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  1. Can we just kill Sheridan off already
  2. Person below Me makes his own narratives 

  3. We had just seen Creed Defeat Ex Machina in a Tag Team Championship Match followed by the weakest move in BPZ history where Kevi... I mean Flynn joined Creed. After The Warr... I mean Creed left the ring and went backstage we suddenly see Bailey and Jason Ryan still Brawling as now they are brawling out on to the ramp and down to the ring as Johnny and Cody roll back into the ring. Bailey and Jason brawl into the ring but then from behind Ex Machina takes down Jason Ryan ganging up on him. Bailey looks at Cody and says Cody get my bat! Cody goes and grabs the Bat and brings it back to the ring and hands it to Bailey who then immediately swings it right back into the Skull of Cody! Jon looks on with Shock as Bailey has just cracked Cody into the Skull! But Jon turns around right into a Big Boot by Jason Ryan! Jason picks up Johnny and hits the Left Lane! Jason than Picks Cody back up and toss him right into Bailey who hits him again right in the head with the Bat. Jason Than Holds Jon up to his Knees as Bailey looks down at Jon and cracks his skull with the Bat! Bailey then Picks up Jon and hits The Career Killer! Ex Machina is laid out as Bailey and Jason Stand together in the middle of the Ring as it looks like Jason Ryan has joined The Death Riders! Was tonight all a Set Up by Bailey? Or was it just something that happened out of nowhere? Either Way Bailey and Jason have pretty much finished off Ex Machina as Bailey And Jason are standing tall in the ring the Show cuts Backstage for an interview with Hans Clayton before his big Main Event Match tonight!
  4. Person below Me is the King 

    1. Epic1237_



  5. As we are just in the beginning of Judgement Day with the opening match finally ending we cut to the parking lot area where we see a Black Limousine pull up. Out Steps Bailey who we haven’t seen Mayhem when he injured his Ribs. He’s wearing his classic black lethal jacket with a Black shirt that says Death Rider Across it. He gets out of the Limbo with a grin on his face. When a backstage official rushes up to Bailey and tells him he can’t be here. He’s not medically cleared to be at the shows. Bailey tells the man not to try and tell him what he can’t and can do. He tells the Man that he wasn’t gonna miss Ex Machina and Johnny Kills biggest night when they capture Gold. He says in fact Johnny is doing it in my honor tonight so you know it’s going to be a big big night. When Suddenly The attention is taken off Bailey when a loud Noise comes across the lot as we see Jason Ryan driving his motorcycle right in front of the Camera and reving his engine As he then gets off the Bike. He tries to walk away but Bailey than says Bailey: What the Hell are you doing interrupting my return on Camera. On all of days today you decided to be a little asshole reving your engine thinking your some bad ass in a biker gang like your some little boy that just bought his first motorcycle. What the hell is Wrong with you. Jason Ryan than slowly takes off his Sunglasses and turns around and faces Bailey. He looks down at the ground before looking back at Baileys face. Jason Ryan: You got a Problem Boy Bailey: YES! I got a Fucking problem. If I didn’t have a problem I wouldn’t have said anything so clearly i got a problem “boy” and second who in the hell are you calling Boy. I am 6 Time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. A Legend in this business. The Godamn GOAT of this industry. Don’t make get another Car to run you down and hit you because I can make that happen in a heartbeat. Better yet I could just beat your fucking ass right here right now and show you who really just a Boy in this situation. I don’t know who the hell you think you are. Or why you think you can be walking around this place like your some bad ass biker when in reality you basically got bitched out in the whole state of Texas. You’re own Godamn Home State. Against Flynn, “The Painmaker” Painmaker my ass. You just gonna let Sameer take a Godamn Car and run you over like your nothing but a Deer seeing headlights. That’s all you are I guess and if you try to step to me I’ll finish Job actually and you’ll be 6 feet under. Now get the hell out of my face before you completely ruin my night. Jason Ryan just laughs at Baileys remarks. He turns around seeming like he’s just gonna walk away but he turns around and punches Bailey right in the face. He pushes him into the Limousine as the Men start brawling away all over the parking lot eventually taking this into the Elevator as we see them brawling away On the Elevator Cameras but the Cameras cut away and go back to the ring for some more action in the ring at Judgement Day. As the brawl we guess is To be continued.....
