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    My World

    The GOAT plays as out walks Bailey from the Crowd. Earlier tonight we saw the exclusive video from Kenji speaking on the match between his self and Bailey. Bailey enters the ring once again by himself here tonight as he grabs the microphone. He paces back and forth as he begins to speak not stopping his pacing at all. We’re talking about worlds, my world is crazy. My world has challenges and challenges and roadblocks at every turn. In my world everyday I have all eyes on me. I have everyone speaking on me whether it’s good or bad. I have everyone and everything trying to drag me down and take me out. My world is dangerous. It’s not a place for everyone. It’s not even a place I wanna be in sometimes cause it’s just so fucked up and screws with your head. Always having to live up to expectations, always having to fight for your life. Everyday just trying to survive. Only the survival of the fittest can be in my world. You’re right Kenji you are in my world now Mothafucker but it is not a world cut out for you. You can’t come into my world and win your way. You will die and you will die every single time. My world will chew you up and spit you out like you were nothing but a piece of trash. You’re way Kenji just isn’t good enough for my World. In my world you gotta be ruthless and twisted. You gotta be demented in every way possible. You have to want to kill to be in my world. You have to be a Fucking Psychopath. That’s it there is no way around it. That is the reality I have to live with Kenji everyday. That’s why I am who I am. It’s because that’s what I have to be. It’s what I need to be. It’s what I need to be to survive in my own Goddamn World. You have it easy. It’s all rainbows and butterflies in your world. In your world you are definitely a Golden standard. In pretty much everyone’s world you are a golden standard. You’re a great wrestler. You are a once in a lifetime talent in this ring. That’s all it takes in most people's worlds to succeed. You just gotta be a Good Wrestler with some charisma. And you got that and then some. But you challenged me Kenji. As you say you are taking the gamble of a lifetime. You are completely right because the moment you challenged me is the moment you did step into my world. And I like you a lot Kenji as I have already stated but you aren’t cut out for my world. Being a great wrestler means jack shit. I don’t give a shit that you know 50 or more different wrestling moves. I’m not here to wrestle you Kenji. I don’t wanna Wrestle you. I’m a fighter. I’m a brawler. I put my body on the line every time I step into this ring because that’s what I love to do. I love to fight. I love to come into this ring and absolutely knock the head off of someone. You don’t think like that and I don’t know if you ever could. Bailey stops pacing now and just stands still as he continues to talk You’re showing you couldn’t because you go and join fractions where it’s named after someone else. Someone else by the way that you are way better than. Everyone knows Kenji is better than FD. It's not even a question. But while you play with fire and enter my world. FD gets a fluke win and gets to play Champion? Kenji that should be you. You should be the Champ. That should have been you in that moment. Now I don’t know what happened in your head for a few months that caused you to go on a losing streak but you are 100 times better than FD. You should be where he is. Not taking the gamble of a lifetime. Not risking your whole entire career by challenging me. I know you have pride. I have pride too. But you should have not done this. Especially with the mindset that you are gonna come into my world and win your way. Your way just doesn’t work in my world. I promise you Kenji if you come into this match and try to out wrestle me you are going to get hurt. I don’t want to hurt you but I gotta do what I gotta do. When that bell rings I don’t care about your potential, your future. I don’t care about any of that. I am coming to kill you Kenji. You’re in my World Kenji you need to understand that. Your humbled and Blessed mindset won’t work. I don’t care that you are grateful to share the ring with me. I don’t care about your compliments. If you want any chance to beat me. You need to come with that killer instinct. I don’t know if you have it in you at all but if you do you need to find it Kenji. You need to let it out. You need to come to Summerslam as a fighter, as a killer if you want any chance of surviving in my world. In fact I’m asking you right now to come take a step in my world and face me right now man to man. So you can get your ass out here right now or I can come looking for you and give you a little sneak Preview of just what my world is Kenji. Bailey stops talking and turns to the Ramp waiting for Kenji to come out and make his way to the ring
  2. All Star Wrestling | Episode 66 | Paramount Theater Shane McMahon announces the next World Heavyweight Championship Match Shane McMahon starts the show off calling out World Champ Shawn Spears out. He says Spears has taken on every challenge and overcame it. And at Leap Of Faith he will have to overcome another challenge because he will defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a NO DQ 6 Man Elimination Match. With qualifying matches happening over the next few weeks starting tonight. He announces the matches as Roderick Strong vs Orange Cassidy, Dolph Ziggler vs Damian Priest, Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ali, Finn Balor vs Shelton Benjamin and Aleister Black vs Andrade Roderick Strong vs Orange Cassidy Roderick Strong defeated Orange Cassidy to advance to the championship match Brian Cage wants his Championship Match Brian Cage comes to the ring by himself tonight demanding he gets his Championship Match tonight after pinning The Champion Bobby Roode at the PPV. Bobby Roode comes out with no interest at all until Shane McMahon comes out and says that next week we will have the Championship match as Bobby Roode looks on annoyed. ASW Tag Team Championship Match: Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic vs The Von Erichs Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic defeated The Von Erichs after having an open challenge for the belts that was answered by the Von Erichs. After the match Andrade and The returning Sammy Guevara attack Dunne and Dijakovic Welcome