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  1. Just a few thoughts on tonight’s show. Man did John Morrison look great so glad he’s back. I continue to really like this Zayn, Nakamura and Cesaro stable please don’t have Nakamura drop the belt. Bryan challenging Fiend to a strap match is interesting idk if it makes the match better? Maybe it does. Kane’s little appearance was cool. Is he joining the Royal Rumble? Usos vs Revival was a good match and can they please make a stipulation for RR vs Corbin that involves the Royal Rumble Match like please. Loser has to enter 1 something like that please it will actually make the match matter and have an impact on the Royal Rumble match itself
  2. I would love to see him back in WWE honestly I always liked Ryback and his look obviously. And he’s actually pretty good on the mic. They just need to book him properly as a monster all those promos where he would come out talking about bullying and shit was so cringy just have him come in and be a freaking machine. And the good thing about Ryback he can be a Face or Heel and still be a total monster if booked properly. Would love to see him back in WWE. I really think he’s a main event talent
  3. This was a very good interview I watched it the other day. He’s not the most charismatic guy like his father but I’m truly rooting for him. He had went through a lot with the whole story of his father so it would be a great story to see him succeed in the business. Hopefully AEW will give him a chance. Jericho could be a great mentor to him
  4. Yep hahaha they are facing the Revival at the Royal Rumble and beating there asses lmaoo
  5. Kane returning is odd lol but should maybe be cool. Roman vs Roode in a tables match could be pretty good actually. Screw that entire feud but that should be a nice match honestly. But John Morrison’s Return to the ring in WWE gotta be the biggest thing here tonight it should be very interesting how he looks. Definitely expect him to win. Could be a decent Smackdown but idk i don’t think I’m feeling it
  6. Month 1 winner: Kenji Month 1 Loser: Meko
  7. bailey14


    I don’t what the hell is going on but let’s get this back on track. North and DR. X that was really brave of you to come out here. It took guts for guys that really don’t have any chance at all in winning the Royal Rumble match to come out and here and try to get a message across. X I don’t even know when the last time you won a match and that won’t change at the Royal Rumble. North who the hell knows if you will even show up for the Royal Rumble. So much wasted potential by you with all your inconsistencies. That was really cute Smith. Real cute wasn’t it. You and bart are just the best of friends aren’t you. But I don’t give a damn about your friendship. This Match isn’t about Tag Teams. I don’t care that you are the Tag Team Champions. And I don’t care if you guys decide to try and team up in the match. It doesn’t threaten me at all. Because I promise you I will eliminate both your asses one by one. I don’t need help and I certainly ain’t asking for it. You both can come at me and give it everything you got because it won’t be good enough. This is a reality. This isn’t going to end in your dreams with the final 2 being you both. Because either I am going to crush those dreams or hell let’s not like deep down inside of both of you are thinking man if there’s a chance to eliminate the other and just get them out of the way I should probably take it. Just when they least expect it let me throw them out real quick and get rid of them. I know truly deep down you are both thinking that. This is every man for himself and eventually that greed of potentially winning the Royal Rumble and going to the Main Event of BPZMANIA will tear you both apart. But if not I’ll be there anyways to take you both out. Arius how about you stop with the mind games. Because it certainly ain’t working on me. How about you come out here and be a real man and face us all man to man. Instead of hiding where ever you are. Because I got a bone to pick with you and I think it’s about time for the first time we meet face to face in this ring man to man. But You’ll probably duck me like you have ducked a lot of things. Ducked King Of the Ring. Ducked Survival Games. You have ducked any chance there has been to actually face the real competition of BPZ. But that’s alright if you don’t come to the ring because I am looking for you and I will find you. I am on the hunt for you and you will face me man to man. I wanna see what the hype is all really about up close and personal. I wanna see the man that I have to goto battle with in the Royal Rumble. So don’t come out now it’s fine but you will see me face to face one day before the Rumble I’m on the hunt for you. Quiet frankly I’m getting sick of talking. Bailey immediately drops his microphone and rushes right at Bart as Both men start to brawl as the Ghouls enter the ring and attack Smith and DR.X and Lord North start to fight. More Ghouls enter the ring tho and attack all the BPZ Superstars as then the BPZ guys have to put there differences aside and fight off the Ghouls. Each man is able to take down a ghoul and throw them out of the ring. But then right away Lord North throws X over the ring but Followed by that Smith Throws North Over the ring. The 2 Creed Brothers stare off with Bailey and they begin to brawl in a 2 on 1. Bailey puts up a good fight on Both men but this is all ruined when Hans leads out members of BP to attack the ring! Hans,FD, Firing Squad and Bob and Ropati run in and attack all 3 Men. FD and Hans attacks Smith. Bob and Ropati attack Bailey and the Firing Squad attack Bart!. They put up a good fight but it’s just too much as Bailey and Creed all thrown out of the ring by BP. Bulletproof stands tall in all of this. As Creed and Bailey lay on the floor furious at what has Just happened. As Bulletproof makes there mark going into the Royal Rumble Match!
  8. bailey14