  6. The attitude era can’t start until Austin wins that belt so despite everything I would still have him win because you know how good he will get
  7. 1: Melo 2: Paul Pierce 3: T Mac 4: Paul George
  8. Summerslam 2003: John Cena wins the United States Championship here winning his first Championship in The WWE. Solid match I actually thought it would get a better rating but I’m not mad at it. Solid way to open the show. Cena is the United States Champion Solid Tag Match got better than I thought it would because I forgot to start a feud between these 2 teams until the last week of Smackdown so it didn’t get the proper heat that it would of gotten. But anyways still will take . Kane and RVD win the Tag Team Championships on Smackdown Another Solid Match here. Regal doesn’t have the highest pop so will take an 86 here. Orton wins here dirty. Orton beat Eugene 2 weeks earlier and beat the hell out of him so Regal was trying to get revenge here but just fell short. Orton stays intercontinental champion Really impressive match here did not expect it to get this high. Matt Hardy turned heel on Jeff Hardy a few months back. They had a match at Great American Bash where Jeff Hardy won but then Matt took him out after the match. Matt wanted a CW Championship shot. But then a week before the show Jeff Hardy returns attacking Matt and entering this match himself. But in the end Matt Hardy escapes with the Belt. Jeff Hardy is not done with Matt Hardy but it will have to be put off for now. Foley and Hogan’s Careers were on the line here as Bischoff no longer wants them anymore as they are too old and washed up in his opinion. So his Bodyguard Scott Steiner and the choosing of Christian and Raven we’re set to take down Hogan and Foley but they Failed. Hogan and Foley win here in a match that I feel should of gotten a better rating. Fantastic match here of course. Undertaker and Rhyno are both fantastic workers in the game and they put on another great one here. Rhyno is so good but I just couldn’t give him the big win because Taker just brought back the deadman gimmick at WM so that needs to be protected and kept strong. So he really can’t be losing yet. But great match. This is feud is done now Yeh so really disappointed in this. I actually had it as a bigger and better match than Taker vs Rhyno and boy i was wrong. I Just didn’t think it would lack psychology when Kurt has 84 and Sting has 82 but whatever. It’s still a solid rating just not what I was expecting at all. Sting gets the big win The Big Elimination Chamber. So happy because it’s a 6 Man match so you never know how matches with a bunch of people in it is gonna do. But this got the 99 it deserved and I’m really happy. Basically in my mind Goldberg eliminated all 5 Men here. HBK and Jericho started. Than Edge, Big Show and Goldberg came out. And then HHH came out last. I wrote in the order of elimination in the screenshot so you can check that out. But yeh Goldberg in my head basically just dominated this match and walked out WWE Champion finally. He’s getting that monster heel push as Champ so I’m excited to see how it goes. Great match tho very happy. In what was supposed to be a cool down Ends up being a great match here. Very happy with this one and was not expecting it. BookDust get the win here extending there Reign as Champions. and in our big Main Event The Rock has his first match back from Hollywood against Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship. In fact Brock Lesnar was also Rocks last match before leaving for Hollywood in where Brock Lesnar took that Championship away from him at Vengeance 2002 and has stayed Champion ever since. The Rock took him on here with a twist tho. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee who returned to the first Smackdown of August after not being seen since WrestleMania 19. Austin called this right down the middle and In the end Brock Lesnar won the rematch going 2-0 against the Rock and Staying Undefeated in WWE and staying World Heavyweight Champion. Got a 99 and I expected nothing less even took a chance by giving this match 28 minutes But after the match Brock Lesnar hits Austin with an F5 to officially close the show and stand tall here. Taking out 2 legends just like that. Hint Hint (Were heading into a long term feud between Austin and Lesnar that will lead to a WM match) Got the Big 100 Rated show you love to see it. Epic show. A classic in this save so far. So There’s Summerslam 2003 let me know what you thought of the show. Give me your thoughts on what I should potentially do next in terms of feuds for some of these guys. Thanks
  9. Extreme Rules Match Card: WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match: Drew McIntyre (C) vs Roman Reigns Smackdown Women’s Championship Submission Match: Charlotte Flair (C) vs Natalya United States Championship Ladder Match: Roderick Strong (C) vs Ricochet vs Jeff Hardy vs EC3 vs Cedric Alexander vs Baron Corbin Smackdown Tag Team Championship 30 Minute Ironman Match: #DIY (C) vs Undisputed Era Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Boss N Hug Connection (C) vs Kabuki Warriors Tables Match: Finn Balor vs Robert Roode Shinsuke Nakamura vs Adam Cole
  10. This is funny cause this ninja literally has made multiple promos in the last few months while at the “gym” so I’m pretty Fucking confused here.
