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  1. bailey14

    Cosa Nostra

    Out Walks Bailey just nights after his impressive performance in the Royal Rumble Cut the music. Cut the Music. I’ve heard enough talking. I came this close. This freaking close to winning the Royal Rumble match again for the 2nd year in a row. So close but so far away. But that doesn’t mean Julius I can’t challenge you right here. Right now for the World Heavyweight Championship. Slim no one gives a crap about your stupid group. They can’t protect you from me. No one can. I don’t want to talk anymore. All 3 of you I'm kicking all of your assess.
  2. Feels like I lost my Superman right now 

  3. Roman Reigns Aleister Black Shayna Baszler Ronda Rousey Fiend Bayley Roman Reigns Lynch Sheamus Andrade Fiend vs Bryan Lynch vs Asuka 7: Bobby Roode 27: Baron Corbin 7: Natalya 27: Alexa Bliss
  4. Hogan Piper Steamboat Stud Volkoff and Sheik DiBiase British Bulldogs Hogan vs Andre Moolah and Richter
  5. UE Ripley Balor Garza DIY Ray UE vs Imperium No
  6. Don’t really care at all for this match. Just hope Andrade wins. Should of just done Rey vs Andrade at this show or a Triple threat at least. Not feeling this
  7. I thought it was an alright show. The ladder match was the best thing and should of main evented like I said it should. Everything else was meh. They made ricochet look like a chump against Lesnar. Orton vs McIntyre was decent I thought Drew’s promo at the end was pretty good. At the end of the day did the show make me more excited for the RR? No not really. Was just a meh show
  8. STARCADE 1999 PRESHOW: SYXX WINS THE 25 MAN BATTLE ROYAL. EARNS TV CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH MAIN SHOW: Jeff Hardy wins the Ladder Match and wins his first Singles Championship in WCW. Rick Rudes first singles match in a long time is spoiled by Savage who beats him. Los Guerrero’s become 2 Time Tag Team Champs as they win the belts here in this Fatal 4 Way. The dudleys were the champs coming in. Was really happy and shocked by the rating. Hall beats the Giant because Hall wouldn’t let the Giant Beat him. Very disappointed in this match. Was hoping for high 80s Nash defeats DDP. Was hoping for a little bit higher of a rating but overall was fine with this Tyson comes out and Knocksout Nash for a pop won’t lead to a match or anything. Probably lol a dream match that I made happen here. Was really looking forward to this and it freaking delivered. Was so happy. Raven gets the big win Didnt expect less from this Stacked Fatal 4 Way for the United States Championship. Angle gets the big win. Flair was champ walking in. The Ultimate Dream Match happened here and I was very happy with it. Hart gets the big win going into the new decade. This match was about symbolizing that we are going into a new era. That’s why Hart wins. Was expecting a lower rating so was very happy for this. Konnan gets the big win and wins the CW Championship. LAX is running the CW Division. Here we go the big main event..... A FREAKING 100! I nearly teared up here. This was the match I always wanted to do at this show since I first started this mod back in December of 97. This is the match I always wanted to happen. Benoit was always the guy I wanted to break the streak and I was able to bring it to life here. Benoit breaks Goldbergs streak and makes him 80-1. Benoit becomes the World Heavyweight Champion. I was so freaking happy. What a way to end the 90s. Benoit has a big celebration at the end with family. What a way to close the show. Benoit on top. overall thoughts: I couldn’t be more happier with the results and what I was able to accomplish. I’ve been booking this company since December of 97 and to finally get here to this moment and put on this show was so rewarding especially since Benoit vs Goldberg was always the match I wanted to do at this show and I was able to make it happen. So happy. I don’t know if this will be the end of this save for me. I’m not sure yet but if it is what a way to end it. I’ll post a summary of the company eventually but for now this will be it for this post. Let me know what you thought of the show!
  9. WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy Universal Championship Match: Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles
