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  1. What are your picks for each award? Here are mine Best Overall Team of the Decade: 2017 Warriors Best Overall Athlete: Tom Brady Best NFL Year Team: 2013 Seahawks Best Overall NFL Team: Patriots Best NFL Player: Tom Brady Best NBA Team: Warriors Best NBA Year Team: 2017 Warriors Best NBA player: Lebron James Best MLB Year Team: 2018 Red Sox Best Overall MLB Team: Red Sox Best MLB Player: Mike Trout you can do other sports that you personally know as well and don’t have to do the sports you don’t know
  2. Flynn Invictus Raven Hans Julius Buddy Ace Bailey FS
  3. Wow this card is really bad compared to the one we got lol Kane vs Big Show??? Bryan vs Sheamus lmaoo seriously this wouldn’t have been good
  4. My early prediction winner is Roman Reigns and has been my pick now since like September not as long as my Ronda pick but I’m more confident in this pick. I’m always super excited for the RR match and it’s such a bummer when they let us down. Hopefully this year they can give us a great well booked RR match. My dark horse is Alesiter Black and beware for THE UNDERTAKER! Can’t wait for this match as always
  5. Hogan Andre the Giant Volkoff and Sheik Mr T Moolah ??? And ??? Steamboat 90 Fujinami and Inoki
  6. My early pick and the pick I’ve had for Months now is RONDA ROUSEY. A surprise return at 30 and then dominate the Competition would be epic with a final stare down with Charlotte for the win and she eliminates her. That’s how u bring Ronda back and she beats Becky at WM. Other than her no one else deserves to win except Charlotte and no one wants to see that. This is at the fault of WWEs booking of The whole division. I just don’t see someone like Sasha banks as a legit threat rn. Ronda for the win here. If she doesn’t show up well fuck then lol guess I’ll have to go Lacey Evans than or a debuting Shayna Baszler
  7. Squash matches are good when they rarely happen it’s old school booking to make someone look really good. But when you are doing 4 of them on 1 show it Just feels like filler and not you actually trying to push someone. It Just seems like you didn’t know what to do so u just booked a bunch of squash matches
  8. Chris Benoit winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event of WM over the mega stars in Triple H and HBK. Especially making HHH tapping out and then celebrating with Eddie Guerrero in the ring after is the most emotional moment to me. I watched that match for the first time ever when I was like 7 and I felt that shit at that age lmao. HBK saying sorry to Ric Flair and that whole ending is a close 2nd tho
  9. Angle was the best wrestler in the world in 2005 but Batista was the Wrestler Of the year for obvious achievements. Winning the RR and the WHC. He had a big year and was over as hell in the company. He was on his way to being the guy honestly and then John Cena kinda just showed that he was better than Batista overall. But Batista had him in 05
  10. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels WM 25 Undertaker vs HHH WM 28 Undertaker vs HBK WM 26 Undertaker vs HHH WM 27 WM 20 Triple Threat Main Event Rock vs Austin WM 17 CM Punk vs John Cena MITB 2011 Undertaker vs Edge Summerslam 2008 TLC 2 WM 17 Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar No Mercy 2002 WrestleMania matches just stand out the most to me dont hate
  11. The shield imo here. There impact right away on the roster was super impressive. Especially at least for me not really being familiar with NXT at the time so I had no clue who they were and for them to impact the roster like they did right away attacking Ryback and basically being Heymans and Punks hitman that’s a legendary debut
  12. TLC Match Card: RAW exclusive Universal Championship TLC Match: AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs Asuka and Ember Moon Chairs Match: Bobby Lashley vs John Cena RAW Tag Team Championship Ladders Match: KOZayn vs American Alpha vs The Usos vs The Club Tables Match: Aleister Black vs Sheamus Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman Baron Corbins Open Challenge: (Who will it be)
  13. As Jason Ryan gets on his Motorcycle and starts driving up the Ramp he is suddenly stopped as out steps Bailey standing right in front Of Jason and his motorcycle staring right at Jason with the Microphone in his hand. Not phased at all about the possibility of Jason Ryan running him over. FUCK JASON RYAN! You telling all these people to ask certain guys what you have done to them. All the stuff you have done to Julius. Echo. And whoever else. Let me ask you something. What the hell have you done to me? Here’s another one Jason Ryan. What exactly have you done here that makes you think you can have the balls to come out and make threats? A few premium championship runs at best? Hell I don’t even know how many you have won because I don’t give a shit about you. Quiet Frankly no one out here cares about you. Didn’t you leave for like I don’t awhile. And you dare come out to MY ring and talk a big game. You can’t even beat Echo Wilson who his past the prime of his career and you out here calling out Bullet Proof? You out here calling out the whole roster basically? I’m out here for 1 reason and 1 reason only. See that whole promo you just cut sounded liked fighting words. It sounded like you are looking for a fight right now! And hell I might have a fight with good old Bobby in about 8 days but I’m always ready for a fight Jason Ryan. I know I’ll be seeing your ass in the Royal Rumble match but why wait. You come out here and talk big game well let’s see what you got. Because I’m sick of Assholes around here talking but no action. I want the Action. Bailey stands right in front Of Jason and drops the Microphone. Singling for Jason to bring it on. Jason for a second stands up off his Bike looking back right at Bailey. But then shrugs him off and gets back on his bike. Bailey doesn’t move at all as then Jason drives around Bailey and into the back. As Bailey stands there nodding his head looking into the crowd. He then hops over the barricade and into the crowd walking away into the back. Both these men are in the Royal Rumble and I’m sure will see them go at it there.