    Bailey pauses for a moment before picking his mic back up and looking at Bart than arrow again. An AKO? Bart: An AKO Bart shrugs at Bailey as Both men start to let out a little laugh An AKO Huh Bailey kicks arrow right in the gut and then hits the Career Killer! But then Bart grabs Bailey and turns him around as both men go face to face until another familiar sounds plays throughout the arena....
  9. Just a ploy to sell more tickets for this show. I saw report maybe a week ago saying they were struggling to sell tickets for this show this will certainly help
  10. Lil Tjay really goes hard here with the Bars l. Beast of a song
  11. Wyatt Owens Lynch Team SD Bryan UE Ricochet ??? Nakamaura Ciampa Baszler None
  12. bailey14


    The Way I look at it bart. I don’t need weapons I can fight any man with my bare hands but Weapons are more fun and they hurt a lot more. Who said I can’t bring any weapons to the Royal Rumble Match. You didn’t think I wasn’t coming in this years Rumble without spicing it up a bit did you? I’m coming to the Rumble with whole lot of weapons. I am tired of the old fashion way of doing things like the Royal Rumble. Where everyone just fights each other and tries to throw each other over. I already won it that way and that is boring. Why not spice it up. What’s gonna stop me from taking about 10 steel chairs and throwing it in the ring. What’s gonna stop me from bringing my good old friend Josh with me to the ring. I don’t care for your opinions bart. I can use my own hands but Weapons make people hurt more. They make people bleed more. They just make things more exciting and I plan on making the Royal Rumble way more intense. Way more exciting. So I dare you Bart. I dare you to just come into a fight with your hands. Because i promise you. Your fist aren’t beating a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Bart. I’m no hero Bart and I certainly don’t try and be one. Hero’s are stupid and can be taken advantage of. I am simply a man that is out for blood. I don’t look at entering Number 1 as overcoming the odds like a man like you think it is. I look at it like I just FUCKING CONQUERED THE WHOLE ROYAL RUMBLE! Bailey drops his Microphone as so does Bart as both men get into each other’s faces about to brawl until a familiar sound is played throughout the whole arena.....
  13. bailey14


