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  1. Yeh good Royal Rumble and right winner here. 1996 was Shawns time and his moment.. him and Bret should have a fantastic match in the Main event I wonder if you will duplicate there IronMan match. Gonna be interesting to see how the rest of the card plays out I’m especially interested and unless I’ve missed it I don’t think we were ever told who shot Yokozuna the last thing I recall from it is that Owen was accused of doing so as last years Mania. So is that storyline over now or is it still going?
  2. Not a terrible Smackdown I guess the tournament matches were pretty good. We knew styles would win and he got traded to SD as well so now I’m fine wit that. Hardy gets the victory over sheamus and I’m happy wit that tho it easy to tell Sheamus will probably screw over Jeff Hardy against Daniel Bryan next week. The Mix Tag Match was decent with Ziggler and Sonya picking up the victory this really does look like it’s going to lead to a Ziggler vs Otis for MITB Contract. Charlotte vs Bayley was good and there teasing the Banks face turn even more now by Bayley telling Sasha she doesn’t want her in her corner tonight. It wasn’t a terrible episode of Smackdown but it wasn’t anything great
  3. This match is so stupid and so random to happen.. Miz and Morrison I know for a fact should be treated way better then this than too just lose in a handicap match. It’s a real shame and it actually makes me resent Braun as well. Why couldn’t they at least just do a triple threat match or something why a Handicap. I know they are just setting up for Braun vs The Fiend but this match is just dumb as hell.
  4. Yeh bro we just wasn’t feeling that one but I’m go ahead And say No Mercy 2002 Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar inside Hell in a cell was awesome and my favorite Cell match of all time plus u got Kane vs HHH for the belt which was good. Angle vs Beniot always fantastic just a great show but yeh Unforgiven 2006 yeh what you just pull that one out of your ass bro
  5. Unfortunate not to see Fenix In this but like why wouldn’t Pentagon replace him smh yeh like Alex said I still feel mystery man aka that ninja aka Brian Cage is gonna be in this match and win it
  6. Best Face: Jeff Hardy Best Heel: AJ Styles
  7. The biggest shame is that they were finally starting to use him and he was doing pretty well with Bryan. So shame they couldn’t come to an agreement because I feel Drew was finally starting to turn a corner and could of been a solid midcarder under the guidance of Bryan. There’s still rumors that he could still return to WWE in a few months that either WWE will pay him what he wants Post Quarantine or that Gulak was just trying to high ball them and will go down in a price they can agree too also post quarantine either I wanna see him back in WWE but if not would love to see him goto AEW or even could fit in NJPW like u said. I just hope he doesn’t become a TNA guy
  8. Ughh idk if I wanna see Rusev in AEW I just don’t think he fits really it would just feel like another situation of just signing a former WWE guy because he’s available now which is what TNA did. Don’t think they need Rusev and I would rather see Rusev goto NWA and be there monstrous Main event heel. In AEW he would just be another midcard guy I think
  9. Already kinda knew here that he would most likely have a match at survivor series since it will be the 30 year anniversary of the Undertaker. I would like to see him go out with 1 more match with Roman Reigns honestly I don’t think we got the best of what we could of gotten from these 2 at 33 and I think if given another shot can produce a way better match so I’d love to see that one more time and give it 1 more shot for those 2 to have a good match if not Roman than I would love to see Aleister Black be his final opponent. I’m a huge Black fan and think this would be a huge match for him and obviously can be a passing of the torch. So those are my 2 options for Taker that I’d want to see. Dont really wanna see the Fiend at all
  10. Mark Henry The Bar Alexa Bliss American Alpha Sasha Banks Neville Bray Wyatt Shinsuke Nakamura ZSJ and WALTER Neville/Ziggler Usos
  11. Great match here should be an awesome one and I really have no clue who will win. I think Charlotte is dropping the belt but not even that is for sure. I would think with Becky Lynch being gone WWE would need Charlotte to drop NXT and come back to RAW or Smackdown but there’s also reports that are showing WWE future plans with the women’s division and Charlotte isn’t in any of them so maybe she is retaining. Either way I think this should be a fantastic match between 3 of the best Women Wrestlers in the company. Charlotte and Io arguably the best in the company or even in the world in women’s wrestling. Should be a great one like I said I think Charlotte could drop here and If she does id like to see IO win but i won’t be surprised if Charlotte retains the belt
