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  1. Match Card: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jon Moxley vs Adam Page Asylum Insanity Match (Cinematic): Chris Jericho vs Broken Matt Hardy TNT Championship Match: Lance Archer vs Darby Allin Women’s Championship Match: Hikaru Shida vs Tenille Dashwood Tag Team Championship Match: FTR vs Young Bucks The Main Event Players (MJF, Wardlow, Brian Pillman Jr, Ricky Starks) vs The Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Billy) Lucha Bros vs SCU (Daniels and Kazarian) vs Dark Order (Lee and Cabana) vs Best Friends Britt Baker vs Rhio Brian Cage vs Joey Janela
  2. Really hypocritical of you bro since you are literally up there as one the ultimate beggars on the forums and a lot of those votes would be going to you too 💀 and don’t be acting like you ain’t know about it
  3. FINALLY GOT TEW 20! AEW: ALL OUT 2 (Gave it the number cause I think it’s cooler) Opened the show with The Dark Order who Hes has Colt Cabana now losing to The Best Friends in what I look as a shocking upset. Dark Order was trying to recruit Chuck Taylor but he didn’t want any part of the Dark Order. Happy with this rating Solid match by Cage and Darby they’re doing this in real life pretty sure so I went with it too. Cage gets the big win after the loss to Moxley but Darby hung in there for awhile in the next match MJF fought Dustin Rhodes with his Diamond Ring on the line. Dustin representing the company obviously didn’t think MJF deserves it. So it was put on the line here but MJF wins after interference by Ricky Starks and Brian Pullman JR who I had made a team. So I’m a forming a Stable between MJF, Wardlow, Pilman Jr and Starks with MJF as the leader. Give me some suggestions for Stable Names. Solid match happy with this one Really surprised and happy wit the one. Pac is amazing. Death Triangles targeted a broken SCU basically who just lost a feud to DO and lost a good friend in Cabana to the DO. So Death Triangle looked to officially finish them off and they have beaten them here. Really good match Our big TNT Championship Rematch here and it did not disappoint. After 13 Defenses Cody had as Champion Lance Archer finally beats him with help from Jake Roberts. Big Time Match. Can’t even Lie Cody has been phenomenal so far Solid Match here by Hager and Hardy really nothing to say here just gave Hager the win he needed here. Big Time match here I’m actually surprised it didn’t get higher or do Better than the TNT Match But I’ll still take the 81. Basically at Fight of the Fallen FTR beat Omega and Page for the Tag Belts when Page turned on Omega and aligned with FTR leaving The Elite and creating The Revolt so yes I went with the Page heel turn just cause in my personal opinion it feels more natural for FTR to be the ones to go heel. Page gets the big win id image he hits Omega with a Beer Bottle or something to get the win Explained it all already above but yeh big tag match for the belts and FTR win here Clean. I thought this would get a little higher too but still a fantastic Tag Match based on both Teams pop. If you didn’t notice The Elite all lost In the big women’s rematch Shida beats Rose again don’t really have much to say on the match it was good for the Women’s but after the match Tenille Dashwood makes her AEW debut attacking Shida Yeh so I forgot to take a picture of the actual match and if you couldn’t tell why it’s because I was so pissed at this man. They have awful chemistry as opponents. So disappointed in terms of pop this is the biggest match you could do and that’s why I did this rematch at ALL OUT and it completely sucked. Ruined the show. I thought this potentially could of been a 80 Plus overall show and this Main Event just ruined it. So yeh that’s end of that. It’s still tied for my best rating so far but still disappointed with it. So let me know what you think about the show and my decisions thanks
  4. I remember begging in a lot of polls bro but didn’t beg in that one I just beat you like usual
  5. In ring: 9.5 Mic: 7.5 L/P/C: 7