to The Golden Party MVP is in the ring with Shelton Benjamin and Private Party and introduces The Golden Party. And they are ready to take over ASW. They are interrupted by Ali and Hybrid2. Hybrid2 officially welcome Ali to the group making them Hybrid3. They charge the ring as The Golden Party hightail it out their not looking for a fight today Josh Woods vs Cheeseburger and Delirious Josh Woods squashes Cheeseburger and Delirious in a 2-1 Handicap Match Dexter Lumis Paints his feelings The backstage interviewer is trying to interview Lumis but Lumis has nothing to say instead he just is painting his emotions. The picture shows Lumis attacking A bunch of Men Damian Priest vs Dolph Ziggler Damian Priest defeated Dolph Ziggler after Chris Jericho distracts Ziggler for Priest to pick up the victory and advance to the World Championship Match. The last moments of the show is Jericho standing over Ziggler _____________________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 67 | Paramount Theater Jericho wants to make an impact Chris Jericho and the Painmaker Posse Start the show. Jericho says he wasn’t allowed to be in the qualifying matches Cause he hasn’t had a match yet in ASW. So he wants to make an impact by having his first match ever at Leap of Faith and he wants it against a former world champion Dolph Ziggler. We will have to see if Ziggler accepts Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ali Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Ali after The Golden Party came out making a bunch of noise distracting Ali for Nakamura to pick up the victory and advance to the World Championship Match The Canadian Alliance attacks Brian Cage alone is out to the ring ready for his match with Bobby Roode when the Canadian Alliance attacked him from behind. They beat him down and than ran away when the rest of the Painmaker Posse came running down. Due to the attack the match never started. Roode survives for now Tim Storm Vs Texano Jr Tim Storm the NWA legend makes his debut defeating Texano Jr. but after the match Dexter Lumis attacks Storm Beating him down Shawn Spears is confident Shawn Spears cuts a promo on this upcoming World Heavyweight Championship Match. He brings up how he won the Scramble Match to even become NOC. He beat Both Cesaro and Ziggler. He won the ladder match to retain his Tri State Championship. He says he is ready and built for Winning Multi-man matches. He’s ready to walk in and out of the match as World Champion. Paul Heyman the advocate of the foundation comes out and tells Spears his time is up and Nakamura will regain his ASW World Heavyweight Championship Finn Balor vs Shelton Benjamin Balor defeated Shelton Benjamin after Ali retailed distracting Benjamin. Balor advances to the World Championship Match Luchasaraus Challenges Josh Woods Luchasaraus and Josh Woods stand face to face as Luchasaurs challenges Woods to a real fight. A MMA Rules match since Woods is all about MMA. Luchasaurs wants to take him down at his own game. Woods accepts ASW Tag Team Championship Match: Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic vs Andrade and Sammy Guevara In Our Main Event Dunne and Dijakovic defeated Andrade and Sammy Guevara to retain the Tag Team Championships when Dijakovic pinned Andrade to close the show _____________________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 68 | Paramount Theater The show starts with Aleister Black promoing on his match tonight with Andrade when Andrade and Sammy Guevara both come out. Andrade says he’s going to beat Black tonight and then Black gets beaten down by Andrade and Sammy before War Machine can make the save Shelton Benjamin defeated Angelico The Painmaker Posse led by Cage with the North get revenge on the Canadian Alliance by attacking them backstage and beating them up Luchasaraus defeated Kip Sabain after the match Josh Woods beat down Luchasaurs Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho came face to face in which Ziggler accepted Jerichos challenge saying he can’t wait to whipe that smug face off of Jericho. Ziggler tries to super kick Jericho but Jericho is able to duck away from it and roll out the ring Eli Drake and James Storm defeated Forgotten Sons and Best Friends to become the number one contenders for the ASW tag team championships Tim Storm cuts a promo wondering why Lumis came after him. While we cut to Lumis painting a picture of the NWA Legend breaking his whole body Aleister Black defeated Andrade in the main event of the night to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship Match _____________________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 69 | Paramount Theater Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler start the night promoing against each other for their upcoming match. They talk about their history. Ziggler talks about how he finally got back to the top and won a World Championship again and he doesn’t wanna fall off the wagon just yet. Jericho says Ziggler has already fallen off he just got a lucky win. Jericho says it’s his destiny to be World Heavyweight Champion in ASW Ali defeated MVP after the match Hybrid3 and The Golden Party got into a brawl that ended with Hybrid3 sending Golden Party back All 6 competitors now in the World Heavyweight Championship Match enter in the ring. Shawn Spears, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Roderick Strong and Aleister Black. They all get to cut their own promo on why they will walk out as World Champion. A fight erupts Shane McMahon comes out and announces a 6 Man Tag Match for later tonight Bobby Roode and Petey Williams defeated The North when Bobby Roode pinned Josh Alexander. Canadian Alliance got away before Cage could attack Luchasaurs and Josh Woods have a weight in and then stand off which ends in Josh Woods throwing Luchasaurs off the stage! Tim Storm defeated Flip Gordon after the match Lumis tried to attack again but Storm was able to fight him off Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic have a promo battle with Drake and Storm. They bring up how they beat Drake and Storm last time. That they have never lost to them. Drake and Storm say they were really close last time but this time they get the job done. Shinsuke Nakamura, Damian Priest and Roderick Strong defeated Shawn Spears, Aleister Black and Finn Balor when Nakamura actually landed the pin on Shawn Spears after a Kinshasa to close the show
