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  1. Daniel Bryan Charlotte Flair WrestleMania 31 Taker vs Lesnar WM 28 Taker vs HHH WM 31
  2. My Wrestler of the Decade is Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan went from being fired by the WWE to becoming one of its biggest stars. From winning the United States Championship from his Mentor the Miz in 2010. To winning MITB and the WWe Championship in 2011 over the Big Show. Yes he lost in 18 Seconds at WM 28 but at least he was in the World Title Match. He went on to he kinda a comedy act heel with his feud against punk but the matches were awesome. Then he joined imo the Team of the decade in Team Hell No with Kane. They were funny and Entertaining. They won the Tag Titles and had a Great Run with the Belt. He then moved on from Kane tho and got pushed into the Main Event. Where he had a Classic in the Main Event of Summerslam with John Cena where he won the WWE Championship. Only to get turned on by HHH and the formation of the Authority. He went on to feud with Randy Orton and the Authority for the Rest of 2013 until having a brief Feud with Bray Wyatt. Where he gave Bray Wyatt his best match ever. Bryan was so over that the fans basically forced him into the Main Event of WrestleMania 30. Where he defeated all of Evolution in 1 Night and became WWE Champion! Bryan unfortunately got injured tho and did not return till 2015 where he won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 31 only to get hurt again and retire. Bryan after almost a 3 year retirement never gave up and got cleared. He teamed with Shane McMahon defeating KOZayn at WM 34. He then went on to feud with the Miz and then turned heel and won the WWE Championship once again over Styles. He had a fantastic match with Brock Lesnar and then another incredible match with Styles. He went on to having maybe MOTN at WrestleMania 35 where he defended the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston. After that he had a interesting feud with Roman Reigns which then turned into him turning BabyFace. Now Bryan is in a feud for the Universal Championship against the Fiend. He’s the biggest baby face rn on the Roster. Bryan has been the most popular of the decade by Far. And he’s had classic after classic. He’s improved as a Character over the years and is definitely the Man rn. This was DB decade. And it certainly was an incredible Decade. That’s my Decade of the Wrestler.
  3. One Night In HollyWood and The Good Guys are my personal Favorites of the Decade.
  4. From my memory my most enjoyable show that I loved to watch was WrestleMania 31. It was a spectacular show in the opinion with A Great Main Event. Sting vs Triple H was fun as hell and nostalgic. Randy Orton hit his greatest RKO of all time and The Undertaker showed he still had it. My favorite show from the decade
  5. Those are some nice “BlockBuster Matches” would be a-shame if something outshined it. 😎
  6. The GOAT plays as Bailey walks out through the crowd and makes his way to the ring days after defeating Josh and Kieron by himself in what was supposed to be a tag team match. But Slim decided not to show up for the match. Did I need to earn your approval or something? Slim? Was me not kicking ur ass again and again not enough proof for you that I am not to be messed with? You had to coward out of the match and let me take out 2 Men by myself? Well I did it Slim. I beat them and hell I didn't even Break a Sweat doing it. I was looking for a fight and ended up with an Easy victory. I am not playing these Games Slim. You don't wanna show up. You don't wanna fight. Thats On you. But Im always gonna be ready to fight. And to Hell with you. I don't need you and i certainly don't wanna team with you. I'll keep doing it on my own. I'll fight on my own. Ill show up this weekend alone by myself. And I'll go toe to toe With Arius and Kenji by myself. You wanna sit in the back and play with yourself in the locker room. You go right ahead and do that Me I'm Gonna come out and bring the fight to them. I ain't ever back down and I'm not starting now. Partner or no partner, Ari us and Kenji Ill be there. I'll be ready and I hope you guys will be too. Because I am a man on the hunt. A man on a mission. I'll fight you guys by myself. I'll fight everyone by myself! I'LL FIGHT THE WHOLE FU**ING WORLD BY MYSELF! Bailey drops the microphone and proceeds to leave through the crowd again after a sweet and short message to Slim, Arius and Kenji