  6. The GOAT plays as Bailey makes his way through the crowd to the ring for the 2nd time tonight truly showing the workhorse he is for this company. He enters the ring walking past Flynn and grabs a microphone. He turns around and begins to speak And here I am all alone. All by myself. Would you look at that. Always trying to play a narrative Flynn. Always trying to play an angle. “Oh I’m out here all by myself guys”. Good for you it’s really not that hard to come out here by yourself. Just because I’m in Death Riders I can never come out here by myself? See the thing is I don’t need to join the hottest group in BPZ for my career. See Flynn you are great. You are the Champion of Carnage and you are dominant there’s no doubt. It doesn’t change the fact that you made one of the weakest moves ever. I don’t care how you wanna play it. That oh you saved them from an attack from 2 men they just beat. I don’t give a shit. They were your enemy. They were your challenge. The one group that you could not beat. And instead of continuing to take that challenge head on you did literally the biggest example of if you can’t beat them than join them. So I don’t give a shit about any of your bullshit excuses on why you joined. Because everything I said earlier was true. But Flynn I’m impressed. I’m impressed with you as usual. You come out here acting like a Fighting Champion. You come out here trying to play this narrative to look like a good guy. You call me out for a match next week. And If I say no I look like a coward and if I accept you get exactly what you want to face me. But the thing is Flynn I don’t got shit to prove to you. I am the Godamn GOAT of this business. I built this fucking company on my shoulders and you are just a PRODUCT of me. I created you. I brought you in and I showed you everything and every time you have crossed me you have lost in the end. So this stop with this bullshit thinking you can are better than me. We’ve sold out shows. We’ve main evented Manias. I am 2-1 against you in one on one matches.. 2-0 in world title matches one on one if you wanna get real specific. I know deep down it eats you alive. I know it’s pisses you off and you just don’t wanna admit it. I’ve beaten you when it matters most and you have to live with that. So you come out here all righteous calling out the GOAT. You wanna face me so bad. You wanna try and beat my ass next week. Well I don’t wanna face you. Quite honest you’re not worth my Godamn time. I fight who I wanna fight when I wanna fight and you just are not it pal. Don’t care to fight you. Don’t have anything to prove by fighting you. I’m not giving a sellout like you what you want. I’m better than you. Because I might have self-proclaimed myself The GOAT but at least I didn’t pull a suck up, a sellout and cowardly move like you did joining a Godamn Dynasty. I’m trying to create my own dynasties not join them. That’s the difference between me and you. So have fun Champ coming out here acting like a fighting champion to make yourself feel better at night. But it’s a no from me, not worth my energy. I already won this rivalry in my eyes. Have fun with your response cause I won’t be listening and umm don’t really care what bullshit comes out of your sellout mouth. Bailey drops the microphone and immediately leaves through the crowd not interested at all in a fight with Flynn.
  7. Beat Slim by 15 in our league was up 97-82 and then he “lost connection” final score 133-114
  8. Sameer ant Sheridan are just so cute together
  9. bailey14


    We are in Rome, Italy for the beginning of the annual BPZ European tour throughout the month of July! The GOAT plays throughout the whole Arena as The Death Rider Bailey makes his way out to ring through the Crowd this time as he is not coming with any of his Death Riders. He enters the ring and immediately grabs a microphone. He starts pacing back and forth in the ring before he finally Speaks. You know it's been on my mind. It’s been itching and itching and itching. So I just gotta talk about it. I just gotta get it off my mind. Flynn, Jermiah Flynn whatever you want to call him, pulled the biggest suck up, sellout move in BPZ History. He pulled the Weakest move I’ve ever seen in my life. He went ahead and joined Creed. The same group that he’s never been able to beat when they're untied. It’s the perfect example. It’s the literal definition of well if you can’t beat em join em. I can’t even say I’m surprised Flynn will do anything that benefits him no matter how it looks. We’re talking about admittedly one of the best this business has to offer. He is the Champion and he is dominant and he can beat pretty much everyone in the industry. Except 1 group. The 1 group he couldn’t beat and I know it ate him alive. I know it Frustrated him that he couldn’t beat them. But man instead of pulling it together and not stopping until the day you finally could beat them. You gave up. You gave up on yourself as a human being. You gave up on yourself as a competitor. You truly have lost your passion for this business because any man that loves this business they take the Challenge head on and overcome. You gave up on it and let the challenge beat you. Creed was your challenge Flynn and you gave in to them. Man I’ve done a lot of evil shit. I’ve done a lot of stuff that has benefited me and my career but not this. I