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  1. The slammies were voted on by members of The smark daily company. The Bailey who is not me as I am Austin Johnson earned these awards with his impressive 2019 thank you.
  2. All Star Wrestling | Episode 1 | Paramount Theatre Shane McMahon the GM and Owner of All Star Wrestling introduces the show and welcomes the audience. He announces a 16 Man Tournament to determine the first ever ASW World Heavyweight Champion. Starting tonight! When Paul Heyman comes out and lays down a spoiler that SHINSUKE NAKAMURA Will win the Tournament and become the First Ever ASW World Heavyweight Champion. Revealing Nakamura is a Paul Heyman guy AJ Styles has the first ever Match in All Star Wrestling defeated Will Ferrara in the first round of the tournament. We are introduced to the Cartel a Mexican Group involving Alberto El Patron, Marty Martinez, Texano Jr and Caristico. There cocky, rich and love to show off what they have. The hype video takes place in front of El Patrons Mansion in Mexico with a bunch of Money surrounding them in briefcases as Patron introduces them. It’s announced he’s taking on Karl Anderson in tonight’s Main Event. Cesaro Defeated Kona Reeves in a first round matchup to advance to the next round. We are shown that Bullet Club is in ASW represented by KENTA, Guerrillas of Destiny and El Terrible and are managed by none other than Paul Ellering. We are introduced to who Bullet Club is. KENTA the leader of BC is asked if there is a spot for AJ styles and the Club. He doesn’t hesitate saying we don’t need them. This is my Club now. Karl Anderson is able to pick up the victory over El Patron after he rolled up Patron to get the surprising victory. The cartel would jump Anderson only for Luke Gallows and AJ styles to run down to the ring to make the Save. THE OC ARE IN ALL STAR WRESTLING. All Star Wrestling | Episode 2 | Paramount Theater 1st Round Matchup: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jaxson Ryker A hype video plays showing who the OC aka the Original Club are. What there history in Bullet Club is and how they are better. 1st Round Matchup: Matt Riddle defeated Luke Gallows The Forgotten Sons are shown backstage as Jaxson Ryker is disappointed by his Loss to Shinsuke Nakamura when Bully Ray walks in. He gives them a speech about how cool and talented they actually are that he wants to make them not forgotten. He wants to make people remember Jaxson Ryker, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. Bully Ray Joins the Forgotten Sons. 1st Round Matchup: In our Main Event of Week 2 KENTA defeated Davey Richards After the Match The Guerrillas of Destiny try to pick a fight for the Wolves until The Briscoe Brothers and War Machine get involved and an all our brawl begins showcasing Some of the Tag Teams in ASW to close out the show. All Star Wrestling | Episode 3 | Paramount Theater The Cartel (El Patron, Martinez, Texano Jr and Caristico) stand in the ring promoing on there match later against the OC when Enzo and Cass make there Debut in ASW cutting a promo on The Cartel, Ripping into them. The Cartel is furious from this 1st Round Tournament Match: Shawn Spears vs Apollo Crews Shawn Spears defeated Apollo Crews after a distraction from Spears Manager Tully Blanchard The Briscoe Brothers cut a backstage promo on the Tag Teams of ASW. It is announced that they will face War Machine Guerrillas of Destiny and The Wolves at Emergence. Where the winner gets the top seed in the Tag Championship Tournament that will be ran next month 1st Round Tournament Match: Chris Hero vs Cedric Alexander Hero defeated Alexander in a back and forth match Backstage, Shane McMahon is seen talking to Apollo Crews and Cedric Alexander he tells them he was impressed by both of them in there matches despite losing. He gives them a match against each other to showcase there skills some more at Emergence. In our Main Event we had a Six Man Tag Team between The OC and the Cartel ( Martinez, Texano Jr and Caristico) as Patron managed from ringside. The OC won when Styles pinned Martinez after Enzo and Cass came out and started spitting on the microphone as the Cartel got Furious. After the match, Nakamura and Shawn Spears attacked there Quarterfinal matchups from behind as Nakamura went after Anderson and Spears went after Styles. Luke Gallows was too distracted helping Enzo and Cass Brawl with the Cartel as then we cut backstage to see as well That Bullet Club has attacked Matt Riddle as KENTA faces him next week as then we see the Former Tag Team Partners Cesaro and Chris Hero just stare at each other as then the camera cuts back to the ring to see an all out brawl going down as The show goes off the air getting ready for its big show next week. All 4 Quarterfinal matches next week! Styles vs Spears Riddle vs KENTA Cesaro vs Hero Nakamura vs Anderson! All Star Wrestling | Episode 4 | Paramount Theater Quarterfinal Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Karl Anderson Nakamura defeated Anderson Shane McMahon announces that the winner of the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match at Emergence will have a bye all the way until the Finals of the Tag Team Tournament that will take place at next months PPV Leap of Faith Quarterfinal Match: Cesaro vs Chris Hero Cesaro defeated Chris Hero and after the match the two embrace each other and reunite Quarterfinal Match: AJ Styles vs Shawn Spears Styles Defeated Spears After a backstage Promo by Enzo and Cass, The Cartel attack them and it is shown that the attack was Led by Konnan who is the new Manager of the Cartel. Quarterfinal Match: KENTA vs Matt Riddle in our main event Riddle was able to overcome BC interference and Defeat KENTA to advance. But BC would attack Riddle again and stand tall to close the show