  7. We are in the 1st Round of the Tag Team Tournament here at Carnage. Josh and Kieron Black make there way to the ring getting ready for First Round Competition against 2 of the Greatest of all time. Bailey first makes his way to the ring out from the Crowd. He steps right into the ring with Kieron Black and Josh. Slims music plays next but Slim is nowhere to be found. Slim did not come out at alll. And after a few moments The Ref says its time to start the match. I guess this is about to be a handicap match in a Tag Team Tournament! Josh and Kieron stare down Bailey thinking they have the upper hand but Bailey isn't backing down. Josh turns his back and starts walking to his corner as the Bell Rings! Kieron and Bailey walk right up to each other as Bailey kicks Kieron right in the midsection. He then hits the Career Killer! 1....2......3 Its Over! Before Josh can even notice Bailey has hit his finisher and won this match in a matter of seconds! Josh in shock and rage runs right at Bailey but Bailey ducks the closeline and kicks Josh right in the Gut and then hits the Career Killer on him too! Bailey has taken both men out in a matter of seconds. As then out walks Slim. Who stands on the top of the ramp just clapping at Bailey with a grin as Bailey stares at him. As Slim continues to clap Bailey exits the Ring and Walks through the Crowd as Slim looks on. But just like that Bailey and Slim will advance to the Semifinals of the Tag Team Tournament.
  8. Smackdown Exclusive Clash Of Champions Match Card: WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (C) vs Roman Reigns vs Adam Cole Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton and The Miz United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Cedric Alexander Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Samaon Strong Style vs Ricochet and Rey Mysterio vs Ziggler and Elias Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Natalya vs Becky Lynch Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Charlotte And Lacey Evans vs Boss N Hug Connection (C) Jeff Hardy and DIY vs UE make predictions!
  9. Winning the Royal Rumble and The World Championship over Flynn in the Main Event of Mania Winning War Games Having a top notch Feud with Smith at Summerslam
  10. The GOAT plays throughout the whole arena as out comes Bailey from the crowd just a few days after Survivor Series and a few days before the First Round of the tag team tournament. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone before beginning to pace back and forth. I'M NOT DEAD YET! Just a Few days ago i took the fight to Bob just like i promised i would. I was at Survivor Series and Stood face to face with Bob just like i said i would. A real fight went down and I think it is save to say Bob now knows the Man he really is messing with. But my attention is no longer on Bob because i now have to focus on some Tag Team Tournament where I am forced to team with Slim in this tournament. And the funny thing is The Man Named Flynn who was the General Manager and forced us to team isn't even the GM anymore because he clearly showed he was an incompetent bitch. But now we have Sheridan as General Manager who is just simply a Bitch. I don't want to team Slim. I don't like the idea of it. I don't like the fact that i can't put my hands on his slimy Body. I don't trust him. He's a snake and backstabbing fraud. But the good thing is Slim shouldn't trust me either. Because i am a man that has nothing to lose here anymore but i would like to keep my job so i am going to do my very best to not to break his tiny neck. Just know though slim when this is all over and i know longer have to team with you i am going to Kill you. Now for our match i don't know. Were facing 2 nobodies. One man hasn't been around for i dont even know how many months now and the other just faced Arrow Thunderman on the preshow of Survivor Series. He must of thought dominating a Thunderman was so awesome. He must of a felt so powerful and dominant. That he could take on anyone. I got a newsflash for you Josh. That was like being the biggest Fish in a tank bowl. And the other fish in the bowl were Small Brained Goldfish. Now I personally bring you back to reality. I bring you back to the Ocean where you are a little fish swimming with the Sharks. Or i should really say THE Shark and his..... ClownFish "Partner". Because don't get it wrong Josh and Kieron. You 2 are facing a Team of 2 guys that hate each other. You are facing 2 guys that probably won't get on the same page at all. At the end of the day though I'm all about Kicking Ass and winning matches. And I am pretty sure I could kick both your Fu**ing ass One Arm tied and 2 Eyes closed. I don't want Need Slim. I don't want Slim. You guys shouldn't even worry about Slim. Just worry about me. Be worried both of you because by the time that bell rings i will be 100% Ready and Focused to go and Neither of you will be able to take me down or out. Josh you made the biggest Mistake of your Career attacking Cripper from behind like a coward and getting yourself in this match, in this tournament. Because it is only going to lead to embarrassment for you. And you call tell your Master or hell your Sex slave for all I care that if he wants to make impact here he can come to face to face with me anytime and a be a real man. And oh I guess Kieron Black, i don't have much to say to you because there's not much to say but i hope you enjoyed your little vacation in catering for few months. I hope it was enjoyable. I also hope you have been training though alot for this match. Because if not well either im sending your ass back to catering or in an ambulance on its way to the hospital. Get Ready to FIGHT.
