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  1. Guess they didn't do a real good job
  2. The GOAT plays as The Bailey makes his way out to the ring as the Boos Reign down on him. Over the last week he has attacked Smith, Bart and Icon. He has turned his back on the People. No longer the People's Champion. He enters in the ring and grabs the Mic. He tries to speak but every word is responded with Boos by the crowd. He tries to signal for them to quiet down but they dont until he stands in the ring for a few minutes. Finally quiet he begins to speak. FINALLY........ YOU HAVE SHUT YOUR CANDY ASSES The Boos begin again You wanna boo me? You wanna boo the Bailey? After all The Bailey has done for you? But you come out here like sheep cheering for guys like Smith. Guys like Bart and Icon. These Men have left you! They have taken there Balls and gone home before. But yet you still Cheer them? Bart goes on a Vacation in Hawaii. To get away from you people but has soon as he gets back you idolize him. Icon leaves this place every 3 months. Threatening to be gone forever yet everytime he comes Crawling back you cheer him. And Smith. He let all of you down! He's the one who couldn't get his life together. He's the one that made the choice to abandon all of you for Drugs. Smith would rather go and light one up rather than entertain you people. But for some reason as soon as hes back you all start to go wild for him. You cheer for him. All these men come and go. But The Bailey was HERE! BUSTING HIS ASS OFF EVERYDAY. EVERY NIGHT! Yet you dare to turn your backs on me and boo me? There is not one man in the back that is more Dedicated or committed to this Company. This is my company. I'm the good guy. I'm your Champion. The People's Champion! The Bailey has never left. I've always been here yet you will cheer for people that desert you. Let you down and leave you. Thats why I attacked Smith. I attacked Bart and I attacked Icon. Spitting in all there faces. Because thats what they all deserve to be spat in the face like nothing but Pieces of Trash. But you want to boo The Bailey. The Greatest Professional Wrestler of all time. The Most Electrifying Man of all sports entertainment. The Bailey has finally realized what all of you are. Nothing but Brainless Sheep. You will cheer for anyone or anything as long as they come out here with a nice smile and tell you anything to get a cheap pop. Just like this. The Bailey in a mocking voice "You guys are the best! The city of New Orleans rules! Yay yay Go New Orleans!" The Fans mocking Bailey start cheer OH shut your DAMN MOUTHS AND KNOW YOUR ROLE! The New Orleans Saints will never win the superbowl and Zion Williamson will be the biggest NBA Bust of all time. Just like Smith nothing but a bust. A ruined Career. Smith had everything. He was a World Champion and threw it all away to become a lowlife druggie. But thats right you will all still cheer for him like a bunch of Idiots. The Bailey didn't turn on all of you. The Bailey didn't turn on the MILLIONS. The MILLIONS turns on The Bailey. Now The Bailey only has one thing left to do before i tell each and everyone of you to screw and The Bailey walks out these doors and on my way to Hollywood because none of you appreciate me and and none of you deserve The Baiey. And that's to teach Smith a lesson. To show Smith that a no good Druggie belongs in the Ring with The Great One. The Bailey is going to beat Smith down and spit in his face again. Then maybe after I beat Smith at Summerslam you will all learn you should of appreciated the greatness you got to see each and every night alittle more. Because when The Bailey is gone becoming a Star in Hollywood and I'm not here to Lead this company. You will realize how much I meant to this company and how much you all needed me. Because there will never be another Bailey and there will never be someone that can ever match me in dedication to this business. Never left. Never took a day off yet you cheer for someone who did leave and they left because they chose Drugs over you. You're all pathetic. Smith is pathetic. The Bailey will beat him at Summerslam and then I will take a bow and wave goodbye to all you sheep as The Bailey leaves to become a Megastar In Hollywood. IF YOU A...... The Bailey suddenly stops as he mocks the crowd and throws his hands at them. Unwilling to finish the Iconic Catchphrase to spite the fans. As the Boos rain down on him as he exits the ring as Carnage goes to Commercial break.
  3. I beat you 2 out of 3 times this year
  4. bailey14

    Party Bus Phase

    As Icon walks up the he turns his back for a second as then The Bailey from behind attacks Icon! Beating down Icon. Kicking him around and around. Before picking Icon up and spitting directly in his face. He then slaps Icon and then kicks him down low. He picks Icon up and hits The GOAT Bottom on Icon. Who crashes onto the Ramp. The Bailey looks up at all the Fans booing him as The Bailey takes it all in. The Bailey throws his hands up to the Crowd before turning around and leaving the Arena.