  3. Just happy to be here and on the show. Completely grateful. Praying for another chance to be on down the road
  4. Thinking about posting a status update. What should I say?

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  5. The GOAT plays throughout the whole building as out through the crowd comes Bailey. He enters the ring walking right past Kenji and grabs a microphone. He looks up and down at Kenji. And then stares him down. FD-Gun and Death Riders have had their share of problems lately. Bailey paces back and forth before stopping. He looks right at Kenji and nodding to him and then finally begins to speak. Those are very touching words Kenji. I must admit. Icon, Symbol of BPZ all words that I truly love to hear. I’ve worked for those names. I’ve earned those names and I damn well deserve those names no matter what anyone thinks. So thank you. Thank you for acknowledging the work I’ve put into this business and all the success I’ve had. Some people forget this. But not you. Because you are indeed a humble and smart man. I know all about you. I’ve been scouting you since the day you arrived on the scene. You were a buzzing prospect the day you joined. Some people actually already thought you were one of the best here. And at first I won’t lie, it made me despise you. How dare a rookie come into my company and already be looked at as one of the best. Because I didn’t get that. Yeh everyone knows the history. I was at one time the Golden Boy. The one hand picked by BrendenPlayz himself to lead this company. But I didn’t get the same reaction from the locker room or these fans. I wasn’t already painted as this top tier talent that can already go one on one with the best. I had to fight everyday for that. I had to bleed, sweat and climb for people to finally see me as a top tier talent. You were already handed that the day you arrived. But I don’t hate it anymore because you have proven yourself as a top tier talent. You have put in the work to be named one of the best. From your talent inside this ring to your charisma and wit outside of it. You are completely a god gifted true born talent. I see that. You are a fantastic wrestler. You have beaten some of the best we got here. You went toe to toe with Flynn and gave it all you got. I admire that. You went toe to toe with the Death Riders in that bar and I saw the fight in you. I honestly have nothing more than respect for you Kenji. But unfortunately we just don’t come from the same breed. I’ve had the chip on my shoulder since day one despite what anyone says. I’ve had to go through more adversity and hate than anyone else in this company. Everywhere I go. Anything I do or say it’s always eyes on me. You came in here all loved and cherished by everyone with their arms open. You’ve never had to deal with the hatred and disrespect I’ve had to go through. Maybe that’s why I am who I am. Maybe that’s why I come with attitude and ruthless aggression because that’s all I’ve ever known. But back to my point I have nothing for respect for you. You are a hell of a competitor and definitely the top of the top we got here. You’ve shown that and you’ve earned that. I don’t know if there is one bad thing anyone can say about you, Kenji. You are by far a Star. Don’t kid yourself. It’s why I don’t get why you joined FD-Gun? Sure they helped you from the beat down me and my boys were trying to give you. But why actually join is I don’t understand. And why a group named after someone else and led by someone else that you are 100% way better than. Yeh FD finally got his big moment at KOTR and he’s been on a hell of a run but don’t be fooled. You and FD are not even comparable in a lot of ways. FD is a workhorse in this company that has been grinding away but could never ever win the big matches. He’s a solid worker but he’s never been a star. He’s not a top tier talent like you and I. You could run circles around this ring against FD. You’re a god given talent. A once in a lifetime talent. I’m not saying you haven’t worked for your spot but FD has had to work 10 times harder to Just get where he is because he’s nowhere near as good as us. So why join something where you are being led by someone that isn’t even in your class. This is me trying to help you out here. I’m not trying to sabotage FD-Gun. Quite Frankly I don’t give a shit about FD-Gun. I just think career wise for you Kenji you are much better either on your own or leading your own stable. Not playing right hand man to FD and his nice little FD-Gun. Kenji I’m honored by what you said about me and I’m happy you challenged me. I can finally go one on one with such an amazing talent as yourself. Because that’s what I love doing. I love taking on the best and going into a show and completely tearing the roof off the building. Because we won’t be the main event. We won’t be the big match of the night hell we might even be overlooked. But that’s what makes it even better. Because when we go in there and tear the roof off the building when no one is even talking about us that’s what makes stealing the show ever sweeter. I know it will be a hell of a fight. But there's one thing I worry about with you Kenji. I worry about your killer instinct. I worry about your ruthless aggression. To be honest I think you’re too nice. And hey that is why everyone loves you but that’s not what this business is about. It’s about trying to rip the other guys head off. And I fear you lack that. I know you’re an amazing wrestler but when it comes down to it can you really go toe to toe with someone throwing slobber knockers at Each other and being able to get back up. Can you put the technical ability to the side and just have an all out brawl with someone. Do you have it in you to really just completely end someone in this ring. Because I don’t care about the pretty wrestling moves and the technical shit. I just go in their looking to Fucking kill my opponents. I look across at every opponent. And no matter if I respect them or like them it doesn’t matter. It’s the same goal every-time. End their fucking career. And that’s not going to change when I see you in the ring. I respect you. I think you’re one hell of a talent but that doesn’t matter because when that bell rings I’m looking to end you and all your greatness once and for all. So I’m glad you challenged me because I know how great you are but I’m scared. I’m scared that when you get in that ring with me you won’t have that killer instinct to really go toe to toe with me and not be afraid to end me. Because I will not hesitate to kill you. That’s the one thing Kenji. The one thing I have concern for you. Is how ruthless you really are. So I accept Kenji. I accept your challenge for a match at Summerslam. But Kenji. It’s going to be a No Holds Barred Match! Bailey drops the microphone and walks away leaving through the crowd as the match is set for Summerslam! Bailey vs Kenji for the first time ever in a No Holds Barred Match!