could never join the group that I couldn’t beat. I could never sell out that much. If you really think this helps your career it doesn’t. This only hurts your legacy Flynn. It doesn’t matter how much you win. What you achieve, it’s all tainted by this one decision. The decision you made to join the Team that you couldn’t beat. And there’s always the speculation. Oh you know Flynn a Genius. He knows what he’s doing. He only joined Creed to kill it from the inside. And that might be true. It could be very true because you are smart like that, I will admit. But Creed has shown they are smarter than you in every way and I think that deep down truly haunts you. And that’s why I don’t think this is a play by you. I don't think this is a mastermind plan to end Creed. I really just do think that you gave into Creed and became a Suck-up. But now let me get to Creed actually because I got some things to say to you guys. You, Creed have become nothing but a parody of yourselves. You have become exactly what you fought so hard against. You Came together to fight against the Stars that had all the power like me, Slim and Flynn. You came together to take down Super Teams like Bulletproof and even now today my Family. You fought in the name of BROTHERHOOD, LOYALTY, HONOR AND JUSTICE. But Flynn is the complete opposite of all of that. Flynn isn’t Loyal, He doesn’t care about Brotherhood or Honor or Justice. Flynn only cares about one thing and one thing only and that’s himself. You guys SOLD OUT ON EVERYTHING YOU STOOD FOR when you brought Flynn into Creed! You’re the DYNASTY now. You’re the FRANCHISE of this company now. You’re the ones with all the POWER now. You guys aren’t the sweet old Good Guys anymore. You are now exactly what you hated about this company. You are a PARODY of yourselves. Bart is the man with now all the power running Valor. And Smith is his right hand man. You have all the power now. You’re the EMPIRE now. And our Paths are bound to cross again. Call it destiny, say the day is coming. Because I’m going all in to say that at King of the Ring it will be Bart vs Ropati in the Finals of the Tournament. Two guys destined for fate. But Two opposite stories. Unlike Ropati, Bart is the PRIVILEGED one. He’s the one being HANDED this Narrative by the people that this year, this tournament it’s his moment. It’s his time to shine. This is his year to finally be a World Champion Player. He’s privileged with that Narrative. He’s a FRANCHISE player. He’s a POSTER boy for this company. He’s one of the FACES of this company. He’s in the position of POWER in this company. He’s privileged. Everyone has this thought in their head that Bart has been working his ass off for years. That’s him grinding away. That’s he been in King of the Ring before and he’s come so close but he Just misses by inches. You know what Bart has actually done in these last few King of the Rings? NOTHING! Bart goes on vacation every July, usually it’s in his contract. He gets to take time off in July and he’s taken it everytime. He’s never actually been in King of the Ring. But Ropati has. Ropati has been the one grinding his ass off for years to break through the glass ceiling. He’s been fighting his ass off to get above this placement on the card that he's been stuck in. Ropati has been in King of The Ring. He’s worked his ass off to try and win this tournament before and just come up short. He’s not vacationing somewhere in the Bahamas he’s trying to finally break through. But he’s never gotten the real chance or the real guidance. But Bart is the privileged one. He’s the one that gets handed the narrative that this is his year. Ropati has to make his own Narrative. And that narrative is gonna be that he is gonna knock everyone’s head off. Because you need to remember this. It only takes 1 not 2 not 3. 1 Kiwi Kick to knock your ass out. And Broken Nate who you could use a good blow to the head will experience that first. And then whoever else follows. Leading to Bart. Because Bart If you don’t get to the finals somehow. If you blow this opportunity. You should just give up on ever trying to be a singles star because it’s just not for you. Because you’re the FAVORITE. You’re the DYNASTY. So if you can’t get to the finals of this tournament you’d be the biggest disappointment in this company's history. But just remember Bart it only takes 1 for the lights to go out. Creed you’re not the Good Guys anymore. Flynn has brought something on to you guys that you just can’t ignore. You’re just gonna have to embrace it even the generic good guy Sameer! Who comes out every show and says what’s up to whatever town he’s in. Just like a real life situation they’re gonna get tired of you. They’re gonna get sick of you and they’re not gonna want to see you anymore on top. Your decision to bring in Flynn has changed everything for you guys now. You’re not the UNDERDOGS anymore. You’re a SUPERTEAM now. But just like how it always goes it’s the Bullet in the back that you don’t see coming always breaks you. And just like every Group Flynn has been in. POOF. Gone like that. Bailey immediately drops the Microphone and exits the ring leaving the arena the same way he entered it through the crowd. As Carnage Cuts to Commercial Break