  3. I thought it was a pretty solid RAW tbh. Rey Mysterio vs Andrade was really good and finally they might actually do the Hair vs Mask match. It’s literally about time. I even thought Styles squashing Akira Was good. Styles was very entertaining using Ortons move. The mini feud between Black and Murphy I thought has been good and is showcasing both men. There match next week should be good. Rowans whole shit is weird but I can’t help to want to know what’s in it. The RAW Tag match was good as well. The Lesnar segment was odd talked about that in another topic. And the Main Event was good i like The Rollins and AOP Connection. Big show return was alright cool to see the legend be back in action but at the same time was hoping for more. It was a good first show of the new year and new decade. Lets hope they continue to do good. And oh yeah Becky Lynch promo fantastic 👍🏻
  4. We are at that time of year again. It’s WrestleMania season! And with the Royal Rumble coming up we will get more an idea of what will happen at the big show. What are some your prediction for what the marquee matches will be at Wrestlemania? Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre WWE Championship Match: The Fiend vs Roman Reigns Raw Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey Smackdown Women’s Championship: Bayley vs Shayna Baszler Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins Intercontinental Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan these are some of my main predictions for the show right now that I could come up
  5. Next 3 games probably on the list to buy is the Predators game. The Avengers game and Last of Us 2. Very excited for all of them but especially Last of Us 2. Definitely should be GOTY
  6. This is obviously there final months before being gone so obviously WWE can Ruin them and job them out as much as possible before they leave for AEW. The obvious goal here is to make them as big as a joke as possible and ruin there credibility before they leave for the competition. A classic tactic by WWE can’t really get mad at it. But Revival will be gone and they will goto AEW of course and probably do very very well there
  7. Beating Flynn at SVDM in 2015 for the WHC. Flynn had turned on me months before and got really cocky thinking he was better than his master and I was able to put him in his place and win a tough voting that I earned. It was a big one for me and showed that I still had it in me to win the big one that I didn’t just have 4 months of glory
  8. I think Kofi is done in terms of a Main Event run. He got his 1 main event run and it was pretty good and created some great moments and matches but I feel as Vince doesn’t really see him as a true Main Event guy.. it was a fun little run but sadly it’s over. He’ll continue to be pushed and be successful in the New Day but I don’t think Kofi will ever win a World Championship again
  9. Well I don’t think it will be Lee because I think he’s getting the post mania call up. I honestly do think it is Ciampa it just feels right to me. He’s chasing that belt and I think it makes sense for him to defeat Cole and send UE to the main roster plus Ciamap is supposedly NXT for life
  10. I know you could just say this is something you can discuss in the RAW topic but I feel as there is a bigger discussion here than just the show itself. Like the WWE Champ as entered the Royal Rumble and the Rumble isn’t even for the Championship he just entered it.. like what happens if he wins. Also doesn’t this kinda take away some prestige of the Championship and basically WWE told us there’s no one on there roster that is worthy of challenging Brock Right now. It’s just a very odd decision and I don’t know if I like it. I feel like they could of at least just had a tournament or something to determine a contender. I think them putting Brock in the RR is literally them saying. Yeh we messed up and didn’t build anyone up to face him at the RR so we are just not gonna have him defend and put him in the RR match. It also makes no sense for a World Champ to enter a Royal Rumble match. Plus Brock could lowki ruin the match. You already know the first like 6-7 opponents are all Just gonna get thrown out by Brock which kinda ruins it for me a bit and it’s predictable. And you already know that unless Brock gets eliminated kinda early we’re gonna have some sorda angle where someone puts him through a table so he can rest for a bit until the end which is a total lame way of booking an Ironman. Will it be interesting to see Brock enter at 1 yeh but it’s just a very odd decision and I don’t know if I like it. I think it did more bad for them than good. What are your thoughts on Brock entering the Royal Rumble as WWE champion?
