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Everything posted by bailey14

  1. I have a dream and that dream is to be mod #usa

    1. quint_in_073


      Not best for buisness tough #NotQuintApproved

  2. did anybody think when cena hit that 4th aa that he was going to win

    1. BrendenPlayz


      i thought lesnar would kick out for sure

    2. Zømbie


      But when Seth did that god of war curb stomp, I think Seth would had pinned Lesnar for that title...if Cena didn't seth's plans. lmfao

    3. Monda


      I was thinking an Ambrose attack when Rollins tried to cash in

  3. I searched Chris Benoit on wwe.com and surprisingly he showed so he hasn't been total erased I guess

    1. bailey14


      Yea but he's not gonnw be going to hall of fame undoubtedly

    2. Monda
  4. Walking dead south park family guy 2 and half man with charlie sheen in it and anger management
  5. guys delete your votes if you.have already voted and then vote again people who haven't voted vote http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php/topic/794-the-wwe-bpz-era/#entry7171.!

  6. guys delete your votes if you.have already voted and then vote again people who haven't voted votehttp://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php/topic/794-the-wwe-bpz-era/#entry7171.!

  7. funny how people are getting upset with delay of wwe 2k15 when its probably the beat thing to happen because 2k wants to.make sure game is ready and has no glitches

    1. Prince


      Exactly! Also it gives people more time to buy a next gen console before the game comes put.

  8. someone come on chat and talk some wwe with me

  9. 3 spots open. for fantasy message me If you want in

  10. go to wwe.com and search TNA youll be surprised what is their

  11. the draft begins now

  12. once in draft room please stat your here

  13. the draft starts in 10 minutes

  14. draft is in 30 minutes guys

  15. 1 hr to draft time

  16. draft is in 3 hrs

  17. the draft is in 6 hrs

  18. draft is in 8hrs

  19. draft is in 20 hrs

  20. draft is in 23 hrs people

  21. guys that are in my fantasy leauge make sure to read the rules in the draft disscusion thread here is the link read it guys http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/567-wwe-real-world-fantasy-league-2-draft-discussion/

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