  5. bailey14

    Thank You

    After Flynn is done talking. Bart Is Standing in the ring getting ready to speak again when from behind The Bailey attacks Bart! As Bart gets back to his feet, The Bailey spits in Barts face and then Kicks him down Low! He then hits the GOAT Bottom on Bart Laying him out. The Bailey then Stares up at Flynn. Screaming out towards himself as the Fans Boo him. He then points towards Flynn who is smirking as Bart gets back to his feet. Another GOAT Bottom by The Bailey to put down Bart. The GOAT plays as The Segment closes with Bailey Standing over Bart as Flynn looks on! A Message sent to Smith by the Bailey. But who knows what this means?? Why did Bailey attack Bart. Are Him and Flynn aligned?
  6. The Bailey lowers his sunglasses in shocked of what Smith has says. So this is how it is. You comeback to BPZ Finally. Been given a second chance at your career and all you do is comeback and whine and complain. Bailey in a whiney, mocking voice says "YOU TOOK MY LIFE AWAY...... I WANT THE TRUTH... I WANT THE TRUTH " SHUT UP! You want the Truth. You want the Goddamn Answers. YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT THE BAILEY SENT YOUR ASS PACKING BACK TO ENGLAND. You're Damn right the Bailey turned you into nothing but a Trailer Park piece of Crap! But don't come here in the Great Ones face acting like your the good oh. That your the innocent.. "Oh poor Smith. He got fired. He couldn't make a living." BOO HOO. Why don't you tell the people why you were fired Smith huh? The Bailey will tell them for you. Because you are not a superstar. Your no star! All you are. All you ever were. Was a lowlife DRUGGIE. Yeah why don't you tell them Smith hoe you failed Drug Test after Drug Test. You were supposed to be a role model. Someone people looked up to. YOU, let them all down! Not ME. Not The Bailey. In fact, The Bailey was the one that gave you everything. The Bailey took you in. The Bailey made you a top guy. The Bailey got you noticed around here. Wr were boys. Best of Friends. The Bailey gave you everything. You had everything and you let it all go. You failed them. You failed this company. You failed Me. Because why? Because you couldn't stay off the WEED? You couldn't just stop? You're the disappointment here. But The Bailey is the bad guy. The Bailey is the one that took your job away. NO, you are the bad guy. You have only yourself to blame. You really think that the Bailey would really show up for some celebration. You really think The Bailey would be there for you to celebrate in front of you 250 People? The Bailey was too busy MAIN EVENTING BPZMANIA in front of thousands of people and Millions watching at home. The Bailey was too busy selling out show after show. Thousands of seats filling up each night. You think The Bailey gives a damn about you and some bogus indie event. Why should you be celebrated at alll? You are what's wrong. Talented, gifted superstars who have everything throwing it all away for crap. The Bailey doesn't give a shit about your sob stories. The Bailey doesn't care where you been or what you've done. You made your bed Smith. The Bailey is so sick and tired of scum like you. Disrespecting me. Disrespecting this Business. The Bailey has put way to much into this business. Way too dedicated to this business. To let lowlife druggies ruin it. Everyone knows the saying. You took your ball and went home. But that's not the case here Smith isn't it. No, no, no. The Bailey took your BALLS and Sent you to the box on a corner street of England that you call home. This isn't a match of 2 BPZ legends that respect each other and like each other. No. The Bailey doesn't respect you at all. The Bailey certainly doesn't like you. If it was up to me right now. The Bailey would take your finger and cut it off because you don't deserve that Ring at all. You don't deserve to be in the same category as The Bailey. You were really good. Hell you probably are still one of the best. But you've been showing off whatever skills you have in High School gyms while The Bailey has been competing world wide in arenas and stadiums. But you dare to come into the Baileys ring. You disrespect me. You try an make me out to be the bad guy. The Bailey is the Star of professional Wrestling. This is mine. The Bailey runs this bitch. And The Bailey will be dammed to let someone like you try an upstage me. At Summerslam, The Bailey will once again Humiliate you. Decimate you. And send a you back to where a no good druggie like you belongs. Back on the Corner Streets of England trying to find a quick buck at some pathetic indy event that you call Wrestling. The Bailey turns towards the Table and signs the contract. Now sign the Goddamn Contract you piece of crap. Smith in rage now but also taken a bit back goes ahead and signs the contract. ONLY FOR THE BAILEY TO DROP HIM WITH THE MICROPHONE! Smith gets back to his feet only to get a kick in the balls. As the Fans start to turn on Bailey and rain down boos, The Bailey is pacing back and forth yelling out to himself and Smith. He waits as Smith gets back to his feet. He then hits Smith with the GOAT BOTTOM. The Bailey filled with emotion has a attacked Smith and has turned his back on the Fans. He then looks down at Smith. He picks Smith's head up only to spit in his face. What a despicable act by The Bailey. Who was once The People's Champion. The Bailey grabs the Microphone as the Boos are pouring down on him. He takes it all in and Says IF YOU A SMEEELLLL, WHAT THE BAILEY IS COOKING. He drops the Microphone and proceeds to leave the ring. As he is walking up the Ramp he sees Smith getting back to his feet. The Bailey in shock runs back down to the Ring. And Lays another GOAT Bottom on Smith. As Carnage closes for the night with Bailey standing over top of Smith. Taking in all the Boos.
