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  1. Completely agree with you here I think there’s no way he’s actually retiring it’s just a play by him to get more money from the UFC since they know he’s one of the biggest fighters in the world today they’ll pay him a lot to get him back
  2. Braun Strowman Roman Reigns Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose John Cena Shinsuke Nakamura Rusev Randy Orton Roman Reigns Rollins Shinsuke Nakamura Randy Orton Seth Rollins Shinsuke Nakamura Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. This is easy you have Vader win the belt because it would be a cool moment plus he’s a got a great look to do it and it would be big for him plus than we get to see Vader vs Yokozuna/Taker in a Championship Feud and like come on that’s money so yeh Go with Vader here
  4. Antonio Inoki Dusty Rhodes Dusty Rhodes
  5. Lashley Balor Corbin Roman Reigns Andrade Orton Bryan Rusev Lashley Reigns Almas Bryan Reigns Almas Almas
  6. Playoff Predictions: Following my Early Regular Season 1.0 Predictions now I will predict the Playoff Matches I have set and who is my early favorite to win the Super Bowl this upcoming Season AFC: Texans vs Raiders: Going Texans here I know they traded Hopkins but I think they will be just fine as nothing else has really changed for them. They have a top 5 QB in Waston and Raiders are really only here because of the 7 Team Playoff now as they are no more than average Team Ravens vs Bills: Going Ravens here Better Coach, Better QB. Jackson could have problems against the Bills D but another Year for the QB and I think this time he will show up in a playoff game Jets vs Steelers: Yeh going Steelers here it would be a great thing to see the jets finally get here but they are playing a Veteran QB and a Veteran HC plus Darnolds first playoff game can’t take him over Big Ben NFC: 49ers vs Rams: Going Niners here at home and they are one of the better teams in the league Cowboys vs Seahawks: believe it or not I’m sticking with the Cowboys here they upgraded in HC I think. They have the Best offense in football they should be able to win at home here against the Seahawks Packers vs Buccaneers: Rodgers vs Brady wow. I’m going Bucs I think they have the better team and way better offense around Brady. AFC: Texans vs Ravens: I’m going Ravens here on the Road. Bill O’Brien has been shown not be able to coach his team to a big win like this. Plus Ravens have the better overall team Than the Texans Chiefs vs Steelers: im going Chiefs here no doubt they are the overall better football team. This would be a very good game but I’m going Chiefs NFC: 49ers vs Cowboys: I’m going Cowboys here to get the big road victory both teams have great rosters but I like the Cowboys offense way more than the Niners to get the job done here Saints vs Buccaneers: I’m going Bucs here Saints time and time again have choked in these positions and I’m taking the GOAT to pull this game out over NO and Drew Brees AFC: Cheifs vs Ravens: This is a tough one and a very exciting game but I’m going with the Chiefs here at home plus it’s hard to bet against Mahomes. Jackson is great but Mahomes has been here before and shows up where Jackson we still question if he can show up in the big big games especially on the road late in January Cowboys vs Buccaneers: I’m going Brady and the Bucs here to win this one. Both offenses are great. Both teams have great coaches but at the end of the day I gotta go Brady to close this one out In my next post I will make my Super Bowl Prediction
  7. Should be an interesting match here between Balor and Priest. The story is there with Priest being the one that attacked Balor and took him out. It’s a classic a New talent to the Company basically even tho Priest ain’t that new anymore wants to take down of the older guys. One of the legends of the brand which Finn Balor is to NXT. I don’t think Priest will win here tho as I think this is all to give Balor another big win and some more momentum that I do think he really needs. Cause tbh I don’t think Balors run in NXT has lived up to expectations we thought it was. Priest is solid but I don’t think he’s one of the bigger names as there other big guys on the brand that are better like Lee and Dijakovic. So this should be a pretty good match but Yeh Finn Balor taking the win here definitely I think. It’s only a matter of time I think before Balor challenges for the NXT Championship
  8. Doubt he goes anywhere he’s has a great thing going in WWE and I think the company is very high on him. He’s made a Great living and will continue too plus he’s got a good thing going with Undisputed Era so I don’t see him leaving unless AEW offer him money that is out of this world compared To WWE that WWE don’t match other Than that I think Adam Cole will stay put in WWE and sign a new multi year contract with them
  9. Another Year of not doing anything really but it’s fine I still be collecting that Paycheck
  10. Shayna Baszler KO Bill Goldberg Sub Naomichi Marufuji Sub Toni Rossall UD Keith Lee KO
  11. I dislike Nia Jax heavily it’s to the point where I don’t wanna watch any match she’s in at all. I just think she’s so underserving of her place on the card and how she is pushed but she is Samoan and considered a Giant to other Women so it is what it is. I just hope Asuka wins here cause no one trying to see Nia Jax as the Women’s Champion but a Asuka vs Shayna Baszler feud would be cool and that’s what I’m trying to see so Asuka to retain here
  12. This is where I’m going to be posting all the PPVs I do in any save I don’t have the patience to do a full on diary of a TEW save but I do want to share my Bookings More so I’m gonna post any PPVs I do in any mod here with any minor details on story, booking my thoughts and all that good stuff. The First PPV you will be seeing is Summerslam 2003 here is the match card feel free to leave you predictions down below: Summerslam 03: WHC Match: Brock Lesnar vs The Rock Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE Championship Elimination Chamber March: HBK vs HHH vs Goldberg vs Jericho vs Edge vs Big Show The Undertaker vs Rhyno Career Threatening Match: Steiner, Christian and Raven vs Hogan and Foley Sting vs Kurt Angle IC: Orton vs Regal US: Benoit vs Cena vs Guerrero vs Perfect CW: Mysterio vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy RAW Tag: BookDust vs Dudleys vs HH vs APA SD Tag: T&A vs Kane and RVD
  13. Decent episode of RAW tonight. I knew Nia Jax would win so that’s whatever. Apollo Crews wins the United States Championship which is a good upset and well deserved for Crews. He definitely is a good wrestler that is finally getting the push he deserves. He just needs more of a character arch and definitely a better finisher why not a sit out powerbomb or something.. Garza bearing KO was lets just say weird. The Drew McIntyre and Lashley stuff was really really good and got me very hyped for there match. They brawled and it looked great. Not a bad episode of RAW and I didn’t mind the crowd bring it was a nice touch I thought
  14. I’m sure I can help you out buddy with your financial needs im always here to help a former student
  15. Bro why you exposing your sister like that Godamn

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