  12. Okay here we are again and I do not joke when I say I watched this whole Show in 1 day I just turned it on while I was eating lunch cause I had nothing else to watch just as something to have on and then i ended up binging the whole thing and yes I’ve already seen it before making it the 2nd time I’ve seen this now. Yes for some reason I’ve been on a grind of watching shows that have to do with discussion, conspiracies and historical events as I watched unsolved the past few days before this. this show is also very very interesting it shows you alll the events that happened leading up to the Trial and gives you a great picture of what happened at the trial.. it shows you how badly the prosecution played this and how great the defense did. It gets you thinking like did he donit or maybe just maybe did he not.. the one thing that always bothered me was the way they we’re killed. They were nearly decapitated that it points to a Columbian Neck Tie type of killing which is a how Columbian Drug cartel killed people and Nicole had her times of using cocaine so was this just a drug deal gone wrong? Did mark furhman Plant evidence because he knew OJ Simpson was the Ex Husband and Black. It’s all actual questions that really should of and needed to be thought of than just going right after OJ which is what I think the LAPD failed to do. It’s a great show and very interesting if you haven’t seen it I recommend checking it out
  13. 24 30 6 18 31 36 25 26 23 21 22 3 19 17 20 28
  14. Some interesting matches here. As I said I’m not a fan of AJ being in this tournament at all and it makes me very mad but on the other side at least we get one more crack at A Nakamura vs Styles match. Nakamura should win this but he won’t so it’s whatever. Hardy vs Sheamus has been building up and we will finally get in a match that matters to what a shocker from WWE actually. I have no clue who will win this. I hope Hardy does because I would actually love to see him win the whole tournament but I could see Sheamus winning here and if not I could see him screwing Hardy on later in the tournament. Just hope it’s a good match and that Hardy wins. Charlotte vs Bayley should be good but who really cares. And I don’t care about Otis and Ziggler no more. Maybe Ziggler will actually take the MITB contract off of Otis tho I’d be surprised
  15. Okay not a terrible roster maybe with a few key signings and you would be good to go here I think. Definitely think you should push guys like Cesaro, Steen and Generico of course as we know how good they are. Shocked to see Seth Rollins aka Tyler Black still with you but that’s huge to have so you definitely have a lot of young upcoming guys that we today are stars. Also got Omega and the Bucks. So I think you’ll be solid like I said a few more key signings and I think you really got something here to work with. Maybe even bring in Jon Moxley if he’s available
  16. Umm I think momentum matters in terms of kayfabe feuds and votings probably cause I think that has a lot to do with storytelling and building a feud plus the guys with momentum sometimes you wanna keep that going for them so there most likely to win. So I think momentum plays its part in the kayfabe aspect of things especially getting kayfabe Championship title shots you need to have momentum and win matches. but I would say it’s not nearly as important in contribution votings it definitely has its factor Don’t get me wrong. Someone like brad for example who can usually has his momentum washed away into the toilet never wins world because no one can see him as world champ of the forums and that has to do with his momentum and how he is perceived on the forums but momentum at the same time doesn’t stop you from being able to do anything. You can lose in contributions 3 months In a row say going for IC or premium and then just decide to go for world. Momentum, wins and losses they have no effect on who can challenge for these belts. That’s why I’ve always never thought wins and losses never really mattered because you can have a bad record but still be able to go for the top championship anytime you want. So momentum can have its factor sometimes but if you have no momentum but bust your ass off for a title a month you can win that belt out of nowhere. So momentum has its part but ultimately it can’t stop you from Winning a championship if you put in the absolute best work for the month no doubt. I mean Sheridan for example I don’t think had any momentum at all but she’s still a legitimate candidate to win US this month same could be said for FD who doesn’t really have great momentum but could win IC. so in kayfabe yes momentum is important I think but in contributions no I don’t think it’s as big of a deal but it can play a factor into it but anything can play a factor into anything
  17. NXT Takeover: In Your House NXT Championship Steel Cage Match: Keith Lee (C) vs Pete Dunne NXT North American Championship Match: Damian Priest (C) vs Dominick Dijakovic NXT Women’s Championship Match: Io Shirai (C) vs Mia Yim NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits (C) vs Forgotten Sons NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: KUSHIDA vs Murphy Karrion Kross vs Velveteen Dream Matt Riddle vs Bo Dallas Rhea Ripley vs Candice LeRae

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