  6. bailey14

    On Me

    We are a day away from King of the Ring where we cut to a pub in London we see Buddy Ace wearing a cowboy hat with a leather jacket drinking away after a tough few days coming off a loss to Prince. When suddenly Bailey walks in. Without saying anything yet Bailey sits down right next to Ace not saying anything but just looking straight ahead not even looking at Buddy Ace at all. Next round is on me. Tough Loss the other Night. You got Talent. You got fight in you. I saw that last week when you helped us out in that bar fight with FD-Gun. You can drink and you can fight. It’s pretty Ideal to me. You’ve never backed down from anyone. You’ve taken on any challenges. Hell you won the War Games earlier this year. You just beat Kenji as well at Last Resort. So I know you got potential. You are a talented fighter that just needs the right boost. The right leadership and guidance. Just look at Ropati after Joining The Death Riders and our Family. He’s undefeated and competing in the King Of The Ring Finals. Just imagine what you could do. Undisputed Championship opportunities down the road possibly. Loses like these. To guys like Prince that have wasted their potential and have been nothing but disappointments wouldn’t happen if you rolled with me Buddy. I don’t want you to be the next disappointment in BPZ History. Everyone knows you have breakout potential and I saw the type of brawler and fighter that you are last week. That loss to Prince will mean nothing in a month. I promise you that just like I promised Ropati months ago that he would be in the position that he is in today. So what do you say Cowboy? Death Rider?
  7. The Undertaker. He’s given it all to the business and has done so much risking his body and everything. He’s professional and and someone A lot of guys will look as an example of how to Carry yourself. their wasn’t really anyone I didn’t respect until this speaking out movement. Especially The Velveteen Dream He’s a pedophile And for some reason has a job. Marty Scurll as well dude admitted to having sex with a drunk 16 year old and acts like he did nothing wrong at all.
  8. All Star Wrestling | Redemption | Paramount Theater Shinsuke Nakamura vs Orange Cassidy Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Orange Cassidy with a Kinshasa in 16:42 Josh Woods vs Jungle Express Josh Woods defeated Jungle Express in 9:57 when he made Jungle Boy tap out Shelton Benjamin vs Ali Shelton Benjamin defeated Ali in 13:48 when Private Party and MVP interfered. Post match they took out Ali and Hybrid2. Looks like a new Stable has formed Painmaker Posse (Cage, The North) vs Canadian Alliance (Roode, Petey Williams, Ferrara) The Painmaker Posse defeated The Canadian Alliance in 11:07 when Brian Cage pinned the Tri State Champion Bobby Roode Finn Balor vs Damian Priest Damian Priest defeated Finn Balor in 17:28 with the reckoning ASW Tag Team Championship Match: Andrade and Rush vs Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic defeated Andrade and Rush in 16:45 to win the ASW Tag Team Championships after Pete Dunne hit the bitter end to pin Rush Aleister Black vs Dexter Lumis Aleister Black defeated Dexter Lumis in 18:34 with the Black Mass ASW World Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Spears vs Roderick Strong Shawn Spears defeated Roderick Strong in 21:16 with the Running DVD to retain the World Heavyweight Championship and Close the show
  9. bailey14

    Bar Fight

    We are just hours after the KOTR Semifinals where Ropati defeated Alex Costa to advance to the finals. We see The Death Riders Bailey, Jason Ryan and Ropati sitting at a Local Bar celebrating the big win. Their is a guy sitting a few seats down from the Death Riders wearing a Cowboy Hat and drinking a beer. But the Camera can’t see his face as the Man says “ settle down, settle down.” The Death Riders just brush him off not letting anyone ruin their night. As Bailey begins to give a toast Cheers to Ropati on the huge win and doing exactly what I said he would do weeks ago. You held your end of the bargain when I said to the world that you would be in the finals. It’s just sad the other guy couldn’t live up to his expectations but we’re not gonna get into that. Because we are celebrating you tonight and then it’s on to Hans Clayton! I know you’ll be ready I know. One Kiwi Kick. Just One that’s all it takes. But anyways once again Congratulations! They all take a shot after the toast as then in an unexpected turn of events we see FD-Gun walking into the same bar probably trying to cheer up Alex after the tough loss. The Death Riders notice this and start to trash FD-Gun. Bailey than says he’s still got something coming to them from their attack the other day. FD-Gun does not back down though at all. The Trash talking gets even more out of hand eventually leading to a brawl breaking out! Ropati and Alex Start fighting as does Jason and Meko while FD and Kenji go at Bailey. Glasses and Tables are flying as it’s an all out brawl. FD and Kenji are double teaming Bailey as the numbers game is starting to take its toll. But then out of nowhere The Man in the Cowboy hat picks up his Chair and slams it right onto Kenji and then hits him with his beer Bottle across the