  7. It's going to be interesting to see how everyone and FLYNN does in this tournament. Really looking forward to it. I will be too busy with Hollywood but I'll be around to keep my eyes on this
  8. The GOAT plays as The Bailey makes his way out to the sold out arena for Carnage Live. Where After Smith accepted the Challenge, a contract signing will now take place here on Carnage. The Bailey poses to the Fans. He grabs a Microphone and begins to speak before Smith can come out. FINALLY..... The Bailey has comeback to Orlando Florida! Well here we are. Smith accepted the Challenge and The Bailey is here now ready just like you Smith to make this god damn match official. You desperately want it. The Bailey desperately wants it. The MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Bailey fans want it. So Smith GET YOUR CANDY ASS OUT HERE NOW.and let's make this Official right here, right now! The Bailey starts pacing back and forth as he waits for the Arrival of Eli Smith!
  9. WWE Summerslam 2019 Smackdown Tag Team Championship 6 Man Turmoil Match: Golden Lovers vs Titus Brand vs Ziggler and Elias vs Kings Of Wrestling vs DIY vs Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Titus Brand Defeated Golden Lovers Titus Brand Defeated Ziggler and Elias KOW Defeated Titus Brand DIY Defeated KOW Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Defeated DIY to retain The Smackdown Tag Team Championships But wait it's announced there is 1 more Team and its Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura! Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe Defeated Rey Mysterio and Ricochet to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships! The Whole Turmoil Match went 23:52 Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor vs Dean Ambrose Finn Balor Defeated Dean Ambrose in 13:42 to retain the Intercontinental Championship Smackdown Women's Championship LumberWomen Match: Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans Becky Lynch Defeated Lacey Evans in 11:21 to retain the Smackdown Women's Championship. After the match Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair beatdown Becky Lynch but Natalya decides not to cash in. 6 Man Tag Match: The Wyatt Family vs Sanity The Wyatt family Defeated Sanity in 11:32 when Bray Wyatt pinned Alexander Wolfe United States Championship Match: Andrade Cien Almas vs Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston Defeated Andrade Cien Almas in 12:37 to win the United States Championship Braun Strowman vs AJ Styles Braun Strowman Defeated AJ Styles in 16:39 with a Powerslam 8 Man Tag Team Match: Unesputied Era vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy Unedspiuted Era won when Randy Orton RKO Roman Reigns for Adam Cole to pin him in 17:28 Last Man Standing Match: Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley Brock Lesnar Defeated Bobby Lashley in 15:38 after an F5 onto the Steel Steps kept Bobby Lashley down RAW Women's Championship Match: Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler Ronda Rousey Defeated Shayna Baszler in 13:21 via Pin to retain the RAW Women's Championship Universal Championship Match: John Cena vs Drew McIntyre Drew McIntyre Defeated John Cena in 18:45 to win the Universal Championship RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The Club vs The Usos vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn The Club Defeated The Usos and Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in 12:55 when Anderson stole the Pin from Kevin Owens pinning Jey Uso WWE Championship Match: The Miz vs Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Defeated The Miz in 25:18 to win the WWE Championship via the Yes Lock
  10. Roman Reigns Aleister Black Seth Rollins Ricochet Brock Lesnar Let me explain Brock real quick. Brock is the biggest draw in wrestling today and a monstrous name. Everyone knows Brock Lesnar yes hes a part timer but if ur starting a company u want that draw that will bring peoples attention to your company and Brock Lesnar will do that
  11. We are at a Carnage show where BPZ Commentator Sandman recaps what happened at the end of KOTR with footage of Smith returning and going Face to face with The Bailey. He then says The Bailey had a pre recorded Backstage Talk and here it is. The Footage shows The Bailey sitting down in the Locker Room looking down. He begins to speak it's been a tough..... a tough week for The Bailey. I've been moving around. Sitting around trying to gain a thought or an idea of what went wrong. What happened. Sameer beat me at the King Of The Ring. And quite frankly The Bailey has no excuse. Nothing to complain about. He beat me. He was the better man on that night. The Bailey wants to give Full props to Sameer for beating me. You deserved it. But then in a shocking turn of events Eli. Eli Smith