    Bailey begins to start clapping with a smirk on his face as he reaches back for his microphone Theres the attitude. The aggressiveness. That’s what you been lacking Bart and now you have finally showed it. But it’s funny. It’s funny how you come out here and try to intimidate me like I won’t..... Break every FUCKING BONE in your body. You pray for me that we don’t draw remotely close. Well I Fucking hope you draw number 2 Bart. I hope it’s me and you starting that match. See that’s your weakness you pray for me. You hope for my sake. I don’t hope for anyone. I don’t pray for anyone. I don’t show any remorse or pity. I don’t feel bad. I hurt Bob at Night Of Legends without 1 amount of emotion on my face. I with my own hands took a screwdriver and plunged it right into his eye without a care in the world. I hurt Bob and I’m proud of it. I will not feel any sadness for you or anyone else that gets in my way when I’m finished with you or them. You could come out here with all your buddies and I would still fight and kick all of your assess. Call me stupid, call me crazy. But I ain’t afraid Bart. I had a whole change of attitude. A change of perspective on life after what Bob did. You wanna talk about what happened in the past. In early 2019 that was a different Me. I am not that same person. I am Much more dangerous. You just haven’t experienced it yet. But keep that same mindset. Keep that same energy thinking your facing the man you face almost 2 years ago at Emergence. Keep thinking that Bart. It will only lead to your demise. I am gonna break you. I’m gonna break your buddy smith. And I’m gonna break anyone that gets in my way it’s that simple. There’s no plan. There’s no mind games or trash talk needed Bart. I don’t need to tell anyone about my achievements. Last years Royal Rumble doesn’t matter anymore. I’m simply walking into that Royal Rumble at Number 1. I’m going through all 29 Men and in walking out the ONE. The Royal Rumble Winner. That’s the only thing on my mind. That’s my mindset. I’m winning the Royal Rumble Bart and you’re not stopping me. No one is
  14. bailey14


    Bailey goes and pick the mic up and gets right into the face of Bart im surprised you didn’t walk out here with your bodies. Always talking about loyalty... Brotherood.... when will you wake up and realize that doesn’t exist here. They will stab u in the back sooner or later. Or hell you will stab them. Isn’t Smith in the Rumble too. What’s stopping him from saying screw you bart and he eliminates you just like that. See that’s where your weak. You have these expectations that someone will have your back. But they don’t. He won’t. Everyone is out for themselves. They are only in it for there best interest. Anyone. Smith. Sameer. Julius Even you would snake out your buddies to rise to the top. I have no weakness. I don’t expect help. I don’t expect someone to have my back. I am just going out there on a mission to take out anyone and everyone. And that includes you Bart. So I’m happy you had the balls to come out here. But you’re so predictable. So predictable. I hate predictability. I like to say what just comes on my mind. I knew you would come out here and bring up the past about times you have beaten me. You would try to use those events against me to try and show the world why you are better than me. But don’t you realize Bart. Those wins you brought up don’t come close in weight to when I threw your ass over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble Match. You were so close bart. So close from main eventing BPZMania. So close. But that’s all your career has ever been. You’ve always just been so close but not good enough. While guys in your same class like Julius have gone on to win Multiple World Championships. Multiple King of the Rings. Money in the Bank. You have managed to be a.... Tag Team Champion. A Intercontinental Champion. And yeh you won Undisputed but that didn’t last long and it wasn’t that good to be quiet frank. You were never able to win King of the Ring and you have never won the World Championship. And to be honest I don’t think you ever will. I think your the man that is very very good. You can win all these matches and all these titles but you just can’t never win the big one. You’re just that not good enough to get it done. And i truly believe that is your career. I don’t think you have what it takes. See you were once a promising young talent but guys now like Arius, Hans are starting to slide in front of you. You have lost your spark Bart. I see it every time you come out here. You come out here and talk on the microphone and you speak wise words but there’s no excitement to it. There’s no flair or spark to it. You’re really good at what you do but your not good enough. You don’t have that 2nd gear in you. You don’t have that spark to take it another level. You’re just good old bart. The nice guy everyone likes. Real mellow cool dude. But you do not have the IT factor. It’s why in big moments like a Royal Rumble match you just come up short. I am going to throw your ass over that top rope again Bart. I will win the Royal Rumble again and I’m gonna do it by Kicking all 29 Men’s asses. You’re not gonna stop me. No one is going to stop me. I am the fucking Best this company has. I ain’t afraid of no one and I ain’t afraid to fight. I went through Glass, Fire and all that just this past weekend and im still here tonight ready to fight. Ready to goto war because that’s how Much BPZMANIA means to me. That’s how much that World Championship Means to me. I’ll fight till I Die just to walk out of BPZMania with that World Championship. You don’t get that Bart. You don’t understand that. You don’t understand what it means to put everything on the line for that Championship. For that moment. You’ll never get it. You’ll never get what it Means to me. I keep pushing foward. I keep going and when they tell I’ve finally reached the top of the mountain IM GONNA KEEP FUCKING GOING. Because I’m never satisfied. I’m never done.. I love to fight. I love wrestle and I love to kick ass. And I’m coming to the Royal Rumble to kick everyone’s ass and be the last man standing! anyone in the Rumble can reply
  15. This was a very good RAW I thought. Enjoyable it was. The Fist fight was actually pretty awesome and I loved it. Black and Murphy I thought out on a fantastic match. The Lesnar and Truth segment was gold. Rey and Andrade are putting on a really good feud and I loved Murphy joining Rollins. It was a very good show. I think that’s back to back weeks of Good RAWs imo. Lets keep it rolling!
  16. I guess that could happen with the Saudi Show but it’s rumored for months now that they will fight at WM so who the heck knows I personally don’t care for them at all to fight. But it what it is
  17. UGHHHH there doing it. There going with Cain vs Brock at Wrestlemania for the belt UGHH. I don’t mind them having the match at Mania but for the Belt UGHHH that’s so annoying and bad. So yeh Cain is gonna eliminate Brock that’s my take on this
  18. Should be a fun show like bart said it’s cool they are doing special TV episodes to make the shows a little more interesting it’s also a way to get people more intrigued and want to tune in. I think my favorite match from these that I’m looking forward too Is the NOC match for the Tag Team Championships that should be a very fun match. Hopefully Cody can cut a fantastic promo because I feel as the Cody and MJF feud has lost some of its heat. Should be a good show
  19. bailey14