  11. I loved The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin in NXT and even when he first Joined the Main Roster. But than the constable shit and now what hes doing currently. He just sucks and i hate him. He used to be cool actually
  12. Win the World Championship Again Continue to put on top notch Feuds Fight Julius Finally. Become Admin And hey maybe win another title besides World who knows
  13. The Smackdown after Survivor Series Roman Reigns issued a challenge to Daniel Bryan and was willing to give him an opportunity for the WWE Championship in the Main Event in which Daniel Bryan accepted. Daniel Bryan Defeated Roman Reigns after lowblowing him and hitting the Running Knee to win the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan is the WWE Championship and has turned heel
  14. Who do you have making the Collage Football Playoffs and then how will the NY6 Bowl games shape out to be? Playoff Prediction: LSU Ohio State Clemson Oklahoma ________________________________________ Rose Bowl: Oregon (Pac 12 Champ) vs Penn State (Big 10 at large) Sugar Bowl: Baylor vs Georgia Cotton Bowl: Memphis vs Alabama Orange Bowl: Florida vs Utah
  15. All Star Wrestling | Episode 26 | Paramount Theater Paul Heyman opens the show announcing that at Night of Legends every trio in ASW will get a chance at the ASW Trios Championship in a Trios Turmoil Match. He also announces that at NOL will be the debut of a New Championship. The ASW Tri State Championship. And it will be won in a 5 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match! Braun Strowman with his win over Jeff Hardy willl automatically be in the match. But the 4 other sppts will have to earned in qualifying matches. Those qualfying matches willl Start tonight. Matt Hardy defeated Silas Young to qualify for the Tri State Championship Match ASW welcomes Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF as he is now an ASW wrestler. He talks about how he is the future and rising star of ASW. Pete Dunne and Than Kevin Steen come Out and introduce themselves to MJF. A match is made between the 3 for next week to earn an opportunity at the Tri State Championship. Jay Lethal comes out to the ring and explains why he attacked Apollo Crews. And then has a match with Aero Star in which he wins pretty easily. Ricochet has a pre recorded sit down interview on his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar. He also talks about there 1st match at Emergence. A video is shown of the beatdown Brock Lesnar gave Ricochet and then it also shows Ricochet winning Winter Warfare. But then out of nowhere Brock Lesnar attacks Ricochet and hits him right in the skull with the Camera. Adam Cole makes his surprising Debut to ASW to take on Rey Mysterio in a Tri State Championship Qualifying Match. In where Adam Cole wins via distraction by Randy Orton on Rey Mysterio. Adam Cole wins in his debut and qualifies for the Tri State Championship match
  16. WWE Presents Survivor Series In a 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match Team Smackdown Women's defeated Team RAW Women's. Alexa Bliss Eliminated Carmella Asuka Eliminated Peyton Royce Asuka Eliminated Mandy Rose Lacey Evans Eliminated Naomi Natalya Eliminated Nia Jax Ember Moon Eliminated Alexa Bliss Lacey Evans Eliminated Ember Moon Lacey Evans Eliminated Asuka Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor Defeated United States Champion Kofi Kingston in 15:08. SD: 1 RAW: 1 Team Smackdown Defeated Team RAW in the 5 on 5 Tag Team Elimination Match Kings Of Wrestling Eliminated Heavy Machinery The Club Eliminated The Revival Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Eliminated The Club AOP Eliminated DIY The Usos Eliminated Kings of Wrestling Ziggler and Elias Eliminated The Usos Rey Mysterio and Ricochet Eliminated AOP Elias and Ziggler Eliminated American Alpha Undisputed Era Defeated the Wyatt Family in 12:34 when Strong Pinned Rowan SD: 3 RAW: 1 RAW Tag Team Champions KOZayn defeated Smackdown Tag Team Champions in 14:32 when Kevin Owens pinned Shinsuke Nakamura SD: 3 RAW: 2 Team UFC HorseWomen (RAW) Defeated