  10. All Star Wrestling | Final Resolution | Paramount Theater Andrade and Rush defeated Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic and James Storm and Eli Drake when Pete Dunne hit bitter end on Drake only for Andrade to throw Dunne out of the ring and steal the victory to retain the ASW Tag Team Championships Josh Woods defeated Luchasaurs by making him pass out with a sleeper-hold. Luchasaurs did not tap but he got knocked out by Josh Woods The Foundation (Nakamura, AOP) defeated The Best Friends when Nakamura hit Kinshasa on Chuck Taylor picking up the Victory. Foundation beat up The Best Friends after the match Bobby Roode defeated Ali after a interference by Shelton Benjamin to retain the ASW Tri State Championship Demon Finn Balor appears for the first time in ASW to defeat Roderick Strong in pretty convincing fashion Aleister Black defeated the Undertaker in a hard fought match hitting 2 Black Mass in a row to win it. The Undertaker would get a standing ovation after the match and would have a moment that made it seem like this was it for the Deadman In a showcase match Hybrid2 would make there ASW debut defeating Private Party in a back and forth match really showcasing off both teams talent Shawn Spears defeated Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro in the main event by pinning Cesaro to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship to close out the show
  11. Week 1: The Undertaker makes a surprising appearance to start the show off explaining why he has come after Aleister Black that it is time to take another soul. That Black is proclaimed as the Next Undertaker but that there can only be one Phenom. Black and War Machine come out but Black tells War Machine to head to the back as he can do this on his Own. Black tells the Undertaker that he has all the respect for him in the world but it’s time for him to retire. They agree to face one on one at Final Resolution before Undertaker than chokeslams Black Jungle Express defeated The Von Erichs when than Josh Woods would make his debut and stand face to face with Luchasaurs and then walking away The Foundation upset over Nakamuras lost cut a backstage promo before being interrupted and mocked by The Best Friends. Next week Best Friends vs AOP is made for Bobby Roode is stepped up to by Ali who says he’s ready for a Championship shot after beating Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin protest saying it was a lucky win. Benjamin gets his rematch next week Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic vs James Storm and Eli Drake Ends in a Double pin when both Dunne and Drakes shoulders were down when rolling each other up. After the match Shane McMahon announces that they are both now NOCs for the Tag Team Championships In our final segment The Kings Of Wrestling are having a Celebration for Shawn Spears after his big championship win. But eventually have a few minutes of celebrating Cesaro singles an attack on Spears as all of the KOW beat down on Spears. Kicking him out of the group but now turning Spears into a full fledged Babyface Week 2: We see Backstage Shawn Spears is asking Tully Blanchard what side he is on. Tully makes it clear to Shawn Spears his loyalty lies with KOW. We then cut to Cesaro and the rest of KOW in the ring cutting a promo on why they kicked out Spears. Because he thought he was better than the group. Shawn Spears comes out and says Cesaro is just mad because Spears did what he couldn’t and that’s Beat Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler comes out then wanting his rematch that Spears got lucky. But Spears is fully focused on Cesaro. Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro next week with Shawn Spears as Referee Jungle Express defeated Cheeseburger and Delirious but then after the match Josh Woods attacks Luchasaurs and then attacks Jungleboy absolutely mauling Jungleboy. Beating him senseless. Jungleboy would have to be stretched out as Raged filled Luchasaurs Roderick Strong promos on taking out Finn Balor that even though he did not win he was the man walking on his own 2 feet after the match. We then get a cryptic Finn Balor promo that the Man isn’t coming Ali defeated Shelton Benjamin after botched interference by Bobby Roode and the rest of the Canadian Alliance. Ali gets his Match against Bobby Roode. Aleister Black cuts a backstage promo on the Undertaker and how it’s time to sit the legend down for good. AOP defeated Best Friends after Nakamura interference. The Best Friends would then attack AOP and Nakamura. Letting out there frustrations finally to close the show. As Nakamura and the AOP would be pissed off retreating up the Ramp Week 3: Luchasaurs and Josh Woods start the show with an all out brawl after what Josh Woods did to Jungleboy last week. They would needed to be broken up by security. Andrade defeated Pete Dunne and James Storm in a Triple Threat March when Andrade pinned Dunne Ali defeated Roderick Strong when Finn Balors theme music started to play distracting Strong helping Ali pick up the Roll Up Victory. Roode was furious that Ali escaped with another win The Foundation beat the hell out of the Best Friends backstage as Nakamura delivers a Kinshasa to Orange Cassidy Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro ended in a Double DQ when they both laid there hands on Spears Who then called the match making the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Final Resolution which it looks like that’s what Spears wanted To end the show The Undertaker and Black had a contract signing. The War Machine went to try and attack the Undertaker but were held back by Black who then got met with a Chokeslam through the table to end the show Week 4: Aleister Black cuts a promo away from the arena at a Graveyard where we see a Grave set for The Undertaker which is the opposite of what we are used too as we are used to the Undertaker doing that to his opponents. Either way Black is set on Putting Taker to the grave but the Undertaker is the one that says Aleister Black will Rest in Piece Dominck Dijakovic defeated Rush and Eli Drake by pinning Rush. After the match all 3 teams brawled Roderick Strong says he is sick of Finn Balors games and wants him to come out right now. But Strong gets no answer at all. Except a message on the Tron that says See you Saturday Ali defeated Petey Williams of the Canadian Alliance giving him one last big win before his title fight with Bobby Roode After Paul Heyman cuts a promo on the Best Friends and how they are nothing more than a comedy act Orange Cassidy fights Back on Nakamura taking him out as Best Friends hold off AOP The Kings of Wrestling (Cesaro and Hero) defeated Shawn Spears and Dolph Ziggler after the 2 could not get along. Cesaro took advantage finishing off Ziggler and pinning him. Everyone in KOW expect Roddy would come out and beat down on both Ziggler and Spears to close the show
  12. This some I know what you did last summer type shit
  13. The Death Riders Theme plays as Bailey and The newest member of the Death Riders Jason Ryan walk out to the ring after the shocking events of what happened at JD with Bailey turning his on Ex Machina. They enter the ring as Bailey grabs a microphone and begins to speak I am going to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. First did you idiots really think that me and Jason Ryan were just brawling the entire time throughout the show and then suddenly just decided to align with him? Do you really believe that’s what happened. See what happened was we were brawling but after a few minutes and him giving me a hell of a fight we stopped. I stopped out of respect. I looked at this man and said yeh he is a badass. He is a killer. And so we sat down together, we ate food together, we talked. And I wanted this man in the Death Riders. He fit the bill of being a Death Riders. He’s a straight fighter who doesn’t back down from anyone. I saw it personally he’s ready to fight anyone at anytime in any moment. And that’s what a Death Rider is. So it was a no brainer but the plan was never to get rid of my once brothers Cody and Jon. It never was that’s the honest truth. In a perfect world we would still all be together. But there was a lot of stuff leading up to there match that only made things worse when they did go on to lose. See some people think they know everything. They claim that oh I just kicked out Ex Machina because they lost. That was the only reason. Which just isn’t true. Did you know that for days and days leading up to the show Cody and Jon ignored all my text messages. I was always asking for updates, see how things are going. No response. Then this 5 part series they were doing. I was actually interested in and enjoying some of it. But like I said a 5 Part series we only got 3. So I would be texting them like where is the final 2 parts of this series. This stuff