    As footage is shown of Night Of Legends and what happened including Bailey defeating Bob Sparks in a violent Match in the Main Event we open the first Carnage after NOL with the GOAT echoing throughout the Arena as out from the Crowd walks Bailey who enters the ring and grabs a microphone Well shit... that happened. At Night Of Legends I went to War with Bobby just like I told him I would and I came out victorious just like I said I would. I went through Fire. Landed on thumbtacks. Went through a windshield. It didn’t matter though because I was not stopping. I was not stopping until I put Bobby Down. We went through that barbed wire and Glass and I knew. I knew I had him finished. And after everything Bob put me through I am still here tonight standing and ready to freaking fight. Because it’s Royal Rumble Month. And I am ready to Rumble. I’ve been waiting for this. Acing for this. A chance to fight as many guys as possible. A night where we rumble and we brawl. I’ve waited for this. I won the whole thing last year and I wanna win it again. I wanna main event BPZMania 5 and kick the World Champions Ass and win back the World Heavyweight Championship. But this time I wanna do it differently. Last year I entered 14th and won it. This year. I wanna go through every single participant. I wanna fight And eliminate every single opponent. That’s right. I am officially declaring myself to be the Number 1 Entrant in the Royal Rumble. I am literally going to go through all 29 Men and Hurt each and every single one of them. Bart, Arius, Smith, Hans it doesn’t matter you’re all gonna feel pain at the Royal Rumble. I am bringing it all and everything I got and I ain’t looking back when I enter the ring. Just like last year I will be the ONE to win the Royal Rumble Match. But why wait. I know there’s someone in the back that’s in the Rumble that would love to come out here and face me man to man. I wanna fight. Who is man enough to come out here and fight me? Why wait to the Royal Rumble match when we can do some rumbling right now! Bailey drops the microphone and signals for someone to come out and fight him as he starts pacing back and forth.

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