Team Four Horsewomen (SD) in the Survivor Series Elimination Match Becky Lynch Eliminated Jessamyn Duke Sasha Banks Eliminated Marina Sharif Shayna Bazsler Eliminated Bayley Ronda Rousey Eliminated Sasha Banks Charlotte Flair Eliminated Shayna Bazsler Ronda Rousey Eliminated Charlotte Flair Ronda Rousey Eliminated Becky Lynch After the match Ronda Rousey continued to beatdown Becky Lynch causing this.... Natalya Cashes in her Women's Money in the Bank on Becky Lynch and wins the Smackdown Women's Championship We take a break now from RAW vs SD for our Championship Matches. AJ Styles Defeated Drew McIntyre in 19:35 to win the Universal Championship Roman Reigns Defeated Adam Cole in 21:42 to win the WWE Championship It comes down to this. We tied at 3-3. The 5 on 5 Mens Survivor Series Match Team RAW: John Cena, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin and Aleister Black vs Teanm SD: Seth Rollins, Shane McMahon, Jeff Hardy, Andrade Cien Almas and Randy Orton. Here we go. Jeff Hardy Eliminated Baron Corbin Randy Orton Eliminated John Cena after Lashley turned on Cena Braun Strowman Eliminated Jeff Hardy Bobby Lashley Eliminated Andrade Cien Almas Aleister Black Eliminated Randy Orton after Shane McMahon and Orton got into an argument which lead Shane Shoving Orton right into a Black Mass. Seth Rollins Eliminated Bobby Lashley Braun Strowman is Eliminated by Countout after Both Shane McMahon and Seth Rollins hit Frogsplashes on Braun through the announcer tables Aleister Black Eliminated Shane McMahon after Orton RKO Shane. Aleister Black Eliminated Seth Rollins after hitting 2 Black Mass in a row TEAM RAW WINS
  17. The GOAT echos throughout the Arena as out comes Bailey as he walks straight down the ramp and into the ring. Bailey has thought 2 Black Baseball bats as he takes one and throws it over to Bob! Bob stands there at first with Bat in hand as Bailey stands across him with the other Bat. Then Both Men run at each other swinging the bats! At first both bats hit each other but the quicker Bailey is able to get another swing off right into the gut of bob. Bailey than swings it right across his back. He then goes from behind and starts Choking Bob with the Bat! After a few seconds tho Bob is able to basically throw Bailey over him. Bob than Big Boots Bailey right outside of the ring. Bob goes to get Bailey but Bailey counters and throws Bob into the ring post. Bailey goes and gets a Chair but swings and Misses. Bob hits a big Closeline on Bailey before taking the chair himself and smashing it across Baileys back. And another shot to the back! Bob than picks Bailey up and throws him to the announce tables. He picks Bailey up looking to go for a Bob Bomb through the Table but Bailey starts punching away until he can get free and back on the ground. Bailey than Tackles Bob sending them both over the announce table. Both men brawl for a bit until Bailey comes out of nowhere with a Camera straight to the skull of Bob. Bailey goes for a Career Killer on the steel steps but Bob is able to throw Bailey over his shoulder and straight to the floor. Bob than picks Bailey up and tackles him right through the Barricade! Both Men are struggling to get back to there feet. Bob Brings Bailey to the announcers table again going for another Bob Bomb but Bailey is able to hop right off of Bob and hits Bob with a camera again right in the head and Bob falls straight onto the table! Bailey immediately goes back into the ring and onto the turnbuckles! Elbow Drop right through the Table! Both men now struggling to get back to there feet again as the crowd chants this is awesome! Both men start throwing haymakers at each other as they are getting to there feet. Bob with a Low Blow to Bailey. And now Bob is walking away with his title. He walks away and up the ramp only to get chased form behind by Bailey. Bailey jumps ontop of Bob and starts punching away before Bob than turns it around and is now on top of Bailey and starts punching away. Bob than picks up the Premium Championship and is setting up to hit Bailey with but Bailey ducks, Career killer! Bailey hits the Career