyes and PISS Rolling down his legs. He looked up at Slim and he said Slim, Slim i beg you i beg you please dont watch the Main event. Please i can't stand to think of my god watching me getting my ass kicked like never before. I don't want you see what Bailey is gonna do to me. And then Slim patted Flynn on the back and said i have to watch, i need to watch.. Flynn said why, why do you need to watch. Because I'm a fan. Im a fan of the GREAT ONE. Flynn got up and Hugged Slim. He hugged him real tight and never wanted to let go. Slim said I cant save you Flynn. No one can, not Julius, Not Ropati. Nothing can save you from the ass kicking you will take at BPZMANIA. You are simply The Baileys Bitch! And then The Bailey will become a 6 TIME 6 TIMES BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE YEAR IF YOU SMELLL......... WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING [[I know the format of the promo is based off a real life promo by the Rock but i put my own twist on it and thought it was an an appropriate thing to do since Flynn just won the belt. ]]]
  6. bailey14

    BPZ Superstar Released

    Breaking News From BPZ.Com, BPZ Superstar Jason Ryan was Released from BPZ Wrestling after Jason Ryan Said he was refusing to even show up at BPZMANIA this year and at least be backstage for the show. Saying he had better things to do. After this Statement BPZ immediately Released Jason Ryan and wish him his best and future endeavors.
  7. https://i.gyazo.com/5a8072120e6f79b12da62a574f0a3489.png https://i.gyazo.com/a6b12da578aa81a639b840dc6af19867.png https://i.gyazo.com/5a8072120e6f79b12da62a574f0a3489.png
  8. National Level achieved Lesnar is now my whc made the Hardcore title and Rhino won it AMW won back the tag titles Orton and Jack gave me my first 100 rated match