  11. RAW and Smackdown Present Backlash #DIY defeated The Undisputed Era in 16:34 to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships Bobby Lashley defeated John Morrison in 12:57 to win the Intercontinental Championship EC3,Robert Roode and Baron Corbin defeated Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cedric Alexander in 11:35 when EC3 pinned Cedric Alexander Boss N Hug Connection defeated Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler in 12:56 when Baszler attacked Becky for Bayley to pickup the pinfall to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championships Roderick Strong defeated Jeff Hardy by roll up to retain the United States Championship in 12:09 Charlotte Flair defeated Lacey Evans in a Last Women Standing Match in 18:46 to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt defeated The New Day in 13:08 to retain the RAW Tag Team Championships Aleister Black defeated AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio in 21:33 by escaping the cage to retain the Universal Championship Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns in 23:47 to win the WWE Championship
  12. WrestleGiving Aleister Black defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in 3 Stages of Hell. Nakamura won the MMA Style Match by making Black pass out with a Guillotine lock. Black than won the Tables match. And won the Last man standing match to win it all Jungle Express defeated The Accession Ali defeated Shelton Benjamin with a Quick Roll Up Andrade and Sammy Guevara defeated War Machine to retain the ASW Tag Team Championships Finn Balor defeated Roderick Strong by DQ when Roderick Strong hit Balor with a steel chair and continued to beat down Balor with it Bobby Roode defeated Orange Cassidy to retain the ASW Tri State Championship James Storm and Eli Drake vs Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic ended in a double count out when both teams were brawling it Out outside the ring Shawn Spears defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the ASW World Heavyweight Championship and he did it completely Clean and by himself to do it. The show Closes with Shawn Spears celebrating the championship win!
  13. Week 1: Alesiter Black and War Machine are out in the ring and they call out the Undertaker Done with the mind games when than instead the Foundation comes out. Paul Heyman says they stole the Foundations moment of being the best Stable in Professional Wrestling. That they want a rematch here tonight. The War Machine accept Orange Cassidy defeated Bobby Roode in a Non Title Match after Trent Barretta distracted Roode We see backstage Cesaro and the Rest of the KOWs telling Shawn Spears that they got his back at WrestleGiving even though Spears says he doesn’t need it. As we then see Ziggler outside the room listening in. Andrade Defeated Ali Pete Dunne and Dominick Dijakovic are out in the ring promoing on there next plans when then James Storm and Eli Drake interrupt them making there Debut in ASW. Storm and Drake say they are ready to take the division over The War Machine defeated the Foundation when Nakamura low blowed Black. The Foundation close the show beating down The War Machine Week 2: Shawn Spears says he’s ready for Dolph Ziggler when then Ziggler questions if Spears is really ready to do this alone and face him man to man. Spears says he is but then the KOWs attack Ziggler out of nowhere to the disapproval of Spears Storm and Drake defeated The Briscoe Brothers in there debut as Dunne and Dijakovic look on. Drake challenges Pete Dunne to a match next week The Best Friends Mock the Canadian Alliance as Roode is furious. Orange Cassidy says he’s coming for that Championship Sammy Guevara defeated Ali. As that’s now 2 losses in a row for Ali Finn Balor is cutting a backstage promo when then he is attacked by Roderick Strong War Machine defeated AOP. During the match Nakamura and Black started to brawl across the whole arena. Than after the match Sammy Guevara and Andrade with the rest of the Cartel attack War Machine Week 3: Black, Nakamura and Heyman all start the show. They promo on each other and eventually agree to end this whole rivalry in a 3 Stages of Hell Match. They agree that the final match will be a Last Man Standing Match. Black than announces that the 2nd match will be a Tables Match! Heyman and Nakamura decide they will share what the first match will be next week Canadian Alliance defeated The Best Friends in a 6 Man tag when Elgin pinned Taylor Shawn Spears makes it clear to the KOWs that he doesn’t want there help when then tensions rise when Cesaro starts to doubt Spears chances. Spears than throws it back into Cesaros face that he lost this past month to Ziggler Luchasaurs defeated The Accession in a 2-1 handicap match Shelton Benjamin makes his debut backstage mocking Ali for his losing streak. Ali than Challenges Benjamin to a match next week. Benjamin laughs and accepts it Eli Drake defeated Pete Dunne in the main event Week 4: The Whole War Machine promo. War Machine promos on the Cartel on how they are ready to take back the Tag Team Championships and Black promos on Nakamura and there match. First Nakamura and Heyman come out they announced that the first match will be a MMA style match where the only way u can win is by knockout or submission. Heyman hyped up Nakamura MMA style of Wrestling. Than Guevara and Andrade come out with Konan to promo on War Machine and why they are the best Tag Team in ASW. These matches are set for WrestleGiving! Shelton Benjamin attacks Ali before there match can start he beats down Ali. The bell does eventually ring and Benjamin hits his finisher on Ali and wins the match. Ali barley standing challenges Benjamin to another match at WrestleGiving! Benjamin just laughs and nods his head yes The Accession try to attack Luchasaurs but Jungleboy makes his debut evening up the odds and sending the Accession back Roderick Strong defeated Orange Cassidy when Roode distracted Cassidy. After the match Balor returns and sends Strong running Dominick Dijakovic defeated James Storm after botched interference by Eli Drake Shawn Spears and Dolph Ziggler had there contract signing where once again Ziggler doubts Spears is really gonna do this by himself. The KOWs run down to the ring and surround it as Spears is screaming to them to back down. When then he is met by a super kick. Ziggler gets out of there before anyone can get him as our main event is set!