Killer on top on the top of the stage! Bailey sets up to hit another one but Bob is able to get out of it and hit the Bob Bomb right through the Minitron! They have broken it and Bailey went right through it. Bob thinks he has ended it! He has his hands raised! But he turns around to Bailey standing and behind him. Bob is in shock and also gassed as Bailey sprints right at Bob and spears him right off the stage! Both men are laid out and I don't either one of them is getting up! Security and the Medical team now start to rush out there as Both Men have killed each other here tonight! Both Men are now getting back to there feet and they try to attack eachother but now are both held back by security and neither really have the energy to fight off security. What will happen next? What does this mean for Bailey and Slim as they have to team in just 5 Days! Hell has broken lose here tonight. As Now we try to move onto the Intercontinental Championship Match.
  18. All Star Wrestling | Episode 21 | Paramount Theater Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman would start the show off gloating about the victory over Braun Strowman. Ricochet would come out hyping up the fact that he has earned a shot at the WHC in just 2 Months at Night of Legends. When then Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton came out wanting a shot at the Belt this month. At First Heyman says no but Brock is all in. He will gladly take on both men in a Triple threat. Ricochet vs Randy Orton is made for the Main Event. Magnus defeated PJ Black in a singles match giving momentum to the United Veterans over Flying Express. Kevin Steen called out anyone in the back to fight him. Pete Dunne answered the call and after a few punches Steen would back out and save the fight for another day A Physical match between Ryback and Michael Elign would end in a double DQ when both Teams got involved. An all out brawl happened between BriscoeBack and Heavy Machinery The LON were promoing on there assault on Jason Jordan when Jay Lethal and Apollo Crews confronted them and challenged them for a 2 on 3 Handicap Match next week. LON Accepted. Randy Orton defends Ricochet when Bully Ray distracted Ricochet for Orton to hit the RKO. After the match Bully Ray beatdown Ricochet and Powerbombed him through the announcers table. _______________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 22 | Paramount Theater Bully Ray opens up the show explaining why he attacked Ricochet. that he was trying to knock some sense into Ricochet. To show him that he has no chance of beating Brock Lesnar and should forfeit the match. Rey Mysterio comes out and says Ricochet wont have to worry about Brock Lesnar because he will he champion. Rey than challenges Bully Ray to a match to teach him some respect. Bully accepts. The LON defeated Lethal and Crews when War Machine attacked Lethal and Crews helping Rusev get the pinfall over Crews. War Machine has come after Lethal and Crews apparently. A Hype Video is played showing just who the United Veterans are. Pete Dunne defeated Silas Young only to be attacked after the match by Kevin Steen. Heavy Machinery bring the fight to BriscoeBack in the locker rooms an all out brawl has to be separated by security Rey Mysterio vs Bully Ray ends in DQ when Orton RKOS Rey Mysterio out of nowhere. He than Rips the Mask off Rey and raises it up for everyone to see to close the show. ____________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 23 | Paramount Theater Bully Ray opens up the show with another promo on Ricochet but this time Ricochet shows up. Ricochet with a more intense look in his eyes challenges Bully Ray to a hardcore match. Ricochet wants to show how physical and ruthless he can actually be. Him and Bully start to brawl before Heyman comes out and announces Ricochet and Rey Mysterio vs Bully Ray and Randy Orton for tonight's Main Event. Braun Strowman Defeated Matt Hardy. After the match was over Jeff Hardy would come to the aid of his brother and challenge Strowman himself for the next PPV. PitStop. Braun would accept. Jason Jordan returns and he does the