  11. The Smark Daily Slammys Here we are an end of another year and end of the decade actually but will get to the decade awards at a later time. We are here to give out our end of the year slammies! Lets get stared Moment of the Year Eli Smiths Return to BPZ after being gone for 2 Years. Smith who was fired from BPZ made shocking Return in his home country of England in Wembley Stadium when he confronted The Bailey at the end of the King of Ring. As a Major Star in the Wrestling Business this was an amazing and shocking return.. Face and Heel of the Year The Bailey and Jeremiah Flynn These 2 Men we’re absolutely the best at being The Fan Favorite and The Fans most hated. Bailey played up to the characters and entertained them while Flynn was arrogant and knew how to get the crowd to boo him.. They are the face and heel of the year. Breakout Superstar of The Year Arius Arius who debuted in BPZ only about a year ago had a big 2019 winning the North American Championship and the Intercontinental Championship as well as The NXT and United States Championship. He has became a big time superstar in BPZ with his impressive Mic ability and his presence with inside the ring. He’s the breakout star.. Match and Feud of The year Both goto Bailey vs Flynn with Match of the Year being there match at BPZ Mania These guys killed it going back and forth with each other on the Mic which led to 2 matches One at Night of Legends and BPZ Mania for the World Heavyweight Championship. They also continued there feud into War Games in the BBB vs The Saviors Match. There match at BPZ Mania was an absolute classic going 38 minutes for the world championship on the line in there Rubber Match tied at 1-1 in singles competition. Both men went back and forth and the 2 high profile workers that they are delivered the Match of The Year. And having an impressive 5 Month feud landed them Feud of the Year as well. Superstar of the Year Jeremiah Flynn is our Superstar of the year. He won the World Heavyweight Championship and Main Evented BPZ Mania and then went on to win the Undisputed Championship and has defended it against pretty much all the top guys and has beaten them all and has had an impressive 7 Month Title Run. he is our superstar of the year
  12. Tupac: Hit Em Up (Biggie Diss) Eazy E: Real Mothafuckin G’s (Dre Diss) Drake: Back to Back (Meek Diss) Eminem: Cleaning out my closet (Diss on own mother)
  13. Bailey Justin 21 American 6’3 190 standard wingspan white brown hair Short and beard shooting playmaking defense finishing PG
  14. Royal Rumble Match Card: 30 Men Royal Rumble 30 Women Royal Rumble WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy Universal Championship Match: Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles Shane McMahon vs The Miz RAW Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey vs Asuka Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Natalya vs Bayley vs Charlotte RAW Tag Team Championship Match: American Alpha vs KOZayn Also Predict Final 4 for Each RR match
  15. 5000 BPZ cash to the winner if you get it perfect bold your winner too please Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Alesiter Black, Baron Corbin Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Shayna Baszler, Sasha Banks
  16. Someone thought they could steal my creation but.. this is the official Royal Rumble Draw Pool. Every Year we do this on the forums where everyone gets a random draw 1 from 30. The numbers will be for both matches and if the person that comes out at your number wins you win. If we have all 30 numbers filled than theres a guaranteed winner. The winner or winners will receive 5,000 BPZ dollars. So if u wish to participate just say your in
  17. American Alpha Won the RAW Tag Team Championships in 17:45 over KOZayn, The USO’s and The Club in a Ladder Match Finn Balor Defeated Braun Strowman in 12:48 to retain the Intercontinental Championship Alesiter Black Defeated Sheamus in a tables match in 10:09 John Morrison Answered Baron Corbins open challenge and defeated Baron Corbin in 8:55 John Cena Defeated Bobby Lashley in a Chairs match in 11:37 Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler Defeated Asuka and Ember Moon when Baszler pinned Ember Moon AJ Styles Defeated Drew McIntyre in a TLC Match to retain the Universal Championship in 22:13 but after working a hard fought TLC match..... Dean Ambrose cashes in on AJ Styles and wins the Universal Championship! Dean Ambrose walks out of TLC as the Universal Champion
