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    Please take a look and leave your predictions!

  2. Im officially 18

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Pls change your name to Bailey18, thank you.

    2. “The Hive”

      “The Hive”

      Happy Birthday Bailey. 

    3. ShadowHex


      happy birthday


  3. getting phone fixed in 2 days

  4. Thank god idc about soccer .But ill be rooting for Iceland and Ireland #FuckEngland

  5. @Slim we are going to have to draft over psn message or forums pm

  6. School has been overwhelming as of late with this one class especially. Than got something on Friday night. So not much from me until Saturday 

  7. Last Month i was robbed of a position i was waiting to be given once again. I was told i wasn't active enough and not the best man for the job as someone else was instead. Well you challenged me and called me out. You lit a fire under me when i screwed out of being the Global Mod. Well after a long month  I can say Challenge Conquered.  Since i was told i wasn't "active enough" i have gone on in just 1 month to win Money In the bank and then the highest prestige on the forums BPZ World Heavyweight Championship.  I stepped up i think you know what i want next. @BrendenPlayz

  8.  You are not a true wrestling fan if you don't think Omega vs Okada is the best trilogy in wrestling history 

    1. BrendenPlayz


      if you like acrobatics then yeah 

    2. Flynn


      Apologies for not READING THE SARCASM in your TYPED sentences. I'm the STUPID one. 

    3. JoshsNow


      So, we're all good here

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  9. @BrendenPlayz nice summerslam poster looks awesome 

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Can't give rep right now so I will just say I agree, it looks flipping awesome


  10. Carnage I'll be watching the whole KOTR tournament. You impress me you get one day to closer to a title shot 

  11. goldberg.png

    Who's Next?.......

  12. When Titus Brand and Goldust vs R-truth is the most entertaining and interesting thing in WWE right now lol 

  13. Clear your inbox 

    You're on Carnage now

    1. Ross


      Very aggressive I like it 

  14. This warriors team is the greatest team in NBA history  #Dealwithit

    1. bailey14


      You can't make excuses for 16 turnovers in one half lol

    2. Isaiah Carter
    3. Nebakos7


      Bailey, I'm not making excuses, the way the game panned out it was going to be a blowout no matter what the refs did but it's frustrating that these dudes don't call the basic shit 

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  15. As bad as that Bayley segment was. Getting to look at Alexa bliss the whole time  made it worth it.

  16. Happy birthday  @Karico

  17. Can't wait till WWE takes it too far and Jinder Mahal starts playing a Indian terrorist 

    1. Slim


      I'm thinking about the possiblity of Randy Orton getting blown up by Jinder and Singh Brothers and I now want this to happen.

    2. viperville3o1


      lol you guys are funny lmao


  18. Happy birthday @Heel

    1. Flynn


      For fucks sake can we not 

  19. Randy Orton buried independent wrestlers #rekt

  20. Rollins or Balorat extreme rules take your pick 

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