head. As then from the distraction Bailey is able to hit FD with a Table and then throw him over the bar. The Man looks up as it’s revealed it’s Buddy Ace! Bailey and Ace look at each other before then turning and attacking both Alex and Meko as it’s a 4 on 2 now . They are able to beat Down Alex so that then Ropati can hit the Kiwi Kick on him. And they beat down Meko to the ground all 4 of them and then throwing a table on to him. Bailey turns his attention towards Kenji who starts fighting back but with another Chair shot to Kenji by Buddy Ace. Bailey is able to take 2 beer Glasses and smash them both on Kenjis head. Bailey and Buddy Ace one again look at each other as then Ace looks at all the Death Riders. Bailey and Buddy Ace shake hands and nod at each other We got a Private Jet to get to you wanna come with? Buddy Ace:. Nah Ima stick around. I’ll see you guys later.... With that the Death Riders make their way out of the bar as the last shot of the scene is Buddy Ace sitting at the Bar drinking a beer as the whole place is trashed and empty as FD-Gun is laid out from the brawl. As it seems now that Buddy Ace has joined The Death Riders
  10. Nice original idea! Love it toxik
  11. All Star Wrestling | Episode 61 | Paramount Theater Shawn Spears looks for his next challenger Shawn Spears starts the new year off by issuing a challenge to anyone to step up and be his next challenger. Roderick Strong comes out dissing Spears and his former Leader of the KOW Cesaro. Strong says he has taken over now and is ready to teach Spears a lesson and take the World Championship to the Kings of Wrestling. But then Finn Balor comes out who mentions the fact that he just beat Roddy. Roddy complains that he faced a Demon. He prepared for the Man Finn Balor not the Demon. So a rematch is made for tonight and it’s a Number One Contenders Match! Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic vs Aerostar and Drago Making they’re debut Aerostar and Drago they lose in a great effort against Dunne and Dijakovic. After the match the Luchadores are embarrassed by Andrade and Rush The Debut of a Psychopath Aleister Black is out In the ring promoing on his match with The Undertaker and how much respect he has for him when then Dexter Lumis appears on the titantron interrupting him. Lumis says him and Black are going to have some fun in here in ASW. Before walking away from the screen. Dexter Lumis has arrived in ASW Josh Woods vs No Way Jose Josh Woods squashes No Way Jose in seconds. Really showing his dominance. Does ASW have a new force to be reckon with? A New Stable in ASW to watch out? The Canadian Alliance is out to the ring. Bobby Roode and Petey Williams. Standing across them is the North and Will Ferrara. Will Ferrar even though not Canadian says he is embracing Canada and becoming pro Canada because American Sucks. As far as the North tho they decline because they have another Group of men they already are with. Out comes Chris Jericho and by his side is Brian Cage. Jericho mocks The Canadian Alliance saying he’s from Canada too but there’s no reason to brag about it. That he doesn’t need to represent Canada because he’s greater than Canada. He introduces his group with the North and Brian Cage as the Pain-maker Posse. They are here to simply well beat people down. The Canadian Alliance smartly leave the ring as the Pain-Maker Posse has arrived Shinsuke Nakamura vs Chuck Taylor Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Chuck Taylor after the match The Best Friends take out the Foundation Shelton Benjamin Promo Shelton Benjamin cuts a backstage promo on why he cost Ali at Final Resolution. That he just felt like it cause Ali needed to learn a lesson of respect Finn Balor vs Roderick Strong In our main event Roderick Strong defeated Finn Balor after interference from the returning Damian Priest. Strong is now the Number one Contender and Priest beats down Balor to close the show _____________________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 62 | Paramount Theater The Foundation Welcome back Damian Priest The Show opens up with The Foundation in the ring welcoming back Damian Priest after being gone for months. They are interrupted by The Best Friends and Finn Balor. Eventually a big 8 Man Tag Match is made for tonight Andrade and Rush vs Aerostar and Drago Andrade and Rush defeated Aerostar and Drago when Andrade pinned Drago. They attack them post match but Dunne and Dijakovic make the save sending Andrade and Rush away Shawn Spears and Roderick Strong talk about the past year. Tully Blanchard has his say Shawn Spears is out to the ring with Roderick Strong and Tully Blanchard. Tully and Strong say Spears was selfish and only cared about himself. Never the group. Where Spears reminds everyone that is was the KOW that turned their back on him and then Tully sold out to them as well. Spears says you guys are simply jealous of his success and that he was able to beat everyone for the past 6 months on his own! Aleister Black vs Emil Scioti Black squashes Scioti but after the match is attacked by Dexter Lumis who beats down Black with a Led Pipe Jungle Express return Josh Woods is in the middle of the ring when Jungle Express Return both bringing the fight to Josh Woods and actually