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  1. OfficalD0TZ

    BPZ vs Twitch Mod - Tag Team Sign Up

    Company Name: Twitch Stable Wrestler Names: Keely, Jacob Williams, Alex Costa Team Name: The Authority Team Finisher: Cutter 450 Splash Combo
  2. OfficalD0TZ

    WWE Championship Discussion

    Since Daniel has the title now I feel like its a stretch but Aliester Black would be the perfect candidate to be the first NXT star to win the Rumble he would have a great feud and match with Daniel
  3. OfficalD0TZ

    United States Championship Discussion

    The title is simply irrelevant Shinsuke hasn't done anything since winning the title he is rarely on TV and this heel run has not been very good. I feel like he needs to drop the title to Rusev and that would be the best opportunity to get the title on Almas
  4. OfficalD0TZ

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Jacob Williams is known in the Indys as a great promo his selling isn't always the best but is well known for high flying athleticism and promo work he is very cocky and political backstage and believes he is the best at everything he does known as a heel never been babyface has has past problems with Maryjuana and light drinking Name : Jacob Williams Weight 215 Hight: 6ft 2 Born: 18th of July , 1990 Set to debut: July 2015 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: USA Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Highflyer Body Type: Muscular Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Lightweight Maximum Size: Light Heavyweight Moves: Hurricanrana DDT [finisher] and my signature is the spear Face Gimmick: Sorta like Aj Styles cocky but still a face Heel Gimmick: The Chosen One Mask: None Hair: Long black hair Favoured Role: wrestler looks like Tyler Black (Rollins ROH) From St.Louis Mo Huge fan of BPW
  5. OfficalD0TZ

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 3rd 2018

    Shit was as bad as last week they made Ambrose look like a pussy homo when he should have a lunatic character like Brian Pillman he should be doing crazy stuff not saying how bad the crowd is and being a coward plus Drew McIntyre should not be losing right now especially to Dolph who is irrelevant. Why are Slater and Rhyno on my tv? Why are they having the same segment with Bayley and Sasha as last week and it was way to obvious that Ember was going to be her partner they need to get rid of having multiple womens divisions and tag divisions the tag scene is weak and so is women
  6. OfficalD0TZ

    Universal Championship Discussion

    The title needs to be on a more crazy Ambrose by wrestle mania and Rollins needs to have a draw in the rumble with McIntyre
  7. when u understand nothing