  18. Chiefs 34 Texans 24 Ravens 31 Titans 17 49ers 20 Vikings 14 Seahawks 27 Packers 24
  19. Okay first that Lesnar note confuses me. Because I thought he was coming back tonight but that says next week so that’s a bit confusing. But hopefully RAW can be a good one to start the new year. Andrade and Rey Mysterio should be really good. And so should the RAW tag title match. Those are 2 big matches and hopefully the rest of the show can fill out nicely and be good. It’s the new decade let’s hope WWE can turn this shit around
  20. Overall as a weekend I thought it was enjoyable. Night was 1 was kinda average with I felt like some guys holding back and the show as a whole holding back saving everything for the big night 2. Night 2 was fantastic i thought. Besides Jay White being lame as usual I thought the 2 big matches were very good. Jericho and Tanahashi was definitely just cool to see and something you would never think you would ever see. Okada and Naito was great it was dramatic and told a fantastic story honestly. I was shocked to see Naito win but good for him and what a way to win. Okada will get his hands on the belt again but for now it looks like it’s Naitos show
  21. All Star Wrestling Location: New York Venue: Paramount Theater Roster: AJ Styles Shinsuke Nakamura KENTA Matt Riddle Cedric Alexander Alberto El Patron Apollo Crews Shawn Spears Bully Ray Caristico Kona Reeves Goldberg Jaxson Ryker Paul Heyman Will Ferrar Paul Ellering Emil Scioti Tag Teams: War Machine The Club Guerrillas Of Destiny Kings Of Wrestling Briscoe Brothers AOP The Wolves Forgotten Sons Cheeseburger and Delirious The Hunt The Cartel Enzo and Cass GM: Shane McMahon Championships: ASW World Heavyweight Championship ASW Tag Team Championship ASW Tri State Championship
  22. Ciampa Neville Balor Cole Big E Owens Bo Dallas Black
  23. Welcome to The BPZ Booking Division 3.0. Where you create a new company start from the bottom and try to rise to the top of tthe wrestling world. The booking division is basically an alternate universe where all Real Wrestling companies disappear and new ones have to emerge. For Starters in this new Universe we need 7 to 10 New Companies. Then it will be decided between these new owners if we do current day wrestling or we do An All time draft. Regardless though there will be anywhere to 30 to 40 draft picks so be prepared to draft. Just like the 1st Booking competition there will be rewards and Penalties given out to the winner or winners and loser of the month. Every company starts out the same your a small company with only 1 arena you do yyour shows in to start out. As you succeed and win months your company will expand. It is even possible to go under and be eliminated from the competition. Votings and all that are done with in the members of the competition because lets be real if your not in the competition you don't really give a shit about this than. So if your interested in joining DM me that you want in. Hurry up spots will be filled quickly!
  24. Im not gonna go one particular moment but I’m gonna go the whole decade itself as the biggest disappointment. Compared to its decade before its night an day. And the crazy thing is the depth of talent way better then it was last decade.. the overall product is Just bad and the product itself has been the biggest disappointment of the decade
  25. What are your picks for each award? Here are mine Best Overall Team of the Decade: 2017 Warriors Best Overall Athlete: Tom Brady Best NFL Year Team: 2013 Seahawks Best Overall NFL Team: Patriots Best NFL Player: Tom Brady Best NBA Team: Warriors Best NBA Year Team: 2017 Warriors Best NBA player: Lebron James Best MLB Year Team: 2018 Red Sox Best Overall MLB Team: Red Sox Best MLB Player: Mike Trout you can do other sports that you personally know as well and don’t have to do the sports you don’t know

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