  10. All Star Wrestling | Episode 6 | Paramount Theater We open the show with Shinsuke Nakamura, Paul Heyman, AOP and Kona Reeves in the ring. Heyman introduces the group as the Foundation because they are the ones that will make and dominate ASW. They will hold all the Championships and run ASW. Styles comes out and wants a Rematch because he feels he was robbed. Shane McMahon comes out and announces that Cesaro and Riddle the 2 losers of the semi finals will face tonight and the winner of that will face Styles next week to determine the next NOC. 1st Round Tag Team Tournament: Enzo and Cass vs The Hunt Enzo and Cass defeated The Hunt to advance in the Tag Team Tournament. After the match the Cartel attacked them. 1st Round Tag Team Tournament: The Cartel (Marty Martinez, El Texano Jr) vs Cheeseburger and Delirious The Cartel defeated Cheeseburger and Delirious when Texano Jr pinned Cheeseburger Shawn Spears is in the ring celebrating his Tri State Championship win at Emergence when Cedric Alexander interrupts him. Alexander says he beat Crews at Emergence putting him in the driver seat for a match with Spears and he wants that championship. Alexander is coming for Spears he says. 1st Round Tag Team Tournament: The Forgotten Sons vs The Accession Forgotten Sons won when Bully Ray Distracted Viktor for Wesley Blake to hit his finisher and pin him. Cesaro Defeated Matt Riddle in the Main Event to get the opportunity to face AJ Styles next week for a chance at the ASW World Heavyweight Championship
  11. McGregor winning was an obvious one to me I think it was perfectly set up by the UFC for him to win his big return fight. I know Diaz basically called out Mcgregor and they definitely need a 3rd fight. But come on we all know what the fight is that we need to see again. Khabib vs McGregor lets get it!
  12. it’s finally that time. The Super Bowl will be here in 2 weeks and it’s set between The Chiefs and the 49ers. This should be a classic game. It’s the classic top Offense vs top defense. These definitely to me are the 2 best teams in Football right now and that’s why I think it will be an epic game. Pat Mahomes is the best Quarterback in the league by far but now he goes against one of if not the top defense in all of football. Jimmy G is a young quarterback who learned under Tom Brady and now has his chance to shine. Niners are more of a running football team where Chiefs are all about airing it out. It should be a very fun and entertaining game unlike last years super bowl. I got the Chiefs simply because when I think there’s a game with 2 teams that are both very good I tend to lean to the team with the better quarterback to win it. And no one is better than Mahomes so I’m going chiefs. 27-20
  13. Lesnar again on RAW wow that’s actually surprising. Hopefully we can get another good segment with him. Have some Guys in the RR confront Him and get a cool brawl. Rey vs Andrade should be fantastic and I’m really looking forward to it. i think Andrade wins again but honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing Rey win back here again for a feel good moment. Screw the Mix Tag Match lmaoo. I wonder what happens next between Rollins and Owens and Joe. I think we should finally get a Rollins vs Joe match maybe. I’m looking forward to this show
  14. Chiefs 34 Titans 17 Niners 24 Packers 20
  15. Just a few thoughts on tonight’s show. Man did John Morrison look great so glad he’s back. I continue to really like this Zayn, Nakamura and Cesaro stable please don’t have Nakamura drop the belt. Bryan challenging Fiend to a strap match is interesting idk if it makes the match better? Maybe it does. Kane’s little appearance was cool. Is he joining the Royal Rumble? Usos vs Revival was a good match and can they please make a stipulation for RR vs Corbin that involves the Royal Rumble Match like please. Loser has to enter 1 something like that please it will actually make the match matter and have an impact on the Royal Rumble match itself
  16. I would love to see him back in WWE honestly I always liked Ryback and his look obviously. And he’s actually pretty good on the mic. They just need to book him properly as a monster all those promos where he would come out talking about bullying and shit was so cringy just have him come in and be a freaking machine. And the good thing about Ryback he can be a Face or Heel and still be a total monster if booked properly. Would love to see him back in WWE. I really think he’s a main event talent
  17. This was a very good interview I watched it the other day. He’s not the most charismatic guy like his father but I’m truly rooting for him. He had went through a lot with the whole story of his father so it would be a great story to see him succeed in the business. Hopefully AEW will give him a chance. Jericho could be a great mentor to him
  18. Yep hahaha they are facing the Revival at the Royal Rumble and beating there asses lmaoo
  19. Kane returning is odd lol but should maybe be cool. Roman vs Roode in a tables match could be pretty good actually. Screw that entire feud but that should be a nice match honestly. But John Morrison’s Return to the ring in WWE gotta be the biggest thing here tonight it should be very interesting how he looks. Definitely expect him to win. Could be a decent Smackdown but idk i don’t think I’m feeling it
  20. Month 1 winner: Kenji Month 1 Loser: Meko
  21. bailey14


