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Status Updates posted by bailey14

  1. Here’s to another BPZMANIA 

  2. Feels like I lost my Superman right now 

  3. I wish i could actually talk on a BPZ Survivor Series PPV Thread !!!!

    1. Sameer


      I wish u weren’t such a retard 

  4. Y'all are so gay i swear 

  5. 5 Years and Still going! Thank you all for the great times and Memories. Through ups and some downs i have had a blast here. And i wouldn't go back or change anything that has happened.  You guys really have been like another Family to me. Here's to another 5 years and 20 more World Championship Victories!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JoshsNow


      Congrats Bailey

    3. Brad


      Congrats but if you get 20 world titles that's overkill

    4. Bashka
  6. Rashes are not fun

    1. BrendenPlayz


      Should've bagged it

    2. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Dont fuck hookers then

  7. Happy 4th of July of everyone in America 

  8. It's all fun and games till the Warriors trade Dlo and Green for Giannis 

    1. Flynn


      Ice blue mink

  9. Warriors really fucked around and got DLO lmaooo

  10. I spit hot Tournaments. i make fire seedins. But im not a booker. #SuppaBailey

    1. Bashka


      you were lucky 

  11. They wanna hate on Kevin Durant but then they be become him smh

  12. Chris brown album is good 

  13. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled  tomorrow 

    1. Julius


      Yeah mate that shit sucks, hurts like hell and you wont be able to talk or eat properly for a few days, got them done a while back and mate they hurt like a little bitch. Hope everything goes well mate

  14. 6 rings got me feelin like Jordan 

  15. Can bashka stop trying to be like me and sameer with the status Updates. It's real petty

  16. Be more like ME then against me if you wanna be great. - Bailey 2019


    1. Flynn


      2015 Bailey would kick your pussy ass. 

  17. I'm in GOAT Mode

  18. I support United Nations 

    1. Bashka


      boo what a suck up

  19. Ngl not being really on forums for 2 days and then coming back you feel like you missed a whole week lol

    1. Marc Aaron Newton

      Marc Aaron Newton

      That's very true

    2. Bashka


      not coming on the forums for 6 months and then coming back make you feel like you missed 2 years

  20. It really be your own dick fucking up you life and getting girls pregnant 

  21. Steph Curry winning MVP next year

  22. It be your own friends trying to blindside you damn

  23. When Goldberg and Sting who have Excellent Chemistry. Both basically 100 pop. Both hit a in ring performance of 100. But get u a 96 because of lack of selling 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Indian boy tragically killed


    1. Flynn


      This isn’t PC. 

  25. Awesome seeing guys like Bic and Bubba and Odd. Haven't seen them in awhile. Great guys.

    1. Flynn
    2. bailey14


      Exactly what i said

    3. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Good seeing you to Bailey...

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