  14. I watched and completed Season 2 of YOU on Netflix. And man was it something. I definitely thought it was bigger and better than Season 1. It’s becoming one of the more popular shows on Netflix now as I’ve seen so many memes and stuff about it on social media. Fucking Joe man. I don’t know how some people root for this man. He tries to do good but then just falls for his own ways. He’s an obsessive psychopath and he frustrates me. The big twist at the end is good but you can Kinda see it coming. I thought it was a really great season and can’t wait till Season 3!!!
  15. I wish Gotham could of kept going longer it’s really unfortunate because I felt like there was so much more they could do. But Fox kinda screwed the show over in the first place by moving the day and time the show would air on TV
  16. I saw the Movie Uncut Gems staring Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett. Man what a movie This was. It was brilliant. Adam Sandler was brilliant. This whole movie leaves you on the edge of your seat because you don’t know what next dumb decision Adam Sandler’s character is going to do. The ending is shocking and crazy. I was absolutely stunned. I definitely recommended this movie and what a way to end the year. This is definitely one of my favorite movies of 2019
  17. Here we go another Wrestlekingdom as most of you know I don’t follow Japan or Watch it. I only watch WK every year. I don’t hate Japan I actually like it when I watch it. I think they have a lot of cool things and overall there’s a cool culture in Japan Wrestling. It’s just not my thing to watch all the time. But I will be watching this show. And there’s definitely some interesting matches here. Jericho and Tanahashi is really exciting to me. I believe the Okada and Kota Will be fantastic and I see Okada winning that. I think In the end Okada will win the whole thing honestly beating Naito. I think they wanna give Okada that official GOAT status. But idk it’s either gonna be him or Naito imo. Glad Kenta is doing well as well I’ve always liked him other than I don’t really got much to say Just ready to give the show a go and see how it is. And I’m man enough to admit that I go into these shows hoping it’s underwhelming so I can laugh at the Japan fans lol lol but usually it turns out to be really good. Expect last year. I thought that was really meh. But here we go WrestleKingdom 14!
  18. Smackdown Presents Clash Of Champions Undisputed Era Defeated Jeff Hardy and DIY in 10:37 when Roderick Strong pinned Johnny Gargano Charlotte and Lacey Evans defeated Boss N Hug Connection in 12:35 to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships Kofi Kingston Defeated Cedric Alexander in 10:08 to retain the United States Championship Samoan Strong Style defeated Rey Mysterio and Ricochet and Elias And Ziggler in 13:09 to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Shinsuke Nakamaura Pinned Dolph Ziggler Randy Orton and The Miz defeated Shane McMahon and Seth Rollins in 16:38 when The Miz Rolled Up Seth Rollins Natalya defeated Becky Lynch in 13:41 when Ronda Rousey interfered to help Natalya retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship Daniel Bryan defeated Roman Reigns and Adam Cole in 24:19 when Roman Reigns speared Adam Cole Bryan threw Reigns out of the ring and pinned Adam Cole for himself to retain the WWE Championship
  19. Jamie Hayter and Zoe Lucas the Boys jeff cob Jay Lethal Dalton Castle briscoe Brothers Will Ospreay lucha style love Scrull Sabre Jr WHC Match Bandido
  20. According to sources close to BPZ The Falls Count Anywhere Weapons Match at Night of Legends between Bailey and Bob has the potential to be the most violent match in BPZ History. Yes BPZ in 2019 had Kenji vs Brad in a Barbed Wire Match but it is rumored BPZ wants to take it up another level in there product starting with this match between Bailey and Bob. Bob is a newcomer and Bailey hasn’t been in that many extreme matches over his career but from what we have heard. Expect a lot of Blood and Big Spots from this match. They want it to feel like a Real Hardcore Brawl. This is supposedly the first step in the companies approach to become a more edgier company than it has already established. Can Bailey and Bob deliver this? Will have to wait and see Bailey is a world class performer but has never been know as some hardcore extremist In his matches and Bob even with his Size has never been in a match like this. There little fight at Survivor Series shows good signs but can they put it all together in an actual match? My prediction is yes they will. Bob is a promising young talent with a great look and big time menace. And when as Bailey ever let us down in a big time match. We are sure to believe they will deliver a potential Match of the Year Candidate. So get ready this one could go places we never thought we would see BPZ Wrestling go! Or we could be Screwed over and get just a basic Extreme Falls Count Anywhere Match. Will have to wait and see but our Expectations are High!
  21. Texans - 24 Bills - 17 Patriots - 20 Titans- 13 Saints - 31 Vikings - 24 Seahawks - 20 Eagles - 10
  22. I watched John Cena return at the Royal Rumble life on PPV and let me tell you something as an 8 year old boy with the commentary team telling me he was supposed to be out for like 6 more months i literally thought John Cena was super human. It was such a shocker and incredible moment. The pop inside the garden was amazing. Definitely the best
  23. I’m going in terms of when they were called up how were they directly pushed and what was there impact right away. So to me for best call up. I gotta go Kevin Owens he came in and went right after Cena and beat him Clean. He looked like a machine doing it and eventually won the Intercontinental Championship. You could go Balor here but he got injured so I went with Owens. worst to me is EC3. He literally got called up out of nowhere and legit has done nothing. It was really disappointed definitely the worst call up by WWE

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