is pretty interesting and could give you an advantage but you need to finish it. No answer from either of them. Did I see either of them before there match at JD. Nope I didn’t see one of them until they went out for there actual match. And back to there little series I hate to say it I really do but while my guys that are supposed to be fighters were instead out partying and drinking. They were talking about how everyone loves Sosa. No one cares about loving Sosa. Who even is Sosa? The point is while you were partying Creed was training. They were getting ready for this match. They prepared for you guys and were ready to win this. While you guys were out partying like idiots. I’m not against partying but party when you got nothing going on or after you win the big match. Ropati has nothing going on he just squashed Kieron he earned the right to party. Did you see how he knocked Kierons head off? Jon and Cody you did not earn that right. You should of been training and preparing for Creed. Not screaming about loving Sosa. And that’s why you are gone because I just can’t have that. You guys Weren’t really Ride or Die guys. You didn’t care. You weren’t motivated about having this opportunity against Creed. I vouched for you guys for months just to waste your opportunity and basically give up. I wish things could of been different I really do. I thought you guys were it. I thought you were the next big tag team. But you guys don’t really wanna do this. You’re not all in on being Champs. You just wanna have fun and party so go party. But Jon that’s the thing if you’re gonna go and say you are fighting in my honor at least come prepared to fight in my honor. Because all you did was embarrass yourself and me. You want to fight in my honor you better Fucking win. And Cody I like you. I think you have real potential that’s why I brought you into the Death Riders but without Jon to guide you, you are simply dead Weight. Ex Machina you just Weren’t cut out to be in the Family or the Death Riders. This is on me. I recruited you. I brought you into the group and I failed you but you also Failed me after this month of not having the right mindset. So this is where it stands. We got Ropati off somewhere right now probably in a Gym Training his ass off for King of The Ring ready to make his impact. And now we got Jason Ryan ready to fight anyone and kick some ass. These are my Death Riders. Bailey and Jason Ryan walk off as the show cuts to commercial break
  14. Lakers Roster: Coach: Phil Jackson PG: Derrick Fisher SG: Kobe Bryant SF: Ron Artest PF: Drew Gooden Cen: Tyson Chandler Anderson Varejao Stephen Marbury Matt Barnes Antoine Walker Fred Jones Luke Walton Kevin Ollie Aaron Williams
  15. Omega and Page Cody Shida MJF and Wardlow Santana and Ortiz Jungle Express vs MJF and Wardlow no
  16. Damn bro I was trying to do you a favor of letting you to live in this delusional state of yours actually believing the crap you say
  17. Can we just kill Sheridan off already
  18. Person below Me makes his own narratives 

  19. We had just seen Creed Defeat Ex Machina in a Tag Team Championship Match followed by the weakest move in BPZ history where Kevi... I mean Flynn joined Creed. After The Warr... I mean Creed left the ring and went backstage we suddenly see Bailey and Jason Ryan still Brawling as now they are brawling out on to the ramp and down to the ring as Johnny and Cody roll back into the ring. Bailey and Jason brawl into the ring but then from behind Ex Machina takes down Jason Ryan ganging up on him. Bailey looks at Cody and says Cody get my bat! Cody goes and grabs the Bat and brings it back to the ring and hands it to Bailey who then immediately swings it right back into the Skull of Cody! Jon looks on with Shock as Bailey has just cracked Cody into the Skull! But Jon turns around right into a Big Boot by Jason Ryan! Jason picks up Johnny and hits the Left Lane! Jason than Picks Cody back up and toss him right into Bailey who hits him again right in the head with the Bat. Jason Than Holds Jon up to his Knees as Bailey looks down at Jon and cracks his skull with the Bat! Bailey then Picks up Jon and hits The Career Killer! Ex Machina is laid out as Bailey and Jason Stand together in the middle of the Ring as it looks like Jason Ryan has joined The Death Riders! Was tonight all a Set Up by Bailey? Or was it just something that happened out of nowhere? Either Way Bailey and Jason have pretty much finished off Ex Machina as Bailey And Jason are standing tall in the ring the Show cuts Backstage for an interview with Hans Clayton before his big Main Event Match tonight!
  20. Person below Me is the King 

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