knocking Woods down. Jungle Express have taken Woods down here tonight Brian Cage vs Will Ferrara The match Ended in a count out when Ferrara intentionally got counted out at the beginning not wanting anything to do with Cage. Jericho went on the mic calling the Canadian Alliance pussies and that Brian Cage could eat them all alive himself Hybrid2 to the rescue Shelton Benjamin would sneak attack Ali backstage when then Hybrid2 would come to save Ali sending Benjamin running. Hybrid2 and Ali would shake hands The Foundation vs Finn Balor and The Best Friends In the 8 Man Tag Main Event The Foundation would win after Damian Priest pinned Trent for the Victory to close the show _____________________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 63 | Paramount Theater Dexter Lumis plays Mind Games The Show starts with Aleister Black walking around demanding to know where Dexter Lumis. He’s throwing security around Trying to find out where he is. He goes to the ring and calls out Lumis only for Lumis to appear on the Screen. Lumis says we have much more to do Black and than walks away. Pete Dunne, Dominick Dijakovic, Aerostar and Drago vs The Cartel (Andrade, Rush, Caristico, Daga) The Team of Dunne, Dijakovic, Aerostar and Drago defeated The Cartel when Pete Dunne pinned Caristico Finn Balor and Damian Priest exchange Words Balor and Priest promo on each other with Priest saying he came directly at Balor in his return because it’s clear Balor is the popular one in ASW and he wants to take him down to continue building his legacy. Balor says Priest is just another stepping stone to the World Heavyweight Championship Painmaker Posse (Cage, The North) vs Forgotten Sons w/ Bully Ray The Painmaker Posse defeated The Forgotten Sons when Ethan Page pinned Wesley Blake as the Canadian Alliance watched on with Chris Jericho on color commentary A Orange Spill The Foundation minus Damian Priest are in the ring as Heyman is promoing on The Best Friends and how they are freaking morons. That the Foundation is moving on when then Orange Cassidy comes out and gives a thumbs down signal as Orange Juice spills down from the top of the Building right into the middle of the ring all over the Foundation. As Orange Cassidy has embarrassed The Foundation here tonight Shelton Benjamin vs Jack Evans Shelton Benjamin Defeated Jack Evans of Hybrid2 as Ali and Angelico watched on Jungle Boy lays down the Challenge Jungle Express are in the ring when Jungle Boy who was taken out of action by Josh Woods a month ago challenges Woods to A match next week which Josh Woods does accept! Shawn Spears vs Chris Hero In our Main Event Shawn Spears defeated Chris Hero of the Kings of Wrestling. During the match there was botched interference when Strong accidentally hit Hero instead of Spears. The show Closes with Spears standing tall as Strong and Hero are heading to back while looking back at Spears _____________________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 64 | Paramount Theater Chris Hero questions Roderick Strong capable of leading the Kings Of Wrestling In the opening segment. Hero is questioning Strongs ability to lead a group. Shawn Spears comes out and Edges on Strong to face Hero for leadership of KOW. In which Strong finally breaks and agrees too Roderick Strong vs Chris Hero In the opening match Roderick Strong defeated Chris Hero to remain the leader of KOW and then seemingly kicks Hero out of the group as Spears watches on just days away from there world Championship Match A Black beat down Aleister Black is in the ring calling out Lumis again to a fight when then Lumis attacks him from behind again with the led pipe. Beating him down just days away from Redemption Josh Woods vs Jungle Boy Josh woods would win by DQ when Luchasaurs got involved interfering in the match after Woods was destroying Jungle Boy. Luchasaurs is able to knock woods out of the ring Best Friends vs AOP Best Friends got the big victory when Chuck Taylor got the roll up pin fall. Both Nakamura and Cassidy were ring side. Best Friends get the momentum win before Cassidy vs Nakamura at Redemption Numbers Game Ali and Benjamin finally get into a heated confrontation and a low blow by Benjamin which leads to Hybrid2 coming in and jumping Benjamin as Ali recoverers from the low blow. The Numbers game has benefited Ali tonight will it be a factor at Redemption? Andrade vs Pete Dunne In our main event match Andrade defeated Pete Dunne after the distraction by Rush. The Tag Champs stand tall One last Brawl In Our final segment of the show Finn Balor and Damian Priest would get into an all out brawl as they would have to be broken up by security and members of the roster to close the show Redemption Card: ASW World Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Spears vs Roderick Strong ASW Tag Team Championship: Andrade and Rush vs Dunne and Dijakovic Canadian Alliance vs Painmaker Posse Ali vs Shelton Benjamin Domain Priest vs Finn Balor Shinsuke Nakamura vs Orange Cassidy Josh Woods vs Jungle Express Aleister Black vs Dexter Lumis