  14. Randy Orton McIntyre Strowman Asuka Hardy IIconics Crews US Drew vs Lashley Yes no
  15. Valor legit won every trade 🤣🤣
  16. Austin vs Hart Owen Hart vs Yokozuna Taker vs Flair HBK vs Steiner
  17. All Star Wrestling | Big 3 Championships | Paramount Theater The War Machine (Black and War Machine) Defeated The Canadian Alliance (Roode, Elign, Petey Williams) in the Semifinals of the Tournament when Hanson pinned Williams The Foundation (Nakamura, AOP) Defeated The Forgotten Sons in the Semifinals of the tournament when Nakamura pinned Cutler Andrade and Sammy Guevara of the Cartel defeated Private Party to return the ASW Tag Team Championships 7 Pack Scramble Match entry order: Finn Balor Shawn Spears Mustafa Ali Pete Dunne Luchasaurs Dominick Dijakovic Roderick Strong Shawn Spears was the last one to gain a pinfall went after the 40 Minutes were up. Spears pinned Roderick Strong with 43 seconds left. He kicked out of Dunne’s bitter end with 5 seconds left to stay victorious. Spears is the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Dolph Ziggler Defeated Cesaro to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship with a Zig-Zag The War Machine Defeated The Foundation to win the Big 3 Championships when Black pinned Akam. The War Machine wins the Big 3 Championships Cup and have bragging rights of being the best Stable/Trio in ASW but at the end of the show the Undertakers Gong hits! Then Lightning strikes the Ring and the Ring Falls apart. As The War Machine are left there speechless. The Undertaker did not show up but he made his Message Clear
  18. Madden all the way here I do play NBA a lot usually but Football is my favorite sport so Madden is the game I will usually lean on more to play especially from September to February during actual football season madden is an actual grind. NBA I just play a lot because no one ever has madden and everyone usually has 2K but I prefer the Madden games more
  19. The Camera Cuts to Bailey backstage in the Locker Room just hours before Mayhem he is seen sitting down with his elbow on his knees and his head down as Then he looks up right into the Camera and begins speaking Here we are just a few hours away from it all. Another World Championship Match for me one of many and never ever have I heard one of my opponents say that they talked to God. Slim brother what you are doing? Taking some sorta drug the night before this huge match who are you Eli Smith? Cause why’ll you live in your fantasies Slim I’ve been mentally and physically preparing for this and I’m ready for it all. I didn’t talk to god or anything but I’m coming to that ring tonight with my Bat in my hand And I’m ready to swing for the Fucking Fences. You Two are some of the greatest competition I’ve ever faced no doubt in my mind about that. Smith you’re very athletic and skilled in that very ring and Slim you are.... well just a very very lucky individual.. it’s gonna be a hell of a challenge but when is it not a challenge when your trying to win gold. Hell is it even worth coming after the Gold if there’s no challenge. I live for that challenge I Fucking embrace that challenge. And I’m coming to take that challenge on head on. I wanna Walk our World Champion so so bad. I wanna walk out into that arena on the next Carnage stand in that ring and be like yeh I’m the World Champion. 7 Time World Champion. This isn’t gonna be easy, this isn’t gonna be smooth ride but I promise you both and everyone that I’m Giving it all I got and I ain’t stopping until I can’t breathe no more. I wish both good luck very much so but I’m one that doesn’t play with Luck. Talk to your friends, Talk your Brothers, Talk to Fucking God it doesn’t matter I’m coming for that World Championship and I told MYSELF that I’m winning it tonight! Bailey gets up and walk away as the camera cuts off
  20. Well it was obviously a great King of the Ring you had a big Taker vs Bret Hart Match. Austin wins KOTR which is only the right thing to happen. Im pretty shocked that Yokozuna got a 100 lmaooo overall thought it was great Sheridan can’t wait for Summerslam

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