unthinkable and challenges The League Of Nations to a 1 on 3 Handicap Match at PitStop. LON obviously accepts and laughs at Jason Jordan Rich Swann Defeated Zack Gibson in a singles match. After the match United Veterans beatdown Flying Express War Machine explains there actions from last week that simply they want a Tag Team match with Jay Lethal and Crews at PitStop. Lethal and Crews agree to step up to the challenge and face Hanson and Rowe. Rey Mysterio and Ricochet defeated Randy Orton and Bully Ray after Mysterio got a sneaky Roll up on Randy Orton to win the match. But After the match Brock Lesnar would show up and Attack Rey Mysterio hitting him with an F5 as Orton watched on as Ricochet and Ray were brawling through the Crowd. _____________________________________ All Star Wrestling | Episode 24 | Paramount Theater Bull Ray and Ricochet open up the show hyping up there match for Pitstoo when Bull Ray than attacks Ricochet with his Chain. He beats Ricochet with a Chair sending a message Heavy Machinery and Untied Veterans defeated Flying Express and BriscoeBack when Michael Elgin pinned TJP. The Hardy Boyz are able to get the double team on Braun Strowman resulting in Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombing Braun Strowman through the announcers table. Jay Lethal defeated Josh Briggs by DQ when War Machine attacked Lethal. Crews came out and made the save sending War Machine away. Pete Dunne defeated Wade Barrett after Jason Jordans music hit Distracting Barrett. After the match tho Kevin Steen tried to attack Pete Dunne again but this time Dunne was ready and sent Steen retreating In the Contract signing for the World Championship it ended with Randy Orton hitting a surprise RKO out of nowhere on Lesnar only for Rey Mysterio to hit the 619 on Orton to stand tall to end the show. _____________________________________ All Star Wrestling | PitStop | Paramount Theater Kevin Steen defeated Pete Dunne after he low blowed him when the ref wasn't looking and hit a packed piledriver Briscoeback Defeated Heavy Machinery when Jay Briscoe pinned Tucker Knight. Braun Strowman defeated Jeff Hardy with a Powerslam War Machine Defeated Jay Lethal and Apollo Crews when Hanson pinned Crews. After the match Jay Lethal attacked and turned on Apollo Crews. Hitting Lethal Injection on him Flying Express Defeated United Veterans to retain the ASW Trios Championships. PJ Black pinned James Drake Ricochet Defeated Bully Ray in a Hardcore Match. He hit a 630 Senton through a table to beat him. League of Nations defeated Jason Jordan in a handicap match when Rusev made Jason Jordan pass out After the match LON tried to continue the attack but Eddie Edwards and Colt Caban 2 guys LON has taken out of action returned and with Jason Jordan sent LON away. Brock Lesnar Defeated Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship. Brock pinned Rey Mysterio with an F5. Brock closes the show still World Champion
  19. Becky Lynch Undisputed Era Shinsuke Nakamura Team Smackdown Mens Team RAW Women's Brock Lesnar Adam Cole Bray Wyatt Bonus: Women's 3 way Wyatt vs Bryan Wont predict Team NXT because i already know Dana Brooke Shorty G Yeh
  20. Bailey Justin 6'2 215 CB, Man to Man LOCKDOWN Barry Sanders Jr. 6'1 221 RB, Elusive/Speed Mix
  21. bailey14


    You Really really disappointed me. Here i was thinking that you were the next Giant, The next Monster of BPZ. THE ACE IN THE HOLE. Turns out your just a fu*king coward. Blah blah blah. You know bob I could of closed my ears and not listened to anything you said. And still would of known exactly what were you were gonna spew out of your mouth. Because i have heard the same boring, washed up, stupid ass Promo now from all you guys for the last 4 Years. You came out here and didn't impress me at all. Nothing you said was anything new or original. It's all the same crap everyone in the back says to try to convince themselves that they are better than me. In the what 6 months you have been here already you have done 1 relevant thing this whole time and that was attack me from behind like a little bitch. You are no different