made his return to BPZ in front of 90k in Wembley Stadium. It was magical. It was electrifying as The Bailey and Smith stood toe to toe inside that the ring. And the headlines came out. Questions began to surface. What does this all mean. Are we getting Smith vs Bailey? Will it happen and when will it happen? Are they friends or Are They Enemies. Questions like is Smith the "Good Guy". Alot and alot of questions. That Quite Frankly The Bailey doesn't know the answer to either. The Bailey doesn't know what Smiths intentions were. The Bailey hasn't spoken to Smith since. The Bailey hasn't talked to anyone since King Of The Ring. But if a fight. If a Match is what Smith is looking for. Then the Bailey says Lets go all the freaking way with it. Let's make magic. The Bailey vs Smith at Summerslam 2019. How ELECTRIFYING it would be. Smith in his return match of BPZ gets to one on one with THE GREAT ONE. The Bailey simply doesn't have much to say or really need to say anything at all. It's very very simple Smith. At King of The Ring you stood to me in my face. So now here The Bailey is officially Challenging you to a match at the hottest event of the Summer live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles California. Do you accept The Baileys challenge Smith or is too late and they already strap you up for another drug test. If not Smith. Then let's do it. Let's go all the way with it. Summerslam, The Bailey vs Smith. The People want it. The Bailey wants it. Do you? The Video stops playing as the Live Crowd is ecstatic of what they have just heard Chanting Yes! YES! Will Smith accept The Challenge
  12. Post Match The Bailey makes it back to his feet as Sameer is celebrating. He Puts his hands on Sameer and turns him towards him. They have a Staredown for a few seconds. But then Bailey reaches his hand out to Sameer. Sameer looks around for a bit before Shaking The Bailey's hand as then Bailey rasies Sameers hand. Sameer leaves The Ring leaving it to The Bailey. The Bailey gets an applause from the Wembley Crowd then starts to head for the Ropes to leave the Ring. Before he can leave though a familiar Theme Song Plays that has the Wembley Crowd pop and has Bailey confused!
  13. You must be talking about all the shitty movies you've done. I'll be in more of a survival action set Zombie apocalypse movie that will be going to theaters. You should know by now that i would only take on a role in a big movie and iif it was actually worth it. I would never leave BPZ Wrestling for some shitty movie im too dedicated to my craft. But hey what the hell do i know im not even a decent human being lol.
  14. Breaking News: BPZ Superstar The Bailey has landed a staring role in the upcoming Movie Dead Rising set to premier in the Spring of 2020. The Bailey will be playing as the Main Character who is living in a World where the Apocalypse has begun. Thats all we know about the Movie right now. Because of this it is expected of course that The Bailey will miss some time from BPZ Wrestling. Shooting for the Movie is scheduled to start the First week of September. This isn't The Bailey's first movie but it is the First one that will be staring in. He has played a minor role in 3 other movies over the last 3 Years. Stay Tuned as we keep you up to date with this Breaking News for The Bailey.
  15. Undertaker vs HHH WM 27 the match told one of the best stories ive ever seen in wrestling its one of the most emotionally invested matches. Absolutely loved it and the magnitude of it being at WM i give it the award over Punk and Cena
  16. Round 1 winners Triple H Scott Hall Stephanie McMahon Cm Punk Chris Jericho Kevin Nash The Miz Shawn Michaels Vince McMahon Batista Randy Orton Bret Hart Daniel Bryan Eric Bishoff The Rock Hulk Hogan Round 2 matchups: Triple H vs Scott Hall Stephanie McMahon vs CM Punk Chris Jericho vs Kevin Nash The Miz vs Shawn Michaels Vince McMahon vs Batista Randy Orton vs Bret Hart Daniel Bryan vs Eric Bishoff The Rock vs Hulk Hogan Go vote!
  17. Yeh the division has no realistic opponents to take becky out unless a Heel Sasha Banks comes back or Ronda comes back and gets another run. Its not looking great and Becky hasn't been awesome either you probably should of had gave Lacey Evans a run tbh
  18. Alicia Fox Played the whack job pretty well ngl she could be entertaining a times but other than that she was crap not a big loss at all
  19. I generally just think Punk wants nothing to do with the wrestling business and just have his private life but then part of me thinks hes showing up at All Out so idk
  20. Would be epic to get Rock on the debut show on Fox considering The Rock created Smackdown basically with it's name. So definitely would love to see Rock there but unfortunately i just doubt that it will actually happen

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