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Status Replies posted by bailey14

  1. Starting school tomorow... lol

  2. Just finished watching the 1st episode of Monday Night Wars! Awesome show!

  3. Everyone go join the ESPN fantasy football league! It's free, to sign up go here -> http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/762-bpz-fantasy-football/ <- and tell me what division you want to join, and GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL! If we don't have 12 members by September 4th, the league will be shut down (we have 5 members joined right now), so please join! And quickly! BY the way, if your name says "Pending" that means I have sent the email to you.

  4. If you enjoyed SummerSlam give me a HELL YEAH!

  5. 3 spots open. for fantasy message me If you want in

  6. 3 spots open. for fantasy message me If you want in

  7. 3 spots open. for fantasy message me If you want in

  8. Wyatt is on y2j's podcast and it's scary as hell

  9. Would you guys rather have CM Punk back or Cena leave the company for ever? You can only pick one!

  10. What has happenned to Sheamus? Haven't seen him on TV since MITB

  11. Does anyone know yet why did The Undertaker challenge Brock Lesnar for a match @WrestlMania?

  12. Well... WWE 2k15 looks/sounds fucking phenomenal.

  13. What's your favorite Royal Rumble? Comment below!

  14. I dreamed tonight that Cena pinned Lesnar @ Summerslam, so I 'm afraid I 've got some bad news for you guys!

  15. come on guys, get involved in the Open Pickem Contest in the betting section, it only costs 500 points and you can win so much more whilst competing with the rest of us!

  16. Join the LIVE Monday Night RAW Chat whilst the show is airing, it'll be fun! Get involved!

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