than any other new guy that has came to this company. There is nothing special about you. There is nothing unique about you at all. You made 1 ballsy move to get yourself noticed. It's just very sad that, that 1 move sealed your fate. What you did to me, you don't get away with. You don't win in the end, just ask Flynn. You keep claiming that I am breaking down each and everyday. But that's not the case i am perfectly fine. I completely see clearly and We both know your time is coming Bob. I challenged you. I Came out here and gave you the chance to step up and face me man to man. You failed. Your an absolute joke and coward. You are a fraud. Eventually Your little Buddy Slim will see that and dump you in the garbage just like he has done with many, many others in the plenty of stables hes been in. As you said it Bobby. I get what I want. I do what I want when I want. Me challenging you was just to see what type a Man i was actually dealing with. My mind is made up. Whether you like it or not You will see me at Survivor Series. We will come Face to Face. And I will kick your ass around the whole arena. You can't hide from me. You can't run from me. You can't avoid me. I am coming for you Bobby and I will take you out. Your on my Time bitch and TIMES FU*KING UP.. Bailey drops the mic and immediately exits the ring and goes through the crowd to leave the arena.
  22. What if the Players of the NBA held a 3v3 Tournament where the top 8 Top players would have a draft resulting in 3 Player Teams and then have a good old Pickup vibe street Basketball Tournament. Well now we will find out. Here are the Teams Team Lebron: Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Joel Embied Team Kawhi: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Kemba Walker Team Durant: Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingus Team Giannis: Giannis, Devin Booker, Rudy Gobert Team AD: Anthony Davis, Damien Lillard, Victor Oladipo Team Curry: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Drummond Team Harden: James Harden, Karl Anthony Towns, Bradley Beal Team Jokic: Jokic, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler Every Team with have 3 Games to determine seeding and then a 8 Man Double Elimination Tournament will be played. During the Qualifying Rounds and throughout the Tournament into the Semis they will play to 15. In the Finals they will play to 21 in a best 2 out of 3 Series. Make your predictions down below on how the seedings will turn out. And a Full Tournament Prediction! And Let me know what you think of the teams
  23. bailey14


    The GOAT Plays as out through the Crowd Bailey walks out and over the Barricade into the Ring with a microphone in hand. He walks around for a bit before finally speaking. Screw it, I ain't got nothing better to do... BOBBY,........... I CHALLENGE YOU TO A UNSANCTIONED FIGHT AT SURVIVOR SERIES. No Rules, No Refs, No Match, No Winners. Just a Straight up fight! I can't attack your little buddy Slim....Just yet because I have to team with him of course. But that doesn't mean i can't break every bone in his nothing but a brain dead Bodyguard. You Crossed the wrong man Bobby. Now I am going to make you Fu*king pay by beating and destroying you from limb to limb. You started this fight and now I will end it. So what ya say Bobby, Will you grow some Balls and FIGHT ME at Survivor Series? Hell we can fight right fu**ing now if you want. I ain't got nothing better to do than to whoop your sorry ass. Bailey drops the mic, challenging Bob to come out and accept his challenge
  24. A Pissed Off Bailey after hearing this news from Flynn starts pacing around back and fourth with the Microphone in his hand. But instead of speaking he instead drops it and attacks a Cameraman! He throws the Cameraman in the ring and pounceses on him. He picks the Cameraman up and hits him with the Career Killer! When than a familiar Theme song starts to play as Bailey looks on......
  25. Evolution The Shield (whatever Flynn, Ryan and White were called) The Authority The Kingdom The Order

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