    I don’t what the hell is going on but let’s get this back on track. North and DR. X that was really brave of you to come out here. It took guts for guys that really don’t have any chance at all in winning the Royal Rumble match to come out and here and try to get a message across. X I don’t even know when the last time you won a match and that won’t change at the Royal Rumble. North who the hell knows if you will even show up for the Royal Rumble. So much wasted potential by you with all your inconsistencies. That was really cute Smith. Real cute wasn’t it. You and bart are just the best of friends aren’t you. But I don’t give a damn about your friendship. This Match isn’t about Tag Teams. I don’t care that you are the Tag Team Champions. And I don’t care if you guys decide to try and team up in the match. It doesn’t threaten me at all. Because I promise you I will eliminate both your asses one by one. I don’t need help and I certainly ain’t asking for it. You both can come at me and give it everything you got because it won’t be good enough. This is a reality. This isn’t going to end in your dreams with the final 2 being you both. Because either I am going to crush those dreams or hell let’s not like deep down inside of both of you are thinking man if there’s a chance to eliminate the other and just get them out of the way I should probably take it. Just when they least expect it let me throw them out real quick and get rid of them. I know truly deep down you are both thinking that. This is every man for himself and eventually that greed of potentially winning the Royal Rumble and going to the Main Event of BPZMANIA will tear you both apart. But if not I’ll be there anyways to take you both out. Arius how about you stop with the mind games. Because it certainly ain’t working on me. How about you come out here and be a real man and face us all man to man. Instead of hiding where ever you are. Because I got a bone to pick with you and I think it’s about time for the first time we meet face to face in this ring man to man. But You’ll probably duck me like you have ducked a lot of things. Ducked King Of the Ring. Ducked Survival Games. You have ducked any chance there has been to actually face the real competition of BPZ. But that’s alright if you don’t come to the ring because I am looking for you and I will find you. I am on the hunt for you and you will face me man to man. I wanna see what the hype is all really about up close and personal. I wanna see the man that I have to goto battle with in the Royal Rumble. So don’t come out now it’s fine but you will see me face to face one day before the Rumble I’m on the hunt for you. Quiet frankly I’m getting sick of talking. Bailey immediately drops his microphone and rushes right at Bart as Both men start to brawl as the Ghouls enter the ring and attack Smith and DR.X and Lord North start to fight. More Ghouls enter the ring tho and attack all the BPZ Superstars as then the BPZ guys have to put there differences aside and fight off the Ghouls. Each man is able to take down a ghoul and throw them out of the ring. But then right away Lord North throws X over the ring but Followed by that Smith Throws North Over the ring. The 2 Creed Brothers stare off with Bailey and they begin to brawl in a 2 on 1. Bailey puts up a good fight on Both men but this is all ruined when Hans leads out members of BP to attack the ring! Hans,FD, Firing Squad and Bob and Ropati run in and attack all 3 Men. FD and Hans attacks Smith. Bob and Ropati attack Bailey and the Firing Squad attack Bart!. They put up a good fight but it’s just too much as Bailey and Creed all thrown out of the ring by BP. Bulletproof stands tall in all of this. As Creed and Bailey lay on the floor furious at what has Just happened. As Bulletproof makes there mark going into the Royal Rumble Match!

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