  12. Year 1 Awards: Tournament of the year: Glory Road Cup (Shogun) PPV Of The Year: Global Warfare (GPW) Best Booking Decision: Joe dethrones Naito (Shogun) Breakout Star Of The Year: ELP (ICPW) Stable Of The Year: Samoa-Gun (Shogun) Tag Team Of The Year: War Machine (ASW) Shocking Moment Of The Year: Big Show beats the Fiend becoming World Champion (FFW) Feud of The Year: Pac vs Okada (GPW) Champion of The Year: Drew McIntyre (PWE) Wrestler Of The Year: Samoa Joe (Shogun) Company of The Year: Shogun
  13. First off change The Rocks Fucking name already Out of your main event scene there really isn’t anyone to answer this besides The Rock. Obviously no trying to see Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels win another Royal Rumble in 1999. Undertaker is got Kane. Yokozuna not really. Steiner is ehh. I would personally go Rock but knowing you you’ll probably go Steiner since you don’t want Rock in the main event for another 2-3 years which is kinda absurd but whatever so yeh I guess it’s Steiner than The Corporation DX for awhile until HHH turns on Him and takes the group fro himself. Should do HBK vs HHH at Mania 15. Michaels would be babyface and be against Vince McMahon. Could have him go for IC and win it. Go for the World Heavyweight Championship on the occasion. Maybe eventually turn heel again and join the corporation. Should definitely have a huge match with the Rock
  14. Great opening match here by 4 great guys. Archer retains the belt here by pinning Cassidy. Just felt his reign isn’t finished yet. Great match In a decent match Betts defeated Lee by a roll up. The story was that if Betts lost him and Angle would have to join the Dark Order. So Betts won here. Betts is really good and will probably get a good push towards the TNT Championship Yes we have Jeff Hardy now giving us The Hardy Boys. They’ve been feuding with Inner Circle so they get the win here in there first PPV match together. Solid Match here One of the bigger matches here between two young stars did really well. MJF won here this feud started when in the Elite Cup Tournament they drew and then in the rematch Darby won by DQ. So MJF gets the big win here We also have Samoa Joe now and he came right after Cody to start his AEW Career. I thought this match would be a bit better but will still take it. Joe gets the big win here over Cody making him pass out in a good Tag Team Championship Match FTR are able to retain over Lucha Bros and A Boy and his Dinosaur. Solid match really happy with it all 3 teams are great In the Finals of The Elite Cup Kenny Omega defeated Chris Jericho in our best match yet! Omega winning Has earned himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Double or Nothing In a decent Women’s Match Dashwood is able to defend her Championship over 3 other Women. Not a bad match and impressed will all of them And in our Main Event Adam Page is able to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a No DQ Match over Jon Moxley. Solid match here thought it could get Higher but will take it. Finally we have reached over an 80 for our shows. Very happy about this and having our best show yet much deserved in my opinion! let me know what you think about the show if you want thanks!
  15. Bailey Justin Male Just make me Frank Grillo Staff ( Head of Security) Interest: MMA, Fun, Guns, Fears: None Retired MMA Fighter who now does Security and Body-guarding for work now was offered a job to be the main Security of this summer camp. He’s a natural at it and is cool, calm and collected in any situation. It’s his 1st year but it’s Summer Camp how hard could it be Camp BPZ
  16. Battleground Match Card: Universal Championship Match: Aleister Black (C) vs Kofi Kingston RAW Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs Bayley Intercontinental Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (C) vs John Morrison vs The Miz RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt (C) vs KOZayn Batista vs Samoa Joe Seth Rollins vs Andrade NOC Match: Shayna Baszler vs Sasha Banks The OC vs Rey Mysterio, Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza
  17. Smackdown Live Presents Extreme Rules Roderick Strong won the Ladder Match in 18:52 to retain the United States Championship Robert Roode defeated Finn Balor in 13:23 when Daniel Bryan distracted Finn Balor Undisputed Era and DIY Finished in draw at the 30 minute time line when the score Finished 1-1 DIY retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships because of this Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya in a Submission Match in 14:41 to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship Adam Cole defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in 20:03 Boss N Hug Connection defeated Kabuki Warriors in 16:31 to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championships Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns in 22:38 in an Extreme Rules Match to retain the WWE Championship
  18. It’s a good list for now but won’t hold up when Brandon Ingram is lights out better than Ben Simmons 🙏
  19. 3, 4, 2, 1 rankings don’t really matter tho they’re all amazing games. My favorite game series of all time
  20. Happy to say it’s my 6 year anniversary today on the forums. Completely amazing. Glad I’ve been able to stay here so long and have so many great memories. It’s been a blast being the longest active member on the forum that’s not an admin. Here’s to 7!?!!?

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  21. Solid opener here gave the Lucha Bros the big win because I feel they are the best team here and I also like the Death Triangles the most out of these 4 stables. So very happy with this rating to start the show. All 4 teams impressed me Yeh nothing much to say here. Women are a bit shitty but we’re still working on it Cage gets another win here in a decent rating. Had Janela hang in there with Cage but ultimately Cage gets the victory Decent match here Besides Cody and MJF everyone has low pop so I’ll take the 66 here. Just trying to build up TMP especially Starks and Pillman Jr. So I’m fine wit this Good match from these guys here and could have been better if Archer wasn’t off his game. Both guys are Great. Gave Archer the win here don’t think it’s time for his reign to end but Darby is definitely a future TNT Champion Yep back to the women’s here. Best Women’s match so far so will take it. Gave Dashwood the big win here and the Championship. She’s probably gonna be going forward as the top heel with Nyla and Britt behind her. Shida still definitely our best Face In the big Rematch FTR and Young Bucks even have a better match and put on a great one. FTR get another win over the YB going 2-0 against them. Lovely match and the Tag division is looking great Yeh so I didn’t know how this was going to go. I’ve never done a cinematic match before and didn’t know what to expect and yeh it went completely bad. I don’t know if I did something wrong or it’s just luck with cinematic matches. But if anyone does know how to make a cinematic match work on the game like if there’s anything specifically I need to do just lmk. So yeh disappointed with this because once again I thought The Jericho match would be the best match of the night And in our main event once again a bit disappointing for me. I really thought this would be the match to get over 80s but it just missed it. Still solid and yes we have a new World Heavyweight Champion. Page is hot right now and I wanted to roll with it. Especially because in reality we only have 2 heels in my mind to take down Mox. Page and MJF and MJF is low 60s so it would be awhile until he’s ready to take down Mox where as Page has low 70 pop going into this so it was close enough in pop where he could win this. So yes Adam Page is my World Heavyweight Champion going forward and the revolt hold now World and Tag 78 rated is good and our best show yet. Let me know what you think of the show!
  22. In Ring: 8.5 Mic: 8.5 LCP: 9
  23. Match Card: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jon Moxley vs Adam Page Asylum Insanity Match (Cinematic): Chris Jericho vs Broken Matt Hardy TNT Championship Match: Lance Archer vs Darby Allin Women’s Championship Match: Hikaru Shida vs Tenille Dashwood Tag Team Championship Match: FTR vs Young Bucks The Main Event Players (MJF, Wardlow, Brian Pillman Jr, Ricky Starks) vs The Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Billy) Lucha Bros vs SCU (Daniels and Kazarian) vs Dark Order (Lee and Cabana) vs Best Friends Britt Baker vs Rhio Brian Cage vs Joey Janela
  24. Really hypocritical of you bro since you are literally up there as one the ultimate beggars on the forums and a lot of those votes would be going to you too 💀 and don’t be acting like you ain’t know about it
  25. FINALLY GOT TEW 20! AEW: ALL OUT 2 (Gave it the number cause I think it’s cooler) Opened the show with The Dark Order who Hes has Colt Cabana now losing to The Best Friends in what I look as a shocking upset. Dark Order was trying to recruit Chuck Taylor but he didn’t want any part of the Dark Order. Happy with this rating Solid match by Cage and Darby they’re doing this in real life pretty sure so I went with it too. Cage gets the big win after the loss to Moxley but Darby hung in there for awhile in the next match MJF fought Dustin Rhodes with his Diamond Ring on the line. Dustin representing the company obviously didn’t think MJF deserves it. So it was put on the line here but MJF wins after interference by Ricky Starks and Brian Pullman JR who I had made a team. So I’m a forming a Stable between MJF, Wardlow, Pilman Jr and Starks with MJF as the leader. Give me some suggestions for Stable Names. Solid match happy with this one Really surprised and happy wit the one. Pac is amazing. Death Triangles targeted a broken SCU basically who just lost a feud to DO and lost a good friend in Cabana to the DO. So Death Triangle looked to officially finish them off and they have beaten them here. Really good match Our big TNT Championship Rematch here and it did not disappoint. After 13 Defenses Cody had as Champion Lance Archer finally beats him with help from Jake Roberts. Big Time Match. Can’t even Lie Cody has been phenomenal so far Solid Match here by Hager and Hardy really nothing to say here just gave Hager the win he needed here. Big Time match here I’m actually surprised it didn’t get higher or do Better than the TNT Match But I’ll still take the 81. Basically at Fight of the Fallen FTR beat Omega and Page for the Tag Belts when Page turned on Omega and aligned with FTR leaving The Elite and creating The Revolt so yes I went with the Page heel turn just cause in my personal opinion it feels more natural for FTR to be the ones to go heel. Page gets the big win id image he hits Omega with a Beer Bottle or something to get the win Explained it all already above but yeh big tag match for the belts and FTR win here Clean. I thought this would get a little higher too but still a fantastic Tag Match based on both Teams pop. If you didn’t notice The Elite all lost In the big women’s rematch Shida beats Rose again don’t really have much to say on the match it was good for the Women’s but after the match Tenille Dashwood makes her AEW debut attacking Shida Yeh so I forgot to take a picture of the actual match and if you couldn’t tell why it’s because I was so pissed at this man. They have awful chemistry as opponents. So disappointed in terms of pop this is the biggest match you could do and that’s why I did this rematch at ALL OUT and it completely sucked. Ruined the show. I thought this potentially could of been a 80 Plus overall show and this Main Event just ruined it. So yeh that’s end of that. It’s still tied for my best rating so far but still disappointed with it. So let me know what you think about the show and my decisions thanks

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